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Target customer service is ranked #319 out of the 709 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 1430 ratings. This score rates Target customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,297 Negative Comments out of 1,430 Total Comments is 90.70%.


133 Positive Comments out of 1,430 Total Comments is 9.30%.

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  • Target bonita i had the worst experience yesterday about the deal bounty the signs are all over that was on sale for $9.99 buy 3 get $10 giftcard back grab 3 bounty paper towel when im at the cashier giftcard didnt ring thru ask the manager told memit was the wrong item ok used 3 coupons which i camt take back returned the item cant get my discount back from my phone as well as my coupon told me that i have 4 mins to grab my exchange which i price
    Check for $9.99 and as soon as i get there scanned its the wrong item again i said it says in the sign and i price check she told me they run out of
    The item then take the sign off because its misleading coz people ate grabbing it. Thats why theres lots of return in the counter for bounty she told me she cannot take the sign out since the stock might come. She doesnt wanna do substitution either. Ask her to price adjust the bluray i got as well it was on sale after a week i bought it for $13 amd told me she cant because i have to go to chula vista since i bought it there she cant do anything for me not helpful amd rude to tell me i have 4 mins to grab my stuff for exchange end up nothing no deal on this manager at all named MARIA in plaza bonita target.

    Celena 4/19/14 2:49AM
  • Went to Target 04/13/14 in the late evening. I had my shopping planned out. Finished working at my job and wanted to catch latest sales. Manager refused to give me the rewards gift card. Had my cart full ready for check out with at least 200 dollars worth of items. The manager started the check out process. He gave me his name because I asked for it.Joe macInnis target store # 221 Amarillo Texas. I told him I was taking this issue up with corporate. One of the deals I was buying was mucinex at approximately 7.49 and the nasacort approximately 12 dollars. I had 5 dollar coupon for each and the manager was a mess. He was scrutinizing and kept rereading the coupons. We argued about what the coupon actually said. And he finally agreed to use the coupons .He would scan the product and then delete it and reringing the product. Then when the 5 dollar promotion gift card printed he just got angry and said there is no way I am giving you this card. I said why not. He said because you have 5 dollar coupon for mucinex and I am not going to give you 5 dollars more .I explained that target is the one who made the deal. They posted on their saving . If customer buys two allergy products they get 5 dollars gift card reward. Customers are allowed 1 manufacturer coupon per each product. But the manager still refused. I explain I am not doing anything illegal. Not only that I have not even used the max amount of coupons that Target even offers . I explained that there are target coupons plus the cartwheels coupons. And that it is up to each person to take advantage of the savings and he is refusing to give me the saving that the store has advertised.I was using only one manufacturer coupon for each product. He could not understand that 7.50 plus 12 dollars is 19.50 minus the 10 dollars in coupons, minus the 5 dollar in gift cars is total 4.50 approximately that I would be paying for those two products. I was appalled at how he can be the manager and not be able to add the math. All he could see was 5 dollar mucinex coupon and the 5 dollar gift card that he was not going to give me because he thought I got the mucinex for free He did not understand that it was for buying both products. I explained that I shop here all the time and that I had such confidence in Target that I even got the redcard credit card when everyone else was scared to get one. He wasted 30 minutes of my time there at the counter and still refused to give me the savings. What scared me more is that he said that is why Target is losing so much money. As if blaming me . And that was even more weird. Becasue why is Target offering deals for savings and then cry about it . The manger is confused. Target offers the deals to get customers to come to their store yet I was being blamed for target going under financially. If target does not want to give their rewards then they do not have to offer them , that is all. Well needless to say I had some other items that I was going to use coupons for, some shampoo. Revitalens. Dove items, britta water filters . Was planning use cartwheel for the britta filters But the manager made such a mess I did not want to stay another hour ot two with him checking me out and making mess of the coupons and rewards. I would have still payed over 100 dollars worth in products and I left the cart there because he was not able to visualize that he could still make business with me. He said he was training all his employees like that. So that they could do what he is doing. Meaning scrutinizing the coupons and not giving the rewards out if they felt the customer was stealing from them. I explain that walgreens always gives their customer the register rewards even if they use coupons.I was trying to get him to understand that it is marketing tactic that companies just want you to try their products even if they are for free, Every week walgreens and cvs have a product that if you buy it ,you get the exact same amount back in reward. Meaning free He said in demeaning tone voice. We are not Walgreens. I do not know how Target whom I have always loved to shop at ,could have such an ignorant manager. And worst now he is going to train all employees like him. No math skills no people skills. And the line at check out was getting longer and longer because he could not finish my transactions. I was so embarrased because all the people behind me thought I was stealing with coupons. I have never turned anyone it to corporate because that is not how I deal with issues but I am scared that this guy is actually going to train everyone just like him. I hate to think I might never want to go back . I will have to consider what to do because I have spent thousands of dollars at Target Please advice as to what I should do. This is not fair.

    SARALOLA 4/16/14 10:14PM
  • I was in the target in NY Westbury on Sunday,I was buying some coke products.It was on sale and no of the employe by the name cris was so rude with us.we are giving the business and employe has no knowledge about store.and doesn't know how to talk with customer.finally manager came and solve the problem.but we were so disappointed this time.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 5:07PM
  • Im so very unhappy, I ordered a pool table on april 3rd was told it be deliverded by the 10th, 5 days later i still could get no infomation on date to be delivered or any info for that matter. i called everyday 1800591 3869
    to no avail.then i was told that i would be called when they deliver it, never got the call. a truck pulls up today about 2pm on the 15th of april unannounced and drops the pool table upside down on my garage floor after i told him it goes the other way, he just said it didnt matter. they leave like they robbed a bank or something ( gone so quick) i open the bottom part of the box (which by the way looked like it was pushed of a mountain) and the bottom of the table was cracked from one side to other. i called within 5 minutes of receiving this package to tell them to come back and get it. its laying inthe middle of my floor i cant even walk out there. this is so un acceptable took the day off now they want me to take another day of to pick it up i want it out of here by tomorrow.

    steve 4/15/14 12:31PM
  • Cannot give me an answer about adding a phone to my line. Stood in the store for 2 hrs with no answers.

    Anonymous 4/7/14 6:55PM
  • recently had fraud purchases on my Visa debit /credit card at Target store in Pensacola Fl32514. Does Target require Identification such as driver's license and zip codes before allowing credit card purchases to curtail identity fraud etc.?

    Anonymous 3/16/14 12:23PM
  • I shop at the West Allis, WI store. I believe they have good items and good service. The only thing that they are lacking is cleaning. Since, they got the new carts. The carts are very dirty. I have found mud, gum, glitter, and dirt on them. None of the employees have bothered to first put gloves on, then wipe them from top to bottom really good. Not only that but all of the items in the store are dirty as well. I have seen the stock personel throw store items on the ground where everyone walks, then throws them on the shelves. How clean is that? Not really. Common sense would be treat a store like your home.

    Employees please clean all items and shelves on a regular basis. If you keep up with the items and shelves being clean and dust and dirt free. You will have more satisfied customers. I bring my own disposable gloves and my own wet ones whenever I go there. I am a customer not an employee, why should I have to wipe off every item I place in my cart? Why can't this store have different carts? They are very dirty and I go through over a dozen purel wipes from the store in order to wipe down the cart. Please improve on cleaning in the store too.

    Samtaza 3/13/14 12:47PM
  • I shop at several different Target stores in Oklahoma City. Since they got their new style of shopping carts, I don't think they've ever cleaned them. I'm tired of looking for whatever cart has the least amount of bird droppings in it (there are never any without some) and trying to do what I can with wipes. Otherwise, the stores are clean and pleasant places to shop, but I wish their pride extended to powerwashing the carts, at least once a month, if not once a week.

    Anonymous 3/5/14 2:16PM
  • I was very excited to go to Target after I saw the sales ad for a camera in the Sunday Chicago Tribune of 02/23/2014. The ad was for a Nikon Coolpix S3500 camera. The camera was on sale for $49.98, which was a clearance savings of $50.01 from the original price. I rushed to the closest Target to purchase the camera, only to learn from the clerk who worked in Electronics that he knew nothing about the camera that was listed in the ad. He said that this particular camera hasn't been in the store for awhile and that there would not be any more shipments. I am very disappointed that Target would place a camera in their sales paper that was not available. I could not even get a rain check for it. Driving to Target was a waste of my time.

    GG 2/23/14 11:55PM
  • The worst customer service I have ever experienced! My card was compromised and I got service charges for my bills the are not all removed! Talking to the people at Target is like talking to mindless robots!! TARGET WAKE UP!!!! You are too good for this! We DO expect more!!!

    Jo Ann Burke 2/17/14 1:13PM
  • I recently purchased children's Mucinex at Target. I was asked to show my id/license, which was fine because I understand the need to check I'm of legal age to purchase. What I was EXTREMELY displeased about was the the cashier scanned my license. If the purchase was about my being 18+, it should be sufficient to check DOB on license and then enter it in computer if need be. No other store either asks for ID and if so, certainly does not scan a license. Given recent events, I think it would behoove Target to change certain policies regarding the proof of age without scanning other pertinent information into their database for cold medicine, of which I am more than of age to purchase. If it's policy to check all id, fine, but the extent of scanning licenses? Again, NO OTHER STORE does this and it doesn't rank Target as #1 in the eyes of the public regarding safeguarding said public and their private information.

    Anonymous 2/7/14 12:48PM
  • since when doe a pharmacy technichian can tell you he will not fill your prescription of the meds the doctor prescribed this happened 2 times he is not a doctor and I went to rainbow and told them of the way I was treated and they said there was no way they should have refused to fill it and I have been a customer for 5 years and always had my perscriptions filled there, they are not a doctor ad if my doc wants me to try a new med he should not talk to me as a child

    tammy 2/6/14 9:13AM
  • After five phone calls I was finally able to speak to Dennis in India about my order placed on January 16 for a TV. The TV was shipped by Target on the 17th, arrived in
    San Pablo, California (My local post office?? I live in Honolulu!)on the 23rd and has been sitting there ever since. It is now February 5! Target is using USPS to ship and waiting till they have a full load!

    Mad! 2/4/14 10:42PM
  • I ordered a gift card on Tuesday morning January 28th for a birthday gift and it is January 30th in the afternoon and it still has
    not been delivered. I asked to cancel the order but I was told I could not. I am going to post this all over facebook about how I have been ripped off!!

    Anonymous 1/30/14 1:54PM
  • Was approved of Target Credit Card of 1000 in 1990. Almost paid it off then husband got laid off. Continued to make the min. payment and interest kept building. 2012 my wages were garnished of $415 a month for 6 months. I was never notified of this garnishment until my job wrote me a letter telling me. Now 2014 they have filed another suit to have my wages garnished. BEWARE DON'T PURCHASE A CREDIT CARD FROM TARGET! Now I have the chance to fight Target of not getting my earnings again. Thank you Barbara Chumley

    barbiechumley 1/27/14 5:07PM
  • Problem came from a wrong shipment that they told me to return to a store. 5 weeks later they still have not delivered the correct products and keep wanting us to return items we already returned and have a return receipt for. They only send canned responses, will not read emails or listen, too busy telling me what to do with the products I never got. When I ask for a phone call I get an email. When I call, their hold music is for 6 year olds and I have been disconnected 3 times with no call backs.

    JET 1/27/14 1:38PM
  • Just got a call from our bank thankfully they are awake, someone tried to use my wifes credit and debit cards to rip us off for >$1800 in Chicago, so much for the "EXPERIAN" protection they gave us thankfully a intelligent bank employee stopped this attack....Got one word for you guys at Taget IT your security sucks and you should all be in jail for criminal negligence.

    Anonymous 1/27/14 10:33AM
  • I think customer service in the union nj stores is the worse they tell you they have an item they don't they tell you they don't carry an item and they do I live an hour away from the union store they told me they had 6 snowboards I asked them to save me one they said they don't do that I drove up there they had none there incompetent and lazy you really should revamp the employes why in the winter you don't stock snowboards a large amount it's winter my son is ill and he wated one just to hold until maybe he get better and ride it he wanted the 5ft boargpd butt you had none if you try it on line there no store pick up target was great at one time now you go there the shelves are a mess and the help is no help and my poor son is disappointed thank you for a great experiance

    Okter 1/25/14 7:11PM
  • Target established inadequate security for credit card protection as a result in December I was notified my debit/banking information was compromised. I was issued a new card and PIN which is fine, but all my bills are set up as auto debit and I have been getting hammered by the creditors and utility companies for late payments because I was notified late and now am scrambling to get them all current with the new information. Target offered a credit monitoring service for one year plus an instore discount of 10% to those affected which I was unaware of until today (Its past)

    Target....this is just a little to little. I have better than 4 hours of my time invested in this. Myself and my family have shopped at your stores since you came into existence. Each year you decay just a bit more...this just gave me the final reason to boycott you forever.

    I have been online attempting to contact you directly but your complaint system is even more inadequate than your security of consumers information.

    dougreed2001 1/23/14 2:14PM
  • I am very disturbed as well about the lack of help Target is extending to the customer. I have had all of my accounts compromised and I have never had bad credit in my life (54 years)I was a loyal "Target Shopper" but I am not going to be in the future. This is very disturbing!

    Anonymous 1/21/14 10:45AM
  • I just want to personally thank target for making my life miserable I should I shop there once and bought a soda with my Direct Express card my card I have for my benefits for being a combat vet and because of your so called preach Of security involving customer's credit cards I have to wait a week to get a new card mine was cancelled without mine even knowing it and I have to pay I mean fee just to get a new one I think you all should have to pay for it however I can't get a hold of any of your customer service and looking at all of your other customer reviews 99 out of 100 suck so chase /targetand whatever your parent company is you are horrible I am never shopping at Target again and I hope to god you go out of business and your higher ups end up in the bread lines begging for food your company sucks thank you so much for this inconvenience

    noneofurbuznesd 1/21/14 8:56AM
  • all I am trying to do is get on line to a customer service rep to cancel and renew may card but your internet sights go round and round jet sick a number on some sight without all the garbage.

    Bob Rawlins

    Anonymous 1/19/14 3:31PM
  • Target cashier very rude to me over 1 simple coupon. Said (in a VERY RUDE tone of voice) that I could not use it as the coupon was for "Buy 6 Get 2 Free" and she could not give me coupon value as Target would owe me money??!! OK, a total of 30 cents!! Told this rude woman I did not expect to get more money back just deduct the amounts of the two free items as they rang up at 50 cents each. I was made to feel like I was trying to scam Target! I have never encountered such rudeness and stupidity at a Target store before. Thought this only happened at WalMart

    Mad! 1/17/14 6:47PM
  • I have just spent an hour trying to talk to someone about 2 specific issues with the email sent out by Target regarding their free credit check. The first person was nice, but could not help, gave me 2 additional numbers --neither of which were in the US and could not speak English, got another number which was not help - 3 of these people hung up on me. Got referred back to the first number I called, person could not help, gave me a regular (not 800) number to call, but of course now they are closed until Monday. For those of you using a MACINTOSH computer attempting to access the free credit reporting please know that you must begin with https:// or you will not be taken to the correct page. This is an issue that should have been taken care of by TARGET before they even sent out their email!!!!!!! Also when you receive your access code it will come to you in JUNK MAIL from Target news. com--in an unsecured format--I am not a happy customer at this time!!!!!! Basic technology knowledge would raise questions about both issues and should have been addressed before the original email was even sent out. They also need to bring all customer service back to the US am really tired of getting rude foreigners taking their calls.

    Anonymous 1/17/14 4:36PM
  • I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to talk to a service representative and can not reach one every time the option to speak to a representative is provided I have pressed 0 and then it pauses for a little and then gets cut off. I do not like working with companies where you can not speak to a person. Very bad customer service makes me think you are not interested in my business so now I will shop at Walmart.

    Anonymous 1/16/14 7:24AM
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  • Donna (at Brighton MI Store) went above and beyond to solve my problem. Please acknowledge her for this. I paid for an item that I did receive. I explained the problem to her and she asked manager if she could give me another one and the answer was YES!! Thank you Target and Donna.

    Barbara Grulikowski 4/20/14 1:18PM
  • I would like to commend Brittany Grossfield at the Target in Brandon, Florida. Ms. Brittany has the MOST Outstanding Customer Service I have ever encountered. Her superb attitude & patience is very organic. Please be sure Ms. Brittany is recognized & appreciated for her professionalism. Target Inc. is fortunate to have one as her on their Team

    Anonymous 4/19/14 7:50PM
  • I love Target.. The sale/ customer service is Always essential.. Customer satisfaction is alwAys guaranteed when I go there

    Target 3/17/14 11:40AM
  • i may of been on hold for a while but the person i talked to was very nice and got the card working so i say great job customer service :)

    Anonymous 3/4/14 2:20PM
  • shopped today and everyone i talked to was very friendly and helpful. i was able to pick up everything i needed and a few extra things since the valentine stuff was marked down so cheap.

    noni 2/19/14 11:17AM
  • Shopped at Target on 2/11/14 and went through Jackie"s checkout line. She is/was amazing…always pleasant and very VERY thoughtful when organizing and bagging items. I seek out her line whenever I'm there. THANK YOU JACKIE!!!

    Anonymous 2/11/14 10:17AM
  • I called the Customer Service # and spoke to Erwin within 5"!

    Anonymous 1/6/14 4:42PM
  • I would like to compliment Matt, Sara, and Allyssa at the Target in Olathe, KS on 119th St. Matt spent a great deal of time helping me locate an item and acted as if it were a pleasure to assist customers. Sara and Allyssa assisted me in a confusing return situation and they both worked hard at making the return in a manner that promoted customer satisfaction. These three employees should be recognized for their helpfulness and great attitudes!!

    Anonymous 1/6/14 11:58AM
  • Happy New Year,I stopped in at your Turnersville store went in to see it your store had Xmas place mats,I already found two at Sewell store hoping I could find more!Well I found them because of your very nice employee name Bonnie she knew just what I was talking about and took me right there,she was great and knew her job,thanks Bonnie!

    Suzanne 1/2/14 4:02PM
  • I went to target in novato ca. to look for Christmas lights. It was very busy however one of the workers I asked about Christmas lights was helpful courteios and went out of his way to assist me. I unfortunately did not get his name but was so impressed with the service and courtesy I needed to let you know. 12/7/13 6:24PM
  • Your Senior Sales Manager in the Denver SW store, Jickson Chacko, went above and beyond to copy two CD's of mine that were very difficult to do. He assured me he could do it and he did. I appreciate it very much.

    Anonymous 11/6/13 1:02PM
  • I want to commend Chrissy Canada for excellent service I received on Saturday 11/2/2013. Chrissy took the time to explain the Target debit card - and I will probably get one. She was definitely a positive influence on my decision.

    Anonymous 11/4/13 6:42AM
  • I should like to commend the service provided by the 3 ladies at the Pharmacy at Easton, MD. on Friday afternoon Oct. 4th 2013.
    All of the 3 Ladies were extremely knowing and helpful regarding my prescription for the shingle shot. Velma administered the shot in a complete professional and pleasant manner
    Velma and the 2 other ladies offer a major contribution to the success of your Pharmacy in that store. I hope they remain.
    Thank you for the opportunity to experience such responsible staff.
    Marygail Ferris / St. Michaels, Md.

    mg ferris 10/5/13 12:22PM
  • On August 25, 2013 I had a major order that I needed processed in the pharmacy for my daughter who was going to study abroad in France for her Junior year. She needed to take a years worth of her prescriptions with her. I had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Katrina at the Hendersonville, TN location. She was amazing to work with and took care of everything is an extremely professional manner. It truly solidified my reasons for filling my prescriptions at Target. Katrina was amazing and should truly be commended for her excellent attitude and customer service!

    CEthridge 9/20/13 6:20AM
  • We have just purchased an iPhone and had an excellent experience. Your salesperson (Jordan Salisbury, Vestal Target store) was knowledgeable, patient, answered all of our questions and we were not pressured at all. We are senior citizens and this is our first phone purchase. We appreciated the attention we received. You have a stellar employee. Thank you.

    Anonymous 9/17/13 5:39AM
  • I had an amazing experience at the Target Store in Pinole, California. I was literally stranded because I had locked my keys and cell phone in my car. I returned to Target where I had been shopping and went directly to Customer Service(CS) and asked if they could help me. The young woman at CS immediately got a phone, showed me how to use it and told me to take my time. She was very sympathetic and kind. Her smile made me feel more relaxed and when I needed to use the phone longer than I thought was appropriate, she told me not to worry, just to get the help I needed. The shift changed and I was greeted by two other associates who were equally as kind and caring. Their names are: Monica, jessica and Ana. What a tribute to Customer Service representatives - I haven't been taken care of that well in a very long time!

    Anonymous 8/30/13 11:55PM
  • I shopped at your store in Dickinson, Texas on Saturday, August 24. I saw a customer looking at canisters of tea. The customer knocked over a container and the tea spilled all over the floor. A Target employee by the name of Samuel was stocking merchandise on the next aisle and I told him that I was afraid someone would fall in it. Sam literally jumped up, got a dustpan and broom and ran to the aisle where the incident occurred. Sam swept up the tea before I could blink. Sam was courteous and thanked me for letting him know about the spilled tea. Sam is an asset to Target!

    happy Target customer 8/25/13 4:29PM
  • Zach and Sara of the Easton MD Target Store Pharmacy were so kind. They helped me get a very needed discount on my expensive medications. They are always caring and helpful. Susan Lane St Michaels MD

    don't know 8/22/13 3:33PM
  • Bought a defective product, went back the next day and was able to exchange without any hassle.

    Anonymous 8/22/13 1:08PM
  • Fastest and easiest returns policy I have ever encountered!!!! I am always in and out in minutes and the people are always super friendly behind the counter. I wish I had discovered Target years ago!!!

    tonic2w 8/21/13 6:32PM
  • We experienced excellent service at the store in Walnut Creek yesterday. Greg and his supervisor,Matt were terrific! They answered lots of questions from us before we purchased 2 new I phones---better service than the local Apple store too.

    Anonymous 7/8/13 5:46AM
  • "Debbie" in the optical department in Apple Valley on Hwy 18 deserves many thank yous and recognition for the wonderful services that she has provided me and my family over the years. She is friendly; professional and is the only one that we trust with our eyeglasses. Please recognize this fabulous employee who practices excellent customer service.

    Anonymous 6/14/13 8:03AM
  • Special thanks to Customer service supervisor Tom Mendez at Super Target in Stone Oak village, Texas who help us through in canceling a lost gift card worth $100. and gave us a new card as replacement. Excellent Customer service.

    village shopper 6/9/13 8:00AM
  • 5/13/13.....

    I don't want THIS comment to be confidential.

    I was at the Desert Ridge store in Phx and serviced by Ben Banks. he is an excellent employee. he did everything I asked with grace and authority.

    Yes, I did buy a TV from him. Please give him a raise.

    NO...I never met him before.

    Good man, Ben is.


    jerry 5/12/13 8:19PM
  • My husband is bedridden and I need to quickly get my items. I shop at target,08075 for almost all our needs.
    The things that I really want to comment on is there is always a pleasant employee to tell me where I can find something or they will take me there directly.
    There are never long lines. If they get long they always open another cashier.
    Target really is a great help to me at this time of my life.

    Barb 5/9/13 1:00PM
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  • Target is really a horrible place to work for. Actually had another employee stalking me following me home and waiting to see when I get off work. Told ETL,and HR. Nothing was done. The other employee picks "fights" with others and nothing gets done with her. One of our former HR told us nothing will get done because she is black and will sue the company. Well it works both ways. Now to make the STL look good they are taking away the overnight shift and putting a lot of people out of a job. May the STL of 1370 be out of a job soon. She has ruined that store made it the worst CHRISTMAS season in years! And many if not all employees including team leads, ETL and regular staff agree!

    sara sucks 1/3/14 2:41PM

  • Ive been w target for some odd yrs. Ive been having problems w the l.o.d. In lowell plain st ..2480.. First off they only promiting female team members in right areas.i havent been promoted ..they hire new team members and cut our good workers rather then puttin members on n not 6 managers at once. Some hirls tesm members dress inappropriate.n im not to comfortable.i have assist managersdating team member members get dismissed 2 weeks notice n lod dont acknowledge the noticen take them back on same salary.tesms would change punch corrections n they not even there.those are some thing that are goin on .team memb just keep quitting im on of them

    ateam member 3/23/13 9:09PM

  • I love Target!!!! I love the product, team members-espicially when they get together each morning for their team meetings. I would like to suggest a few things. I can see on the corporate website that you participate in smoke-free month of November and actively help your employees and customers quit smoking. How about something a little more permanent such as removing the garbage cans with ashtrays on top away from the entrances showing that you care about your customers by not contributing to second hand smoke as they walk in to spend money in your stores??? Please move them away from the entrances-you are only enabling smoking and add a few signs to say No Smoking. If I ride my bike to your store(healthy choice for me as I try to lose weight) I lock it on your standing bike bars(I thank you for providing them) but where is it located??? Right next to 2 benches with ashtrays where your employees smoke....real nice-if I want to secure my bike I have to inhale dangerous second hand smoke which is proven to cause cancer among other health issues. These are simple fixes and you make enough money to find an area to accommodate your employees and customers who chose to harm themselves. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!!

    erin j 2/1/13 7:20AM

  • Hi, not only have I been a Target shopper for over 30 years I am also a Target employee. I was hoping that Target would consider stocking Weight Watchers boxed items such as crumb cake, brownies, and more. Right now I have to shop at Albertsons and Walmart to purchase these items. Since most people are weight conscience now days please consider this and Hostess is gone so the shelves are pretty bare these days in that section.

    Thanks, loyal Target shopper

    Anonymous 1/27/13 1:37PM

  • Target cashiers get all the crap from the guest. Do they know what it is like standing for 6-7 hours, lifting heavy objects into bags, listening to kids yelling in your ear and being ignored because the"entitled" people are too busy on their freeking cell phone to pay attention to their kids, but to even acknowledge that we are there? They treat us like crap, then go complain to gsa/gstl's that we were rude and are not "customer service" oriented.We have had items thrown at us, dirty resuable bags thrown at us, been called foul names, all because these people feel they are entitled. Just once, walk a mile in my shoes--- do you think management cares? NO as long as they get there quota of "RED CARDS" and they get their bonus-they are happy-what about us? Do you think all the 4 million that target puts back into the community the employees would get a little help? No, not in this world!!! Our raises if any are 6-14 cents. I have been there almost 6 years and make 37 cents more than I did when I started. They say are raises are based on how many "red cards" we get. Thats BS!!!!! If you are young they promote you and if you are over 40yrs old they try and get rid of you. Most of the "middle" age people are trying to keep their homes by working 2 jobs, and then are just treated badly. They tell us to talk to HR but how can you when the HR person is 22 years old and just graduated high school? What do they know???Is this there first or second "real job"?

    Anonymous 11/30/12 7:59PM

  • Target is terrible I use to work for the store on Hampton in Saint Louis Missouri. There was a Gas leak and the manager just wanted to unload the truck instead of getting the employees out of the store. Then I threw up and the manager threw a cart and was mad after the gas company left. Crazy they didnt appreciate a good employee like me. Glad Im not there anymore.

    Who 11/21/12 4:33PM

  • I am a team member @ store 1471 in Aurora, CO. Today I purchased a LeapPad Frog 2 item and when I took it off the shelf the label indicated the price of $79.99 and there were several on the shelf behind the one I grabbed but when I got to the register it rang up @$99. I explained to the cashier of the label price and she called over the GSTL Sue Simpleman, who then scanned the item and said well it's scanning @$99. I informed her that the label stated $79.99 and there were more than 2 on the shelf where I grabbed it from. She was very rude about it and told the cashier to change the price. That is not at all what I was wanting I was just trying to let them know about the label price. So after the cashier checked me out, I went over to the team member who was working toys to let him know about the issue, however, Sue had already contacted him about it. I informed him of the situation I had just experienced and told him I felt like a criminal because that was how she was making me feel. I even informed the ETL Amy about it but she didn't really act like she was much interested in my concern. So I left the store but immediately returned to the service desk where I explained to Tina the situation and told her I was very very upset and I wanted to return the item and for her to re-ring it so that I could pay the price of $99 because I didn't want them to feel like I was trying to scam them out of $20 and I was humilated by Sue's behavior. I understand that I am a team member and that products are consistently stocked in the wrong spot but it is not my responsibilty to investigate all the labels when I plan to shop there. Technically I was off the clock and was a guest whether I was shopping there or @another store. I am so upset that I will no longer do my shopping @this store because of the poor behavior of this GSTL and help from the ETL, Amy. If, it had been a guest they would have been given the price with no problem or humiliation. As far as the items being stocked in the wrong location is due to the flow team and this has been addressed to ETL of that team but it always gets overlooked because he doesn't want to take the blame that it's his team so then it's the blame of the sales floor. All I know is that this mistake caused me humilation and getting upset. Sue needs to be dealt with on this matter because it is not professional for your business. I am not trying to create a problem but I would like to be treated with dignity and respect when I am a guest and not a team member. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concern for poor customer service.

    Anonymous 11/11/12 7:56PM

  • I just want to comment on targets application process. I think target has the worse application process and I'll tell you why. When I apply for certain positions that are open at the time I'm not able to go back and apply for any other positions at different target stores that may have open positions their hiring for as well if I have applied within the last 60 days. What kind of crap is that? I have never seen any other company do this with a job application. Target, you really need to do something about this process because it SUCKS!!!! Your the only company that has this stupid idea and honestly I wouldn't recommend anyone to apply to your company for employment based on this. What's the point? If they have to wait 60 days just to apply for ONE position. I could see if it was 30 days, but 60? Are you kidding me. What a stupid rule!!!! You get a thumbs down from me 👎👎👎😠

    Dimples1218 9/17/12 9:28AM

  • i used to work for the target in Goodyear AZ. they made me work in food avenue multiple times. they NEVER told me to get a food handlers card. even when i brought it up to higher management, they just shrugged it off. it must have bothered them, they cut my hours down between 4-12 hours a week! i was forced to find another job before my two weeks notice was up. another time i came for my shift crying. just got news my dad had to get his leg amputated that same morning, the manager just told me to wash my face and get to work.

    noneya 5/15/12 7:06PM

  • i used to work for the target in Goodyear AZ. they made me work in food avenue multiple times. they NEVER told me to get a food handlers card. even when i brought it up to higher management, they just shrugged it off. it must have bothered them, they cut my hours down between 4-12 hours a week! i was forced to find another job before my two weeks notice was up. another time i came for my shift. just got news my dad had to get his leg amputated that same morning, the manager just told me to wash my face and get to work.

    thebrokenegg 5/14/12 7:56PM

  • Lyn- If you have a problem with an item don't call Target 1-800 #. Take the item in with your receipt. You have 90 days to return or exchange an item in the store. If it's past the 90 days you can still do a no receipt refund as long as the item still rings up in our system (sometimes the item is no longer carried and will no longer be on file in the register for a purchase or return). When you call the 1-800# all they do is give you the manufact. number for replacement and repairs. Those companies don't have anything to do with Target so I can't explain why they haven't called you back.

    Anonymous 1/9/12 1:58PM

  • I work in The call center in Pakistan. Our Management cruelly calls our office "Targetistan" and we hope he will some day travel to our great nation so he can see we are a nation of hard, and caring workers.

    I want to help my customer when they call, but management forces us to give lies to the angry and sad customers - literally if we deviate from the script of lies, they will garnish our wages or hurt our families. We know items are often not shipped or even in stock when ordered yet we tell them "it will be a few more days" which is lies!

    I am so sorry to my fellow men for lying. I heard a rumor that Target is tring to put a cheaper call center in Afghanistan or Iran as its cheaper and there aren't as many moral hangups with lying. I hope not my freinds Pakistan is the best for hard working caring workers. Don't go to Iran with

    Albert Quada - Repres 12/7/11 11:16AM

  • Target Employees work very hard..... yes we may seem rude at times, but most likely its because we just got in trouble because a guest decided to COMPLAIN about something!... how would you all liked it if people were constantly LOOKING for reasons to get you fired. Management treats us terribly, we have no initiative to work hard and be pleasant 100% of our shift... and that should be understandable...

    Anonymous 6/5/11 2:10PM

  • On mother's Day I quit working for Target.
    We worked either, unloading and stocking, or stocking. They have double meanings in a rush to do things. Sometimes its presume its possible to do it, insults in doing things, try to do things, goal time is set amount of time, goal time can be demand, or insults, somethings to ridicule with. Give more work to someone - then others finish sooner that day, yet some other day be done sooner than others, if your the last person done in an area, your to explain why your slower, when they were watching it all from the begining, they get ridicuos "you do this every day, why you so slow." "now listen to me" "Oh your ignoring me" They nag, nag, nag, about difficult things. We worked 2 or 3 days a week for 2 to 4 hours. Unload the truck in 1 hour or 1 and half, or rarely 2 hours, then on the shelf in 2 hours or less. There main concern was profit vs worker pay, they always made us rush and be prim and proper, a set amount of people, getting it done in a set amount of time, and answer customers, discuss with customer, find it with customer. Then after break time, if 4 hours work, we are to comment about nice things of others. If your off the clock, do not ask for help, or say anything, as customer, they will send you out the door, not let you buy it or give you help, its better to buy from another target store nearby. They presume we cause trouble asking or discussing as customers. Please remember this is about one Target Store only, others can be better.

    Steven284 5/14/11 12:39PM

  • I used to work at Target. The management was definitely not the best, and I was misled from the beginning because I told them I was looking for a full-time position and didn't find out until AFTER working for a couple of weeks that they wouldn't hire full-time employees. I had waited for that position because I was under the impression that I would receive a full-time position and this was for a brand new store opening up.

    That said, I still love Target. It is silly to discriminate against a chain from one experience at one store. Our customer service was pretty good and our store was one of the cleanest around. I have been to several Targets and I know that it just depends on where you go as to how good or bad it is. One thing you have to keep in mind is that employees really make the store. If you are in an area where you can't get good employees, the store just isn't going to be everything you want it to be.

    Anonymous 9/23/10 9:27AM

  • I work in Electronics in a certain Michigan store. Here's 10 things to help understand and possibly work around our biggest problems.

    1. Our system can be anywhere from 24-48 hours behind on a number. The online database is even worse. I don't deal with it at all other than "It says you have it online." Most of the time it's a lie. If there's a big sale and you're checking availability on Sunday, good luck. We're probably short-handed and sold out already.

    2. There's a reason they're called door busters. I hate to say it, but if you can't wait outside, you're not getting it. We don't get enough stock. Sorry. This rings true for really good sales on Sunday. Don't expect us to have it on Saturday.

    3. You know that RCA TV? It was a discontinued item during the whole sale. I knew the whole time we'd never get it back in. Even the raincheck said so. By the way, we weren't supposed to give them out to begin with. We were just delaying the anger. If it was me: "Quantities are limited, we're not getting stock. We're not giving out rainchecks." This happens a lot. Half of our current cameras are discontinued and out of stock.

    4. That Mind Flex game was limited by the company. You couldn't get it anywhere else. We no longer carry it. We don't get those Zhu Zhu pets in much either. Or Wiis.

    5. Cheap stuff sells first. You get what you pay for, anyway.

    6. There are NEVER enough people on the floor. We have 3-5 people on the floor during 10am-6pm any normal weekday. 2 managers, the operator, and the single Electronics person. On average. Then the closing people in certain numbers to help pick up after your messes. 10 people are given 4 hours clean up a large store. We don't have time to help or we get in huge trouble. And Electronics almost never has assistance so you'll have to wait.

    7. Returns. There are loopholes, and you can return lost-boxed items only if we have it in stock. You can exchange games/movies for the same TITLE so if you opened up a wrong game case, you can exchange it for the same one in a different system. Goes for DVDs vs Blu-Rays as well. You can also fight it if it doesn't say 'return only if unopened' if you've got a weak guest service person.

    8. Back room people aren't always in the back room. Your best bet to find things in the back and get TVs is before 10 am. Electronics cannot pull TVs, though if it's bottom rung, I will. You're more likely to find people on the sales floor by then, and there's many people in the back room.

    9. Don't call the store until after 9 or 10 though. There's not enough hours to give operators to have them answer the phone in the hours when most people call.

    10. We're more likely to help you if you have an item number/DPCI:
    ###-##-#### If the first three are 24#, it's online only, the stores will not have it, regardless of what the site happens to suggest.

    PS: The reason us Team Members are so unhappy is because we get paid very little and are treated like dirt.

    Anonymous 2/22/10 3:53PM

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