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T-Mobile customer service is ranked #439 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 2019 ratings. This score rates T-Mobile customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,891 Negative Comments out of 2,019 Total Comments is 93.66%.


128 Positive Comments out of 2,019 Total Comments is 6.34%.

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  • What's worse? 1) Talking to robots reading scripts in India and Pakistan? or 2) Trying to make a 20-something kid in Wichita, Kansas understand your problem with billing?

    Answer: each has its own set of frustrations. When you dial the "new" T-Mobile customer service, your call is answered by a relative kid with adequate command of the English language (which is a plus, compared to India), but they are not knowledgeable enough to help you with mechanical billing problems. Even when you ask for a "supervisor," you just get another "kid" who fills the cosmos with stock phrases about wanting to help me with my question, etc.--but will still be unable to answer your question.

    Steve 8/21/14 2:42PM
  • My husband and I spent an hour and a half on the phone with t-mobile today. We had one representative tell us that they DO give discounts on certain phones through the "classic" plan, but not the "value" plan. My husband and I talked and called back and then the representative said we needed to talk to a different department. After being transferred we were on hold for a long time. The next representative said they do NOT do this. In speaking to different managers we continued to get different stories. It is VERY DISAPPOINTING to get such CONFLICTING information from a company we are paying to service us. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED and looking into switching providers, even though we have been loyal customers with t-mobile for years. We had UNBELIEVABLY poor customer service!!!

    Disappointed 8/17/14 12:07PM
  • T-Mobile royally screwed me. I had an account with them from December 2008 to May 2011 that was in perfect standing. I went to a T-Mobile kiosk in a mall where they offered to cancel my account free of charge so I could switch to a better phone. Worked fine! Account was cancelled with no charge to me, and I got a new contract with a better phone.

    Another T-Mobile kiosk offered to do the same thing later down the road - but didn't cancel the account! In fact, they moved around the same phone number THREE TIMES. Each time incurring fees. After moving the same account 3 times, none of which I was aware of because the address where bills were sent were changed, AND they had even modified the phone number completely. Basically, FRAUD!

    I contacted T-Mobile to dispute it and they didn't do anything for me despite having a PERFECT history with them for my first account, and the OBVIOUS fact there was fraud with THREE ACCOUNTS having the same phone number and being moved around with changed addresses, phone numbers, etc. so I'd never be reached for a bill until several months of fees accumulated.

    I now have about $1,000 in CELL PHONES BILLS, my gosh, $1,000 IN CELL PHONE BILLS for THE SAME PHONE NUMBER that was moved around THREE TIMES. I'm careful with my credit, I've never maxed out a credit card and stopped paying, gotten a loan and forfeited on it, etc. But I now have $1,000 IN CELL PHONE BILLS!

    Save yourself the trouble of getting screwed by T-Mobile. Their service sucks, the time I had a Blackberry I could never even watch Youtube. The only good thing about T-Mobile is THEIR ADVERTISING.

    I was paying about $100/month with T-Mobile. I now pay $48.75 with Straight Talk for better service and no contract. T-Mobile gave 2 GB/month data, with Straight Talk I have 3 GB/month. I had 1,500 minutes/month with T-Mobile, I now have unlimited. I'm saving $50+ each month, and I'll never have to worry about it getting sent to collections for FRAUD from THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES!

    AlexC4478 8/12/14 8:07AM
  • Tmobile is a Scam!! They have charged for a line I canceled 2 years ago. I have called them time and time again about these charges and they gave me a runaround explanation that was confusing. Finally I get a truthful representative and found out I had over 800 dollars of charges. She gave me over to another department and they would only give me a 20 dollar credit! I argued with them and it did nothing. Good thing I have already switched!

    Tames992 8/9/14 5:21PM
  • This is why you should use AT&T or Verizon. The TMobile CEO is selling but not servicing customers. I was in Europe in three countries with a new G3 phone that did not work. The technical team put me through their gyrations 4 times with no solution while I was calling on my Verizon phone that worked everywhere that the TMobile G3 did not work. I returned to U.S. and still no help. Called customer service today. Understaffed and forever wait times. I called the new service line and got someone right away. They have people answering phones to get new customers but not to serve existing customers. They connected me to customer service no help. I asked to return phone and cancel service. They sent me to a woman that was no help. I asked her to send me to someone else. She sent me to a line that was not connected and just kept ringing and ringing. She did not want to escalate or have it recorded that she failed. This is the worst. I have been a customer for 12 years and I am leaving TMobile for good!!!

    MDMD 8/2/14 10:14AM
  • So I thought I would switch over to T-Mobile. I bought an unlocked phone and a sim card. Trying to get them to port my number? Impossible. First tried calling. The lady couldn't understand me. So I went into a store and stood there for 45minutes while she took my money and then had an error and had to call for help. My number was supposed to be ported within 48 hours.... Yeah, right. Most annoying part is they have no way to email customer service. The only way to reach them is through the call center... Where they don't understand English or it's too noisy or something. Stupid. Now I can't even get them to give me a refund. Worst. Customer support. Ever.

    brandnewenemy 8/1/14 7:45PM
  • I bought a new phone that was t-mobile and i did not want a contract so i did a month to month, thinking month to month was it started when i bought the phone. my first month lasted 3 days and a new month started so for 3 days i had to pay for a month, welcome to t-mobile, I regret even starting with t mobile and will pay the phone off by next billing and switch carriers. I will be letting as many people know of my experience as i can from now until i turn blue, i have people asking me all the time how i like my service, bad news travels fast. Greedy practices have a way of coming back to bite ya.

    mike 7/16/14 8:45PM
  • Communication skills were very poor. Different awnsers each time id call them. Very dissapointed. This is the poorest company customer service I have ever felt with

    Anonymous 7/14/14 3:11PM
  • I had been t mobile customer for close to 20 years, when issues with customer service. Finally, I had had enough, and switched to another carrier. When I received my final t mobile bill,it was for twice plus the usual bill. I noticed I had a $100 dollar charge for early termination Even though they no longer have contracts, I had signed a 2 yr contract in 2012. I was 2 months shy. O.K. I paid half of the bill. Cust svc called me the next day, and they were very aggressive in trying to get me to pay the remainder. I explained I would pay the remainder next month. I thought it was agreed upon, but now they are calling me 2-3 times a day.They don't understand that by being they will never get customers back, and the ones they have now, will soon tire of their lack of common sense.

    krmndan 7/11/14 3:26PM
  • I just switched from Boost to this crap T-Mobile. I was told this was a great company.That had great service. And nop. Its horrible. For my husbands and my phone we pay $180 a month. Which I thought I was gonna get a good service! The other reason I switched was for the phones! Sucky phones we got. I am so pissed.I just took my phone and they checked and said everything was good. Really? Their customer service was great in La Quinta Ca. But I regret making business with them. Don't recommend this Company at all.

    Anonymous 7/10/14 4:42PM
  • Tried to text early on a Sat. morning and got a message: "Short message transfer rejected". Tmobile customer service first tried to pretend the problem was my phone. They made me find a landline and reboot my cell phone. Only then did the send to to tech support. Turns out they had to "re-set the connection with the tower". This took more than a hlaf our out of my Saturday morning. I'm paying for this???

    Anonymous 7/5/14 8:02AM
  • what country does T-Mobile hire their service reps ? I am yet to speak with one I can understand at all .awe as customers pay good money for your poor service and it is time to say good bye to T-Mobile--terrible company ..

    Anonymous 6/28/14 7:37AM
  • What I learned today: Think twice, ask an annoying amount of questions and do your research. If you are thinking about switching to T-Mobile bc they will pay your termination fee, don't because they didn't. Just got a call from collections bc my ATT bill was still existing and now up to over $500. No one at T-Mobile informed me of the process that I had to go through to make this happen. They just said, "Oh yea, we will take care of that for you." Their service is terrible (I don't get service in my classroom in the big city of Dallas) and communication with their customers has been less than satisfactory. Their customer service is terrible and did not offer me anything to help the issue. At least ATT would give me a couple months of free unlimited internet or something similar when I had a complaint. I was told my bill would be $120 and is now $218 with no explanation as to why I was not informed any of this. Like everyone else, we are now stuck with them until the $700 phones (more than ATT charges) are paid off which on our current plan is 2 years. Don't do it!

    squirtalert 6/25/14 9:16AM
  • 6/17/14...Disappointing customer service at the T-mobile place at Girvin and Atlantic blvd today. No pleasant approach nor enthusiam. Uncomfortable place to go to for assistance. Need to re-train this 2 male employees about customer service.

    bertm 6/17/14 7:18AM
  • I was suppose to pay $94.65 which was the amount due, so I called and I pay the amount thru T-mobile's PAY-BY-PHONE system, the system give me a confirmations number and it confirmed that the amount I paid was $94.65, that afternoon I check my bank account online and I noticed that instead of taking $94.65 they took out $199.54, Apparently they took one month in advance with out me approving that amount, that other amount was not due until July 6, 2014 and this happen on June 05,2014. I called customer service to get a refund for the additional month they charged me, the manager asked me for the routing number and account number to be able to do the refund, I question her about why she was asking for that info if I pay that with a debit card not with a check, but she told me that she need it that info any ways, so I give her the info, this was on Friday, she told me that for sure I was going to get my money back on Monday, off course It never happen so I called Customer service on Monday again, The guy told me that for sure on Tuesday, I checked my bank account on Tuesday and off-course nothing was there yet, so I called again, then the lady me that for sure on Wednesday, I checked on Wednesday and nothing so I called again this time the customer service rep told me that apparently the manager that processed the refund on Friday made a mistake and processed the refund as a check so my bank declined because the payment was made with a debit card. This happen after I question the manager on Friday about why she was asking for my routing number if I did not pay with a check! and this was a manager? what kind of training they receive???? is been 8 days an nothing! They did a mistake when they tried to do the refund so they had to do it again so now I will have to wait another week. The customer service is the worst I have seen they are negligent and root and besides all this they try to convince you that it was your mistake.
    Every time I make a payment thru the phone I write down the confirmation number and the amount that the systems gives me. I wrote down the amount in my phone and it was $94.65 i did not imagined that, I wouldn't never approved $199 but the root customer service representatives from T-mobile will try to convince me that it was my fault.
    The real problem is that that money was the money I had to eat and put gas for one more week, because of this I had to overdrawn my bank account twice so now I have 2 overdraw fees for a total of $78 + all the time they are making me waist ad they don't care they won't do anything to solve the problem or rein verse me the overdraw fees that I incur in because of their negligence.
    T-MOBILE has the worst customer service and automatic systems!!!!!!!!!!

    XXMM 6/12/14 8:34AM
  • Worst customer service ever! I traded BB for a $200 credit towards an upgrade. Instead of taking the phone at the store they have you ship it out (which I did back March 7th) I called 2 weeks later to check on the status the they informed me that it takes 2 months for the credit. Ok waited 2 months called back they said no its takes 2 billing cycles... Alright waited 2 billing cycles called again. Rep. says I'll just give you a credit it will be in your account in 2 days. Still nothing I call back they said there is no note from your last call oh and btw we never got that BB so you wont be getting a credit. WHAT??? They asked for more time to investigate as if 3 months of them BSing me was not enough. Now I have to go and track the package through USPS. I will be closing my account. I think it was all a scam from the get go. They could have taken the phone at the store. T-Mobile BLOWS!

    Anonymous 6/10/14 8:23PM
  • OMG.....I got a plan with a free phone. The service worked, but my phone I couldn't hear out of it. I took it back and they sent me to the company of the Phone. I had to send my phone to them and be without a phone until they sent me one. so I spoke to a an uneducated, work for whatever I get female that sold it to me n the first place. IGNORANT and explains why they have her in the hood store. I went there thinking I was giving back to the community and you get what you get. Ignorant female hung up on me and then had the person from another country talk to me because I asked who owned it. He said cant tell me that, thinking I am from the hood. I contacted the local police, city and better business bureau. They need to see what else is sold out of there. They think because you come there you are like the folks there. NEVER DO BUSINESS at this location in Chicago on 7340Stony Island. THE WORST BUSINESS and SERVICE EVER. Makes T-Mobile LOOK REAL BAD.

    NotheHood 6/4/14 2:09PM
  • I was with tmobile for over ten years, the last 3 with my own seperate line. They have done everything from suspending my line, before my bill was even due, adding fees that make absolutely NO sense, tried to charge me suspension fees when my lines wernt suspending and now. I switched to ATT because I cant stand how disgustlingly they treat their customers. Its always our fault if something goes wrong and they preceeded to talk to me like im a child. Even better they took an unathorized payment from me for the month of may when i already paid it and told me even after they took the payment i would owe another 50 dollars because the bill wasnt proccessed. The nasty woman i talked to kept running me around in circles treating me like a had a hearing problem. I contacted my bank and filed a claim. I wonder if there is a way to team up and go after them for CRIMINAL ACTIONS! This kind of thing is illegal and they need to see the error of their pathetic, money stealing ways.

    GoBrankruptT-CRAPile! 6/3/14 4:36PM
  • I had T-Mobile several years ago. Had it for years, was a preferred customer, got discounts and lower rates. My daughter and I were on the same plan. Paid bills ahead of time. One day my daughter wanted her own cell plan and went to Version. I called T-Mobile to take her off my plan. Two (2) months later she was still on my plan and I was being charged. I spent three (3) weeks complaining to various Customer Service Reps about this. They refused to assist me until I pay the current charges and make the account current. Funny thing about all this was that they admitted that all my information and requests was in THEIR Notes. I finally got a supervisor who was able to remove my daughter from my account and remove the excess charges. Two (2) months after this I decided to drop T-Mobile and go with a prepaid phone with a different carrier. When I called to cancel my services the Customer Service Rep was rude and unruly. I did however, pay my account until the end of the month and was assured that the amount I paid was complete and no additional charges would be needed. I informed the Rep. that I was dropping them. I then ended up being transferred to their RETAIN Dept. where they try to convince you to stay with T-Mobile. After hearing their sermon for a number of minutes I interrupted the Rep and advised him that I was current on my account, had paid in advance so my account balance would be zero and that my service with them was over. I tried to hang up but the RETAIN DEPT Rep advised me that he could not stop my service until he completed his checklist(???). I told him that according to the previous rep, we were good on the amount owed, that he billed my credit card and that I no longer wanted their service. At this point the Retain Rep again stated that he needed to complete his checklist or he couldn't discontinue my service. At this point I disconnected. The bad news to this story is that I recently found out that T-Mobile continued to bill me for the next two (2) months. In addition, they did not contact me as I had moved and had a different phone number. I only found this out recently because I checked my Credit Report and it showed that I was being pursued by a Collections Company for non-payment.

    jd 5/31/14 9:39AM
  • Who knew? You can be a T Mobile customer, stay current on your bills and call T Mobile from own phone- and be told you're not a customer... repeatedly

    mcfly1600 5/16/14 1:13PM
  • I have had this company put an old bill from about 4 to 5 years ago on my credit report just a couple of months ago. I am having a very difficult time trying to get a hold of anyone that can explain to me why they waited so long to do so. I'm frustrated and upset. This has really hurt my chances in trying to purchase a home for my daughter and myself. Don't go to T-Mobile for anything. They are deceitful and don't care about your problems.

    Very Hurt 5/15/14 9:31AM
  • T mobile is crap with no service and cheaters extending contracts without authorization...liars! When contract is complete the add on another month or two ... My last two year contract was done 12//13 but they added six months more...bill is always paid on time but I'm constantly without service to hour to days at a time...I have recorded my last two contacts with them and am filing an FCC complaint a consumer fraud complaint Ana a complaint with the BBB.I paid for unlimited web for over two years and could never go on line...just found out mobile provides no internet services and never have profit my service that there are only a few weeks to go on this fraudulent contract they are cutting my calling service so I can only make emergency calls...I'm lucky if I have three hours out of a twenty four day in which I can make o receive calls...I'm totally fed up with mobile...they have ripped me off for 9 years...I hope and pray they go belly up!

    Anonymous 5/12/14 3:09PM
  • I'm a T-Mobile customer in Hungary, where T-Mobile is the dominant provider. Essentially, they make so much money they don't give a damn. There are almost no seats in the "service" centres in supermarkets like Auchan and Tesco. The service people are 1) Snooty and unhelpful in the posher parts (Budagyongy in Budapest), 2) overworked and indifferent in other places. Waiting times are atrocious. I was in the Mammut service centre in Budapest at 11.30 a.m. on an April weekday, where a third to a half of the desks were unmanned (or womnanned). The place had seating for about eight people and all of them were occupied all the time.A lot of customers were standing around waiting. The man next to me waited half an hour to see someone, There were four people ahead of me and in the 45 minutes I waited only one of them was seen. So I gave up. My other neighbour, a woman, also gave up. During the whole time I was there nobody appeared to be checking what the employees were doing and how many people were waiting. It was a thoroughly discouraging experience.

    David 4/30/14 11:33AM
  • Switched to T-Mobile in January of 2014 and was supposed to receive the early termination fee that was advertised. Submitted my last bill from previous carrier on February 14. Wasn't told when I switched that this was actually a rebate and would take up to 8 weeks to receive the money. Received an e-mail from T-Mobile on March 6 stating they received my final bill. As of today April 29 I still haven't received the ETF money that was promised. In fact was told that this submission was denied. No one has told me why this was denied. I drove to the T-Mobile store where that handled all the paperwork and had actually sent the final bill to T-Mobile and they seemed surprised that it was denied and that I hadn't already received the rebate. They turned my case over to their "escalation" department to find out why it was denied and said it would be another week before I heard anything. Well it's a week today and no one has an answer, in fact they want me to submit another copy of the final bill from Verizon. If anyone ever reads these review BEFORE they switch PLEASE note that this company is not a reliable company. And good luck trying to get answers to basic questions like "why was this denied?" "what would be a reason for this being denied?"

    still waiting 4/29/14 11:30AM
  • I do not know how communication works with T-mobile team. If I have to provide or remember the name of the last person I spoke with before a problem is resolved, then there is a question mark. It is not polite for a customer service person to keep insisting that a customer should name their personnel who tried to resolve his /her (customer's) concerns previously and if she cannot remember the name nothing will be done regarding the previous concern. In addition, how many times should a customer has to call on the same issue? Terrible Experience.

    Baby 4/23/14 11:16AM
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  • i have a complaint..brought a phone from t-mobile plus a $25 case..went back to the store with a small problem i had..first thing that was done is the guy took off the case to ck. the battery only took a few seconds.. left the store went to work phone in my bag cannot use it during wk.came home went to use the phone long story short case not on no where calling..couldn't get there until a few days one knows a thing manager said nothing can be done..i am out $25..not even two months old..

    gayle 8/16/14 8:52AM
  • I have had TMobile for nearly 20 years, first through my employer and then personal line, adding family members over the years to a Family Talk & Text plan. Explanations of the plans on are thorough.

    I want to RAVE about TMobile's Technical Support reps. They are pleasant, smart and endlessly patient. It is just natural that as technical improvements occur and better phones available continuously, users will at some point have a phone issue that you just cannot troubleshoot for yourself. The Tech Support reps are happy to help and answer your questions from the simple on up to impossible. I have never experienced an inept or dismissive Tech rep yet. THANK YOU to them and they deserve my high rating.

    TirefireJanna 7/1/14 7:26PM
  • I called T-Mobile yesterday, to make some changes to how my account was set up. Their focus on customer service greatly exceeded my expectations. Was there a phone tree, yes, but the phone tree was actually designed to detect when the customer (me) was getting frustrated and when it did it immediately put me into contact with a representative. Was the representative reading a script, yes but it was creative and the representative, well she made me feel like she was my personal advocate within t-mobile. For example when she answered the phone and introduced herself she she followed it with "How may I be unstoppable in resolving your issue today". Did I mention that I was talking to someone in the USA, someone that spoke english well, the background even sounded like a real office environment in America. She made the account changes, and volunteered to (and proceeded to) close out of my account and open it up again to double check that the changes were implemented so that the next time we called we could be certain that it would be pulled up properly. While I was on the phone I mentioned that I had experienced two dropped calls while driving (2 only 2) she got gracefully and expeditiously got me connected to an analyst using a well executed warm transfer. The analyst listened to the issue and proposed a resolution that was phone specific mind you. I haven't experienced the issue again. The dropped call problem wasn't even with their network it was due to a stupid choice in default setting on my (Samsung) phone. Bravo and well done T-Mobile! This is customer service done right!

    VerySatisfied 6/11/14 6:41AM
  • Today I received perfect customer service Bakerview location in Bellingham Washington. The nice young lady very good very good care of me and even put my screen protector on my phone!

    Anonymous 5/24/14 1:54PM
  • Customer service Jordan and tech person Xavier were so very helpful AND patient with me and my tech ineptitude. As they helped me thru the issues that I had I was able to learn a LOT about my mobile device. I am grateful and at the same time a bit perplexed as to why T-Mobile received such a low customer service rating from 1400 people. I hve been with T-Mobile for over 5 years and they have ALWAYS given me all that I need from customer service. Again, thank you Jordan and Xavier.

    jadagli 5/16/14 11:03AM
  • I would like to report a very satisfying experience with an issue I was having with my bill. "Drew" engaged me in a live chat and within minutes he had a satisfactory solution to my issue. Kudos to Drew. If I used twitter I'd have done that. I can only hope his boss(es) read this and give him a raise. I also appreciate that he was empowered to make a decision at the lowest level and I didn't have to be bounced around like other places. Thanks Drew.

    Mike C

    Mike 5/12/14 1:29PM
  • It's kinda late, this happened like two weeks ago but I have a story to share!! You know how when you call the customer care services of companies and there is always a lot of drama. You get put on hold, transfered 6 times, hung up on 4 times and then you get told flat out that there is "NO" way to help you. This totally happened to me because of T-Mobile, I was on the phone over six hours and at my wits end when finally a woman answered the phone and saved me from this hell-ish experience!! She made a few calls and bam this aching, headache causing problem disappeared in 5 minutes!! I thanked her a bunch of times and asked her name?? And you just wouldn't believe the answer!! :D She said her name was "Angle". I kid you not!! Hahaha!! Thank You kindly, you should totally get a raise!! #Best Customer Service, #Angle from T-Mobile, #Many Thanks, #NEEDS A RAISE!! Please use my numbef to see the operators that "helped me" and give Angle a huge raise!!

    H.S. 4/30/14 8:47PM
  • there is a lot of in the 40160 zip been told that is a network problem Cant talk to real person T- Mobile has a real problem will bee looking into another service

    Sonny 2/24/14 6:14PM
  • I have always found customer service to be spot on and they have always resolved any problem I had.I would never change phone providers been with them years ,its not like I am paying them loads of money either I only pay for my sim card monthly and have always been very satisfied.

    milly 2/19/14 12:42PM
  • I recently upgraded from a Samsung Gravity to Samsung Galaxy Note II. I did not know how to dial out or access my contacts. I called Customer Support and spoke with Myra from Texas. She walked me through the process. She was nice, patient and very knowledgeable.

    Anonymous 2/4/14 7:14PM
  • I've been a customer with T-Mobile for 12 years. Iâ??d like to take this opportunity to recognize a Retail Store Associate T-Mobile. Reece has shown an outstanding and extra ordinary performance. His actions and dedication to his customers are truly a remarkable. He explains your options and what his recommendations. He takes that extra mile to help his customers. T-Mobile is slowly regaining my trust due to Reece Oshiro excellent customer service. With all that said, he deserves a 10+.

    From the previous years, I've been disappointed with the services I've received from other sales associates. Especially, when I've upgraded my daughtersâ?? cell phone and was given a defective product. Tried to return it and I was given the run around treatment. To make the story short, the issue had to be elevated to Mr. Dan Whitten, who I believe at that time, the top person who oversees the T-Mobile Kiosks.

    Anonymous 2/4/14 2:57AM
  • This could be a complement or too it could be a complaint, however, I must say, the young foreign lady I spoke with spoke perfect English and did her best to assist. The problem is that even though she spoke perfect English, her ability to comprehend what I was saying was sadly missing. In the end, about 45 minutes later, she finally was able to grasp the jest of questions. I kept my cool as I could tell she was doing her best to understand the problem. I didn't get her name, but I greatly appreciated her concern for me, the caller to Customer Support Service.


    Anonymous 1/21/14 10:24PM
  • I bought a SIM card and unlimited $50.00 plan for a T-Mobile phone I owned from Wal-Mart (keep in mind that I asked the Electronics Department personnel there what I needed, with the PHONE IN MY HAND!) The SIM card was too small, which they returned; however, they would not return the $50.00 minutes card. I called the Winston-Salem, NC store on Frontis Plaza Blvd and spoke with Julia Trickey. She assured me she could help. We made the 20 minute trip to Winston yesterday, but did not have the minute card with us. We went back again today, hoping against all hope that she could make the Wal-Mart card work with the SIM card that she sold us (at a much, much better price than Wal-Mart did, by the way!). She really saved the day for us; she sat with us and argued with computer systems to get the phone activiated for us. She also informed me of the great "no credit check" family plan that is available. I am under contract with Verizon, and have been with them for over 15 years. Thanks to Julia's helpfulness, and great information, we will go back into this T-Mobile store in January to sign up for a family plan with T-Mobile. I cannot thank her enough!!!

    Kimberly Grooms
    Lexington, NC

    kgrooms 12/27/13 3:11PM
  • i just called cust service about my misbehaving phone and had a wonderful experience. thank you so much excellent cust sevice lady.

    mike 12/8/13 5:19PM
  • We had let our annual contract expire a few days before. Jamie, store manager, 390 Miracle Mile Dr., Rochester, NY was most helpful. We told him our problem and he immediately recovered our lost roll-over minutes and renewed us for another year. You can't ask for more than that! What a nice feeling to know we are a valued customer.

    Good Job T-Mobile 11/30/13 11:18AM
  • Today, 10/9/2013, my husband and I visited the T-Mobile store at 2130 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth, GA. We’ve been there a few times before and until today we have never had complain of the service. The employees were always pleasant and knowledgeable. I wanted to buy a new phone so I was looking at a couple of models. We did not know there was a woman, one of the employees, who was making some sort of a list. We were at the store about 15-20 minutes, so around 6:00 pm I was ready with my choice and stepped to the cashier, a girl came and asked how she can help. That woman, maybe a manager of the shift, who knows, came and told the girl to go and help somebody else because I did not sign. I told her I wasn’t aware of it ant she rudely said “I sign”. Her demand was “What is your name?”. Really? What about customer satisfaction lady? Anyway, I told her my name and probably this would be the end, but when the girl stated I was in store before the other customer that-sign-in lady impolitely said to me “You just walked in”, and after my explanation that I was there for 15 minutes, she just said that she didn’t see me. Not even a smile or apology. She really needs extra classes how to work with customers. Well, I said good-buy, and that there are other stores. I am a loyal T-Mobile customer for 14 years, and went through all metamorphoses the company went, and I think they are the best. I am not breaking our good relationship with T- Mobile because of an (feel free to think of a word).

    RKostova 10/9/13 6:00PM
  • I have been a T-Mobile customer for many years and I am pleased with my service. Recently I bought a new phone and received extremely great service by Jonathon at , Phoenix, Arizona 85085. There was a problem with the register and my account so they held my phone and called me everyday until it was straightened out. He did everything in his power to make me happy with my new purchase. He even helped me move my contacts and pictures to my new phone. Jonathon was very personable and went over and above his duties. You are lucky to have him as an employee and I would definitely do business with him again.

    Anonymous 9/16/13 3:06PM
  • Since two months after getting a new contract with new phones, we discovered the three Samsung Gravity TXT phones were defective. T-Mobile has ignored two registered letters. A representative called doing a satisfaction survey for T-Mobile. She said she would have someone call us and take care of it right away and we never heard from someone. Just spent over an hour with T-Mobile customer support. Bottom line: too bad, not our problem. We can buyout the rest of our contract or live with seriously defective phones. The countdown has begun - only 11 more months of T-Mobile bondage!

    Don 9/10/13 7:55PM
  • My customer service at the T-Mobile store on North Clark St in Chicago was above and beyond any expectation. David N is amazing and very patient with those of us that are cell phone challenged.
    He is why I choose to stay with T-Mobile. He is not only very knowledgeable about the product but understands the customers needs.
    I am not sure how to give his supervisor my comments but I sure hope they know how valuable he is to T-Mobile.

    Chicago.cindy11 9/9/13 11:46AM
  • My problems w/ TMo go way back. But, most of those issues have been resolved.

    One of the most serious of all was when I had my phone replaced & TMo claimed they didn't have a replacement and wanted me to go into the Tmo store and get a stand by phone till they got my model. I didn't want to do that and the jerk I was speaking to said, "Then there's nothing else I can do.." He was rude and even hung up on me because I told him that I was recording the call.

    When I finally did get my phone replaced, it was said that I never sent in my defective phone. This caused a lot of stress for me. It went on for about 3 months. I didn't know what else to do so I shared my story on the TMobile Forum site and an agent emailed me for more information and in an hour, she cleared up the whole mess! The 1200+ bill was erased and I was relieved.

    I advise any TMo customer who has problems being heard or getting their issues handled to go to their forums and write your problem there and someone will get in touch with you shortly and more likely handle the issue. I too cannot stand calling T Mobile but then again, I hate calling any company because it's the same annoyances however, more times then not, they'll be polite. I can't blame all of T Mobile for the 2 jerks I dealt with on those other issues.

    I prefer GSM technology and out of the two here in the US, T Mobile is affordable of the two. Never had AT&T but they're prices are way up! Same with Verizon, Sprint seems cheap but I don't like their phones.

    Also, T Mobile has this new installment plan where you put a down payment on a phone and pay the phone off as you go. The bigger the down payment, the less you pay a month. I was one of the first customers to join this deal while they tested it almost two years ago. I only paid 50 dollars up front plus tax, plus got a 150 dollar rebate (5 or 6 weeks later of course), and they counted both the 50 dollar and 150 rebate as a downpayment of 200, so really I got the phone for just over 400 after all said and done. I like this new plan-with it, I can upgrade again and again without waiting for the stupid 2 years are up on contract. I've been hit with some hard times financially but, when money permits me to do so, I'm for sure going to upgrade my phone. The one I have is outdated but, that isn't TMo's fault.

    Until I have no reason to use a cell phone, I'll always stay with T Mobile. And this is coming from someone who just a year ago absolutely hated this company! It's been over 3 years this time around (had TMo in 2000) and finally I'm happy with them.

    My Key command post 6/28/13 5:32AM
  • We have been T Mobile customers forever. I want to compliment one of your people I called for some help starting a new phone and was so happy with the service and advice that I want to tell you I spoke with TEROD, no last name, and he was so patient and helpful! He is one valuable employee. Good job, Terod.

    Anonymous 6/2/13 8:23AM
  • I've had the single most stark contrast in customer service in the last few days.
    But I'm talking for the latest, and best, here.

    I had the great fortune to talk with a gentleman named Michael about canceling my prepaid phone, transferring that number to the one I have now, which already has a number 3 days old.

    I spoke to the in-store salesperson, and 2 different representatives before Michael.

    I know for a fact, due to butchered attempts by ignorant representatives, that its a series of separate processes to complete the process, not one single movement.

    Yet this man made it look like it wasn't anything.

    He asked me few questions, was extremely polite, and got the job done in UNDER 5 MINUTES. From the time I called them to hanging up.

    Every company has its bad and good representatives. That is absolutely true.
    But for the bad ones, the last 2 (A lady named Anne I believe who was very helpful too) made it up to me.

    Don't judge a company entirely for its customer support. As a couple of people have said, most of the issues are customer's own stoopid fault.

    Zafy 5/3/13 1:48PM
  • T-mobile gets a bad wrap a lot, which is well deserved, but many people are trashing T-mobile for their own errors or stupidity. Like the guy who claimed T-mobile stole $95 bucks from him. EVERY prepaid cell provider is very upfront about NOT refunding prepaid minutes. Your should have taken this into consideration when you dumped T-mo prepay just after putting a hundred bucks on your phone. So in this case it was not T-mobile's fault but an impulsive customer deciding to jump ship. T-mo used phones are very easy to find on eBay and even Goodwill stores, so for a few bucks he could have limped on T-mo service till his $100 ran out and then started service with another carrier.

    oregron 4/5/13 10:55PM
  • T-Mobile has stepped up 100%. I got an operator that I did not like named Mary sound like an old Asian lady, I hung up with hopes of getting someone better. I got Brook who was great. Better attitude from the way she handled my call from start to finish. She totally looks over your acct and assure you are getting the best deal while being able to understand you from the start. My last couple of calls to T-Mobile this year has been out of sight, TERRIFIC. It's not T-Mobile it's just some of the people that represent them, but more good people are drowning out the bad reps..

    SHE 4/5/13 2:27PM
  • My phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) recently died. I was travelling to Pittsburgh and it went dead the first night I was there. There was a T-Mobile store right next to my hotel and that's where I went in the morning. My contract was not up until December. I had no insurance and my warranty was no longer valid.

    I was hoping they could find a fix for my phone, but they told me there was no way they could and that it was a common problem with this phone. Apparently 1 out of every 6 phones got messed up (black screen and constant vibrating) after the latest upgrade. Mine was part of that 1. The people there at the store tried to find a solution - buy a temp phone for 200.00 (that wouldn't effect my renewal upgrade and no contract) but the phone was subpar and I'm picky. They told me if I wanted to buy a SG3, that it would cost about 600.00. I was travelling and I needed a phone, so I was *this* close to just buying the Galaxy 3 before my contract was up.

    One last ditch effort was suggested and that was to call customer care and explain my problem. And that I had an edge in my favor because of my phone's common problem. Well, after talking with customer care for about 20 minutes, they went over my record (customer since 2008 without a late payment) and they decided to give me my upgrade early early for only 100.00. (100.00 rebate). They saved my trip. Thank you!

    Tee Mobel 3/30/13 2:07PM
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  • I got hired to work at T-mobile as a customer service representative. I did training for 2 months but during those two months they would put us out to the phones. The training was horrible. When I got to the phones I had some weird customers call me. All of them usually had a late bill up to like 300 dollars due, most of the customers wouldn't fess up to pay (then the team trainees behind you are making you become stern and demand payment! then on top of that they want you to ask them for more money) It was horrible. Some of the customers would lie just not to pay. Some were very rude, and wouldn't let me talk it was the worst thing I ever went through. And on top of it all you have to be patient and nice, and make metric goals. You got me TWISTED up T-Mobile. YOU SUCK BALLS. I HOPE THE COMPANY BURNS. No wonder they have massage chairs, and all these goodies while your on your break because your brains get splattered all over while your taking these calls. Plus sometimes you can't even understand the customers. Then they expect you to sell stuff to people who are suppose to pay it is horrible JUST HORRIBLE! I cannot believe they allow this organization to roll like this. The team leader that I had was a obese woman who wore whorish stilettoes to work and was just unprofessional. Tabitha Sherman is the most disgusting person .... ew In chattanooga TN. YOU DIE IF YOUR READING THIS.YOU FAT THING. and her lame crew. By the way if you are not in with the "team crew" they out u. So unprofessional and so unorganized, the system is a big money making machine, they want you to provide customers with outstanding advice and want you be stern and pull out every dollar you can. I do not wish you to work there, and don't because it will be hectic and not good. Best of luck !

    Ihatetmobile5656 5/31/13 6:53PM

  • i have worked for several call centers and tmobile has the most complaining, wanting something for nothing,rude, disrespectful customers i have ever encountered. Listen customers who may be reading this! Be Nice! and a csr may go above and beyond for you. I know i will. But all day i am on the phone dealing with someone who is irate and it is usually the customers lack of reading contract, overages that the customer incurred on their own accord, but yelling at us, cussing at us. "let me speak to a Supervisor" Realize that the person on the other end of the phone is actually an advocate for you. I work with 400 agents and every one of them would go above and beyond for a customer but it makes it hard when a person calls you pissed yelling cussing, and its your first time looking at the acct. realize that yes at the end of the call we move on. my bill is correct, my services are great. my device works properly.So be nice, remember you called me and its just the right thing to do-treat ppl as you would have them treat you.

    tiredoftmocustomers 5/20/13 10:34AM

  • I am shutting off my t mobile service today. I have had t mobile for 7 years. I got it when I first started working there. T Mobile use to be a great company.... it has gone to hell. I left the company a long time ago... right when they started splitting districts and firing all the management... they didn't used to charge for upgrading. They charge for everything now. The phone I have right now has been replaced 4 times. The problem was APN settings.. not the phone... it took me months to figure it out. The phone I have now is a piece of crap.. turns off at random. I am following pace with all my friends and going over to a monthly prepaid... my phone bill will be more than cut in half.. it's just not worth it anymore.

    dark carnival 10/19/12 3:18AM

  • Iam also a former tmobile employee. I was fired recently for the reasons: I did not meet my goals that I had supposedly committed to after I was given their "Decision" time ultimatum. I came to this company about 12 months ago and I was never able to meet their overall "Metrics" requirements. I was there long enough to experience first hand the intimidation and harassment that front line employees are constantly subjected to. This is only the 2nd job I have ever been fired from in over 40 years that I have been actively employed. None the less, my termination actually brought an immediate sense of relief and freedom. The culture in the call center is so "toxic" that I had fellow employees as well as myself just hoping and praying for tmobile to terminate us so we can be able to get unemployment and just move on. This company has such warped mentality on how to implement "customer service." I made comments on one of my coachings with my coach and manager as to how our style of customer service was impacting our customers and causing tmobile to lose such a large number of customers and after that, they ramped up the pressure and shortly after that called me in to another "coaching" and gave me their feared "Decision" time. On "Decision" time, the enmployee is sent home for the rest of that day shift and advised to return with an action plan called (SMART). Of which each letter stands for something (Idealistic). This plan is just a pretext or further step in their termination process. When I first stated working at tmobile, I was actually proud and actively promoting the company to my friends and relatives. But several months later, after seeing and living the "bad customer experience", I actually started warning everyone that asked me about the tmobile phone service (this was off the phone) to stay away and choose another phone carrier, any other phone carrier. This company (tmobile) is so infected with fraud and deception upon the customers, that if it lasts 2 more years, that will be incredible. The customer "attrition" rate alone is decimating to the company. I personally took an average of approximately 40 calls per 8 hour shift and since I was in the Retention Department, most of those calls were customers requesting to cancell their services. The other calls were what we called "contract dispute" issues. Or, they ended as contract disputes. The customer would call in and request to know their contract end date and or request a disconnect and after informing them they were still under contract for "X" number of months, they would go "Postal" because they were unaware their contracts had been extended without their knowledge and or authorization. And to add further pain to injury, they were advised to write a letter to the "Contract Review" department (Customer Relations) disputing their contracts. This "contract review" process seems to be designed to further frustrate the customer because they would call back in a month complaining that they hadn't heard back from Customer Relations and if they had, it was not a favorable response to their dispute. Aside from that, tmobile's biggest fallacy is their "Metrics" which employees have to meet or get terminated. The customer care reps are constantly transferring them (usually cold transfers) to other departments in their efforts to meet one of the main metrics CRT (call handle time). Their theory is that if this individual metric of 535 seconds per call is met, all the other metrics will just naturally line up and fall into place. So, all it takes to screw up your day as a customer care rep, is 2 or 3 20+ minute calls and that leaves you (the rep) scrambling and looking for shortcuts like dropped calls and "hurried up transfers" to end up the shift at a somewhat respectable under "600" seconds of CRT. Their other most prominent and "sense of urgency" metric is CPH (contracts per hour), which is currently at a 1.1 contracts per hour minimum. This is the most difficult to meet because in my department which was "Retention", it is difficult and most times insulting to the customers calling in to be upsold when they are already upset with tmobile and they are seeking resolution to their billing and contract disputes. This one is probably the reason that caused them to call in in the first place. Like their contracts being renewed without their knowledge or consent because some representative over the phone or at the tmobile store renewed their contracts or added "clandestine" charges to their account. Also in their "frantic" effort to regain respectability in the "J D Powers" ratings, they are heavily emphasizing their VOC (Voice of the Customer) metric. This metric is one where the representative is either going to get a 1 (lowest) or a 6 (highest) based on the customer resolution. It is impossible to avoid ever getting a 1 or 2 rating which will land you in a heated coaching session because 95 percent of our customers are extremely irate by the time we would get that call. The leadership just naturally places the blame for the low score on the representive. Two low scores in the same week is what started my "demise" from the company. It was during the ensuing coaching that followed that I expressed my thoughts on how to better improve the overall customer experience. Which of course led to my termination or "Seperation" as they like to term it. My advice to all customers that are experiencing billing and contractual issues is to immediately contact their state Better Business Bureau and or their state Regulatory Commission and voice their complaints if tmobile starts with their usual "runaround" responses. Tmobile seems to think that they are "Too Big To Fail" and their recent cash infusion from the failed merger with AT&T has raised their level of arrogance and audacity.

    Agent Oso 8/22/12 10:25AM

  • I just recently left T-Mobile's call center where I was employed. They preach how important their customers are to them and how we are supposed to resolve the issues the customers are having.
    Then, they only allow the Rep.'s to spend no more than 6 minutes on the phone and then we are told to get off the phone.
    How the hell can a company say they care and then put a time limit on the phone call. Especially when their systems suck and information is almost impossible to find to answer the questions.
    They also make their Cust. Svc. Rep.'s make a sales offer on every call. So, if you really think about it, they are having their Rep.'s hurry through the service portion of the call and hurry up and add more stuff on the customers account.
    Then, they hire a bunch of 18-20 year old kids that know nothing about business or servicing a customer well to get the job done.
    I have moral standards that I live by and will not go to work at a place, no matter how nice the work environment is, that does not give a crap about the customers.

    Mickey 8/21/12 3:32PM

  • I am a former employee for t mobile. let me tell you from first hand experince that the company suck.They do not care about there employees or for the customer. I was fired from the company because of fmla for my daughter who almost died from third and fourth degree burns on 85% of her body.Instead of saying I ran out of hours for fmla or letting me go on an leave of absent they let me go because they said i had too many employee phone acct. Which i did not use t mobile because I didn't receive good service at my home. If they treat employees this way why would anyone think that they would get good customer service from an company that does not care about human life.Not only did Verizon start my acct with them. They gave it to me free of charge for life a time. That's great customer service.Am from a small town in the south and t mobile was my family choice of service,not any more. They all dropped t mobile and gone to Verizon. Thank you so much about not caring about me or my daughter because would not have a great company that cares.

    wy2cky2 8/16/12 10:41AM

  • I am recent hire at a T-Mobile call center as a Tier 1 General Care Representative. So far my experience has mirrored most of the negative employee comments posted here. I was hired on the pretense that sales would be a part of the job, however, at no point was it explained to me just how much the focus on sales was. I am currently at the end of week 5 of training and have relegated to the fact that I am most likely not going to have a job in 3 weeks time. I have brought my concerns to both my Senior Rep and my trainer/coach. I have also already been brought into their so called "Huddle Room" to sit with my trainer for over an hour to discuss the fact that I need to make "a decision." We currently are required to make a sales offer on EVERY SINGLE CALL. It doesn't matter what type of customer or what their situation; offer, offer, offer. 10GB, 10GB, 10GB. This is all everybody cares about. It's all about the bottom line and the customer comes last. Anyone that gets in the way of this gets let go. It seems is though the only decision I have to make is whether I choose to resign on my own volition or somehow get fired. The metrics and standards they require are unrealistic and most likely unattainable for someone like me who tries to act with integrity and ethics. 90% of my calls are customers complaining about their ever fluctuating bill being too high. Am I really expected to sell these poor people services they don't want, don't need, or simply cannot afford. According to T-Mobile I am. All day long you hear coaches around the center yelling out praise for all the sales being made. Not once do you hear this praise for a customer being treated with dignity and respect. It's really quite disgusting if you ask me. SPPH this and SPPH that. Keep your CRT down, make sure you don't take hits on your iOCR. It really seems to me this is actually a cake and eat it too situation. I once asked what was more important; customer service or sales. And of course I was told both. However, if you are an all-star salesperson you can still keep your job if your other numbers are down. Don't expect that to work the other way around, because it won't. After 5 weeks of this nonsense I can't wait until the time comes where they just let me go. I feel like a horrible person on a daily basis because it is not enough for me to simply assist my customer and send them on their merry way. Whatever happened to customer service? Oh yeah that's right, I work in the Customer SALES and THEN service department. Their practices are atrocious and offensive. I am expected to perform tasks that lack integrity and ethical practices. If you want your customers to know what you have to offer then pay your MARKETING AND ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT to do it for you. I don't make enough money to do everything. Sales, Service, Advertising, Abuse Taking. This is not worth what they are paying. And this is all happening while I am still training. I shudder to think of what will happen if I am ever unlucky enough to make it the so called Production Floor. I can only hope they find enough fault in my sales area to let me go sooner then later. They would be doing me a great favor. I can't wait to get out of there!

    Nodnarb82 7/25/12 9:27PM

  • I am a ex-employee, there are many things going wrong with this company. When I first started it was about "rightfitting" the customer by asking probing questions. Meaning we fit the customers needs with what they wanted to use their phone for. No matter what, if it didn't make the company money, as long as the CUSTOMER was happy. However what was happening was that when reps were offering a free month of web or another service the company was basically counting imaginary money. Customers would add it and then remove it a month later, so T-Mobile provided service expecting customers to keep that but they were not so T-Mobile was throwing money put the window via services and by providing reps with HUGE unjustified bonuses. Company finally catches it and reps stop getting 1000+ bonuses this equals unhappy reps. THEN reps received a THREE day training about how to sell, sell, sell. I know reps who had been there for ten plus years who essentially had to erase everything they had known abpt the company and focus on sales, then customer service. It was extricating!!!! I was struggling with the 379 talk time required, that's seconds by the way. Then I had to relearn how to speak to customers and gently offer a crappy service that I wouldnt even think of using. There was a constant battle between reps and management, but it was all a mess, stats were not being calculated right and it was the reps fault in the end because they actually couldn't answer questions, and contradictions were a daily thing. And that is why reps sound like idiots on the phone!!!! I would ask for help to improve weekly and I was told that it was basically a waste of time, however the reps I listed to were AWEFUL!!!! I was transfered to another team and was threatened for four days. On the fourth day I was FIRED, I told the HR manager that I wanted it documented because I showed her the notes on the conversations the sup and I would have. Refused to put in my file. Employee are in a constant state to termoil, fear of being fired or repremanded for things sups would tell reps. The center I was at has the highest cases of FMLA due to anxiety or depression. And now T-Mobile is trying to deny claims regarding real mental health issues. T-Mobile does not care about the customers or the employees. T-Mobile lost track of their core values, they used to live by them reps were PROFESSIONAL and were caring and now you get so ghetto, rude, unwilling to help, or educate the customer about things. Once T-Mobile returns to those core values things will be the way they were.

    tiffanychs 7/17/12 8:07AM

  • Mobile I am still an employee for many years at T-mobile, I work in the store level. I hear your woes and feel your discontent. T-Mobile for the most part has been very good to me and in turn i assist my customers to the best of my ability, with loyalty, and professionalism. T-mobile is still a good company wanting only to provide services and support to our many customers.

    The past year admitted has been a rocky one. The New CEO trying to pawn us off like some redheaded step child (sry gingers)then a failed merger, 9 call centers closed (3200 employees adios), more jobs sent abroad, and around 1000 people, including upper management lost their jobs. using a business prospective i see the need to cauterize the bleeding loss of income, once we begin to produce income again I hope this money will be reinvested into newer better network, phones, training and support.
    poor decisions have been made to both our deperment I feel Tmobile is competing with itself with prepaid and Walmart, which is silly.

    Now knowing the behind the scene please take that into consideration when calling care or visiting the store, "you get more with honey than vinegar" And It’s really not easy to sell our new product line, the confusion of this value plan and financing of the phones, terms conditions phone set up, right fit, demo and now the required advance payment for the monthly bill and proration. arg.. our job is far from easy and we are not competitively paid.

    Dr jekal Mr hide 5/31/12 7:01PM

  • I was a customer for over 10 years. Last year, they switched my acct to month to month before my contract was up.(I asked them to do that WHEN my contract was up-we reviewed the dates). Then they wanted to charge me an ETF. Additionally, they wanted to charge me for the days left on my contract AND the monthly days (i.e. have me double pay because they switched my account early. They overcharged me and when I disputed the bill, they charged me 20 bucks for disputing an incorrect bill.

    I could not reach them on the phone (I was put on hold for hours or hung up on). I wrote 4 letters-they didn't respond.

    Finally I submitted a complaint online to the FCC. Then they called me. It's still not resolved. Glad to be rid of T-Mobile.

    ECS 5/10/12 7:15AM

  • I used to work for T-mobile for 4 years, would have been 5 this march, but last year i was let go, due to the Merger that "was going" to happen, for those of you that have probs with the CS its because t-mobile fired the good reps,and kept the bad reps, because they where cheaper to keepthan the good reps, and made it to where you only really get 3 mins to speak to a rep, god forbid you call back to thats a no-no. T-mobile has really gone down hill since the new CEO took over, and they made all these changes. I say this from a customer and exemployee standpoint. Honestly they are going broke, and can not compete anymore, glad I made the switch and so is my family when the contracts are up. tell everyone not to go with t-mobile they just aren't they same anymore.

    areweclear 4/16/12 2:40PM

  • Hello to everyone. I just passed by this site and I was really shocked of all the negative comments for T-Mobile. Honestly, I do understand their side why they posted negative comments. By the way, I'm one of the outsourced agent of T-mobile. I always got a perfect score in customer service. Honestly, its also a problem for me that we are required to offer in EVERY SINGLE CALL that we have.. I'm really sorry for that.. And also I would like to speak up for my fellow outsourced reps.. we are also trained the same way with american agents, we can also speak english, and in the first place, we will not be hired as a CSR if we cant speak proper english. also please try to understand that we are also HUMANS, pls dont shout at us as if we are animals.. if you keep on shouting and uttering bad/foul words, how we would be able to assist you? we can also feel, as much as we can, we are controlling our temper to still provide good service, but how are we going to do it if we are being abused. thats why we have steps to follow for harassments calls. thats just it.

    buckle 3/17/12 11:44PM

  • end users blow! No agent wants to deal with them. Expect the service to get worse until the people calling in can act like civilized human beings. And be warned T-Mobile has a zero abuse policy. You are warned twice then... click! Read your contract before you sign it and live up to it. Most of T-Mobile's clients are government and fortune 500 companies. Why they bother with end users is beyond me.

    Tenured Agent 12/23/11 5:55PM

  • I see these... "I use to work for tmobile"... and i think yup they were fired. I love my job. If you show up on time when you are suppose to, follow the polices and do your job you will never have a problem. EVER. And, advancement is a breeze. I have only seen two types of people leave those who cannot take the abuse from customers over the phone and those fired for poor work ethics. I believe nothing that comes from either of their mouths. tmobile is defeinatly better off with the dead weight gone.

    Anonymous 12/19/11 4:26PM

  • I spend all day dealing with customers who never read their contract, don't monitor their bill and decline features that would give them discounts. Everything you say is noted and recorded and thrown back at you when you have selective memory. Ten percent of the time the problem is the carriers fault, ninty percent of the time the customer's. It is not the carrier responsibility that a customer reads their contract or monitors their own account but they get blamed for it. The only contract that exists legally is the one you signed. Read all of it. Nobody holds a gun to your head and makes you sign it. You have a buyer's remorse so there is no excuse to keeping a contract you claim you didn't like or agree to. Secondly, there is an abuse policy allowing an agent to warn you about shouting, threats or swearing then click you are gone. Experienced agents are worth their weight in gold T-Mobile moves mountains to keep them. So complaining about one is fruitless. As long as they do their best and be professional they stay employed regardless of any mistakes they make. T-Mobile gains more lines than they lose everyday and this will continue now the AT&T merger is gone. No agent at T-Mobile wants to work for AT&T. Off shore call centers have destroyed customer service. They are uneducated, ill trained and just hang up on difficult calls. But they are cheaper than American agents. I have to laugh when people say,'demand a supervisor and you will get what you want'. They're lying, supervisors do not give you what you want they give you what you are entitled to which is usually nothing. So, when an agent gets a supervisor they get a bathroom or smoke break while the sup deals with it. So, read your contract before you sign it, monitor your bill and pay your bill and you will have little trouble. For those of you who yell 'I didn't know so I'm not paying it' - bend over and grab your ankles or leave. Once a call is done an agent forgets you ever existed.

    Alice V 12/19/11 4:13PM

  • I used to work for TMO, I have been a customer for many years, then I woke up one day and they shut off my phone for being 2 days late on my bill? I tried to call only to be cut off agian and again, I fianlly went to the TMO store and they connected my to CS and I was told that it was going to cost me $20 per line, (I have 2) to reconnect my service, I informed them that I was going to go to Verizon, then a so called supervisor got on the line and told me if I stayed with TMO I would not have to pay this fee, I informed her I did not have my checkbook with me, and she said that she would note the acct. and I could call later and make a payment, I got my checkbook and was at the library so I called from a payphone (my TMO phone would still not call CS) the rep. told me I had to pay the $40 dollars to reconnect my service, I informed her that there is supposed to be a note on my acct. there was no note, so I have now ditched all contract phone companies, I hate being misled and lied to, I encourage everyone to do the same, contract phones are a rip off, look at Europe they have been without contract phones for well...ever. TMO sucks as do all the rest..

    ttom11 9/7/11 9:24PM

  • I used to work for T-Mobile and the largest complaint I have as well as former employees and current employees is the level at which they CYA to be so HR Appropriate. Just one of the things that makes it so bad is, they can sell wallpapers an individual can purchase for their phone but yet if an employee puts up the same type of picture at their desk it might not be HR Appropriate. They operate on a double standard.

    Anonymous 7/29/11 6:55PM

  • Yes also a "former" employee, by supervisor
    was never at his desk. He would not take calls
    and never gave feed back to the reps. But the funny thing was, he never got fired. So to the poor customers out there "I feel your pain"

    bangorstate 3/28/11 9:00PM

  • HEllo all , I have to aggree with the other posts here , many of those negative post could of been resolved easily with a little time and acctual effort ,and it is true that there is never a shortage of negative comments and there are less people out there that would take the time to comment when anyone with a negative experience feels they need to vent .However and this is comming from a rep that prides himself on nothing but excelent survey scores from you the customer , things are a changing. Customers service has been desolved and retitled as service\sales , it is now a requirement to try to sell to every caller we take. A quota has been enstated of $150.00 per hundred callers however per day is being enforced . This has led to more complaints and slammed customers that i have ever seen in the many years i have worked here. The praise we used to recieve when we save our customers money has been replaced with scorn ,and the term "right fitting" wich meant to add services that would help ,and remove service that were not needed has been bluntly replaced with "sales" , and any removals go against the quota so reps are now scamming to keep customers from removing anything. Commision has replaced the right fitting bonus but many of us never cared about commision or sales and honestly i think it just makes the hole thing worse. And all this started jan 1st 2011 , so from the bottom of my heart to all of our valued customers , I am sorry but we will , I will try to sell on even the simplest question and answer call. At least untill i find a company to work for that knows the difference between customer service and sales. I do have to admit , i have worked for many call centers that do know the difference , but they dont pay as well hourly."Tragic".

    Anonymous 1/18/11 4:08AM

  • Hello I am a former employee of tmobile in the call center most of the negitive coments are issues that could have been resolved if the rep was knowledgeable unfourtunatly i have noticed a recent trend with tmobil to fire long time employees who take the time to think out side of the box to resolve issues for customers empoyees who have been with them through all the changes and know how to find information on old issues because these employees take to long and becuase a lot of these employees feel it is wrong to give a customer push back when they need to remove services to reduce bills or to sell a product the customer does not need It is really sad to see such a great company go down hill so quickly espicialy when i see the negitive comments and know that 9 of ten of those calls could have been resolved easily

    bluevelvet 8/3/10 2:46PM

  • Hi! I posted a comment in the "employee comments" (the ONLY one so far) and the reason the ratings are terrible on this site is because normally people don't share their "good" experiences, unfortunately. Happy to see feedback from those of you that have positive comments. Maybe someday good experiences will spread like wildfire, instead of the opposite!

    anonymous 4/13/10 6:15PM

  • Hello Everyone!

    I worked for T-Mobile customer service for 6 years, mostly with the Business Care and Offline Department (answering e-mails faxes etc.), but I also worked on the phones with the customer service department, I really enjoyed my job and loved being helpful in resolving any issues or concerns voiced by T-Mobile customers. I understand the comments posted below, and just wanted to say that overall, T-Mobile has a great team of customer service representatives that in most cases will try their best to resolve issues. (not to say that they are ALL perfect) but please don't let your individual experiences sour you against this company. I realize that negative experiences are FAR more impacting and faster travelling than good experiences, and I've had a few myself. The bottom line is, T-Mobile has won awards for "Best Customer Service" for a reason. I wish I could help everyone who has posted a negative comment on this site, because I believe in this company, and 100% of the time, if you have a valid issue that needs to be resolved, it will be. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. We are not "monkeys," we are human beings, and ALL of us can relate to having billing problems/issues with companies that service us. We have ALL been frustrated with a customer service department at one time or another, and I can speak for the bunch I worked with, WE DO CARE and WE DO understand. Please don't take out your frustrations on the customer service representative you reach.They truly are there to help you, and they don't deserve abusive language or name calling. You will get your issue resolved if it is valid.I like to give customers the benefit of the doubt, but the truth is, there are dishonest people out there, and policies are in place that CSRs need to follow. If you state your case and there is truly an issue where T-Mobile has made an error, it WILL be fixed. Speak to a supervisor if you need to.

    Thanks for reading my post!

    Anonymous 4/12/10 4:18PM

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