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Teleflora customer service is ranked #676 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 190 ratings. This score rates Teleflora customer service and customer support as Terrible.


189 Negative Comments out of 190 Total Comments is 99.47%.


1 Positive Comment out of 190 Total Comments is 0.53%.

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  • Never order from them. I tried to send my daughter flowers in Hawaii. After two days of calling to see why the flowers not delivered was told the florist didnt have flowers that i wanted...(roses really this is hawaii right) but with my second choice they wanted more money. I hit the roof. they cancelled my order and still have not even my money back yet.

    ladihawk 7/19/14 2:01PM
  • STOP THE FALSE ADVERTISING! Flowers are sent to express a personal gesture. Teleflora just trashes that sentiment in that they guarantee delivery of flowers, not a special arrangement either; then cancel. They cancel 5 days (give or take) after the event. So your personal sentiment is tossed on a waste bin because teleflora does not understand why they are in the business they are in.

    Anonymous 7/11/14 9:23PM
  • WORST EVER! Wrong flowers, wrong container, wrong arrangement, wrong color, wrong size (had paid for the upsized version). Will never use again. Should have read the ratings first. Have contacted Consumer Reports to see if they will do a review and expose these bait-and-switch shysters.

    TrueBlue 7/8/14 6:25PM
  • The flowers that I've select were not that the person received, I select roses only and was mixed with roses and carnations, the base was smaller too. I am very disappointed in the poor service I received, the card was written as a small child with mistakes. Why I paid more for deluxe?? Please DON'T use this company

    martha 6/13/14 3:20PM
  • It's really a wonder this company is still up and running. Awful experience and just disappointment after disappointment. In the end, I had to cancel my order for Mother's Day. Delayed deliveries, poor customer service, broken glitch was the reason given and finally product unavailablility. Just devastating!

    Anonymous 5/16/14 2:33PM
  • I ordered the HEALTH NUT BASKET, Instead my Mother got some fruit, Sausage and stale crackers!!!!! That is not healthy...When I called to complain and I begged them to please at least take her a little plant, they said "Were you aware about our replacement policy?" I said "YES" but this replacement didn't even come close!! I was offered a credit, so I said can't you take that credit and take her a sm. plant? I live 200 miles away, NO, sorry!! Well talk about ruining my surprise to my Mother she is 88 yrs old and she didn't even eat sausage when she was young, why would she start now....

    Kamarq 5/12/14 10:28AM
  • What a disappointment to find out late in the afternoon that my order for my Mom for Mother's Day was being cancelled because the local provider just couldn't get to my order - we're talking Minneapolis, MN here. I will never use this company again and I make no bones about the fact that I will take every opportunity to make sure that none of my family or friends use them either. Absolutely disgusting.

    disappointed daughter 5/10/14 8:19PM
  • I ordered Easter flowers to be delivered to my daughter on 4/15. On Friday 4/18 the flowers still had not been delivered so I called and was told they would be delivered on 4/19. On Wednesday 4/23 I received an e-mail notification that the order had been cancelled. When I contacted Teleflora for an explanation, they had none other than that I did not answer my phone. I never received a phone call from them nor did I receive an e-mail about any issues with fulfilling the order. When I was speaking with them, they acted as if their failure was my fault. Yes, it was my fault ... my fault for placing an order with them in the first place. If you want your flowers delivered, do not order from Teleflora.

    JulieInCO 4/23/14 1:59PM
  • I will not use Teleflora again. My valentine's day order (ordered by me 5 days before the 14th) was canceled at 10:50 on valentine's day. After a couple of confusing email and web links, I called customer service who said (quote) "the local florest cant fullfil your order becasue of high call volume .. it is valentines day". They initially offered my 50% refund for not accepting the alternative 4 day later delivery date. I got to a supervisor who apparently refunded my $100 (takes 4 days to refund so I cant see if this has happened yet or not), but at no time did this company show concern or regret for failing to deliver. While I was talking to the supervisor, I lookked at the teleflora web site, and it was still advertising that they could still take same day orders for valentines day. Remarkable. On finishing the call, the superevisor whos name was Audry wished me a happy Valentine's day. If the company wasn't so disconnected to the services they were suppoesd to be providing, I would think that she was rubbing salt in the wound. I for one will never use Teleflora again.

    Anonymous 2/18/14 7:53AM
  • I ordered an rose and lilly arrangement with candy and a bear two days before valentines. I got an email the day of delivery at 1 in the afternoon stating the florist could not handle all the orders and canceled my order. Then I call customer service of course out sourced to india.... after 5 pitiful phone calls they said they never charged me for the flowers , which was a lie the took the money out of my account on the 13th. My bank confirmed it. All I wanted to do was send my mom flowers(she has cancer) so she could enjoy them.. I will never use this company.

    Anonymous 2/14/14 3:40PM
  • Never ever use them! Totally unreliable, and make no effort to correct the situation. They don't call you or email you. They just cancel your order. Nice on Valentine's Day.

    Then when you call to try to fix the situation, long hold times, annoying messages on hold...and best of all, since they cancelled your order, there is nothing the people who answer the phone can do to fix the situation.

    Hugely Disappointed 2/14/14 3:02PM
  • Took half an hour to place one order. The contact rep. couldn't understand me and it was hard for me to understand her. I would not recommend!

    tbyronshep 2/7/14 5:35PM
  • What a bad way to run a business. They sell you one thing and fill your inbox with junk emails for ever. Nothing can be done to stop them either. I wish Telefloria would go out of business. I am sick of their junk emails, bet their products are bad too.

    wlg 2/6/14 7:45AM
  • I have been in the florist business only a year. I started out with Teleflora because of all the promises I got about how they were going to "help" me build my business. After being a member for only 3 months this is what I figured out about Teleflora. NO one should EVER order flowers from Teleflora or Any of those websites that do not actually make and deliver the arrangements, All those people do is call the local florist and then take 20%. Teleflora's website is a JOKE! False advertising. There is NO way a small florist like me can have all the flowers they offer on their website. Then they charge $5 for delivery when some of my deliveries were 25 miles away!Not making any money there. Customer service is very lacking. I called several times and NEVER got anywhere! They all acted as if they could care less about my problems! NEVER was I treated like a valued customer. EVER! In 10 months, I NEVER made money. I got ONE check! I was not even paying membership fees but was paying for things I never wanted or asked for. I was sent vases on 2 occasions because they had been ordered months earlier. I had then sent written notice NOT to send them and refused them when they arrived-BUT was STILL chrged 50 dollars delivery-EACH time! I saw my rep, once.She showed up,unannounced- on PROM DAY- and instead of discussing the problems I was having, they were only interested in selling me a 1400.00 computer system!I had had enough! I tried SEVERAL times to get out-only to be told my name was already printed in the stupid directory and I had to wait 3 months! I sent a letter telling them I would NOT pay another bill to them.Here is the icing on the cake...Recently I rec'd a call from Teleflora headquarters wanting me to take an order. I told them I was not a member- they asked if they could send me a check. I STUPIDLY OK'd that. The order was for $110.00 and delivered 28 miles away. 3 months later when I called to see why I had not rec'd a check, I was informed it was taken off of my "Bill". Even tho I tried repeatedly to get out and told them I would not pay another bill, they continued to bill me and when I took that order they found their way of "getting their money". By screwing me out of $110.00. I was paid $15.00 for that order. Teleflora has been nothing but a nightmare for me anbd I will NEVER recommend them to any florist or any customer. EVER!

    Learned a valuable lesson 1/24/14 9:00PM
  • I ordered through my local florist in florida using teleflora. The florist that received the order was Conroys flowers of Newport beach, California. I ordered flowers on January 3rd, 2014. They were supposed to be delivered on Wed. Jan. 8th for my daughters birthday. I also selected a beautiful arrangement that was pink and white, with pink roses...I requested an early morning delivery since she is in and out of her office throughout the day. What she received was a purple and yellow arrangement without any roses, and they were delivered in the late afternoon after she had left work for the day. That meant she did not get her flowers until the next day. When she sent me a picture of the flowers and I saw what she got, I was mad. The florist never offered to correct his mistake and never offered a refund. When I requested my money back he sent someone to PICK UP THE FLOWERS. I cannot even believe that anyone would do that. Horrible customer service...I spoke with "Mort" the supervisor who was going to check into it and call me back, HE NEVER DID.

    CHAYES 1/19/14 12:13PM
  • I ordered a deluxe version, and what I got didn't even look to meet the standards of the "standard" version. Why did I pay more for deluxe?? Then I called customer service to complain, 25 minutes on the line before I finally hung up and never talked to anyone. How do they stay in business? People like me who trusted I'd get good service. NEVER will I use them again. Please don't!

    Anonymous 1/8/14 7:19PM
  • I sent three sets of flowers to three different people in three different cities. Out of the blue on Christmas Eve I received a garbled telephone message from Teleflora who I could barely understand because they did not speak English. They sounded like they were either Eastern Indian or Pakistani. After replaying the message THREE times so I could understand, they told me to call Teleflora as there was a problem with my order to Portland, Oregon. I called immediately called Teleflora who told me they had no idea why I was calling. I asked to speak to a manager, and waited 20 minutes. On hold, on Christmas Eve. The manager was more clueless and also stated she had no idea why I was calling. I told her I was calling as instructed by them. I still have no idea why they called or what the problem was, if any. An inept bunch of useful idiots.

    You gotta be kidding me! 12/25/13 8:41AM
  • I was very UNHAPPY with Avas Flowers. I thought I was ordering from a local florist when I ordered delivery in Littleton, CO. I live in FL. The arrangement was NOT ACCEPTABLE, and looked to be FROZEN. I called the company asking for an exchange which never occurred. The recipient is on way to another hospital and I am out $72. I will never use Avas Flowers again.

    SuzanneWhite 11/14/13 9:43AM
  • Their website is very misleading. Tried to explain in chat how the arrangement did not match the picture. Thought the chat person could care less.

    acecat 11/11/13 3:51PM
  • WORST EVER !!!! Spent $100.00 on the Fiery Lily & Rose and it looked dead in 3 days... VERY POOR QUALITY !!!!!!!!

    NobleLJ 10/18/13 6:44AM
  • Their Guarantee means pretty much nothing. They guarantee fresh flowers and if you don't happen to receive fresh flowers their is nothing they can do about and it seemed as though they could care less. The flowers ordered were for a Memorial Service on a Sunday morning. We had an arrangement with dried up green leaves and some of the flowers were dead of pieces of the flowers were missing. It was pathetic and embrassing.

    Mary Doering 9/23/13 4:25PM
  • Well lesson learned placed order on Saturday was told Monday afternoon they could not make delivery because they were unable to place the order.Responded to their email for next available delivery date...Which was supposed to be today just received another update that they are unable to find a florist to deliver to the zip code of the recipient.Im a little bit beyond irritated because when you order the darn things online it asks for a zip code to see if available in that area and sure enough it said it was not its not??? piss poor if you ask me

    Poed 8/13/13 1:15PM
  • Ordered flowers for my girlfriend for valentines day. I ordered the deluxe version of the arrangement thinking it would be way fuller and nicer than the standard one they had pictured. When I saw what had been delivered I compared the picture on telaflora website to what had been delivered and the arrangement was sad, less flowers than the standard version. I sent an email to telaflora and they responded once and said they would research the incident with the florist, which was in Hampton VA and I never heard back. Well teraflora you will never hear back from me either.

    moose 7/10/13 9:24AM
  • I WILL NEVER USE OR BE LET DOWN BY TELEFLORA AGAIN!!! I simply ordered a plant on July 3 2013 to be delivered on July 6 2013.Instead all I received is an email at 355pm today July 6 stating there will be no delivery of the plant to the funeral home,SHAME ON YOU TELEFLORA !!!!!! That's just Horrible ,customer service at this business is GARBAGE TOO!!! I remember using them years ago no problems,why so many Let down people now????What is going on????

    Michael 7/5/13 7:07PM
  • Same problem as others in this comment section. Ordered flowers, got email confirmation that flowers were hand delivered and yet they were never delivered. When I called Televlora for an explanation they said delivery was attempted and were unable due to family member in surgery. Googled all telefora florists in the area and found the one handling my order. They never received a call from the company and had been told the order was cancelled. No delivery was ever attempted. Unethical business, unable to contact corporate office, Don't Give Them Your Business!!!

    Poor service 6/3/13 8:09AM
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  • Wow, I can't believe some of these comments I'm seeing on here. I don't have any problems with Teleflora when I order flowers. It doesn't sound like most of you have any idea how things run in the floral industry. Here's some information I've discovered, because I have used Teleflora for years and I have done my RESEARCH. First off, waiting until a couple days EVEN before a busy floral type holiday... YOU ARE LATE! "You are a last minute shopper and should be ashamed", sorry to say. You would not believe how many people order flowers. Second, don't order something to go to the middle of nowhere and say NO SUBSTITUTIONS... You think a shop in the Yukon Territory is going to have what you want exactly? NO! Third (and probably the most important to know), Teleflora doesn't actually deliver flowers, EVER. I think this is misunderstood by many. Teleflora is merely a "wire" service, which connects shops across the U.S. and the world. Teleflora does NOT own any flower shops, so if you order from the Teleflora's site, this order will be sent to the closest possible "locally owned" floral shop that will ACCEPT the order, they may not be a Teleflora member even, because not everyone is, so the shop that delivered your flowers late, or not at all, or the wrong thing, may not even be affiliated with Teleflora. Flowers are not always perfect and I've received flowers that are wilted, but I've also received flowers that are great, all from Teleflora. It's not necessarily Teleflora's fault if your flowers are not what you wanted or if they're late, etc. You should also be ashamed of saying how this company runs "scams"?? Really? You're going to go there? They don't run scams, I've never been scammed by them. Also, you shouldn't say "they need to be shut down"... A lot of people work for that company and they'd be out of work, how would you like to be out of work? How would like it if I said your employer is "ripping" people off?

    Happy Customer! 2/15/12 9:03AM
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  • Dear Shawn,

    This letter is sent registered mail due to the lack of attention that your entire organization gives to its business, in hopes that it reaches the desk of someone responsible. Floral Creations was a member of Teleflora from December 2010 until May 20th 2011 when we began making several attempts to cancel as it had become clear that we would soon be out of business due to the fact that your organization was taking not only all the profits, but the costs of product and delivery leaving nothing but monthly bills for so called services, many of which were NEVER ordered. This decision came from the constant battle to get paid for the products we produced and delivered and repeated attempts to be reimbursed for services “provided” by Teleflora that were never ordered plus the fact that the more business done through Teleflora the larger the loss. For example the total Teleflora sales for the mothers day period were $1896 with a return of a mere $178 which barely covered the cost of fuel let alone flowers, vases, ribbon, cards and labor. “Save the Florists” my foot!
    Beginning on May 20th Kelly called Teleflora and spoke to Amber who said only a manager could cancel memberships and she would have one “call right back”. Several hours later Kelly called again and spoke to Nicki who gave the same response. The following day Kelly called and spoke to Melanie who promised to have a manager call as soon as they had time due to the busy workload weekly phone calls to Teleflora finally ended on June 23rd when Toni told Kelly that our membership had in fact been canceled. An obvious LIE as a bill shortly followed showing that we were still being charged for membership et al. Kelly then called Teleflora and was told that because we did not cancel by June 1st we were obligated for three more months. Are you kidding me? Clearly all the runaround and countless unreturned phone calls were a now obvious strategy to try to steel more money from hard working Americans! Clearly working out this type of scam is what your managers call a “heavy workload”.

    Many, many hours have been spent over the past eight months in attempts to resolve billing mistakes made by Teleflora, several of which are still unresolved.
    1. The Red card was ordered black, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $25.
    2. Extra listings were never ordered, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $40.
    3. Card ad was never ordered, we are not sure what that even is, yet we were charged and forced to pay an extra $65.
    4. Ref #0089283371.We were forced to pay an additional $61.92 on top of the costs for an arrangement that we put together and delivered.
    5. The Dove system was never ordered, used, or possessed, yet we were billed monthly for it. Each month we were informed that it would not be on next months statement but we had to pay the full amount in order to avoid a$100 late fee! After SIX months of this, Jim finally said that we could have it for six months “free”. There is the “heavy workload” thing again as this would only be receiving what we had already paid for!!!!! $200.48 minus $32.24 for the one month it was used = $168.24 owed.
    Monday August 22nd brought with the mail was a bill from Teleflora on the account that should have been closed as of May 20th expecting payment of $329 by August 25th, obviously an attempt to steel another $100 for a late fee. Also on that bill were two orders that were never taken or placed from shops numbered 33-1191 for $45.49 and 46-0731 for $75, both of which were contacted and confirmed that both orders were cancelled remembering that Kelly had told them we were no longer affiliated with Teleflora. Also upon review we have paid $198 for June and July web hosting, $205.20 for “other” member services and $149.95 for member fees, equaling a total amount owed to Floral Creations by Teleflora $913.15.
    If you are not in fact the corrupt organization that you appear to be, you will honor our cancellation request of May 20th and remit the $913.15 owed to Floral Creations. I would also suggest that you conduct an internal investigation into the corrupt actions of your management and billing departments as you are getting a bad name in the industry and probably have some embezzlement going on.
    Doug Harris
    Floral Creations

    NOT HAPPY 8/25/11 2:52PM

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