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QuickBooks customer service is ranked #495 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 337 ratings. This score rates QuickBooks customer service and customer support as Terrible.


323 Negative Comments out of 337 Total Comments is 95.85%.


14 Positive Comments out of 337 Total Comments is 4.15%.

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  • I don't want to talk to someone in India, Philippines. I want to talk to an American. I just paid over $400 for support and can not get an answer on any questions. Why would people in other countries even understand what taxes are in the US. I hate this company.

    frustrated 7/16/14 2:52PM
  • Up until this month (7/14) I was happy with Quickbooks. The frustrating thing was with the mandatory upgrade my price per transaction went from $.50 to $1.44. When I spoke to the representative he told me that he couldn't help me because he couldn't see my previous account information. I said "That doesn't help me" and insisted to speak to a supervisor. After being on the phone for 20 minutes, a supervisor informed me that I was being billed for the credit card processing at a percentage which I did on the IPN for an inclusion price. Her response "It is no longer compatible with our new software". To make matters worst, when I asked why the customers were not informed of this previously, she stated that it was sent out in May but she was unable to give me a copy of that email but I would have to call another number for that. Needless to say, I am not happy that I was being billed differently for a service that I had previously because of their software upgrade. That is not fair to me the paying customer, and certainly bad customer service.

    kmaloy 7/12/14 12:08PM
  • I just waited for 75 minutes! When someone finally got on the phone, I started talking about vacation pay. He then asked me if vacation pay was on QuickBooks!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
    We pay for this service! And it is terrible!!!!

    InShock 7/8/14 11:33AM
  • Quickbooks has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. You are on hold for well over one hour and even when you finally speak with someone, they can't solve your problem. They say they will call you back to resolve at an appointed time and you never get a call. When you call them they say the tech that was supposed to call you was busy helping someone else. Why bother to tell you someone will call you? I will NEVER recommend this product to anyone and I will try to find another comparable product - I am sure one exists. I can see from the other 316 negative comments and only 14 positive comments about this company that many people agree that they are terrible. I doubt they will even care about these comments.

    Frustrated user 7/1/14 6:05PM
  • This is the worst customer service i have EVER experienced. I have one simple problem and get passed around after i explain myself over and over again only to have them say i need to get you to another department. I tried to call the corporate headquarters but only to be transferred overseas. It is so bad, i understand why they do not want to take any calls from customers. Quickbooks support sucks!!

    Anonymous 7/1/14 8:40AM
  • Quickbooks are you listening? You have the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. This is the reason new accounting software such as Xero is slowly gaining ground.

    It is obvious that Quickbooks does not want anyone to call customer service and it is very very difficult to find a phone number in order to be able to reach a person. If you find one, you are placed on hold for at least 30-60 minutes before getting through to someone.

    Anonymous 6/27/14 7:20AM
  • I do not like the new version of QuickBooks. No one was informed that changes would be made. In speaking with my associates who use this product each one was very un-happy and did not appreciate the changes. I would like to go back to the 2011 version or I will consider switching to another software.

    Heritage 6/10/14 9:47AM
  • My credit card had an additional charge of $6.75 that did not match my receipt. I purchased QB 2014 and received a confirmation for my order with the amount due, which included a line item for shipping. When I called first time after 15 minute wait, they told me it was for shipping and emailed me a copy of my receipt. I found my original receipt and discovered that it was $6.75 less than the one they sent to me. I called back and after 30 minute wait to talk to someone and a difficult conversation, I asked to speak to someone in US and was told there is not anyone in the US. After another 30 minutes of arguing, they agreed to refund the $6.75. By then it was about principal and not the money. QB used to be a great program with good customer service. Now their service is the worst I have ever experienced. I wonder how much money they are stealing from people who don't look at their credit card bills.

    Broker 6/2/14 10:10AM
  • Have used QBO for 2 plus years. While not as full feature as I would like it got the job done. Was switched to the newer version this weekend and it sucks. A number of important features are not working or arte missing. Intuit should allow QBO users to revert to the previous version until such time as you get your act together and have a robust newer version.

    platingman 6/1/14 3:40PM
  • Our non-profit signed up fro QB online. Took 3-4 helpdesk calls of several hours for them to figure out how to upload my qb for mac to the cloud, had to upgrade to get my reports. Cost expanded from $150 -> $500. Could not figure out how to cancel. They finally only refunded $300.
    Expensive, less functional, help desk hours not available nights AND they don't understand their own systems

    frustrated non profit treasurer 5/6/14 8:04PM
  • I wanted to use Quickbooks for my company. I was given the WINDOWS software download file (I have a Mac), and then called customer service to correct the mistake. After service dial-a-number prompts, I was finally connected to someone who patched on to my computer via He took a look at my specs: version, memory, etc and provided me the following instructions:
    - Upgrade my computer to necessary version (done)
    - Be best to send me the software to install. (shipped)

    To my dismay, he sent me a WINDOWS CD. My computer is a MAC and does not have a disk drive. Something he should have know given he's tour around my computer, and the fact that he was a MAC technician.

    I then call customer service again was transferred from WINDOWS to MAC rep, to a sales rep, finally to a technician... but promptly disconnected once connected.

    I call again. Several dial-in's later, I get to a person. She soon discovers that I do not have enough memory for the newest version and recommends the ONLINE version... transfer to ONLINE sales.

    That is when I gave up, asked for a refund and utilizing another software tool where customer service is a priority.

    Anonymous 4/22/14 9:57AM
  • besides having the most ignorant customer service reps, qbo is the most time consuming accounting i have ever used. the newest format took away defaults that made it more streamlined and user friendly and caused more and more unnessesary time consumption...i HATE this version. going to go back to QB desktop and do things the right way!

    Anonymous 4/8/14 10:13AM
  • Terrible Customer Service. I Was On The Phone Dealing With Them For More Than A Week..nothing Solved And They Couln't Even Provide Their Email Address Correctly. Never Buy Their Product Again.

    KT 4/1/14 12:19PM
  • This company has crossed the line in dishonesty. After being assured at the time of purchase that the 2011 edition would be supported and not cancelled or lose support. My option now is pay again for 2014 or on May 31... payroll will be unaccessable. After training costs and purchase price...they are a bunch of lying thieves. I would never recommend Quick Books to anyone under any circumstance.

    hogster03 3/24/14 6:16PM
  • Why is my life at the mercy of a limited English speaking call center in the Philippines? I have to spell and re-spell words and numbers again and again until they get it right. When they cannot answer they "transfer" you to another department which means they hang up. I have not been rude or impatient which will get me nowhere. All I am trying to do is legitimately transfer a license. The form you request to be completed does not transmit. I was asked to print it and email it. Receipt was acknowledged, but issue still has not been resolved. Have spent a week calling and have to start from scratch every time!
    There is a severe lack of expertise and communication and something should be done about it.
    Are the percentage of complaints too little to worry about?

    Totally Frustrated 3/22/14 8:01AM
  • almost impossible to get any technical support over the phone (unless you pay of-course special fees)
    the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
    need advice for other software

    asher 3/21/14 10:26AM
  • Intuit support is abysmal. Their India call center can barely speak English, let alone communicate effectively regarding software support or accounting support. Our current 2013 version can't run the payroll updates due to some ini file issue in the software but only half of the service agents even understand it is a problem. I am 2.5 hours in. Who do I send my bill to at Intuit for wasting my time.

    Anonymous 3/20/14 1:51PM
  • This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with bar none. Intuit cares absolutely nothing about the customer.

    judgejudyt 3/17/14 12:47PM
  • One of the worst companies...Period. Forget about ANY customer support. Forget about a company having any ethics.

    While use of online access through intuit products was free, banks are required to pay a licensing fee to Intuit if they wish to allow their customers the ability to download financial data in the Quickbooks format.

    In 2007, Intuit lobbied to make sure taxpayers cannot electronically file their tax returns directly to the IRS by negotiating a deal that has the IRS promising not to set up its own Web portal for e-filing.

    In 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that Intuit spent nearly $2 million in political contributions to eliminate free online state tax filing for low income residents in California.

    Pezz 2/27/14 11:05AM
  • I have a big problem with Intuit Canada this is the second year that I purchased quick books myself and then February 8/14 come along and they want to charge me for quickbooks pro 2014 when I have alresdy purchased it from my local staples store for cheaper than they are trying to push in my face. this is the second year that they have done this to me and I still haven't got the charges reversed last year when the person on the phone told me it was going to be taken care of and visa has been fighting with then and I have sent registered mail to them last year to stop using my visa and they use it again this year,there is no automatic renewal when I purchase quickbooks from a outside suppler, I have sent you another registered letter and since I live in Edmonton where you office is im sending this letter to the Gobal news, because you should be able to see I didn't purchase from you and you didn't even send me a disc this year or last year but you want the money from me what a joke

    zorbas143 2/8/14 11:57AM
  • Called the international helpline and they don't know how to handle multi currency bank accounts.

    Called the UK helpline and after 18 minutes wait Greg helpfully hung up on me before I even got the first sentence out of my mouth.

    Unless you have a simple business and know what you are doing DO NOT use this software

    Anonymous 2/4/14 6:42AM
  • Horrible Customer support. It's hard to get help if you need it, and when you do they don't speak English. QB's online service is a complete waste of money for MAC users. Checks don't print correctly, and lots of connection issues. You need to install a different browser (Chrome) to operate with LESS problems, than Safari.

    BGPX 2/3/14 4:06PM
  • This is by far the absolute WORST "Customer Service / Support" system I have ever had to deal with !!!!
    Initially attempting to activate our purchased PAYROLL subscription took over 1 hour.
    Today I have been trying to confirm the order status for checks and attempting to clarify "WHY" we are unable to access our "Account" - not accepting User Id and Password.
    I HAVE BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR OVER 4 HOURS - keep getting transferred back and forth with no resolution to the simple request - "Why can't I access my account?"
    If I had know this, I would never have considered the purchase of QUICKBOOKS !!

    TOWN OF MIDDLE INLET 1/28/14 2:46PM
  • I called today with two very simple questions and the rep I got was only concerned with upgrading my software. I was already prepared to make the change as my business has changed but felt uncomfortable with how aggresive he became to "get my card". He repeated that so often where it seemed shady "just give me your card". I had to let him go since my 3 kids got home and it was nearing dinner. He became more aggresive and told me to give him my card number and he will do everything. Unfortunately, I had to hang up on him since he didn't stop talking about getting my card information. In the hour that passed, he called me 6 times !!!!!! I didn't pick up since I was in the middle of dinner. I couldn't believe it. This is harassment and the worst customer service I have experienced. I will not buy another product from quickbooks. Perhaps I'll reconsider when they restructure their customer service. Terrible.

    Quickbooks fails 1/27/14 8:50PM
  • I have to say that QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 is quite possibly the worst accounting software that I have encountered in quite some time! It does NOT work in the server/multi-user environment. Do NOT purchase this software if you have more that one user at any time as it will not work consistently!!!

    1st time g'ma 1/20/14 10:03AM
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  • Customer Service agents from the the philippines are friendly and knows how to do their job! thumbs up!

    Anonymous 11/5/13 10:46AM
  • I am a bookkeeper and I've been using quickbooks for over a decade. I have always wanted a MAC but was afraid to switch to the quickbooks version for Mac, as I was told negative comments and as any bookkeeper my reports and ease of entering information is important to me. For my birthday, I was given a mac and the mac version of quickbooks. It took me 5 minutes to get used to it. It is the SAME. Looks the same, and honestly, I am THRILLED with the product. I honestly and completely recommend this product. There is NO reason why one wouldn't switch.

    Marti127 2/2/13 6:38AM

  • I had no problem getting through . and the agent was very helpful and kind. Whoever gave bad comment is mean.

    Anonymous 11/18/11 1:34PM
  • If you want a service tech with knowledge the only way to get it is to sign up for pro-advisor. When you sign up they include the payroll and latest version of quickbooks. Problems are usually solved in one call with a person from our country. The also bundle in other free services with your pro-advisor subscription: remote entry,merchant services I can not think of the others now but it is worth the cost to have the service, if I have a client having trouble with qb I can call and get a three way calling and they too get american service techs with qb knowledge.

    Anonymous 11/11/11 8:10AM
  • Just got off the phone with Sara who was very helpful and quite apologetic for the shortcomings in the newest version (12.0) of Enterprise. However, "Ardie" with whom I spoke before Sara was very difficult to understand . . . and I'm used to interpreting heavy accents! I finally had to ask him to spell his name after I'd had him repeat it 3 times. So, I guess I experienced the good and the bad all in one call. I surely don't like the fact that they told me that mine was a "known issue" (and a pretty major one at that) and a fix was coming (though they didn't know when for sure), but Sara did a good job of telling me that basically they couldn't help me yet.

    mslynn85 10/12/11 11:22AM
  • Loved my customer service man! Could not have been more pleased. He was very informative and solved all of my problems. I guess I got lucky :)

    Anonymous 8/24/11 2:41PM
  • I had an outstanding experience with support person Elijah. I had no idea that my request was so involved, but Elijah made me feel so at ease and confident of his ability to solve the issue. He stayed with me the entire time and was competent, polite and very professional. People complain all the time about software companies which is why I want to take this opportunity to brag about the excellent results that I had with my rep. Elijah. Thank you Quickbooks....I continue to be a very happy customer.

    hartbeat 6/17/11 11:13AM
  • I just called to cancel my payroll subscription and the lady was very nice and didn't try to sell me a bunch of other stuff. She cancelled my subscription and sent me a confirmation email and that was that, total of 10 minutes. Very happy QB customer here.

    TF 6/10/11 6:43AM
  • I am sadiq nawaz the Account Manager of Bilal groups of Comapnies. Quick book is a good accounting software for a big comppany as well as for small company r business.

    Sadiq Nawaz 00923339729720 2/12/11 2:39AM

    Anonymous 1/21/11 1:49PM
  • I was monitoring my computer and found that QB get an form from me by email everytime I launch QB... Big Brother.. does not show up in my outlook, but my software tells me it happened.. watch out QB is watching everything you do. They of course say it does not...

    ddoffrd 4/12/10 4:26PM
  • I had to register my QB premier 2010. I found it very easy and quick. The representative was very helpful and she knew exactly what to do. Either I was very lucky, or the others are missing something. Good luck to you all. BTW, I have been using QB for well over 6 years now.

    Charles 12/4/09 8:43AM
  • I work for a small bookkeeping Co. We have clients with everything from 2008 to Enterprise and Point Of Sale. I have always found them helpful

    PKH 8/5/09 1:24PM
  • I purchased QB Pro 2008 last year and 2 weeks ago my computer died taking all my precious data. like an idiot, i never backed up last month after completing tax stuff! 2008 data must be reentered. joy. i lost the software too. i called and they helped me quickly! wow. i even got a replacement CD free and it was expedited free! $35 value. she was so nice. im happy. and lucky from reading those reviews below. thank god!

    kevin33315 5/13/09 10:38AM

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