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Ryobi customer service is ranked #348 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 75 ratings. This score rates Ryobi customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


70 Negative Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 93.33%.


5 Positive Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 6.67%.

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  • I bought a Ryobi PCN 4545 18" chain saw.

    It was great for the first 2 years albeit only used briefly.

    Sadly, the chain brake has failed, leading to clutch overheating and the destroying of the oil pump. I have changed the brake band, oil pump for chain oil feed and the chain, however, the brake no longer releases properly. The internet confirms I am not alone with this fault. Should there not have been a product recall as a safety feature has failed?

    John from Holywood 7/18/14 3:57PM
  • I bought a leaf blower backpack for my husband not even a year old stopped working sent it in thinking I have a warranty they will stand by there product well I was completely wrong they blamed my husband said he mixed the gas wrong which is not true.... Can't believe the poor customer service very disappointed... WILL NEVER buy a ryobi again and will be sure to tell's one thing if you get a Lemmon but stand by your product with good customer service. Wish I read these reviews before throwing away $200. Dollars.....

    Dail 7/9/14 4:24AM
  • Bought the drill and both batteries died within 90 days. I missed that deadline for home depot so i contacted co. about the return procedure. I have to drive to or ship the batteries to a service center where they allegedly call me in -- 2 months -- to tell me they have replacements for me to drive to pick up. Unreal. So scummy. Whoever runs that company is a jerk.

    ryobi_sucks_so_bad 6/24/14 12:26PM
  • do not buy a ryobi cordless drill,
    doesn't hold charge and really expensive to replace, i had 2 batteries lose charge,
    and when i complained i was told i should have charged it regularly both batteries monthly
    so all in all not only expensive to replace high maintenance is required as well

    jackie 6/23/14 5:09AM
  • we purchased a Ryobi lawn mower. why, after a 4 year period of minimal use has the battery gone dead. . it was never over charged and was kept out of the elements. I expect nothing less than a recall of this product and or a refund of a percentage of the purchase price. if this does not happen, I will inform everyone I know not to buy Ryobi products. you stand by your product or you go out of business. and might I add bs to your to your terms and commitments, allow this to be published.

    unhappy 6/20/14 5:24PM
  • I purchased a Ryobi skill saw from Home Depot on 6 Jun 2012. I had a problem with it, the inside of the handle where the guide depth slid was chopped, so Home Depot suggested that I take it to Corr Power in Stittsville, ON, to have it fixed under the three year warranty. I dropped it off and did no get a return call to say it had been repaired, so I called them and arranged to pick up the saw. They did not replace the handle slide but the base plate and when I questioned the repair , the repairman became very upset and stated that I had dropped the saw and that I was lucky that I had received any service under the warranty at all. If this is the kind of service I get from your authorized service personnel, I will not be buying Ryobi product again, and I will not recommend them to anyone either. The service person was rude and demeaning and made me feel as if the repair was coming out of his pocket.

    CORR POWER 6/12/14 12:58PM
  • I purchased an RY14110 48 Volt Self Propelled Lawn Mower in December. I used it twice and it would not charge. I took it to the warranty station in February. When April arrived and there was not part for my Mower I call Ryobi and was told that it would be May before the part would be in stock. I called in May and was told the parts had arrived at the warehouse and they would be distributed by the end of the Month. I called the first part of June and the warranty station said that the part was still back ordered. I called Ryobi's distributor again and they said all the parts had been distributed and they were out of stock again and it would be August or September before I would get another chance to be passed over gain. Ryobi has no concern for their customers and will not offer to expedite so that I can have use of my mower. The responses are simply "These are the facts, We don't have the part and we don't guarantee that you will get one and we don't really care"

    MowerMan 6/3/14 5:43PM
  • Defective Battery

    My battery after minimal use is showing defective in the charger. I have additional batteries that charge just fine.



    To obtain warranty coverage/service or repairs if you are located within the Continental U.S., you may return the complete product to The Home Depot store nearest you. The Special Services Desk Representative can help you with repair process and procedures for your product. You also have the option of taking your complete product to your nearest Authorized Ryobi Service Center for service or repair. If you are located outside the Continental U.S., you will need to take or send your product in to your nearest Authorized Ryobi Service Center for repair.

    Your closest Authorized Ryobi Service Center can be determined from the service center locator through the URL link below, by searching based on your mailing zip code. If you should need further assistance in locating a service center, please contact the Ryobi customer service phone staff at 1-800-525-2579. If the purchase receipt is no longer available to verify warranty coverage, the products serial number can be used to determine the products warranty status.

    With accessories like extra batteries and chargers, you must provide the Home Depot receipt to the warranty service provider, along with a tool for testing. If you purchased factory reconditioned power tools, they carry a one year warranty only, with the receipt.

    Best regards,

    Tim Beasley

    One World Technologies, Inc.


    I no longer have the receipt, send me a box and prepaid postage and I will ship the product back to you for replacement.


    If you purchased a single battery, you must have the receipt for warranty replacement. If there is not a receipt the unit will not be covered for warranty. If the battery was part of a tool kit then you take the tool, charger and battery for warranty, the serial numbers from the tool and charger will cover for warranty.


    You can look it up by serial number to know when it was shipped and purchased, you are telling me you will not cover your defective battery that lasted 1 month?


    Ryobi needs to start stepping up and take care of their products, especially with all the complaints about your new batteries. If this is the answer thats fine you will lose a customer and I will buy Dewalt from now on. I will be posting your responses online to the blog forum as well. Its a sad day when Ryobi won't cover their own products anymore.

    ac881096 5/14/14 9:08AM
  • I purchased the ProGrip Laser Level in Dec. 2013. Just now had an occasion to use it and found the horizontal level off by 3 1/2 inches in 17 ft. Took it back to Home Depot in LaQuinta, CA and exchanged it. The new one did the same thing. I took it back and met the tool dept. expert who set it up in the store and found the same problem. They refunded my money. Shame on you for producing such poor quality. I will steer clear of Ryobi products from now on and advise anyone else to do the same.

    Anonymous 5/9/14 2:14PM
  • This product has got to be the worst piece of equipment ive ever purchased.
    .I will make it my mission to file quality complaints though every possible source. Ihave freinds in 19 states and will make sure they do so also. VERY DISSAPOINTED CUSTOMER.

    Anonymous 5/4/14 10:13AM
  • In a pinch I purchased a RP4450 4volt LED flashlight from Home Depot. I'm. HVAC Tech and I've enjoyed the evolving technology around the many uses of LED's. Depot was totally depleted of stock on flash lights but I spotted the Ryobi saw the specs 220 lumen. Didnt like the bulkyness but was as said " In A Pinch Late As It Was For. Call" so I bought it.

    Ryobi Engineer's what are you guys doing? Seriously this is not a flashlight for a service man... My first clue was the awkward on off switch! You need a fricken flashlight to find it because its built smooth into the handle. You can't feel it you've got to see the star printed to turn it off and on.

    But it gets worse... No lanyard, no ring to hand it, no way to stabilize it from rolling....

    A great bright flashlight for the kitchen drawer but that's about it.

    AllTemp 3/24/14 1:56AM
  • I bought a Ryobi weed wackier powerhead because first won wouldn't start had it less than two years same thing hard starting and finally when starts if you give it gas it dies very unhappy service center wants $35 to look at it and then $65hour to fix it total$100 it only cost $79 might as well throw it out poor quality never buy one again anf tell everybody I can not to buy one GARBAGE.horrible lawn tool my number is maybe someone can tell me why your tools break so easy

    Anonymous 2/17/14 10:09AM
  • Ryobi hp41L 4V cordless drill is junk as you can not buy replacement battery for unit. they want you to spend more$$$$$ on another of there non repairable produces.
    try craftsmans , at least they will stand by their produces

    agokee 2/10/14 10:56AM
  • I work in a store that carries your products. We had a customer Mr. Tony Payne who lives in Tunnel Hill, GA and tried to call in on the Ryobi Charger P113 which is in recall. Instead of being helping the lady he got in customer service (which would not give her name to our customer) yelled at him and told him we were mistaken in the store. He said she kept getting louder. Upon my calling back to Ryobi I got a different person. He said it was not in the date code. I told him about our customer and he gave me the names of the supervisors Becky and Brandi. The customer then called and got the same woman who refused to allow my customer to even speak with the supervisor. She told him that they had no issue with him. This customer was very upset and thus this has to be handled on the store level. Whether the charger was not in the realm of the re-call, this associate had no right to yell and refuse my customer to talk with any supervisor. This is very bad customer service. Thank you.

    Anonymous 1/16/14 12:33PM
  • Purchased a 2 cycle weed eater from home depot. Burnt a piston on 10th use. Figured maybe I did something wrong. Purchased a second one and the muffler screws snapped in half, half way through season. Can't get the stubs out. What is it with your products?

    complaint 1/7/14 10:28AM
  • Ryobi batteries are the worst I have ever had. Their ability to hold a charge has been the absolute pits! If you don't use it immediately they go dead. This has been the norm since I purchased them at Home Depot. Dewalt or Sears beat them hands down. (At least my first battery drill purchased at Sears lasted for a number of years. Dewalt still is the leader for longevity and power.

    Peeved 1/2/14 4:26PM
  • Avoid Ryobi P100 18 Volt Batteries At All Costs! I Have 6 Of Them And They Wont Hold A Charge For More Than 5 Days. My "drillmaster" Batteries On The Other Hand Will Hold A Charge For At Least 6 Months, Maybe More. Db

    Anonymous 1/2/14 1:03PM
  • Under one of Ryobi's current recalls I have tried to get my battery charger replaced, only to be told several times they are currently experiencing problems with the system have been told again to wait 7 to 10 days. If I had to make a living off their tools I would be out of business. I tried to talk to a customer service representative manager only to be put on voicemail. My journey began November 6 and looks like possibly will go into next year. Their service department reflects what their products are. There are many companies that make DC operated equipment, and I maintain it's the service personnel and how it represents itself that distinguishes it from being an honorable reputable company, which unfortunately after several Ryobi tools, this will be my last.

    go go 12/19/13 1:16PM
  • A whipper snipper is perfectly useless if I have no screw to attatch the bump head to the shaft.
    Thanks for the let down.
    Your product is going back to the retailer tomorrow.

    Anonymous 12/11/13 3:46AM
  • I bought a Ryobi jig saw,
    model # J S 481l. All of a suddwen I can't change blades because the slot in the holder head will not return to a front facing position
    but remains at about 30 degrees off center. Home Depot people are no help, the last one said oh well! that's tough and walked off. any ideas?

    Anonymous 11/26/13 7:50AM
  • What a disaster. Ryobi's handling of the P113 battery charger recall is the worst we have ever experienced. A month later we still don't have a replacement. Every time you call they have a different "procedure" for how to get yours and return the bad one. This morning I spoke to a Customer Service Rep (moving up the chain from the basic recall assistants) and she was the rudest yet. She should be terminated -- wouldn't even let me explain just wanted to transfer me to some handling the recall -- never got her to understand they were the ones who transferred me to her!!!!!! I thought Customer Service Reps were supposed to LISTEN and attempt to resolve. Well good luck with this crowd!!!!!

    Anonymous 11/22/13 8:53AM
  • Purchased a SS26 weed whacker and used it 4 times and the spool of line ran out. Tried to follow instructions for re lining the reel and couldn't do it. Decided to try re spooling the trimmer and couldn't remove the plastic spool cover. So before destroying the unit I called the help line. There response was I needed three men and 2 channel locks to take it off. lol seriously. Tried this and couldn't remove it. Then I took it back to Home Depot (30 mi drive each way) There tech took 40 minutes and a vise and strap wrench to undo the reel. By this time the plastic cover was totally stripped out. Now I have a different line unit through only the help of Home Depot. But out of time to try this one. Never again will I purchase from Ryobi.

    sam 9/30/13 5:34AM
  • Purchased lithium battery string trimmer from HD. Product was returned under warranty program to a Home Depot repair center. It has been one month and the product has not even been serviced. Called Ryobi. They have no control over the repair process. Called Home Depot. They will give me updates on the status of my string trimmer. Basically, I do not have any idea what is actually going on with this process.

    Anonymous 9/4/13 7:31AM
  • Customer service rep not helpful at all. Authorized service center A & C small engine very rude and dishonest

    BanRyobi 8/15/13 7:37AM
  • Ryobi is the worst company ever. Our weed eater was leaking oil and ryobi said they wouldn't cover it because we dropped it or something. We had only used it 3-4 times and never dropped it! So, I tell the service center that I do not want it fixed, to put it back together and I will pick it up. I go to pick up the weed eater and the guy throws it in the back of my truck. When I got home, I realized that they didn't even put the motor back together. I call the Ryobi service center and they said they couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it because I called and said not to fix it! The warranty is fraud and I will never buy Ryobi again!

    Cristina 7/25/13 7:40PM
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  • i've got 5 ryobi power tools and have not had any problems with them except for the gas powered 30 cc 4-cycle weed eater i just bought from a freind that was brand new still in the box, as his son never used it. this is a model C430 and it looks beautiful, but gets hot quick, it is hard starting, smokes at dfferent angles, then won't hardly start after hot, leaks oil, etc. what a royal piece of crap! i paid $100 used looking like new with the factory manuals and i must say after having owned many different brand weedeates, that this is factory defective. will ryobi give me a credit back for another weedeater or power tool? i'll bring this back to the seller at home depot reno-northtowne. thanks george

    george 7/20/14 9:17AM
  • THIS IS ABOUT HOME DEPOT. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH RYOBI ON ANY TOOL PURCHASES!!I have been buying Ryobi tools and batteries for some time. I have stuck with them because of my local HomeDepot, not Ryobi. My local HomeDepot has exchanged every battery or tool on the spot, it the date code is within the warranty period. They have never asked for a receipt. I have just taken in the item that does not work and when they look at the date code, if it is within 2 or 3 years from manufacture date, they just open up a new one and hand it too me. NOT OTHER STORE has done this for me on any tool or product for that matter.

    idoicu 12/8/13 5:14AM
  • just bought cordless edger, asked store staff to add additional spool to my basket. got home and saw it cost $20! if I bought 3 more, it would equal cost of edger. These rolls are not only small, they do not say anywhere how long they are.
    I tried to contact Robyi's site and instead of letting me write them, they kept kicking out of the contact page to show me page after page of their products. I am returning both products to Home Depot and going to a product that I know and trust. Each little spool of the refills can't have more than 10ft but these greedy people don't have ethics to even tell you, just overcharge. thank god I only have to deal with Home Depot to return products, these Robyi people apparently don't want their customers contacting them.

    Linda 4/5/13 3:17PM
  • I made a complaint about my 4-cycle trimmer that had broken, replaced and broke again. I was a very unhappy customer. Their rep Mr Nolin emailed me and called me. His service and promptness was amazing. I have not seen this in a company in years. I am more than pleased with his service.

    shirley76065 12/12/12 9:24AM
  • I have three power drills, my Ryobi is the best, most power, longest run time and with no hands holds the screw. The only problem is we got a bad battery right out of the box. I called on a Thursday got through the first time and a customer service person (Matt) had us a new one at our door Saturday morning. Doesn't get better than that hese days. Gold star service.

    Anonymous 8/8/12 2:45PM

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