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Vtech customer service is ranked #408 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 93 ratings. This score rates Vtech customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


86 Negative Comments out of 93 Total Comments is 92.47%.


7 Positive Comments out of 93 Total Comments is 7.53%.

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  • Please disregard my request for a refund as I was finally able to transfer files after usb port began to recognize device. THank you for your time.

    Myra Broussard

    BRODU 7/19/14 1:00PM
  • This company is absolutely trash! The customer service told me in these words "I don't care!" and hung up on me!!!! They cursed at me using the word "hell" and they toy they sold me doesn't work properly ,it's a race track that doesn't damned connect all the way around!!! How simple are they that they mess up a race track, one of the most basic things in life is a circle and it doesn't even connect!!!

    Jim 6/2/14 9:31AM
  • I sent a letter to Customer Service in Beaverton OR dated 4/29/14. Have not yet received a reply.
    It was regarding a refund of the $10.25 shipping charge I paid to return a non-working phone. As I had no fault in its failure to perform, I should not be penalized cost of mailing. Thank you.

    Anonymous 5/29/14 10:11AM
  • When I dial the customer support number given a recording says that this call cannot be completed as dialled. I have tried three times and know the number is correct. What is the problem?

    Anonymous 5/5/14 7:07AM
  • After several phone calls to your customer service I am left a very unhappy customer, I purchased a train set that only goes thru half the train and am told that is how this products works and if I want to purchase additional pieces at a cost to me it will make the train would properly. I spent 49.99 on this train that doesn't even work. Very poor customer service and satisfaction. I have dealt with fisher price customer service and they are amazing.

    Anonymous 4/24/14 9:29AM
  • Where can I register my phone for warranty On Manual it says register for a warranty and I called the number listed and still I can not find a area to register phone or even what is needed.

    Ladyei123 4/7/14 2:17PM
  • It's unfortunate to not be able to have a live representative based on how VTECH sets up their phone system. I will never buy this product brand again!

    bugleboy123 3/20/14 11:23AM
  • I give anything if i checked the comments before i bought this freakin vreader.i tried putting $28 worth downloaded books on my daughters vreader and it kept saying some kind of program did not load righti tried to call the customer service number and keep getting a bizzy think i wasted my money and this was suppose to b my daughtera bday gift makes me pissed at vetech.ill never buy a vetech toy again!a very disappointed mom.

    Anonymous 3/9/14 8:30AM
  • After calling 3 days in a row, I learned after all my frustraitions, and realizing that they all said the same generic customer frustration responses such as "I understand your frustration" I apologize for any inconvenience" I'm sorry to cut you off, ut let me respond so I can help you...followed by I'm sorry for your frustrations." I asked them, where is this call center located, because the website states your in the states, but that is also misleading (along with everything else this company represents) the call center is in the Phillipeans (the united states calling center) the warehouse is the only thing that is based in the states, in washington. After multiple calls, I finally said "let me talk to the supervisor" who was named Sophia. She promised I would get my free download, as well as a vtech credit account to get a cartridge game download. Did not happen, they gave me the $2.99 download. I will try to find a number to call corporate, there isn't one that I can find. Both the store and Vtech said they cannot refund my purchase, only give me the same product, the innotab 3s. Which claims to have web browser capabilities, wifi connectivity. Which it does, but by the time you try to do anything, it shuts off automatically because the prduct is so slow. And it fails to mention that if any website requires video streaming, or games that require flash's not compatable. I had to open the product, and it's halfway in the manual where it says *Note: online streaming of videos & games that require flash player is not supported by this produce. Should have been on the box, where it says wifi connectivity & web browsing capability. DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They lie, about everything. Support location, what they are going to do for the inconvenience, the list goes on, and one. NEVER DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. THANKS FOR LYING SOPHIA. ONCE AGAIN, SINCE THE 2nd OF MARCH, MY CHILD HAS YET TO ENJOY HIS BIRTHDAY GIFT, AND ONCE YOU TURN IT ON, YOU CANNOT RETURN IT. YOU ROBBED ME WITH YOUR MISLEADING MARKETING STRADEGIES AND YOUR FAKE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT IS SAID TO BE IN THE STATES, BUT REALLY IN THE PHILIPEANS. HORRIBLE FIRST EXPERIENCE. THIS DEVICE IS USELESS!!!!! EVERYONE THERE I ASKED, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE PRODUCT I'M DEALING WITH, NOT A SINGLE ONE DID, SO HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND THE FRUSTRATION OF HAVING NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, MISLEADING PRODUCT INFO ON THE PACKAGING, AND HAVE NEVER SEEN THE PRODUCT, LET ALONE SPENT $100 ON IT FOR YOUR CHILDS BDAY, AND HE HAS YET TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT. ALMOST A WEEK LATER.

  • Where do I get the address to return the junk phones and why is there not a phone line to contact anyone......

    How come you are in business so long with such poor service and quality prooducts?

    Anonymous 2/26/14 10:41PM
  • The number is not answered. You only get an automated response. And it doesn't recognize my phone model number, help at all. Another number I found (that is answered) tells you to call the 800-595-9511 number. In other words VTech as no customer service. Don't plan to ever buy one of their products again!

    Anonymous 1/6/14 1:13PM
  • OK, I have bought 3 differant kid innotab 3.. this product is junk and so were the other three that I purchased... NOT VERY HAPPY AT ALL.... I am reporting your company to th better business bureu...I also am reporting your company to each and every consumer protection company out there... There is no way to get in touch with you people in any way have tried all possible ways,,, I am also going to my local new channel and have them investigate your company, This is the LAST time I or any member of my family will EVER buy any and all of your product...Thank you... Sincerely, One very unhappy Grandmother...

    Anonymous 1/2/14 5:46PM
  • I bought Vtech wireless phones and haven't had trouble with them yet. My problem is trying to log into their site, it keeps telling me my email address doesn't agree with their records. It says they will email me a way to reset it and of course I never rec any. I have been able to talk to a person, but they are no help at all. One gave me a different email to write to! Of course that only get a failure notice. If I could rate their customer support it would be a NEG. star rating, sad operation! I WISH I'D CHECKED THESE RATINGS BEFORE.

    Grant335 12/30/13 1:57PM
  • A simple request turned into ONE HOT MESS!

    ***PLEASE SHARE***

    Here is a story about my experience with Vtech.

    Let me be the first to say I loved their products until today where I am completely at a loss for words with my recent experience with this company.

    Here is the chain of events that brought me to the conclusion on where I stand.

    My church annually has a tree with tags and it lists the ages and needs of that particular child with what they want for Christmas. Some tags have multiple things others have only one thing. I usually gather some tags every year, one tag or needy child for each child I am blessed to have. I have 3 beautiful kids, I picked 3 needy child tags to purchase for. I left church and went to stores locally trying to find these requested items on my list. Unfortunately after going to several stores with no luck on what I was seeking for one of my child/tags I turned directly to the source VTECH to purchase the gift for a needy child that only listed one item. I figured if this child only listed one item I wanted to ensure that was the item they received.

    I figured I better play it safe and order directly from the company to ensure that I would have this child's gift in time since I needed to return it back to the church which is this Sunday 12/15 BOY WAS I EVER WRONG!

    Here is a look back on my hot mess of what they call customer service this past week.

    -On 12/08 (Sunday) I purchased the toy for this needy child. (paid 2 day shipping @ $9.49) just to ensure it arrived on time.
    -Wed. the day it should have been delivered No package, tried to locate a number to call them guess WHAT they have NOT one phone number listed on their website to call for an online order. Amazed and disappointed in finding this out. Your then only option to reach a person was via email.
    -After failed attempts to get a accurate answer I reached out directly on their FB site. Ironically someone responded. Little help they gave I'll add, more on that soon enough.
    -After the initial email of them stating they were looking into to the situation I have never heard back from them.
    -Day 3, I emailed the company back they never responded, I posted another complaint on their FB page and IRONICALLY a response appeared hmmmm....
    I then proceeded to be told via email of course that my package was never shipped and by mistake, they sent one out immediately with the hopes my package would be delivered for my needy child by Saturday but couldn't guarantee me anything.
    -Day 4 no update on tracking ONCE again!!!!
    -Today I posted another FB complaint and guess what I was told????

    Exact copied an pasted message from my email response from VTECH:
    "I am so sorry. For some reason our shipping system did not recognize the item you were ordering. Bottom line, the item has not shipped. I am so sorry. I know it was important for you to get this by Saturday. If you like, I can cancel the order for you and hopefully you can find this item in time for your event on Saturday.
    Again, my sincerest apologies."

    Now after that whole experience and time wasted this week. I need to find a place to order from and have this poor child's gift by this Sunday to give to my church for this needy family and thanks to Vtech THE ONE AND ONLY GIFT THEY WANTED WILL NOT BE THERE FOR THEM!

    Vtech you should be very ashamed of your company and it's policies not making right on your failures. For a company that strives on making children's toys you don't have the service values behind your products. I am very sad about the needy child and it's my fault I gave this company the benefit with ordering on their website.

    Please share to help other people understand the experience and HORROR they might experience if they ordered directly from their website. I would hate for another person to have the experience I just went through!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for listening and sharing!

    Carol H 12/13/13 1:54PM
  • Phone makers need to get with the times. There is no reason why I should need a phone service to block unwanted calls from my phone. With todays technology I should be able to hit a button on the phone and get it done for myself, by myself and without paying some else to do it. If smart phones are really smart....why not. Sherry Burton P.S. If there's all ready one out there, who makes it and where can I get it?

    Anonymous 10/2/13 8:21AM
  • cannot get ahold of anyone personally wont buy their products anymore!

    UNHAPPY 9/3/13 10:05AM
  • My Phone Is An Lg. Think Vtech Is The Manufacturer. I Dropped The Phone. The Back Did Not Open. It Does Not Work, But The Battery Is Fine. We Checked It. Many #'s Inside. Can't Tell Which Is The Model #. Please Email At Thank You.

    Anonymous 9/2/13 8:21AM
  • Horrible customer service. I've been waiting to get my order for, forever. The website will not let you place a suite or apartment number. There also seems to be a problem with how the website accepts your information when it comes to your name and your actual business name if needed.

    Don't buy online. Best to go to a store and pray it doesn't break since you cannot get through by phone and the meaning of a live person is foreign to the company. I am not calling overseas to bring this to their attention either.

    Upset Consumer

    Anonymous 8/13/13 2:22PM
  • I just purchased two VTech InnoTab 2 learning toys I cannot get any customer support anywhere . there's not one working email for customer support . On their website their links to support go absolutely nowhere and just venue in circles
    This company should be allowed to do business in the United States.

    prlksgal 8/12/13 5:19PM
  • I am very frustrated because I have been calling and letting messages for about 10 days now on the telephone. I also have emailed. I am assuming the messages are not getting to you. I have a contract w/ you and paid plenty for it. somehow I am expecting a little more help. My laptop this "not genuine" windows. This is the same problem I had when I called the first time. It tells me my security essentials will be shut down in so many days. I think it is down to 14 now, since I have not been able to contact you. I surely hope I have not been caught up in a scam.

    Anonymous 5/29/13 7:09PM
  • I have never been so dissatisfied with a phone service in all my life. I had trouble with the answering machine working so I contacted customer service/trouble shooting, after 30 minutes trying to figure out the problem using my pre paid minutes from my cell phone. I ended up having to return the phone to San Antonio, TX never to have heard from the company since. I am out 25.00+ tax plus the cost of mailing back the phone to TX costing me 8.92 postal expense. I wish someone would call me or I had a direct line to call, all my information was send in the box with the phone, now what do I do. All I have is a receipt from the Post Office. for all my time and energy, and I still don't have a land line I can use. Very unhappy customer.
    CV, Carbondale,PA

    Anonymous 5/9/13 11:03AM
  • I am trying to get an update on my order that I did over the phone. The number isn't working now and I just don't know what is going with this company.

    Trying to find a direct line to maybe get through to them. Anyone have an idea?

    fadskfjasldkfj 4/25/13 4:06PM
  • I just called for a replacement part on a phone I purchased in 2011. It took about 5 minutes and will cost me less than $4. (It is just an earbud.) Just the same, I got through to a representative by using my phone product # and waiting just a minute or 2. If the system doesn't recognize your product #, just find a current one online and plug that in. You will get a real person then.

    susie 4/24/13 10:08AM
  • It's unconscionable how these companies treat the public who need help with the product they've purchased. These menus are nothing more than annoying and serve no purpose but to frustrate a person looking for an answer. I will never purchase a vtech product again. They deserve to go out of business with their menus

    Anonymous 4/23/13 7:56AM
  • customer service is teribble can't get a hold of anybody. I sent in my son's innotab a few months ago and have not heard back from them on the issue!My name is Dan Bedow

    Dan Bedow 3/28/13 3:17PM
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  • If you call this number and enter the plain model # (e.g. 6229) it gives you options to order online, check your order/charges, get technical support, etc. They were AMAZING, I don't know how I got lucky compared to all the other comments here! I never comment on sites but after the negative reviews I felt this was necessary. The website gave me trouble so I called support and they gave me the online price and free shipping. They were cheerful too!

    nn 12/13/12 9:48AM
  • The person who said to dial 800-521-2010
    Choose "1"
    Choose "4"
    then you can actually get a customer service rep. is RIGHT
    This is the only way to get one. No response from e-mail. But rep handled it nicely.

    GKJ 12/7/12 7:56AM
  • I just called the corporate number and got through immediately. 1-888-722-8528. I was looking for a Vtech phone with an alarm built in similar to Panasonic models. She said Vtech didn't make them anymore but would forward my suggestion that they start making them again to their tech team.

    Qaarma 9/20/12 6:33AM
  • I called today and got through to a representative quickly once following the prompts. The only one thing that disturbed me is that my one handset is only 24 hrs old and they told me to return it to the retailer unless I wanted to pay shipping because of the manufacture defect. I believe this is a issue that they should handle and not penalize the retailer to correct. The retailer has the overhead to operate which also in return had to purchase the unit to sale in the first place. I do not agree with this but overall I am satisfy with the quality of the product for the price that was paid. The one thing I will state is that you get what u pay for. You pay a little, expect a little. I have had big name brands an they were outstanding but the battery replacement prices out weighed the option for my purchase of the Vtech product.

    Anonymous 11/16/11 6:29PM
  • I was lucky today to talk with somebody representative :-)

    Phone: (847) 400-3600

    Angry Mommy :-) 11/14/11 10:01AM
  • I had no problem reaching customer service, but I did have to listen to all the options first. I just had a question on how to set up a feature; if you want to speak to someone, just select the option "if none of these options address your question" (or something to that effect), which I believe was 8 in the choices (after you put your model no. and a few other options). The person was polite and walked me through the steps to do what I wanted on the phone.

    Anonymous 9/21/11 8:15AM
  • I found the support numbr very easy to use. You simply list the model numberof theproduct you re calling about and listen to the options. There was an option for sales and technical support. I found the FAQs to be extensive but did not solve my issue. However, at the end of the FAQ, there was an option to speak to a live rep. Therep was very knowledgeable and cuteous.

    Anonymous 3/31/10 1:58PM

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