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U-Haul customer service is ranked #213 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates U-Haul customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


98 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 86.73%.


15 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 13.27%.

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  • Ubox?? Beware!!!!!! We are living out of a hotel in Florida. I have a wife and three kids. We signed a 6 month lease for a condo and haven't been able to stay there. We had 3 uboxes in Jackson michigan and they were supposed to be shipped 1 month ago.... They lost 1 of our boxes, found it after 3 weeks, then was finally supposed to be shipped to leesburg Florida. Still not here!!!??? I've called and complained to corporate, they say "someone will call you back". No response or callback. We spend$70 a day for the hotel and $50 a day or more on food because we have to eat out. This has been one of the worst things ever...a move is supposed to be easier with ubox. Whatever!!!!!! We don't hardly have any money left. We have paid more in hotel and food bills than the shipping charges for the uboxes. Corporate does not want to help us. Absolutely ridiculous... Customer satisfaction??? What is that??? Uhaul is a joke...time for a lawyer I guess....

    Unhappy uboxes 7/26/14 7:53AM
  • Reserved on-line a 17ft truck for 2 days for our house move, three weeks prior to the closing date. Got confirmation email saying that we may not get our preferred pick up place and that they would contact us two days before our reserved date. Yes they did contact us two days before and we couldn't get truck from our local location, a little inconvenient but no big deal. What was a HUGE deal was that we couldn't have 17ft truck for two days, only 8 am - 5pm but they could offer us a 9ft cargo van! Try moving a four bedroom house in a cargo van. No apology, just said other customers must have booked before us. Fortunately Penske had truck available. So beware if your moving home, it's stressful enough without finding out you haven't got the vehicle to move two days before your moving date!

    Julie 7/26/14 6:16AM
  • Uhaul Box has been missing for a month. At this point I don't even care if they do what we payed them thousands of dollars to do and deliver the box, I just want to know where our belongings are. Most of the things in there are irreplaceable to us and I would at least like the opportunity to attempt doing Uhauls job for them.

    I am currently looking for a lawyer as Uhaul refuses to give us a solid answer and has nothing but lies to offer us. Each time we call asking where it is, or when it will arrive, they give us the same answer, "It's arriving tomorrow". There have been well over 7 tomorrows.

    Uhauls COMPLETE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY is disgusting and they need to answer not only to me, but to the hundreds of other people who's containers have been lost, their valuables been destroyed, and lives disrupted because of some corporate pig that doesn't care about their customers after they've received your money.

    If Uhaul obviously does not care about it's customers, as evidenced by the hundreds, if not thousands, of startlingly negative reviews on the web. They have lost yet another customer.

    Anonymous 6/20/14 9:08AM
  • I am writing on behalf of my sister. I live in Ohio and she lives in Pa.. She wanted to rent a U Haul trailer here in Ohio to pick up some items and take them back to Pa..I drove her to the pick up location here in Ohio when she was here for a visit so she would know where to pick up the trailer. All her arrangements for the trailer were made on the phone. On the 23rd of May she called the Ohio location to just verify everything was a go for the 24th when she would be coming from Pa..She was shocked to learn that her trailer was not at the location and was at a different town which she had no idea where it was or how to get there. All they gave her was a phone number. She was very upset but the person she spoke to said, "if you read your paper work we can change locations." She had no paperwork, nothing was sent to her via mail as she does not have a computer. She has no GPS, she's not good with directions so this really was a major upset for her, coming to an area that she did not know. She called the phone number and got an answering machine everytime and you could not understand what the recording said. She called me and I tried the number and I could not understand the recording. I tried 5 times and no one answered the phone, just the recording. Later that day I wanted my husband to listen to the machine and see if he could understand the name and when I called that time I actually got to speak to a woman. She was very nice and I explained what had happened for my sister and learned that this number they gave my sister was not even the number where she was to go for her trailer. If I had not spoke to this woman it would have been nothing but a wild goose chase as to where the trailer was. I was told that on the paperwork this woman looked up on her computer it said they had tried to call my sister twice to tell her of the change and even "texted her." It was a home phone number how do you text that. She does not have text on her cell and hadn't given them her cell phone number anyway. She does not have an answering machine at her home so why didn't they keep trying her???? If she had not called the day before she would have come and found out the trailer was not in the location it was supposed to be and where it was they were closing at noon that day and she would if she had found the place not been able to even get it. The whole thing was a nightmare and disgusting. What kind of company is this? Beware people and seek out another way to move your things because U Haul is not the way.

    BH 5/26/14 10:02AM
  • The branch manager erroneously overcharged me $57 for a rental and was very rude on the phone when I requested a refund. I was misinformed about the duration of the rental on the phone when I made the booking, and when I talked to the branch manager where I returned the truck, was told that I shouldn't have trusted the spoken word of the representative who made the initial booking for me. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced and will NEVER be recommending UHaul to ANYONE I know. Beware of UHaul if you don't want to be swindled out of your hard earned money.

    J 5/25/14 3:31PM
  • I am convinced that U-Haul PLANS to rip off customers. They present a very different set of options orally (which, by the way, contradicts the small print in the "contract", which arrives AFTER you make your booking). Do not trust the spoken word with their representatives. They do not know what they are talking about. Also, customer service is disappointingly marginal. Charged for an extra day ($57.00), when the representative clearly said the truck could be returned in 2 days.

    AS 5/25/14 3:24PM
  • I have used titusville uhaul for 30 years to apply hitches and wireing. I refered a friend and she had a horrible experience. I recently made an appointment for my son to have a reese hitch installed and couldn't remember the appointment time... When I called I had to hang up and regroup because I could not find out the time.... You see privacy act I suppose. However I am the person that made the apt. And used my card to secure the order of this hitch because it was a birthday supprise. Needles to say I have cancelled the entire service and am looking for an alternate locationlocation. I

    Anonymous 4/9/14 8:38AM
  • I booked a truck rental, and recvd a call from someone by name of Kerry (this was Stuart Fl location on Monteray Rd) she was very abrupt and would not even listen to me when I asked for a confirmation of my rental. She hung up while I was still speaking. I don't know how this company can stay in business with people like that dealing with the public. Alsolutely awful experience and would never, ever deal with Uhaul again. I should have read the reviews first!!!

    Anonymous 4/4/14 6:52PM
  • Uhaul in baton rouge louisiana on airline hwy is the worst place to rent a truck from, they will charge you a extra day without telling you. There services are horrible, the lady constantly talks on the cell phone and don't give you the right information. She has a nasty attitude and she is very slow when it comes to helping custumers. I stood in line for 1 hr with only 2 ppl infront or me. I will never rent from there again

    Anonymous 2/26/14 3:41PM
  • I've used u-haul three times. The first two, were both for moving apartments within a city (Montreal). They were great, flexible, very clear with the mileage, gas, etc. We were late returning the truck so we called, and they were very patient. The men and women working in the local store front/garages are in my experience, all very lovely people.

    The problems came when I wanted to move across provinces. Where to start.

    1) I made my reservation 4 months in advance online, to pick up a truck at a dealership I could access without a car, because like most people in the city where I lived in, most people do not have cars. The day before we were supposed to pick up the truck, pack our stuff, and leave the province, I checked my uhaul rental online and noticed that the pick-up location had changed to a town an hour and a half outside the city. I do not have a car, as I patiently explained to countless customer service reps. I don't have money for a cab ride, hence why I am using u-haul to move. So, please read my caution: DO NOT USE U-HAUL FOR ONE WAY RENTALS. It will be a disaster.

    I was informed that the fine print states that they can shift your truck pickup to wherever they want. This could be five minutes away, or it could be 2 hours away. Always read the fine print.

    Long story short, after hours of trying to find a truck in the city, we got it moved to a town that was a whopping 10 minutes closer. We still had to take a $125.00 cab to the location (not having a choice, as we were required by the lease to have moved out the next day).

    2) Besides getting my call dropped about 5 times, the customer service hotline does not have any french language speakers. This is obviously not problematic to most of the continent, however u-haul still services Quebec, which has a population of about 10 million people. If you provide a service to a region, you need to speak their language. Simple. I am bilingual, but when I'm trying to interpret a young Arizonian's earnest but poor interpretation of the french language in a very stressful situation, it's fairly unacceptable.

    More about their customer service: pretty much the only way to get anything resolved is to speak with the national customer service, and not regional or local. This means your talking to someone in Arizona who knows nothing about where you live/the realities of the problem she/he is trying to fix.

    3) That being said, the only positive aspect of my interaction with u-haul was the customer service at the local dealers. We explained our situation patiently, and one man gave us a coupon to take a chunk off our u-haul bill.

    TL;DR: Uhaul is good for local rentals/moves. It is terrible for long-distance 1 way rentals. Would not recommend to my worst enemy. Moving is stressful enough, it does not need to be complicated by a company who does not give a bleep about the people giving them money.

    Anonymous 2/13/14 1:43PM
  • The U-haul On Gessner And Beechnut Has Bad Customer Service. A Representative Named Oneal Had An Altercation With A Person That Drove My Rental Van To The Location. The Person Had An Old Blanket From U-haul And The Representative Tried To Take Driver Told Him He Could Not Have It And The Rep Started An Argument Went Inside And Charged My Account For A Six Pack Of Blankets When The Original Contract Showed That I Did Not Receive Blankets, Dolly Or Anything From Uhaul Other Than The Rental Of The Van. This Is Forgery And Very Unprofessional. If My Friend Has A Blanket From Uhaul Someone Has Already Paid For It Becuase If You Return A Vehicle With The Supplies You Are Charged. Common Sense. Now I Am Waiting For My Reimbursement From Uhaul Or I Will Go To Small Claims Court. I Dont Understand Why Oneal Is Allowed To Treat Customers This Way. He Charged My Account Without My Permission, Slammed The Paper On The Counter, Wrote Down The 800 Number To Uhaul And His Name And Turned And Walked Away. This Action Shows He Is Allowed To Conduct Himself This Way Because He Was Confident That Nothing Was Going To Happen To Him. While Waiting For My Rental To Arrive He Was In The Store Talking Rude And Unprofessional To Another Rental Cleint. They Should Also File A Complaint. Will Now Look For Other Rental Companies And Will Never Recommend Uhaul To Anyone I Know. I Never Raised My Voice Or Came Out Of Character. This Will Be Resolved By Courtesy Or By Law.

    ALMA MARSHALL 11/30/13 9:56AM
  • Uhaul storage on Edgewood Avenue near Lem turner in Jacksonville Florida. Has rats and the manger put rat feeder inside each storage unit to attract the rodent inside the storage. which allows the rodent to get on personal property stored. when I ask for the Manager I was told she is not available and was in a meeting. Rat droppings are all over my things which means they poop and pee on everything. this is disgusting. When I complained I was told this is a problem in most storage unit company.

    Msking 11/19/13 12:19PM
  • Aug.5 2013 I called Uhaul to reserve a storage unit , I was quoted a fair price for an 8x14 unit so I reserved it , when I arrived with my Uhaul truck filled with the items I wanted to store I walked in to complete the reservation and was told that the unit was on the second floor and that they had no elevator so I rented a unit outside a 5x10 which was the same price as the other unit but was smaller and outside , they also was repaving the parking lot and the nest day when I came to move in some more items they had started to repave the area in front of my storage and made it very difficult to move in. now this month's rent [Oct. ]is higher then Aug. or Sept. by 12.00 dollars and I can't pay the same as before cause the general manager is the only one that can change it back and he does not answer the phone or return calls

    John [ Denver Co ] 10/12/13 11:02AM
  • My husband reserved a 17 ft truck for saturday 28th of September at our storage facility. A week prior to our moving. We wanted to pick it up for 9am. We rcvd an email saying it would be avail. for 3:30pm and return Sunday. That was not the time we stated. I sent a reply email to correct the time to 9am and return the same day. I then called to speak to someone to make sure it was corrected. My husband goes Saturday morning to get the truck, and it is not there. He is told you are scheduled for 3:30pm. He said my wife called and said that was wrong and gave 9am etc.. long story short, we got a truck 5 1/2 hours later which totally screwed the whole move! Why bother reserving when u haul does what it wants and the heck with the customer. I wonder how they would feel if us customers stopped giving them business?

    Very discussed customer

    anonymous 10/6/13 1:44PM
  • I just got off the phone with Katie, the U-Haul executive assistant for Western New York, I told her about my horrible experience with a U-Haul rental this past weekend and she offered what U-Haul calls a $50.00 customer goodwill refund. I tried to explain that my husband and I called a month before our move to rent a U-Haul from Pro Auto in Bath, New York. My husband even called the Monday before our Saturday move to verify that our 26 foot truck would be there at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2013. John Sincerbox, owner of ProAuto, told my husband that, "He was in the system and the truck would be there as scheduled." The day before our move, at 11:00 in the morning, the owner, John Sincerbox, informed us that we would not be able to get that truck, or any truck for that matter. We asked him if he could help us in any way because we had movers coming and we had to be out of our house on Saturday the 26th so the new owners could do a walk-through on Sunday the 27th. He wasn't even apologetic or helpful, and when we called U-Haul customer service we recieved the same response with no apology. That Friday, the day before our move, we spent about 2 hours calling every truck rental place known to man, but we were told that since it was the end of the month that ALL trucks were already rented for the weekend. After many frustrating phone calls we finally found two businesses, about 40 miles from us, that were willing to rent us U-Haul trucks that they were selling. We had to travel 40 miles to pick-up both trucks, drive both trucks to our house, load both trucks, drive to our new house 90 minutes away, unload our belongings, take the one truck back, take the other truck back to the house we were moving from because we couldn't fit everything in the 2 - 14 foot trucks, drive back to our new house and unload again, then take the other 14' truck back to its original destination 40 minutes from our new home. After I explained to Katie, the U-Haul representative, what we had experienced, she stated that the only thing she could offer us was a $50 customer goodwill refund. I told her that we were originally supposed to pay $159 for the 26' truck and now our bill for both 14' trucks is $433.99. That's a difference of $280, not $50. She said that is all she could offer - take it or leave it! She also told me that we only had a reservation, but that reservation does not guarantee us a truck. The only guarantee is when we get a call back 24 hours before we are supposed to pick-up the truck. I asked how ANYONE can count on this kind of service when they are moving the next day, and told her that we did not receive a call 24 hours in advance. She said that is their policy and there is nothing else she could do for us. I am appauled by U-Haul, and their lack of empathy for the customers that rent from them. Obviously, customer service is not important to the U-Haul company if they treat their customers in this manner. When I looked at all of the reviews from other customers, I could see that I wasn't alone. Every review tells a nightmare that a customer experienced from scheduling U-Haul equipment. U-Haul shouldn't even be in business because their guarantees are useless and their customer service is horrible!!!!! I, nor anyone I can communicate with, will ever use U-Haul products. I am going to make use of my blog and other internet websites to tell my story and I suggest everyone who has ever used U-Haul does the same. We need to show this company that their word and their customer service are the most important parts of running a business, and when you treat the customer in this manner, their company will surely suffer the consequences.

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! 10/4/13 11:47AM
  • Uhaul tries to charge extra fees anywhere they can. They have horrible customer service reps when I call their 1-800 number. The first time I called I got hung up on and the second time I called I got hung on again. After the third time trying to call there was horrible phone service. It was hard to hear and the rep was straight up rude. She transfer me without even telling me and the department that I got transfer to isn't even working today. Why would you transfer me to a department if I'm going to get hung up on again. She simply could have just told me to call back tomorrow.

    bs 9/29/13 12:21PM
  • DO NOT rent a storage unit from Uhaul, I went to get my items out 3 days after my payment date and was charged for the entire month so they just got 27 days worth of free money from me.

    chelleb 9/16/13 8:32AM
  • Dear U-haul, My son recently moved from Denver, CO to Buena Vista, CO. He talked about a car dolly trailer to haul his Jeep with him. He asked if there was anything special he needed to do to his 4 wheel drive vehicle in order to haul it in this manner. He was informed that "No, There was not" and there were no instructions given with the dolly. Luckily, a friend had used this type of trailer before and told my son that he had to disconnect the drive train before driving off. Let me recommend that you train your people better on the equipment they rent, and make sure there are instructions given with these kinds of machinery. If my sons friend hadn't been there to inform him of the proper use of the dolly with a four wheel drive vehicle, it may have done considerable damage to the drive train and transmission of his Jeep. I also suggest changing your 100% Buy-Back Guarantee on your boxess to the Impossible Buy-Back (Unless You Can Find A Franchised Store In Your Area)Guarantee. There are 3 U-haul Rental Businesses within 20 miles of my home in Buena Vista, Colorado. None of these would buy back the unopened, unbroken packs of boxes my son had purchased in Denver, CO, to pack for a move to Georgia. We were informed they weren't OFFICIAL FRANCHISE STORES and, therefore, would not buy them back, even though they sold boxes at these stores. Since your website and phone directories do not list which stores are franchised, it would be a waste of time for me to drive 92 miles to Colorado Springs, or 135+ miles to Denver to try and sort through which of the many stores would buy back these boxes. While the people I dealt with were, for the most part, courteous, and we didn't lose our temper with them, it is highly frustrating to deal with people telling you a 100% guarantee isn't 100%. My son bought extra boxes because he usually runs short and your store employee up-sold on the promise of the buy-back if he didn't use them. That seems to be false advertising. I can't say I will never use U-haul again, as there are no Penske or other rentals in the immediate vacinity, But, I will use them as little as possible and tell others about the poor service and false claims, I and my son received from you.

    Anonymous 9/10/13 1:48PM
  • I have just moved from Florida to California. I ordered a pod through U-Haul Moving & Storageof South Fort Myers: I paid in full on 8/15/13 and they said it was shipped on 8/16/13. I just received an email on 8/27/13 that it was just shipped and confirmed with the Uhaul in Long Beach, CA. and they said they are not scheduled to receive it until 9/10 or later 2013. That is over a month!!! My daughter and I do not have our stuff, so we are sleeping on the floor. Every customer service agent gives me the run around. I am demanding a full refund, but it still doesn't help get my thibgs here faster or for someone to call me back. I have filed a complaint on the Federal Trade Commission and also the BBB. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RUN!!! 8/28/13 2:53PM
  • Why uhaul charge me TWICE $ 19.95 for a 10Ft Truck rental while i rented only from 8/17/2013 10:23 to 8/18/20013 ( 8:40am) and drop off the KEYS on 8/17/2013 on 9:01 pm.My cotract # was 21557253.And i top off the gas tank same day.I feel the shut charge me only one time of $ 19.95 not TWICE A RENTAL RATE.That is my comment.

    N/A 8/18/13 12:08PM
  • Don't use the U-Haul on Bridgeport and south tacoma way in Tacoma WA. They are completely incompetent. I have a f350 with a top of the line tow system. They couldn't get my tow ball off and gave me a complete run around so I canceled my reservation and went to another company. How can a place that installs hitches not be able to work on a hitch or have the tools to do it. I did it myself in less then 5 minutes. I wasted over an hour and a half dealing with them when I made my reservation a week in advance. I will never recommend them to anybody. All they tried to do was sell me more equipment that I didn't need.

    military mover 7/31/13 3:08PM
  • I reserved a u haul over the phone two weeks before I was suppose to move. The day before my move in day I went to pick up my u haul and they claimed that they lost my reservation and they didn't even apologize or try to fix the problem. They pretty much told me that I was out of luck and I ended up having to make multiple trips in my own car trying to move all my stuff. I wouldn't recommend this company to anybody.

    Anonymous 7/23/13 7:29PM
  • I'd like to share my incredibly frustrating experience with U-Haul this morning - 7/17/13. Over a week ago, I made a reservation to have tow hitch installed on my vehile in preparation to haul kids bikes for a mini vacation. I was verbally given time to be at the outlet and was told I could wait for the vehicle as the install would be around 1/2 an hour. Additionally, I was sent an emailed confirmation with pricing, service date and time and a list of all parts, prices etc. I arrived on time only to be told by the counter gal that she didn't have anyone there that could install my parts until the afternoon. I showed her my confirmation with date and time and she informed me "oh, yeah, corporate schedules the appts all the time, but they don't know what our technicians hours even are." I could come back 5 hours later to have the parts installed if I wished. Well, I'd taken the time off work to specifically be there at 9 AM and wait for my vehicle as I was told I could. I left very disappointed. My disappointment grew 10 fold however when I actually tried calling corporate customer service to get some answers. I was told the following: "we don't show a reservation for you." I gave them the contract # from the confirmation and it was "oh, there you are." Next the response was, "perhaps someone called in sick in the morning." I informed her, according to the local employee, "she never has anyone there that early to perform installations." I then asked to be transfered to someone higher up only to be put on hold for over 20 minutes before I finally hung up. She did ask me though why I "just didn't go back in the afternoon." I called back again, immediately, reached another customer service person and asked to speak to someone in a supervisory position. I was told to call a # in Seattle. I did that, only to be told by that customer service person that although they were sorry, there was nothing she could do other than file a complaint. I didn't want to complain - I wanted to explain and be speak with someone who could provide a solution and make me feel like my input and failed experience mattered. I told her a computor filed complaint didn't work for me and I wanted to actually speak to someone in management. Apparently U-Haul has no acting managers as she said her hands were tied and all she could do was lodge a complain into her "system" on my behalf. I asked how long it would take for someone to call me and she said usually 48 hours. Ironically, we're supposed to be on our mini vacation in the next 48 hours. I guess what pisses me off the most is that no one really cared. I got the courtesy, "I'm sorry", but not one person I spoke with and I spoke with at least a dozen people, really took an interest in my concern. Not just the fact that my hitch isn't installed, but a bigger, systematic problem where the right hand (corporate) didn't know what the left hand (U-Haul service center) was doing. When a customer service person, supposedly as high up as where I got to, couldn't put me in contanct with someone who could actually help me resolve an issue and perhaps realize the "bigger" problem - there is a system fault within their company that no one seems to be concerned with. So how big is U-Haul as a company? I don't know. I imagine them to be huge. I imagine them being able to have working internal systems for handling issues, customer service or otherwise. I imagine them actually caring that a customer had a poor experience. I guess not. I wonder what kind of comments I get from my over 800 Face book friends.

    wrotten customer service 7/17/13 1:25PM
  • we had the worst trip and experience with U-Haul,

    on the 3rd off July we had rented a U-Haul truck not knowing the brakes were going to be bad on the truck. we started out on the trip until we were on the BQE by the Varizano bridge. the truck pulled to the right and it made a screeching noise. we pulled over onto the side of the road and called roadside asst. and they told us what to do and we were on the side of the road for like 1 hour. so we so after talking with roadside assistance we drove to Aberdeen Maryland and we had to stay there from July 3rd to July 5th. then we had called cooperate office and had told them what had happened ad no one had called us back. so I called the place where I rented the truck and I wanted to talk to the boss but the person that I spoke to said that the boss would not be in until Monday the July 7th. When I talked to the boss I had told her everything that happened and about the brakes and that we stayed in Aberdeen Maryland from the 3rd through the 5th and that I wanted all of my money back or a portion of it back.
    well she called me back and she had told me that she could only give me back the portion of the hotel room expenses and the food expenses,now I will call cooperate office and take further action because I think that I should get more money back for the truck expenses and what not.
    I will never deal with U-Haul again,I was very unhappy with them and very very mad also

    Anonymous 7/8/13 7:19PM
  • I recently moved and had a reservation with U-haul for over a week for a 20ft ft truck to be picked up the morning of my move. I got a call at 8:00pm the night before from a customer service person telling me they did not have a truck until 5:00 the next day and it would be a 17 ft truck instead. I told him I had a reservation and he basically said too bad they were over booked. He said it was better that I find out the night before than when picking it up in the morning. I told him either was very poor service. We called their "traffic" department and received even worse service. We ended up calling home depot and getting a couple of cargo vans from two different stores as all other moving van companies in town were booked. The cargo vans made for more trips, were more expensive, and made the move longer, but they worked. Thank goodness for home depot. U-haul was very unapologetic. The guy who had the job of making those calls gets the unfortunate position of implementing a very poor reservation booking system. Yet he should learn how to be more professional and empathetic. I will not be using them again nor will the 20 friends that helped me move.

    Anonymous 7/1/13 10:04AM
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  • I wish to compliment the excellent service I received on Thursday, Janaury 16, at the U-Haul in Plano, Texas on (Alma and Parker) from Deenese who was gracious, accommodating, and provided great customer service. Keep Her!

    [email protected] 1/16/14 10:07AM
  • I Would Like To Say ,i Rented And Bought Trucks From U-haul. I Never Had A Problem That U-haul Could Not Take Care Of. I Did Find Out That Some Over Charging Was From The Dealer It Self, Not U-haul, So Always Book On Liney My Son And I Bought A 1997 E-350 17 Ft Box Van From A Dealer In Pa, And You Have To Go Threw Thre U-haul Sales And I Had Crystal To Help Me, She Was Great And Took Off A Good Amount Of Money From The Asking Price. What A Great Deal We Got .if You Are Going To Buy A Used U-haul Truck Call The Sales Office And Ask For Crystal. Thanks U-haul Kevin Mosso Flinton Pa

    KEVIN 10/23/13 7:04PM
  • At The Rancho Location Lorin Was Extremely Helpful. Irented The Trailer In The Morning And He Was So Helpful That I Wanted To Tip Him But He Wouldnt Take It. A Coupleof Hours Later My Husband Brought The Trailer Back And He Said The Same Thing. About Elias. Thesde Two Gentleman Deserve Raises

    lanapie 10/10/13 8:03AM
  • after dealing with four customer service people working for uhual there did not try to understand me i was very upset no one could help me find my stuff are even try and there were very rude one even hang up the phone on me but thank god for a wonderful customer service name paul 1172507 i did not want to talk to him but in the end he understand me and take his time to help and make sure i get the help i need and now i am very happy thank to paul we need more people like paul who care and understand customer like me thank you very much paul

    Anonymous 9/27/13 8:41PM
  • Great service I rented a ramp trailer recently and I was given excellent customer service.It wasin charlotte North Carolina 2473 the owner Joe and manager Scott were very helpful with my rental Iwould recommend this dealer to anyone that needs a truck or trailer

    Mark 10/25/12 8:12PM
  • First of I read the above complaints. I have quite another story to report . My 47 year old son , rented a U Haul truck , driving from michigan to Tucson Az . Unfortunately, he only made it as far as Lofton Rest Area in Arizona . You see he suffered a fatal Heart attack and passed away(2 weeka ago) U haul was wonderful about taking care of everything for us . They sent a driver to pick up the truck
    and drive it here to us. They even hired moving men to meet us to the undloading site . They unloaded all of his belongings so that we could go thru them and donated the rest to the White elephant here . I am so grateful for all their help
    Thank you and your wonderful company

    Sincerely .. Mrs Geraldine

    sweetlady 10/11/12 10:56AM
  • my husband I and needed a trailer to transport my mom things from Jackson,Tn to Indiana the young man at the Airways Blvd location Harold Long was very professional and helpful,very knowledgeable if I'm in need of your services again in that location I will certainly look for Harold.
    Thanks, again Harold


    lawsons 7/2/12 5:18PM
  • I rented a car carrier and purchased the tow ins. The coverage was for up to $10,000. The carrier was hooked up by the uhaul dealer. When we went to load the vehicle we were towing the the carrier came off the ball and caused some damage to the tailgait of my friends truck. After contacting the insurance carrier,REPWEST, the claim was denied because we didn't check the connection. At $11.00 a rental that's a profitable scam you got going on there. Gee Thanks for the shaft.

    Anonymous 1/24/12 1:21PM
  • Thank-you Brenda and Michael at Goodyear uhaul for the great service and advise rendered again with the rest of my things! hope your holidays are at best!

    ernesto 12/28/11 11:38AM
  • I rented a truck in Laveen, AZ this weekend and everything went well. The staff was friendly and helpful and when they offered me boxes and tape I remembered that I needed a mattress cover. Thanks.

    Happy Renter 11/8/11 2:40PM
  • I rented a 17ft uhaul from a dealer in Atlanta 2536 Metropoitan Pkwy. JFA & More Furniture location these guys here have there act togather. I was able to get so many things at this location that I needed such as they had a great wide selection of furniture at the best price that me and my husband was so happy with the prices that we saved so much money because we were going to wait until we moved before buying because we had all ready priced the items we needed they were able to get most of all items and saved us a great amount we even got to get king mattress sets for only 300.00 it was BIG SAVINGS. Thanks for making this place 1 of your dealers.

    Happy Renter/Buyer 10/2/11 8:51AM
  • Mockville oil & Uhaul did a great job checking
    in truck.

    Mocksville NC

    also customer service in Chicago gave excellent guidance on turning in truck

    Anonymous 9/27/11 7:16PM
  • Meranda G. the pick up location picked up my uhual was very helpfull the young man that was there knew what he was doing and i will diffently refer that store to my friends. (37355)

    Anonymous 7/17/11 10:01AM
  • uhaul in Jacksonville saved our trip!
    on a recent trip to visit a friend in Daytona suffering a heart attack we left after he promised to go to the hostipal.
    On our return trip from Daytona to Ill. the transmission burned up in my old gmc.I called my friend in Daytona and he contacted uhaul in Jacksonville on Normandy ave.
    Eric left the store picked me on the road, gave me a ride to rent a truck and trailer and with help from Jesse we were back on the road in 3 hours. I dropped off the truck and trailer 2 miles from my home the next morning. The equipment was first class and service was above and beyond. Thanks Eric , Jesse and everyone at uhaul in Jacksonville. Charles H. Bryan

    Anonymous 3/22/11 10:42AM
  • My experience with uhaul was ideal , very timely service and explained well . Truck worked very well . All went well with no problems or issues .

    Anonymous 1/22/11 2:45PM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • I have been a U-Haul dealer since 1992. This week a regional or district manager has asked my employee of 21 years with storage rental and u-haul rental experience to apply for a job in our area where they are locating one of their "big" stores. How unprofessional can one be to hire my trained employee away from me????? Hire your own people and train them the way I did. As a small business I can't offer all the perks a big corp. can but he has been treated well over the years. Now I need to rethink if I still even want to be a u-haul dealer. Probably not with such low scruples. I am looking into the legal aspect of the circumstances to ascertain if filing a lawsuit is justified.

    Anonymous 3/21/13 5:38PM

  • i am a uhaul customer service rep and i see all these customers who post comments on how horrible we are how our rates suck. if you dont like our rates dont rent from us. plain and simple. but we have so much on everyone else if you can find a better rate we will match it or go lower. customers see the 19.95 and think that thats all theyre paying are imbeciles it says on all of our trucks that there are mileage fees. if you ever get the chance give uhaul a try i mean honestly we are only here to help you. i love being able to help a customer but when i have customers that dont want what i can give them and only what they feel they deserve, i cant fully do my job. if i cant do my job and give you the best i can give i have failed. i try so hard to make my customers happy everyday. i have never lied or misled a customer. if they take what i say and twist it thats their own ordeal. not a reflection of uhaul.

    mitchelljbeavers 7/11/10 11:00AM

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