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Toro customer service is ranked #494 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 54 ratings. This score rates Toro customer service and customer support as Terrible.


51 Negative Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 94.44%.


3 Positive Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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  • I To Have A Toro Pice Of Crap!! When I First Brought It Home It Did Good For A Short While And Then It Got Hard To Start!!then It Would Not Start At All,well My Arm Gave Out, Don't Think It Would Start If I Could Pull All Day Long!! The Mower Is The One That Is Gaurantee To Start After Two Or Three Pulls Oh How Wrong That Is!!i Called Toro,they Said To Take It To A Toro Repair Center And I Did!! It Was There About Two Weeks No Work Done On It!! I Went And Got It, Took It To My Man He Fixed Cost $70.00it Ran Good For Awhile And Now Won't Start!! It's Just A Pice Of Crap!! By The Way It Has Fresh Gas!!!

    WITHOUT A MOWER 1/15/14 12:07PM
  • Last year I bought a Toro JUNK Personal pace lawnmower, I used it about 25 times And now it will not start it just keeps flooding. Now Home Depot will not take it back Toro will not take it back now I have to take it to be fixed under warranty I can only hope & it was only used 25 times. PIECE OF JUNK. Their customer satisfaction is the PITS. Shame on you & HOME DEPOT they both have my money & now me the consumer gets to spend time & effort to get what I paid $359.00 for to work. Sad. I will never use Home Depot or Toro again. Thanks for nothing.

    6string 11/7/13 11:42AM
  • My Toro 22" recycler runs great, and has less than 100 hours on it. The big problem is that the deck/housing has rusted out to the point of being dangerous and unusable. The mower was always sprayed off after a mowing, and stored under a Toro cover. When I told Toro, they basically said, tough. For the cost of that thing, I expected better quality and service. I will never buy another Toro product.

    buzzbomb 9/23/13 7:29AM
  • Mower less than 1 year old. In shop twice for clogged carbs even though anti ethanol fluid used. Techs say it is the cheap carb used by Toro, no response from Toro. Better call me soon. Regards, First and Last Toro

    Mike 9/18/13 7:18PM
  • Brand new self paced walk behind recycler lawn mower belt broke. Dealer says $35 fee to determine if under warranty . If not they will apply money to repair. What if Not under warranty . I would rather take it someplace else or fix myself. THis option has been taken away. What a fraud. Land & Coats in Virginia is a rip off.

    Land & Coats Sucks 9/3/13 9:40AM
  • Call center is staffed by rude, obnoxious hood rats who want to shout you down, interrupt you and generally make it impossible to address any warranty related issues. This is the most disgusting, in-your-face abuse of customers I have seen in a very long time. This is not an isolated incident either. Maybe they have farmed their call center ops out to the state prison system?

    Tom Irwin 8/20/13 7:24AM
  • I have a Toro Blowervac that i've used for 4 years now in the Spring and Fall to blow/shred my leaves. I've never had a problem with the unit, but do use the right size extension cord, and ensure that I'm not overloading the bag with wet leaves.

    I also own a mower, not a Toro, but have done research and found out that STALE gas is a big time issue with all mowers now. I only keep enough for a couple of mows, and never leave it in the tank for more than 2 weeks. My mower is now 8 years old and starts all the time. Fall time, get a turkey baster and get rid of the fuel as this can also cause a clog in the inlet needle and therefore fuel leaks. If you own a snowblower, don't leave fuel in it in the summer!!! Worst thing you can do. But then again I'm a country girl and just may have learnt early. Seriously, alot of issues are just common sense. (don't mean to upset anyone).

    Anonymous 8/15/13 8:35PM
  • In 2012 I purchased a 20371 22in recycler this is a cheaply made have mower the bag is to small and the overall design is awful. I was a Torro master service Tech from 1984-1999 I will not purchase another mower. I still have a 1990 2cycle torro that I use when ever I can. (cant buy parts to repair)or I would get rid of the new one.

    AB Mass.

    freewheel 8/11/13 9:31AM
  • In 2007 I bought a Toro z4200 it worked great untill this year. I started cutting grass this year and after an hour or so it quit pulling on the left side, so I park it then after it cools it cuts for another hour.

    I called the dealer ( Ace Hardware) where I bought it and they told me it would cost about $1000.00 to repair or replace left hydro gear.

    This is unacceptable to me because my wife and I are on a fixed income.

    I know if I keep running this mower it will tear the pump all to pieces.

    I will not buy another Toro product.


    I spent about $ 3200.00 for this mower thinking it would be the last mower I would have to buy, BOY WAS I WRONG. NEVER AGAIN>

    My phone in case anyone wants to talk to me.

    Headnut 7/31/13 1:30PM
  • March 5, 2013 I purchased a Toro Personal Pace Model 20332. It started cold and ran and mowed just fine. It would not start (flooded) when hot. After much trouble with Toro's warranty process, The Home Depot exchanged this mower with a New Model 20332. Same, exact problem. I called customer service (ANGELA who was anything but courteous and should be fired). Finally, I got her to have Corporate Cust Svc call me. Liz called and tried all her schpeel. Said their warranty repair would fix. Said I had tried this. I told her that she had either a design or manufacturing problem and I would eventually get satisfactory resolution, either through Toro or Home Depot or the U.S. or State Govt. Liz is calling Home Depot on Monday and will get back with me. Please not that I have already spent gallons of auto gasoline, auto use, my hours, telling the story over and over....etc. I await resolution.

    danghoff 6/28/13 3:07PM
  • I purchased a Toro 20332 walk behind mower last year 2012 in March. When I tried starting it the following year in 2013 it would not start. I purchased it at Home Depot and was told to bring it back there for service. When I did they sent it out to get fixed. Cost me $90.00 for a blade a spark plug and them to clean out the filter. All that I could have done myself. Basically This will be the LAST toro product I ever buy, considering after 1 year I have to do maintenance on it

    Shorty 6/20/13 11:47AM
  • I purchased the Model #20037 in 2012 Oct and have had to replace two (2) drive system transmissions over the past eight (8) months. My advice to all owners would be to report any observed abnormal noise and functioning of the drive system on the 20030s series of these mowers. The drive wheel also fell off without warning. TORO may refuse to apply warranty terms and conditions to your situation citing industry wide failure rates to justify possible operator/user error. Note as well that the gears in the transmission unit are plastic upon cast metal and probably manufactured in Mexico. I am seriously considering getting rid of the unit in preference for a brand of mower that utilizes a higher quality of materials in manufacturer and from a Company with better after sales service and fair Customer Care practices.

    TORO Reviews 6/20/13 7:36AM
  • I purchased a Toro Personal Pace 22" mower in 2010, since then I have had to replace the brake cable 5 times as it breaks twice a year. I now have to order another one but they don't sell the correct cable anymore. The mower starts every time and runs good, the only problem is that Darn Brake Cable which is made of cheap plastic and not sturdy enough.

    mad in ga. 6/15/13 4:41AM
  • Approximately 3 years ago I purchased a Toro 22in recycler mower ser/290000001, after 1 summer of cutting a small lawn the back self propelled wheels started making a grinding noise, I replaced the wheels for the following summer , then again at the end of the following summer wheels were grinding again, at the beginning of this summer I again replaced the rear wheels, I just finished cutting the grass and the wheels are again grinding. Very frustrating. I was talking to my neighbor who was working a German Bliss at the time I bought my lawn mower, he has the same mower, and has replaced his wheels 3 times, He finally gave up on his wheels, and bought the super recycler mower $$$ , that uses metal instead of plastic for the self propelled. I know there is nothing Toro can do to help solve this problem. I just hope if they are aware of this they will take steps to correct it, so other people are not as frustrated as I am. I'm sure they will to keep up the good name for Torn. Thank you for letting me vent.

    David Hurrelbrink 6/12/13 5:05PM
  • Purchased a 30" Timemaster from Lumax Lawn Equipment on April 20,2013. During 2nd use, the power transmission quit.left at Lumax on May 15,2013. Picked up on May 17,2013 an used for the 3rd time.Lasted for20 minutes, then no power again. Took to Lumax May18,2013. I told them to keep the mower and give me a refund. They told me they were only going to repair it under warranty. May 22,2013 still waiting on parts. Lumax told me only Toro could refund money. Toro told me only Lumax could refund money. Both LUMAX and TORO are a JOKE !!! NO RESPONSIBILITY !!

    TOROLUMAXSUCK 5/22/13 6:22PM
  • I am very upset customer bought a toro 20370 at th home depot first time I used and the mower sat for two weeks then it would not start took it to home depot even with the MA that we purchased they charged us to fix it which I think two big corporate giants can absorb but they still want more from consumer.they said use stabil with fuel and you will be good.well guess what it won't start and I wish toro to stand up behind their product and make it good paying 300 dllrs is not cheap for a lawn mower and I see neighbor with a cheap green mower he had it in storage took it out and it worked now he has a nice cut yard and I don't so toro will you help us consumers.

    unsatisfied toro consumer 5/21/13 4:39PM
  • Model 20334, electric start walk behind has a design flaw. The battery compartment fills with grass clippings. THIS IS DANGEROUS. I have informed TORO and am awaiting a response.

    Pharologst 5/3/13 1:28PM
  • Purchased a gas trimmer 1 month ago. Put it together today and when I started it the String Assembly cover flew off. One of the latches is defective. The customer service phone number listed in the owner's guide has been disconnected. I located a new number on line. The announced "two minute wait time" took over twenty minutes. I live in Phoenix AZ and the rep said that the nearest Toro Service Dealer is in Prescott AZ (2 1/2 hrs away). That tells the whole story, no dealers in Phoenix (pop over 1.5 million) vs Prescott (pop over 40,000). The rep said I could order the part on line thru Toro for $20 + shipping. Well that really solidified the deal. I'm headed to Home Depot to see if I can get my money back.

    Rock Lawn Leaning 4/26/13 3:38PM
  • I have had a Toro lawn mower since August 2012, it is now January 2013. I have used it three times and now it will not start. I contacted Toro customer service and recived a e-mail where to take it. I choose Home Depot. I took it there today and there was a customer before me with the exact same problem. He had used it five times and it would not start. Now waiting for a phone call to see when or if I am going to get my lawn mower back or get a new one.

    Oak Ave 1/31/13 4:33PM
  • I also Bought A brand NEW Toro 20370 after 18yrs of used mowers ,(with no problems ) I had to return the New mower to Homedepot after 3 uses, they gave me a new mower , However NOW THE NEW Mower after 5 uses Will not Start !!! Customer service also tells me to take A brand new mower to service shop , I can not find anyone to help a older lady pick it up, to take it to shop.since it is late fall really dont use the mower but every 3 weeks so now past return date . NOT HAPPY IN Tx

    BAD TORO MOWER 12/14/12 7:01PM
  • Purchased toro electric starter, self propelled lawn mower, not working out of the box. Toro customer service would not act on warranty, stated Toro never accepts returns, gave three authorized service establishments for me to get service at my expense. When I told them the first two sold but did not service Toro products, the service rep was silent. Also the manual's images did not reflect the actual mower, was useless as a result. $58.00 expense, not covered according to the service establishment, was my out of pocket. Turns out the self propel, not the same as the manual image, needed adjustment. Three electric starters later, the mower would not start. Called Toro, too bad they said, I should send it to authorized service center at my expense; the repair would not be covered. This is a lousy Toro product, only made worse by lousier product service, and a worthless warranty. Do not ever by a Toro product.

    Failed Moosia 12/6/12 6:36AM
  • I own a TORO snow blower model 38282. During the second season of usage, th blower didn't want to blow the snow away due to a lack of power (stalls). Dealer found sand in the carb (using the same gas for other equipment). Warranty has been denied by TORO. No customer undestanding. Paying with my own money to repair it. No more TORO.

    Ivo 11/13/12 1:28PM
  • Briggs and Stratton Model 20332 died after only 10 uses over 5 months, 30 minutes each use! Motor burned through oil quickly and Toro service wants to charge me >$150 to tear motor apart to see if Briggs will warranty it. I checked oil every other time and filled it twice during this time, but nobody believes me except my wife. This mower and service is the WORST buying experience of my life. Stay away from Toro and Briggs and Straton mowers!

    Jim 11/6/12 7:02PM
  • Toro Snowblower, I have now spent a week waiting for TORO Customer Service to respond back to a problem. A snowblower a little over 2 years old. Barely used last year because of no snow and Gas Leaking out of the thing all over the garage. Fumes odors entering my home causing a Health & Safety issue for me & my family. The response from Toro sorry to hear about your Hard Starting problem , please take to a Toro dealer. This machine has been nothing but trouble(Lemon) since the day I brought it. It's LEAKING GAS I filled with fresh gas on a Sataurday & by Monday morning it had all leaked out in the garage.

    Steve Boltwod

    Steve 10/31/12 4:54AM
  • Do NOT buy Toro Products. Cheap crap doesn't work. B.S. Customer Svc. B.S. "Authorized Repair Center" bureaucratic delay and deny process. Toro takes your money and when their crap quality product breaks they basically tell you to go pound sand.

    Do NOT buy Toro Products, you'll regret it!

    Michael Kruncr 10/19/12 10:30AM
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  • Too often most people only take the time to make COMPLAINTS. I take the opposite approach and try to COMMEND a company that has a great product....

    I have owned a Toro Timecutter 38" ZTR mower for three years. LOVE IT! I love it so much, I recently purchased a 2012 Timecutter 42" and sold my 38" to a neighbor. I just needed a new toy. Makes cutting the grass fun! Thanks Toro. Great mower and most of my friends and neighbors are now Toro ownwers also.

    JackinKeyWest 12/4/12 2:08PM
  • I had a great experience, actually. I couldn't find an owner's manual for my '87 WheelHorse online, so the Customer Service rep mailed me a copy at no charge.

    BradC78 6/16/11 8:10AM
  • I have a toro lawn mower, had it for over 10 yrs. Never had a problem. I'd buy another in a heart beat! Never needed customer service, a BIG plus!

    duane 5/6/11 7:25AM

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