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Teleblend customer service is ranked #47 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 81.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 34 ratings. This score rates Teleblend customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


23 Negative Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 67.65%.


11 Positive Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 32.35%.

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  • This company used to be great but my bill jumped 20 dollars in taxes overnight and their customer service is horrible.

    I can't call them anymore, their live chat is dead. And they take a week to answer an email if they answer at all.

    kenny782 7/11/14 10:36AM
  • I am not able to call International call since last evening . When I call customer service by dialing 0, it says to send an email and email is bouncing back . I do not know what to do - do I disconnect my service or is there somebody to help me .

    Anonymous 5/16/14 7:04AM
  • This service completely is not worth it. It is constantly cutting off my convo's and has lots of static. The price is not real great either. The cost keeps rising and they try to justify it but can not. I will be canceling my acct.

    Anonymous 12/10/13 3:37AM
  • If you are telebend customer, please check you bills. They have been taking multiple credit card payments, and DO NOT reflect on billing statements.

    Anil 10/11/13 2:35AM
  • Have been with TeleBlend for many years since the previous provider been acquired.
    After talking to the Customer Service for last two times to solve some number portable issues. I'm leaving this company. The pennies saved does not worth the rude conversation one has to bear.

    Anonymous 5/28/13 1:02PM
  • I have had service with teleblend from 2007 when they took over my account. Sevice has been fair. Customer service is almost non existent. Leave your number and they get back to you when they feel like it. Customer service reps are unable to address many things and have to get back to you. Some are just rude.Recently had my credit card expire, followed link to update. Payment was taken but account was not updated. Service was disconnected and they wanted $20 to reconnect when I thought all was taken care of. They did agree to (ONE TIME ONLY) wave re-connect fee but did not remove it and rep was rude when I asked why I could not pay past due. I was told they had changed things many times. The only thing that had changed was the cost which kept going up.Rep was rude and I hung up and have not paid the bill. I refuse to be treated like some low life who dosnt pay my bills. I am done with this company.

    passiflora 12/4/12 8:33AM
  • Teleblend phone service is good when it works. However, there is frequent trouble and response time is long. I have international calling problem in every 2-3 weeks and get tired of submitting trouble tickets.

    Anonymous 11/11/12 5:45PM
  • I thought their customer service was good and they fixed my issue right away. TeleBlend just recently added online chat support as well which appears to be online most hours of the day if I have a question about by bill or something about the service. I think TeleBlend is working hard to make positive steps toward helping their customers.

    ken969 10/2/12 2:23PM
  • This company provides the worst customer service of any business I have ever dealt with. Not only do they interrupt you while you are trying to convey your concerns, but they offer no courteousness in their resolution process. Will gladly switch to a less expensive VOIP that wants my business.

    Stewart C 10/1/12 2:05PM
  • Been a customer for 2 years. Absolutely no issues with their service. It is priced right. there is no reason to pay more than $20 for telephone service today. I used to be a Vonage customer and my total bill was $37 per month. With TeleBlend I get unlimited long distance in the US and Canada so I am saving tons of money.

    penny4ths 10/1/12 1:20PM
  • I spoke to a Tammy there this morning, 5/11/12, and was extremely dissappointed with her being the only customer service person available. She would not stop talking and kept repeating same info like a robot and annoying. Won't give me any info about the boss/manager or the company owner. Blamed everything on a previous employee and told me, basically, too bad to all my questions. Not helpful at all for a long time customer. I only spoke to them maybe 4 times in 8+ years.

    Euchoose 5/11/12 11:29AM
  • TeleBlend has sent an "annual renewal" email to me. Their advertised Domestic Unlimited Calling rate has blossomed from their advertised $99.99 to a gigantic $185.00 for the year! Here's what they added on--

    Regulatory Recovery Fee $23.88
    Emergency 911 Svc Fee $21.48
    USF Compliance Fee $20.28
    (some low-income subsidy?)
    Non-refundable Transfer $19.99
    (transfer "what?")

    And the stupid incompetent Cust Svc on the website "chat" contact tell you these are just "taxes". What everyone says about the toll free 877-415-5635 being unreachable is absolutely true. The generic recording states that all agents are busy helping other customers, and directs you to use the website "chat" assistance. Big scam. Big dodgeball scheme. Guess they think everyone's gullible.

    If you have been suckered-in by TeleBlend, call your Bank and cancel your check card or credit card- report it lost. Your new card will have a completely different number. Do the same with your checking acct. Then cutoff TeleBlend. Give them what they deserve...... $00

    MorningGlory 4/2/12 6:14PM
  • I canceled their service. The CS is very rude, saying I don¡¯t speak in English, constantly interrupted me, refused to tell me her name, refused to transfer me to her manager, just hung up on me, twice.

    Anonymous 4/5/11 10:27AM
  • This provider is hinging on malpractice.

    We have called in to cancel, but they never did. What's frustrating - they are charging even after I ported my number to new provider. (It means they released my number for porting.)

    They think customers don't check their credit card statements.

    This is going to be reported to FCC.

    Anonymous 12/17/10 8:32AM
  • [i]"Due to filing a charge back in the amount of $32.02 your account was closed and a $100.00 start up fee placed. After the charge back case was reviewed, TeleBlend won the case. This means that another fee of the amount owed was also in place. Because we no longer have authorization to charge your billing information on file this comes as start-up fee if you ever to sign up with TeleBlend again. There has not been and will be no further charges from TeleBlend to you. If you have any questions please contact us at (877)-415-5635 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 9pm eastern stadard time. Thank you."[/i]

    I realize this is not a chat board so i will apologize in advance for posting this..


    These people are high on cheap drugs...

    Anonymous 11/9/10 8:18PM
  • Yeah,, Robert W. responded to me too. My complaint was that I could not use my phone for the past week as "all curcuits are busy"...

    I received an e-mail from them telling me to unplug my equipment and plug it back in. (which I had already done) -- followed by another e-mail to "repeat" the process...

    Absolutely clueless, un-ethical people to deal with.

    ppostbed 11/9/10 8:10PM
  • This company does not know customer service, period. They refused to refund one month's service charge after I cancelled before the month even began (they pre-bill). After two weeks of getting nowhere with them, I just filed a charge back with the cc I used to pay. It did even take one day before the cc took my side and found teleblend in the wrong. Then teleblend decides to send me a bill in the amount of the charge back?!?!? And this is their exact response:

    A comment was added to your ticket by: RobertW.

    Due to filing a charge back in the amount of $32.02 your account was closed and a $100.00 start up fee placed. After the charge back case was reviewed, TeleBlend won the case. This means that another fee of the amount owed was also in place. Because we no longer have authorization to charge your billing information on file this comes as start-up fee if you ever to sign up with TeleBlend again. There has not been and will be no further charges from TeleBlend to you. If you have any questions please contact us at (877)-415-5635 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 9pm eastern stadard time. Thank you.

    Reply to this email to send a response to us regarding this ticket.



    PKing11 10/26/10 8:18AM
  • The last review must have been a Teleblend shill. "Just Dial '0' on your phone?? Kinda like saying... my auto service is great, if my car will not start, I just get in and drive it to the mechanic :)
    Guess what.. my phone doesn't WORK, so calling '0' on my phone is kinda stupid.
    I tried calling their 'customer service' number (on my cell), and NOBODY answers.

    Switz 9/13/10 5:03PM
  • It is a poor service. Voice quality is bad. When you tried making international calls, 9 out of 10 times were failed. No customer service. Watch out when you try to transfer service out to another carrier. They won't cancel your service even if your number is transferred to the new carrier. They need you to call them in person to cancel (per contract)...otherwise, they will keep billing you indefinately. Their CS is rude that is even if you can get to talk to a real person.

    Anonymous 7/12/10 5:03PM
  • TELEBLEND IS OUT SOMEWHERE. They are impossible to get a hold of and have one of the worst sites for thier customers. Thier telephone number for service is forever busy. It appears they only want thier montly payment for services which are questionable. Don't know how to tell them this because there is no way to communicate with them.

    WWeston455 3/5/10 8:39AM
  • They emailed me that my phone number is ported and acount active. I have been without phone line for several days and when i try to call customer service, i get busy signal.

    What a mess!

    RS 11/10/09 7:02PM
  • This is the WORST service I have ever had in my life. Go without a phone before using these people!!!!

    ppruths 8/14/09 4:56AM
  • The Number provided to call customer service is not working and the Live chat is a waste as no one answer and it will lead you to send mail . There is no office in North carolina where we can go and talk.My phone is dead from last 3 days and working on and off from one Week .This is the poor customer service i ever seen

    Rama 7/10/09 10:04AM
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  • Love the service. Have had it for almost 7 years. No complaints. Keep up the good work.

    Jamespsully 3/6/14 7:48PM
  • Amazing service and value. My verizon bills were in the $50s, Vonage was almost $40 and with TeleBlend my bill is $20. I get a lot more features with them, the service has no issues and works every time. I love that fact that the prices do not change after a year like the Comcast and Verizon offers.

    Brice2312 10/9/12 9:48AM
  • I'm very happy with the customer service I received from TeleBlend. The reps not only know how to troubleshoot their own telephone adapters, but they also know how to troubleshoot most other hardware including routers and modems. I called to report a service issue that turned out to be a router issue. The rep patiently walked me through a config change and the service has been working perfectly ever since. Couldn't have been happier with the outcome!

    thesamkingston 10/4/12 5:22PM
  • I had a great experience today with Teleblend support. I received my service this morning and called for assistance setting it up. Spoke with Tammy and it was quick and within 15 minutes the service was up and operational. Thanks Tammy for all the help. Tony

    tony119 10/3/12 10:10AM
  • I called in for assistance with my bill and I was very frustrated because I didn't understand it. I tried online chat first and they weren't able to assist me but referred me to the phone. I called and spoke with Tammy, she was very patient in breaking it down for me and making it clear. I am very happy with my Teleblend service.

    JessieP 10/2/12 3:53PM
  • I'm surprised to read some of the posts pertaining to negative experiences using TeleBlend. I have been a satisfied customer since TeleBlend took over from SunRocket and have nothing but good things to say about the company and the products and features. The customer support is also very knowledgeable and intelligent enough to solve problems without work off a checklist or script. I've only experienced a couple issues in 5 years and every time they were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have been on the same calling plan since day one and have saved hundreds compared to some of my friends who use competing VoIP services. I've also referred several friends and family members to TeleBlend and we have both benefited from the $20 referral credits. Overall I've been very happy with this company and couldn't imagine paying anyone else for my home phone service.

    AlMaple 10/1/12 4:57PM
  • Good ole Teleblend. Reliable, affordable and just what I need in a phone service.

    Jakewoods 10/1/12 3:32PM
  • I switched my service from Vonage to TeleBlend about 2 years ago. I was a Vonage customer for 3 years before that and I find having TeleBlend as my telephone service provider was very refreshing. Yes, they are smaller, but the attention I received was personalized. When I had a question, I received a response from an engineer with 1 day. Normally with the larger providers you get the run around for days and then your issue is forgotten. I have never had a problem with it and every time I pick up the phone it works. The price is great and my bill including taxes and everything is around $18 compared to $37 at Vonage.

    Allison3433 10/1/12 12:52PM
  • I have had very little trouble in the last two years with this phone company and they have been very helpful in resolving the minor issues that did come up.

    It's always easy to get in touch with a real live person: just dial "0".

    Skitzee 5/12/10 8:40PM
  • I was skeptical of the 99 annual plan at first. Like most companies there was start up costs like activation, shipping it wasn't price I was worried about all VOIP is cheap, I wanted to know what their customer service was like. I tried their customer service (877-415-5635) number and got one rep on the phone who seemed more then happy to help me, again I became skeptical because he was so eager to help I assumed he worked off of commission and was going to tell me anything I wanted to hear to get the sale, but...turns out he didn't and I didn't have to ask to get the proof I needed, he directed me to the website to sign up, again I became skeptical, thinking he was just being lazy, so I called again and I got the same sort of reaction and even found that their call center is small enough that everyone knows each others name. When I asked the 2nd rep if she new "bob"(I don't remember his name) she said yes and even asked if I would like to speak with him again. I like knowing that its easy to get the same rep, I find its a good way to make the company accountable for what their reps promise. I have now been with Teleblend (un-skeptically) for 6 months, still don't have a phone bill and life is good, and if i did have a problem I can always ask for "bob" its like company is family run and you have someone on the inside looking out for you.

    wantGOODsupportNOW 4/5/10 2:26PM
  • We had Sunrocket since May of 2006 and then we were automatically switched to Teleblend and I think this was a very professional decision on the cost effective side which is so important these days.
    Thanks to little co.'s like these to make the consumer have a choice on the spending and the quality of the phone service is thousand times better than other co's out there still trying to rob people out of their hard earned money. You don't want to mess with the giants believe me, they have already messed up the economy by their endless greeds... thank you Teleblend for not leaving us choiseless after Sunrocket...

    Fay929 10/9/08 10:06AM

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