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Rosetta Stone customer service is ranked #248 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 155 ratings. This score rates Rosetta Stone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


136 Negative Comments out of 155 Total Comments is 87.74%.


19 Positive Comments out of 155 Total Comments is 12.26%.

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  • Rosetta Stone has the most disgustingly inept web site that I have ever seen. I have not been contacted even after 3 days of sending e-mails. Rosetta Stone - you could make money hand over fist with your product, however, I will not recommend it to anyone at all because of the lousy tech support. Spend some money and hire some frigging tech support people and teach them how to handle the most common problems. DUH! You will have happier customers and they will come back for more and more. Unfortunately, the fact that it has been 3 days and I have hand absolutely no response from your tech support, I wholly and fully do NOT endorse this product. What a joke. Don't buy Rosetta Stone. People who for whatever reason don't have problems seem to love it, and I have seen it work. But if you have problems forget about it, you will not get good support.

    Aaron 7/23/14 8:36PM
  • Today I acquired my Rosetta Stone French course (5 levels) and discovered it doesn't meet installation requirements. You need 600 MB of 'free harddrive space per level' and I have GB's of it. During installation it turned out this has to be on the C-drive, which -as many SSD drive users- I don't want to miss. Contacted the helpdesk on this, and it turned out direct refund is impossible, all they could do was deactivate my serial number. WORSE THEN WORSE.

    Martos 6/3/14 2:40PM
  • I bought RS and installed it, but I couldn't use it for many months because I was taking care of my elderly parents. I waited until the last minute to activate TotalE as there is only a 3 months access. I had trouble with activation, but after some help it seemed to be O K. I only got to use it a few times due to my family situation so when it came time to renew, I used it a lot for a few days. I noticed it did not sync with my original computer and also the screen continually froze on the website. I contacted support at least 3 times before my time ran out, but was told that I would have to renew my subscription so they could "work on it". Since there is no guarantee that they can fix it, I can't see the point of paying more money. I am sorry I bought it and do not recommend it. Usually, a business tries to satisfy the customer's needs, but this does not seem to the the case at RS.

    Kathy Ann 5/15/14 5:56PM
  • the user inter face is really bizarre, it is just awful. It is very hard to understand, very hard to navigate, not self explanatory, no way to sign up for the online course, you have to fumble thru the page to find out how to do things , I a very computer literate, this is simply the worst interface I have experienced. whoever designed it should be fired on the spot.

    dking 5/4/14 8:17PM
  • Have been waiting for over 30 minutes for a live chat. These guys are pathetic. Don't buy this product since once they have your money they don't care about the customer.

    JB1 2/23/14 3:01PM
  • Absolutely RUBBISH customer support.... very little transparency with this company.... difficult to find telephone numbers to speak to individual to sort out an account problem.....when you do they aren't there!! The product is good, the internet access is expensive and when sold the product it wasn't made clear enough what the ongoing additional costs would be. When I do try to purchase additional internet access time the checkout facility reverts to the wrong email and around in a loop we go....!! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE SO I CAN SORT OUT WHAT SHOULD BE A STRAIGHT FORWARD ISSUE

    Sarion 2/13/14 10:52AM
  • Don't waste your time and your money don't buy roseta stone they don't even are with the BBB they don't reimburse your money

    Marco 11/8/13 6:41AM
  • Today was my first experience with RS tech support. The tech department was closed for the holiday all day. The holiday is not until Monday. DUH!!

    Helen Knight 8/30/13 2:11PM
  • Was locked out of my program when my computer claimed the database was out of date. Called tech service and, while my call went through, the man on the other line couldn't hear me. I am very disappointed, as the application works fantastic, but customer support is nothing short of awful. Retried calling several times, but my efforts met no results.

    Anonymous 8/16/13 7:42AM
  • I was just trying to reach Rosetta Stone for help with my new program. Sat on hold and was sent through four different people. With one exception the technician's English was execrable. When I said that I was having trouble understanding him he hung up on me. There's your customer service.

    keep trying 7/2/13 5:39PM
  • Don't buy. Soft ware does not work and technicians are incompetent and less than helpful! Waste of time and money!!

    Anonymous 6/27/13 2:27PM
  • I bought levels 1-3 in two languages, a lot of money, and then I bought a new computer with windows 7 and this software won't run, won't even load. Rosetta stone have emailed me updates twice. The first time, the operator had not understood and sent me the wrong thing. The second time it solved the problem temporarily, but not all of the lessons were available, even after I'd registered. Once I'd switched my computer off and on again, the software wouldn't load again, and it hasn't worked since. This is very frustrating. I haven't found the customer services helpful at all. Infact, it took quite a lot of effort to get them to understand the problem. This software is a waste of money if you can only run it on old computers. What's the point?

    Acai 6/9/13 6:47AM
  • Do not purchase Rosetta Stone. Able to use initially but then was blocked for updates. After installing update, system became totally unusable. Went through numerous manuevers, including uninstalling and reinstalling. Technicians are indeed worse than useless. Adved one that I used a Windows VISTA, he sent me downloadsx2 foe Apple McIntosh. Many hours spent in "chat." Totally useless. Waste of time, money and energy. Dump your stock in this looser!!

    Anonymous 5/21/13 2:08PM
  • I was unable to access my software and I was mislead into paying another $50.00 to renew my subscription. When I complained I was told that I should have unchecked some box or other
    and that I would always have access to the basic software. I never accessed any more lessons but Rosetta Stone refused to refund my money. Initially when I installed the programs there were technical issues and often I could not understand the technician's English.

    Lynda 5/20/13 3:15PM
  • I needed technical support. Their new chat support service worked wonderfully. When I called the support number initially, I reached a tech who spoke passable English within one minute. I used to think Rosetta Stone's customer service was pretty stinky; now I think it's much better.

    No Name 5/19/13 11:38AM
  • Attemped to update system. First reached a technician who wanted to charge me a fee. Second gave me a site to download. Then program no longer functioned at all. Tech. on phone seemed incompetent. Was unable to resolve issue after time and effort.

    Anonymous 5/18/13 1:57PM
  • I was sold this product when I told the person that it was too expensive, I had given my card number when I thought it would be $79.77, then after I had given my number I was told it would be $399.00 in installments, I said I could not afford that, was hung up on, so I thought that was the end of it, but 2 days later I received the package, I went on line to customer service and they wanted to charge me $38, I finally found a number and have left messages to call me as my bank card has money taken out this is not way to do business

    stevie 5/3/13 7:29AM
  • Hours upon hours on hold. I finally gave up and selected the # for "sales". My call was answered in 30 seconds but of course they said I should call customer service for my issue. I explained that it was not possible to reach a person for that but yet 30 seconds for sales. The agent suggested that this was because the commitment to customer service required more time. "Oh," I said, "so there are many more calls for problems than for sales?" "No," she replied, sales take 1 or 2 minutes but problem solving requires much longer." BS - their priority is on getting your money NOT making sure you get what you pay for. A one-way street if I ever saw one.

    Anonymous 4/22/13 11:59AM
  • I have been sitting here on permahold for over an hour! All I really want to do is purchase more levels. Rosetta Stone has the worst after market support on earth. I tried calling the sales number and they answer on the first ring. Of course they quickly blow you off when the hear you are already a customer. They will not even let you purchase more stuff at the new sales number. This is awfull!

    Moonshiner 3/21/13 5:20PM
  • This product does not run on my new computer (win7), which is strange because all my other software packages are able to run with different settings. I phoned rosetta stone and they told me they would send me an email with a link to an update. This didn't arrive. I called again next day, they said the same thing. Again, the email didn't arrive. It is annoying enough that an update would be required to run something on a new computer, but this service is ridiculous.

    Me 3/19/13 5:02AM
  • I am totally disgusted. I have been using Rosetta stone and I was pleased, but I was forced to update the software and now it does not work. I tried to get tech support I was told if I did it over the phone they would charge me I shoud use the chat. I did the chat and got disconnected I had to resend my information 5 times with 5 different agents Each time getting just a little further to only be disconneted again, I basically now have a useless system that I paid a lot of money for what a joke I am going to make sure I tell everyone not to waste their money on Rosetta stone what a rip off. I deleted the system and tried to reinstall the software and it won't install

    Kee O 3/9/13 8:39PM
  • Rosetta Stone has the worst customer service and technical support I have every come across. The Tech person was distracted by something else. I repeatedly has to ask, "Are you there?" I finally asked them to stay on the line until my program ran. He didn't. I hung up and used the on line. They did not want to wait to help me get set up and gave me a case#. I wish I never would have bought their product. Invest in classes instead of Rosetta Stone.

    Mugglefree25 3/1/13 5:31PM
  • There was a billing issue with my account that I was not notified about until a month later in spite of other debits to my bank after that one. When I called the person I spoke to was rude. I was transferred and put on hold for long periods of time. The issue is still not resolved and to top it off while I'm on hold now I start receiving emails about the issues with my account that I should have gotten a month ago.

    Anonymous 3/1/13 1:42PM
  • I have tried repeatedly to speak with someone from customer service who I can understand and who can understand me---this is ridiculous---I need assistance in reactivating my R.S onto a new computer as my old one crashed---can someone please help me.

    Santinara 3/1/13 7:41AM
  • I purchased Totale (French) in December. I have not be able to get the microphone to recognize my voice. I am using a new PC with Windows 7. I have been on the phone and spent numerous hours with e-mails. The support is horrible. I have heard on a number of sites that there are issues with the microphone. No support from Rosetta Stone on this issue. I want my money back.

    prof 1/7/13 8:30AM
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  • The service could not be any better. Instantly, reached customer support and had my issue resolved in a couple of minutes.

    Larry 4/24/13 7:10AM
  • Since I posted a negative comment in my frustration to get a problem resolved and getting continously disconnected from the chat line, it is only fair that I post they did provide me with a solution and I was finally able to get back into my system and utlize my software. It took over night and I am not very computer literate but I was able to follow the instruction and resolve my problem

    Kee O 3/10/13 8:27AM
  • Well I have had no problems at all with RS, as for the people saying 'we have no idea what it means in English' that's the whole point!! The design of learning the language is putting your mind back into a state when we were all kids learning English by clearly states "Discover how to speak, read, write and understand without translating.' Then the dynamic immersion method, the one used to learn your first language.

    Pidge 10/7/12 5:04AM
  • I teach Spanish and French and was looking for another language--I ended up buying Latin. I am so impressed with the whole program and how easy it is to do. I could not be happier!

    mabash7 9/17/12 3:45PM
  • I find it really interesting that while the sales team has a live person to speak with you within a few minutes, getting any technical support is a painstaking process. I was simply unable to login on my second session and it took well over an hour to even get someone on the chat to work with me. The person on the chat was unbelievable slow and not very helpful.

    Interesting that when it comes to selling they put a lot of money into the product but when it comes to maintaining customers and having word of mouth advertising, they don't really care.

    I like the product but not the way they do business.

    frenchie33 9/11/12 12:24PM
  • I called their customer service because my activation ID wouldn't work. It said that it was active on another computer. Before I called, I uninstalled it on both my desk top and my laptop. I reinstalled it on my laptop but it still said that it was being used on another computer. So I called. I was on a music hold for about 15 minutes and then a woman came on the line. Her accent was difficult to understand but she said that I hadn't uninstalled it correctly. Apparently, there is another code it's supposed to give you to uninstall it. I never got one. Anyway, she reset the activation ID that I had and told me to reuse it. It worked. After 15 minutes on hold and 5 minutes talking to the help-lady everything is working now.

    B. Stew 7/10/12 5:29PM
  • I just spoke with Raj on the phone at customer
    service. He provided excellent service with a person touch. I am very impressed. Thank you for the superb customer service.


    Cheryl 6/29/12 2:02PM
  • I just called Rosetta Stone for advice on what to do about their program if my computer has crashed and I have to reinstall the operating system. I tried the number listed above, followed the directions to reach a live person, and was immediately put on silent hold. Since I had no way to tell if I was even still connected I used another phone to simultaneously try calling the main number listed on every page of the Rosetta Stone website:

    After dialing this number I chose "Tech-Support" from the first menu and "Help installing or uninstalling" from the second menu. I was put on a brief hold - UNDER 5 MINUTES - and then received clear and attentive help with my problem. The person was not a native English speaker, but was perfectly understandable and equally able to understand me. My problem was solved in under 10 minutes. I would have to say that I was as happy with Rosetta Stone's customer service as I have been with their product.

    Anonymous 6/18/12 2:48PM
  • I absolutely love my rosetta stone french, it is a great language learning program, but I have got to say the tech support is not that great. The first person I talked to was very unhelpful but he connected me to someone who could help. The wait was kind of bad, but I just worked on other things while I waited. Eventually I got what I wanted, so in the end it was fine. I give rosetta stone an 9.4 overall. I can't wait to learn french!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alizubeth 6/5/12 12:57PM
  • Be very wary of purchasing Totale. The subscription period is one year, and wasn't noted when I bought the package. Rosetta Stone also failed to notify us that the subscription was about to come to an end (they offer a subscription renewal service). They are now charging us an inflated renewal fee along with a penalty fee. I am looking into taking legal action as they have been very difficult.

    That said, the Totale package is comprehensive and well thought out. It's just the greed and lack of customer commitment that has soured me on this company.

    Anonymous 1/10/12 3:13PM
  • Customer Service was great!
    My laptop along with most of my software was stolen when my apartment was broken into. I called up Rosetta Stone to see if I could get a new activation code (I still had the CDs).
    Because I had gotten RS Russian as a gift years ago, I had no proof of purchase and I figured it would be a long shot to have them give me a new code. However, they asked for the name of the purchaser, and because it had been bought through Rosetta Stone, they were able to look up the records and give me an activation code. I had been afraid that they wouldn't be able to do anything because I had no receipts or even the box with the old activation code.
    I did have to call twice, as the first time, the department I needed wasn't open yet (I called before noon EST on a Sunday). But both times I reached a live person in less than 10 minutes and my problems were fixed in less than 20.

    Kat 12/11/11 3:15PM
  • I keep reformatting(rebuilding) my 2 laptops whether because of a blue-screen or they become slow and I have to keep re-registering software to get it to work again. The phone support (overseas) release my instances walk me through restoring licenses. Very helpful but try always try to lay the guilt trip on me that this is the last time they will help me. Not their fault but the software registration process at Rosetta Stone is crappy from a technical point of view.

    kbtor 12/4/11 11:05AM
  • This is a site for people to come complain, NOT for people who don't need to because everything is going fine.
    Keep that in mind.
    For a company that has out-sold every single competitor in their mere 10 years as a company, there most certainly must be millions of satisfied customers.
    How do I gather? Been following their growth over the world that past few years.
    Also been using three of their language products the past couple years. Both versions, online, ipad, itouch, and studios.

    ehoffman 11/5/11 2:56PM
  • How many of the negative comments are from people that either received a bootleg version or purchased a bootleg version? I ask because I did that. It came with professional packaging and a seal that looked real. None by Rosetta Stone. I wanted to register it and was transferred three different times before the fourth transfer to someone that explained it was bootleg and talked me through looking at the package to prove it. I will say the customer service is poor, but make sure you have a “Real” version before you slam the product. I am going to purchase the “Real” one so I get upgrades and such. I like the product.

    Pax 10/16/11 8:55AM
  • I have been using Rosetta Stone version 4 Spanish (Spain) now. I love it. I am just in level 2 because I'm taking my sweet time here. Went to Ecuador to the Galapagos and I felt like I was able to converse better and my vocabulary increased in spite of the fact I'm only in level 2 of Spanish. I look forward to my sessions and like all the teachers I have online. Some of the technical issues I had with Rosetta were resolved and I thought the techs were pretty good and nice to deal with.

    tellyjan 9/29/11 3:21PM
  • I had an overall extremely positive experience with Rosetta Stone customer support today.

    I had installed my Arabic v3 software of two computers without knowing about the installation limit, and had sold the machines without following the defined deactivation procedure when I got my new laptop. Jorge from customer support provided me with a link to submit my proof-of-purchase, and I went on Amazon and got my receipt (from three years ago) and sent out my response on his provided link.

    Jorge had responded with a new 'activation seat' within a HALF HOUR and here I am, learning Arabic! Thanks Rosetta Stone!

    bluestatepride 9/9/11 8:43AM
  • I called customer service and had lost my activation disk, and a woman named Jovana was extremely helpful. She took my problem and sent me off a few minutes later with everything I needed, all the while being friendly and understanding. That's awesome.

    michellesaucier 8/12/11 2:28PM
  • I had to reinstall my version 3 software on a new computer (the third since I purchased RS). The activation code did not work since I had already used up my available "activations". I found an on-line live chat support on their web page and the tech was able to give me directions on how to deactivate the product on my old computer (lucky it would even boot up). I then was instructed to call the 1-800 number and the tech would finalize the process and get my activation code freed up again. This took some time but I was eventually able to get it resolved, despite the tech on the phone having a strong accent which was almost impossible to understand. I was impressed that I could get this resolved on a weekend (a holiday weekend at that) but if I hadn't been able to get my old computer running to deactivate the product, I think I would have been screwed. Overall, I am satisfied but can understand other's frustrations.

    the_dude_abides 5/31/11 9:10AM
  • Using RS homeschool edition. Database got corrupted ("database is out of date and could not be updated"). Found the (toll-free) tech support number easily. (Extended hours -- cool!) they told me my wait would be 4 minutes. it was more like 6, with annoying hold music. But got to speak to an English speaker who fixed the problem within 10 minutes. Turns out I only needed to reboot the machine to get it to work!

    kmote 3/1/11 7:56PM

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