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Whirlpool customer service is ranked #512 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 899 ratings. This score rates Whirlpool customer service and customer support as Terrible.


871 Negative Comments out of 899 Total Comments is 96.89%.


28 Positive Comments out of 899 Total Comments is 3.11%.

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  • I Am So Disgusted With This Whirlpool Washingmachine Its Not Even 3 Years Old Cant Tell You How Many Times Had It Fixed Well Its Broke Again My Brother Is Trying To Fix This Time Now I Cant Find The Part Imagine That Have To Order From Whirlpool So Do Your Homework About Whirlpool Washing Machines Before You Buy One I Should Have Bought A Ge One Like The One I Had It Worked For Years Without Any Major Problems Its A Auto Load Sensing Energy Star Top Load Whirlpool Hate Hate Hate It Thats Really Not Strong Enough Words I Dont Expect Anyone To Call So That Shows Me What Kind Of Company They Are And How Important Customer Satisfaction Is To Them

    Anonymous 4/16/14 8:50AM
  • After reading all these complaints, I realize that I am not going to get anywhere with Whirlpool, except the run around. What a grave disappointment my Gold Series side by side refrigerator has been.

    Going into the second week without the ice maker, same as the week before Christmas. Freezer forms ice and frost and leaks onto floor. New part came in today but it was the wrong one! Customer service promptly hung up on me last night, telling me to call back today. Found out it was a call center and the guy had finished his work day!

    If I want a working refrigerator, I am going to have to go out and purchase another. I purchased a complete appliance package but the refrigerator has been problem after problem. Too bad Whirlpool no longer stands by its customers. Too bad Whirlpool no longer stands by its products.

    Pam125 4/11/14 8:03PM
  • I purchased a Whirlpool Side/Side Frig on
    2-2015. The icemaker has gone out twice,
    I did not have it repaired the second time.
    The lights in the refrigerator side stopped
    working. It turns out a control board is bad.
    Per Whirlpool, they are sorry, but the manfacturer of the board is no longer making it. Whirlpool told me I would just have to buy another refrigerator. I paid $1200.00 for this thing. I will never purchase another whirlpool,Amana, Jenn-Air or Kitchen Aid.
    Shame on you Whirlpool for not standing behind your products. Disappointed in Georgia.

    Anonymous 4/8/14 10:12AM
  • There is no Whirlpool customer service. My almost new freezer stopped working in January. After 6 service calls, it was deemed non repairable and it is now April and still no replacement. Two days ago they finally delivered a replacement. It was a hanged up, dented freezer which was, of course, unacceptable. If you call this customer service, you would have to be nuts!!!!! D. Furman. They did not even give a hoot until I contacted Better Business Bureau and then returned my calls, but still sent me a damaged replacement for a broken freezer. What a terrible company! Apparently there is no quality control. The box it came in was perfect, so it had to have been packed in the hox in damaged condition. They expected me to accept a damaged replacement for a defective appliance!

    Dor 4/5/14 10:07PM
  • We purchased a Whirlpool regrigerator two years ago (after owning a GE for 11 years). We also purchased a five year extended warranty. Just at two years, the unit stopped working. A technician came out. opened up the back and said our compressor coils are corroded due to "sulfur in our water". Then left. Whirlpool refused to cover it due "unusual atmospheric conditions". I had our water tested and we do not have sulfur. Our house does not have Chinese drywall and according to my gas meter, there is no Hydrogen Sulfide gas. All of my attempts to speak with the warranty company and Whirlpool directly, have been met with rude people who keep trying to stick to the same excuse. What a horrible rip-off!

    neveragain1 4/2/14 4:45AM
  • After a month and multiple time off work to meet and contact repair people, fridge still isn't working. Whilrpool demonstrates very little urgency or ability to think independently to solve problems. Would not elevate call to a manager, etc. Very difficult to work with, especially considering that their own product doesn't work.

    austin buyer 3/28/14 10:03AM
  • New fridge still doesn't work, after a month and several "4 hour windows" off of work. Nate, in the "Trade Customer Support" very unhelpful after I elevated my concerns. Would not let me talk to a supervisor.

    austin buyer 3/28/14 9:52AM
  • Not Happy Still Waiting For Someone At Whirlpool To Address This Matter Bloody Oven Door Replaced Glass Which That Was All Whirlpool Was Willing To Do Was Replace Glass That Exploded While Cleaning Oven Not At All Exceptable For Me Some One Needs To Correct That Last Mistake Bloody Kitchen Been Eating Out For 2 Wks Help Contact Me By Phone Please

    Anonymous 3/27/14 11:55AM
  • Unhappy Customer Rebecca Stewart Ive Made Several Phone Calls And Sent Some Complaints In I Have Had My Oven Glass Explode While Self Cleaning It Has Taken 2 Wks To Get A Repairman I Have Feed My Fast Food For 2 Wks The Repair Man Was Here Left Behind Fingerprints And Dna Blood All Over The Oven Door I Called To Complain Spoke With Blake S. #6181 Not Real Helpful At All I Want A New Oven Door Just As I Had Requested Before Please See What You Can Make Happen I Would Appreciate It Please Pull All Phone Converstions And Complaints If You Need Info Please Contact Me

    Anonymous 3/27/14 11:48AM
  • Not helpful. Totally reliant on service company who have useless engineers who caused more issues and damage than original issue. Took 2 months to get things fixed (I think) no saying what else is left undone or faulty by poorly trained engineer. Whirlpool did nothing to assist or swap out machine on issue the engineer had "never seen before". Also, no chance of getting another engineer. 1 per postcode area. Unacceptable. Where is the competition if they only use 1 company per area and 1 engineer per postcode? This lets standards drop and they have!

    paul6546546 3/20/14 7:25AM
  • Purchased Whirlpool refrigerator in Oct 2012,has been serviced many,many,many times since then.Ice maker has been a huge problem and now the freezer is not freezing too well.Spoke to many at whirlpool trying to have fridge repaired correctly,but has not happened.
    Whirlpool decided to replace the fridge under the extended warranty(Eric Kener whirlpool product review dept) I purchased,the delivery people showed up with an obviously damaged fridge,so I put all the food back in fridge I thought was going to be replaced!Called whirlpool and jb hunt delivery service to make sure they thoroughly checked over the fridge before trying to deliver a second time.
    No one seemed too interested or concerned about delivering a "New" replacement and it showed when they attempted to deliver the same fridge a week later-same damage to the door!Well I took 2 days off from work and now the freezer is not freezing food thoroughly.I could go on and on...why bother ,if this post causes hundreds or thousands from making the same mistake we made by purchasing the fridge AND an extended warranty from whirlpool,that would be great because whirlpool does not have the customer in mind at any stage of there business plan except to take your money in exchange for trash designed by engineers who are obviously over paid and more than likely graduated at the bottom of their class.I am beyond angry,customer service at whirlpool is non-existent,they do not care about the customer.

    whirlpoolchump 3/13/14 8:42AM
    Official company reply

    Hello whirlpoolchump. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your refrigerator. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (Customer Services Scoreboard), your user ID name (whirlpoolchump), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and ticket number (148572) to . Please be sure to include all of the information so we can get back to you in a timely manner. We will be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie

    WhirpoolCare 3/15/14 10:00AM

  • Try to get repair done for almost one year never seen the service like this.

    Worst Service

    arunsapra 3/12/14 11:08AM
  • I contacted Whirlpool today concerning the F1 Error Code. This is the 2nd major issue we have had with our washer (model #WTW6600SW, Ser #CU4070242, purchased November 2007). The first issue required that the pump be replaced at a cost of $125.00 for the part. My husband, thankfully, is good at this sort of repair so he replaced the pump which saved us the cost of a service call. All that Whirlpool would do is offer to send out a technician (at my cost for parts and service) or sell me a service contract at $385.00. I offered that if they would send me the part, my husband could put it on. They refused - - - unless of course I wanted to pay for the part. I realize my washer is 6 years old, but if you add what I paid for the washer, plus the pump, plus this new expense, I would be better off to purchase a cheaper washer and just replace it every 3-4 years. A washer of this cost should last longer than 6 years. I will not make the mistake of purchasing another Whirlpool.

    s4sure 3/3/14 3:27PM
  • My husband and I purchased our second kitchen of Whirlpool appliances within 2 years from HHGregg. This included a Whirlpool oven with Aqualift cleaning technology. I am a heavy cook and this oven does not clean. It allegedly softens the debris and you are to hand clean the oven afterwords. Whirlpool will not replace this oven with one that actually cleans, and blames me (the consumer) for not reading the owner's manual prior to my purchase, which is not possible. They misrepresent their product and will not take responsibility for faulty advertising. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WARRANTIES ARE USELESS!

    lstpierre66 2/26/14 7:15PM
  • Washer has mold in several areas. Whirlpool customer will do nothing about it. when I asked if there was consideration available if I replaced the washer with another Whirlpool brand I was told no, they do not do that. I advised the agent that i would replace the washer and dryer with a brand not associated with Whirlpool.
    Unhappy with Whirlpool Duet

    dw 2/26/14 12:30PM
  • I Bought A Whirlpool Washer & Dryer 6 Months Ago . It Worked For Five Months Last Month The Dryer Wwent Out Called Service .they Came Out & Told Me It Was Not The Dryer,it Was My Vent That Had To Be Cleaned, I Had It Cleaned Two Years Ago So I Called A Co. & Paid 100.00 To Clean Only To Find Out The Dryer Still Did Not Work.2nd Service Call Came Out And Told Us It Was Wires That Were Not Connected Repaired It. Dryer Worked For A Few Days And Went Out . 3rd Service Call They Told Me It Was The Control Board,had To Order Part And Waited A Week Until The Part Came Now We Were Supposed To Have Service Today And They Did Not Make The Time Frame Today . Now It Will Be Tomorrow, I Have Waited A Month With Out A
    Dryer I Called The Store They Filled Out Paperwork For Corporate Hdq. To Call Me They Say I Have Only Had 2 Service Calls They Are I Have To Try And Call Them. I'm Sure I Will Get The Run Around.we Are Tired Of Going To The Laundromat! 2/25/14 12:36PM
  • your web sight will not register my microwave

    Do you have a phone number I can use.

    The registration card says 3 easy ways two register but does not list them.

    postman601 2/24/14 2:05PM
  • Rehabbed our kitchen and bought all whirlpool appliances. Seems to have been a mistake. Ice maker has never worked properly, now microwave doesn't work and it takes weeks to get the parts. We've had two service calls from A&E who decided they couldn't get here after we waited all day and after rescheduling twice. Then after complaining, we were sent to Maytag now who has made 3 repair visits and ice maker is still not working. Door doesn't hand properly on refrig, and it's off balance and leaning against wall. We bought in May, and have had less than quality use from our products. We'll be off warranty in three months and frankly if I'm in a financial position to do so, I'm thinking of selling off the new appliances as used and getting another brand. I expected better service and reliability from these products. Really have to think about Whirlpool's ability to stand by its products.

    Anonymous 2/23/14 11:03AM
  • I just purchased a new range for my son. I noticed there was not a broiler pan and was told that all I had to do is call the company and they would send one free. After holding for a representative for 45 minutes and talking to her for another 25 minutes she told me that I had to pay for the boiler pan, a mere #100. She was rude when I told her that I did not want to order one. Since the range has not been delivered yet, I believe I will purchase the Amana that was sitting next to it. After all it was only $50. more and had the broiler pan with it.

    Anonymous 2/22/14 7:37AM
  • the complaint is regarding a hob which was being purchased in the month of january. no one came for installation and there are some problems in its operation. the complaint regarding the same was being locked on 22nd jan but nothing has been done till date. the complaint no is the experince has been really n

    Anonymous 2/21/14 8:54PM
  • I have a built in high dollar Kitchen aid refrigerator. It went out.......something to do with the inverter and electronics. After several days of trying to reach someone with Whirlpool my appliance repair folks came out and took the part out. Their contact at Whirlpool sent them the wrong packing slip and now it is missing! And all he could say was "my bad". It has been 3 wks w/o a refrigerator and no resolution. Rose's Appliance in Cottonwood is doing their best but it's probably time for an get whirlpool to do anything.
    Never again.

    LOST 2/13/14 2:10PM
  • Whirlpool does not have customer service. I bought a refrigerator and from the day it was delivered the freezer did not freeze ice cream or bread, temp in freezer 10 -20 degrees. Whirlpool said that was " normal " temp for that model. After arguing with them, they sent a service tech
    who said there was no way to fix the problem. I called and argued with them again, they sent a 2nd service person. Could not fix it. I called again, they said they couldn't do anything. they told me to try moving ice cream around in the freezer. They said "some people have found a spot that keeps ice cream frozen" More arguing and they sent a 3rd service person who could not fix it. I called again about the problem. They said they would discuss it and call me back. Two days later, no call yet. Customer service is a joke. They are clearly trained to argue and intimidate customers. Their goal is to get you to give up. DON'T BUY ANYTHING WHIRLPOOL SELLS!

    kerzwik 2/12/14 5:38PM
  • I had a challenge with one of my Whirlpool (Jenn-Air) products a few years ago. I was extremely grateful how well they handled it. They provided complete customer satisfaction. I now have another challenge, currently with my Jenn-Air range. They are being responsive, and while we are still trying to work out the best solution, I m very hopeful it will work it out well.
    It involves a safety issue, and they are taking care to make sure it is resolved safely, and I look forward, to it being resoleved to satisfaction.

    Rob 2/7/14 2:37PM
  • Worst Customer service I have ever experience.. When u finally get thru to them.. They do not stand behind their warranty.. My frig wasn't even in my house for more than 2 hrs still in plastic & I needed a minor problem repaired.. Spoke with LaTanya & then someone that told me he was a mgr., his name was Benjamin., just terrible cluster met service techs.. Rude, condescending and uncaring.. DO NOT BUY ANY MAYTAG/WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS., I KNOW WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN.. To me the service u get from a company is just as important as their product.. Shame on u Whirlpool.. Take a few if the dollars ur getting for ur products & put it into retraining u customer service staff.. As well as hiring more of them to take calls.. Being told ur wait time on hold is 10 min & actually being on hold for 45 min the first call & 50 min the second call without ever getting thru.. Is totally unacceptable..SHAME ON U.. Btw fire LaTanya & Benjamin..they r in the wrong line of business.. Very dissatisfied & disgusted!! I give ur customer care an F rating!

    Mr & Mrs Massinello 1/28/14 2:34PM
    Official company reply

    Hello Mr & Mrs Massinello. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your refrigerator. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (consumer Services Scoreboard, your user ID name (Mr & Mrs Massinello), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and ticket number (143214) to Please be sure to include all of the information so we can get back to you in a timely manner. We will be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie

    WhirpoolCare 2/9/14 12:55PM

  • We would like to ask corporate to assist us. First, we're satisfied with a appliance that he purchase recently (through the Army & Air Force Exchange at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas) about couple of month ago. But, two weeks our grandsons came for a visit, well to make a long story short our grandson accidentally damage our dryer by dropping an object on top of it and places a large indent on it. So, what we would need assistance with is that we would like to rep!ace this dryer. Is it possible for corporate to assist us by replacing the dryer and give us an depreciation for the damage goods? Therefore, we would be liable for a portion of the entire cost of the dryer?

    Anonymous 1/28/14 12:10PM
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  • For those navigating to this site... I will offer a glimmer of hope. Once we reached the Whirlpool executive customer service team we have been treated well. They are replacing the "lemon" refrigerator and doing their best to make things right. I relate to the frustration of those expressed below in the sense that it was a bad experience working through the regular customer service channels... but once you reach the executive department they do honor their warranty and take care of you.

    bdub480 12/21/13 9:54AM
  • I wanted to say Thankyou for the excellent service I recieved from you customer service department this week. They understood the seriousness of my problem and the outcome was what I had hoped for. I will definitely consider a whirlpool appliance in the future when needed.

    Anonymous 5/5/13 9:43AM
  • We had a problem with a Whirlpool refrigerator that we bought from Lowe's in Anaheim. Customer service that we received from Lowe's could not have been worse. Customer service that we received from Whirlpool could not have been better.
    A one year warranty from Whirlpool against defects, and a defect, came with the refrigerator. Setting the temperature in the fresh food section to the proper level was nearly impossible. We did, however, find an unconventional spot on the dial where the temperature was unstable but would stay between 34-42 degrees. Far from ideal but the food was not freezing nor spoiling. The thermostat was obviously defective.
    The situation was not urgent so we were lax in reporting it and did not do so until shortly after one year from date of purchase. The warranty does not require that any defect be reported within one year so I wrote a letter to the store manager, Mr. Mark Wiser. He failed to respond - not even a phone call.
    After waiting 30 days for his response, I sent a letter to Lowe's corporate offices.
    The response basically was,"Don't bother us, if you have a complaint, send it to Whirlpool."
    My thoughts were that, we bought the defective refrigerator from Lowe's so Lowe's should fix the defect and recover its expenses from Whirlpool. Discouraged, but after some hesitation I did, nevertheless, write to Whirlpool. Ten days later we got a phone call from Whirlpool and two days thereafter their repairman came and replaced the thermostat. Now that's customer service!
    A fundamental difference in customer service between Whirlpool and Lowe's is apparent from the fact that Whirlpool monitors this website and invites those with a complaint to call so it can review the matter. I see no evidence that Lowe's even knows that this website exists.
    Lesson learned: If you need a new appliance, consider Whirlpool but, whatever you buy, don't buy it from Lowe's.

    Stan in Anaheim 4/28/13 8:08AM
  • I just purchased a whirlpool glass and stainless steel range hood, model #GXW653DXS. The whirlpool logo looks like it has been glued on the top center of the chimney. Can this be removed successfully? It takes away from the beauty of the hood. Nothing against whirlpool. It was not on the model in Brandsmart.

    Amber 2/25/13 7:58PM
  • I have had my Whirlpool Washer and Dryer (front load) Duet Steam since 03/09. I used the extended care twice. The first time, a dime had somehow slipped into the pump. The repairman was prompt, clean and knowledgeable and completely fixed it in 30 minutes. The second time the door was not closing. That was a fix of removing some soap residue and D-W40. Hahaha. I think he checked something on the dryer for me as well and all was fine. I just renewed my extended plan for 5 more years and added my other appliances. I don't usually write a review, but wanted to add that I have had Whirlpool Appliances since the 1970's and never had major issues with performance or repair.

    Beverly DePasquale 1/11/13 7:48AM
  • I purchased my Whirlpool Convection Range in August 2012. On December 6, 2012 the inside glass door on the oven shattered. It sounded like a bomb going off. The Safety Department at Whirlpool said it would be Monday before anyone could come out. I said NO they needed to be out the next day. They gave me a list of numbers to call and a very nice service tech fit me in. The glass needs to be replaced,but I am contacting the Manager of the store i bought it from and am asking for a replacement. Will let you know how it goes. I think the response I received was done so fast because I was injured when the glass shattered.

    Linda 12/7/12 6:47PM
  • We purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer in 2008 and now it is displaying the notorious F1 error code. I searched on the internet for solutions and options, called repair places, and have pretty much just been dealing with the annoying steps we must take to make it work. I really didn't want to purchase a new washer and dryer so instead I called Customer Service. I spoke with a very nice lady named Gloria who quickly gathered my information and model and serial numbers and went to work for me. They are fixing my washer at no charge and have even scheduled my repair 2 days from now!! I'm guessing it was part of a recall but I'm so glad I called! My one suggestion is to be pleasant when calling these Customer Support lines. They are far better to work with this way and definitely more willing to go the extra mile to help you! Best of luck to everyone having appliance issues. My GE fridge is terrible and I'm hoping I can get some good service for it now!

    LCart 8/28/12 7:44AM
  • i had issues with my gas hot water heater, the pilot light went out. i replaced the thermocouple and the water heater was working again. bur for a short tome and quit again. so i called the tech center and the lady gave me two things to check. the flame vent and heat sensor. cleaned the flame vent and reset the sensor and water heater working now. Again thanks for the great after the sale service.

    Anonymous 8/27/12 8:35PM
  • Spoke with Kylee in Tennensee after replacing the control board in my whirlpool double oven about how to reprogram control board to oven size and how to reset the clock. Had me up and going in less than 5 minutes! When you call make sure you have your model number and serial number already written down. This will speed the process. If you're lucky you'll get a good old southerner from Tennessee when you call. I was very pleased with my customer service.

    Anonymous 8/2/12 12:27PM
  • I just got off the phone with a lovely rep. in Tennessee. She was delightful. Though my Cabrio washer is 4 years old, and needs an expensive part, she got permission to send a technician out to the house to bring the part and repair the machine, free of charge!
    I didn't know what to expect when I called, based on the negative comments, but I still spoke kindly to her and told her my situation. She resolved my issues in spades! I am renewed in my faith in customer service!

    Muffmoo 7/19/12 9:23AM
  • I had to wait a long time (about 30 minutes) for a representative, but I was completely blessed by getting Crystal. She was super friendly and helped me with my situation. Thanks Crystal! Fantastic job!

    Anonymous 7/9/12 12:37PM
  • i read all these negative comments on the board. i cant speak to your experiences, however, Cole at the service number was AWESOME. Friendly, courteous and prompt. Thank you Cole and SOMEBODY GET THIS GUY A RAISE!

    Water Heater Blues 5/15/12 7:34AM
  • I purchased as duet steam washer 9/16/2010. The rear bearing went out 3/19/2012. Out of warranty. Called Whirlpool with the problem. I was treated royally and received replacement parts 3/17/2012. I recommend them.

    Joe 3/19/12 4:21PM
  • I was so satisfied with the results from Whirlpool Company ,Elaine from customer care ,was a great help ,got me in contact with A&E factory service,Rocky came out repaired my stove & I'm back cooking & baking again ! I bought Whirlpool again ! the last washer &dryer I had lasted for Years with no problems for 12 yrs,Whirlpool is a very reliable company,it was the installation person from Lowes that caused the problem.

    Shawnee 2/28/12 11:59AM
  • We had a problem with a Whirlpool in door Ice maker and hopefully it hs been fixed this time.The unit #is 0008206. The Technician 0543173 order #40522897. This Technician was very thoroughand careful with respect to his surroundings and expedient in his work. We are very pleased with his work.

    Anonymous 2/22/12 9:37AM
  • I needed service on my washing machine. Problem solved within 3 minutes. Technician will be coming to my house tomorrow. Super Easy. Super Fast.

    Anonymous 2/20/12 6:22AM
  • On Saturday, my 3 year old Duet washer started roaring loudly during the spin cycle. Bill with A&E arrived this morning exactly on time, at 8am of the 8-noon window, and confirmed the tub bearings were out. He gave me a parts quote of $1151 and collected his $129 flat fee. He suggested I call Whirlpool customer care about my problem.

    Thoroughly pissed, I called the 800 number in the owners manual and started the dreaded voice prompt process. I was quickly connected to parts and explained to the person I was going to scream loudly about my problem and to please connect me to someone to scream at. She did. Within 5 minutes, I was connected to Amanda whom politely asked about the product and problem. She apologized for my troubles and said parts would be sent, but I was responsible for labor (my $129 flat fee from A&E). No screaming. No cussing nor gnashing of teeth. Just fast, friendly, FANTASTIC service!!!

    Thank you Bill at A&E, Amanda and Whirlpool for standing behind your product and taking care of your customers!!

    Happy Guy 1/31/12 8:57AM
  • After waiting almost 20 minutes I told the customer service rep what my question was and she knew the answer and immediately I waas off the phone...

    Anonymous 11/21/11 11:44AM
  • I just called Whirlpool to ask a question about my washer and was on hold only 11 minutes. The lady that helped me was very nice. Answered all my questions.

    Anonymous 11/11/11 9:50AM
  • I purchased my whirlpool cabrio washer and dryer in nov 2007.I was trilled to finally have a new set. But in 10-2010 I started having trouble with my washer. The repair man it would cost $400 to fix it after researching I found out about several others had same problem and so I called Whirlpool and they sent A&E to fix it cost $0. Then seven monthes later the same problem Whirlpool says NO WARRANTY and A&E said NO WARRANTY.So I email the company. A few weeks later I received a call from Whirlpool oustomer service. They sent A&E to repair the same problem: Cost $0. Thank You I hope the problem is fixed and it will last me for many more years.

    Faye Wilkerson 10/4/11 10:14AM
  • I have to say that I am completely disappointed with this Whirlpool Cabrio that we bought just over 4 years ago. We bought this particular machine because it boasted it's large tub in which you could fit a large number of jeans. Unfortunately, it gets all thrown off balance whenever you put anything heavy in there. Towels, forget it!! We had to get a service person to come in to look at it. He told us it'll cost us around $300.00 to fix. Let me say again, this machine is just over 4 years old and of course the extended warranty we purchased, just expired!!! How frustrating is that??
    Now I ask, how does a machine that is only 4 years old and that we paid over $1400.00 not function properly??? I will also say that it is not our first machine and that the high efficiency technology is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I would rather have an old fashioned washing machine with an agitator over these modern day machines any day!!
    Disappointed in Kanata!!

    Lina Bascur 8/22/11 6:28PM
  • If you truly want help from Customer Service, email all of their corporate people and several other representatives in other countries as well as their investors and you will definitely receive a reply. If possible, contact a Mrs. Pumfry at the corporate office. She is wonderful and very willing to help. I asked to be reimbursed for a part that had a recall notice and she is the only one who would help me. I didn't ask to be reimbursed for the service call or the labor because the service company I used was not an authroized repair service from Whirlpool, but she was able to reimburse for the part which is the central computer system for the Whirlpool Washing Machine model WTW6600SW2. I believe corporate's phone number is 866-817-5404.

    JT 4/26/11 1:44PM
  • I have purchased washing machine last year on 18 april 2010 with two year warranty today I register complaint with one of their executive that wash tub is not working they told me that if we find any pin or coin etc in the machine they will charge Rs.100/- with me due to mishandling of machine. But when i purchase the machine there is no such intimation and if we have any trouble during 2 years they have to provide the free of cost service. Even I ask them to give me the contact number of senior person so that I can talk them in this regard first they refuses to give me the number when I insist they told me that supervisor will call you back but around two hours ago no phone call received by them... Before this I have Kelvinator washing machine and during warranty no problem is creating by them as Whirlpool did I am very disappointed while knowing that why should we pay Rs.100/- for service it is also in the warranty period

    NIDHI JAIN 2/23/11 11:17PM
  • I have read all the negative comments about whirlpools service and lack of response to complaints and fortunately my experience has been different. I purchased a Duet washer and dryer last year and 3 months past warranty the washer motor board went. Needless to say I was upset. So much money for such poor quality. After much searching on the web I found several email listings for corporate execs (Not an easy thing to do) and wrote a letter expressing my disappointment with their product quality and sent it off. Within 36 hrs I received a phone call from the executive assistant to Jeff Fettig (CEO of Whirlpool)with an offer to pay half my repair bill. Considering it was out of warranty and they had no real obligation to pay anything I thought that was pretty terrific. So I have to give Whirlpool an A for their response and resolution of the issue even though it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

    Anonymous 9/23/10 12:40PM
  • I just contacted Whirlpool about a serious issue I was having with my propane water heater. I was informed that an upgrade thermostat kit was available at no cost and one be promptly shipped ... To my amazement, the kit arrived within 24 hours ... the installation instructions were easy to follow and the heater now works like new ... Whirlpool's phone service was friendly, informative and infinitely better than any response that I've ever recieved from any other company or service. Thanks, Whirlpool ... you've restored my faith in appliance companies.

    kittyqueen 8/3/10 8:42PM
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  • I used to work for Whirlpool as a are a few tips : If your unit is out of warranty you will be offered service. If you demand to talk to a supervisor - you are supposed to be transferred, no questions....If you have an out of warranty Whirlpool and expect to be given something, that is not in 9 times out of 10 going to happen.....If you want SOME KIND OF RESPONSE ask for the address of the Whirlpool Executive Team in Benton Harbor and write a letter (they do not take phone calls or emails )... If your unit is 1 year old, you'll be scheduled for service....Call with your Model Number and Serial Number (like the recording tells you) ... and if you are in or out of warranty, be ready to hear the help from the owner's manual or " use and care guide " because that is all the phone people are able to tell you...IT USED TO BE that if you owned any Whirlpool appliance and something happened out of warranty, the CSRs could help you...NOT ANY MORE !!!! They basically schedule service, so know what coverage you have. Oh, and if you have an extended warranty with another company, like Sears or Lowe's or Home Depot - DO NOT CALL WHIRLPOOL - if they schedule you service and you take it - your extended warranty is VOIDED !!!!

    JIMTYPES 3/28/12 6:44AM

  • i would first and foremost say that all of you are a bunch of whiners!!! i mean crimany... do you really think that we are just going to wave our magic wands and get you a new unit like ASAP. i mean common wake up and smell the roses those things break and you all need to realize that things are just not built the way they used to be, but really people wake up and smell the roses!!! y'all are a bunch of complainers thinking that this is going to solve a probelm. i will never buy an over priced item like this.... mabye you should have all though man ge and kenmore are great!!! cuz ( hint: i still have a hot point oven and it works great) not to mention a 20 year old fridge that still runs!!!! so put that in your heads to think about next time you go out and buy an appliance!!!

    Annon 9/28/09 9:19PM

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