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PlayStation customer service is ranked #223 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.54 out of a possible 200 based upon 175 ratings. This score rates PlayStation customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


159 Negative Comments out of 175 Total Comments is 90.86%.


16 Positive Comments out of 175 Total Comments is 9.14%.

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  • My controller is pulling to the bottom right after just buying it last night

    zaroxa 4/8/14 12:03AM
  • In Gt6 When You Have "a Multitud Of Friends " Doing Time Trials How Do You Make Their Lines Dissapear Is Disturbing And Obstructs Vision Of Curve Perimeters On The Track / I Cant Concentrate , Can You Take Them Off?

    ARODKY1 4/7/14 6:49AM
  • I own a 500gb ps3 and ever since it un plugged wile I barley turn it on so then it turns off and I turn it back on and suddenly I can't play gta5 no more

    Anonymous 4/4/14 9:43AM
  • Absolutely horrible service. Called in to find out why there were 2 charges to my credit card that I did not make. The first thing I said to the woman who answered is " I don't own a playstation, I would like to know what these charges are". She then proceeded to I own a playstation1? 2? 3? 4? whats the account information? how about a,,,? I then said..I own wii. She responded..well THATS not a playstation product, contact your bank...I seriously do not know why ANYONE would purchase a playstation if this is the kind of service they provide.

    caeltemoi 3/1/14 8:34AM
  • Love the PS4!!! Bought the x box 1 as well but took it back the whole online stuff killed it for me. Save your money and don't spend as much and get the psi

    Anonymous 2/4/14 9:30PM
  • They Do Nothing To Help Or Repair There Ps3 Bad Network -service. Dont Ever Ever Give Any More Of Your Money To Them. Xbox Is So Much Better. Dont Buy Ps4!!

    Anonymous 1/31/14 10:58PM
  • I was reporting a simple, common thing. A hacker. My game didn't allow hacks to be reported in the game. Here's the thing, customer support didn't know how to report the hacker. I spent almost 30 minutes on the phone and now I have spent an hour researching the problem and I am still awaiting an email from customer service.

    Anonymous 1/23/14 5:35PM
  • My games spin but they don't play and i bought a new HDMI cable but my games still don"t play but they spin and it makes i weird noise can you please help me.!1

    pmf3huuna 1/2/14 9:05PM
  • I have never seen such terrible support. I have been trying to reach a real person for well over an hour and it told me at the beginning that someone would be with me in 15 minutes. This is such crap!

    Anonymous 12/30/13 10:57AM
  • To wait for 45 minutes to talk to someone is not an option for me today. I was trying to redeem a code and went into a loop. Now I am unable to redeem half of my pre-order dlc.

    AlAdams1 12/26/13 5:37PM
  • PlayStation 4 sucks they steal your money the console is way to slow and you play to play for what them to have it down all the time games freeze and throw you out the game with an error report Xbox one I can bet is ten times better think I might be making a switch on consoles.

    jarheadret99 12/17/13 4:20PM
  • I Have great internet connection an have now done what the error says and restarted my router 7 times every time i try to log on it says error the error report says to restart the router i am completely done with playstaion we have a clan challenge to complete that starts in 20 minutes and only 1 of my members is on the rest are having the same problem and only he is on because he never got off since last night

    PISSED OFF CLIENT 12/9/13 7:34AM
  • i cant get online with my games,i can acces the internet but cant get on online with my games.pissed off help would be nice.going back to XBOX

    Anonymous 11/29/13 4:21PM
  • I returned my ps3 to get fixed I got it back today and played for about 3 hours and it froze I turned it off and now it won't turn on sony don't care about any one as long as we all pay hundreds of pounds on games and consoles

    grantjock 11/19/13 7:19PM
  • IV been on hold for 2 hours

    mrdiezle 11/19/13 9:09AM
  • This for your playstation store, what kind of a store prevents you from redeeming three $50 dollar cards at once? That screwed me from getting the hardened edition digital copy of call of duty ghosts. Now I'm just stuck here with a controller in one hand and my dick in the other hand. Now no access to my ghosts bonus stuff that came with it. Ie. Reticle calling card emblem etc. And I probably don't have access to the PS4 version for $10 bucks. Actually I should thank you, now I know which next gen console I should buy now.


    Your day 1 list of games suck I'm going to xbox now


    anitabonghit705 11/5/13 9:29AM
  • I'm trying to call costumer service but they keep hanging up yo. I have a lot of questions.

    Anonymous 9/24/13 5:53AM
  • Dear sony, I'm writing because my ps3 is not reconizing my controller or charging it nor is it reconizing my mp3 player this problem started Sunday I've tried everything and its still not working do I need to send it to y'all or what

    zeekyd@kidd 8/7/13 2:24PM
  • Dear Sony,

    I Was hacked by someone and they used my money on the playstation store to purchase the Europe and Africa calling card packs on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I would like to report the guys gamertag as he was sending me messages that are fake like want 50$ or check your account. His gamertag is kameronlewis could you please do something to address this as I needed to reactivate my ps3 for game content and I dont know why.

    Thank you.

    MagicSushi12 7/15/13 1:21PM
  • Dear Sony, I am a consumer of your Playstation 3 product and I am having some technical difficulties as i cannot login to my PS Plus account due to one of your required updates. I have tried to download the update but an error message appears and cuts me off of the complete download. I wish that you may please take some te to restore my purchased product to its former order. I hope you find the disruption in my device and fix it, that it is not a repeating problem, and you all have a nice day.

    Thatniceguy 7/1/13 10:45PM
  • Maybe Screw is not a good word to use. I'm just waking up myself this morning I'm cranky and annoyed at the issue Sony has done nothing in the past to rectify anything unless I sat down and talked my head off to a Supervisor. Whats the point of calling a Call Center where I have to play Football with a bunch of Underexperienced/ Foreign barely speaking any English at all tech support who don't in fact have any authority to make changes to the account. Only the super visors can help me and help me with my issues. All Sony ever does is give me the run around and when their is ever a Serious problem wit Sony or PSN they blame me like it's my fault. The Audacity of Sony to treat their VIP customers like toxic waste. Why Sony? Why?

    Katosyn 6/10/13 6:05AM
  • I'm trying to contact playstation support the call center is not available but I'm well within their opening or operational hours so screw sony. This is ridiculous my problem is now with 3 days I've perchased they remove the paper trail but it still shows it in my transaction History but my download list my games are removed and Sony is running a racket here. Listen they took the games down completely to release a Gold edition. My issue this time applys to games like Astrotripper/Comet Crash these are games I'm suppose to get free as a Annual Playstation Plus member. But that's not all the game I'm complaining about here is Magic 2012 Planewalkers they put it back on PSN for 20.00! They want to now charge me for a Game in the past I've purchased. Not once but with 3 other known titles. Tell me this is not a Racket! I want sony to fix this right away or credit me for the gold edition for the inconviences it has caused me 3 times. This is absurdly criminal what Playstation has done. I'm not satisfied with Sony until this issue is resolved the "Right Way" thankyou.

    katosyn 6/10/13 5:58AM
  • Hello Sony my name is David.I was having a problem with my network i can't sing in for my network it said's.Access to Sony Entertainment Network by This Account has Been Banned or Temporaly Suspended. I dont no why i can't sing in to my account can you please help me out with this problem please? I just want to be online again please help me out Playstation Network?

    David 5/26/13 2:44PM
  • Psn store is toilet. There is no help for you if you purchase the wrong product and also why when you want to purchase 1 product that it charges you for multiple products. I mean i looked at a few thing s to purchase but never went through with them, but when i just wanted to purchase Uprising dlc at it charged me for all the other stuff i had in cart. Playstaion never accept liability for anything. For this reason i will not be investing my hard earned cash on a ps4 .

    Sim 5/23/13 4:22AM
  • I called yesterday and had some stuff fixed and the people said to wait 24 hours to change my password because i had a lockout so i did and they said i will receive an email... GUESS WHAT!!!!! I DIDNT!!! NEED HELP

    AssassinN1NIJA 5/16/13 4:44PM
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  • Hello Playstation,

    I just called your customer service number a few minutes ago and spoke to a man named Freddy. I asked a few questions about transferring data from my old PS3 to my new PS3 slim and he was extremely helpful. He answered all the questions I had, and even sent me a link to help me out with another question of mine (how to switch out the hard drive). Make sure to keep this guy on your team, he's great.

    Thanks for the help!

    Matt 7/28/13 3:25PM
  • My holding for customer service wasn't too long, considering this is regarding the Playstation and Playstation Network. My CSR rep was very professional, nice, and knowledgeable about specific products and rules. My PS3 is covered in a service warranty (So there goes a high percentage of possible frustration melted off.)and I was just needing to get a controller replaced. Again she made it very easy and told me what all I had to do.

    LilTeaPot03 2/6/13 9:53AM
  • After calling Sony I got the best rep. there, Jennifer.

    She talked the through all the same steps as Tim did but didn't try to sell me a different PS3. xD

    She had me restart my PS3 in safe mode (again) run options three and four (again) and then try to install the game (...again). It failed again, but she told me to try on a wired connection and see if it gets passed the 14%. So I intend to do that later when I head over to my sisters house.

    She also said that Netflix was freezing because my drive was fragmented. xD

    So helpful...

    Anyway, she said that she has my information written down and that if my wired connection fails later they will send a refund ticket to their refund people and they will deal with it.

    She said that it usually takes 10 - 15 days for them to even look at it, 2 - 3 days for them to approve it, then depending on if it is a Master or Visa card up to 30 days to restore the money to the card.

    She then told me that if I used a pre-paid card or preferred I could have the money put back into my PlayStation Wallet (although there is no point since I only put the money on there to get AC3 and nothing else).

    She said that she is unsure if they write checks and said they definitely cannot just send me the damn game in the mail. xP

    She also sounded hot. #ForeverAlone

    Anonymous 11/1/12 6:37AM
  • this girl named malissa is awesome thanks allot psn is great

    maneymakerfred 10/5/12 10:32AM
  • Great customer support, I've called them twice, both regarding PS3's.

    1) Had to retrieve account information, connected in about 20 seconds and had a employee that could actually speak English (shame I actually have to say this) and the problem was resolved in a matter of 10 minuets.

    2) PS3 would not play sound on games and blu-rays, turns out the file system was corrupted employee walked me through the procedure with ease and was fixed at the end. The whole call took about 10 minutes.

    Sony, please don't ever change your staff and product quality.

    xxDeltaIV 9/28/12 2:10AM
  • I had recently called about changing my password for my psn account and a man named charles really helped me out i believe you should tell him thanks a lot from me!

    Crazydork541 9/25/12 5:03PM
  • Just would like to comment on excellent service from an associate named Mike. with out him, i would have been lost....Thanks Mike.

    Gosolo3 8/21/12 7:45AM
  • Just left a comment umm for some reason I knew I would b able to sign in to the network! LOL talk about leaving a comment an within 5 mins, Getting service love it... But 4 REAL PLAYSTATION WHEN ISSUES LIKE THIS ARISE LEAVE Us EMAILS SO WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENING AN WE DON'T BUGG-OUT.....Thank u PS3 for the QUICK RESPONSE. :)

    Bigdic6767 6/9/12 12:56PM
  • I love Sony!! I beern a customer for thirty years! Walkmans cameras tv and playstatations 1 2 and 3! Everyone was awesome! When I was 17 , I had a problem with ps 1 they fixed it free! And gave me 10 free games! I was hooked! This company gets it!

    Anonymous 2/29/12 9:44AM
  • I love playstation and will never go back to xbox but they seriously do need to fix this problem. I mean don't get me wrong I know its a problem that requires time to fix but you could at least give us a timeframe of when this situation may be resolved and I honestly don't understand why playstation would warn hackers before they were delt with. If someone is hacking delete their profile and block them frome re-entering the network its a simple procedure. They accepted the terms and they defiled them. Hackers should be delt with quickly. They ruin the gaming experience for us all.

    imaeaturwaffles 4/24/11 5:43PM
  • I am 100% loyal to PS. I seen several person's state that if you call the support # at the top of this page, You cant get nowhere or it hangs up on you. Well i decided to try myself just see what happens, I dialed the number, I get a male voice recording stating everything thats going on, The whole who, what, where, when, why & how. Then it switched over to a automated female voice options list, I pressed the corrisponding # for support & bingo "LIVE PERSON" who further explain's what is going on. It's really quite simple, They were hacked & before they go back online they want to be sure they fix everything. Wouldn't make sense to hurry & get back up so they crash agian next week. I know its fustrating, But there have been problems with the network ever since Modern Warfare 2 got hacked, being randomly kicked, error messaging, etc...etc.. There doing a complete top to bottom overhaul on there system to make a better gaming experience for us. I for one would like to thank PSN, I'll wait for quality gaming .

    Neccessary-EV1L 4/24/11 10:27AM
  • I personally have had great dealings with calling PlayStation customer support. The wait times were within reason ans the support staff spoke clearly and were straight to the point about what needed to be done. It was a relatively positive experience considering that I was calling about bad hardware.

    Anonymous 3/6/11 4:02PM
  • They were very helpful I had a download that wasnt showing up because of a glitch where i couldn't play it or re-download it and the gentleman I talked to couldn't help so he found one that could and they refunded my money and I repurchased it.

    deadeye009 2/18/11 7:16PM
  • I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I have not experienced the repair services from Playstation myself however, I called and was taken care of all within 10 minutes. Playstation is a headache to anyone who can';t listen to prompts. I spoke with a fabulous young lady.

    Sergiyakun 2/15/11 7:51AM
  • I want to comment on the great performance of the PS3 system. I have been a loyal customer to PS systems and games and will continue as you have continued to improve your service. Compared to the Xbox the PS3 Stands by no one but in the front of the industry.

    On a negative note that is done by these so called hackers. I refer to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you could counter they actions to prevent the cheat codes being used, it would be greatly appreciated not just by myself but I'm sure many others. I believe in fair play. I am a Sergeant in the US Army and lead by example in fair play. I will be depending on your gaming systems and network to make upcoming deployment go by fast till I can re-unite with my family.

    Very Respectfully,

    SGT Sours, Dickey

    Tracer1975 1/14/11 11:34PM
  • Went here got the info, 3 min wait time to talk to a person. She was friendly as hell and walked me through troubleshooting my problem at home. It didn't fix the issue. Thankfully Sony keeps warranties on file based on your barcode on the back of the ps3. That made me very satisfied. Even moreso, my warranty expired Dec 9th (5th is when I called)! Talk about perfect timing for somthing to go wrong. Free shipping, free repair, all i can say is im very pleased with how customer service dealt with my problem.
    So much so I extended my warranty for 59.99 for 2 years.

    Ramidus5 12/5/10 1:46PM
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  • This is madnesss I work selling sony equipment tvs and ip tvs I get screamed at by my cust because sony cannot give an eta it makes me mad because all sony has to do is give me an eta but no response is this how you trreat people I was just wondering do I just tell my cust to bring back there sony products and get something better look I was ok with this in the begining after they said a day or 2 but them I become. A liar to my cust whn o said that now I have them pissed at me for that sony I figured you being a big corperation we would have been kept in a loop so is this what we r to expect in the future as well you did not think of the lower people selling your product welp I am forced to tell cust to bring back and purchase something else that works thank you sony making me look like an idoit

    romes422 4/26/11 9:19AM

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