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Slingbox customer service is ranked #407 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 68 ratings. This score rates Slingbox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


63 Negative Comments out of 68 Total Comments is 92.65%.


5 Positive Comments out of 68 Total Comments is 7.35%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • Call after hours and they don't tell you when they are available. Aggravating.

    Anonymous 7/2/14 6:55AM
  • No support at all, cannot reach anyone to discuss w202 internet problem which i understand is a common fault, yet to get this expensive product to work.

    Carolinef 1/8/14 2:34AM
  • Horrible customer service. They have no idea what is causing my intermittent (mostly -NO CONNECTION problems) for my SlingBox HD. The problem has been going on for about 4 years. Many calls to customer support - not one correct solution.

    leaglin 4/8/13 9:05AM
  • I had to return a slingbox 500 as it did not work. They sent me a return UPS tag and I dropped it at a UPS store. I received an email from them (Digital River)stating they received the return and never got my credit card refund. This started in early Jan. 2013 and today (Mar.13, 2013) after many calls they finally promised me a refund.

    Anonymous 3/13/13 3:21PM
  • Slingbox - worst customer service ever!!!! They dont care about their customers. I called for support and I was told i have to pay $29.99 whether the promlem is fixed or not. I purchased their product and they want to charge me. Their support is all over the world. I told them I researched their website, google, everything and still cant fix my problem on my own so i had to call them...... They need competition.

    I am so sorry i purchaed a slingbox!!!!!

    Does anyone have a number or emaill address of a big wig in Sling?

    bellboy123 2/2/13 7:47PM
  • One of the very worst. Ever. Rarely updates firmware, rarely responds to technical inquiries, tolertates massive dysfunction within their customer base. Now there's a new line of devices out and even though I like the concept, the sheer hard-headedness and fu-ability of the Sling support staff stays my hand from upgrading to one of their new models. Indifferent as to whether their customers can get the devices they've bought to work at all.

    mmcpher 1/26/13 4:22PM
  • My Slinbox Pro HD worked for 3 months the stopped working,their Customer Support is terrible.

    Rob 1/8/13 12:41PM
  • They did it to me too - Today as I tried to use it. This is a company from INDIA with office in USA. They told me to leave.

    *Warning* To anyone who bought any of their products and therefore can not use it - If you can return it, do it quickly, their products are a Big Scam.

    I bought this from someone on Ebay, it wrote, New Slingbox PRO HD SB300-100, I would not doubt they sold it because they can not use it.

    Slingbox does expect money for help - fixing their network problem, their internet site problem, or unuseable on several browsers - unusable perhaps on any other than, Internet Explorer, they refuse to accept the problems - your forced to solve the problem, yet they sold it to you.

    It would finally accept my Email Address, then my Password, I could look at my account, yet refuses to let me online - Error message is wrong password. Pershaps refuses to work on Firefox. Change password does not work - refuses any password.

    I would show a picture of me, while I have access to my account, to see my personal information - yet would show too much about me for public view. I will prove my IP Address was, a server at: Cloud-Sense Technology Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong

    Very time consuming process to get online - expect to wait . When I first used it - it was stubborn to use, and so stubborn to change channels.

    Years ago, when they sold a Locationfree, you received your money's worth, yet slingbox was worse, Locationfree is so simple, and reliable, once your setup, all you do is touch an app, it starts right up, and you can resize the picture, the way you want, in seconds, or few minutes which rarely happens to me. With Slingbox, perhaps can only use Internet Explorer, must go through several pages of setup, to logon, or password being refused - a time consuming problem - Slingbox is so time consuming to try to get online, stubborn to change channels. Locationfree had its problem, not having enough heatsinks, on the hot components, with the cooling fan to work with, when it over heats, it interrupts the video. Now that I have the covers off and several heatsinks, I rarely have problems, its a much sharper picture too.

    Slingbox misled me to think it would give me High Defintion Pictures - LocationFree is far better

    Friendly241 12/9/12 11:07PM
  • One more thing...none of the links at the bottom of the webpage are working. Again, makes me think they are not on top of it or don't care. (PS I'm not a malicious person, just really frustrated).

    Anonymous 11/29/12 8:05AM
  • This is making me crazy.I hope the product is better than the communication (tho what is one without the other?. All I want to do is get a few simple answers before I purchase. There doesn't appear to be any email address to contact them without logging in. I can't log in until I have an acct. I can't have an acct until I buy. At the moment I can't call, so what am I supposed to do? Very frustrating, reluctant to purchase now between this experience and reading about the experiences of others.

    Anonymous 11/28/12 2:34PM
  • I spent a grand total of one hour and 6 minutes chatting or waiting to chat with sling representatives and got no real answers or assistance, not to mention being disconnected by the rep Keith; I am not willing to wait on hold a 3rd time for 20-30 minutes. Actual chat is pasted below with my name removed. Chat is from 2012-11-11

    I tried to chat originally at 7:00pm EST and no one answered the chat after 30 minutes

    Sling Media Support

    8:57 PM Connecting...
    8:57 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    9:03 PM Connection lost. Attempting reconnection...
    9:03 PM Connecting...
    9:03 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    9:04 PM Connection lost. Attempting reconnection...
    9:04 PM Connecting...
    9:05 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    9:15 PM Support session established with Keith.
    9:15 PM Keith:
    Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. My name is Keith. Which product are you looking for support on today?
    9:15 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    sling pro
    9:15 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    i cna't get my remote to appear
    9:15 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    no matter which browser I use
    9:16 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    hen I run setup a rmote appears
    9:16 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    but the keys are greyed out
    9:16 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    it stopped working a few weeks ago
    9:17 PM Keith:
    Alright, well I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing and I'll be happy to help you tonight. Could I also have the name on your account, please?
    9:18 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    [My Name Deleted]
    9:20 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    I tried uninstalling and installing but that didn't work
    9:22 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    I searched for the *.plist files to delete them but couldn't find them in search and there is no HD?Users>[My Name>Library?Preference folder that I can find to delete the out of
    9:23 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    Are you there it has been 6 minutes
    9:24 PM Keith:
    Alright, sorry about the delay here. How long have you owned the SLingbox?
    9:24 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    a few years
    9:24 PM Keith:
    Are you using Watch on
    9:24 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    9:27 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    When I try going through reinstall on the web when I get to remote control setup it says no manufacturers available after I choose the cable box option
    9:31 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    Why is it taking 6 _ minutes for a respose
    9:31 PM Keith:
    Well, I certainly do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing and I'd be happy to help you tonight. However, I am showing you are outside of your one year warranty/complimentary support period and we would nee dyou to call into our phone support line at 1877 GO SLING to process a pay per incident of 29.99 in order for us to provide any live technical support here. We do have free online support available at and we also have an online forum community at Between these two sites, there is a wealth of information available and all of our troubleshooting guide san dtips can be found there. Again, I'm sorry about any inconvenience here.
    9:31 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    9:32 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    Same issue with my sking pro
    9:33 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    9:33 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    I bought 3 months ago
    9:33 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    maybe 4
    9:33 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    I only reconnected the Pro becuase the solo died after 6 weeks and I had to use it as a replacement until I received a new one from you
    9:34 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    How di I uninstakl everything
    9:34 PM [My Name Deleted]:
    Not just the plug in
    9:34 PM Keith:
    I'd be happy to access your computer from here and go through and troubleshoot the issue with the SOLO if you'd like sir?
    9:38 PM Keith has ended the session.

    atldude 11/11/12 8:02PM
  • by far the worst support i have seen in my life. suppose to get refund for service payment and have not in over 45 days. company seems to be tanking real soon. do not buy this product because once it breaks you are really stuck. my friend bought their brand new version and after three weeks he has the same problem with no help in sight

    bob 747 10/22/12 4:49PM
  • I've been on hold more than 2 hours over two days in an attempt to reach their customer service. Who has that kind of time?!

    My Slingbox died after 6 months of very light use.

    Slingbox, their are now alternatives to your technology, get it together already.

    DavidDanger 10/15/12 12:34PM
  • My remote is not available for slingbox, no one can give me a good answer how this can be solved... This company only wants to cell products and if they have to give people a good sollution they dont take responsebiity and do what they have to do!
    This company is terrible and i would never recomend this to some one else!

    marc 8/14/12 4:35AM
  • My Slingbox HD Pro worked only 7 weeks and the box just turns on and then off by itself. I tried to call customer service 3 times from 8/10/12 to 8/12/12 but I never got through, just a music tone (1st time 75 min on Friday 8/10/12 from 6:05 PM to 7:20PM central time), 2nd time 50 min on Sat 8/11/12 from 2:10PM to 3:00PM. Third time 65 min on Sunday 8/12/12 from 2:30 to 3:35PM.

    Lucky1 8/12/12 2:55PM
  • Horrible company to deal with. They DO NOT CARE about you being able to use their product. They have already sold it to you, so now you are on your own!

  • I am now the owner of a slingbox pro hd , that has been stripped from the abiblity to learn remote control signals, which renders the slingbox useless as I cannot control my old or new devices, this is completely messed up, how can you strip a product of its functionality.

    slingmedia doesn't care about their customers

    slingboxhater 8/2/12 7:04AM
  • First to Worst:

    Bought a SlinkLink. Installed it. Did not work. Spent ninety minutes on the phone with Tech Support. They read verbatim the instruction manual. Concluded the only thing that could be wrong was I had a bad router?!? When I requested a refund I was put on the customer service phone line. After 47 minutes on hold I hung up. The website could not generate a Return Authorization Number and email with instructions.
    When Sling launched they were best in class with technology and service. Now they have neither.

    First in Line 5/30/12 9:31AM
  • I purchased a technical support warranty. When my SlingPlayer quit working, I called and went through the gymnastics of installation in a foreign language. (Total time on the phone (3 calls) 6 hours 42 minutes. They sent me a new Slingplayer.....did not work. Another two hours on the phone going through the installation only to end up not working. I bought a brand new SlingPlayer. Plugged it in, worked like a champ, as did the dead SlingPlayer, and the replacement SlingPlayer. I was sent a dead power supply with the replacement SlingPlayer.

    Bob McConnell 5/30/12 7:45AM
  • I've had sling-box for a month and still not connected, tech support are idiots and liars. I (being a private investigator) decided to look up the executives and left messages on their home phones and cell phones. I finally got an executive to call me back, he will have tech support call me. I have no faith this will happen as when I asked him direct questions, he avoided answering them. Especially when he found out I was a PI. I wont tolerate this. If he doesn't get it resolved TODAY, I will cancel/return unit, and post all executive info here including phone numbers. Now is the time to find alternate ways yo fix your problem.

    esad 4/24/12 11:49AM
  • We bought slingbox and was told it was ready to go only to find out we needed a wireless ethernet set that cost another 80 dollars. After we hooked it all up, the computer detected the sling box but kept telling us that there was an error and couldn't access the sling box. We tried to reach customer service, what a joke. They do not have their telephone number listed on the materials in the box or on their website. After 2 hours of trying to hook it up, we decided to return it to the store we purchased it at. What a disappointment, had they had customer service, we may have kept it.

    chele 3/3/12 11:30AM
  • Try getting a response from Slingbox, next to impossible.

    MEZO 12/28/11 9:05AM
  • This company SUCKS!!!!! Customer support is non existant. Do not buy this product!!!!

    M 12/14/11 8:46PM
  • have called multiple times and can't even get them to answer the voicemail, no putting me on hold...nothing. just a ringing phone with no answer.

    clay 10/30/11 3:21PM
  • Worst customer service ever. Unable to access the website .and sling box won't accept login information.
    There is no way to contact slingbox for technical support

    Anonymous 10/15/11 4:34PM
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  • I had a great customer support person named Kim who helped me solve what appeared to me to be a really complicated problem.

    Drsms22 4/9/13 2:37PM
  • I had a problem with my Slingbox pro HD. After about 6 months of flawless use, I went on a trip out of state and could not connect...

    I got home and saw that the box was not powered. No lights of any kind were on. I thought the power supply was bad or something. I read all the negative comments here and thought I would be screwed because I was well out of my 90 days, but I was still in my 1 year warranty period.

    So I called SlingMedia. They never asked me for a serial number, just my email address that my account was registered under and they asked me what was wrong. I explained my problem. The first thing the rep asked me was what model my power supply was. Once i told her, she immediately said it needed to be replaced (apparently a known problem with that power supply). She took my credit card info so that she could have a new unit and power supply shipped to me at their cost. (The credit card was insurance that i would send the defective unit back within 30 days...) She also said that they would include a return shipping label.

    In short, I called customer service and within 10 minutes had a new unit on its way at no cost to me. Very happy with the results and their customer service!

    radensb 7/18/12 12:04AM
  • I had a similar experience as most on this site where I spoke with a support tech after spending $30 and 3 minutes into the call he instructed me to hold the reset button for 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds and to call back after going thru the standard setup process. When I called back with an issue with the volume being full of static he told me I had to spend an additional $30 for a second case because the first case was only to have the slingbox recognized. Obviously incensed, I asked to be escalated to his manager who was extremely helpful and led me to the source of the issue being the cable box volume was too low. In the end, the manager was aware of how to take care of customers .. now he needs to work with his staff to improve.

    Anonymous 10/10/11 12:43PM
  • This was my first time cfalling for customer support as we have had the sling box since 2007

    Javier was the peson we spoke to to and he was awesome.
    Prior to calling we suspected it was a hardware issue and we feel that this was confirmed after working with him

    WHe helped us work through sevral oprions and we selected to take advantage of an upgrade which allowed us a $50.00 savings and they are even providing free shippin
    I could not be more satisfied.

    Dennis 3/13/11 2:21PM
  • i don't agree. slingbox customer srvice and support has always been complementary.

    Anonymous 6/6/10 7:04AM

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