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Pizza Hut customer service is ranked #444 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.51 out of a possible 200 based upon 527 ratings. This score rates Pizza Hut customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


499 Negative Comments out of 527 Total Comments is 94.69%.


28 Positive Comments out of 527 Total Comments is 5.31%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • My daughter arrived at corner house in Nottingham with 7 friends for a birthday meal I'd booked table for 4pm they got booking time wrong but was eventually given a table after I rang from home. The attitude of staff was appalling they was not helpfully at all. They arrived for the 6.99 meal which were then told that had finished bear in mind it was only 4pm and this offer finishes at 5pm. To me this was not acceptable my daughter Said the staff was abrupt and not helpful at all. I am very disappointed in how my daughter and friends were treated.

    Anonymous 4/17/14 8:17AM
  • Hi, the Christies beach sa store had made it impossible to order a pizza by phone, I was forces to go through dominos instead, just wanted to let u know coz they have made a phone redirection to their answering machine. This is really annoying and an obvious Display of having week management and (zero control of school kid) mentality. I'm getting tired of this bulshyt and as a customer am amazed that a reputable company could allow their name to be on by people playing silly buggers with a phone redirection machine. If u don't believe me, try and order a pizza by ringing the store, impossible. Good luck with tour company, you'll need it with staff like this.

    Nil 4/17/14 3:53AM
  • Your Pizza Hut At 7491 St. Andrews Rd is very miss leading, disrespectful, and false advertising. I called and asked about and special that was going on. When I got my pizza home my flyer said $10 any size, any toppings, hand tossed, pan, thin n crispy. There were other offers along with that on that they did not make me aware of. He told me those were old flyers and that they don't honor them. So why are you advertising old flyers when customers buy a pizza. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. They lied and I will be spreading the news about this. This is uncalled for. Why is there a flyer given to me on my box that I can't purchase. Not to mention there is NO EXPIRATION DATE ON THE FLYER.

    JJ 4/16/14 3:35PM
  • Worst service..get a call pizza hut service centre frm chennai that my order cannot be delivered aftr 30mins bcoz of out of coverage area..y do u take orders at first place wen u don't hav the balls to deliver.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 8:50AM
  • I had place an order twice in the past two weeks at 595 S Mt.Vernon Ave San Bernardino the first order was 4.02.14 I've place the order online and everything went thru fine so the time it said the pizza was here I gave them a couple of minutes to come but no show so then i called them so see what was going on and they said that was my order was cancelled cause they don't deliver to apartment late, they didn't even call me to inform me that my order was cancelled! Then the second order I made was 4.15.14 I've place the order for my lunch break but then again no call no show! I called their office and they didn't even pick up. I'm so disappointed because I wasn't able to eat lunch. I was running off a snicker and some chips on a 10 hr shift.

    Travaughnw 4/16/14 5:51AM
  • Went to the Pizza Hut in riverhead and was very disappointed
    Service was slow and place was empty. No soap in the ladies room and just not kept

    Anonymous 4/15/14 3:11PM
  • saturday evening my husband and I and 7 children had dinner at Pizza Hut locatedat Lawton Oklahoma SW 45th & Lee Boulevard. the food was delicious the place was clean but our waitress was horrible. When I told her a table of 9 before she even set as she told us we would have to put the tip would have to be added onto our ticket automatically. I thought that was strange but I agreed and told her I bet you she would be worth it. Unfortunately she was not she took our order and was rude. When she brought us our plates she gave us paper plates and threw them as a stack on the table. When we asked for refills ever drinks she told us to come up to the front and get our own refills. Each time we wanted a refill we had to go to the front counter.I am 50 years old and this is only my second complaint at any restaurant ever. But this was so over-the-top rude I felt the need to let your company know.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 7:31AM
  • I WAS DELIVERED A PIZZA THAT HAD BEEN EATEN...AND THATS JUST THE BEGINING. ..the driver was super cool....and get that people prob gave him wrong food...but gets much worse store wise..heres not enough room in this lil box to explain all that happened...stay away from Pizza Hut St. Charles Rock Road second time tried in 13 years....first time I ordered delivery...just never came and never got needs to call it a wrap

    Anonymous 4/15/14 3:20AM
  • I ordered a pizza on Saturday April the 12 around 11 o'clock from a nearby Miami store.
    by 2 p.m. Someone had already used my credit card to order personal items from a company in Georgia.I would like to see this employee remove from the company and arrested

    gerald 4/14/14 9:59AM
  • After a disappointment in the pizza I purchased from the Hoschton ga location a month or so back I tried the Winder ga location today. The pizza was very good living up to the pizza hut name and quality I'm use to from the hut. I'm hoping the hoschton location will get back to the standard set by pizza hut and be consistent with it. The last 3 pizzas purchased from that location just was barely edible.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 6:56PM
  • My order took two hours to come. When I called the people were so rude and unhelpful. They said" what you want me to do about it. Poor service and im paying 40 dollars for unfriendly and slow service.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 6:00PM
  • We order from pizza hut at least twice a week and when I was ordering my normal order tonight it came to $4 more. To my surprise your company now charges $2 more for extra cheese per pizza. I think this is ridiculous, no other pizza place does this and pizza hut is already high in price compared to others, but I still ordered from you because your pizza is by far the best, but now you have lost a customer due to your extra charge for cheese. It's not the price but the principle. I did however ordered tonight for the last time because I am curious to see how much cheese will be on the pizza considering I refused to pay extra for extra cheese. When I did order extra cheese in the past it certainly wasn't extra, but a sufficient amount so I certainly hope there is going to be cheese on my pizza, not just a small amount sprinkled. I hope your company doesn't loose more customers due to, how should I put it, GREEDINESS!!!!!

    unsatisfied customer 4/12/14 5:41PM
  • Ordered on line at MacArthur store under Meredith Mosley
    Wrong pizza and manager very rude and nor credit
    Will never order again from there

    Anonymous 4/12/14 4:18PM
  • this is the first time we've ordered from pizza hut and they got our order incorrect. I call pizza hut to let them know that my order for bone out wings was incorrect we got bone in the manager told me that they would switch out the order but we would have to give them the entire order back by the time I had made the call to her the order was gone she said she would have to have the majority of the order to reimburse me but they got the order incorrect she said that she could not do anything for me the manager at Pizza Hut. This order was delivered. I was showering with a 17, 19 & 22 year old in the home. I never order bone in and my boys will eat anything but it was not all gone. Bottom line I didnt order bone in I ordered BONE OUT!

    Toni7171 4/12/14 3:17PM
  • This is the second time ordering from Pizza Hut at 8944 st road 52 in Hudson Fl that we did not receive our bread sticks. We called with the option of a credit or to have them delivered. We chose delivered. We received them 20 minutes later by a different driver with an attitude of what a inconvience it was for him to have to make the delivery. And to top it off they were not even edible. We love your pizza but due to your lake of service one of your other competitors will now have our business .

    Anonymous 4/12/14 2:28PM
  • Ordered online food take long didnt care wrong drink was brought and I was told by drive to keep Diet drink and he will come back in 15mins. I waited so long fell asleep called store and they had no idea I was waiting. They wanted to credit my account a drink but I knew from past experience that was a lie. Next they told me we're send your drink but it could be 30mins to an hour even though im right up the street. I CANCLED WHOLE THING GAVE PIZZA HUT ONE MORE CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT. UNSATIFIDIED COUSTUMER BACK TO DOMINO'S

    brewer 4/11/14 7:25PM
  • Very unhappy with the Tehachapi Pizza Hut this is a tiny community and we were very excited when they came here but omg Rude and terrible customer service I won't go there ever I ordered a pizza online and used a retail me not Pizza Hut code well that doesn't apply to Tehachapi it doesn't say on coupon certain locations only but mgr who barely speaks English was so rude !!!!

    Anonymous 4/11/14 1:48PM
  • I tried to order a pizza from main street in baytown tx. The first location at 3.3 miles away said they were short drivers, only had one and it would be 1 1/2 hours before delivery. No problem, I understand. So I called a closer location at 2.6 miles away from my address which is. The lady who answered the phone said they can't deliver because it is out of their jurisdiction. I asked to speak to the manager to ask why 2.6 miles is out of their delivery radius. I explained what the first location said and she was rude, giving the same excuse. She never said anything about my address being out of their delivery radius she just replied, I'm a few drivers short myself. I have worked in this area for the last three years and eat pizza hut at bare minimum 4 times a month, it's usually twice a week. It was my first choice when it comes to pizza, no matter the price. I'm highly disappointed in this establishment and I will seek a new pizza restaurant to call my favorite.

    JH 4/10/14 7:30PM
  • Wow lots of comments just about everyday pizza hut, what are you guys going to do to fix all of your unsatisfied customers instead of ignoring this? A great business thrives on customer service

    Rakesh Christian 4/10/14 3:36PM
  • im very unsatisfied with my purchase. i requested an order for delivery and was told that i had ordered a medium pizza.I attempted to place an order with an large. Why have a pizza deal with the choice of a med, or large for same price. was told that i would receive credit towards my next purchase. Which i haven't received. Very displeased with how this was handeled and i dont recommend ordering online to anyone now.

    pizza man 4/10/14 12:45PM
  • Im a regular costumber.. I just to order pizza 2@3 times a week .. today i call 1150 and 1155 they hang out on my .. then I call 1202 they answer they said it was close... i will not call for this pizzatrash again. Thanks 4 your support and i will tell my friends u guys sucks

    Anonymous 4/10/14 12:17AM
  • Employee was cleaning salad bar while food was present. Individual was cleaning under the glass over the food obviously knocking off dust at a minimum into yhe food. Perfer removing food before cleaning. No repIy required.

    Anonymous 4/9/14 5:58PM
  • I ordered pizza hut yesterday at 11:45 pm then i received my pizza at 01:50 am it means after 2 hours and after 5 calls to pizza hut call center. the pizza and the garlic bread was so cold and the pizza carton without quality granted labeled. i requested to contact the restaurant manger and he know my problem but no any response. it is not my expectation from pizza hut and im waiting for your feedback.

    +971529918844 4/9/14 7:36AM
  • Buffet table like a free for all they were so busy getting a large take out order out the buffet table stayed empty. Also only one hostess so drinks was a problem too

    Anonymous 4/8/14 9:41AM
  • as a past corporate employee and a franchise manager i must say i was disappointed in how the newton iowa hut presented itself.
    i arrived and told waitress i was waiting for someone.
    my guest arrived but no one noticed. finally had to go up and tell them we were waiting to order.
    waitress could not be found.
    someone came out to take order who did not seem to be familiar with menu etc.
    my guest's chicken alfredo arrived,edible but quite dry and scorched.
    15 minutes later, my sandwiches had not arrived. once they did , i do not believe they were made correctly, but at this point no longer really cared.
    when i worked a HUT prevously, there was a dress code which was totally NOT in evidence.
    upon check out, found out the manager himself was on duty.
    has things really changed this much?
    do not see myself or my guest retuning to a HUT any time soon.

    doc fox 4/7/14 8:54PM
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  • I visited the pizza hut in Bayard n.m I was very pleased with the quality of the pizza also the store was looking very clean I saw an employee by the name of jenny she was giving a hundred percent scrubbing them dirty floors grate job jenny pizza hut keep up the good work

    laun 4/7/14 10:40AM
  • Had a wonderful day at pizza hut last week with an employee by the name of jenny she was very outgoing nice and friendly you should have more employee s like her

    missy 4/7/14 10:35AM
  • Hi me and my boyfriend went to pizza hut in rocky mount Va we got our drinks. They waiter took our orders and the other couple orders at the same time at 5:45 pm. on Thursday night 01-30-14. and we waited until 6:45 pm. also the other couple was still in pizza hut when I got up and paid for our drinks. she started wait on other people just came in the front door. they told the waiter to cancel their orders also. we went some where else to eat so we are not eating at pizza hut in Rocky mount Va anymore. This happened 2 times already.first time we didn't get anything to drink. the boss give us a discount on our next order. we didn't think it was going to happened again. I do not want anything from pizza hut . no one should wait that long for their orders. I can call papa john's and the pizza be ready in 20 minutes and the bread sticks to we get it all in 20 minutes. From: Karen

    Anonymous 2/2/14 10:23AM
  • Wonderfull service,pizza was delivered on time, was hot and fresh.

    abdul bashir 10/19/13 12:01AM
  • From Gautier, MS..My family ordered Pizza and Wings on Wednesday 50 cent Wings Day for Delivery....after 30 min being called back to say they were OUT of the bone in Wings we ordered..we agreed to the wings they did have but wanted them at the special price..since we were the ones being inconvienced...after almost an hour on hold he manager at the Gautier Ms location says NO! My daughter drive to the location to speak to the manager and jus get our food in person since we were uncomfortable with the professionalism over the phone..the restaurant scene was totally Not The PiZZA HuT we are use to w the manager being unbelievably unprofessional .... Since we were already over an hour into this...she received what we could that evening and called and emailed corporate office later about our experience .... Corporate officials called us back and REALLY apologized and re deemed our faith in PIZZA HUT! They replaced our family meal and kept our LovE and faith in customer service for his business! MUCH Luv and KUDOs to PIZZA HUT!

    Jones Family 10/11/13 5:33PM
  • I would like to compliment tne manager of unit 004576. I placed an order on-line. When I received my pizza it was not what I ordered on-line. When I called the store I was told they made the pizza as it had been sent to them. I explained that I had ordered from Pizza Hut because a competitor did not offer a half pizza topping order. The employee who answered the phone spoke to the manager who offered to re-make the entire order free of charge. This was most generous and I thanked them. I explained I only wanted the pizza as I had ordered it and did not wish to take advantage by accepting the entire order for free (it included a two liter and cinnamon sticks). The manager is to be commended for making this situation right. It also included an apology from both the employee on the phone and the delivery driver. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    dknapp 10/5/13 5:06PM
  • Everytime I come in she always has a smile on her face and always so polite and always seems happy to be at work. Always makes me smile when she is there to help satisfy me. Can't remember name short dark brown hair.

    Sarah 9/25/13 10:33PM
  • I have always had a very pleasant time at the west main Pizza Hut in the plaza by on target, the lady that I've enjoyed the most is Mikaela I believe her name was, she has never gotten the order wrong even when I brought all my friends over there for dinner, a group of 10 Ish people. It was an absolute delight and the good was fantastic, we had everything as well, pizza, breads, mozzarella sticks and some salads. Just wanted to leave a comment, one of the delivery drivers even brought some free wings for helping him get his vehicle free when it got stuck in the snow during some rough weather last winter.

    Ethanfromkalamazoo 9/9/13 7:00PM
  • My family ate at the Pizza Hut in McMinnville, Tennessee tonight and quite possibly had the best waitress I have ever had! Her name was Chrystal and she was so nice and courteous and she was extremely busy and was the only waitress working tonight. Just had to write and let you know how very refreshing she was!
    Lisa Turner

    Lisa 9/1/13 7:36PM
  • I ordered a pizza from the one in perimeter drive ,Dublin #024182,this Saturday. With a great doubt I went there,b/c it has been a long time I ordered anything from there. I was really impressed by there humble service, fast delivery and food was delicious,was something above my expectation.Very Thankful to pizzahut.Now the coming weekend I going to order from here only...


    priya 6/13/13 7:49AM
  • Just received a delivery from Erica at the La Mesa, Ca delivery office. She was awesome. The most friendly delivery person we have ever had. Love her passon for her job and detail to customer service. She is the only delivery person that approached our door that made sure that we were the recipients of the order and then went above and beyond to make sure that what we had ordered was perfect.. which it was. Just as a footnote, she was someone that made my day and made me excited and appreciative to receive my order. Her personality is beyond superb and she should be recognized as an outstanding employee of Pizza Hut. Good Job Erica.. you made us feel very confident of your delivery and you very personable. Look forward to receiving orders from you again

    Karen Swoboda
    Bryan Fields

    Karen 5/16/13 8:33PM
  • After moving to Whitehall was told of the pizza place called big Johns pizza told that it was better than anything so decided to check it out yeah right Pizza Hut every time I order from you guys it's always arriving faster than when they say the people who bring it up to the door always nice and every time I talk to somebody on the phone they're always polite and courteous if you're ever in Whitehall Michigan definitely hit that Pizza Hut because it's the best customer service out of any pizza anywhere hands down

    Anonymous 5/1/13 5:36PM
  • I went to the pizza hut in newburg, ny. the manager phil was so nice and he was fast and made sure we had our stuff on time. of all the pizza huts i have been to the newburg store has the best manager. phil should be in every store pizza hut has.

    Crystal 2/20/13 4:53PM
  • I had a great experience at Pizza Hut. The pizza was exactly what I ordered, and I was very satisfied with the service. Erica was very friendly and made sure I had everything I needed.

    BLEEZY36 1/25/13 7:13AM
  • We go to our local Pizzahut in Denton, TX on Teasley Lane about once a month or so. Store # 311423. Every time we go lately our server is (Sommer). She is the most awesome and sweet girl in the world. Makes you feel like family, remembers you completely even if it's been a long time since you been there. She always talks to us and connects with us so sweetly that it just makes you feel like a million dollars. I look forward to seeing her and talking to her every time we go and eat there. We love this Pizzahut mainly because of Sommer. I hope some one tells her she's getting bragged on. And if by some chance I got her name wrong to make sure I'm acknowledging the correct person she is expecting a baby boy on May the 6th of 2013. I just want to make sure she recieves the praise she deserves. She's a genuinely nice person and we love her so much. It's not often you make an encounter with a sweetheart like this. I hope the management realizes how wonderful she is. #1 employee.

    Samoht 1/9/13 9:32PM
  • I visited Pizza Hut with my Family on Friday October 19, 2012 in Harrison Arkansas which My Family dines out at Pizza hut weekly. It's usually always pleasant. For the past month or so we would always request our favorite waitress Syndee, she always has a welcoming smile as she approaches our table. Very respectful and makes us feel welcomed fom the time we enter until we leave. She is a keeper and wished their were more waitress' as herself. Thank You April.

    april1973 10/21/12 2:17PM
  • my wife I are truckers,so we eat out all the time.Recently we ate at the pizza hut in decorah,iowa.We could not believe how clean the dining room and kitchen were. The food was delicious,the server was very polite.These guys deserve recognition.Thank you pizza hut.We'll be back.

    Anonymous 10/7/12 5:29AM
  • I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM THAT PIZZA HUT HAD RECENTLY LRT GO A EMPLOYE, WELL THIS INDIVIUAL HAD STATED TO PIZZA HUT I DONT KNOW Y THESE PEOPLE IS DOING THIS TO me, SHE STATED ALL I TOOK is a A BATHING SUIT. WELL I AM ONE OF THE MANY VICTUM SHE HAS STLOEN from,she stole , DRUGS CASH CELL PHONE and more, digital camera.. n many more. she even broke into house n stole ciggerates ipods, gold chain which was very expensive , and even went in to their dirty laundry n stole a pair of pants. how funny is da dirty laundry. I would like to thank pizza hut for protecting their employees and customers mahalo

    anoymous 7/16/12 5:03PM
  • I really enjoyed my experience at piiza hut. I was a little bit skeptical after reading the reviews but i was pleasantly surpired by the standard of food there, especially seeing as it is so reaonably priced. This is definatly good value for money. My waiter was very helpful and although the resterant was fairly noisey it didn't take away fromt he overall evening.

    Anonymous 5/25/12 7:09AM
  • We often go to the Pizza Hut in Duncansville Pa.The service is always good as is the food.We especially like the male waiter Andrew.He is very pleasant and always busy.We have watched him clean tables after a party leaves and he moves everything to wipe the table off plus the chairs.He makes a very neat appearance.Just wanted to let you know I think he was listening when he was trained.

    Anonymous 4/22/12 3:08PM
  • Me and my girlfriend ate for lunch earlier. Almost perfect for us. Just bit concern the time they served the food. The starter should be first ahead to the main course/s. But it happened was they serve at the same time. so by the time we finish our starter our main course cold already including our pizza. Don't take this as negative instead work it out.


    eikzvahm 3/23/12 1:05AM
  • It brings great joy to my heart every time I think about a phone call that was made on today 12-28-11 to a Pizza Hut (West Rd./45 North) Restaurant by one of my co-workers that could have turn out very badly and damaging to Pizza Hut’s business; if it had not been for one of your employees.

    Even though the employee who was taking our order was not ugly or discourteous to us; he could not accommodate us and when we ask for the manager he simply said he ok and he will be with you shortly; I am sorry I could not help you.

    That was the first demonstration of being kind and very courteous to the customer. Secondly, The Manager, after hearing us out about the Pizza Hut Special and realizing several of our employees were upset with how things turned out, he never raised his voice. After gathering all the facts he said he would accommodate us anyway and then he closed the conversation by literary thanking us for being Pizza Hut customers. This was a second act of courtesy displayed by not just an employee but, by your manager or one of the managers.

    Now, this was the icing on the cake, after he, the Pizza Hut Manager told me all this good stuff and everybody was happy with the price he gave us, when the pizzas arrived the order was not right! As you well know my co-workers was very upset and negative comments was coming from all directions. However, the delivery man did not get upset either. This was really unbelievable.

    I paid him, he apologized and informed me to call the restaurant back and ask to speak to that same manager again. He said Miss, it probably was some kind of mistake and if it is, someone will come back out. This was a third act of kindness displayed and in this day and age you really don’t get this kind of service! In most cases you don’t even expect it OK! But nevertheless, we receive top notch service! Long story short, it was a mistake and the manager did send someone else out to bring our Cheese Sticks and Hot Wings to us.

    This was worth writing about and I got so busy at work it slip my mind. As soon as I began to share it with someone else, I said oh, I have to write a letter to Pizza Hut commending some of their workers. “JOB WELL DONE”!

    Now, because of that, my staff and I are going to plan to have dinner with Pizza Hut Quarterly in 2012. I have a State Registered Day Care Home Facility and we were planning to have a Family outing with our children and Parents once a month. So now, Pizza Hut will have at least three of those months in the year of 2012. This is just a small token of how much we appreciate kind hospitality and good customer service skills.

    Besides that, I can’t make you any promises but because of the kind treatment we received we will continuously share it with all of the EXXON MOBILE Tenants and encourage them to cater their lunches through you all every opportunity we get.

    We are Security here at Greenspoint GP6 Bldg. and we are not allowed to leave the premises to go across the street much less to a Pizza Hut. This is why the love and compassion that your employees showed us meant so much. I cannot thank you enough. We all appreciate your entire Pizza Hut Team. I personally look forward to doing business with you all again. When I get to work I will re-send the email through my work email address. I do not have the receipt with me but it was ordered at or about 11:00 a.m. on December 28, 2011 from The Exxon Mobile GP6 Building 12450 Greenspoint Dr.

    Thanks Again,

    Ms. Faye A. Morris

    Anonymous 12/28/11 11:54PM
  • i just order a pizza and when i called the lady was very polite. i believe she was the same one that delivered the pizza. the receipt had the name laura. she said things like,thank u for doing business with us,have a great day and told me to save my coupon for the next time we order. i have been in florida for over 10 years and i have never had anyone tell me, " thank u for doing business with us." and be so kind. i just thought u should know u have a wonderful employee. i hope i get to deal with her everytime we order pizza. thank you for your time.

    Anonymous 9/13/11 11:55AM
  • so me and my wife and 3 kids were traveling to Ut. from California and had to stop at a small town named wendover to get something to eat so we decided to go ahead and go to pizza hut... very nice place fancy and all the server was very friendly the pizza was delicious except the only thing wrong was the cooler it was so hot in there :( but other than that i'd defenetly go again

    paul 8/26/11 10:42PM
  • why people always complain about their pizza i have no clue. You take the woman with a new number, well how about just saying your new number?? I guess that was just out of the question, you just have to say your old number. As for the one with the gate code, you know how many customers have stated i never recieved a call, and i called them back personally? learn new complaints on that one. You want better service, learn to be decent humans. Tip your delivery driver, not this 1 or 2 dollar crap. they waste that in gas alone, not including car repairs and othter things. Learn to know what you want, and dont' keep US waiting on the line for you. I have been told can you pleas hold more times then I would like to count. You are the one who called me, heres your sign!!!!! oh and by the way using ! at the end of you sentences mean nothing for all you complainers.

    pizzahutmanager17 7/31/11 3:28AM
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  • I went to work for Pizza hut recently and ever since they hired me in Anna,IL Both the managers would disrespect me and mimic me, make fun of me, and prank call me pretending to be a real costumer. They say they gave me 2 weeks of training but I was really only trained for 4 days. They expected me to know everything right away. Other people have quit their jobs because of the way these Managers have treated them. They also have old rotten milk sitting on display that has been there for about 3 years from what I was told and they do not throw it away. It is also in reach of anyone to go and grab it off the counter display.

    Anonymous 7/11/13 9:55PM

  • Pizza Hut corporate office must have a rule for thier restaurants to treat thier customers like that! I went to work for a pizza hut (and I purposely do not captilize thier business name for the simple fact that I have no respect for the their employess are allowed to act. I was looking for their corporate headquarters to file a complaint for the way I was treated on my first day at work at a pizza hut in El RenoOklahoma when I came across this comment about the customer calling and the pizza hut employee picking up the phone and laying it down without saying anything and he could hear the people in tbe background and he was in total different area than I am. Well the one day I worked at this Pizza Hut in Oklahoma, the phone was ringing and the TOTALLY Rude, obnoxious, and in my opinion "ignorant acting" man (?) that was "supposed" to be training me told me the next time the phone rang to go pick up the one in the back and lay it down on the counter and leave it. I wonder if that is in their employee handbook!

    peppibud2000 6/29/13 3:22AM

  • I Richard m. green was done wrong at one of your work sites,i used to love to come to work,and be a team player,until oct.18,2012,when i was let go because i did nt get to the phone in time.Truth be told i was not even given a chance to walk two steps to the phone,when i was told to clock out.I did what i was told and got fired.Keep in mind that i was a cook,and would help anyone of my workers.Right is right,and wrong is wrong,and if i must,i will get an attorney

    Ric 2/13/13 12:52PM

  • I worked at pizza hut for about a month last summer. I only worked there for a month because the managers harassed me, treated me bad, and intimnidated me all the time. I just had so much anxiety just to go to work, that I couldn't do it anymore.

    Now, it's February 5th, and I still haven't received my w2, which is supposed to be to me by January 31st, a couple days late is understandable, but I have the feeling they won't even send it.

    I will NOT call the manager where I worked, as he is the reason as to why I couldn't continue working there.

    Also, I heard someone who delivers pizza for pizza hut say that they aren't allowed to wear jackets, in wisconsin, when it's zero degrees outside. That doesn't seem right to me

    201488 2/5/13 8:52PM

  • I would like to start by saying I LOVE PIZZA HUT and always have. My situation is about my daughter. She has been looking for employment for a while now and was very happy when she was asked to an interview at the Rochester New Hampshire Pizza Hut, and even more excited when she was told that she had a job with them.
    My daughter went on an interview and met with a manager named Ryan who did the interview with her. He had told her she was hired, he explained that she needed to fill out an I9 online and then come in on Friday to meet with another manager and complete some paper work. She went in on Friday (I know because I TOOK TIME from my job to bring her)Once there she asked to meet with the manager. The person asked her name and went into the back and came back out and said that the manager is busy. She then told my daughter that the manager said that there is something wrong with their computer system and she is having difficulty receiving her I9 and that they will call her. My daughter waited a couple days and received NO phone call. My daughter called and spoke with the manager Sharon who proceeded to tell my daughter that they are having a problem getting her I9. My daughter asked if it was something she did. The manager explained that it was NOT, it was the system and they would contact her as soon as they got it taken care of. My daughter again tried to understand the situation but still tried to keep her hopes high all while wanting so bad to start to work. Again more days went by and no phone call. My daughter again called and got another manager on the phone. She explained who she was and why she was calling. The man on the other end stated " I think she already hired for that position" my daughter responded “yes me”. The man then told her that he would have the manager call her. AGAIN no phone call. My daughter called again and asked to speak to Sharon and stated who she was. The person left the phone for a minute then returned and stated that she was in a meeting and would return her call. NO PHONE CALL WAS RETURNED.. This is very upsetting and disappointing never mind VERY unprofessional of this company. I will NEVER eat at any pizza hut again in my life. The behavior and un professionalism of this company is disturbing. This manager has a position and it is her job which consists of showing strength and professionalism, and if she did not have employment for my daughter she should have stated so instead of ignoring her phone calls and having other employees speak to her. If the manager who hired my daughter had no authority to do so.... well she should probably speak to him as well. As I stated earlier in this letter I will never eat at a pizza hut again and while Im sure this is not a threat to this company, due to me being one person, I will make sure EVERY PERSON I know understands the situation and the incident which happened and I will let them by the judge. Which by the way I have expressed my feelings about this situation to many friends and family already and they too are very upset about this and feel that it is very unfair.

    Little story: I work in a office building which consists of many people and we were having a luncheon/party for one of our supervisors. Everyone pitched in and we were to order sandwiches, pizza, soda etc for the luncheon. Pizza Hut was suggested. One of my co-workers who I spoke to about my daughters situation said “NOT PIZZA HUT. We are all set with a company who behaves in that manor, there are plenty of other places we can order from".
    So story short I may be one person telling my story and expressing my feelings but it seems that people are listening.

    Anonymous 1/19/13 3:19PM

  • im wondering why after years of service you would let go of loyal employees 2 that im very close to and know very well just how loyal they were to Pizza Hut an its b/c you feel the need to change your management i mean really my family and friends order from you and i just dont feel the need to order from a place who doesnt respect or appreciate when others put their job 1st to be there always when needed an on call to go the extra mile for you an then in return you show your appreciation by firing them what kind of employer are you really??????

    Anonymous 12/5/11 3:30PM

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