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Paychex customer service is ranked #40 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 85.06 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates Paychex customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


21 Negative Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 67.74%.


10 Positive Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 32.26%.

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  • Paychex consistently gives me a pain in the neck. They make a lot of mistakes, give incorrect information about how to use their system and basic payroll information, my payroll specialist out of the office A LOT so I am always explaining my company to someone new. Their system of people is not well integrated - they don't pass calls on to the right person very well. Their online system and documentation are seriously lacking. And they are more expensive than many other payroll companies, so I expect better. I am just waiting for the right time to move to a better service.

    sdc 6/17/14 12:51PM
  • Paychex "upgraded" their website. My account was "migrated" from the old interface (good, reliable) to the new, improved one. It sucks.

    It reeks of MBA rebranding: Loaded with "look at our new features!!! with poor functionality, excessive use of popups, a non-functioning "help" button. Seriously awful. The overpaid executives who green-lit this disaster should lose their jobs.

    But they won't. Paychex will just raise its fees again.

    Customer since 2006 5/15/14 8:11PM
  • Terrible service, the sales rep promised great service and I have gotten none.

    Tony 5/12/14 4:43PM
  • Paychex system of saving receipts filling out forms, faxing them in then getting denied because of some stupid technicality. It takes countless hours of preparing all the paperwork and documents so they can be faxed FAXED to them. I work 12 to 14 hours a day who has time for this nonsense. I've lost many hundreds of dollars. I will absolutely dis-enroll at the end of the year.

    TheBeaver 4/30/14 6:18PM
  • The company employees are rude and they make mistakes all the time !! Be ware !!

    Anonymous 4/15/14 9:13AM
  • Don't let these guys anywhere near your bank account. When we first signed up for the service, it took three months - 6 pay periods - and countless hours of my time to get the withdrawals correct. The issue was gross incompetence on their part. After getting me a new, more competent rep, things straightened out a bit, but over the next couple years I was fined twice by the state for late payment - both times they had taken the money from my account and held the money and submitted late to the state. After again spending many hours on the phone with person after person, they determined that they were not at fault. I have now cancelled all services with Paychex, but they continue to draw money from my accounts. It's unbelievable, but each month they change slightly the name on the ACH, which throws off the stop payment order. Again, NEVER let these people have access to your account.

    Bradw1059 2/10/14 1:48PM
  • Very disappointed and they make me look bad. I'm an accountant and have sent many of my clients over to paychex within the last 15 yrs. In the earlier days this company was on the mark but in the last 5 yrs they have become progressively worse in customer service, consistent reps for each client and providing personable service to their clients. They instead send emails to their own website dashboard of which many clients pay no mind to and to boot their upgraded site is horribly slow. Some of the info sent to the dashboard is of importance and should have been mailed along with the payroll itself. They have updated their direct deposit forms so many times and neglect to inform their clients, later denying the forms sent in by client because client had no knowledge of new forms. They have also made numerous errors on client's employees checks and when trying to correct the situation, many reps are clueless on how to remedy the situation, making matters worse. Ask for a supervisor and they preach policy forgetting, you can only blame policy and errors on computers just so much. Hummm...Who works behind these computer screens?? Supervisors, rarely answer phones when you call and you wait too long for a return phone call, if any at all. So far paychex has lost every client I sent them with the exception of one who is now boarder line. As far as I'm concerned if paychex thinks that have become so big that they can afford to dismiss their clients needs and concerns than they will find themselves alongside the rest of the big corps who have seen their demise by thinking they can dismiss clients who trusted them and still continue to exist. Without good ethics, morals and professionalism is a recipe for their own destruction. I will never send another client to them again, the complaints from my clients are disturbing to say the least.

    Accountant18 1/10/14 12:46PM
  • I am an employer and have used the payroll service for years with no real complaints. But I recently opened a 401k plan with them and it's the absolute worst. They charge a huge amount of fees, the system does not work, the management is all on the employer and they provide zero service. I agree with a previous comment - Paychex is not the company you want to hire.

    Anonymous 10/19/13 8:56AM
  • Awful benefits service. Constant mistakes on how much they pay the Fed for you, that YOU must fix. Keep ALL paperwork as they refuse the truth of their errors unless you SHOW them. Takes MONTHS to fix problems like this. This service was supposed to SAVE me work! They randomly forget to take the correct amount of your payroll, then sometimes make up for it with one Gigantic deduction that your bank account was not funded for. They send you from 800 line to 800 line. They told me we no longer HAD an account manager?!! Easily one of the worst experiences in my 53 years of doing business.

    peterdee 4/25/13 9:22PM
  • I rolled over a measly $148. They sent a check for $83 and charged a $65 rollover fee. The women kept saying it was just a one-time fee. Well, how many times would you roll-over your 401(k)? Once right? Also she stated it was an industry standard. This is my 4th roll-over and first time EVER charged. She also stated that it was in the terms and conditions just before I rolled it over. Didn't I see that? Actually, no. It isn't made very obvious. So I got nowhere. She said she would get a supervisor but that they would never reimburse me any money, so I said why bother. This company is a rip-off. They kept almost half my money!!!! I'm going to contact Atty Gen'l anyway and see what they say.

    bln 4/23/13 7:36AM
  • I am unhappy with my employer for choosing paychex and hate this service. It is not MAC compatible which means your employees must purchase a PC to access your payroll information or risk using a public system. In this day and age it makes more sense to have a system that allows for use regardless to what type of computer you have. I am strongly considering reporting my employer to the state which hopefully result in their dropping the paychex system.
    When I called the support number the man who answered was unpleasant. I can't imagine why any company would continue to use this system.

    Extremely unhappy 3/29/13 3:25PM
  • Their sales pitch was that we would be assigned to ONE representative and not a different one every week like with some of the larger payroll companies and that we could save money by not having to ship with fed ex or ups because we were only about 40 minutes away we could use regular mail and still get our payroll by friday no problem. In a little less than one year we have had numerous representatives and twice have not recieved our payroll on friday as promised. both times they blamed the postal service. our payroll gets called in on mondays and 4 days later still no checks. I could walk them here in less than four days. Then I was told that they could put stop payment on the mailed checks and they could reissue and ship fed-ex but I would have to pay for the shipping. Being only 40 minutes away, if it were my company I would have offered to bring them up personally or had a representative do it. Not what I call good customer service. Prior company processed out of Massachusetts on Wed and we never had a problem recieving checks by friday. Guess its time to go back.

    Sharpie13 3/1/13 11:24PM
  • I have had extremely poor service from Paychex in my first time using thier FSA process. I purchases contact lens solution from my optometrist and submitted (faxed) my claim with receipt. They denied acceptance of this claim saying I needed a doctor rx for this item. I have been going round and round for 8 weeks, calling 4 times to have this approved. I told them specifically what the item was - today I went to their own site and saw they have an otc store where I can buy items without a prescription directly from them. Well when I saw contact lens solution on the list, I called and asked why my claim was not approved when I could buy the same item from them without a prescription. Finally their agent lifted the hold on my card.
    No one prior took the time to make sure contact lens solution was approved. It was easier to tell me to send in a prescription from my doctor! Very robotic service, low initiate employees who really don't care about helping clients, and every one of them ended the call with "Can I help you with anything else?" NO, just with the one thing I called about please!

    caymo 2/21/13 8:07AM
  • Can't begin to tell you how sorry I am to have ever hired these people in the first place. The amount of incompetence that I had to deal with was unbelievable! Every time they screwed up I would have to spend more time fixing the problem than they did. Their departments don't communicate with each other at all. You have to send written request after written request to get anything solved. Then, you have to jump through one fiery hoop after another to get them out of your life and bank account. Fired them over 6 months ago and they are still trying to take money out of my account with no notification or justification. So NOT the company you want to hire. I've been in business 20 years now so I've been around the block.

    jgain3 10/19/12 12:59PM
  • Theiry customer service is about the worst I have ever had. They keep raising the rates after getting you in on discount. They haven't paid the proper amounts to the states and I had to pay more plus penalties. This is one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with.

    brian 10/11/12 5:32AM
  • We are a small dental practice in Orange County Ca with 10 employees. Our experience with Paychex has been terrible and very costly. Mistakes are common. Customer service is poor. The payroll "specialists" are generally low paid, overworked, uncaring, and uneducated. Our accountant recently performed an annual audit of our records and found an error line item with no description attached on one of our employees. This error caused an overpayment of over $30,000 over the course of 18 months. Paychex first blamed my employee for being dishonest and not bringing the error to our attention (my employee thought he was given a raise). Then they blamed me for not catching it (if I had time to review all payroll records each pay period, I wouldn't need a payroll service). You would think after being a loyal customer for the past 12 or so years that they would offer to compensate for at least part of their error. No chance. Lawyers are now involved. My advice as a small business owner, stay away from Paychex. They may have been a good company 10 years ago, but not anymore.

    Paychex cost my company 30k 6/27/12 5:40PM
  • This is the worse PEO/ASO company I have ever worked with. Same situation as the person previously, 4-5 months of running around and they decided to call me yesterday to tell me that there is an additional $1200 charge for a transfer? They tried to keep us as customers and said if you choose to leave we will add a fee. According to the rep on the service agreement we signed off the ability to be charged whatever they choose to charge. Dont trust them, they are really hurting.

    reviewer 5/22/12 8:30PM
  • Paychex to the worst company on the planet when it comes to cust. service. I have tried to transfer my 401K Plan to another provider and after 5 months of the run around they said I need to use their "new form" and they have just started a policy of charging $1,200 for this. What a scam. For more info go to

    Anonymous 5/17/12 3:43PM
  • I would recomend this company to no one. They have no care for small business'. I have 2 companies with them and I am switching both after only 6 weeks. They have done nothing but speak untruths and misleading comments. The company is so unorganized that the right hand does not know what the left is doing. They cost our company and employees alot of money.. I have 40 employees and are apart of many chamber groups and would recommend them to NO ONE! This has been the worst experience

    Auto Body 3/28/12 2:23PM
  • When we paid for the expensive 'premium" service we had few issues and TOTAL accountability for errors. They would even take steps to remedy the issues that their mistakes created.

    On the cheaper service... Different call center, less competent/rude employees, and nearly every week of payroll had a problem and we only had 30 employees MAX more often more like 8.

    Photomonkey 1/11/12 12:17PM
  • We have ten employees. On the first Payweek on of them was paid half the amount (we were converting from Monthly to semi-monthly payroll and the first payrun was for a full month). In the second payrun they outright did not pay one of the employees (seriously?!). Many details were incorrect in both payruns (company address, deductions, etc). Our 401k kicked in on the third payrun (3/10 received the deposit, the other 7 employees did not). Additionally, the 3 employees that did receive the deposit received it for the incorrect amount. Additionally, each payrun is delivered by fedex with an $11 charge to my company ($300+ yearly charges not listed on the original estimate). We filed a paperless option, but after two followups, it is still not enabled. The transition has been a nightmare and cost us two months of stress. We are unfortunately sunk for the moment and hear ADP has similar nightmares. Previously, we had Intuit Payroll which was a dream. I moved for the integrated 401k and HR support and am preparing to move back to Intuit if this next payrun has errors.

    smallbizITco 6/19/11 9:39AM
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  • Was using a ADP and thought it would be difficult to switch over. It was very easy and the switch was painless. It has been a nice change to have a local person to call and a local office doing everything for me. Would defiantly recommend Paychex to anyone in the Orlando area.

    Anonymous 2/17/14 11:06AM
  • We were using local provider for a number of years and switched to ADP. When we met with their sales team, we were told that the transition would go did not. Over the 15 months we used ADP, there were countless issues that we had to deal with. We have 600 employees across 10 locations (3 IDs) and were continually fixing mistakes...not to mention the inconsistent invoicing that we could never reconcile accurately...and different service reps (as we could never speak to the same person twice).

    When we decided we were going to be leaving ADP, we met with Paychex. Our minds were made up very quickly that the technology and service that Paychex provides was the best fit for our company. The advantages were seen immediately and the fact that we would have a dedicated customer service rep was a huge plus (no more case #'s!!!).

    Although we were nervous about the transition because of our experience with ADP, there was no need to be. Our implementation specialist kept us informed throughout the entire process. Our trainer, came to our office and guided us through our first two payrolls which went very smoothly.

    Our weekly payroll processes quicker and is much more user friendly. We also use Paychex for their HRIS and online benefits enrollment (with carrier connections)...which has saved us a ton of money and time in that area as well.

    We would happily recommend Paychex to any company looking to make a change to their current systems.

    JK 12/18/13 12:19PM
  • Great customer service! They offer a great product and are there to answer any questions or concerns.

    Anonymous 8/16/13 8:20AM
  • My local Paychex rep wasn't acting like a used car salesman. He was very knowledgeable and actually taught me things I didn't know I needed to know (ashamed to say). He and another local contact helped me get started the same day with 8 employees. Everything has been smooth now for the last 10 months. I have a rep that calls me every wednesday at 10:30am and they do all the rest. Life is good. I'm proud to say I use Paychex!

    Brian E 6/7/12 11:55AM
  • We just switched from ADP to Paychex and couldn't be happier. My Chase banker was "nice" enough to get to move to ADP (which I later found out they get a referral commission from ADP) when we switched to a new CPA who did not do payroll like our old one. They offered us all sorts of freebies (free months of payroll a debit card) and I never received any of it. My payroll balances were not properly carried over and as a result I incurred penalities which ADP refused to pay...even though I could prove it was their mistake! I must have opened up 10 different case numbers and never received satisfaction. I finally told my friend who got me in touch with his Paychex rep. Not only did they do the leg work of having to add each pay period to get my number corrected (something ADP never did after 5 months) my sales rep got my specialist to help me refile my incorrect quarterlies for free!! I also love having one person assigned to me rather than that ADP 800 # hell where no one is ever helpful. Paychex is light years better on follow through and accountability. Best decision I ever made.

    JB 6/6/12 6:56PM
  • We use Advantage/Paychex for our small business (4 employees). As far as I know, every payroll period has been correct. Customer service has been very helpful. Would recommend. My only negative is that their prices have gone up twice this past year for a total of $600. This may not seem like a lot for large companies but an increase from $1700 to $2500 in fees for one year is a lot for a small company.

    Acly 2/20/12 1:24PM
  • The company I work for experienced a lot of growth very quickly, and that had us expanding into a number of states. Paychex made this process really easy, and that hasn't been the case with other companies and PR providers I worked for/with. I think it's probably because I have one person to work with. We do custom signs and banners, and my rep has brought me back a lot of business as well. When there are problems, we get them ironed out quickly. Great company.

    BethCares 2/16/12 11:35AM
  • Paychex service is very good, I'm not saying it's perfect, but because I have a dedicated specialist, the rare issue is handled very quickly and I know who is accountable for making it right.

    Anonymous 12/27/11 8:48AM
  • Up to the customer service. They work for you...not you work for them.....something unlike ADP. I have been using ADP for last one year and one my friend suggested this company...and here you go I see a lot of difference and that too for a fractional of the cost. ALL i say is PAYCHEX rocks and ADP SUCKS..

    Mathew 8/24/11 8:53AM
  • We have used Paychex for 8 years (payroll and 401K) and have been very satisfied.
    12 employees, and we change HSA contributions frequently, which means the Paychex person must make new entries for the type of HSA deduction, with only a rare mistake.

    PhilT 8/4/11 10:33AM
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  • I have worked for Paychex for 12 years now. Having come from a small company with 15 employees, I wondered how well I would fit into a large company with 12,000 employees. As it turns out, I'm am pleased to report the answer is "very well!"

    The #1 thing that impresses me about working here is that everybody I work with internally really cares about the job they do, and the level of service given to each and every customer. Do we succeed all of the time in making people happy? Of course not. But I would say 98% of the time we are trying, and succeeding, to give our clients the same level of satisfaction we would want for ourselves.

    The other thing I like about Paychex is that it is a very forward thinking company. We are frequently the first to come to market with a new capability based on new technology, such as running an App on a smartphone to report payroll. Paychex has been the pioneer in any number of areas, from benefits administration (think 401k, Flexible Spending Accounts, Workers Compensation Insurance), to HR Outsourcing.

    Is Paychex perfect? No - I'd like a raise. And it irked me beyond belief when the company suspended its 401(k) match during the recession of 2008-2009, and took far too long to restore the match, and did so grudgingly - first 2%, then a year later 3%, then a year later finally 4% where it had been.

    But all in all, the corporate culture is positive, the people intelligent and fun to work with... I'm glad I'm still here and did not make the decision to work for Paychex'es #1 competitor 6 years ago, because hindsight being 20/20 I have come to realize that leaving Paychex for that other company would have been perhaps the biggest mistake of my working life.

    Long Time Happy Paychex Employee 5/13/14 1:15PM

  • Paychex is by far the best company I have ever worked for! We are offered so many benefits and job security in a shaky economy. We are offered state of the art weekly training so we are the most educated and competent payroll specialists on the market. Paychex offers assigned payroll specialists. This means my clients have my email address, my extension number, and voicemail access. Hell, I will even meet you any day of the week in person. We are treated well, and this in turn motivates us to treat our clients well. I love every single one of my clients and am so happy I get the opportunity to help my clients succeed while working for such a great company. I am an Accounting Major student (Paychex pays my tuition btw) and plan to be CPA. I hope even once my career grows beyond a "payroll specialist" I can continue my business relationship with Paychex. Highly recommended if you are in the job market, or looking for a payroll processing company.

    happy employee 1/27/12 11:24PM

  • I Love working for Paychex! They have the best training out there and we are constantly given the most up to date information to ensure that we give the best possible service to our clients. I have a specific list of clients that i am in charge of and they know that if they have any questions, i am always there to help them answer them! Much like we are there for our clients, our supervisors are always there for us!

    Anonymous 1/26/12 1:37PM

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