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World of Warcraft customer service is ranked #197 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.98 out of a possible 200 based upon 136 ratings. This score rates World of Warcraft customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


114 Negative Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 83.82%.


22 Positive Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 16.18%.

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  • Blizzard has one of the worst customer service reps and services I have ever seen. They send nothing but auto responses that have nothing to do with your issue. Then if you do get an actual person they are so rude and all they do is piss you off and treat you like crap. NOW Blizz has gotten rid of customer service lines and made it so you cant even call them ( No more customer support phone lines) and you have to wait DAYS at a time for an email which doesn't even answer your question because its another auto response. I have been locked out of my account for days. And still nothing but they will make sure they keep taking my money I am so over this game

    Chris 2/19/14 9:05AM
  • ok removed again.
    i am going to post this warning again.
    world of warcraft is a underground place for switchclubs and couples it works with a code.
    to long and to complicated to explain but i do feel it's my duty to warn others inclueding wow itself for what is happening on the servers.
    i'm not a player but the game itself did a lot of harm inderectly to me.

    axe 1/4/14 1:50PM
  • Blizzard support borders on useless. My account is locked out, but when I try to work with the customer service reps, I get an email stating my question has been answered (with some generic, not-helpful-at-all response), and if I would like to keep the ticket open I can log in and go to my tickets. WTF? I can't log in, that's they problem! So, I will submit a new ticket, copy and paste the text from the email they sent along with amplifying information or information the email said "if [we] get [game key for example] we can track this down and get it fixed..." But the response I get to THAT ticket is equally useless and doesn't even address the issue.

    pmmmmm 11/19/13 6:22AM
  • Never ever been in contact with a company with worse support than Blizzard. Every time you get an answer (if you are lucky enough to even get one) they say: "there isn't much we can do right now regarding this." Yes that was an actual quote from a Blizzard employee. And I got the reply one month after I reported a game braking bug.

    Kvasi 10/30/13 4:33AM
  • Their customer service and game in general leaves much to be desired, hence the massive loss of subscribers that continues regularly. When calling about a locked account that was supposed to be 24 hrs it continued well after that and no answer was given by customer service! Save your $$$ and look elsewhere for game entertainment!

    cneman 9/25/13 1:07PM
  • I cant login in wow and they tell me:contact
    with Costumer support what can i do

    Anonymous 7/20/13 6:38AM
  • Wow GM's are often arrogant and egotistical.
    They are glorified call center staff that typically have little to no technical knowledge pretend they are from the USA and are instead in some random callcenter in Asia or France.

    Instead of just listening to you talk for 1 min they try to lord over top of you telling you how they know better and how there can't possibly be any human or technical error in this so-called perfect game.

    The last 3 times I have called their customer service over the last few years I have resorted to player forums to fix technical problems.

    This customer service or lack of can make you increasingly furious as you do not just pay for a copy of this game you pay an additional $15 per month a concept most other MMORPGs have dropped.
    The fastest time I had my call answered was 15mins of wait.

    Anonymous 7/17/13 9:24AM
  • My son has been an on and off subscriber to WOW for years; he used my bank card, then added his own bank card. I have been systematically been charged for many months and deducted for WOW Europe Com, 20 euros; WOW Name Change, 8 euros; WorldofWarc.SUB, 12.99 euros. . .Every month my account is debited for WOW related payments; in the meantime he has truied to cancel my card and gave his, he is debited for the same games. . . I want this to stop. Please advise.

    Anonymous 6/4/13 8:27AM
  • In arenas my Death Knight stopped moving his arms intermittently. Of course we lost. Frustrated, my top arena partners left my guild. I filed four tickets in complaint. Each time the wait was days, then the GM would recommend that I erase three major files and start over. Each erasure took me seven hours to rebuild my action bars, hotkeys, add-ons, etc. The GMs never did anything to repair my avatar. Prior to my DK, my mage's Arcane Blast went from 100,000 dps to 12,000 dps per throw. Did I upset some big shot at WoW along the way? Were my avatars targeted for weakness somehow? After paying cash for monthly play suggestions, studying successful player styles, and pouring over statistics regularly, was I WoW's only baddie with a genius IQ? I felt somehow targeted for failure, so after more than three years of effort building my avatars, I quit WoW.

    Midearth 5/15/13 11:44AM
  • Customer Support is Terrible I asked the gm a question and his response was "You'll have to wait a month to find out" They are getting lazy, and couldn't even tell me what I wanted to know. I waited 3 days to hear some BS excuse. Wow is getting worse.

    Warzlockz 4/1/13 9:50PM
  • I quit Wow because the game is not fun anymore. The people are nasty and immature, no customer support and if you do see some progress in the game it guaranteed to be short lived. This company is unprofessional and unfair. There is a lot of preferential treatment given to certain areas of the game and they entirely disregard the other players. I would never recommend this game.

    Ribbon 3/16/13 4:35PM
  • I played wow for about a year. They have no customer support; the GMís are rude and not ďtalentedĒ techs. However, they are good at cut and pasting the wrong information. My real issue is the development team. You pay a monthly charge for game time that you really canít use unless you play a class of their choosing. They systematically tweak your class to be ineffective as possible, rendering that character as unplayable. As a gamer I really didnít ask for their constant interference in the game. Any comments I or others made in the forums were promptly removed. Apparently, if you subscribe to wow you should be seen and not heard, unless of course you play into their bloated egos. Donít believe me read their forums.

    Anon 3/14/13 7:48PM
  • 4 years after paying $15 subs every month to Blizzard Entertainment, I closed my wallet, uninstalled the game, and left for good yesterday.

    In general, customer service can often be curt (if you can get it at all), and can sometimes border on being rude if you're frustrated and having a problem with their system - or - it's generic replies that have nothing to do with the problem at hand.

    They repeatedly refused my every attempt to renew my subs yesterday (at least 8 times in a row), without specifying why, and after first confirming both with my bank and paypal that there wasn't a problem on their end, it was determined that Blizz was deliberately bouncing my attempts to pay, and I realized what was going on: a little thing called 'spite'.

    That was enough for me.

    IronicallyNot 3/13/13 5:39AM
  • I had placed a ticket within the game. It took 3 days for it to be answered, and that is ok, I understand that they are busy. BUT... when the GM is rude and insulting with his answer, it is WRONG. He did not even answer my question, for what it was, but gave a generic answer to something, just so he can see himself type and to close my ticket. To pay to play this game, and have a person treat you like you are an idiot, is NOT acceptable. He did not take the time to see what was wrong, or even bugged. If you didnt know how to help just dont even answer that ticket. Ask others, or just assign it to someone else. I work in Customer Support myself and know what and how to handle requests/tickets. Emails/tickets are easier as you have the time to look for the answer, to consult with others if you dont know the anser. Name of the GM was Barinuaial.

    Anonymous 3/11/13 4:49PM
  • I quit WOW a couple days after 5.2 patch release. Blizzard has ruinedg the once fun game. Stun 5 secs then I'm Feared for 8 , then maybe fight for a couple seconds before I am stunned again. World of Stuncraft ! Worst customer service ever !

    XUXU 3/9/13 7:40AM
  • Been cancelled for over 6 months, and still have recurring charges of $15.98 every two weeks. CAlled my bank and they told me that they were manually charging my card and the only way it would work was to get the card executed and get another one. Scammers

    Normal Guy 1/15/13 10:16AM
  • I canceled my subscription to World of Warcraft over a year ago and I'm still getting billed against my account despite numerous online attempts to stop the billing and yet you continue to charge my account my phone number is I have made numerous attempts to contact customer support regarding this issue and are never able to get through to a person I am going to my bank to file fraud charges if this is not resolved in the next 24 hours. I have not used the service in over a year.

    Anonymous 1/10/13 6:58PM
  • Worst support ever. My account got hacked, they changed the email address, password, etc.

    The most support I could get was their terrible "account recovery" which asks for account information that was changed.

    Tried to call but get hung up on since their queue is full.

    I have dealt with tech support from Microsoft to Symantec and this by far is the worst.

    Rygar 1/9/13 12:03PM
  • If you cannot log into your account online support is impossible

    Major Irratated 12/31/12 11:55PM
  • This is, without a doubt, the worst customer service I have ever had for any product. I work with computers and spend a great deal of time on the phone with IS departments so I know how frustrating it can be, but this is ridiculous. They have players all over the world and they have customer service reps answering phones for only 8 hours of Pacific time. Absolutely unbelievable. I have been trying to get in touch with them for 3 days and have not yet succeeded. I intend to keep trying because the game is great, but the service is truly horrible

    annonymous 12/28/12 10:28AM
  • Only writing a review to hurt their rating, because they really suck.

    As said several times by other people they do not have customer service. They would not even put me on hold. Left me in a phone tree and then when I reached the end the person told me to have an "epic day". I was going to keep playing, but on second thought why make myself miserable?

    Anonymous 11/27/12 6:30PM
  • I find it very hard to believe that maintenance takes 10 hours after waiting the normal maintenance period you get a message saying it has been extended and extra 2 hours you wait the 2 hours and it has been extended another 2 hours wtf.Then they do unscheduled maintenance throughout the week and rolling restarts.They really should reimburse the time they take way every month sitting around doing nothing thats alot of hours of play time that people pay for but cant play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 11/13/12 2:29PM
  • This is the last time i will play World of Warcraft. I am sick of purchasing game time and not being reimbursed for the maintenance periods and downtime. Blizzard, time and again, has proved to be inept, and inefficient.

    Anonymous 11/13/12 1:47PM
  • I play WOW on average 5 to 6 times a week, the customer service is non-existent, they will do maintenance whenever they see fit and will extend the times whenever they want to. They will not compensated time missed by these so called maintenance, and they do not care if people leave. They went from 12 million to 9 million players. I strongly believe they will fall to 7 very soon, and continue to decline until they learn how to run a business. They got away with it for the first few years, but slowly and surely they will be screwed. If anyone from Blizzard is reading this, fix it while you can. It will be a matter of time before you'll be replaced with a real time competitor.

    Anonymous 11/13/12 12:35PM
  • Was trying to contact blizz via phone. took me 3 days calling every hour or so always que's are full. when i finally got on the line it seemed like my representative couldnt wait to hang up the phone. he was rushing me just trying to fill his daily quota. just terrible

    Anonymous 10/31/12 9:34AM
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  • While I dislike the routine maintenance downtimes, and the occasional unscheduled periods of downtime... I must say that they have very good uptime, and that I enjoy the game far more than what the downtime can detract. It would however be nice if the time that a server is down is not counted from the time I've paid for the game. I understand that maintenance is part of the package, but as a customer I see it more as a cost of doing business for them, and don't feel it right to pass onto the customers. Also, if they're not getting paid for downtime, then they would most likely get these servers up faster. :)

    Overall though I'm very happy with any experience I've had both playing, and communicating with Blizzard / WOW staff.

    Harrypalmer 11/13/12 2:53PM
  • Whenever I've contacted Blizz, I've never had an issue. Within a day they get to my ticket, and GM's and customer support have always been so friendly and sweet.

    adorkable 11/13/12 9:11AM
  • Item restoration process quicker than I expected it to occur. GMs very helpful whenever I have needed to contact them.

    psychomagus 10/31/12 9:10AM
  • I've only had a few issues with the Blizzard games and each one of them was answered or resolved successfully. It's true that they're not very timely, but in the end it gets done right in my experience. If you want a quick phone call don't call on the weekend or in the evening if you can help it, the wait time difference is in the hours. Yes their terms of use are pretty blanketed to remove liability, but they don't just leave you in the cold if something does happen and they'll often make up for the inconvenience. As for those that buy gold? It's against the rules completely and if you ever pay attention to any online chat you would know that! People don't spend days farming gold only to sell it for a tenth the cost of minimum wage guys, if you buy gold you better bet it's stolen/hacked and you are supporting the hackers by buying it.

    WowVeteran 4/10/12 3:06PM
  • Firstly, I must say, the call wait time was absolutely ridiculous. I had to call around 20 times to get placed on the queue, that itself took me a little over half an hour. Each time the machines kept saying "our queue is full, please call again later." Secondly, the wait time mentioned was 48 minutes, and I actually ended up waiting 2 hours and 17 minutes!!!!!!! But really, it didn't bug me much. Once I was on the phone with the guy, everything went smoothly. I had several issues to resolve, and my representative, Casey managed to resolve them all! Also he was extremely nice and friendly and I felt really comfortable talking with him! I'm very glad he resolved my issues! ^.^ Anyhow, the call service was amazing. The wait time, was not. Also, I did email Blizzard in regards to my issues several times and it's been weeks and still response, so that's why I called. So, I'll just give them positive ^_^ Thanks for reading, guys!

    Aberforth 3/24/12 8:22PM
  • they where verry friendly and they understood my problem and they were verry active in resolving the issue i only had to wait 5 minutes and the issue got resolved in 10

    yantlizer 3/20/12 6:08AM
  • Awful costumer service, 5 Days waiting time on ticket
    ( FIVE DAYS ) and when the GM showed up finaly at 2 AM Tuesday he left me useless reply which i tried to answer for, and its been 4 days since i heard from that GM Lady, which since she is woman i assume she dont know nothing about this game. so well done Blizzard, only harvesting $15/month from 6 million players and have no employees.

    warlock 3/15/12 9:37PM
  • VEry smooth and easy! it went so well :)

    Anonymous 2/24/12 1:25PM
  • Very poor customer service, very poor gm reactions to in-game behavior/language. Very good game it's just bunch of nerds/hackers/rich whores running a company. I am not angry with Blizz I just believe everyone here has a very good point. The owners of Blizzard need to grow up and become adults.

    JConn 12/13/11 6:37AM
  • Best phone call ever...10 min and my problem was solved. NOt a long wait and freindly staff...thanks!!!

    Anonymous 9/20/11 10:06AM
  • they where so nice telling me about prices and stuff like that they only thing he had troble with is finding the differnce betwen free runescape and wow but they are very kind plz call them if you have any questions about Wow

    Ethwardo 5/16/11 1:46PM
  • dont have much of a problum sometimes game drops but it happens in other games

    Anonymous 2/14/11 9:27PM
  • I thought it was great service. He was nice enough to repeat himself when i couldnt understand what he said. Only problem i has was that he most likely wouldnt of had to repeat himself if it wasnt so noisey in the background. But it was good all the same. And they fix the problem so im happy. ^_^

    LetsPlay! 2/5/11 4:55PM
  • Customer service wasnt to bad at all.......helf for 15 minutes then problem was resolved in 5. In addition the rep was very friendly and made the phone call FUN!

    Kronolith 12/4/10 12:39PM
  • The game is nice, but everytime a new patch comes out. I have to reinstall the entire game, sometimes twice. And that takes about 1-2 days to do. Even minor patches (latest one 20mb) completely destroys the game.

    With 1 billion per month in income you would think that they had the money to hire personel who have been working with computers before.

    1 more of these patches and I give up this game for good.

    Me 6/30/10 7:49AM
  • My account got hacked, then instead of calling blizzard I decided to steal my account back. After a week battle with the hacker, Blizzard froze the account.

    I called, they told me to submit a form as well as my drivers license.

    Printer the form, filled it out, sent my diver's license, two days later my account was back.

    Fixed my issue. Can't complain.

    GotHackedThenGotMyShit 6/23/10 12:33PM
  • amazing that everyone has had such terrible experiences... i have not had any of the issues mentions with them... they have been there, answered my questions, even gone so far as to walk me thru a fix...we have even had to fix a hacker attack and they were just fine... as to the DL.. it is one of the few ways they have to confirm you are really you... after all... they dont know you from adam.. and if the hacker has your acct info.. how are they to know which is real and which is not??? a lot of company's do just that... proff of id is essencial BY LAW...

    kevindraggon 6/12/10 11:47AM
  • I experienced a problem with a game card recently, the back of it was scratched up and I could not make out the numbers. I contacted blizzard's support team, and thier staff was able to help me. We tried having me read off what was available and such on the card, that was not working. I did get his email address and sent him a scanned image of the card. He replied to my email (within 20 minutes) with the cards full information. Now, I have to admit, this was the best experience I have had with Blizzard's support!

    Anonymous 3/6/10 6:57AM
  • I've had to contact customer service on several occasions. From Billing to Account hack and restoration. On all encounters I was satisfied with the service. The representatives are always friendly and helpful. The only disappointing factor was the wait time. I've always had to wait 35mins or more to speak to a live rep. But with millions of players, you can imagine the number of calls they get a day.

    I've played this game for years. And I have noticed that most players feel very intense about their game time. So when a situation comes up that prevents them from playing they get pretty vexed. And most likely call up customer care with attitude and treat them as if it was a personal attack deployed by the Rep to ruin their raid. lol

    Bottom line is folks, Treat others as you would be treated. If you're friendly an polite then you'll get the same in return.

    lildruidhealerBWR 10/20/09 3:22PM
  • No Problems with the support person I worked with.
    Only issue was wait time was a little long.

    Sonic 8/5/09 1:00PM
  • Allyssa was very kind and polite

    Anonymous 7/30/09 4:47PM
  • Great customer support by phone, and tech support is also nice because you can get it from an actual person playing the game while you are playing as well. Always english tech support too. (based out of Texas, and California).

    Neckername 5/23/09 9:01AM

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