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Walmart customer service is ranked #279 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 1462 ratings. This score rates Walmart customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,305 Negative Comments out of 1,462 Total Comments is 89.26%.


157 Positive Comments out of 1,462 Total Comments is 10.74%.

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  • I recently for the second time attempted to shop at the Walmart neighborhood store at Pleasantdale Road in Tucker Georgia. For the second time I was confronted with extremely rude service by the person to call themselves the manager unfortunately I do not have a name belt certainly recognized face I have an attorney and I totally understand the various concerns of employees and doing business however this is above and beyond any type of rudeness I have experienced in a number of years. unfortunately in all honesty I believe it was some racism involved in the situation. I believe this because the so called manager was happily returning a number of black American customers items with no problem whatsoever. However after a long while when my turn came

    Before I can even utter a word she pointed her finger at the door and said she couldn't help me. I had one product to return that my girlfriend bought about three weeks ago that I no longer needed.

    In all of my years of shopping at Walmart I have never been confronted with such rude behavior in my life. Except for the first and only other time I came to that particular location And the same'manager' was responsible for very similar rude behavior. I will never shop at that location again and I'm seriously considering not shopping at Walmart. From here on out.

    I would also like your feelings on this matter

    Thank you and I hope something is done about this employees soon as possible I'm sure this is not an isolated incident

    Eddie 4/15/14 5:07PM
  • Walmart Customer Service is awful. They could care less about helping a customer. I'm taking my business to Target.

    reloman05 4/15/14 10:04AM
  • I need a Walmart represent to call me about some fraud that is out and Walmart name is being used to host this fraud.Walmart customer are being frauded. Un the Good name Walmart. Please call me Brent Sanders

    Anonymous 4/13/14 9:45AM
  • I am letting you know that the Walmart in Salem Oregon the one on southeast commercial street is getting a lot of customers mad because of the manager Richard Cummings is treating a lot of the customers bad and even the sales clerk that work at the store, He lets this one family of 4 black kids come in the store and run wild down the isle and they can tear up stuff and he told the clerks not to do anything to those kids because they live down the street from the store and they are rich so the clerks are not to do anything to them because they can do anything that they want, I was told by one clerk that they were playing in the isle and they took a bottle of dish soap and dumped it all in the isle and the clerk got in trouble for telling them to stop and I am disabled and they almost run over me when I was shopping at your store. I spent thousands of dollars in your store and I bought a Toshiba laptop and it didn't work right so I took it back and it had only ben two days and they wouldn't give me my money back because the number on the laptop didn't match the recipt and I bought it and the person that sold it to us was the store manager richard Cummins and I called the store manager and he said his name was Richard cumminsgs and I asked him why did he sale me the laptop and the numbers didn't match up right and he said that he never sold me the laptop and I asked him if he was the little short guy and he said no and he lied right then to me. I have bought items there and found out the fryer I bought had only 3 legs in stood of 4 and I told customer service and they said that there was nothing that they could do. I ordered online at Christmas and I still have not received anything as of yet. I have talked to customers and they are getting upset with the store manager and they are about to stop shopping there at Walmart because of the stuff the manager is doing I get another lump sum of money and if the same store manager is still there I will not shop at Walmart at all.

    gcarr03 4/11/14 8:45AM
  • I am dealing with the Johnsburg,Il. store. Prescriptions costs change from month to month as much ad 2.2% higher. No one can explain why. I am a medicare and a AARP plan D user. According to AARP the Walmart price for my perscription should be $17.00 when I pick it up it costs me $37.00 with no explanation. I called the store no help, I called customer service , no call back from any one. What goes on?

    Anonymous 4/10/14 11:25AM
  • I have had this SAME problem happen to me about FIVE TIMES over the past several months! I was told numerous times that an "investigation" was being opened "to look into the problem" but I have NEVER received any feedback and conclusion to the "supposed" investigation! I have been a regular Wal-Mart customer shopping online for years and they have now officially lost my business over this!

    I have spent a great deal of money using but not anymore! I don't appreciate wasting my time & energy placing an order only to have it cancelled an hour or so later (after BillMeLater authorized the charge and Walmart places a hold on my account) when I could have placed it with another online merchant to begin with and avoided the whole problem!

    I gave Walmart more than enough time to correct the situation (months) but it has become obvious to me that they do not value my business so I no longer value them and will keep my money because of it! I don't appreciate being lied to and told various stories implying it was somehow "my" fault that the orders were cancelled when I know it wasn't.

    I've never changed my information, have never shipped to any address except my HOME address and I have not entered any incorrect information in the system----therefore, the fault lies completely with Walmart and it's online billing department. Maybe losing enough money will get their attention? Either way, I won't be coming back! This went on for MUCH too long and with TOO many complaints being completely ignored for me so I will not give them ANY more of my money---EVER AGAIN!

    I told Walmart's online billing department "several" times that I was being more than patient but at some point, I am just going to NEVER do business with them again! I guess they thought I was bluffing---or didn't why should I care then? Hope my story helps others to see how "little" Walmart values their "best" customers---I am sorry to say: "THEY DON'T!"

    MichiganShopper 4/9/14 4:06PM
  • Received WalMart ad Sunday, and went to WalMart in No, Dartmouth,Mass about 8:30a.m. for an item on front of circular. Store never heard of item and only had next week's ad in the store(Starting on the 13th) and couldn't help me. I called the Fall River, MA Walmart and they said they didn't have any. I called them again today, and they apparently aren't getting this item. So I called your Walmart 800#, waited 10 min. When someone finally picked up, I was immediately cut off. The item I wanted was on the front cover of ad:FurRealFriends Hop 'nCuddle Bunny.

    jacklord 4/8/14 9:29AM
  • cannot order form website, as does not keep the add to cart option. No one to call, 800 numbers are all endless phone prompts. EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE!!!!

    Anonymous 4/7/14 6:02PM
  • I phoned Walmart Nanaimo (Canada)during the weekday and spoke to customer service.
    I asked for information on an automotive product. I was immediately put on hold. After 8 minutes the Customer service rep asked what I was on hold for. I repeated it was for info on a car battery. I was put on hold for two more minutes. Then another person in the automotive dept anwered and immediately put me on hold for a further two minutes without enquiring about my call. She then asked me what I needed. I told her and she said she was busy with fishing licences and would I like to call back. After that little encounter I decided to shop elsewhere. Walmart Customer Service needs servicing.

    Hudson 4/4/14 2:40PM
  • Walmart sell a warranty plan for straight talk prepaid cell phones that they don't honor .my wife paid for a replacement plan and in six months the phone doesn't work anymore .called Straight Talk and was told that Walmart has their own warranty plan separate from straight talk .I hope this gets resolved or Walmart in Camden Delaware and the Better Business Bureau and word of mouth will help to prevent other and future customers from buying a plan that is not warranted and warranty plans of other electronics and goods. The Camden Delaware Walmart store will never hear the end of this . I hope this comment reaches the appropriate people so actions can be taken an address at Walmart side of this. You can email a response to this at

    Anonymous 4/4/14 6:28AM
  • No where on the policy does it state that you can return anything without a receipt.
    If there is no receipt, it can be put on a gift card IF that store has sold that item(which can be checked in the computer). Which is very nice considering most places require a receipt.

    As for the dvds and games, if its opened you can exchange it for the same thing and that one has to be opened before leaving the store. That isn't policy that is Federal Copyright Law.

    The 15 day return policy on electronics is put in place because that's all the manufacturers will allow to get full credit back for the item.

    Amanda 4/3/14 7:52PM
  • I live in Lake City Florida and I'm here to tell you that our Walmart sucks. Someone needs the managers but and tell him to get the check out lines shortened. Come on Walmart!!

    Anonymous 4/2/14 10:04AM
  • I buy my insulin at Walmart and have doing this due to the fact I dont have the insurance for this product. March 28th I bought my insulin and for 2 days I used it. I didnt realize at the time that I was given the wrong product. I needed the R instead of the N. I went to return it today and I was told that they cannot replace it or return it. Im wondering if it was a toy I was returning then that would be ok. I can get very ill if I am not on the right insulin.

    Anonymous 3/31/14 4:09PM
  • I went to our neighbourhood Walmart today to purchase a basketball hoop with a post system for my son today. I could not locate any sales associate on the floor so I decided to go up to the customer service and ask if they can page someone to the supporting goods to assist me. We waited for at least 20 minutes and no one showed up. I walked around the store looking for any sales associate that can assist me. One was helpful enough to try and help me but he does not know if there is stock of the item I am looking for so he told me he will have a manger to assist me and after 5 minutes no one showed up. I walked around and found another lady and she tried to help me with her scanner but it showed up no module. She sent me to go up to customer service with a sku number but at that point I left the store and pick up another similar product somewhere else it appears that the store was under staff and there were a lot of paging for sale associates even at the paint department. The lady who helped me has also mentioned to a customer waiting at the pair department that the sales associates might have taken the same breaks but she will try to locate someone for her. I just wanted the situation to be acknowledged due to lack of customer service on the floor

    Best regards

    Sabrina w

    Anonymous 3/22/14 5:08PM
  • Really humiliated by Walmart in pass christian ms! The policy states that a customer may return without a receipt . I was adviced by a employee in that store what was the best internet cable device to get and which one would work with my tv. I was sold two of the wrong ones ok no biggie! Tried to return understood I didn't have a receipt didn't expect to basically be accused of stealing,humiliated in front of other customer, followed by loss prevention and refused to be given a return receipt just stating how much was on my gift card !!! Told a higher manager and he didn't even apologize!!!! And the poor cashier got in trouble For calling him by the older lady's at customer service.Wow I'm a single mother with my 7 year old son whose developmentally delayed and my two year old !!!!by all means I have thirty minutes to stand there bc customer service lady's like to embarrass hardworking customers. Walmart is one of the only stores I guess supply and demand huh? I'll drive the extra couple miles to rouses. I don't need to spend my hard earned money at that store in pass christian ms

    Cassie 3/20/14 9:10PM
  • A young boy was beat up by Temple Tx police officers in the Temple Tx walmart. Officers have been fired. The walmart loss prevention was involoved. heavily. Walmart needs to terminate her as well and have not yet. See the assault on you tube. TPD Martinez 02. It's all over you tube, the local news and radio, etc etc. why hasnt walmart fired this employee? See the video for yourself. Lorenzo Martinez is the young man that had a broken collar bone during assault, in handcuffs, inside walmart. PS. boy was cleared of any wrongdoing. they had the wrong guy....

    Anonymous 3/13/14 4:22PM
  • I'm a past WALMART empolyee I would like to know how do you get a job after walmart? 5mo five years! 3DAY'S 4 NIGHTS?

    shortdog2 3/12/14 3:27PM
  • I have called walmart in Waukegan il,4 times to get the electronics department and no one is picking up what should I do?

    Anonymous 3/12/14 10:44AM
  • Hi i need an international customer service phone number, can you please help me?

    Loris 3/10/14 1:36PM
  • I don't have no problems with Customer service on the desk.

    However I got problems with the service within the clothing area. I ask the people who was able to unlock the door for me and they would not let me in the change room. None one was in any of them. So I hang the clothes back up on the rack and left the store. I was also back down to Walmart pass Sat. They still wouldn't open the doors for me. so I wanted on the other women to get someone else. all of this other women got in before me and I was there before them. then I had to wait about 14mins before I got into the dress room. It is not very good. I am getting sick of the Walmart workers that are working in the clothing. If they don't opening up the dressing rooms for people who wants to try on the clothes. They are going to lose a lot of business and customers.
    I hope the Customer service is willing to stop this problem.

    Kitty 890 3/10/14 9:17AM
  • not qualified cashiers
    Dear, Sir
    I am a regular customer of your store #2237 (Lehigh Acres FL33974). I'm constantly buy chicken breasts SKU 020549600000 this item has in discount once every two weeks. But at the checkout constantly having problems with payment. Cashiers do not know a discount code.
    It humbles me as a customer so it was March 5, 2014 at 11:42 PM cashiers worked poorly and did not help me. It does not give to buy desired quantity of the chicken breast I buy 5 pounds is limited but I can buy 15 pounds. It brings to your the stores damage. Now I am forced to look for another store to purchase this product. Insert the sticker discount or Code of discount on this product so you solve the problem. Expect your answer and the solution of this problem! Thank you.

    u.s 3/6/14 10:22PM
  • Walmart charges for a paper bag? Really? Is this your interpretation of customer satisfaction? You won't see me in this store again.

    unsatisfied customer 3/3/14 12:31PM
  • Referencing Walmart store 538 in Gainesville, Florida:

    We live 1 mile from this Walmart store. We are dissatisified with items not being properly stocked in this store. The supplies of items are always running out. This applies to Sporting Goods dept as well, including the Ammunition. For example today in this store, there were 7 managers with no real intent to get anything done or accomplished. Express lanes on checkout, this is a very lacking situation and no one to man these checkout lanes.

    All of these topics need desperate improvement.

    Thank you.

    Anonymous 3/2/14 2:07PM
  • I contacted Walmart by phone, for a question on a online order, and I was placed on hold a few times, 25,34,minute holds each time, I believe that was very un professional,and customers should be helped promptly, and with THE best customer service possible. And I regularly shop at Walmart spend about $300 to $900 a month at this store, if this don't get fixed I will shop elsewhere. 2/27/27014 @ 1715 hrs.

    Leon Lozano 2/27/14 6:29PM
  • I made a payment to walmart and the place a hold on my account, because the payment was higher than normal, but that didn't stop them from taking the money out of my account. Then they informed me that hold would be up to 21 days . It's not ok I spoke with a supervisor named Robert is # 14622 and he was very rude and not helpful. I'm always Walmart's bigger supporter but after this experience I will be canceling my account and walmart will no longer have my business. I don't need to spend my money were I'm not appreciated.

    Dashm84 2/25/14 9:05PM
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  • I had a very good phone conversation with an employee named Andria today at the Lenlock or Anniston Walmart. She helped me with a Straight Talk problem. Although I'm extremely dissatisfied with Straight Talk and Walmart for owning them, I was very pleased with the employee who helped me to get in touch with Straight Talk. She was very professional and after putting us on 3-way, made sure I understood everything being said. She was with me all the way. Thank you Andria for your support

    condabrooks 2/20/14 5:28PM
  • Our local Wal-Mart store treats me as if I were Family. Always a kind comment.

    WØTDH 1/31/14 3:54AM
  • Great advise i got thru after tryin for 4 hours to find contact info to cancel a credit card order made on-line.

    celowbear 11/29/13 9:13AM
  • I just went to the walmart in Appleton Wi. I found out that with the new software used in the pharmacy that they no longer tell you how much your medicine costs on your reciept,just that it was paid for by insurance.aparently it is below their dignity to list the price. Bill

    Billy 10/21/13 3:00PM
  • We recently shopped Wal-Mart in Chula Vista, California. Usually it is always a bad experience. We came upon a cashier named James who exemplified what great customer service is and should be. Not only did he take the time to actually talk to us, he was knowledgeable and very professional. After years of bad service it is finally good to have good service My receipt says store #2291 and his operator number is 6145. I hope that others take notice of how give great customer service from this young man.

    tessabirch 10/20/13 1:05PM
  • There is a tecnician at Walmart pharmacy in Atascoceta that is always so kind and smiles everytime Im there to drop off or pick up my meds. She's tall, wears glasses, I think her name is trish. I just want to say please let this lady know that people having a bad day like I do sometimes appreciate her. Thanks

    Anonymous 9/27/13 5:55PM
  • My wife and I shop at the Wal-Mart in Port St. Lucie West. Today we met an associate that exemplified excellent customer service for your company. His name is Eddie and he works in the Garden Center. This young man has a pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable demeanor and was everything that one would hope for from a customer service standpoint. Years ago I had the privilege of talking to Sam Walton when I went to your Bentonville facility.

    I think Eddie embodies what Sam promoted and expected. Any positive feedback you might be able to provide to this young man would be well deserved.

    Anonymous 9/26/13 2:40PM
  • I recently used the pharmacy at the Penticton (peach tree mall) branch The Pharmasist that helped me is worth his wieght in gold I believe his name is Diter I travel alot and the next time I am in the store will verify his name. It's a wonderful thing to find a caring person in this busy world today

    darcy 9/16/13 4:13AM
  • Was very pleased with the help given to me today by customer service. They helped me track down a receipt that I badly needed. Thank you.

    Bubbles 8/23/13 10:21AM
  • I want to make known that a young lady named Jenn, who works in the photo section.
    I was having trouble trying to down load some photos. jenn came and I asked her what to do, since i haven't done it before. She was great, she stayed with me, and said, if i needed her, she'd be right around the corner, which she was. what a great emploee yiu have working for you.
    exstremly friendly, polite,well trained, knew exactly what to do. Made me feel comfortable. That's a big plus.
    Thank you jenn

    Anonymous 8/19/13 4:37PM
  • I am contacting you about the wonderful care I have received from your pharmacist Ram Karlapudi. I thought I must remind him of someone in his family because his concern seemed so genuine. I went out with friends for lunch and spoke of the wonderful care I had received from should have heard the buzz at the seems he gives that care to all the seniors....they knew him and spoke so highly of him. I thought someone should know of this valuable employee.

    Nita Marie 7/7/13 10:13PM
  • Store 5145 San Antonio. Great CSM staff had complete control over front end. Extremely professional

    Anonymous 6/24/13 11:59PM
  • Hi my name is Brenda Cleary i moved to South Weymouth ma. 2 years ago and there is a sweetest most courteous young man that works in the pharmacy department in Walmart always willing to help never forgetting a name and so very pleasant if any young man deserves an award this young man should be recognized .For one i feel so ashamed that i only know him by his first name which is Cregg some call Creggy please don't let him go unnoticed he is such a hard worker and everyone seem to love him i would love to see a plaque hanging honor him for his hard work you hear bad stories let this be a good one for once Thank you Brenda

    Anonymous 6/18/13 11:24AM
  • Cabot Arkansas has the best people in the phones.they help you with every thing that you need.Best ever.

    Anonymous 6/15/13 6:15PM
  • Years ago, when I heard how fair Costco treats their employees, I cancelled my membership to Sam's Club. Now we proudly shop at Costco!

    Spent 40 years bargaining on behalf of large consumer companies. Bargained hard...but always fair! Having come from a blue collar family, I always understood that unions were necessary to balance against the natural tendency toward corporate greed if left unchecked. Well...Walmart is a perfect example of that theory of greed!

    I've just now contributed to the UFCW, and will continue to do so. I will stay out of Walmart stores, and pass the word on to my family. I am also looking for an opportunity to march w/ the u r deliberately screwing. If Costco can be a financially successful corp w/out screwing their employees...u can to! So do I!

    GJPQ 5/28/13 6:36PM
  • My name is Ayn-Martha Joyce and believe it or not, I have nothing to complain about. I am in charge of the wednesday night cover dish supper at my church, St. Paul's Episcopal, in Jesup, Ga. I try to keep up with who ever in my group, is having a birthday. Well, I have ordered a cake from the bakery at the WalMart at 1100 N. 1st. St. Jesup, Ga. for a couple of years now and the people there know my name. The cakes always look good and taste great. The last cake though, almost made me cry. I ordered it over the phone, asking if they could put a hat on it, for a very elegant, put together woman. When I went to pick up the cake two days later, the store had no power and they were not letting anyone in. I stood there, kind of upset because I really wanted this cake. Two of the store employees saw me and knew who I was. They asked if I was just getting my cake and I said yes. They let me in, took me to the bakery counter, just inside the door. I took one look at the cake and knew it was PERFECT. It was exactly what I wanted. You see, I couldn't come in and look at the idea book, I asked them if they could do a hat with some flowers. When the birthday girl saw the cake, she almost cried, she loved it. A few days later when I was back at WalMart, I bought some flowers and gave them to the bakery department, letting them know how much I appreciated what they had done and everything that they do. She looked at me like she didn't know what to do. I know you probably hear all about the bad things but I had to share something good and something special. I hope you can pass this on to management at that store, they need to know that they have employees who do a fabulous job and really care about the customer.

    Thank you so much.
    Ayn-Martha Joyce, Jesup, Ga.

    Ayn-Martha 5/16/13 8:48PM
  • SURPRISE!!!! I found a person at the Kalamazoo, Mi. store who not only knew what he was talking about but was also very nice. Thank you Jose...He needs to be given positive recognition where as some of the others??? NO!!!!!!

    Karon 5/6/13 4:30PM
  • Had a horrible experience with the woman on the internet and swore to never go to Walmart again. But I had to return something so I was forced to go one last time. To my disbelief The customer service at the store was fantastic. Dan, Virgina and Beverly went out of their way to make sure the mistake made by the person on line now known as was righted even though it had happened 6 months ago. High marks for the people at the Wood Village Walmart.

    giantdon49 5/6/13 12:16AM
  • I would like compliment the Pearland Walmart Pharmacy. I find pharmacists in general to be people oriented with their customer service and so very true of the pharmacist at this particular location. I am very impressed with the team of pharmacy cashiers who assist customers in various ways.

    Anonymous 4/29/13 11:50AM
  • I was just shopping at the WalMart in Stuart, FL and I was trying to put 40 lb. bags of water softner salt in my basket in the garden center. I am a 67 year old woman and these are very heavy. I want you to know that a young Man named Andre ran over ,assisted me with putting these bags of salt in my basket, checked me out and walked me out to my car to load them in for me. He is truly an asset to your store and I wanted to praise him for his kindness and professionalism.

    Anonymous 4/18/13 11:51AM
  • So let me just say, as a customer service associate for 5 and a half years, I take pride in listening to customers and helping them to the best of my ability. Let me say one thing, some of us that work there, really do care and want to help you. So when you come visit me at the service desk, I know your upset, but don't call us names, don't tell us we don't know how to do our job, don't take it out on us. Think before you speak because we are human too! I say this because for the first time in my experience, a woman was ruder than you could imagine all because she was inconvenienced at a different walmart. HELLO, if you have a problem with a store and any store for that matter, take it up with that store, that manager, etc. Not a completely different store and expect us to reprimand someone we don't even know. UNBELIEVABLE! Karmmmaa is a witch :)

    Wally_girl 4/14/13 8:18PM
  • I Would To Submit A Positive Comment On An Employee At The Jackson,tennessee Walmart On South Highland Store # 0393.
    The Employee's Name Is Wendy. She Had To Help Me Shop Due To My Health Conditions. She Went Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty Helping Retrieve My Grocery Needs And Then Unloading The Products Into My Car By Herself,although She Had Requested Help No One Offered To Help Her. I Think She Deserves A Raise And High Comendation For Her Work. I'd Also Like To Add The The Greeter At The Store Between 13:30 And 15:00 Was Not Friendly At All, Iasked Her If There Was Any Handicaped Scooter Carts Where As I Did Not See Any And She Rudely Just Pointed At Their Location And Did Not Even Offer To Help Me. I Have Very Bad Rhumitoid, And Osteo Arthritis Also Fybromyagalia It Is A Chore For Me To Walk Even Short Distances.
    I Come Every Month And Shop A Walmart And I Almost Always Have A Great Person To Help Me Shop. I Give The Shopper I Had A 10+++ But The Greeter A ---1
    Thank You
    Diane Eldridge

    Anonymous 4/14/13 6:38PM
  • I visited the Wal-Mart on Frontage Rd in Overland Park KS on Saturday, April 6. This is to say that i received the BEST customer service from the entire automotive department.
    They changed my tire and gave me more information on the rest of my tires. From the Manager to the rest of the staff i could sense how concerned they were with every customer. Great Job!

    Dorie 4/9/13 7:39AM
  • My experience with Walmart could not be improved upon. My car battery malfunctioned after 5 years of service and I was sold a new car battery for only 15 dollars. Bear in mind a new battery for my car retails at 115.00 dollars at Walmart.

    Keep up the good work.

    beach bum 4/5/13 2:28PM
  • The 1-800-966-6546 number worked perfectly. Option 9 to report a fraudulent credit card charge was answered almost immediately, and the Customer Service representative was both professional and friendly. She took all of the information needed to locate the fraudulent order, and while not able to cancel the order, promised to escalate the item to the billing department for investigation. I am satisfied, so far!

    WMShopper 4/1/13 9:15AM
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  • I worked at walmart almost 20 years back in the day it was great .but now it all about who you can get rid of Management sits in the office and gives orders I was very loyal to my store manager until he promoted someone who didn't like me so I was terminated they said for extra time on a break I was coached based on lies I was called a bully by my store manager and I am 55 years old how sad.just goes to show what kind of management walmart has they have ads saying great place to work but I was terminated but rehireable and because mnagers all know each other I can not get in another store. I have tried to contact corp.but no one will hear me out WALMART NEEDS UNDERCOVER BOSS in there calif stores to see how people are treated.WALMARTwas good to me I just have to remember it is not the company it is the managers in the stores.SAM WALTON would be so upset to know his company has turned out like this miss all my friends at 1941

    bear 11/16/13 9:39PM

  • As an employee of WalMart in San Diego, I was hired as a temporary cashier. I have over 22 years of management experience and thought this was a no brainer. I was very polite to customers and made sure each had a good visit. Last night I was told not to talk to customers just get them through the line and out the door fast. This is not how customer service should be. I was told that less is more and less talking would make me faster. I am so appalled by this that I am giving my 2 weeks notice today. How can a retail giant not want great customer service. Awful!!!

    Bad Experience 10/20/13 1:18PM

  • I am a former employee at Store 1434 in Colorado Springs. I was a Member of Management in that store working under Shelly Kelly (Store Manager). I have to say that Shelly is the most unprofessional individual that I have ever worked for. She talks about her employees negatively behind their backs but says something different to their face. She portrays herself as a positive people person but is the exact opposite. As a Store Manager she is lost and her store shows it. She has no compassion for those employees who work and work and work only to receive her criticism. The turnover rate with Management under Shelly is extremely high. When she get's into a situation with a customer that she cant handle she just throws a gift card to them to avoid the confrontation. She lies to her superiors and makes excuses during store walks but will be all over you if you say something different.

    Last but not least, she is a huge alcoholic and puts alcohol in her starbucks coffee at work.

    Dont work at 1434 10/10/13 3:39PM

  • Hello,
    I am a former Walmart Salaried Member of Management and want to let you know how Walmart works (At least the store I was at)

    Walmart overwhelms it's associates with more work than they can accomplish. Department Managers are obtaining more departments than they should have. It is basically the motto "DO MORE WITH LESS" As you have seen in the media, Walmart replaces the majority of their full time staff with part time employees who are only there to make a buck and have no loyalty.

    There are so few people to stock all of the merchandise from the back that it appears that Walmart never has anything in stock and employees are not willing to look as they already have so much on their plate.

    I agree that Customer Service should be the #1 priority and with Walmart, I can personally tell you that it is not. Walmart makes so much money that the atmosphere that I worked in was that we can do without the pain in the butt customers which is not right. 1 frustrated customer will tell 10 of their friends the experience that they had.

    The majority of Walmart products are made in Asia and other countries besides the US. When Sam Walton was around it was all about the USA which is no more. Look at the Salve Labor that Walmart supports by the terrible conditions that people work in outside of the USA to make Walmart products. Walmart knows about them even though they claim they do not.

    Plain and simply, Walmart is terrible for the way America should be. Ever since Sam Walton passed away and the Waltons slowly got further away from Walmart, it has gone downhill. They are so big that it feels as if they dont give a s$%t about anyone including their employees. I wish more people would Boycott Walmart. One day down the road, Walmart will eventually pay for how they are treating their customers and associates but it ay be awhile.

    Anti American Walmart 9/28/13 5:46PM

  • Please explain why hard working honest employees are being terminated at the Super Center in Santa Clarita, Ca. Yes you had a bunch of thieves working there (arrests have been made) and you terminated the innocent employee who reported this. This is WRONG and you know it. This employee should have been thanked and given a raise but instead was terminated! Please look into the hiring and terminating practices of employees you are very aware of that are HARD WORKERS, HONEST, DO WHAT IS ASKED OF THEM, SHOW UP ON TIME and WILL WORK OVERTIME. What has happened in Santa Clarita is Pathetic and POOR MANAGEMENT

    tweetipi56 7/30/13 8:43AM

  • Hi im posting about store in memphis,tn i was a worker at this store for a little over a year ive had a couple write ups but nothing major everyone makes mistakes every now and then but since my termination date ive had 3 interviews and all of them was quite different. My last took the cake i was called to b a cake decorater when i came for the interview i wasnt treated right at all, i felt like itvwas a waste of my time because they didnt asked me questions it was more like hey youve worked here before you know the routine n the checked yhe boxes according to what made their job easier then i waited for the lady to come down and introduce her self n she never came down when personel called her to gst her to come back she stated over the speaker im not coming im busy so forget that she made appointments with a person for an interviw that wasnt important. Then i was told hey u still can do your second interview lol really so me determined to work i stayed for that second intserview only to sit n personell office and watch others get hired in n then be told 30 min later that hey shes not coming i cannt make her come theres nothing i can do but in three months u can b pulled again to work in another department sorry go home. After a almost two hours of waiting to get nothing. Then be called back to work over night as a cashier in electronic s. Got all the way to my third interview to never having a third onterview cus that person wasnt in i called back a day later to see what was tge hold up n was told hey sorry but were not hiring we are booked n dont do rehires company policy. Really how is that when i shop there more than twice a week n people i knew when i was there got fired for things way larger than being on sick leave like myself are back n are working. I feel like they have there picks which is cruel especially when u have a person whos willing to work n only want to support theee family like the next person this is crazy something need to be done about this problem.

    mrs. understood 7/12/13 12:04PM

  • I work at wal-mart in lake jackson i been there for 17years i under stand that the saying is customers always right but that not no where near true . Becouse today 06/ 08/13 there was this customer that came up to me and told me that somebody spilled paint my daughter sliped and fall . I said can i get you mgr she you need to get over there and .c lean it up before somebody falls in it . I was going to but she kept arguing with me about it . I was just consurend about her daughter.

    Anonymous 6/9/13 9:37PM

  • I always work 1-2hrs over time and they dont pay my overtime hrs. I asked and they said if I dont like it then quit.
    Why Walmart doing this? Aren't they suppose to pay your over time? The people that been working there for so many years said Walmart always do this to them that's why when they go lunch they take 1hr and half also they come to work 30min late because they always work over time and they don't get paid. #1 SHAME ON WALMART!#

    Angelina Slim 5/30/13 5:22AM

  • i found out about this web site though a young lady that works at walmart.....tifton 1072 sucks!!managers are rude 34 registers only 5 open on a friday!!i find it funny how you have highly paid managers that pass the buck to anyone else that might be eyesight.thank god for publix!!!

    crazyblond 3/29/13 8:11PM

  • I have been a loyal associate for about 13 years, and have ran many many depts. When I started with Walmart in 2000 I felt like I was part of a family, as time has gone on I have seen the Company focus more on the dollor and less and less on the individual. I have been cursed at, stabbed, shot at and degrated for this company. I have worked for the first 10 yrs of my career without a problem, only to become an Assistant and see the bad side. I was trained to treat people like cattle, and make the most profit for the least loss, if there is 80% turnover then that comes with it. I was told to be firm fair and consistant but when I was coached and threatned everyday and nobody eles was, there was no fair or consistant just firm.

    aaron 2/15/13 2:52PM

  • I worked as a cashier and as a "Help Me" customer service employee for 3 years. In the 3 years that I worked,I was never late,never called in sick,and was an excellent cashier,that customers liked. During the time I worked there,saw 4 department heads(all over the age of 50) that had been with the company over 10 years,all get fired for random reasons. I also am a senior,and got fired for not pushing carts in the ice,or carrying a case of water from the back to a customer. I have a dr's excuse,as I have a medical disability,excusing me from heavy lifting,or walking on ice. I told them no,I have a dr's excuse and a few days later,fired. I think I was set up by management and think it is because I'm an older worker. I was going to fight this,but don't want to deal anymore with this corrupt corporation. The management team is awful. The manager sits in his office all day,and the assistants are power hungry and treat selected few great,but if you are not on their list,watch out. Sam Walton would be disgusted how his store is being run and the horrible treatment of his employee's.

    susanjean 1/14/13 12:00PM

  • It is my opinion and for myself I would never work for wal-mart. First of I believe that they do not treat their employees good. I understand that Wal-Mart only want to hire part time employees to advoid the employees getting benefits such as medical insurance, vacation pay and other benefits. Then the way I understand they treat and work them like they are slaves.
    So for myself I will not shop at wal-mart anymore.
    On top of that I wanted to take some items back to wal-mart, I had a reciept for the heater which I bought two days prior but I lost the reciept for the other items which I had bought. Anyway dealing with customer service was hell and made they made me fell like I was trash. So I ended up walking out of wal-mart with the items that I walked in with. After all the money I have spent at wal-mart then get treated at the customer service desk the way I did ...

    Wanda 11/27/12 7:03PM

  • I have worked for walmart in Utah for 4 months now and for the first month the company seemed about the same as any other massive corporation. These last 3 months my eyes have been opening further and further to how this company is really ran and by whom.

    First off the beginning pay is for lack of a better expression F wording terrible. Any McDonalds in America will start you off higher.

    Secondly I have never seen a company with so many different managers. Were talking Managers just to Manage the Managers who Manage the Managers... From store Manager to Department Manager my location has 63 Hourly and Salary Managers. 63 is more then 1/2 our full time employee poll which is currently around 100. 100 counting the managers. I have never seen a worse case of micro managing and I highly highly doubt there is one anywhere in this world of ours that is worse then WalMart.

    Thirdly and the worse part of the walmart corporate monster is the way uppers treat there lesser counterparts. It is just plain wrong for a company to not only allow BUT encourage higher ranking employees to talk down and belittle lessers. Just last week one of my managers managers manager was telling me how his boss "jumped down his throat" so he "jumped down" the ZMS, who then "Jumped down" the department manager who that same day "Jumped down" mine, well more like screamed at me for pointing out some of our departments shortcomings so that we could fix it to better serve our customers.


    however for us normal humans who knows that a happy work environment and happy workers make for a happier life and less stressful day AND you still want to work for walmart THEN I WILL OFFICIALLY WISH YOU LUCK WITH NOT QUITTING OR BECOMING A SYNICAL POS.

    OR, theres the way I approach it which works just fine for me and even makes the managers watch how they treat others, but this is only my store and you will not find this same level of respect at any other store, which is still lower then even a normal stranger gives another stranger. (it's because I won a suit against one of the second in commands and needless to say she is very jobless and poor now) I value and appreciate all of my co-workers unless your a manager in which case you can go f yourself and that special attitude you get assigned when your promoted.

    I have been coached (disciplined) a few timers for telling managers to find someone else to do there bidding and once for actually telling HIM his attitude towards us lessers was just a little less pathetic then his actual job and the amount of work he did.

    Special Thanks and Hello to all you walmart employees out there AND ESPECIALLY the 9 of you cool MANAGERS in all of walmart land.


    Fwally 11/3/12 2:25AM

  • Walmart has stated customer complaints are localized. B.S. Have yet to talk to an employee that doesn't dislike them as much as I do. The same with customers. They treat their employees like sheep and pay them dog wages. They have put our friends and neighbors out of business and forced a person to shop at Walmart because in many cases they are the only ones in town. Then they carry only mdse they want to carry and a person has no recourse. I wish them nothing but ill will.

    Reid 10/1/12 1:58PM

  • I work for walmart in florence, sc on irby street store number 2703 and its crazy... they have little mice that run around every now and then, they treat the new cashiers completely different than the ones who have been there longer. they make us work harder than the old ones do and the old ones can just stand around and do some of what they want to do. seems as though no matter how hard you work and how good you are they try to find the smallest things to fault you for the CSM'S are sorry, they come when they want to come and make it seem like they have so much to do. the stocker keep putting things in the wrong places which leave us the cashiers to deal with unpleasant customers in i dont blame them at all. they make it seem like you will all get along but you find out its a lie when you start. no one is who they really seem to be. everyone is fake instead of being honest and talking to you they say things behind your back its like a huge industry HIGH SCHOOl and its really sad because i know im a good cashier and i enjoy the job but the management should just be fired completely and rebuilt ground up and this is speaking of my walmart. i can say so much more but i have other things to do.

    firethemall 9/1/12 6:28PM

  • Walmart #0348 is a very unpleasant place to work. The management is ridiculous! Especially the thing about having a time limit on the freight you have to put out! And if you don't meet the time frame they have you in the office giving you a verbal warning! It's not possible for one person to put out 2 or 3 carts of freight in an 1hr and 30 minutes. People are not robots and you can't make them work any faster than they can. They won't hire anymore help, they just try to work the crap out of the people they have. And have nerve not to pay any overtime??!!! No one wants to work for free!!! I don't know about any of the other stores, but #0348 needs a serious evaluation in their management, and a "REAL REALITY CHECK"!!!

    Anonymous 7/18/12 8:26AM

  • 1628 Management team treats their employees horribly. They are a group of merciful taskmasters. They have no concept of Sam Walton's 3 Basic Beliefs. "Respect for the Individual" does not exist in 1628. The Management Team can lower you pride and dignity at the drop of a hat and never give it a second thought. Even on the sales floor in front of customers is not exempt from the humiliation. The retaliation is fierce. "Customer Service" is only allowed if all other tasks are complete. The best and most favorite part of my job was exceeding my customers expectations daily. Acknowledged by my Market Manager on more than one occasion. My store manager once told me I had too much passion for my job. I just wanted create the best shopping experience possible. 1628 struggles "Striving for Excellence" This struggle will continue until 1628 Management Team would lead by example. If they would become true role models (job requirement) customers and employees would truly benefit.

    Debbster1 7/8/12 7:05PM

  • Bought a bike recently at the WalMart I work at, I knew I would have to do adjustments or bring it to a bike shop. Got it home and sure enough it needed alot of tuning to the point I had to drop it off at a bike shop. Asked customer service if walmart would credit me back the $50 repair cost. They said if I brought it to them that they would fix it for free. Im not going to have them fix it when they cant even build it right. You might be wondering why I bought then if I work there, well the reviews are good but they all say to get it tuned first. I work there and make them a ton of cash and they cant even credit me back $50 for repairs. I apologize to any one who has had bad service at walmart, I always try to help the customers I run in to.

    Anonymous 6/3/12 11:03PM

  • Hello, I worked at the walmart in Exton, Pa. for nearly 10-years. I always had great reviews and got many notices of excellent customer service and everything was going fine, Then we got a new store manager who was severely verbally abusive to many employees, myself, and even a mentally handicapped female employee who he would bash until she was hystericaly crying and couldn't even continue working.
    Other employees told me they were afraid they would be fired if they report it, and said that i would also be fired if i report it. I told them, this is America, not some degenerate country. We have rights and laws to protect us from that and we cannot be fired for reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. They said everybody knows that walmart controls the legal system, politicians and everything with its lawyers and money. They break the law all the time and pride themselves on being able to get away with it, They will fire you if you report any wrongdoing. I thought these beliefs to be very sad, shameful,pitiful, and unAmerican. In an attempt to secure a decent, reasonable workplace for my fellow employees and I, I started reporting the abusive manager and sure enough, he began making negative comments to me about reporting him and fired me.
    At that point i went to the NLRB and they filed a charge on walmart. Walmart obviously knew they were in trouble facing that charge, so they reinstated my job in exchange for dropping the charge, but then when i returned to work i was consistently subjected to much retaliation and fired twice more in a relatively short period of time do to lies being told by the same district manager who was in charge and ignored all my reports about the abusive store manager. The first subsequent firing i was able to prove was completely false and have overturned, and i then i filed another complaint with the NLRB concerning the illegal retaliation i was being subjected to since returning to work. After filing that complaint i was fired again the very next day upon showing up for work. and i am still trying to get some help with this one. I am not a kid trying to get a few extra bucks at walmart. This was my career. I was a very dedicated, loyal, hardworking employee who many people used to ask why i work so hard and care so much about my job. I am 46 years old, i have lost 10-years of my life i had invested in that company which i can never get back, and now i will surely never be able to retire in my lifetime, all due to being the one to do the right thing, put my trust and faith in our once great American system, and stand up for the right of my fellow employees and i to have a decent and reasonable workplace and report the widespread severe verbal abuse that was going on in our store. When i went back to the NLRB to report the obviously retaliatory firing, they seemed like they were going to help me, but then told me that the walmart laywer had contacted them and they no longer want to pursue the case. when i attempted to file a complaint about the obviously retaliatory illegal firing the NLRB very suspiciously dismissed it based on a bunch of false information and even slanderous, defamotory lies told to them by walmart which the NLRB had no problem recklessly printing in a government file.
    As long as this type of thing is allowed to go on in America we are in a state of deterioration of everything that this country is supposed to stand for. Thank You, God bless You, and God bless America. Sincerely, Robert Snodgrass, 715 Taylor rd., Downingtown, pa. 19335

    RobertSnodgrass 5/8/12 11:19AM

  • I know several workers who work for walmarts in NC. They treat their employees like crap. They give them so much to get done they can not get done. Then they get fusssed at for not getting it all done. I have made the decision that I can no longer shop at a store that treats its employees like this. I seen manaers sit around doing nothing and lines of people waiting at the register. Its time for people to step up and out of Walmart because they don't care about their customers or their employees.

    Anonymous 4/3/12 4:28PM

  • Wow, and I thought I was the only one who felt Walmart treats their employees bad. If you stick up for yourself, they make it so bad for you that you just want to quit. They hire bottom feeders because they are bottom feeders. They have very little morals and lack skills to put them in professional settings. Again, Walmart, you make people sick.

    Delores 3/21/12 3:37PM

  • Walmart, will never give total correct customer service for on reason, poor pay. Sales Associates are paid $7.80 to start and given very few hours. The average new worker takes home less than $200.00 per week. Walmart gives its workers bonus checks but it still does not ad up to more than $250.00 2 times a year for the part-time employees. The managers of the stores are mean 2436, they work people like slaves, and gossip about the employees. The managers, supervisors stand around and give orders. this very sub-standard treatment is the main reason there will never be good service in Walmart. The employees start to hate there job's but stay because there is little work in our area. And because they are not happy but afraid of the supervisor's, and when they do complain they are made out to look like fools, no brains and told that maybe they need to work someplace else. Walmart is a hard place to work for.

    walmart slave 3/5/12 1:00PM

  • As a former employee of walmart in arkansas I can honestly say the managers didnt care about their employees. I went to my store manager plenty of times since we had the "open door policy" and everytime all she could say was it wasnt her problem!!!! In reality it was her fault I got sick and Im only getting sickier!!!!!!

    Anonymous 3/3/12 7:48PM

  • As a former employee of Wal-Mart, I can assure you that most of the management over WM stores are HORRIBLE. It is hard for us employees to pass on great customer service when we are being unappreciated, treated like crap, and they spend a lot of their time trying to get rid of us. Sam Walton would be shocked at what Wal-Mart has turned into since his death.

    Anonymous 1/29/12 8:25PM

  • A lot of the problem with customer service at Wal-Mart is the fault of the management and the home office. If management is treating their employees terribly, then the employees are going to pass it on to the customers.

    Bjoh 1/29/12 8:20PM

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