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Timex customer service is ranked #270 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.66 out of a possible 200 based upon 33 ratings. This score rates Timex customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


31 Negative Comments out of 33 Total Comments is 93.94%.


2 Positive Comments out of 33 Total Comments is 6.06%.

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  • I've owned timex watches for 20+ years and they are great. The customer service however is the worst. After ordering a new watch from Timex in Arkansas, it took 4 calls to get it finally shipped, then the watch was broken. They sent a second one but could not offer express and the return box they sent was too small for the broken watch. Terrible terrible terrible.

    Anonymous 6/26/14 11:53AM
  • I bought Timex Ironman Easy trainer , GPS Speed + Distance on Feb 19, 2014 . the lace is broken and I brought it to service center. The answer is the model is out of date. There is no spare part. They told me to leave the watch there and offer me 50 percent discount coupon. I think this is stupid service. Why do I have to pay again to buy new watch.

    Pratthana 6/12/14 11:47PM
  • A few months ago I purchased a new timex with a flex band. Within a week it stopped working, and I took it back to walmart fora new batterey as the watch was new. The woman at the watch counter grudgingly gave me another battery. One week later it stopped working. On Mother's day weekend I purchased a different timex model, within one week it stopped working ALSO!!!!I have been a faithful timex customer for 40 years, my husband tried to woo me away from timex with prettier and much pricier watches, to no avail. Did timex get bought out by the Chinese? Timex has the gaul to charge a $8.00 handling fee to repair a product that THEY made poorly. It should be repaired at timex's cost to compensate for selling a inferior product!!!!!

    Catherine 5/28/14 9:35AM
  • Horrible service from "Julie" on 4-17-14 at 14:45. Exceptionally rude, used foul language and hung up on me. She must hate herself and her job to act so. But thanks, because I will no longer worry about repairing my watch. I'll trash it and go with a different brand. I'm sure Timex is on its way out anyway if they've reduced themselves to hiring such people to represent them.

    Not Julie 4/17/14 1:09PM
  • All I want to do is re-set my Ironman watch with the new time zone tonight.

    Nothing online helps. Timex customer service only open 9-5 M-F.

    This is way too difficult.

    Anonymous 3/8/14 2:41PM
  • My Name Is Viju , Iam From Palakkad Kerala

    I Had Purchase A Timex Expedition Watch Black Worth Rs 4500 /- Two Year Back

    Presently My Watch Strap Is Damaged ,and I Need A New Strap ,i Had Give Request At Ernakulam Service Centre And Coimbatore Service Centre And Last I Given Order At Palakkad Bigbazar , All These Shorooms Make Me To Wait For One Week And Hence They Told Me That They Dont Have Much Stock For This Model

    Kindly Get Me A Strap Of Black Colour With Immediate Effect I Will Pay The Ammount In Vpp

    TIMEX EXPEDITION 1/10/14 11:50PM
  • Sure timex will fix any watch within 30days but charge $8 for handling

    billyjoe 8/16/13 6:27AM
  • got a new timex,and 3 weeks later loses time, 1 min a not sending them 8 bucks for shipping.u know where timex and there watches can go.Im 54 and always had timex there junk now. ADIOS TIMEX

    Anonymous 6/18/13 2:09PM
  • I bought a times watch model W8625-03 0n 06/01/2011. Unfortunately the case got corroded and when given for service at Kochi as per SRF No. 684 dated 20/03/2013 they said that the case has to be replaced. I asked them to replace , but to my surprise they said the model is discontinued and the case is not available. I waited for one month and no response from the centre.Now the people at the centre is acting helpless and when contacted the authorised company show room they also said that they are not in a position to do anything. This is not the way to treat customers

    Sajin Joseph 4/23/13 12:31AM
  • International waiting time is awful. Need the manual for perpetual calendar watch model no.T2G551. Kindly send to Thank you.

    Anonymous 3/15/13 11:09AM
  • Im very disapointed in my timex watchI had i only 3 weeks and the stem fell out ad ilost the stem hen I took it back to wallmart they would not help me at all they said they could do nothing with out the box it came in and the reciept which I had neither oneso now Im stuck with a watch that doesnt work ,I wont ever buy another timex and assoon as I can get a address I plan on boxing this peice of junk up and sending it back

    Anonymous 10/13/12 5:29PM
  • I have a Timex Ironman Triathlon watch. It is the 2nd one I have bought. This and the other watch fog up as if water is inside. I do not deep water dive. The wristband is wearing also and has about 7 tear areas along it. One side that connects the band is loosening. I love the looks of the watch but it does not hold up well. I have had this one only 1-2 years. I have used watches my whole life and usually love Timex but the quality is not there. :(

    Lisa 9/30/12 3:38AM
  • Timex does NOT stand behind its (defective) products.

    I just tried to return my brand new heart monitor watch, which doesn't work. I brought it through Amazon.

    Timex offered to fix it within 14-21 business days, after they got it from me ($8.00, possibly reimbursed through Amazon, and a special trip to the post-office). But I need this daily, not weeks from now, so I have to buy a new one right now.

    Timex refuses to refund my money so I can but a new one, even if I send them back the defective watch. They say they don't back up items bought from what they ominously refer to as "third-parties", which apparently includes shady entities like Amazon, Best Buy and the local mom and pop.

    My customer service also helpfully pointed out that I would never expect a refund on a bad product bought through Ebay, so why Timex?

    "Why Timex?" does seem a very good question to me now.

    Anonymous 7/30/12 11:45AM
  • I think it is a joke that a warrenty requires you to not only pay for you to ship it to them, but also to send a check to have them send it back. If there watch is defective then they should at least cover the cost to return it to you since it is there crappy product that broke in the first place.

    Wild Bill 6/29/12 3:52PM
  • i purchased a man's watch at christmas time -within 3 weeks the band had to be repalced and the battery had to be replaced also in the first month. After the battery was replaced the watch still looses time-I took back to Walmart where I purchased but they wouldn't help

    pen 4/28/12 5:17PM
  • I have a Timex Men,s Expedition 100 meter ,indiglo,date,T46681 watch my wife gave to me Christmas of 2010.The watch has been very unreliable.It loses time,the stem comes out on it,s own,and the date doesn,t change right.Sometimes the date changes on it,s own.I,ve got to say this is the sorriest watch I,ve ever had,and I,ve always had Timex watches.I,ve been tempted several times to take it off and throw it in the river while I was fishing.If not for my cell phone I would,nt have known what time it was.

    Anonymous 4/5/12 5:01PM
  • I purched a Timex Expedition approx 2 to 3 yrs ago, cannct keep it running, goes through about 3 batteries a year. Have always had TIMEX but its pretty sad when a 5.00$ noname watch last a couple of years. Just wanted you people To know how sorry your quality has gotten. I dont expect an answer or remedy, but feel better getting my feelings out, tired of being agrivated every time I get ready to go somewhere and put that damn watch and the stupid thing dont work cause the battery dead AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    country boy 2/23/12 10:57PM
  • You can add me to the list of disatisfied
    Timex customers. There should be a law to
    prevent Timex from selling crap for which there is no refund or recourse. I have sent my new heart rate monitor back because it didn't work, even with electrode gel, and they returned it in the same useless condition. Look for my complaint on the TV trouble-shooter program and twitter.

    Anonymous 2/22/12 5:12PM
  • I've always been a fan.. Bought quite a number of watches for me, my wife and kids... unfortunately only a handful remains running, im not sure why i kept on buying until the last E series model i got.
    3 times the strap is broken and after sales support sucks and most of them were very arrogant! Very frustrating, after those purchases, and this E series - not so cheap and all i get is rubbish remarks as i ask for attention! they even asked me to pay for the 3,500Peso worth strap which i thought to be still in warranty... In disgust i seldom use the watch (after repair)but again disappointed to find again its broken... went back to the shop yesterday, 'asked what can be done; and they told me buy instead the silicon strap! Grrr!!! Way to go!!!!


    Jeremy (philippines) 12/4/11 5:17AM
  • My husband, Chris Frawley always loved Timex watches. The simple design, the dependablity, the style, the price. He loved the Indiglo style since he could read the numbers without glasses and could light the face. Sadly, he died in July 2007. Today I was raking leaves in a myrtle bed and noticed a silver buckle. I thought it might be a cat collar. I was filled with tears when I discovered it was my husband's watch which he had lost soon after purchase more than 4 years ago. It was still ticking and keeping time...the date was only off by 3 days!The strap was dirty but still ingood condition.

    Sigrid 11/19/11 4:38PM
  • A little over a year the band broke on my watch. Customer service actually used the cop-out that Timex makes the watch and the band is someone us. Way to stand behind your product Timex! Will never order a Timex again.

    Anonymous 11/17/11 8:20AM
  • i called to purchase a watch band for my son's watch the order was placed on 9 16-11. I have not yet received the band. Today I called to check on the order and was told that the band was on back order. Why was i not informed of this be an e-mail or a courtesy call. My son is anxiously waiting for this band so that he can wear his watch. Vanessa Estes. .

    Anonymous 10/20/11 12:58PM
  • I need to order a replacement band for a Timex Ironman watch I purchased at Walmart. Walmart tells me I must order the band from Timex. I have made several attempts to do so. but haven't any luck so far. Please advise the procedure for obtaining the band.


    Emmet McCall
    [email protected]

    Anonymous 10/6/11 7:11PM
  • I bought a a black Timex Expedition water resistance indiglo. The MODE button does not work. This watch is not even two and a half months old. I am unable to set the time. This watch is pretty much useless to me, than it lookes nice. I bought this watch at Wal-mart, in Brownsville, Texas. I took it back and the girl at the jewelry dept. opened it and it went back to time from chrono where it was stuck. I really wish you guys would give me a new one as I really need it to work out. I tried cust. srv. and no one answers, only machines...TIME to help, Griselda Zubi, 956/589-6267.

    Zubi 8/21/11 6:27AM
  • I purchased a timex watch 3/17/11.I called them to add links to the watc they sent me a box about a week later to send in the watch to add links,it came back and still didnt fit ..I called again and went thru the same procedure but this time I put a piece of string with the size of the band I needed taped to a note got the watch back it was the same as I sent it and the note was in the box with the string still attached.I called and sent the watch back again this time it fit but now the watch is not working.Im waiting for a nother return box it is now May 31 2011

    mguili1947 5/31/11 5:53AM
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  • I don't know why Timex has such a bad reputation, the watches are awesome and their customer service is amazing. Thank you Timex.

    abysan 7/23/12 10:47AM
  • Couldn't find the CS number on their website, but found it here... Once I called, there recording kept me apprised of my number in line and the expected length of the wait- better than repeatedly getting my attention to tell me how important my call is... Once I was speaking to a human, my call was surprisingly straight forward! I have a broken band on a watch with a very non-standard band (Triathalon- Sleek). The store I bought it at basically told me I was out of luck. At Timex, I was told for $10 they'll replace the band and the trim piece that's missing. Way cheaper than buying another $65 watch! Not happy about the 2-3 week wait time, but over all I'm feeling positive about it.

    Anonymous 8/5/10 2:56PM

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