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Qwest customer service is ranked #446 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 227 ratings. This score rates Qwest customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


216 Negative Comments out of 227 Total Comments is 95.15%.


11 Positive Comments out of 227 Total Comments is 4.85%.

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  • I called Qwest yesterday to see about getting a phone line spool of 300ft delivered to my property. I'm building in a remote area and have already paid for the phone line to be ran 1/4 mile from the main road with the electrical install onto my property and end at the transformer. I need the extra line to run to the new house foundation with the new electrical hookup. I talked to "6" Qwest representatives yesterday and left "2" messages with people I passed around to or handed off to. I had to call back 3 separate times and my problem still exists. I would consider the service I have received so far to border on incompetence.

    Marcus 4/29/14 8:03AM
  • miss parks of quest at edgewood,md. is the most unqualified and unprofessional person I have dealt with.first she didn.t know if the test on the dr. ph. needed fasting or not.then she had me wait and hour to have my blood drawn .after I told her I had a funeral to go to .there was no one infront of me .she spent the last 15 minutes on the phone shooting the bull. this was on 10/30/2013 from 10am thru 11am

    buckbuc 10/30/13 12:43PM
  • For Over A Year We Keep Getting Disconnected From Our Dsl. They Ask Us To Try This And That Every Time We Called (we Have Called About 6 Or 7 Times) Each Time We Get The Same Old Disconnect This Or Try That. Still Nothing Works. As We Or On Our Computer We Get Logged Off Every 5 To 10 Minutes Any One Else Have This Trouble..........

    [email protected] 7/3/13 11:41AM
  • Terrible customer service. trying to talk to someone for two days. answering machine keeps tell me someone will be shortly with me. will you please give me a call? Thanks....

    qwest 4/16/13 5:49PM
  • WHY does a call from QWEST show up on my Cell Phone EVERY DAY at around 5:30 California time? I cannot find any way to email someone to have this annoyance STOPPED.

    bsamstag 11/25/12 7:22PM
  • Absolutely horrible experience. Called to disconnect service and after answering a gazillion questions, they couldn't do it because their computers were down...
    This is ridiculous.

    savvystuff 10/26/12 3:09PM
  • Our service CONSTANTLY drops in and out, literally every minute. I will be very surprised if I am am able to submit this comment the first time I try. We have been through two wireless modems and called them 4 times. They were supposed to send out a technician two weeks back, no one ever showed up, we didn't even receive a call. When we walked in UPS to return the first faulty router, the desk clerk said right off the rip "Ahh, another Century Link modem, eh..." This is clearly an ongoing issue for many customers, I mean look at the reviews here. I have had Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, & At&T and none of them posed the issues I've dealt with from Century Link in the month I've had service with them.

    LoveableGuy 10/24/12 7:00PM
  • a.k.a., Century Link ~ N/Central Colo ~ rural
    I feel Century Link, which we've had in this remote area for many years with excellent service, did take on more than they were ready for or capable of with Qwest and all it's previous problems. The Tech that came to our cabin to replace a modem and help with service, did just that and with excellent customer svc. I was grateful as I couldn't be without service due to communications/information with recent nearby large fire (have no TV reception in the valley). Qwest had too many existing problems when C.Link took over BUT in our area we've had to have our St. Rep. get involved in community meetings and then with Regional mgr. with C.Link to improve services. Now svcs. consistant even though once in a while a bit slow but much better, however, I don't do nor depend on faxes which were a big problem via others with documents.....

    AtlastaPlace in CO 7/19/12 8:01PM
  • aol will not helpme 5 days of answering questions I need a password. Customer for yrs.hhey say cant find me or read three below and you will be fine. Please will someone read .I am a disabled veteran I lost most hearing working on jet aircraft. I [in type] call us. So
    how a short time ago my password was messedup. cant login .told login ,login.Do nnot think anyone at aol can read or talk. Getting upset cant get to my stuff on aol. I depend on this for my work. Can not get talk to someone. Asked for supervisor. the answer given "we dont have one' had chats past several reps. I am DEAD IN THE WATER.I havent been jerked around since I
    was in Marine boot camp. I am going to make some load noises if not helped soon.
    I have done puzzles and everything asked .They dont beleive i was born Buffalo/

    [email protected] 6/2/12 8:51AM
  • I just read the employee comments. There is one that just proves how bad the customer service at Qwest is, in that they expect you to pay $5 extra a month to get service that should work. Now that's customer service! And to whichever employee commented, you deserve a bravo for showing us the true mentality of the company.

    Employee Comment pasted below:

    For all you whiners about getting charged a service charge---if you were smart you would have the service agreement that I believe currently costs about $5 per month and if there was any kind of problem the service visit would be free. Start thinking instead of blaming others. You are all alike, it is everybody elses fault. Go Qwest! Thank you for your great service.

    RockSword 4/18/12 2:52PM
  • I thought I'd switch from Comcast to CenturyLink (formerly Qwest in our area) last week because the Comcast bill is a little high and a CenturyLink salesperson came by last week. I was hesitant about doing so only because of a bad experience 7 years ago with Qwest, but I figured they had been bought by a different company and things would be different. I was entirely wrong. Now to explain what happened both times:

    7 years ago: A new modem I bought from them needed to be replaced two or three times during the 6 months I had them. Moreover, when the modem did work, the service didn't work whenever it rained.I decided then to cancel. I didn't think that the cancellation process was difficult until 4 months later when I looked at my credit card bills over the months and realized they were still charging me. After calling them to again cancel, they wouldn't refund the money for the 4 months during which I never used their service and only after talking with a manager did they refund 1/2 the amount. Because of that I vowed never to use Qwest for anything again. Unfortunately I relented on my vow.

    Today: Last week we had originally decided to bundle DSL and DirecTV, and had told the salesperson that we would like the satellite to replace where our Dish satellite is. She said that would be no problem, as they do it all the time. We also were not going to lease a dsl modem because we already had the older one. She said it should work but it may give a lower speed. I said that was fine and that I might decide to buy one later if that was the case. When DirecTV came out, however, they could not intall the satellite in the same position as our Dish satellite because their brackets are bigger. They would have to drill into the siding of the house or in the brick, which I did not want. A pole would cost $70. I decided the total savings vs the service was not that great to change satellite companies so I decided to cancel the installation. There was no problem there. However, when I called CenturyLink to ask whether they'd be hooking up the wiring from the box to the wiring that goes inside the house, since our new house doesn't have it connected, it took 1.5 hours of getting switched from one person to the next, giving the same info to each person, not understanding one of them because of the accent, and finally having to call back afresh, because the call was dropped, before getting a simple answer that the technician normall does do that. I decided then that if the customer service was that bad, I wanted to cancel. That was a nightmare. Not only did that entail getting switched to another new person and another 1/2 hour of giving details, but I was told that there was a modem in the mail that we'd need to return. The thing was, we had a dsl modem already and our paperwork never requested a modem to be sent. In fact we were very express from the very beginning that we would buy our own dsl modem. I truly don't think Qwest can get anything right.

    Now 7 years ago I swore I would never use Qwest again. I only changed my mind because it was bought by another company. I don't know whether what I experienced today is because the old Qwest customer service is still in place for our area or whether CenturyLink's customer service is as bad as that of Qwest. I hope it's the former, and that CenturyLink will change the situation, because I really would want to switch to DSL due to speed and price. Should I really wait another 7 years to see if anything has changed?

    RockSword 4/18/12 2:44PM
  • I want to inform those who use qwest/centurylink that the terms of internet use has changed as of 8-2011.

    My post is negative because of the shady and possible illegal business practice in regards to how they changed the terms of use.

    They added an arbitration clause that forbids you from joining any class action, trial by jury, judge.

    This guts every consumer protection law in the books as a result.

    The shady and possibly illegal and anti trust comes in how they implemented the change to the terms of use.

    By my understanding by law they are required to inform you a month before the changes goes in to affect, to give you time to decide if you want to be bound by the new terms, because staying with them 1 month after date of change takes effect BINDS YOU TO THE NEW TERMS.

    By not informing me and all the internet clients. We have been forcefully bound to give up our legal consumer protection rights.
    Which fundamentally changes the nature of the service. Meaning the service IS NO LONGER THE SERVICE YOU ORIGINALLY SIGNED ON FOR.


    Centurylink had gone out of their way to try to prevent people from sharing the arbitration clause, claiming copyright of the terms of use itself. and disabling copy paste so you can not share the entire section related to the arbitration clause.

    All I can say is go to their website and look up the internet service terms of use on page 16 section 17 is the legal recourse which centurylink is now FORCING DOWN YOUR THROAT!
    for any small claims following their method is AGAINST THE CONSUMER DUE TO EXPENSE OF FIGHTING IT FOR ONLY SMALL DAMAGES. NOT TO MENTION ARBITRATION IS IN FAVOR OF THE COMPANY. because the company keeps business coming back to the arbitrator. IT IS NOT IMPARTIAL

    results of arbitration DO NOT BECOME PART OF CASE LAW where a pastern of abuse can be shown by the number of similar cases if taken through normal legal channels.

    binding disclosures also prevents consumer,s who have proven the company was in the wrong doing, from sharing that info with the general public. As a result the company can continue to abuse the rest of its customer base'
    centurylink has monopoly. There are literally NO OTHER PHONE-LINE BASED DSL SERVICE IN MY AREA! Cable is not in same class nor is satellite. That is why it is a monopoly. Comcast is the only other option that I know of and they DO NOT service the area.

    As a result because of lack of choice its either allow centurylink to abuse you or don't have DSL on phone-line.

    I live in a apt tower so satellite is not allowed. cable you pay for certain speed but your sharing it with everyone in the area so you rarely actually get what your paying for , Not to mention I have heard that others in your group can view anything your doing by intercepting the signal between your computer and cable provider. basically its an open network.

    I can not just get rid of centurylink because of my hearing. I need alternative communication for when hearing on phone is impossible. dial up now days is no longer effective form of communication for internet communication(too slow).

    As far as customer support goes with dealing with this, I am getting stonewalled through knowledgeable reps or nowhere with reps that know nothing about it.

    This is a policy issue that trickles down in the way customer support deals with the issue. Which is to make it impossible to get a fair terms of use that is on fair playing field.

    Centurylink still reserves the right to sue us but not us sue them.

    They have gotten way too big and never should of been allowed to merge on basis of monopoly.

    Now we are screwed with NO legal recourse.

    I do not blame the rep its their bosses forcing them to do this So the rep friendliness was high rating as result.

    Disabled American 3/15/12 4:57PM
  • I have twice been hung up on by the representative when I asked who I was talking to. I did not solicite their business and I do not and will not be a part of this business... Please do not use this business.

    [email protected] 3/7/12 6:22PM
  • I wanted to talk to a person. The Water Bureau broke our line and it has been out for two days. They snapped the line in the street, so I am not going to pay for the repair. The supervisor called two days ago, but no repair has been made.

    Charge the Portland Water Bureau, as they broke the line while working in the street in front of our house.

    Anonymous 2/15/12 3:55PM
  • I had lost internet access. Over the course of a week and a half my connection became more and more intermittent. Qwest came out, did a couple of hours of work outside my house, came in and installed a new router - for free since the old one was less than a year old. I called my ISP to get back up again only to learn that Qwest had switched me from dsl to fiber optics WITHOUT either a request from me or even mentioning it to me. I've been without internet for more than two weeks. Now Qwest is giving me the run-around about switching me back to dsl. I need to keep my email account - I am a professional - or I'd consider switching to Comcast or ANYONE besides Qwest.

    Anonymous 1/26/12 9:59AM
  • Have had Questlink for one month. I was sent a bill for $189.00. I've spent well over two hrs. on the phone with them to get it to wk. Guy came today. Fixed everything. Until I turned my laptop on tonight. I can get to certain pages like this one if I do a search but can't get to any of my regular sites using the address task bar except for facebook, the first place I went to upon starting my laptop. I can't take it anymore.

    Anonymous 1/21/12 12:15AM
  • i would like to get the customer service number but the numbers that i have gotten are either disconected, or he line is busy.

    Anonymous 1/17/12 4:53PM
  • We signed up for Qwest services and my daughter had her purse stolen which had our phone in it. We called Qwest and had the phone cancelled due to it being stolen and instead of cancelling it they placed a hold on it. We continued to be billed for the phone in excess of $1,000.00 which Qwest refuses to refund even though their records show we cancelled this phone several years earlier. We tried to NOT pay on the phone and got sent late fees and threatened with a collection company. We cancelled all our phones with Qwest and got nailed a early cancellation fee of $300. I HATE this company, they rip people off and even though we talked to the woman in person who cancelled the phone, she stated she could not do anything about the bill and neither will her company. This is CRIMINAL!!!! THEFT!!!!!

    prairiewind 1/16/12 6:45PM
    I am a PC technician in a small town here in Idaho. I have found with more than one Qwest customer that when Qwest changed to CenturyLink, they did something very strange to the connection speeds. ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) is ALWAYS faster on the download than on the upload (which is fine, because of the way the TCP/IP protocol works), but, in these cases, the download speed was LESS than the upload speed!!!
    So, a 1.5 Megabit connection was showing something like 449 DOWNLOAD, and 605 UPLOAD!
    Needless to say, their internet was performing very poorly. When I called Qwest DSL Tech support (888-777-9569) the woman explained that Centurylink had done some "Network optimization"!!! YEAH. What they did was save bandwidth for 6 MONTHS! I told my customer to call and complain, and she did receive a proper credit / adjustment to her bill. To check your DSL speeds, open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and type in this address: You will get a configuration page, and along the left side, it should show you the connection status. A 7 Megabit connection should show something close to that, like 6743 MBits DOWNLOAD, for example. If your Download is LESS than your upload, you have a problem! Sometimes, turning the DSL modem off, waiting a few seconds, then turning it back on, will help.
    If not, call them! 888-777-9569.

    Klak 12/12/11 8:21PM
  • I just had a chat with Qwest customer service because i couldn't understand my bill and the guy was rude and not helpful at all.

    chouchou 12/9/11 12:04PM
  • As a business owner I decided to cut expenses and one place to cut was finding a more affordable internet/phone provider. After contacting a new provider, I was asked to look over a bill to provide some info. Apparantly, there is a 300 PER LINE early disconnect fee if not fulfilling the contract. So, I called them to discuss as I remember getting a reduction and agreed verbally to 3 years thinking it was only a 300 total fee for early disconnect. Well, they refused to talk to me because my name was not on the account (my wife's was who never agreed to anything as I handle all the business tasks). I asked if my name isn't on the account.. how could they have a verbal commitment to change the service. The rep told me I was wasting my time talking to him as I wasn't on the account. He did say however that the payment of any bill is agreeing to the service. Problem is.. I never see the bill. .the accountant sees it and if I had know it was 300 PER LINE I never would have agreed. What a rip off. I'm cancelling my service regardless. Comcast offered me a package that is over 100 per month cheaper, 50 dollars a month off my home internet and tv service which basically over one year pays back my 900 dollar early termination fee and I still make save 300! Over three years I will save nearly 3300 dollars by switching to comcast. I'll pay short term.. save long term. Talk about turning off your customers.

    danieljay1964 12/8/11 7:35PM
  • How long would it take for quest/centurylink to disconnect you because of no payment? The reason I ask is because I disconnected my service and paid the balance in full. However quest still kept me connected and after 4 months put my account in collections. Not very profesional.

    Paladinforhire 12/8/11 5:38PM
  • I was on the phone for 38 minutes last night and also in the chat help twice and still got nothing resolved. Today I had to make three different calls and still have problems (although one person on the phone did solve one of my problems). They say that the transfer from Qwest to CenturyLink hasn't been completed and that is why two different account numbers appear and why I am unable to access my account information online. They say by the end of the year, but I thought the merger was made some time ago. Why would it take so long to transfer account information ? I've been a Qwest customer for over 27 years, but am seriously thinking of cancelling and going with another company. So much for the improvements that the merger was going to bring. (I still don't know if I will ever be able to have normal access to my account information online and I don't think that any of the customer service representatives even care :()

    UtahDan 12/2/11 9:20AM
  • This company is horrible beyond words.
    This is the second time that I have been without phone service for days within the past year. I cannot get a live person this time (I cannot call them now because I am at home and no phone service. My cell (Verizon) has awful connection and drops calls.)
    The first time I was able to communicate online (this time I get the message "this page is unexpectedly unavailable) and they wanted me go agree to pay for the repair. I live in an apartment building and nobody else's phone was affected. The problem was not with my phone because I tested it with a corded phone and it did not work either. Finally, my phone began working 4 days later. I told them that I lost service during a lightning storm but they just wanted to to say I would pay for any wiring problems.
    I hate this company. I am going to get Comcast or AT&T when I move. Also, I am paying so much money for my phone and internet service that I am going to change that service too.

    Nancy 11/11/11 7:49PM
  • can't reach a live person, can't get through the website easily, can't even pay our bill without it being a major time-consuming pain- this is our Internet provider??? time to find a new one!! after being on hold for minutes and minutes the gal that answered the phone call disconnected me from the call when introducing herself!! now I get to start all over - people, please get some quality control - your service is a joke.

    Discussed to say it mildly 11/4/11 4:56PM
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  • (Now Centurylink) Called and reached a person quickly to setup a DSL-only home service. She was responsive and helpful. Their regular price was higher than their internet price but she gave me a promo deal that made up for it.

    AZsBird 11/16/11 1:08PM
  • At time of this post, here is the 'ratings' scoreboard: Negative=184, Positive=9, Employee=1

    Here are some excerpts from the sole 'Employee' comment (who bravely identified themselves as 'k'):

    Opening salutation: "To all you whiners..."
    Pre-advice qualification: "If you were smart..."
    Opinion of customers: "You are all the same..."

    If 'k' (or like-minded employees of Qwest-is-now-CenturyLink) deals with customers directly, the company's dismal ratings are well-deserved. However, I have (for the most part) had a positive experience with the *people* of Qwest, whether they were reps, techs, or management. Therefore, I will give them an overall rating of 'Positive' (my opinion of CenturyLink has yet to be determined).

    I learned a long time ago that Customer Service has far more to do with the individual on the other end of the wire than it does with the policies, power, or resources of the company for whom they work. A good representative understands that ultimately they work for the person they are speaking with at that moment (the Customer).

    To 'k': I truly hope that one day you will experience the freedom that empathy offers. Peace...

    pooderNet 10/22/11 3:38PM
  • qwest is the best internet provider.
    with centurylink now onboard i expect the service to be better and more reliable. go qwest Centurylinl!

    internetFan 9/15/11 8:48PM
  • I just disconnected my phone service with Qwest because I am moving out of their area. I spoke to a rep in Des Moines, but did not get her name. She was fabulous. Personable and friendly, she explained everything that would happen with the final bill. I have used Qwest for my landline phone for 11 years and have always had good service. I do know people who have had trouble with the bundled services, but I would use the regular phone service again.

    Anonymous 6/13/11 8:20AM
  • I cannot get to load on my computer

    Customer service was very nice...but had me do all kinds of steps on my computer to no avail. Please get a web site that is available to all.

    tonkatina 4/29/11 4:11PM
  • Well...the first time I called on Saturday 4/23 I think. I spent about an hour and 1/2 with a pretty nice person who was going to transfer me to another department when we reached the end of her ability to help but I got disconneted. By this time I needed a beer and a break anyway. Then I called back and got "Rick" and he was real nice and I thought I had everything fixed except for the transfer of my contacts which he said might take 24 hours. ...Easter Sunday morning couldn't log on to Qwest live emails or receive ANY email. By the way Incredimail is compatible with Qwest so I got to get back to that which was fun...except my current situation is can't use email at all. When I called I was told to not even try to open it for 48 hours!!!

    Trying to be understanding 4/24/11 9:02AM
  • I had contacted Qwest about my bill and was amazed with the customer service I recieved by Marcus in Boise. It was a breath of fresh air to be treated like I mattered. He is a asset to your company.

    Rhonda 3/29/11 1:00PM
  • This is in response to the technical support I received from Maria (4VJ) Ticket Reference Number: 16811650. She was wonderful! She patiently walked me through all possible problems and was able to resolve my issues. This type of customer service provided by Maria is why I will remain a Qwest customer. How refreshing to be able to talk to a knowledgeable, pleasant person in order to get my questions answered quickly! Thank you Maria!!

    Stephanie 11/17/10 10:05AM
  • my wife and I had a really pleasurable experience when he called about wireless for a computer laptop that we were going to buy;We were fortunate to talk to agent StDB,named Miranda, who had the patience and knowledge to walk us through the ins and outs of the subject. To talk to a person like this who is both knowledgeable and personable is so rare so that when we experienced it, we just had to let you know how much we appreciated it. I hope that you will see that Miranda is informed of our note

    customers 12/20/09 3:57PM
  • I spoke to Eric in customer service. He was able to schedule a service call immediately. A phone line, land line, has been having dialing sounds come in, and the problem has been unable to be fixed for years. So, the bottom line will be if the problem is able to actually be fixed or not, and what it will cost. So, the initial call and service initiation... excellent... but if the problem will ever be properly solved-- that is yet to be determined.

    ELA1 12/2/09 9:46AM
  • 411 operator was a perfect example of what good customer service is all about.

    Anonymous 8/21/09 5:03PM
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  • qwest/centurylink is now a terrible place to work,and even worse to get fired from. i was fired 3 before christmas for attendance which was due to illness. we are under a union contract and fellow/former employees will know what i am talking about. i was employed 3/17/08-12/22/ currently trying to get unemployment but they have had their way w/the system and are prolonging the process.
    consider this: fired 12/22/11 today is 2/2/12. count how many federal holidays are in that time. the unemployment mtg was on my wifes birthday! thanks qwest/centurylink.

    stung by century link 2/2/12 9:20AM

  • For all you whiners about getting charged a service charge---if you were smart you would have the service agreement that I believe currently costs about $5 per month and if there was any kind of problem the service visit would be free. Start thinking instead of blaming others. You are all alike, it is everybody elses fault. Go Qwest! Thank you for your great service.

    k 3/26/11 1:58PM

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