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Pizza Hut customer service is ranked #497 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 664 ratings. This score rates Pizza Hut customer service and customer support as Terrible.


632 Negative Comments out of 664 Total Comments is 95.18%.


32 Positive Comments out of 664 Total Comments is 4.82%.

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  • This evening a delivery driver from the Clarksburg/Bridgeport Pizza Hut was in my neighborhood trying to deliver a pizza. He was driving a red dodge stratus. He was driving at a ridiculous rate of speed and then proceeded to yell, to my neighbor who was going in the opposite direction. My neighbor turned around and followed him and beeped her horn until he stopped. She proceeded to ask him if he lived here (it is a private community). He told her he was trying to deliver food but he couldn't find the house. When she told him that she didn't appreciate him calling her retarded, and that she had a friend whose child was retarded, he didn't even bother to say he was sorry at all. Well that friend is me. I have a daughter who is mentally impaired, not retarded. And, she is a blessing, a joy to me and everyone around her. I will make sure that all of my friends and family will know about this and I pray that they will not give their business to your establishment anymore. She did correct him and told him that the correct word is mentally challenged or impaired. Maybe you should implement new training and teach employees some manners.

    Anonymous 7/30/14 6:56PM
  • Lake Charles Louisiana Ryan street location- worst experience I have ever had with a cocky manager running the place. Blamed my order on a computer issue- did nothing to resolve issue- will never order from any pizza hit due to this issue....

    Milkomcneese 7/30/14 5:57AM
  • Recently went to a Pizza Hut after finding hair on pizza six years ago. Obviously Pizza Hut is in the money laundering business because no CEO who valued their job would let Pizza Hut remain like it has been for 30 years selling pizza. The stores have not been cleaned or remodeled in decades, nor parking lots paved. The stores are filthy and the staff do the best they can with equipment purchased when they were in the womb. I now see why they are called Huts because that's what they were when they were built and still are. Maybe in 50 years you can remodel using concrete.

    Never again 7/28/14 4:12PM
  • What a disappointment! I think I may have just had my last Pizza Hut experience. We arrived at 5:40 pm. We received our "day old " tea right away. Waited until nearly 6 pm to place our order. Then waited another 50 minutes to receive 2 of our 3 meals (we never received the bread sticks) and another 15 minutes to receive the last meal. The menu said potatoes wedges with the meal but we received burnt waffle fries and half the wings listed. We pointed that out to out waitress only to receive our final wings and more burnt waffle fries. We waited a total of 1 hour n 10 minutes for drink refills! When we paid our bill n they asked how our meal was, I said not good and they never even asked why.

    Anonymous 7/27/14 4:36PM
  • I ordered a pizza the website says any pizza any size any toppings 11 dollars then when I got there they charged me 16 dollars for meat lovers and 3 dollars for stuff crust I have no problem paying extra for stuff crust that still should have brought it to 14 dollars when I asked about it she told me that was the online price and they don't do the online price in the store the website says nothing about online price only. Then she tried to tell me that was when they were on sale I again explained what the website was advertising did me no good. I also had a 2 liter drink on my order and it cost me 23 dollars and 54 cents. What's up with that? ?????

    Anonymous 7/25/14 5:21PM
  • The Pizza Hut Store in Citizen Square on Dallas Marrietta HWY are filthy and gross and very rude including the maager the last 3times I have ate there is horrible so bad we got a freee pizza and it was worse than the 1st one and came to conclusion to not eat there no more and on 7/23/2014 I ordered another pizza to find hair in my food that I was about to swallow gross and the manager insinuated I was lying about the situation though I got my store credit back the manager was very rude what happen to the customers always right and im sure the manager wouldnt wanna eat hair so why feed it to the customers thats bad buisness and when you complain to the employees they are rude as well and look at you stupid. And ontop of hair being in my food the delivery boy was 30 minutes late and my food needed to be reheated. This is the worst pizza hut I know of and needs to be evaluated maybe new staff and needs to be cleaned up big time!

    Anonymous 7/25/14 1:32PM
  • 22/07/14 wanted to have lunch with friends at pizza hut belmont,wa. guess what it was not open till 11:15am !!! what a shame

    Anonymous 7/23/14 6:14PM
  • The pizza Hut in Olive Branch Ms has the rudest employees I have ever seen. When u ask a question about the menu, the response is I don't no and when u ask for something all u get is sighs and frowns. People if you do not like the public find another job. Rude and unhappy employees made our experience very bad

    Kris 7/23/14 9:04AM
  • I called pizza hut in malvern ar and was on hold for 6 mins. Called from my other phone and they answered and take my order while the other was still on hold. I got there to get my order which they said would take 15 mins and it had been 20 mins. They ask us to pull around and it would be a minute. We waited 15 minutes and no one came out I had to go in and get my order.

    Anonymous 7/22/14 5:56PM
  • We were craving cheesy bits pizza. We put our order and received a call saying that pizza was not available. So we put in a order for a large pan and large handtoss. When they delivered our pizza I got a thin and pan. When I call back to tell them about the mix up they tell that they didn't have pan.So when I tell him why hadn't they said anything earlier he puts the manager on. He tells me they did have pan they just sent us the wrong pizza. So I tell him that no one likes thin.said he's like OK..So what can he do. I'm like I paid for pizza that no one likes and ur like too bad. Rude very disappointed with their service. They never have product and just expect people to live with what they get.

    Christine 7/21/14 9:25PM
  • Just had a small pan with pepperoni mushrooms and black olives. Maybe 6 pepperoni, a few mushrooms. Very disappointed. In maryville mo.

    Anonymous 7/21/14 4:44PM
  • Honestly I love Pizza Hut but seriously the Pizza Hut next to my house is horrible today. I ordered a pizza and it gets to my house late, not only that it was not what I ordered so the driver said that he would be back with the right pizza in a while. So I call because its 2 hours late and the person on the other end is telling me that they were just going to put the pizza in to the oven. I was so mad so then I'm like what do you mean that you are just nearly going to put the pizza in the oven I have been waiting for 2 hours. Then the person on the other end had the nerve to tell me if I wanted to wait 30 min. for another pizza. I was so mad... and that is not the first time that this has happened to me at this Pizza Hut. Seriously I can't believe that this happened to me. I am so mad!

    bbr59 7/19/14 11:29PM
  • I just called in an order at the Pizza Hut in Newton and received the worst customer service. Never had bad experience before but I wont be a customer at the Newton lacstion again.

    Anonymous 7/18/14 3:15PM
  • Hello, my name is Krista Smith from Kings Mountain, NC. Our local Pizza Hut hasrecently reopened after a remodel. I must say that it looks wonderful. We have been ordering wings almost every Wednesday for several years now. Before we were always given 2 ranch dipping sauce packets with our order. Last night when I went in to pick up our 24 count of traditional hot wings, I was told that the sauces were no longer given with orders & that they would be $.50 each. I find that policy totally outrageous. I did not purchase ranch from the restaraunt and will have to decide if we will continue to order wings from Pizza Hut. Service is great & we love your wings. But this is a matter of prinicapal.

    Thank you,

    Krista Smith

    Ksmith 7/17/14 6:00PM
  • Hello. My name is Jeff in Savannah,Ga. I am a regular customer from your Derenne location here. I usually stop in on my way to work and get carry out.

    This evening I didn't have the chance so I decided to get a delivery. When I contacted the store, they told me I am out of the delivery area.

    The store that was in the "delivery area" was recently demolished. In fact that store was actually further away than the one I called.

    The store I called is 4 minutes away from my location and your employees are completely unwilling to make an exception to come out of their area. They said I can only carry out but since I'm at work, that is no option.

    I feel my importance as a customer is completely thrown out and your employees don't care about Pizza Hut making money.
    I will never buy your product again and if I can get any one else to I will sure try my hardest.

    Anonymous 7/16/14 6:53PM
  • This was the first time i ordered from pizza hut and ordered a stuffed 3 cheese supreme and im sorry to tell u it was horrible! It was undercooked with barely any pizza sauce on it and it was like mush with hardly any warmth to ticket number was i wont be ordering again if its like this again.

    lynn 7/15/14 2:45PM
  • Tried the new hand tossed crust & was not happy with it. Tasted way too sweet. Was more like roll dough than pizza dough. Just wasn't pizza dough.

    Anonymous 7/12/14 6:35PM
  • I had ordered a pizza that was half and half. One half was all meat and the other half was supposed to be chicken mushrooms green peppers and banana peppers. The pizza did not have any green peppers or banana peppers on it. I had no crunch on my pizza and I paid almost $15 for it. This was my first time ordering pizza from the pizza hut on Euclid . Very disappointed.

    Ms. Dolphin 7/12/14 4:33PM
  • Probably the worst web site for any restaurant I have tried to use. Cannot find contents of the may pizzas on local menu, can't get past ordering to see what offers are available and coupon offerings require ordering something I may not even want. Get an IT department manager that actually uses your website!

    pd 7/11/14 6:54PM
  • ticket;99 register;7 sever Ashley unit3004617 Ashley need customer service trainning after paying first when my pizza was done I ask her I ask for a pepperroni pizza lover well this one got suasage do you wanted or not I want a pepperoni lover I am alergy to sausage if i would had eating that pizza that store will be in great trouble I was so mad I left I told her she cuold keep the money I just paid the reason she told me if I wanted a pepperroni lover I had to pay 14.00 dollas for the next do you want me to make it I said no you just lost a very value customer not only me but my friends family and co workers I will teld them about it

    pizza hut customer servicr 7/8/14 9:40AM
  • I will never eat from Pizza Hut again i waited over a hour for my pizza when the driver finally got here my pizza was cold n bread sticks was tuff i called the store and all she did was say sorry i ask y does it take so long for it to get to me when im only 5 blocks away and ask for a new pizza n sticks i was told i would have to pay for it

    Anonymous 7/7/14 1:06PM
  • I had horrible experience at Chesterton, IN Pizza Hut and mailed a letter to the corporate office, they returned it marked not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward however was the address listed as corporate office on their website. Obviously, they only want on-line comments that they can sensor before it gets to corporate. They can keep their pizza, too many other places that make pizza!

    Josey 7/7/14 7:30AM
  • I've had problems at this Pizza Hut before, but the problems were always fixed. I don't know why this time was any different, maybe because in the past I've always carried out. I ordered my pizza at 9:30pm and was given an ETA of 10:04pm. By 10:22pm I called asking when the pizza will be delivered and the young lady told me 10 to 15 mins.. By 11:00pm still no pizza, I called back and the Manager informed me, that she tried to call me and let know that she canceled my order because they did not have the crust I ordered.. I don't know what they are playing at, but it was shameful.. Bad experience yet again thanks Pizza Hut for all of your hard work...

    Anonymous 7/6/14 8:22PM
  • I have been ordering for the past 10ys from the same location. It seems to have gone downhill!! When I call and speak to someone all I hear are excuses!! That's horrible customer service!!! Lafayette la Pinhook location my pizza is now 30 min late, last time was over an hr

    Lisa 7/6/14 7:34PM
  • i'm switching to domino's pizza, even though I like the taste of pizza hut better, they don't deliver where domino's does, domino's right across street of pizza hut , they will deliver and pizza hut won't. sorry pizza hut , lost a customer

    Anonymous 7/2/14 5:03PM
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  • we eat at the Pizza Hut in rome ,ga .The service their was awesome,we love the paper table cloths that you can draw or color on. The manage come to all the tables in the dinning room and talked to her customers. A REALLY friendly store.

    Anonymous 7/13/14 2:03PM
  • Me and my family stopped at pizza hut in Buffalo Texas. We were going to eat the buffet. The hours on the sign was 11a.m. till 3 p.m. we arrived at 2:15 p.m. and there was no buffet. They had closd it down prior to that time. We stopped because we wanted the buffet with as many people that was there. Instead i had to order off the menu. After placing our order, when they delivered our food to the table they forgot to cook our waffle fries. When they did bring them we were done eating. And they were completley over cooked. The waitress was very nice and profesional.

    Anonymous 7/9/14 1:43PM
  • Ashley was so nice but the resteraunt was so busy and there was no OnE helping her and still she did everything to acommadate us.I a regular costermor ad Ashley is the best server I have yet to see I Willie back hope to see her

    Anonymous 7/7/14 11:59AM
  • Ordered pizza & it was here less than 20mins & hot & fresh ! The cook did a great job because pizza tasted great ! Driver was very nice & friendly ! Wm.Cannon , Austin Tx Pizza Hut , Great Staff tonight :-)

    Mimi 5/21/14 5:59PM
  • I visited the pizza hut in Bayard n.m I was very pleased with the quality of the pizza also the store was looking very clean I saw an employee by the name of jenny she was giving a hundred percent scrubbing them dirty floors grate job jenny pizza hut keep up the good work

    laun 4/7/14 10:40AM
  • Had a wonderful day at pizza hut last week with an employee by the name of jenny she was very outgoing nice and friendly you should have more employee s like her

    missy 4/7/14 10:35AM
  • Hi me and my boyfriend went to pizza hut in rocky mount Va we got our drinks. They waiter took our orders and the other couple orders at the same time at 5:45 pm. on Thursday night 01-30-14. and we waited until 6:45 pm. also the other couple was still in pizza hut when I got up and paid for our drinks. she started wait on other people just came in the front door. they told the waiter to cancel their orders also. we went some where else to eat so we are not eating at pizza hut in Rocky mount Va anymore. This happened 2 times already.first time we didn't get anything to drink. the boss give us a discount on our next order. we didn't think it was going to happened again. I do not want anything from pizza hut . no one should wait that long for their orders. I can call papa john's and the pizza be ready in 20 minutes and the bread sticks to we get it all in 20 minutes. From: Karen

    Anonymous 2/2/14 10:23AM
  • Wonderfull service,pizza was delivered on time, was hot and fresh.

    abdul bashir 10/19/13 12:01AM
  • From Gautier, MS..My family ordered Pizza and Wings on Wednesday 50 cent Wings Day for Delivery....after 30 min being called back to say they were OUT of the bone in Wings we ordered..we agreed to the wings they did have but wanted them at the special price..since we were the ones being inconvienced...after almost an hour on hold he manager at the Gautier Ms location says NO! My daughter drive to the location to speak to the manager and jus get our food in person since we were uncomfortable with the professionalism over the phone..the restaurant scene was totally Not The PiZZA HuT we are use to w the manager being unbelievably unprofessional .... Since we were already over an hour into this...she received what we could that evening and called and emailed corporate office later about our experience .... Corporate officials called us back and REALLY apologized and re deemed our faith in PIZZA HUT! They replaced our family meal and kept our LovE and faith in customer service for his business! MUCH Luv and KUDOs to PIZZA HUT!

    Jones Family 10/11/13 5:33PM
  • I would like to compliment tne manager of unit 004576. I placed an order on-line. When I received my pizza it was not what I ordered on-line. When I called the store I was told they made the pizza as it had been sent to them. I explained that I had ordered from Pizza Hut because a competitor did not offer a half pizza topping order. The employee who answered the phone spoke to the manager who offered to re-make the entire order free of charge. This was most generous and I thanked them. I explained I only wanted the pizza as I had ordered it and did not wish to take advantage by accepting the entire order for free (it included a two liter and cinnamon sticks). The manager is to be commended for making this situation right. It also included an apology from both the employee on the phone and the delivery driver. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    dknapp 10/5/13 5:06PM
  • Everytime I come in she always has a smile on her face and always so polite and always seems happy to be at work. Always makes me smile when she is there to help satisfy me. Can't remember name short dark brown hair.

    Sarah 9/25/13 10:33PM
  • I have always had a very pleasant time at the west main Pizza Hut in the plaza by on target, the lady that I've enjoyed the most is Mikaela I believe her name was, she has never gotten the order wrong even when I brought all my friends over there for dinner, a group of 10 Ish people. It was an absolute delight and the good was fantastic, we had everything as well, pizza, breads, mozzarella sticks and some salads. Just wanted to leave a comment, one of the delivery drivers even brought some free wings for helping him get his vehicle free when it got stuck in the snow during some rough weather last winter.

    Ethanfromkalamazoo 9/9/13 7:00PM
  • My family ate at the Pizza Hut in McMinnville, Tennessee tonight and quite possibly had the best waitress I have ever had! Her name was Chrystal and she was so nice and courteous and she was extremely busy and was the only waitress working tonight. Just had to write and let you know how very refreshing she was!
    Lisa Turner

    Lisa 9/1/13 7:36PM
  • I ordered a pizza from the one in perimeter drive ,Dublin #024182,this Saturday. With a great doubt I went there,b/c it has been a long time I ordered anything from there. I was really impressed by there humble service, fast delivery and food was delicious,was something above my expectation.Very Thankful to pizzahut.Now the coming weekend I going to order from here only...


    priya 6/13/13 7:49AM
  • Just received a delivery from Erica at the La Mesa, Ca delivery office. She was awesome. The most friendly delivery person we have ever had. Love her passon for her job and detail to customer service. She is the only delivery person that approached our door that made sure that we were the recipients of the order and then went above and beyond to make sure that what we had ordered was perfect.. which it was. Just as a footnote, she was someone that made my day and made me excited and appreciative to receive my order. Her personality is beyond superb and she should be recognized as an outstanding employee of Pizza Hut. Good Job Erica.. you made us feel very confident of your delivery and you very personable. Look forward to receiving orders from you again

    Karen Swoboda
    Bryan Fields

    Karen 5/16/13 8:33PM
  • After moving to Whitehall was told of the pizza place called big Johns pizza told that it was better than anything so decided to check it out yeah right Pizza Hut every time I order from you guys it's always arriving faster than when they say the people who bring it up to the door always nice and every time I talk to somebody on the phone they're always polite and courteous if you're ever in Whitehall Michigan definitely hit that Pizza Hut because it's the best customer service out of any pizza anywhere hands down

    Anonymous 5/1/13 5:36PM
  • I went to the pizza hut in newburg, ny. the manager phil was so nice and he was fast and made sure we had our stuff on time. of all the pizza huts i have been to the newburg store has the best manager. phil should be in every store pizza hut has.

    Crystal 2/20/13 4:53PM
  • I had a great experience at Pizza Hut. The pizza was exactly what I ordered, and I was very satisfied with the service. Erica was very friendly and made sure I had everything I needed.

    BLEEZY36 1/25/13 7:13AM
  • We go to our local Pizzahut in Denton, TX on Teasley Lane about once a month or so. Store # 311423. Every time we go lately our server is (Sommer). She is the most awesome and sweet girl in the world. Makes you feel like family, remembers you completely even if it's been a long time since you been there. She always talks to us and connects with us so sweetly that it just makes you feel like a million dollars. I look forward to seeing her and talking to her every time we go and eat there. We love this Pizzahut mainly because of Sommer. I hope some one tells her she's getting bragged on. And if by some chance I got her name wrong to make sure I'm acknowledging the correct person she is expecting a baby boy on May the 6th of 2013. I just want to make sure she recieves the praise she deserves. She's a genuinely nice person and we love her so much. It's not often you make an encounter with a sweetheart like this. I hope the management realizes how wonderful she is. #1 employee.

    Samoht 1/9/13 9:32PM
  • I visited Pizza Hut with my Family on Friday October 19, 2012 in Harrison Arkansas which My Family dines out at Pizza hut weekly. It's usually always pleasant. For the past month or so we would always request our favorite waitress Syndee, she always has a welcoming smile as she approaches our table. Very respectful and makes us feel welcomed fom the time we enter until we leave. She is a keeper and wished their were more waitress' as herself. Thank You April.

    april1973 10/21/12 2:17PM
  • my wife I are truckers,so we eat out all the time.Recently we ate at the pizza hut in decorah,iowa.We could not believe how clean the dining room and kitchen were. The food was delicious,the server was very polite.These guys deserve recognition.Thank you pizza hut.We'll be back.

    Anonymous 10/7/12 5:29AM
  • I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM THAT PIZZA HUT HAD RECENTLY LRT GO A EMPLOYE, WELL THIS INDIVIUAL HAD STATED TO PIZZA HUT I DONT KNOW Y THESE PEOPLE IS DOING THIS TO me, SHE STATED ALL I TOOK is a A BATHING SUIT. WELL I AM ONE OF THE MANY VICTUM SHE HAS STLOEN from,she stole , DRUGS CASH CELL PHONE and more, digital camera.. n many more. she even broke into house n stole ciggerates ipods, gold chain which was very expensive , and even went in to their dirty laundry n stole a pair of pants. how funny is da dirty laundry. I would like to thank pizza hut for protecting their employees and customers mahalo

    anoymous 7/16/12 5:03PM
  • I really enjoyed my experience at piiza hut. I was a little bit skeptical after reading the reviews but i was pleasantly surpired by the standard of food there, especially seeing as it is so reaonably priced. This is definatly good value for money. My waiter was very helpful and although the resterant was fairly noisey it didn't take away fromt he overall evening.

    Anonymous 5/25/12 7:09AM
  • We often go to the Pizza Hut in Duncansville Pa.The service is always good as is the food.We especially like the male waiter Andrew.He is very pleasant and always busy.We have watched him clean tables after a party leaves and he moves everything to wipe the table off plus the chairs.He makes a very neat appearance.Just wanted to let you know I think he was listening when he was trained.

    Anonymous 4/22/12 3:08PM
  • Me and my girlfriend ate for lunch earlier. Almost perfect for us. Just bit concern the time they served the food. The starter should be first ahead to the main course/s. But it happened was they serve at the same time. so by the time we finish our starter our main course cold already including our pizza. Don't take this as negative instead work it out.


    eikzvahm 3/23/12 1:05AM
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  • My daughter has worked as a waitress for the Greenville, MI Pizza Hut for almost three years. She has had not vacation, she gets no breaks or lunches on any day or night she works. The store manager does NOT work around her collage schedule, but schedules her to work the days she has class. Yes, she spent two hours writing her whole schedule down four weeks before classes started and wrote down ALL sixteen weeks for him in the books. But, still he would make it her problem when he didn't look at his own books when scheduling. If she didn't find a replacement she would be fired, because of his mistake. She requested a weekend of for her sisters prom two month's in advance and did not get it. Yet another employee got it off instead who asked a day before just because they wanted to have it off. At one point she had taken our extra vacuum in to work so the floors could be vacuumed at night. The one that was there had broken wheels and would not push across the floor. when the regional manager found this out he was corrected and bought a vacuum for the store. For her going above a beyond to help herself and co-works, she got a yelled at by the store manager in front of myself and customers. Told to get the vacuum out of his store.

    Also, just today he made here come into work when she was throwing up, and running a fever. When she left today she had a temp. of 101. I believe that, that is against health code. But, he told her if she did not come in she would be fired. she is at work right know thrown up in the bathroom in between waiting on customer's. I don't believe that this is what you want your employee's or your customer's to have to endure.

    We as a family used to all eat at our Greenville, MI Pizza hut. But know they have NO meat on the salad bar, always out of one or all pizza's but thin crust, when we call in. Know if we want peperoni's on our salad we have to pay $1.00 for about 10 pieces. I don't believe that is fair to the customer, when you advertise a full salad bar and many different types of pizza's.

    I hope that something can be done. My daughter is a great worker and loves to waitress, but is ready to leave your pizza hut after being there for three year. I, would like the pizza hut back that I grew up with back. Please help your employee's and customer's by changing the acts of the store manager. I am calling the health department also.

    Anonymous 5/7/14 1:45PM

  • I went to work for Pizza hut recently and ever since they hired me in Anna,IL Both the managers would disrespect me and mimic me, make fun of me, and prank call me pretending to be a real costumer. They say they gave me 2 weeks of training but I was really only trained for 4 days. They expected me to know everything right away. Other people have quit their jobs because of the way these Managers have treated them. They also have old rotten milk sitting on display that has been there for about 3 years from what I was told and they do not throw it away. It is also in reach of anyone to go and grab it off the counter display.

    Anonymous 7/11/13 9:55PM

  • Pizza Hut corporate office must have a rule for thier restaurants to treat thier customers like that! I went to work for a pizza hut (and I purposely do not captilize thier business name for the simple fact that I have no respect for the their employess are allowed to act. I was looking for their corporate headquarters to file a complaint for the way I was treated on my first day at work at a pizza hut in El RenoOklahoma when I came across this comment about the customer calling and the pizza hut employee picking up the phone and laying it down without saying anything and he could hear the people in tbe background and he was in total different area than I am. Well the one day I worked at this Pizza Hut in Oklahoma, the phone was ringing and the TOTALLY Rude, obnoxious, and in my opinion "ignorant acting" man (?) that was "supposed" to be training me told me the next time the phone rang to go pick up the one in the back and lay it down on the counter and leave it. I wonder if that is in their employee handbook!

    peppibud2000 6/29/13 3:22AM

  • I Richard m. green was done wrong at one of your work sites,i used to love to come to work,and be a team player,until oct.18,2012,when i was let go because i did nt get to the phone in time.Truth be told i was not even given a chance to walk two steps to the phone,when i was told to clock out.I did what i was told and got fired.Keep in mind that i was a cook,and would help anyone of my workers.Right is right,and wrong is wrong,and if i must,i will get an attorney

    Ric 2/13/13 12:52PM

  • I worked at pizza hut for about a month last summer. I only worked there for a month because the managers harassed me, treated me bad, and intimnidated me all the time. I just had so much anxiety just to go to work, that I couldn't do it anymore.

    Now, it's February 5th, and I still haven't received my w2, which is supposed to be to me by January 31st, a couple days late is understandable, but I have the feeling they won't even send it.

    I will NOT call the manager where I worked, as he is the reason as to why I couldn't continue working there.

    Also, I heard someone who delivers pizza for pizza hut say that they aren't allowed to wear jackets, in wisconsin, when it's zero degrees outside. That doesn't seem right to me

    201488 2/5/13 8:52PM

  • I would like to start by saying I LOVE PIZZA HUT and always have. My situation is about my daughter. She has been looking for employment for a while now and was very happy when she was asked to an interview at the Rochester New Hampshire Pizza Hut, and even more excited when she was told that she had a job with them.
    My daughter went on an interview and met with a manager named Ryan who did the interview with her. He had told her she was hired, he explained that she needed to fill out an I9 online and then come in on Friday to meet with another manager and complete some paper work. She went in on Friday (I know because I TOOK TIME from my job to bring her)Once there she asked to meet with the manager. The person asked her name and went into the back and came back out and said that the manager is busy. She then told my daughter that the manager said that there is something wrong with their computer system and she is having difficulty receiving her I9 and that they will call her. My daughter waited a couple days and received NO phone call. My daughter called and spoke with the manager Sharon who proceeded to tell my daughter that they are having a problem getting her I9. My daughter asked if it was something she did. The manager explained that it was NOT, it was the system and they would contact her as soon as they got it taken care of. My daughter again tried to understand the situation but still tried to keep her hopes high all while wanting so bad to start to work. Again more days went by and no phone call. My daughter again called and got another manager on the phone. She explained who she was and why she was calling. The man on the other end stated " I think she already hired for that position" my daughter responded “yes me”. The man then told her that he would have the manager call her. AGAIN no phone call. My daughter called again and asked to speak to Sharon and stated who she was. The person left the phone for a minute then returned and stated that she was in a meeting and would return her call. NO PHONE CALL WAS RETURNED.. This is very upsetting and disappointing never mind VERY unprofessional of this company. I will NEVER eat at any pizza hut again in my life. The behavior and un professionalism of this company is disturbing. This manager has a position and it is her job which consists of showing strength and professionalism, and if she did not have employment for my daughter she should have stated so instead of ignoring her phone calls and having other employees speak to her. If the manager who hired my daughter had no authority to do so.... well she should probably speak to him as well. As I stated earlier in this letter I will never eat at a pizza hut again and while Im sure this is not a threat to this company, due to me being one person, I will make sure EVERY PERSON I know understands the situation and the incident which happened and I will let them by the judge. Which by the way I have expressed my feelings about this situation to many friends and family already and they too are very upset about this and feel that it is very unfair.

    Little story: I work in a office building which consists of many people and we were having a luncheon/party for one of our supervisors. Everyone pitched in and we were to order sandwiches, pizza, soda etc for the luncheon. Pizza Hut was suggested. One of my co-workers who I spoke to about my daughters situation said “NOT PIZZA HUT. We are all set with a company who behaves in that manor, there are plenty of other places we can order from".
    So story short I may be one person telling my story and expressing my feelings but it seems that people are listening.

    Anonymous 1/19/13 3:19PM

  • im wondering why after years of service you would let go of loyal employees 2 that im very close to and know very well just how loyal they were to Pizza Hut an its b/c you feel the need to change your management i mean really my family and friends order from you and i just dont feel the need to order from a place who doesnt respect or appreciate when others put their job 1st to be there always when needed an on call to go the extra mile for you an then in return you show your appreciation by firing them what kind of employer are you really??????

    Anonymous 12/5/11 3:30PM

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