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Simple Mobile customer service is ranked #476 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 110 ratings. This score rates Simple Mobile customer service and customer support as Terrible.


101 Negative Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 91.82%.


9 Positive Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 8.18%.

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  • My service was turned off yet they still charged my account. I called, the represenative Lizelle was not explaining clearly what the problem is. She had no solution for the problem. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor she said No I can't send you to someone else because they tell you the same thing. WOW, I can't believe they have a job. Her accent was so strong I could barely understand her. She hung up on me, I called back, complained about the girl to the "supervisor" and she had an attidude as well. Horrible overall expierence with customer service. She helped me, I gave her a new card to put the payment on and she charged that card and sent me a confirmation email. Today I look at my bank statement and she Charged my atm card the fee.. the new credit card the fee as well as the other original one that is still pending. I have to call them back now and I dread it.

    dez 8/8/14 10:28AM
  • I've had simple mobile for about almost two years, I've never had to call them regarding my service, my bill was always paid. About two weeks ago I started experiencing some network issue, whenever I travel within the town just running some errands which is the usual, my phone would say,"searching for service" I began to think it was my phone, so I took it to apple to get checked out, and so happen it wasn't my phone, it was most definitely the service provider (Simple Mobile). I called simple mobile explaining my situation, and simply ask for a sim replacement, maybe that would've resolved the problem, they told me no. I'm appalled by their customer service, they're rude, and I would believe that they need some better training. I pay about $60 + tax a month for my service, and you mean to tell me you would rather loose $780 a year, over a $8.00 SIM card? Let's look at the big picture here. I don't even think they value their customers. I wouldn't recommend anyone to simple mobile, horrible service, and awful customer service reps.

    Shun 8/2/14 8:57AM
  • they worse than ever... lied too much and not straight forward! no experienced customer reps. and supervisors

    Anonymous 7/5/14 1:33PM
  • I reup on the 14th of the month. I switched to another cell phone company on the 29th. So I didn't use simple mobile from may 29 to Jun 13. 2 weeks due a refund of 20.00. I called customer service and was informed of a no refund policy. They keep the money without processing the credit on the day of deactivation. I always paid my account for the next 30 days. I don't know why they have this policy of convience. To keep customer refunds. I am going to contact consumer affairs and explain my case

    djmendy 6/14/14 6:30AM
  • The Absolute Worst!!!!!! Please Dont Waste Your Time 43 Mins On The Fone For A Refund On A Double Transaction That At First They Couldnt Find, The Auto Message Is Wayy To Long For No Reason Takes Forever To Get To A Rep. This Service If Its Justice Calling It That!

    Telling Me Her Supervisor Isnt Available Seriously?

    JAB 2/23/14 9:25PM
  • SIMPLE MOBILE kept charging me even after I ended service. Every time I would call they would say there no such charge. When I finally was able to reach a helpful person; got 1 refund and was promised it wont happen again. But guess what, I happened again and it's taking me over 3 weeks to get it solve supposedly and I already have another pending transaction on my bank account.
    Its been a HORRIBLE experience with SIMPLE MOBILE!!!!

    Adriana 11/30/13 1:46PM
  • Simple Mobile took too much money off my credit card they replaced some of it the same day but kept one. Why i can't understand that i still have not received my money back, but my bill was due on yesterday. you all wanted your money i didn't have it so you cut my phone. I can't understand that, i want my money but i have to continue to wait but you want your money you did not get it you cut my service off. I don't think that right. I been told so many different stories i don't know what to believe i was told since you have been going through so much we are gonna give you a to extra days to pay your bill, but that was a lie. I told the to take that money and put it on my account to restore my service, they tell me they cant what kind of crap is this.

    Yumonda 10/28/13 6:36AM
  • my phone has been off for five days now.i called the customer service .after notifiying them they promise to restore it by 24hours time.till now nothing has been done about it.

    name; charles coffie


    problem;my phone has ceased working for about five days now,when i call my number it goes to somebody. icalled several times and some body recieves my call.

    Anonymous 10/14/13 6:11AM
  • Please My Line Has Been Ported Since Yesterday. Icalled My Number And Some Body Responded.he Told Me His Line Is But When I Call It Goes To

    Name Charles Coffie

    Please Do Well To Restor My Number Back.


    Anonymous 10/11/13 12:35PM
  • After several calls, I did get a person on phone & she did assure robot calls to me from Simple would stop today.
    I got her be choosing refill plan, then change plan.
    Simple Mobile hates customers; why else would they spend millions on ads, then disrespect me by having a machine call me?

    Eric 10/4/13 9:06AM
  • I DONT know, people always like to complain and make bad reviews like getting paid for it. I have been using simple for ayear with.,martphone and never a complain, actually, they have a great service for the price, and good coverage, i asume that most of this people dont even know how to use their phones so somebody has to pay !

    Simple mobile is great, $40. And you have data at 4G , text and calls all unlimited, ok its 500mb at 4G but men, nobody beats that , stop complaining and get to work !

    Anonymous 10/3/13 5:14PM
  • I Think we should complain and fight for that ,they are taking money from every customer ripping customer and worse company , government
    should take action , they don't refund our money back cheap and worse company , i have seen

    anna 9/26/13 9:33PM
  • simple mobile service is really bad signal drop unable to call ,customer service gives hard time ,worse company ,they are just taking money from customer

    anna 9/26/13 9:28PM
  • Simple Mobile is one of the worst phone company with very bad customer service I have been waiting for my refund for more than two months now without any success. I spoke to the customer service reps and more than 10 times with a call lasting more than two hours. I have spoken to the following people and others I can't even remember their names, and by the way these individuals don't give out their last names.
    This is so frustrating. Every time I call I have to go through the same long process of explaining why I need a refund. The last call on Monday July 15th I was told my money will be back within 24hrs, today is Wednesday July 17th and no money in my account yet?? I have requested several times to be transferred to some of these individuals I spoke with and I was told they are not allowed to transfer. PLEASE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING...

    Lulu 7/17/13 6:48AM
  • phone has been off for almost 24 hours where is this customer service going to the media they suck

    Calvet 7/14/13 11:54PM

    Terrible customer service. After paying for separate data and voice plans, they said that I would not be able to use the voice plan until the data plan was over (which was about a month not being able to make a call). Customer service said they couldn't do anything to help me. The manager just hung up on me.

    These people must run into alot of complaints. I think they were trained to give you the run around and not solve any issues.

    unsatisfied customer 6/7/13 11:48AM
  • Worst Company Ever For Over A Month Now Their Message Say They Are Fixing Something In Couple Hours. Plus I Have 3 Lines With Them That Got Cancelled For Non Payment When I Have Auto Debit. They Have My Money For All 3 Lines Twice Coz I Had To Pay Again To Use The Phones And They Lied To Me Telling Me They Will Refund The Money Still Nothing. And Don't Ask Me Why The Prices Are So Different On One Line They Charge Me $43.87 Another 42.13 And The Last One 40.00 Wtf?

    Anonymous 6/6/13 9:19AM
  • First they took eight days to port in my no.and then it works like morning to 9 o clock at night and then it says NO SERVICES and these people have no customer service after that and so you r without a phone at night and if any emergency occur only God can help.

    Next day morning you have to explain 10 people that what is the problem and be prepared that you can hear that the customer executive can tell you that it is not her job to fix ur phone.

    and you have follow that every day.

    so if you have extra time to waste buy

    Anonymous 6/5/13 9:18PM
  • thanks for the information....very helpful

    klove 5/29/13 6:41PM
  • Simple Mobile Is The Worst Telephone In The World.

    I Have Paid For June On May 22 For $40, And Now, May 29,i'm Having Phone Alerts, That They Going To Disconnect Because I Didn't Pay For June.

    Not Only This-when Times Have Changing/by Time Changing/i Need To Take My Phone To The Office- They Chang The Time Manually!

    And Connection The Worst- I Can't Call My Friends- From Li, But They Calling Me-with Sprint,t-mobile...

    I Need To Change The Company.

    NOKIA 5/28/13 8:49PM
  • Poor web surfing. No ability to stream video unless tied into wifi connection. Even the T mobile carrier service with full five bar signal does not mean the web will work at all. Very strange. Customer service and billing is terrible. No ability to complain or suggest fixes.

    Howard 5/20/13 6:36AM
  • Simple mobile has the worst customer service among all the carriers. I could not sign in to my simple mobile address coupe days ago, I thought that I forgot my password. Then I requested a new password online. I looked up to my e mail but did not see any password. Then I called the customer service. They got my e mail address wrong at the beginning, now I cannot sign in online to pay my bills. I called the customer service to fix my e mail address and my pin, so I can get access to my account, but they told me that they cannot change any of my information, they can send a password to the e mail that I cannot even access. When I told them that I want to talk to a manager, they told me that the manager is not available.
    Simple mobile customer service is like a joke! They can't even solve a simple problem. I spent 2 hours on the phone.
    So, if you want to get a simple mobile account, make sure all the information you give them is right. If there is a single mistake, there is no turning back. You will not be able to sign in to your account again!

    Tosun 5/14/13 4:20PM
  • simple mobile is so unreliable. i paid my bill an hour ago and my phone is still shut off. ive been trying to get ahold of customer service for 30 mins but the automated machine says " call back later " and hangs up!! RIDICULOUS

    fkSimMobile 5/14/13 3:21PM
  • I have had a simple mobile phone since July 2012. I have always been able to access the account at . Today I can't access it.

    I have always used the phone number as the user id. I am now told that is invalid. I called customer service and spoke to the following people:

    1. Mark

    2. Jeric

    3. Hyacinch

    4. Jeffery

    They have all told me that they can't help me and transfer me to a higher technical support. The number answers and says they are busy and please call back and then hangs up. When I called back the 2nd 3rd and 4th time I asked for the number I was being transferred to and later realized that it was the original number I had called.

    The people in the Philippines are impossible to understand. Please help me get into my account. Your current customer service stinks. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being perfect and 1 being the worst it could be) your customer service department rates a Minus-5. After being on the phone for two hours we gave up trying to get this problem solved today.

    I then sent an email about the problem to: The emailed me back and told me to call the number that is no help.

    Pissed off customer 5/13/13 1:37PM
  • OMG!! This is actually the first time that I've had problems with them but they are just horrible and horrible is too good for them. I've called 3x and all I want to do is pay. Sites down. Phone System Down.When asked:" can I just pay with you and get my phone activated, today" Simple Mobile Rep Say's:" No, I don't think you 'll be able to, but I'll transfer you to technical service". Due to High call Volume and then the HANG UP!! wth

    mhayes 5/11/13 8:42AM
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  • I had my number ported at the store, and when i got home 15 minute later the phone was activated. I called customer service to get help with incoming MMS and that got resolved pretty quick. The person on the phone was not the brightest but did get the issue resolved for me. I know a lot of people are flaming the company but my experience up to now has been good. You can't really expect top of the line service for $40 a month. We live in Houston, tx and the service coverage is pretty decent. Hope this helps

    Houston User 8/29/13 1:49PM
  • Several things I would like to clarify here.

    1. Simple Mobile doesn't sell mobile phones.
    2. It only sells simcards and plan.
    3. To make sure you won't be getting a worst service which you all said, please read all the terms and conditions inside of the kit and verify it first to the customer service.

    I don't think a company runs a business just to fool people around for I believed it may just turn out to be a fraud if Simple Mobile continuously doing this for no reasons at all. It is just that new things requires understanding and learning of the terms and conditions that are prepared by Simple Mobile Company to its customers.

    Charlie 10/11/12 10:56PM
  • I have been using Simple Mobile for over a year now and I have experienced no more problems than the other companys I was with like ATT. The price is also good for the services they provide unlimited talk text and internet. Sometimes all it takes is taking the time to read and understand the instruction given to not have some of the problems.

    Catchifyucan 8/31/12 4:46PM
  • I have had nothing put good comments abouthtis company.I had previously had AT&T and their unlimited was NOt unlimited..this company connects me with everyone I want tot alk to and have had no problems.

    Sphill 7/11/12 2:08AM
  • Yesterday, I responded to the text notification, from Simple that my phone service would be suspended, if I didn't renew my plan. In that I am a very busy person, I normally handle matters like this, over the phone. Instead, I went into the "little store" and had person to person contact. Bad move, the agent told me, "I can put the pin number in your phone." Well, he tried I would imagine because my service was suspended this morning. It isn't a major deal because the only reason I have the phone is because a good man is the owner I just wanted to support his new business venture. The customer care, that I received this morning with Simpe was nonpareil. I told the agent my situation and she asked me the right question to resolve it. It would appear from most of the comments I have read, that some most of the problems, people are experiencing aren't with Simple but either a scrupulous agent, the FCC, or an entity, that Simple does not have any control over. Work with them, without frustration or anger and the end result may not be to your satisfaction but it will give you an end.

    At which time you should be better able to determine if you really liked the service and are willing to stay with them, or you want a plan that will not have problems, in that case, I recommend you buy a can and some copper wire and have all your contacts do the same. Because with technology there are surely going to be problems. Think about it, man created it and man is far from perfect. No one has a perfect phone plan, they just satisfy your needs, until you have a problem with their efforts in attempting to do so. You know you can't live without a cell phone so man up and deal with things and stop all this needless complaining. You still might get something on your hand when you use the WC, but do you stop going to the WC

    right plan, God's plan 7/3/12 5:42AM
  • My phone shut off and would not come back on so I got another phone from a friend and I had to wait not even 5 mins and I got an agent on the phone and in a matter of less then 10 mins my new phone was up and running very quick. I am happy I have been a customer since Feb 2012 and have had no complaints. Thanks Simple Mobile!

    Suga Boo 6/30/12 3:42PM
  • My first to Simple Mobile customer service and I must say after reading previous comments I was rather relucant as to what I would be facing. I did have to hold for about fifteen minutes but the tech that assisted me was very knowledgeable,patient, and helpful. We were able to solve my problem to access the internet. Other than the holding time, I was extremely satisfied with the service.

    Anonymous 5/23/12 9:59AM
  • Simple Mobile offers some really great plans with outstanding pricing. However, the lack of customer service is indescribably horrible. I've had the misfortune of needing help with getting my phone to work on the internet twice. During both of these instances I've come to learn a few things about the company. First off, the amount of completely incompetent CSA's over shadows the amount of competent agents at least a hundred fold. Not to mention that the company has set their call handling computer to end ANY and ALL calls placed to the customer service department at Simple Mobile at EXACTLY thirty-one minutes and twenty seconds (31:20)from the time the call is answered by the computer, even if the customer is on hold for the entire time without speaking to any live person at all! Ridiculous at best. C'MON GUYS! If you were to extend a real helping had to your customers aka "your paychecks" you guys could very easily dominate the market. In reference to the previous comments (complaints) that I've seen on this blog alone, literacy of the complainant (or the lack there of) shouldn't be the deciding factor on considering a gripe. Get it together! I'm pulling for you!

    Loyal Customer for 16 months

    Two One 1/18/12 11:14PM
  • i had a problem that turned out to be my fault. (i put $25 on my phone not realizing i was specifically set up to the $60 one) not knowing why my phone still wouldnt work, i emailed them and within minutes they had fixed the problem very easily. i love that i can use my iphone on prepaid too. doesnt get much better than that. coverage is great internet is super fast and honestly i cant say anything bad. although i've only been on simple mobile a month and a half, i would still recommend this to anyone. its better than verizon and at&t prepaid that i've also been on.

    armywife1025 8/15/11 11:25AM

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