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Xbox customer service is ranked #170 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 306 ratings. This score rates Xbox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


254 Negative Comments out of 306 Total Comments is 83.01%.


52 Positive Comments out of 306 Total Comments is 16.99%.

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  • Power Brick went out on my sons Xbox 360. Tried a couple days to find one at Gamestop and craigslist, etc. Finaly ordered on from Xbox. Waited 10 days and although I was billed nothing shipped. Found 1 at a Gamestop 40 miles away and tryed to canncel my order. Could not be done by me or their joke of a service rep. He asured me he could put a hold on it for 20 days and my money would be returned. Its day 19 and I just checked, guess what, its on its way. My son is 15. 3 more years and I will have nothing more to do with any microsoft product.

    Knownasrussian 7/29/14 10:16AM
  • I removed x 2 credit cards (stopped recurring billing ) and they still hit my bank days later .. Called Xbox and after a hour she said it would disappear. when on the phone I noticed she was confusing accounts and cards. caught her in mistakes or BS.. she was nice but not very helpful. she patted herself for doing so well with her English class when I apologized for repeating myself. ????? well here i am with charges on my bank for something we havent touched for 6 months .. Really .. making the wife call now.. !!!

    Anonymous 6/28/14 12:43PM
  • Terrible service. Still took out $500 after receiving the xbox back. Called for weeks before someone could return my money. Customer kept telling me to do something that couldnt be done. they also kept saying no other department had live people and i couldnt talk to anyone else. their chat is better than calling.

    dez 4/10/14 9:21AM
  • This is the worst customer support I've ever dealt with!! Ive been waiting 3 months to get my headset back that I sent in because it stopped working (Terrible engineering). Oh, and they told me I had to pay for shipping myself, which cost $16 dollars, over half the price of the headset itself. I've had to call in over 5 times wondering wear it is. One guy will say "we never received it", and every time I call in they keep pushing the dates back. I ask them for estimates on time and the guy says, "could be a day, could be a month..." Seriously??? The customer service reps have no idea whats going on and offer no form of compensation for the customer's troubles. It's honestly pathetic and insulting to be paying so much for a console and being treated this way.

    petroleumjellyfish23 4/2/14 4:03PM
  • don't even waste your time trying to find a phone number for customer support on, you will not find it. I had to google search "xbox customer support phone number" and it didn't even come up with a number from the actual xbox website. an then when I finally got a hold of someone they took me through the same trouble shooting loop that the support website does. I am disappointed with this enough that I actually got on the internet to write a review.

    upsetxboxfan 3/31/14 9:22AM
  • Called xbox to advise them about an accidental purchase that my 6 year old made. XBOX support argued with me about refunding the accidental $7 charge for half an hour. When I asked to speak with the supervisor, the agent refused saying "I'm the highest level of support you're going to talk to today"

    Completely unprofessional and rude. I refuse to deal with xbox again (I left M$ for apple and Linux long ago)

    hish747 3/20/14 6:07PM
  • I called in to xbox live for a billing issue, when I got to talk to a CSR she was so rude and acted like she hated her job there. She would put me on hold and not even tell me that she was going to put me on hold. When I talk to there manager, he did not care about me what I was asking him. Poor service This is why I went to PS4 and will not buy another Xbox. They need to hire new agent or move there call center bad service

    Texmex03 3/3/14 10:51AM
  • 1 month plus and still no resolution. We got one of the systems with the bad optical drive. We started the process Jan 5th. It took quite a while for the return box to reach us. (We could not do advanced exchange because they don’t support APO addresses). Once it did we returned the console in the box provided. It arrived on Feb 1st at the service center. Then it showed up as cancelled when I checked the status. Feb 4th, an agent escalated it for me. She assured me I would hear back in 4 business days tops. This is where the nightmare begins. I started calling customer support. Each time I called/chatted they assured me the team was on it and I would surely hear within 24 hours. I cannot tell you how many tears were shed over this. Finally on 2/23 (almost three full weeks after escalating and at least a dozen phone calls on my end) I received an email from the 'escalation team' that yes they have our console but because it had been more than 30 days the order was cancelled and they cannot repair without an active order. So they are going to open a new order and get started. This took three weeks to figure out!

    MilFam 2/23/14 4:32PM
  • Sent my x box 360 in for to clean and they sent back an older model the advocacy team as not look in to my case its been 2 week and not one E-mail or call from them they want let you get a way with any thing like that but they can.

    Arthur Whaley 2/20/14 3:52PM
  • i have a problem with my settings they are stuck on india and it says it changes it but i try to do my billing info and i click on state and it says a bunch of india names what do i do?

    Tyler 2/19/14 4:34PM
  • X Box customer service is the worst!! I sent my machine in for repair 2 1/2 weeks ago. They could not email me a shipping label so I sent machine in on my own. They have lost my machine even though I have provided tracking info. They are giving me the run around as to if they have located it or if it is being repaired. They have given me two different dates when I should here back. I have been hung on up after asking for a supervisor I am losing my patience. I should have bought a Play Station!!!

    Silty Toe 49417 2/17/14 11:38AM
  • I have played on xbox for years. the first gen xbox to the 360. one thing that has continuously bothered me is the cost of just about everything on xbox live. I pay $50.00 a year for what? I pay $90.00 monthly for my internet. $96.00 annually for newtflix. but what does the $50.00 annual fee from xbox provide for me? the ability to use my already paid for services on their device? heres my recent experience which has changed my view of xbox and Microsoft.

    5 days ago I ran into an issue with the newly added security proofs on xbox live. ( I have had an account with xbox live since the very day I was able to). I have put in the required information when asked in the past and continued playing and everything was fine. recently it would not accept my email and password so I contacted support immediately to resolve this issue. and issue that an normal person would just assume Microsoft (one of the largest corperations in the world) could fix this issue. unfortunately the ambassador chat didn't help because I was not allowed to provide them with any of my email or username info. so I contacted their other support team. they had me fill out an account recovery form and told me everything would work after that. I just had to wait an additional 24 hours to receive the email that would allow me to sort this out. 72 hours later and I still have received no email other than the confirmation that my request was sent and it would be a 24 hour maximum wait to have the information reviewed. so after 72 hours of waiting I contacted xbox support by phone. spoke with a very nice representative about fixing this issue, which by the way was the ONLY positive experience I had during this whole time. her name was cherice and she was very helpful and understanding during this whole process. unfortunately she told me after the 1 hour 24 minutes and 19 second conversation we had where I was on hold NUMEROUS times that I had to start the process all over. I have just filled out the request for again and will now wait 24 more hours to here back. I was told that my problem was that I was using google chrome and that I needed to use internet explorer if I wanted this to work. AFTER 5 DAYS OF HAVING THIS ISSUE AND WASTING ATLEAST 6 HOURS WITH XBOX LIVE SUPPORT. TIME I WILL NEVER GET BACK IN LIFE. I AM THEN TOLD THAT MY ISSUE IS THAT I AM NOT USING THE INTERNET PROVIDER THAT THEIR COMPANY PROVIDES AND THAT IS WHY IM BEING "CONTINUOUSLY PUT IN A LOOP". I have had many issues in the past and have always had these issues resolved without the use of internet explorer so naturally, I found this odd.

    after all of this. I still cannot access my account. I cant access all of the movies and games I have purchased through this account and I cannot even play any saved games from that account. I cannot use the Netflix I pay for monthly and cannot use the service provided to me by xbox. services valued at $50.00 annually to be of no help to paying customer of over a decade. when I spoke with a new representative I was tol that it now must be an issue with the account and that someone would get back to me on the next step to fixing the problem. its sickening at this point. I run a painting franchise in my home town. if I were to provide one of my customers with service half as bad as this I would lose them as a customer and would lose not just reputation but money as well.

    for such a large innovative company. i CANNOT believe an issue this small is still a problem for me. how can a company so large treat its paying customers with such disrespect.

    jkol34 2/17/14 10:21AM
  • Don't feel bad...Bought kids an xbox for Christmas..hooked it up on Dec 26th/13..It busted Jan 5th/14...Returned to xbox on Jan 7th....They repaired it and have no idea where it is..I get nothing but run around from them...I've heard "I'm sorry for your troubles" at least 100 times now..their Advocacy team is a joke...they have 4 days to respond to the customer and I've been waiting to hear from them for over 2 weeks....What a waste of hard earned cash...Will I buy Microsoft junk again?? NOPE, NOTHING

    drafter 2/16/14 12:52PM
  • I sent in an Xbox One controller for repair and was quoted that it would take 10 days for myself to receive the replacement, it has been over 40 days and still nothing. I contacted customer support multiple times and have gotten no where. This is a joke, I will sell my Xbox One and get a PS4

    SamLegend 2/14/14 9:19PM
  • Here is my story of woe...

    I have currently have the "won't accept Initial Update" issue. This is my THIRD bad console. My first was a launch edition that worked for a short while and then I got the "Disk Grinding" issue. I did the troubleshooting through support and they said "yup, needs to be replaced" so I set up an Advanced Console Exchange. I waited a while and got my replacement.

    The "new" one, the one Microsoft SENT ME was not pairing to my controllers. I had a launch controller and second purchased controller, the connection would pair intermittently and then drop off. I called support and they ran it through troubleshooting. They told me the console was broken (likely I/R sensor or something) and I needed a replacement...HOWEVER I could not do a replacement because they never got my first console because...wait for it....the one they sent me was broken DAY ONE.

    I had to send my 1st one back, wait until receipt was confirmed and then set up another Adv Console Exchange.

    I received the "new console" and guess what? It would not accept the Day One Update. I tried everything and ran it through support about a hundred times with the "update troubleshooter" etc. Support confirmed that my console, the one THEY SENT ME, was DEAD. Not only was it dead, but there is no way they could have run a systems check on the refurbished console before they sent it to me because it did not boot up to the menu. They sent me another person's console without checking to see if it worked.

    I was livid, and called support several times. They gave me three free months of Xbox Live (despite the fact that I told them not to bother, I pay by the year...and Xbox Live isn't that great when you don't have a working freaking Xbox.)

    They set me up with the next level in the chain due to the number of issues I had. They said they really wanted to "take care of me." I was supposed to get an email or a call from the vaunted "Customer Advocacy Team". That was last Thursday, no call, no email and apparently a multi-billion dollar company doesn't care if they are shipping out defective products without even checking to see if they work.

    I attempted to utilize @xboxsupport on Twitter but they are utterly useless. They keep saying things like "when have you last heard from the Advocacy Team" when I had just advised them I NEVER heard from them. Then they say "lets give it some time" or "thanks for your patience."

    A week later I heard from the Advocacy team. The employee I spoke with ("Taylor") was very professional and said he would set it up so that as soon as my second broken Xbox One hit FedEx they would ship a replacement so I could ship back my third broken Xbox One. I agreed and sent out my Xbox One; I then emailed Taylor to advise him.

    A few days later I got an email from "Samantha" at the Advocacy Team saying the she had been assigned my case, apologized for my treatment and then told me she had exciting news! I had been shipped my replacement Xbox One, and tracking showed I had received it!

    I was baffled, so I checked the tracking number that she provided and, sure enough I HAD received an Xbox One...the THIRD broken one. That's right, she was letting me know that I had been shipped an Xbox One that I had already taken delivery of, reported as broken and requested an exchange on.

    She then implied my case was closed by saying that if I needed any further assistance I should contact her.

    I tried to call and explain my issue, except I was put in hold, the automatic callback service called me back "so I wouldn't have to wait", then placed on hold AGAIN for far too long. When I finally spoke to someone, they were rude and "transferred me" which resulted in the call terminating.

    I immediately sent Samantha an email and tried to correct her error. I never heard back from her.

    Later that night, I spent over an hour on the phone with first line customer service trying to figure out what was going on. The best they could tell me is that if they touched my call it would screw it up and treat it as a new call.

    It is now five days later and I still haven't heard back from the "elite consumer advocacy team". I have an Xbox One that is basically a doorstop and no clue what is going to happen or when I will hear from this group; they only take emails and don't give a phone number. They are incredibly slow to answer emails, as in almost never.

    This is unacceplable. Please utilize Twitter to hammer Microsoft and Xbox about this. Utilize @majornelson, @xbox, @xboxsupport, @notwen, @albertpenello etc.

    This treatment is awful and for the most expensive console on the market, they act like they are doing us a favor even getting us a refurbished one at their cadence.

    We need to make them understand and replace these consoles with working, tested, NEW Xbox Ones.

    airraid29 2/11/14 8:32AM
  • All I wanted was to turn my Live account back on. I was told because I bought the wrong official XBOX card, I could not use this money to reactivate my account. I was answered and transferred many times before I reached Samantha. I would give you more info on this "Samantha" but she refused to. I ask for a last name or an employee ID number. I asked her how I was supposed to get back to her and all she said oh I noted the account. I was told that within 4 days someone would call me. 4 days from today is Valentines day. I asked her if someone for sure would call me back by Valentine's day and then she switched the story to oh I don't know when they will call you. She was incredibly rude from the very beginning and extremely unhelpful. When I got angry she got even more rude. I was eventually placed on hold until she hung up on me.

    hippieathart09 2/10/14 6:33PM
  • Bought a faulty Xbox one and due to the dismal customer service will never buy anything Microsoft, and will encourage others as well, don't buy X1.

    billyh 1/19/14 2:45PM
  • 3 BROKEN XBOX 1S!!!!Thats right i am the only man in the world to go through 3 xbox 1s. I have previous posts of what I went through the first time but how about three times? I was never offered free games for the inconvience only free xbox live memberships. I was told by support the first time my xbox 1 broke that it was repaired. When it arrived in the mail it was a different console with a new serial #. I called support and was told the previous tech lied to me that my unit was not repairable so a new one was sent instead. I plug it in and nothing...the new one they sent is broke out of the box. So I call and they say the same thing as before send it in we will repair it. When you ask whos responsible for the repair or the lies told no one is accountable and there is no customer support only company guidelines to follow. So I wait a 3rd time and the same thing serial # on the 3rd xbox 1 and when I plug it in and again same issue. The support isnt support at all. These are non caring people that seem to be completely out of sync with eachother. If you have a problem and the solution you come up with doesnt work why would you continue the exact same process three times? This shows you that this company has extremely neglegent leaders and or supervisors. If support let this go through their lap 3 times and services lap 3 times then who is responsible for the breakdown? The company policies and procedures thats who! Support only offers the same suggestions as the online web page. They have no expeirence in service yet these are the people you talk to about hardware issues? Its unbelievable...and I was an xbox fan...I was. Then i called the 20th time and said what now? Same steps...rinse and repeat? Im on my 3rd I think its time we do something different than the normal. I asked for a complete unit replacement instead of a repair and they said theyd call me within 7 days and said there would be no promises. From the TOP to the BOTTOM there is no responsibility. My story needs to be heard!!!

    OldXboxFan 1/16/14 7:04AM
  • I contacted support in November to resolve a renewal issue on an account we have not been using and want to cancel. I spent an hour discussing the issue and thought it was resolved only to find out it was not. I have now called 3 times to only get the run around about how I need to set up an old email account so they can send us a verification code so they can even help me. I have wasted too much time. I plan to dispute the charge through the credit card company and cancel my current credit card since Microsoft will attempt to charge me again next year. I refuse to go through this mess again. I am very disappointed in Microsoft. I thought they were a good company with good customer values - I was wrong!

    Anonymous 1/14/14 2:24PM
  • Thank you so much for the phone number! I was going absolutely insane trying to fix my problem. On hold now...

    jaysmel23 1/7/14 6:09PM
  • Live in Australia , trying to buy xbox live gold memberships , account shows up with correct address however the stupid system shows up with american states instead of Australian states ..... cannot go any further with purchase , contact xbox support , first time 35 minute discussion explaining problem , then they disconnected me , guess it was too hard , second time 1hr 15 minutes , escalated to customer advocacy team , to be contacted within 2 working days , 5 days later still have not been contacted , problem has not been fixed , 3rd time I contacted xbox customer support , even though i had a reference number outlining my problem , i needed to re-explain the situation a third time taking another 1 hr 30 mins , "rest assured the advocacy team will contact you very shortly" , 9 days later from initial contact to xbox customer support for a problem i need fixed - still needs to be fixed , still no contact from advocacy team ? Bill , cmon dude , more money than you can poke a stick at & you cant even have a website that actually works , or customer support service that actually supports your customers ? Absolute rubbish , worst service I have ever encountered in my life . Chew the fat Bill , chew the fat .....

    Deejkay 1/7/14 3:24AM
  • Unbelieveable the idiots at xbox support really need to get they're act together I was contacting them about moving games between storage devices I got transferred 4 times and on the 4th when they did try to transfer me the line cut off and they hung up on me un believable cause first I went from the Xbox one dept. to Xbox 360 games then to billing and accounting then i was sent back to games but i got cut off and hung up on before I could be transferred the online support was more helpful than the phone support

    DarkAngel9690 1/2/14 11:52AM
  • You know half these are employees. Just so everyone knows go to and request a phone call. They call very quickly and put you in line for a live person. Its very quick no complaints about that. But the online support page offers the same info as the live person without the horrible techno blasting in your ear when yer on hold.

    Xbox fan 12/12/13 8:35PM
  • I love my xbox. I was online with the first xbox, the 360, and now the xbox 1. i never had an issue with any console until the xbox 1. It simply shut off dring gameplay online and never turned back on. Once i went through the horrible support suggestions i end up sending it in for repair. After 4 days no email no call. So I call and i say can you tell me the progress of this service order. They offered no information and showed a serious lack of interest in the issue. I can honestly say read suggestions online, and print out your own service recipt and shipping label. Xbox support offers the same advice and has no other information given to them to help you. All I can say about service is that my xbox was with them for 24 hrs before they so called started the processing stage. Again absolutely no urgency or compassion. Seriously second guess the initial console release and maybe wait til they work out the kinks and never call these people its extemely disappointing

    Xbox fan 12/12/13 8:18PM
  • NEVER buy!! Microsoft is inept. They are "unable" to cancel auto-renewed subscriptions. I've spoken with 4 different reps on the phone and they all have a different story. After wasting hours of my life trying to cancel and remove my credit card from the account, they assured me it was done. It wasn't. When I called back a month later, I got another story and a refusal to even assist me.

    Anonymous 12/3/13 3:29PM
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  • felt a need to post a comment, as i cannot fault xbox customer service. My issue was resolved in a quick, professional and friendly manner. I,m sure there are lots of negative comments out there but praise where praise is due, I for one would like to congratulate xbox customer services for their excellent support

    Anonymous 8/7/14 12:54PM
  • talked twice to customer service within 24 hours, both times my issues were handled quickly, and without a stack of unnecessary steps. the customer service agents were very nice about it too. Microsoft has never disappointed me when it comes to their customer service, more than can be said for many other companies.

    Mofo_Magnolia 7/24/14 4:26PM
  • I spoke with an incredible lady named Christa (or Kristen, I'm sorry if I got it wrong) and she resolved my problem in minutes even while carrying on great conversation. Definitely the best customer service experience that I have ever had.

    Poojabber007 1/31/14 10:01PM
  • Thanks Ms. Tanisha as well as the Xbox team...You were so patient and professional.

    Thebluefox 12/23/13 8:59PM
  • Spoke to Jessica this date as my credit card was being used on XBOX 360 acct without my consent. She was very pleasant and very thorough. She made sure that all my concerns were addressed before we hung up. Very pleased with this call and customer service.

    Anonymous 12/16/13 11:08AM
  • I'm not sure why so many people had negative comments. I called and got a real person within a minute who resolved my issue quickly...

    celticgoddess 11/16/13 8:30AM
  • The robots in the beginning were kinda hard to get through, but once I made it to the actual tech support people, the problem was resolved quickly. When I saw the reviews I was worried but overall it was a smooth experiance

    Anonymous 10/22/13 5:32PM
  • I just got off the phone with Rich. What a pleasant guy! Very friendly, and extremely helpful. Thanks Rich!

    BudThompson 8/13/13 10:27PM
  • I got hooked up with Nathan M. He was EXTREMELY friendly, and knowledgeable. He helped me solve the problem, and was EXTREMELY professional about it.

    Anonymous 6/26/13 5:14PM
  • Awesome. While it was hard to find the number using just my phone, the guy on the other end was awesome. Fixed all my problems and told me about stuff I wouldn't have checked out otherwise. Great customer service once you find it!

    bigbrotherbeane 3/12/13 2:21PM
  • The Xbox customer support was very nice to me. They fixed my Xbox 360 for Free even though it was a week out of warrenty!!! Then sent me a shipping label and everything and got the xbox back within a couple days of them receiving it and it works fine. Very happy with their service and not sure why everyone else is bashing them!

    lstew48 2/20/13 12:00PM
  • just a few to mention modern warfare 3 sponing is too close. should be no scoping with ops 2 worst game i ever played dont give people a chance to kill people. little children should not be allowed to play although i dont know how youd do anything about that. oh ya your xbox cases when games are bought should be better made for not breaking games it really sucks to buy and cant get it out of the case with out breakin it then gotta go through bringin it back to exchange after even paying for warrenty on the game why not charge a bit more for the game and make new cases. overaLL that my commlaints for today eccept for the fact we still pay for game play and sony play is free but i guess when it comes to xbox ya cant be the best right i mean look at your ratings.

    Anonymous 2/9/13 7:54PM
  • Basically your experience with Xbox customer service depends on who you get connected to on the other line with customer service. I got connected with about 4 different workers, 3 of which didn't exactly help me. And one who didn't help me at all. The last customer service person I got connected to whose name was Joe,(btw, thanks Joe) helped me a lot and finally solved the problem. Therefore my review is positive, because I don't want the reputation of Xbox support to be terrible because of a few bad apples. Customer service people like Joe, who I got connected to, make the Xbox support experience quite swell. Again I want to thank Joe, he should get paid more than the rest of the bad apples there.

    Willumps 2/2/13 6:06PM
  • Had the most wonderful help from this really cool person named April. I requested a call from the Xbox contact page and received one from her a few minutes later. She was just a very friendly and patient person throughout the whole thing. She walked me down through everything, was very down-to-earth, made some rational suggestions, and did not seem like she was in a hurry to end the call. Overall, I was very satisfied with the customer service (even though the problem wasn't technically fixed, but it was only because of some foolishness on my part) and I would recommend requesting a call from the xbox contact page and especially from April (who sounded very hot, btw) to ANYONE. :)

    toxicdeta 11/26/12 9:39PM
  • I had two initial experiences, The first was by a man named Josh, very helpful we we're patient with each other when either party had to get information. I ended up having to end the call because my account didn't have security questions yet I knew everything else about it.
    I call back later when I set up my security questions and ask if there is any chance I can talk to Josh. They said they don't have personal extension lines. I was content, "okay, I will just start from the beginning". I say the same things and try to go the same path me and josh did with this new associate. We get pretty far along, he then tells me sorry for the wait let me just clarify one more thing before we move on. Straight hangs up on me. I REALLLY hope it was a mistake, there was no reason for it. Now I'm on a call waiting list for 40 minutes writing this message in the mean time.

    GHS Foenix 11/2/12 7:19PM
  • I was hesitant to call after reading all of these posts, but I needed some help with the billing situation so I had to. First of all, I did have to wait about 8 minutes to speak to a human being. The robot was telling me to wait 20 minutes so that was good. The guy that I talked to was super nice and answered all of my questions. I totally blanked out and forgot my gamertag and had to tell him like, 3 different ones. All in all it wasn't even close to a bad experience. Just boring.

    Anonymous 10/29/12 7:25AM
  • I have read through the majority of the complaints on this site. I can honestly say that Xbox Customer support goes out of their way to assist their customers. Customers get angry for several reasons. 1) They forgot their password for their email address and/or the email doesn't exist anymore. This is not Xbox's fault. This is YOUR fault. Not enough information to prove its your account? How is that the fault of Xbox? Its not. 2)Your account/console was banned. Read the Terms of Use. It was laid out in black and white and you didn't read it. 3) Your kid made charges, you want a refund. Don't give a kid a credit card. There is a reason you can't get your own credit card until you are 18 years old. 4) Long hold time, and in the 5 minutes you were away someone closed your chat for not answering - Ever think that they are going as fast as they can, and if you don't answer they have to move on to the OTHER PEOPLE who didn't walk away?
    I have always found Xbox customer support to be 100% helpful each and every time I have had to call. Their agents were polite and helpful. I understand when they can't do something if its in the policy.

    Happy Customer 10/28/12 3:23PM
  • Isubmitted recent problem with Microsoft but failed to mention that Xbox Customer services is always helpful and friendly.

    Only a couple of times they did not seem to know what to do to solve the problem. Usually, when I ring back and get another Customer Assistant they solve the problem.

    sheila 10/14/12 3:27AM
  • They need better customer support but they were patient.

    Anonymous 10/11/12 1:06PM
  • Guy I talked to- Braheem, was unbelievable. Helped me tremendously and delivered great customer service. Was a rare pleasant and helpful phone call to a technical support agent.

    Anonymous 10/2/12 10:35PM
  • I used Xbox's call back service to resolve an issue regarding cancellation of a subscription I was unaware was running, & to remove a debit cad from my account which had outstanding payments on it.
    I spent roughly 45 minutes on the phone with a lad named Alex.
    He went through everything with me, from why these issues had arisen & how to remedy them, all the time maintaining an outstanding attitude.
    All issues were resolved, & my outstanding charges were reduced.
    During my call, I had to contact "Zune", as I had a subscription to this app that i was un-aware of. This is noteworthy because whilst talking to the gentleman from "Zune", Alex from Xbox support was still on the line, assisting me in conversing with "Zune".
    I can definitively say that the help I received from Alex at Xbox help & support was THE BEST customer service I have EVER received.

    becca 9/28/12 8:35AM
  • There is no way to cancel recurrent xbox live payments online, only by phone. But they did answer resonably fast and refunded the last payment when I did call them.

    xehpuk 9/17/12 2:57AM
  • Do not sign up for xbox gold service even if it's FREE! Very deceptive billing methods. After free period was up and checking acount for billing was removed, we belived the service ended. Nope... After a month the account was billed and apparently the service was not turned off. The way they got the payment account reactivated was by flashing a message to my son once the xbox was turned on that stated in order to proceed account information must be updated. So unknowingly he clicked OK so he could play the game. Online help would not refund money. I even went to a supervisor who was kind of rude. He stated quotes from their policies then said I need to watch son closer and abruptly closed the chat session. Really? When turning on the xbox. So I filed a complaint with the better business bureau as the supervisor stated that if I felt it was warranted. I encourage others to file a complaint too with the BBB. Maybe it will encourage xbox to change their policy to not display a message that states in order to continue must update account information. Once he clicked OK it justed booted up normally and account was charged from previously entered bank information.

    sigbro538 9/15/12 10:39AM
  • I called because I had some cc issues, and ended up getting to an agent pretty quickly (2 minutes, I'd say). The agent I talked to was pretty awesome, to be honest. While looking in to things, he'd make sure to keep talking and we kept a pretty good conversation going. He was also very patient with my while I was using my phone as a Web browser (computer crashed). I definitely won't hesitate to call back if I have any other problems.

    Dn32213 9/5/12 2:18PM
  • I was hacked and lost almost 4000 microsoft points. I called customer service. I was on the phone for 2 hours with a very friendly woman. She knew what she was doing and helped me to change all my info and get my issue resolved. One day later I had all my points back and my account was more secure.

    lockdwn 7/4/12 7:32PM
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  • You have to understand that they are there to help you guys, they are not the bad guys! ask nicely and when i say NICE i mean it, these people are also humans. How about if we put is this way, how you on their position, what would you do? What would you feel?

    Anonymels 12/20/12 7:55PM

  • When you call, dont be an jerk. It is as simple is that. Treat others the way you want to be treated. They are there to make money to keep there jobs. Everyone complains that call centers outsource and America looses jobs. Well heres a prime example of jobs staying in the US. The reps wont take your crap.

    Needdles 5/24/11 10:01AM

  • protip ; Call the UK number

    Also please have your gamertag/serial number etc ready.

    I just finished a call there where I asked a customer what his internet service provider was, and he responded with "oh Windows XP".

    Please try to appreciate the amount of idiots and soccer moms we have to deal with on a constant basis.

    We're also open ridiculous hours, where most centers close much earlier in the day, we work weekends uptil 8.00 and weekdays uptil 10.00

    Anon 2/9/11 9:03AM

  • You guys should all realize what microsoft is doing to make a better customer service experience...Bringing all the support for America, back here to AMERICA. We have some really good support agents that are from the west coast and speak english as a first language! And the training is extensive so none of the agents should be unfamiliar with the console. And one thing that might help, just supe up if the agent is not understanding/resolving your issue...Just ask to talk to their supervisor and you will get someone who has a little more power to get things done for you. Its still in the process of being transferred, so that's why all the indian ones seem so pissed off and spiteful, because we "TOOK THEIR JOBS!!!", so just hang in there and see what we've got in store for you, the xbox customer

    Anonymous 6/12/10 10:56AM

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