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Symantec customer service is ranked #274 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 464 ratings. This score rates Symantec customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


414 Negative Comments out of 464 Total Comments is 89.22%.


50 Positive Comments out of 464 Total Comments is 10.78%.

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  • Do not purchase PC Cleanup service as Symantec will not know how to deal with it. They transferred me to 4 different telephone numbers with a total hold time of nearly three hours before I concluded it was a scam and my money is gone.

    Schotze 7/3/14 11:07AM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the trouble. I can certainly get the service for you or get your money back. Please send me the details at socialsupport[at]symantec[dot]com


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 7/7/14 10:07AM

  • the customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with. I requested online that the ultimate help desk be removed and noticed I had been charged 2 times since even after I asked the online rep. 3 times that I would not be charged anymore and he told me in detail that it was cancelled and there would be no more charges so since I received more charges I called and was waiting for 1hr and 30 min. all to be told I would have to call another number. so I called the number they gave and had to wait another 15 min. all for them to tell me they could refund the 2nd charge but not the first charge. I finally said "fine whatever just give me the 2nd months refund and Ill eat the other charge so I don't have to deal with yall anymore." I even told the rep. I had never even used the ultimate help desk and they still wouldn't give the refund. they say that they have no way to look at the chats that you had with online reps. which I don't believe and if they really cant then that's just ridiculous and especially for a billion dollar business. they obviously could care less about any of their customers. I WILL NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THEM EVER AGAIN AND I SUGGEST THAT OTHERS DONT EITHER.

    Anonymous 7/2/14 8:26AM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the trouble. That shouldn't have happened. Can you please send me an email with the details at socialsupport[at]symantec[dot]com so I can help you?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 7/3/14 9:24AM

  • On 2/3/14, I thought I had a virus on my computer and contacted them. They made me pay, UPFRONT, in order to escalate my issue. I paid $89.98 to have my laptop addressed. It turned out to be a hardware issue, whereby the tech assured me they would cancel and immediately refund my charge. He told me he needed to transfer me to the billing dept where I held for over 135 minutes! Without success, I hung up and decided to try at a later date. Nobody will tell you that: a) the number listed on your bank charges is a totally different department that does not handle billing, let alone refunds and customer service issues, b) that once you call, you must be transferred to, at least, 5 different toll free numbers to reach the correct NORTON LIVE Billing and Refund department, aka Customer Relations Dept at 877-788-4877. BEWARE, this is the ONLY number you need to call in order to request a refund if you have a NORTON LIVE subscription that charges you $89.98 upfront, then $19.99 per month - do they display this anywhere? Do they inform anyone of that? Absolutely NOT. I had to find that out over a 5-month span of unsuccessfully sitting on hold for hours on end, being transferred to bogus departments that tell you they escalated your issue but NOBODY ever calls you back.
    1) Call 877-788-4877
    2) Request Customer relations dept
    3) Document the name of the person
    4) Demand a CASE # that NOBODY will offer to provide you unless you ask for it and that is the ONLY way to ensure that your case is documented and actually escalated
    5) Only after 58 minutes of arguing, was I able to obtain one month's worth of refund, with the rest being 'escalated for review' again, whatever that may mean.
    6) Demand a cancellation confirmation number, not to be confused with the case number!!!

    Are you kidding me? And to have the gull to tell me that I did not try hard enough and that, had I tried, I would have reached the correct department? This company, Symantec & Norton Live are a sham and a fraud!!! BEWARE!!! You're better off with the Computer Geeks down the street for your tech support and virus removal!!

    eehhlove 6/18/14 4:31PM
    Official company reply


    I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I can certainly check why this has happened. Please send me an email with the details at socialsupport[at]symantec[dot]com so I can help you.


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 7/3/14 9:28AM

  • I have been mislead on numerous occasions by Symantec support on the use of Backup Exec. I have now lost two weeks of backups of my file server because a support "engineer" was unable to properly configure the backups. I had an engineer setup the backups because the previous setup was so flaky that I couldn't get reliable backups for more than a week without some kind of inexplicable error.

    Symantec is the absolute worst company I have dealt with in my over 10 years of IT experience.

    If anyone is considering a Symantec product, I would highly advise you to look elsewhere. Anywhere, under a rock in Russia, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, asking your neighbour's ten year old child would probably get you a better product and support.

    I will NEVER recommend Symantec to another soul as long as I breathe.

    If it were possible I would provide a rating of -10 for each category, but since I am unable to, 1's will have to suffice.

    pdrew 6/12/14 1:31PM
  • I have been trying, without success, for an hour to advise you of a change of bank details as my accoumt expires on 13 June and will be taken out of my oy account on 29 May. What shall I do to inform you of this information?

    Anonymous 5/20/14 4:58AM
  • i have spent all day trying to resolve a problem with restoring files back on my computer. all my videos are missing and i get a message that says some files couldn't be restored. since 11:25am i started chatting online with a technician who logged into my computer and started a restore process. he said that should fix problem, if not to call in. it took about an hour for the computer to restore. but videos were still missing. i called back and they did the same thing not taking into account that i had already done that on my own 3 times plus once with tech help. it took another hr to restore. nothing happened no videos. i called again and was told i had to be transfered to a manager because they couldn't do anything. i spent 3 hrs 5 mins on hold and then call got disconnected. i called back and told rep what had happened he then said he had to transfer me to manager because he couldn't do anything either. i waited again 3hrs 6 mins and call got disconnected again. it is now 9pm and my problem was not resolved. a whole day wasted. worst service ever. they do not know what they are doing.

    may 3/31/14 6:24PM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the inconvenience caused! That is not the support experience we want our customers to go through.

    Can you please send me an email with your account details at socialsupport[@]symantec[dot]com?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 4/1/14 4:39AM

  • I cannot speak to anyone in U.S.A.!!!, through any numbers listed on your sites. I do not want to wait 24 hours to speak to a company who's services I've been using faithfully for a number of years. Would I receive a 24 hour grace period if my yearly dues were late? It would appear to me, that it's all about money, not customer satisfaction.

    Unhappy Subscriber

    Anonymous 3/15/14 11:08AM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the delay in replying to this. I can certainly help you to reach out to our support team. Can you please send me the details of the problem at socialsupport[at]symantec[dot]com ?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 3/24/14 8:17AM

  • I purchased Norton in January and tried to install it but it said the Code had already been used, I ask for a refund from Symantec and went out and bought another virus protection from Walmart here in Ontario. I installed it and never had a problem until this morning when a message appeared on my computer telling me I had 15 days to re-new my Norton anti virus. What is going on with this company,I just paid for the protection and I have the receipt from Walmart to prove it. Wake up Norton and check my installation date and my Code which was accepted when I intalled your product . Wayne

    TWC 2/22/14 11:53AM
    Official company reply

    Hello Wayne,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I saw the email which you sent. I have checked the code and verified that it is an active one. I've also replied to your email with the steps to activate your Norton product.


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 2/24/14 10:34AM

  • To keep this unbelieveable example of inferior customer service short, after talking to an India based "customer (dis)service agent" for almost an hour (who wouldn't transfer me to someone in the States) I hung up on him. I then went to the web and found Symantec's Corporate Offices. I have now dialed that number half a dozen times. It is 10:40 AM Friday, February 21st. The Voice mail says for me to call back during "normal" business hours M-F, 8:00-5:00 PM it then automatically hangs up on you. Last time I checked Friday at 10:40 AM is during normal business hours. But since Symantec does not want to talk to it's customers, especially to hear of problems with their off-shore based "helpless desk" they don't answer their Corporate Number.

    Anonymous 2/21/14 1:10PM
    Official company reply


    Sorry to hear that! Can you please send me an email with the details to so I can get you a contact for the concerned team.


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 2/24/14 10:37AM

  • I received my credit card statement on Jan 17, 2014 of charging the annual renewal of Norton 360. I phoned to Norton customer service to cancel this renewal on the same day at 4:05pm, the customer service representative named Jennifer. She got my email address and telling me that it takes 3 to 5 business days for the processing of the cancellation. Today is Jan. 21, I wonder if it has been cancel? I am looking forward to hear your reply. Thanks.

    SunnyMilo 1/21/14 9:28PM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the trouble. I can certainly check this. Can you please send me your email address to


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 1/22/14 11:29AM

  • First Tech Was Incompetent And Needed To Transfer And Told Me I Would Be On Hold For 2-3 Minutes - I Was On Hold For 1 Hour And On The Phone A Total Of 4 Hours - Reps Were In India So There Was A Language Barrier - Norton Was Having Server Problems - Am Cancelling And Moving To Mcaffee Or Sophos Based After Comparing Services

    K 1/18/14 10:46AM
    Official company reply


    Sorry to hear about your experience with our support team. Can you please send me an email with the details to so I can help you fix these problems?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 1/21/14 4:30AM

  • it would most certainly be quicker to ask an archaeologist, because by the time one reaches the top of the waiting list initially asking for support has become ancient history. one might be best asking anywhere but norton, even their competitors would probably give advice on norton products for you if only to show you how shameful norton support is.

    whycan'ttheybecivilised 1/3/14 9:27PM
  • flipping awful. i try and contact them to resolve issues with the online chat and get put on an flipping 80 person waiting list. avg or malwarebytes provide plain old email addresses and online chat with waiting times of about 35 seconds. norton it seems has no value for it's customerrs as after waiting about an hour for a connection in chat it inexplicably cuts off with a bovinefaeces message of "circumstances we cannot control" and puts me back on an Flipping waiting list.

    whycan'ttheybecivilised 1/3/14 9:17PM
    Official company reply


    I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We had high volume in the past few days and that may be the reason why you had wait. I apologize for that.

    Can you please send me an email with the problem, so I can help you fix this. Here is my email address:

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 1/6/14 2:46AM

  • Customer Service number no longer exists. How can I get in touch?

    Anonymous 1/3/14 6:42AM
    Official company reply


    I am sorry, I somehow missed your message. Here are the contact options we have:

    You can also send me an email at or you can tweet us at @NortonSupport if you have any support issues.


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 1/12/14 8:19PM

  • I purchased Norton Internet Security from the Source and tried to install it on my computer,it said the Product Key had already been used. I tried three times with the same results. The store refuses to give me a refund.I also noticed the box had been sealed with clear tape. Trying to contact Norton is a joke.

    twcolt 12/30/13 2:06PM
    Official company reply


    Sorry for the trouble. Can you please send the Product Key to so I can take a look at it?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 1/1/14 10:27AM

  • Years ago I purchased Norton Ghost and have been using it to back up my C drive. Recently I lost everything on that drive and had to start over. I had 3 separate backups on separate external usb hard drives. However, Ghost failed to restore any of my over 1 million Outlook email messages. It worked for about 4 hours and didn't even produce a pst file. Each of the 3 backups failed the same way. This suggests a problem with Norton Ghost itself (version 15.0). The issue was with a level 2 case manager at Norton Support (case # 126 821 77). They promised to call me back last week but didn't. So last night at 7:22 pm I called them, using the number that was supposed to be "direct". I was in a phone wait until 9:05, almost 2 hours later. That person took control of my computer through a chat window, and explained that he was lower level support. He said he will transfer the chat directly to level 2 support. I waited almost another 4 hours with nothing from level 2 support. At 1:03 am I had enough and went to bed. In the morning I found that level 2 support had responded in the chat window at 3:57 am. There was also a phone message for me, saying to call them again. I cannot afford to spend this kind of time in their wait quesues, and I really don't believe they can get my emails back even if I did. Norton stinks, and my investment of time and money in the Ghost product was a terrible waste.

    Anonymous 12/11/13 10:07AM
    Official company reply

    Hello Erik,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I am Vineeth and I am from the Norton Support team. I can certainly help you with this.

    I sent you an email now, requesting further details. Please reply to the email with the updates status so I can help you solve this problem.


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 12/12/13 4:49AM

  • My Internet security licence was automatically renewed which I cancelled within 9 days and followed up monthly with 4 reminders when I did not received any acknowledgement or refund. Chatted online with Norton Support today and was only offered a 40% refund being part of policy. This is unfair treatment when Norton didn't respond to my cancellation nor did I download or use the renewed licensed product. SO to maximise profit, Norton only need to ignore its customer. Good luck to your company policy. I will reconsider all my other licenses with Norton.
    D Soong of Western Australia.

    Anonymous 12/10/13 10:00PM
    Official company reply


    I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused! That shouldn't have happened! I am Vineeth and I am from the Norton Support team.

    Can you please send me an email with your email address and other details so I can get this squared away for you? Here is my email address:


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 12/11/13 3:19AM

  • You have 2 sites that try & scam people... Norton acct. & norton anti-virus software & spyware removal! They tried to get 199 bucks to do a tuneup on my laptop just because I called needing help to install the new norton I bought from you online, never again!!

    kay 12/4/13 11:48AM
    Official company reply


    Sorry to hear that! I can certainly pass your feedback to the concerned team. Can you please contact me at so I can help you install the Norton product?


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 12/4/13 10:44PM

  • You are contracting with some shady people @ Norton Acct. & Norton anti virus software & spyware removal as I had trouble replacing my old norton & called them & they told me they needed 2 hrs with my computer to tune it & install norton for 199.99 & I said NO! I bought your product online & just needed tech support but they had me type in http/logmein123 & a guy named Jason tried to tell me if I didnt want to pay 199.99 then it would be 49.99!! No I will not pay any idiot more money after I have purchased a new Norton!! Why do you not have english speaking people working?? Is it corp greed that makes you outsource to foreigners?? I will NOT buy another norton after being with you 7 yrs & I will tell everyone to beware!! Elizabeth Dodd

    kay 11/26/13 8:03AM
    Official company reply

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Sorry to hear about your experience with our support team. I am Vineeth and I am from the Norton Support team.

    Can you please send me an e-mail with the details of the problem so I can help you fix it. Here is my email address:

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Norton Support

    NortonSupport 12/4/13 9:40AM

  • On 11/14/13 I found my pc to be slower so I checked my Norton file to see if all was up to date. To my suprise my pc protection was dropped. I checked my laptop and all was ok with 75 days coverage remaining.I was on family plan for 3 computers.I called customer service@ 8:02PM.The display said to expect a 5 minute wait.At 8:45PM I hung-up.My case # was.I will go buy another service.This was NOT the first bad encounter with Norton BUT it will be my last. BOB

    BOB 11/14/13 8:53PM
  • Tonight I talked with 3 different agents for over 30 minutes, repeatedly giving each of them the same information and requesting that they cancel my NortonLive service that I pay $31.19 a month for [since it can not be done on line]. After 30 minutes, I was told that the office I needed to talk with to cancel this service was closed.

    I protested and the agent agreed that he would have the appropriate office call me in the morning after 8 am my time. I hope they follow through.

    MaryinMaui 10/29/13 1:55AM
  • Your website is very hard to navigate. All I wanted to do was renew my security for one more year using a different charge card. I was able to do that on Oct. 6, 2013. Before I found where I was really supposed to go to I did a software upgrade for $43.29. I did not really understand what I was buying, but thought it would be the renewal I sought. It was charged on my charge card, which I had given permission to do, but I still don't know if that upgrade I purchased was really necessary just to continue my subscription. I was charged $43.29 on my Discover Card for software and $75.76 for annual renewal. Please advise if I really needed that $43.29 purchase just to renew. I want to be notified each year before my subscription for the renewal runs out. I do not want to automatically be renewed. I need to decide if I can cancel the software purchase for $43.29 and still have adequate security. If you could just list my previous order when I log on, and give me an option to renew without searching all over the place, I would deeply appreciate it. Betty Bibb

    Anonymous 10/26/13 9:55AM
  • I am very disappointed in the service I have received from Norton security on their billing. I was assured I had coverage and found out I have none and have been billed two times on my credit card. I intend to call my credit card supplier and have charges dropped and plan on not having anything else to do with Norton. the number on the billing was NP and done on 9/20/13.

    fielder judy 9/30/13 5:44PM
  • My wife purchased a I pad on Sept 1st 2013 She needed security on it so we went threw Norton on line. We have Norton on are other home computers. Well she was billed twice on her credit card 29.95 So she called Billing and the person she talked to her name was Kathy must have been having a bad day because she was rude to my wife all because we have two Norton accounts one in my name for the laptops and one in her name for the I pad. We have one I pad are Symantec that we bought for the I pad covered Three devices phones are I pad not laptops are tower computers. So why would we purchase it twice. So to cut it short. Kathy refunded my wife credit card.that was good. But she cancelled my Norton antivirus on my account and refunded my credit card what a joke and customer service All because we had two accounts showing up. Gilbert.Bailey

    cant beleave it 9/13/13 10:49AM
  • I renewed my internet security license & had difficulty loading. I called the recommended tech support number and got Mark on 8-11-13 who said I had many viruses, 30 people accessing my computer and conflict with installed Mc Afee and he could fix for $300. I hung up. I called ATT Connect tech who analyzed my computer and said none of this was true. I was almost scamed by the Symantec recommended number!!!

    scammed 8/13/13 10:39AM
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  • Last night, I wrote about my frustration with being unable to close my NortonLive Account. I'm now happy to report that either as a result of what I posted here last night or what I told the last person I spoke with at Symantec did the trick and as of 6:03 PM today (Oct 19, 2012) my NortonLive UHD Monthly Family Plan was closed for me. I am grateful and appreciate whoever made that happen.

    PS. The NortonLive Service itself was a lifesaver and necessary during the time I had it and it kept my 2 old pc computers running. I was happy with their service and only wanted to cancel because I had purchased new computers, transferred all my data from my old computers to my new ones and no longer needed their service.

    MaryinMaui 10/29/13 10:44PM
  • I had a fantastic experience with Norton 360 tech support tonight. I got the phone number from the program on my computer. I got through immediately. The tech was very patient talking me through the process of giving him remote access on a VERY slow laptop. Once connected, they spent over 2 hours checking for and correcting problems and loading a new 360 program we'd already purchased (the current one expired in a week). They were very courteous on the phone and on-line. Staples was going to charge me $150 to get rid of the viruses which they said Norton 360 missed and $90 for a different virus protection program. Norton 360 techs fixed the problems and installed the new 360 program and it was all FREE!

    Pam 8/5/13 8:26PM
  • Nilsgorette Tabiosa was amazing! He just spent almost 3 hours fixing my Norton installation after it stopped working. I can't say enough good things.

    Janet 7/2/13 6:24PM
  • I just worked with Nilsgorette Tabiosa and it was great! He answered all my questions and heled me out a lot. Very knowledgeable about the product and helped me every step of the way. This guy needs a raise!

    Anonymous 6/3/13 11:24PM
  • I was told I had a keylogger by some scam guys trying to sell me something. I had paid for Norton anti-virus. I did have to wait for a 30 minutes until I got someone but finally got someone who was obviously from India but was very polite and helped me quite a bit. They got the computer cleaned up and working. Now, this was just today but I am very happy. The rep was nice and polite and her supervisor that came on at the end was nice. I paid for the entire service but I could not remember if I had or not and Norton told me I had purchased the entire package and had anti-virus protection. If they were scamming me, they could have lied and I might have believed them. So far, I had a good experience.

    misha 1/7/13 4:46PM
  • I thought this went pretty well. Norton has some known issues and my guy knew what to do. Took a while to connect but hey, that is the problem with known issues.

    Anonymous 8/6/12 8:05PM
  • I would like to thank Partha Roy for the EXCELLENT help I received for my issues with Identity Safe today. It was greatly appreciated and was handled with great friendliness. Was not painful at all.

    Anonymous 7/30/12 3:53PM
  • I would just like to tell you that I had the most intelligent, nicest man to deal with today. You are so lucky to have such a guy. He solved all my problems in great time. Because of people like him I will never have anyone else but Norton. Thank you!

    Clmohney 5/29/12 9:09AM
  • 5/23/12. I just dealt with Srinivas Ponnaganti. He was so amazing. He spent major time with me fixing a very unusual problem(thanks to HP!). I'm sorry & depressed to read about the employees who aren't happy & treated badly with this company. Tech support specialists like Srinivas, deserve to be treated like the company is happy when employees go above & beyond. This is when employee incentives are deserved!!!
    By the way, the ratings below refer to my experience today with Srinivas Ponnaganti! 5/23/12 6:14AM
  • I just had a chat/support session with Tejendra Reddy starting 11:43 AM finishing at 12:19 PM. She was such great help to me. She actually remotely accessed my PC and cleaned it all up for me...To me this is amazing. I have an IT guy at work, now I feel like I have one at home too. Thank you soooo much for having Tejendra there, she is a great asset to your company.

    Carole 4/17/12 11:23PM
  • Symantec's customer service is awesome. Due to computer problems I wanted to restore my system using Norton Ghost 12. Not only did Symantec provide remote computer technical support and run the backup, the service was done on a weekend and at no charge. Needless to say I am very pleased that Symantec values the customer relationship and provided support for a legacy product.

    John V 4/1/12 7:01PM
  • Hello my name is Patti I was having problems with my computor and went on line with customer support.i waited less than 2 minutes. my tech. was Sreenivas pasupathi kottala he went through my computer and fixed the error messages and when i informed him of the vertual memorie problems that were not related to your program he took the time to help me until i was completely happy unfortunatly i need more problems but he was patient with me very curtios and helpfull with all of my needs and questions. thanks

    Patti 3/29/12 11:42PM
  • I called Norton for support and i had errors .
    I spoke to a guy from India and the support agent was awesome .
    And its the best service that we can get from the technology.
    Indians are the knowledgeable people .
    And posting about India is unfair.
    If you all feel that we dont understand English then its not our mistake .
    Its your mistake that you have to learn English.
    Indians are the only people who speak different languages.

    isaac 3/27/12 12:03AM
  • i was upset about my computer that it was slow and freezes very often . i had norton from the past 5 years i got in touch with the norton guys and they fixed my computer now i am satisfied that i had norton if you have any problems call them at 1 877 593 7086.

    david 3/2/12 12:47AM
  • Been using Norton for many years by now, i must say the new version of Norton is the best antivirus services available on the market. It is very compact, light yet powerful. Found many threats on my PC and prevented and deleted many threats and viruses.
    Customer service is pretty good, they are all well trained technically by symantec. Yes, there is an issue with call waiting, they must solve it.


    Joseph 2/27/12 5:24AM
  • OK - I did have problems. Some sort of Trojan Virus did get by Norton, but . . . . . I contacted their support team and between the two of us, the virus was irradiated and its 'damage' repaired. Such is life. By NO MEANS am I upset with Norton that the virus got thru. Virus makers are bastards pure a simple. Norton was there to help (and they helped me very efficiently). The Techs that I worked with are Kasari Peyyati (part time) and Naveen Kumar V. (most of the time) They did a great job and for that I am thankful. KUDOS to Norton !!

    mark 1/10/12 11:20AM
  • for the employee who left the comment you are somewhat right.But the customer call you for help that your job. Am sure that if the table were turn you would be acting the same way. So save it my brother. and get people that speak english and nicer to people

    Anonymous 11/10/11 9:36AM
  • My subscription was expiring, so I purchased a one-year renewal subscription. I was surprised to see the day after my "old" subscription ended, that my computer was at risk. After trying, unsuccessfully, to "fix" the problem myself, I called customer service and the glitch was resolved in a matter of a few minutes. It appears that my computer was not recognizing my new product key number. After I entered it, it was accepted, and I was in business. Thank you EUGENE for your assistance!

    DiscoDee 8/21/11 1:53PM
  • I just completed an extremely long converstion because i am unusually computer illiterate-but the person who helped me "navya" was beyond reproach! What an excellent experience i had case # 547343 Again THANK YOU NAVYA!!!!!

    collier9232 7/20/11 9:51PM
  • I have just had the most wonderful experience with one of your technicians. Unfortunately I forgot to write down his name. Everything he did for my computer worked out so very well and I just want to thank him so very much for all he did.

    Audrey Smith

    adrysmt 7/10/11 7:20AM
  • Someone saved my life tonight, and you are so lucky to have this person working for you...a one pleasant, kind and patient, MajidS. she is awesome!!! she had so much patience and saved my head from exploding. she was so nice, she actually calmed my anxiety of my life's work just being wiped out of existence...yeah, I was freaked out...she was a HERO! I cannot say enough great things about her, she amazed me!!! I really appreaciated her help, I hope you appreciate her...she is a TRUE asset to your company!

    (hope this is right) Majid S 7/5/11 12:55PM
  • Very impressed with the lady that assisted me with problem Case# 505419274!

    She represents your company very well.

    Neo 6/15/11 10:20PM
  • We had a technical problem installing norton and our analyst was VinayKumar Thirunahari, he was extremely helpful and efficient and very polite. Thank you.

    rogo1974 6/7/11 10:43AM
  • Yesterday I spent over 150 minutes on hold and hung up. This morning I spent over 120 minutes on hold and hung up.

    Checked out this web site and read the torture folks have gone through with Norton software. Took a look at the Positive comments and found the resolution. Dial the 877-294-5265 number and chose option 2. I needed a cancellation of an automatic subscription update, which I was able to obtain after waiting about 5 minutes on hold. Had them search on my credit card number(first 6 numbers, last 4 numbers), for my specific renewal date and amount. Looks like a fraud case, but Norton likes to dispute any charge. At least I'm already using a new credit card from my credit card company(USAA). They went to bat for me and I provided them the 9-digit confirmation number for this cancellation. Hopefully, they will get to the bottom of this matter. I've done what they required.

    helping-people 1/19/11 1:34PM
  • I had to wait about 45 minutes, but got good service when I finally got through

    JDATM 1/8/11 10:42PM
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  • I was a Norton tech support exec and i have just gone thru the comments posed by you guys..
    First thing is that YOU guys lets us know that u r not a tech savy.. on the contrary., you will not leave us to work in the computer as well.You dont even know the name of the opearting system that you have in your computer .. you are dont know how to open the Norton program.. then how the hell do you think that we can help you..

    Secondly.... You will change your Email address atleast two months once.. you will call us to get a refund a billing which is registered under an Email address which is atleat 3 or 4 years old and the funniest thing is you dont remember it also...have we ever told you that we are not going to process a refund... God!!!!!

    Thirdly... you dont nothing about the pop up that you get .. you dumbly click on it and you get a virus which is your mistake and you call shout at the tech for having a virus in the computer which obviously got in only because of the reason that you clicked....

    finally.... You shout at Norton for not hiring Americans as support tech.. for your information .. No American tech is ready to work for ten hours (with halfan hour break ) for a monthly salary for 250$.. and they would not stay calm .. sitting like a dead duck when you shout at them with F's and B's...

    Try to understand that we are trying to help you and we are striving to protect your computer..

    BOB 5/30/10 4:43AM

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