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Starbucks customer service is ranked #32 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 89.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 57 ratings. This score rates Starbucks customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


39 Negative Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 68.42%.


18 Positive Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 31.58%.

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  • I have been drinking chair tea daily for over 15 years and have tried all brands and some homemade ones. Today I was anxious to try the new Oprahs tea. I was so disappointed it was just another chai that was dominated by cinnamon. The tazo chai you carry has so many wonderful flavors blended together not just a cinnamon tea. I hope you will still sell tazo chai. Thanks for that awesome Tazo chai

    Chris 5/8/14 7:55PM
  • this is in reference to located in san juan capistrano, ca. on the corner of ortega hwy. and rancho viejo rd.

    i had been a regular at for.the past 3 yrs. stopping in.2-3.times each.week. in january, 2003 i.had major and
    a considerable amount of bone was removed.

    i spent 3 months in physical therapy. when i completed therapy, i was told it was ok to drive. if i needed to get.out, i was to use a.cane i purchased. one of the first things i wanted to do was.get.a Starbucks. when i was done struggling to get out of my car, cane in hand i tried to open the.door while maintaining my balance. one of the.customers in line noticed my.struggles opened the.door.for me so i could now.stand, albeit in pain, in line to just order a coffee. after 20 minutes i.gave order. initially, my thought was to make my frustration , anger, and pain known to the server. rather, i decided to not say anything, but to go through the normal process and.see if anyone noticed my.cane.and limp. got my coffee, went and leaned against the condiment section, added sweetner and limped less than two.of your staff passed by me leaving the restroom. one at least said."hi".but never asked if i needed some help. the other employee walked right past, not even.a simple "hello" was given. i cannot express to you my.frustration regarding my experience, but what about wheelchair ridden customers, and the elderly? someone, prefferably the manager keep an eye out.for.anyone possibly in need. that, my friend, is one way to define customer service.

    this matter involves one of the.employees. i don't remember her name but she be older than the other employees. she has red hair. i never could understand why dhe always seems to be outside while every one else is inside servicing customers. on no less than three occasions she approached me starting each conversation by saying "you may not think.i'm smart because i work here, but.Starbucks asked me to open three stores on my own. they also requested i manage this store. i declined because i wanted to "kick back for awhile" that's the reason they hired this manager. this job is too easy for me, so i don't have to work hard. three times i was forced to listen to this "incredible success story". i.was going my concerns with manager, but was adviced to not bother because she and the manager are good friends, and it won't matter. the last straw for me was after her normal "look at me, i'm too smart here". following that, personal questions began. . she stated."your ex-wife got the RollsRoyce" i never owned a Rolls and i've never been divorced. i didn't stay long enough to field her next question, she watched as to my car, i.assume she was just being nosey. her behavior was offensive, prying, and not.within her realm of resondibility, to be honest, i think i'm done with i advise the district manager so he\she makes sure someone is paying attention to your.customers so everyone receives the same quality of service. if that employee still that store the friendship between she and your manager need be addressed before the manager looses the respect of the balance of your staff. i am.very.sorry for the length of this.comment, and wish to thank you for taking the time to read this comment."novel"

    Arturo.Gatti 5/8/14 12:14PM
  • I would like to know what time Starbucks in Danville, VA closes. The website says 11:00pm, however, I have visited the store 3 times this week between 10pm & 10:30pm and the store has been closed! There are no hours posted and I love Starbucks dearly, but it is very disconcerning to have no one at the store acknowledge my presence when the store is supposed to be open. I drink Starbucks at home & I also visit the store anywhere from 2-3 times daily. I really do not want to switch to a different brand but I don't appreciate my neighborhood Starbucks flipping off the switch on a VERY dedicated customer.

    Anna 4/26/14 8:06PM
  • I just found out that you have a policy of throwing away food, you do not allow your employees to give it away . I will make sure this is known, how wasteful
    And what a disgrace, you talk about bring environmentally friendly with so many people starving in the world and you waste food . I buy three starbuck a day , you just lost a customer

    Anonymous 4/8/14 6:42PM
  • Starbucks store 5246 must water down the concentrate for the Very Berry Hibiscus. I ordered one today and it tasted like bland flavored water. I returned it and they happily made another one and it was slightly better but I think I will go to other Starbucks locations.

    Anonymous 2/17/14 5:13PM
  • is Starbucks ever going to make a reusable filter for the VERISMO and if so when are they going to be out.

    jim@tim 1/24/14 6:59PM
  • My wife and I purchased some of Starbucks Flavored Syrup and after bring them home, seen that a few were close to or were out dated. Also, there are particulars in some of the syrup. We are both great customers of Starbucks and with or without a receipt, I think that Starbucks should replace these Syrups. I have tried to return all of the syrups for replacement, but since I missed placed my receipt and some were open (B-4 we noticed the dates) but not used, Starbucks would not replace them.

    viper10 12/10/13 1:05PM
  • A special thanks to two of your staff members in Wuhan, China. While there for 2 months we got to know your staff, and , especially the manager quite well as we visited the shop daily. The manager whose English name is "Simi" couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. She greeted us every day with a huge smile and always inquired about our well being and could she help us in any way. Besides the very welcoming cup of coffee, she was the other reason we visited the shop each day.
    The other experience we had was at your shop in the Chicony department store building. While visiting it one day I used the restroom and had my back pack with me. Unbeknownst to me the backpack was not completely zipped up and a small, black container which included my laser/remote and USB stick fell out. Not noticing it I returned to our apartment. That evening I had to review some power points for the next day's lecture and discovered the black container was no longer in the backbpack. THinking I had left it my office I decided I could review my lecture the next morning. When I reached my office and discovered the loss, I was panic stricken because the stick contained my "life." While I had a duplicate containing most of what I needed, the original stick contained lectured I had not pasted on the dupe.
    Realizing the last time I saw the black container was at Starbuicks I made a hasty trip back to Chicony. I asked for the manager and a staff member said "wait a minute." She came back with the manager and asked me what was in the black pouch and when I told her the contents she also said "wait a minute." When she returned with the container I told her I was so excited that I could hug her, she said it wasn't necessary. She said the real thanks should go to the customer who returned it but I said regardless of who to thanks, I want to thank you. I believe these kinds of experiences make Starbucks the success it is around the world. Thanks

    Grateful 11/3/13 3:23PM
  • this is the 2nd time I have earned a rewards drink beinga loyal regular Starbucks gold member. you had a promtions for free winter red cup tall that expired same day. I used it and they took my reward drink. again. now.a hard earned drink is gone. not fair and happening to often.

    Anonymous 11/3/13 10:29AM
  • Tysons corner mall (tysons1),next to macys,the worst starbuks I ever been!asociates are very rude,some of them even dont know how to count money,one of them charge me more than i ordered so i undrestand it when i got home and checked my statment the next day i went there and told the guy,do you know what he said?? he was insisting that he has right and im telleing lie even when i told him that i have my bank statment he didnt accept his mistake!I've never had such a terrible experince,I am their customer for more than 3 years,I will back to nordestrom to get my caffee sine they are more polite!not saying that all of them the same,because it is a very nice and helpfull lady working there her name is maria,she can handle evrything like a manager,she deserve best,but overal the worst place you can go to have your caffee after a busy day!

    farnaz 10/25/13 9:06PM
  • Regarding the points per transaction, why aren't points automatically rewarded in the system, in order to eliminate Barista having to ring up the order several times.

    This is a glitch in the system and should be implemented. Otherwise waiting for one cup of coffee at Starbucks will continue to take 10-15 minutes especially since warming pastries is now a priority, thanks to La Boulange.

    Anonymous 10/9/13 11:12AM
  • Starbucks is supposed to be kinda a green company well it is unfortunate that the use of air conditioners in the stores is out of control. The only stores I can point out in this are a couple in the No. San Diego County specifically store # 10314. I went in and the store very busy fine temperature but I noticed as the sun went down the temperature in store, guessing dropped to below 59 degrees and this is an every day occurrence. You go in and like last night people had jackets and head caps to stay warm. There is no care to regulate the temperature.

    Frozen 10/3/13 7:09PM
  • Store#11822 is the worst store in the dfw area. They take anywhere from 30-45 min to get an order thru the DT as well as inside the store. They are rude and very Unfriendly..last visit there were 3 cars in DT and 1 customer inside. I went in to obtain my drink and it took them 20 minutes to get it prepared. 1 Vinte Mocha is all I ordered and the servers are so busy talking and trying to figure out who should be doing whatever with each other to be concerned about waiting customers. They argue with each other and when extremely busy as was another day they are too concerned about who is going to get to take the next break. You should have closed the DeSoto store rather than the red oak store. I go out of my way to go to the cedar hill tx store for SUPER SERVICE and friendly friendly atmosphere! They are just as busy (if not more) than the DeSoto, Tx store however wait times are much less and service with very friendly smiling servers. Suggest you have folks from cedar hill store train those in the DeSoto store or replace all DeSoto, Tx staff with those that really want to service customers with a smile and provide faster services.

    Misspiggy53 9/29/13 11:56AM
  • I never had such disappointing service as I did today. I have been a loyal customer for over ten years. I pulled up into the drive thru and asked for a caramel frapp and she repeated back the wrong drink. I had to clarify again what I wanted. I drive up to the window to pay and again I was asked what kind of drink I wanted. Once again it was repeated. Finally receiving my drink I proceeded home. After my first sip I am realizing it was as thin as water with no flavor at all. Marcella Richmond

    Marcy 9/24/13 4:04PM
  • I purchased through DiscoverCard Starbucks kcups with a promotional price. I just received this order yesterday and now you to honor special price. Starbucks, your customer service department has much to be desired. You tell me to contact DiscoverCard. I contact DiscoverCard who tells me to contact Starbucks. Neither company will take responsibility! ! Starbucks, its not like you're loosing money! Fix this PLEASE! !

    Ltscruz1 9/24/13 12:20PM
  • September 18, 2013

    Mr. Howard Schultz

    President and CEO, Starbucks

    Dear Mr. Schultz:

    It is with great regret that I read your open letter today concerning Starbucks customers and their Second Amendment rights to carry firearms in your coffee shops.

    I went to college in the Seattle/Tacoma area, visited Pikeâ??s Place Market 2-3 times a month, and was one of your early and most faithful customers. 30 years ago, Starbucks revolutionized drinking coffee, and I was a huge fan before specialty coffee shops could be found on every street corner. Fortunately, times have changed, and I will still be able to get a good cup of coffee here in Portland despite your decision to essentially urinate in the coffee of millions of gun-owning customers like myself.

    Iâ??m sure that the Board-Of-Directors will breathe a sigh of relief that the sandal-clad, bead-wearing, anti-gun liberals will still walk in your front doors. Theyâ??ll nurse a single cup of house blend as they use your free wireless internet and free air conditioning or heat all afternoon, and many of them will still take baths in your rest rooms. And their huge dogs will still drink pure water complements of Starbucks. Rest assured that to your "most valuable customers" ALL IS WELL!

    But the gun-toting customers like me will park a few spaces down the street, and give our business to someone else. We'll also choose other brands at Costco when we purchase bulk coffee beans. As you undoubtedly know, the FBI reports that there are currently 200 million REGISTERED firearms in the United States (and probably twice that many unregistered firearms). Obviously, not everyone who owns a firearm is a committed coffee drinker, but MILLIONS of us are, and weâ??ll be more than happy to tell our friends about your decision.

    I know Starbucks is a big company, and Iâ??m sure the gun grabbers in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Ashland and Nationwide are applauding your decision. I just hope that you and the Starbucks shareholders are prepared for the firestorm in which you now find yourselves.


    Robert Lowenberg

    Anonymous 9/18/13 7:34PM
  • Starbucks: Being a health fanatic I have just been delivered a shocking blow by one of your nice counter people. I have been a loyal customer for over 10yrs and have bought many Latte's and Fraps. I always ask for non-fat milk and that it be sugar free. Well! I was just informed by your employee that even If I order a non-fat Latte or sugar free Frap all the milk has sugar in it. I said what!?? even your Non-fat milk and the young lady said yes. Are you aware that Cane sugar is a poison and feeds disease?? It appears you have not done your research or you would choose alturnitive sweeteners like Agave, Maple Syrup or Honey.

    Sure, these are a sugar in a sense but not refined and poison like Cane Sugar that has no food value and poisons the body. Most people do no know this and are addicted to sugar and we wonder why American is the most over fed over weight undernourished people in the world.

    Take breakfast cereals for instance, can you find one that does not have white cane sugar in it. You have to go to whole foods or another health food store to find it.

    You would think that food producers would leave out sugar and allow people freedom of choice to sweeten or not to sweeten their cereal.

    But no! they add sugar indiscriminately and w/o any conscience because it's all about money and making the package weight more by adding sugar. In good conscience How can you buy or add Cane sugar to milk??

    Why don't you just leave it alone and allow people the freedom of choice to add their own sweetener. I am anxiously awaiting your response if you have the courage because I caught you unprepared for this complaint which is serious to me.

    Complaint 9/13/13 10:56AM
  • I am writing you in regards to your completely unacceptable actions to one of your barristas in a seattle downtown store!!!! (see below exerpt from internet news report) It is unacceptable that , in a world where you advertise & sell fair trade items, to keep the rest of the worlds economically disavantaged fed, that you would fire an employee that is equally disadvantaged & had no $$ to eat with while working a 7 hr shift. Why could he not of received a warning if what he did was sooo wrong (by your standards) I understand the reason as you do not want employees marking down items just to consume them, but why could these not be made available to you people for a limited time (1 hr or so after being removed from stock) The poor & unfed are no longer in third world countries anymore, they are our neighbors and employees. Wake up & take the correct action! Rehire this young man & be responsible for the solution & not be part of the problem of the pervasive greed & disregard for their workers, of many large companies.

    If you expect our family to continue to use Starbucks,
    as we daily do, I will expect a reply to this e mail not to be disregarded. To us this is a very important issue please regard is as such. fjaco2

    Last Monday, 21-year-old barista Coulson Loptmann says he was fired from a downtown Seattle Starbucks where he'd worked for more than a year. The reason? He ate a sandwich that had been thrown away. Really. Like most cafes, the coffee giant gets rid of food that has expired; they donate what they can and toss the more perishable items.

    Loptmann, who says he couldn't get enough hours to pay his bills and survives partly on his food stamps, explains, "I hadn't eaten all day and I was on a seven-hour shift." A coworker had just marked some breakfast sandwiches out of stock, and he figured no one would mind if he grabbed one of the plastic-wrapped sausage sandwiches out of the trash can.

    But Starbucks did mind. According to Loptmann, his manager sat him down a week later and told him she'd found out about the sandwich and contacted HR, "and they consider it stealing, and it's against policy. So I'm sorry, but I have to terminate you." She fired him on the spot.

    fjaco2 9/1/13 5:50PM
  • I go to the West Paces Ferry (Atlanta, Ga) store quite often. Moore and more, there is a "homeless" issue at this location. This morning, a homeless woman was stopping all of us in the parking lot. (I went inside and pointed "her" out to the employee. She didn't seem to react)). A minute later, the "panderer" came into the store and went table-to-table... STILL, no reaction from your employees.
    ((When the pandering person approached me a second time, I snapped at her.).

    Please understand that this individual is an on-going thorn at this location. She is extremely aggressive in demeanor.

    I do not mean to sound cold and cruel, but I was flabbergasted (along with other patrons) that nobody in your store reacted or cared. (I contacted the police and will contact the Management company).

    Apparently, ths Manager takes no responsibility... And, frankly, needs to be replaced promptly.

    Ken Wolf 9/1/13 4:35PM
  • Can't you have separate seating for wifi users and the rest of us? All the Starbucks in our area have changed their tables to hold four people with only a couple of small tables and pairs of seats. People come in with their laptops etc and take up a space meant for four. My spouse and I have been enjoying the Starbucks experience for years. We like to go in, get our drink and maybe a pastry and sit a short while and relax. But it's getting worse and worse. We go in and find NO places to sit so most of the time we just leave. We live in New Albany, IN and for years have gone to Louisville. Our local Starbucks are in Target and Kroger till recently we just got a full Starbucks. We were thrilled until we went in and found four seater rectangle benches occupied by ONE person on a laptop. REALLY?!

    Out in the cold 7/31/13 6:02PM
  • I have been going to Starbucks almost on a daily basis, for many years now. I just called Starbucks Customer Service about an in-store issue and the representative Dominic was rude and nasty. I was in tears when I got off the phone. I spend so much money there, and to receive such poor customer service is awful.

    Julie 7/26/13 12:22PM
  • i was in the starbucks a the location in fountain hills arizona near the target off shea and the person who took my order was very dismissive. i am african american and i visit the starbucks in the area alot and the service has always been great, today 07/08/2013 10.50am not the best the person was a short individual with a midwestern accent and reddish/blond hair. i will be going to the store, again a great place to get my coffee tea and desert and i know the service will be outstanding if not i will voice my concern at the location. thanks for allowing us the chance to voice

    Anonymous 7/8/13 11:17AM
  • I visited the Starbucks in the Target store this morning to purchase breakfast.Istood in line and waited for the person in front of me to get her order.I was all set to tell the girl what I wanted when in walks a friend of hers.She looked right past me and took his order...I walked out very angry and disgusted and went to Dunkin Donuts where people have some manners.Good bye Starbucks!!!

    Samantha 6/19/13 8:55AM
  • Living in the neighborhood, 1st & 85th, New York City, I frequent this Starbucks all the time, so when I say it has to be the worst managed in the city, I speak with experience. On many occasions, I'll show up in the morning 7-730 and they're not even open yet. (suppose to open at 6). How can a place like Starbucks open 2 hours late?!!

    I won't even go into the filth ridden bathroom and the trash strewn patio with disgustingly filthy tables.

    WAKE UP STARBUCKS! it's an ongoing thing at this store, Get a new GM.

    This is directed at the management (upper and lower) only. The staff at this store is friendly and pleasant. Surprising, under the conditions they have to work under.

    Anonymous 6/9/13 4:12AM
  • Most of the time I have not much complaint about Starbucks.
    However, I found the "service" at the Madison at Franklin locationin Chicago Illinois extremely rude and intolerant!
    It was run like a badly run bar!!! At least three of employe
    es need to be replaced! !!!!!!!!!!

    forgot 5/7/13 8:21AM
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  • Though my drinks are sometimes (1/10 drinks) made incorrectly, their customer service on the phone and in store is SUPERB. They are knowledgable and I feel like they actually appreciate my patronage....which is good because I really break my bank for their drinks.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a Gold Star member, and that can tend to change the level of customer service you'll get or how fast you'll hear back from them.

    katieb 5/28/14 11:12PM
  • I have been a Gold card Starbucks member and just want to extend a review for impeccable service and customer service I always receive when I visit the Starbucks #79377 which is located in a Stop and Shop supermarket. Every one of the Baristas are just so pleasant and I always remember what I order. Vanessa, Erica, Brandon, Chrystal and Sherri are truly professionals. Please don't ever take it out of there. I think they should be acknowledged for their commitment to your company. Thank you, Carmela Aughtman

    Anonymous 4/10/14 5:42AM
  • I went to the Starbucks Store on South Glenstone; Springfield, MO at 7:30 a.m. I received a a $1.00 off my drink via e-mail for Starbucks members. I ordered 3 Lattes, handed my $1.00 off to the cashier, she kept staring at it, handed it back to me and told me to use it next time. I asked her if she was having trouble using it and she said yes. I told her I would not be back before it expired and she said nothing. I went to work, called them a couple hours later, and asked for the manager. Found out the lady that took my order was the manager. I told her I was unhappy with the way she handled customer service, and she told me she was sorry and she wouldn't do it again. She did not offer free beverage or anything. I told her I was calling corporate Starbucks and she said O.K. I felt like I was talking to a child. To complete the story, Starbucks Corporate loaded 2 free drinks to my account. Manager training at Starbucks needs to be much better.

    Patty 10/11/13 6:28PM
  • Starbucks customer service is awesome they know how to to treat people outstanding service dont worry about those who say it is bad those are the ones who are scammers and want something for free. Keep up the good work.

    lucky 10/5/13 10:57AM
  • I want to make sure that the company knows what a remarkable job Mike McRoberts is doing at the Starbucks 2 store in Woodinville, WA is doing. I came in this Sunday morning and saw him helping two young boys try to make the internet in the store work. He was patient and friendly AND he was still doing his job at his end of the service bar. The store is undergoing remodling and all of the workers are stressed. He still found time to help the two kids. I was impressed. He should be commended by management.
    Sue Campbell...daily customer!

    Anonymous 9/22/13 3:35PM
  • I am a frequent customer at Starbucks,but today in Toronto at Leaside location the shift supervisor{his description of himself} gave me real attitude. I was ordering to 2 tall pikes and wanted two separate purchases for stars.He told me company policy dictated that he could not do this when there was a line up {there were to people behind me } are exchange and especially his attitude created more of a delay than processing my request.This is someone that trains employees

    ernie 9/18/13 2:57PM
  • I would just like to let you know that store number 08712 did a very good job today servicing a tour bus PLUS drive through with only three employees.
    Jessica, Kemi, and Linda did an awesome job.
    You are very lucky to have such great employees.
    I very seriously hope they get the accolades they deserve.
    Thank you for listening and serving our great community of Livinston, Ca.

    Anonymous 8/18/13 9:37AM
  • I had bought 2 packages of Starbucks coffee at the grocery store for a promotion which said that after entering the star codes from the coffee, I would get $5 added to my Rewards card. The CS rep was excellent and corrected the error right away! Couldn't be happier! Starbucks' Customer Service is why I keep going back.

    Crisci 7/22/13 9:57AM
  • RE: Store 731/York Rd. Baltimore. I'd like to direct your attention to the morning of January 11th. Arriving at location, manager Katie was unable to open due to a broken lock. The 1/2 hr. there she stood in the cold apologizing to each customer as they arrived. I could conclude she was doing that since 5:00 a.m. while waiting for a locksmith. What was even more impressive than apologizing for circumstances beyond her control was, she addressed each customer by their 1st name. From what I witnessed, the morning customers (and there were many)left understanding, sure to return and not disappointed. Where do you find employees, even more so a manager with those leadership qualities, interpersonal skills and common sense? She could only be an asset and you are very fortunate to have her represent to Starbucks.

    Anonymous 2/1/13 12:26PM
  • I want to thank Lupe on the customer service line for helping me with a problem with one of my Starbuck cards. She went the extra mile to reinstate a lost dollar amount and was extra nice.

    Thank you are certainly a credit to Starbucks.

    Jackie Steele
    Lake Forest, CA

    Very Satisfied Customer 1/7/13 4:29PM
  • Probably some of the best customer service representatives I have ever dealt with. Very friendly and personal, I had only gone to a new Starbucks that opened in my location 3 or 4 times until they knew my name and my usual order. The employees were very knowledgeable about their products and could answer any of the questions I threw at them. They have never got my order wrong personally, but I have seen them get another customer's order wrong on occasion; as soon as the problem was brought to their attention, they immediately apologized and corrected the situation. Essentially, top class customer service.

    Anonymous 8/27/12 3:28AM
  • It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with Starbucks Service(and oh yes, their coffee's great as well.) They often give out freebies, recognize customer loyalty with free birthday coffees and free frequent purchases when pre-buying a card. At times I have had to wait in a long line-up and often the counter staff will recognize this and give some small consolation. Loved the free music downloads as well. All of this for the price of a regular coffee at $2. They have my vote!

    Flower 7/26/12 9:38PM
  • Do NOT press 0 as soon as the recording begins for the first number given (2883). It's considered an invalid response. But the number is useful, and once you listen to the options and make your choice, you WILL be connected to a human.

    Anonymous 5/9/12 3:03PM
  • I love the restaurant/Starbucks owned Starbucks much more than ones in grocery stores, etc. They have the lunch, breakfast, food, environment I love and easier and friendlier management. I couldn't be happier.

    Very Pleased 4/17/12 10:04PM
  • Have had a few beverages that were not up to par and I called customer service. I got through quickly and they sent me two free drink coupons for each disapointing beverage.

    trekkerman1 3/31/12 12:13PM
  • I went to the Starbucks on Sherman Way in North Hollywood and was friendly to the drive through barrista. She gave me coupons for free coffee! It pays to be nice!

    Vera Waitress 11/6/11 7:10PM
  • I visit the the Starbucks location in grand Central Station ( the one located in the East side of the station).The staff there is always friendly and couteous especially one associate.....SABAH. She's always plesant, greets me with a kind word and most of all she knows what i have every morning. I think that knowing yur customer is the ultimate in customer service and Sabah displays that everyday.

    Anonymous 8/22/11 7:12AM
  • Fast Friendly service with great sense of humors. Its a great place to go to and relax after a meeting with my clients.

    us_buyer 10/11/10 1:41PM
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  • This is a wonderful work environment. Yes it gets super busy, sometimes there is a hold-up you have to work with and pick up someone's slack, BUT the customer-employee interaction is usually pretty rewarding and there are always opportunities to grow. Also if a move is in your future, there are usually stores willing and happy to help out.

    Cleiteln 2/3/12 12:29PM

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