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Sharp customer service is ranked #227 out of the 707 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 110 ratings. This score rates Sharp customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


96 Negative Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 87.27%.


14 Positive Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 12.73%.

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  • we bought a sharp tv , 1,800 for a 60 inch, 15 months later no picture . we were told it's no good by a tv repair man , called customer service was put on hold for 20 minutes, they said they would see what they could do but have to have the service man back, or take the dam thing to the service center 50 miles away another 79.00, we are in our 70's on a fixed income, we got ripped off on this tv , warranty is only good for one year .. They won't do anything , it's just a ploy to waste your time. :( NEVER BUY A SHARP , the service guy said he'd seen 6 tv's like ours:(

    Serene 4/22/14 9:27PM
  • Very poor customer service. Waited for over 40 minutes on the telephone only to be told there was nothing they could do. Horrible experience. I will never by another Sharp product

    Anonymous 3/24/14 7:04AM
  • Will never buy another Sharp product !!! Bought a 42 inch tv for my daughter. Within 6 months the screen went blank She spoke to a technician eho walked her through problem shooting. It was determined that it needed serviced through an "authorized dealer" Unfortunately an authorized dealer was 100 miles away. They woild not authorize a technician to come to the home because it wasn't over 45 inches. Funny thing, it says nothing about that in the written warranty. This means thar she would have to travel a total of 400 miles approximately $50 to get it fixed, not including her time and wear and tear onher car. After numerous calls, they agreed to send a box to her to ship it by Fed ex back to them. However yhe box is huge and tv to heavy for her to carry it down 2 flights of stairs by herself. Fed ex will pick up but no t until next week. Remember, this tv is only 6 months old. Horrible experience. Don't buy SHARP EVER.....

    cmr45 2/22/14 10:07AM
  • I bought a $6,000, 80" LC80LE633U TV. The unit was fine, until 45 days past the warranty period when the screen went black and an LED started flashing an error code. I called up Sharp and they said it most likely needed a new motherboard. The rep told me that, since I had bought the top model and it was only 45 days past warranty, they might be able to cover it. Quite a relief, since I had gotten only 12 months after spending $6,000.

    After waiting a few days I called back for an update and learned I could not speak with the same rep again--it doesn't work that way. Instead I got someone who sounded like he was from overseas and he just kept reading scripts to me that were completely irrelevant to the conversation, so, out of frustration, I asked for a supervisor.

    After waiting for about 5 minutes, a fellow came on the line and I asked him if he had had a chance to read the case notes. His response was "yes, do you want my reply?". How rude. Not even a discussion. I said sure, and he said "you're out of warranty". I reminded him of the discussion with the other rep, and he said, in essence, too bad--that rep was wrong. So--where is the morale compass? $6,000 and 12 months of service? Are you kidding me?

    I asked the rep for his name because I wanted to write a letter and get this--he told me his name was Joe. I asked for a last name. His reply: Brown. Joe Brown. I asked him if that was his real name, and he said it was. It is possible, but my guess is, given how rude and combative this guy was, it was a fake name.

    Thank you, Sharp, for taking $6,000 of my hard earned money and telling me to go to hell. And thanks for employing such jerks as customer "service" reps. I told "joe Brown" there would never be another Sharp in my home and he couldn't have cared less.

    Shame on you, Sharp

    cliffnotes 2/14/14 1:00PM
  • I bought a lc-80le657u tv in november of 2013 and noticed unacceptable crosstalk(ghosting) when watching 3d,we called sharp for assistance and they sent a tech who had no idea about the 3d or anything else for that matter,he told us he needed to talk to sharp for the next step(ok so you don´t know what the hell your doing,ok good bye),we called sharp again saying we need someone who knows the 3d technology,so the second tech comes out with a 3d blu-ray player and a 3d cartoon disc to check my tv(hello what the hell is going on here?,would you like some popcorn aswel?)I mean please if your techs know nothing why are they working for you?needless to say the tv is still sitting here and sharp keeps playing with us as to what they want to do(they said that crosstalk is normal)bull,not like this,every single movie in 3d is un watchable and they are still trying to play ping pong with us,My advice would be buy samsung,panasonic or some other tv because sharp can´t even stand by a simple warranty with out trying to screw people,I hope that they get out of the tv market soon or go bankrupt,rule of thumb never buy from sharp unless you like alot of bull with your warranty.

    sharplc-80le657u 2/12/14 8:39PM
  • wow i am so glad i checked out the comments before i spent my tax return on a tv. i planned on getting a sharp brand but now i think i will stick to the visio like my brother inlaw has. he has had it 7 years now and gave a grand for it and the picture is not bad eather. do not want the headache all of you have.

    sand dusk 2/8/14 12:25PM
  • im sorry all of you sending comments our way are so unhappy with sharp and their products. you need to understand that its alllllllll about money not the customer. we absolutley do not care about YOU. Im just happy i have a job .they do lick penises in every way possible EVERY WAY POSSIBLE maybe if you report them to the better buisness board they may be able to help in some way. have you noticed how frendly we are even when you get to yelling at us well thats because we love your money getting good bonuses sorry

    neeb dekcuf 2/8/14 11:43AM
  • Sharp replaced a damaged mircrowave and agreed to pay for another installation. It has been about a year and many phone calls, later and many faxed receipts etc. I have not been reimbursed. Everyone I speak to promises to resolve the issue and it is always somethings else. I think they believe if they give me the runaround I will just drop it. They are a multimillion dollar company and they have spent more employee time with me to no avail. It would be most cost effective if they would just pay me the dollars. What a company.......the right hand has no clue about the left hand.

    elainegg 2/4/14 4:26PM
  • Could you pls help me
    where is Sharp photocopier's service center
    in Bangladesh?

    Give me Telephone number of service center

    Anonymous 1/27/14 11:38PM
  • Horrible experience trying to make Sharp make good on warranty for microwave oven. They keep saying they will authorize a return and exchange at Best Buy within 2 business days. That was over 6 business days ago!

    Anonymous 1/14/14 4:58AM
  • My 60 inch aqueous LCD TV sucks most times it won't turn on not with the remote or power button. Also the sound goes and you must change channels to get it to work.trying to get help or answeres is impossible. It seems they know there product sucks and don't want to deal with it.

    None 1/9/14 7:15PM
  • i bought a sharp aquos 46 inch mart tv that wasnt too smart
    . Ipurchased it 1/13/2012 for 961 dollars . It lasted till 11/282012 the sharp repairman said it couldnt be fixed. Sharp offered me a referbished tv fo
    r 600 to800 dollars if you get the warantee you can add another 140 dollars which brings me back to tje original price i paid for a new tv with warantee.i purchased this tv at hhgregg at 29.99% iterest now i have no tv with a high inerest loan to pay off. And the still want more how about standing behind your product instead of screwing people. I will devote the rest of my life badmouthing sharp if thats all they can do. Ps me and my friends are going to shoot the old tv. And pit it on utube look for pissed off sharp customer

    Roy 12/28/13 2:13PM
  • Worst possible customer service. The TV under warranty broke 4 weeks ago and they still haven't got the required part.
    No escalation route, e-mails not working, nobody to complain to.

    jh 12/12/13 8:07AM
  • I purchased a 70 inch LED set 2.5 weeks ago. 2 days aftyer getting it home I noticed a major defect on teh screen. best Buy sent a technician within 3 days and they stated the set cannot be fixed. they told me I should have a RA number he has to get from Sharp by early the following week so I can replace the set. he never got that number so I called Sharp. They now have a huge new list of items to be sent to them so they can take it before committee to decide if my set should be replaced.

    This was news to best Buy who has been trying to interviene on my behalf. Now 2.5 weeks later, I just want this piece of crap out of my home and I will NEVER AGAIN buy anything from Sharp. They have treated me with utter contempt and Best Buy with outright hostility. STAY AWAY from Sharp and save yourselves the hassle of your life.

    taxman 12/2/13 10:16AM
  • do not buy as sharp tv AQUOS they are
    a piece of junk. Sound go's and come's
    now the picture will go off for a couple of seconds and come back on

    Mark 11/21/13 10:38AM
  • I don't think I could give this one star !!! I just got my vacuum cleaner last night and this morning I started to put it together. There was no manual, and also some other things were missing. I called the customer service center and the girl said she would email me the Manuel. When I went to get the manual it wouldn't let me get to where I was suppose to be. It said "page not found" I called back and was told I would have to pay $4.95 for a manual. I told her I would take the vacuum back and she didn't care. She was told she had to charge $4,95 for a manual no matter what!! It's not her fault, but the company's fault!

    ibjeanne 10/26/13 7:57AM
  • I have a sharp air conditionar model no - XP13NRV. I purchase it from khosla electronics nagerbazar dated 21/09/2013. Acording to sharp commitment three free sevice will be given by them but unfortunately only two service they gave me but the third service which is very important still I not get IT. but when I contact the local sharp center & the shop they tele me the due date is over.I can"t avail this free service I have to pay rs 550. But before the due date they not intimate me by phone or sms . it is vey unfortunate.I request the Managing Director please take the serious step in this regard.

    Anonymous 10/25/13 6:18AM
  • Purchased an Elite Pro 60xFD LCD television in August 2012. This unit has a retail price of $5999, we paid $4500. All in all a fairly expensive television. These sets are sold with a 2 year warranty. Recently the remote sensor in the television failed. A very common occurrence in these models for some reason. There was a special website for these Elite models, which promised extended customer service hours and expedited repair. When I called the telephone number the first time, they told me to call from home so they could verify the problem. This made sense, because the set has internet accessible diagnostics which (supposedly) allow the technician to assist from an off site location.
    When I called back, the call was forwarded to the general Sharp Aquos number, they were not familiar with the set, insisted the warranty was for only 1 year, and asked me to provide proof of purchase. They were to send an email with instructions to send my documents.
    This never happened. 1 week later I called again. This time they requested I send an email with proof of purchase, which I did. On the bill of lading was the date of purchase, the retailers name, the name of the distributer, and my name and address.
    They promptly denied service, stating as their reason that the documents did not include the purchase price of the television.
    This is clearly an attempt to avoid fixing the problem when they are clearly responsible. Any excuse, no matter how lame, to save a repair. The best thing is that the entire remote receiver assembly can be purchased for $12 US. Avoid this company like the plague.

    PaulS 10/24/13 11:02AM
  • I have brought a SHARP LCD TV ,MODEL NO:IC-321410M, UNIT SERIAL NO:110465007 from Harmony House 394,JESSORE ROAD , kolkata-55, W.B ON 13.03.2012. After a series of picture break up episodes it now won't even switch on. (And I have checked fuses, switches etc).I TRIED TO CONTACT LOCAL HARMONY HOUSE

    They gave me sharp service centre's numberTo my utter dismay, I found that none IS working.Later Your Service Engineer came and said that probably Circuit has gone !

    To myutter dismay , he said to contact your good office for further action.My humble question is whether there is any Extended Service Contact?If so, then you should intimate your Customer otherwise purchasing a costly T.V Customers will be in soup.

    My question is that within a year and half a 32 inches LCD TV is inoperable. Now I feel that I made a blunder of choosing your T.V and running pillar to post for speedy redressal of my problem. Is it my fault that instead of SONY(I have VEGA also which is 5 years old and running smoothly) I have brought SHARP ? Is this the After Sales Service consumers of India are looking for?

    Kindly remember-If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word

    of mouth is very powerful . Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

    Hope, You will kindly answer my queries and help me to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

    Aniruddha Nag

    LED 10/15/13 7:01AM
  • I purchased a 32" Sharp Aquos TV in January of 07 and it functioned perfect until around February of 08.The warranty of course had expired
    since it was 13 months from purchase.
    The TV started to lose the picture entirely and the sound continued. It is necessary to click it off and
    back on to regain the picture. The Sharp qualified service places I spoke to told me to drop the TV off and they would get to it in a couple of weeks.

    Donald 9/4/13 9:45AM
  • Your warranty service is a disgrace. We have a solar invertor JH-1600e originally installed by origin. Unit faulted due to power outage, new unit is also faulty and now you will not up hold warranty and keep referring me back to Origin who you are in dispute with - absolute disgrace and I will tell everyone I know not to buy your products

    Kylie 8/27/13 8:12PM
  • Appalling service - all enquiries totally ingnored, both by phone and email. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a reply. Have re-emailed and called again today - fingers crossed but it's been 7 hours and they have not called back yet....

    Rabbity 8/25/13 9:37PM
  • Ref: A long conversation with a Sharp Customer Service Rep. yielded no real approach to solving my problem.

    The owners manual that came with our LC52D,etc. television had instructions for setting up the optical digital audio output. The menu as presented by the firmware did not include these directions.

    My consultation with the Sharp (ironic name) rep did not help: he wasn't able to offer an updated firmware that included the instructions in the manual, and did tell me how to otherwise get an optical out put from the TV. To his credit, he was very patient with my severe hearing loss.


    Sys Engr. ret 8/24/13 4:13PM
  • I bought Sharp Solar Panels and Sharp Inverter Model JH-1600E, worked for 2.6 years then the Inverter failed. It took two months for a replacement to be supplied under the warranty, replacement worked for 6 hours then shut down, Sharp now two months later after umpteen complaints have still done nothing and are trying to change the way they cover Warranties. I guess they don't want to honor those warranties as you cannot say they have honored it with me. We have a product with more than two years warranty left and it doesn't work and is not providing the job it is there for. I will never ever buy a Sharp product again and advise others to look towards the German made products for Solar Electricity first.

    One Unhappy Lady 8/20/13 4:08PM
  • I have a Sharps AQUOS LC-52LE830U TV.

    I'm would like to know why, on only one channel, every once in awhile, the sound goes haywire. It sounds like they are talking in an echo chamber, and one cannot understand a single word being said.

    However, if I change channels and come back to it, it seems to go away. If that don't work, I unplug the TV, wait a short time, plug it back in, and it seems to correct the problem.

    Related to the above problem is the sound. On ocassion when this occurs the sound will go completely out. It can't be adjust no matter what I do. Once again, if I unplug the TV, wait a short time, it seems to correct the problem.

    I would like to know if this is normal or just a quirk with this TV. Or if I am doing something wrong. I would really like to know. I have alot of faith in the Sharp products.

    Mr. Sunde

    Bill 8/15/13 1:38PM
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  • They were awesome! It's a great product, the 800 number was easy. Had to call back after I changed the security seeing on my router. They picked right up where we had left it of and problem solved!

    hamongog 2/6/13 4:43PM
  • Our Sharp service tech is the best there is around our town. He is always on time and always gets back to us quickly with answers to our problems and even helps us out with other products in our shop that he doesn't have to do such as computer support and looking at other printers for us. I wish all service techs were like him.

    Anonymous 10/15/12 8:17AM
  • Called to ask question about an older sharp aquos and Greg answered my questions quickly and concise. Really appreciated you Greg. Thank You

    luvnevada 7/5/12 5:56PM
  • Called to replace a remote control device that the dog somewhat destroyed. Talked with Katherine in Illinois and was able to relace the remote quickly and was left very satisfied as for the entire experience.

    jberkoff 6/23/12 6:34AM
  • Great customer service. Though the operator didn't know how to deal with my wifi issue he took the time to ask around and eventually found the problem. I can deal with a 10 minute call.

    Anonymous 4/26/12 5:14PM
  • I purchased a 60" Sharp Aquos in July 2010 and yesterday evening and this morning could get sound but no picture. I called Verizon FIOS and they claimed it was the television. I called Sharp and the techs walked me through a troubleshooting which showed it was not the TV at all. Thank you for the excellent customer service. I was tremendously relieved to discover that it was not my TV. And am extremely grateful for your help.

    HOL3 3/19/12 7:14AM
  • 2 month old Aqous blacked out screen. Called customer service. Refered me to local repair shop. Came to repair TV (with parts) but couldn't even get the back cover off. Took to shop. 3 days later discovered they had wrong parts. Reordered. New parts arrived a week later, repaired, tested and returned. Pretty good service for an over the phone diagnostic. Sharp followed up almost daily with phone calls and status of repair. A week after repairs completed Sharp again called to see if I was satisfied. Pretty Damn Good Service!

    the fire guy 8/7/11 11:04PM
  • I was extremely impressed with the customer service i received today. The employee I spoke with was incredibly friendly, patient and best of all, solved my problem! I got on the phone with a live person in a matter of seconds (maybe a minute) who was very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Anonymous 4/27/11 10:00AM
  • I have a LCD 46 (LC46LE810UN) and had a communication failure with ATT box on HDMI cable. The fix you put on my TV worked perfectly.

    Thank You!!

    rich10103 2/24/11 11:15AM
  • Spoke with Joshua C. - very polite... helpful yes - i suppose, basically just gave me the service center to look at a projector going bad.

    JT 1/25/11 11:23AM
  • The man i spoke with through calling customer support was more than helpful. Got my problem fixed and he knows what hes doing. I want to acknowledge his perfect work so my name is Jutsus Patrick and i called at 11:34 am, sunday the 23rd. My problem was with the audio on my aquos lcd tv. i hope you can look that up and give him the credit he deserves.

    Justus Patrick 1/23/11 10:22AM
  • the gentleman who helped me did a great job.

    Anonymous 2/13/10 7:15PM
  • I have a 65inch LCD TV I bought in September '09. I noticed banding and horizontal bars on the screen. I started a case with Sharp on a Wed., they sent a repair tech on Fri., and with a followup call the following week it was determined that they would replace my 65" TV. Not only are they shipping me a new replacement TV, but will be sending me their newest version as mine is discontinued. Nothing but AAA++ service from Sharp. Excellent customer service and communication! Thank goodness for warranties!

    C65E77UM 12/18/09 5:18PM
  • The woman who helped me was wonderful! the service was quick and simple!

    Anonymous 1/7/09 1:00PM

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