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Xerox customer service is ranked #456 out of the 723 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 138 ratings. This score rates Xerox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


132 Negative Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 95.65%.


6 Positive Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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  • Purchase printer 6 month ago, paid 1000 GBP and it already brake down second time. Been promised with replacement part, but so far almost one month, not even close to solve the issue. Contact Xerox around 15 times, but as every time only excuses and promises that the part will arrive very soon. The worst company, I ever deal with in my entire life.

    V Bunkus Tea 6/26/14 1:02AM
  • I have been trying to get support from Xerox Egypt and I could not get a response from anyone! Tried to complain via email to their US head office but get emails response stating they only deal with US customers. Despite asking for an alternative contact all they do is redirect to their website and don't read my request! It is a shame that this is an international brand. Your brand sucks and will never recommend!!!
    If you really care for your existing customers - let alone new ones- you can, contact me on my email that is if you really have a respectable complaints department that can deal with big customers issue (i.e banks)

    Abeer 6/10/14 11:24PM
  • Xerox is a thief.

    The new way of doing business is to be fair, ethical and focused on the customer. It seems Xerox missed that memo and are operating under outdated policies and values. Steer clear.

    Do not blame any of the front line employees. They are the unfortunate messengers.

    Anonymous 6/4/14 9:47AM
  • Incredibly poor Products and customer service.
    They seem overly willing to shoulder there bad products issues on to the retailer, when it is there engineers and consumables delivery systems, letting the service down.
    My company has 30 Xerox Devices, of which every one has received at least 2 engineer visits in the 8 months we have head them.
    we have also had to replace 4 of these devices, due to irrevocable damage, (which took much longer than the time stated)
    we have had meetings with representatives from Xerox, from which nothing has been forthcoming, and they where in point of fact rude.
    All in all very very poor

    Anonymous 5/21/14 7:32AM
  • Xerox service deteriorated for us over several years. We ended our service contract and now use a third party Xerox vendor for repairs. However, Xerox does everything possible to make their task impossible. They say they will sell them parts, but will not tell them the parts numbers. Instead they want several hundred dollars to come out and diagnose the problem themselves. Telephone inquiries always result in an elongated run around, while the machine remains out of service.

    fedupwithXerox 4/14/14 3:43PM
  • Again Xerox is going for the rip of company of the year award!

    Going back on previous agreements and increasing their charges by 10% way above inflation.

    How can Xerox expect customer to continue to survive when they can only increase their prices by 1 or 2 % if that.

    Barnaby 4/1/14 7:26AM
  • It is hard to rate customer service when there is none. Terrible company to deal with as they do not give a damn about their customer. They are only concerned about their operations. So Sad. I can't wait for my contract to finalize. just 3 more years.

    prairiebroker 2/28/14 11:50AM
  • Put a call in to Customer Support on Wednesday, where they asked to verify my machine's serial number and I read it twice. The CSR verified the business, which was wrong and argued what company I worked for. Finally, after reading the number realized she typed it wrong and then transferred me. Shanon answered and proceeded to have me go through a series of steps to diagnose the issue. After a couple of minutes, I told her that I've had this issue multiple times and asked that a service tech be sent out. She got real short with me and started talking down to me like I didn't know what RGB was. I explained to her that our rep sold us a unit that didn't meet our needs, and continually breaks as a result and requires extensive repairs. She said she'd put a request in and someone should be there the following day. A voice mail was left by Tara who said they were running behind and someone would be by the office between 1-4. My office closes at 2 so I call the number she left to reschedule only to find that Tara gave me a number to an apartment complex's brokerage unit. This type of service is unacceptable.

    Em 1/30/14 2:36PM
  • It seems the longer I have a service contract with Xerox, the worse customer service becomes. I pay a monthly service fee, which is paid on time each month. I understand that I may have to perform some service work myself - which is fine. However, there are times when I cannot perform the repair work myself. Since Tuesday, 12/31/13, beginning at 8:15 AM, I have made several calls to Xerox to fix a broken item on my copier. I even have a confirmation number. It is past the deadline for the repair person to arrive. I have called the customer complaint division was told that the problem would be looked into and I would be contacted within an hour. Two hours later, I called again. No promise of repair person showing up after three days!!! I truly dislike Xerox.

    What difference does it make when the person on the phone acknowledges that the problem is with Xerox? I want the problem fixed! I have not had the use of my copier and fax for THREE business days!!

    Lynn 1/2/14 11:52AM
  • 28.11.2013



    Kind Attn: Mr.Rajat Jain, Director.

    Dear Sir,

    SUB: Service Issue in Xerox 510 D and 4110&4112

    Greetings from Selvi Xerox

    When I buy this machine I have issue at the time of installation itself because of the reduced print out and the service team not able to solve it the same I have communicate all of you at the time. Then you have sent the new machine after changing the drum itself the old machine is working fine that too I have told your engineer to check this. What is the capable of your engineer?

    This is to inform you that my Xerox 510 wide format has a problem of last 3 years having header lamb problem which communicated to Mr. Joseph, Mr.Mohan and Mr. Ravishakar and they have also agreed the same, now machine is not working last 2 months is totally down.

    Whenever the contract got sign there is no filling in the document because of faith in Xerox we have signed the contract always. At the time of sales they have told is 7 years but after 5 years you have said the machine doesnâ??t have the service then why the service team taken the service contract after 5 years.

    In your team notable to ready the machine, in front of your team (Mr. Saravanan, Mr. Murali and Mr. Sridhar) I have rectify the problem why canâ??t your people not doing the same since Xerox have so much of product training and service support, after that your service guy said the problem is from my end.

    I fell the engineer is not capable to service the machine because he has to take care for the spares while servicing the machine he should not blame others we are buying the machine only for running not for showcase.

    They have compliant that the 510 scanner board has a problem because of machine got shacked from our end, first of all I would like to inform you that we did not touch your printer since Its In a FSMA from Xerox why we work on service, since it was working fine past 5 years how come the machine got problem after shacking (which is compliant from your end) than what is the capabilities this product if they product will not work for shacking.

    I have totally disappoint the service team even the service head canâ??t manage and guide the local engineer properly, how can I expect he will support my product in future as well.

    Regarding the Xerox 4112 there was a line is coming in zigzag even in the image it comes as line the same I have discussed with Mr. Murali, he also said will come every 3 month but he didnâ??t comes even at once.

    Even he have discussed with this past one year over telecom (There is no communication in mail because of the request from the service manager) 2 months I am facing serious issue.

    After the discussion with Mr. Saravan and the marketing team they said will get ready the issue in 3 days but almost 10 days are over there is no improvement till today.

    There was no communication in the base charge for the machine at the time of sales and there is no commitment for the minimum copies, but I have charged Rs. 15000/- after discussing with you we have reduced Rs.5000/- even If I discuss more still will you ready to reduce further more

    I didnâ??t understand what type of company this is???

    Even I heard that in the market there no charges for this model, then why you have charged for me, why you are cheating me since I am paying higher FSMA charges minimum 6 lac P.M for the past 7 years will Xerox treat the customer as like me.

    In 4112 there was a deck which is introduced in the star hotel when I brought it was not working then you have taken it back and reduced in the next machine deal I have doubt whether the price got reduced genuinely or not.

    In future how you can expect me to buy new product from your end if you treat me like this.

    Need your immediate action and reply as early as possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

    For Selvi Xerox

    BFJY 11/29/13 9:04PM
  • ordered a imaging unit. am a small charity where £200.00 is a huge amount.
    spent 40+ calls and excessive amount of time to attempt refund as imagin unit is faulty as diagnosed by Xerox own engineers. No refund. No FOC replacement. No calls returned. what now ?

    Kimmington 11/29/13 8:42AM
  • Just bought a copier from Xerox, it is only 4 weeks old. Copier went down, couldn't print to it or make copies nothing. Called for two days and no response. Called the owner of the Xerox store locally and finally got a response. The sales man showed up with a loaner. I looked at the status code and gave that to the sales person. A repair man calls and states that he doesn't know what that status code is. Repair man showes up 3 days later to fix the broken brand new machine and tell us that we have to move it away from the wall for him to fix it (can you believe that!) then says he fixed it, as soon as we print to it, it crashes again. He then says well I have to order a part and will be back tomorrow. He shows up and stands there and finally says will you move the machine out rudely and without a please. Do they know who is paying for this mistreatment and their paychecks!

    officegal 11/22/13 12:36PM
  • Xerox customer service is the worst. Getting them to resolve an issue that is their error is impossible. Trying to get parts and supplies horrendous.

    Commix 10/10/13 10:41AM
  • Flagstaff AZ... service and sales support is so lacking and unprofessional we finnaly left this company. we have 100s of units that were managed by this joke of a local office with Xerox and they couldn't even understand we wanted pricing not some 7 xerox employee meeting with our staff. what a shame and waste of time. we are happy to make the switch away from "direct xerox" (thats what they called themselves anyway)

    sad-- and also happy to leave 10/9/13 9:20AM
  • Xerox seem to have a totally shambolic organisational system. WE Ordered a toner , received confirmation. Then a long wait. When we queried this they claimed we had not made a payment.This was despite a subsequent bill being paid (with no reference to an unpaid quarter). We checked our bank details to find out bill had been paid - so have to send Xerox all the confirmation of payment (we have been making payments for 8 years without problems) Xerox admitted they would simply not process orders if they lost a payment nor do they notify you if they have lost a payment. This took 20 minutes going through several departments. Totally shambolic

    WNCAB 10/7/13 5:55AM
  • Dealt with Zulekha in some other part of the country. She was very uncourteous and unprofessional, managed to speak with her LM but this was a complete waste of time.

    for those customers who are being 'outdone' by Xerox, read the company's Service Agreement, as this is a way of getting out of contrctual agreements, as they rarely live up to theirs.

    Doc 9/11/13 2:03AM
  • Xerox is by far the worst company I had ever dealt with!! The service technicians never have the parts that you requested them to fix so you have to wait a few more days for them to come back to replace equipment. They change their ordering policies every month and never inform their customers about it. Instead we have to sit on the phone for hours wonders what the problem is. The customer service line is incompetent and do not know anything about printers. They do not listen to you when you say you have tried every option that you could think of to try and fix the machine yourself so they make you do it all again with them over the phone. This is a complete waste of time. Orders are never shipped in full. Techs arrive and insist that it is your fault that the machine james so much instead of blaming the faulty equipment that constantly breaks down. Then they have the audacity to yell at the customer for not sitting idly by their phone all day waiting for their call so you can explain to the 3rd person what is wrong with your machine, despite the fact that you laid out detail instructions and notes in the email that you originally wrote when asking for service. THe communication in your company is by far the worst I have ever encountered. Customer service is so bad I think you should be sued for faulty advertisement in your website when you say you are number one. Horrible!! If there are companies out there looking for printing companies DO NOT go with XEROX.

    UNHAPPY 8/28/13 10:20AM
  • Since Xerox took over Benefits from Hewitt, it has been a nightmare for me and my wife. Over 30 calls to them since January 2013 to have them stop billing me, as the Medical/Dental payments is taken out of my pension direct deposit. They have me and my wife with the same Social Security # that they cannot fix and they have cancelled and re-instated our coverage twice this year. They rarely return calls and always say it is being escalated but nothing happens. They are the worse of the worse.

    Ignored VZW Retiree 8/2/13 10:36AM
  • Don't buy a xerox printer or sign a contract to make payments on one. This is an action that will haunt and plague you. A friend of mine made this mistake about a year ago and has had a year of turmoil. He was supposed to get a brand new machine. Service tech let it slip one day that parts to fix were from refurbished, repossessed machines. My friend is almost bankrupt at this point in time. He still has to make payments to Xerox even when the machine is not working. The machine was down almost 3 weeks. That was 3 weeks of business he lost. These customers now belong to someone else. When the machine is working it works from 30 minutes to 1 and one half days. Not reliable at all.

    just a friend 6/27/13 6:51AM
  • Horrible, horrible service. Effectively a scam, the way they sell you a printer, then start changing all the support and service terms of contract on you. Your choice is to agree or lose all ability to print with your new printer.

    NEVER, EVER, do business with this company.

    gobretail 6/26/13 11:08AM
  • Our order has been delayed, after several days of back and forth phone calls we find out that we are purchasing through a third party company and because they have an issue with another customer we are not getting our goods. In other words if you buy an item from a shop they wont deliver until all other customers have paid regardless of whether you have paid or not.
    This speaks not of a professional company but a two bit outfit that has got too big for it's boots. Because of this an order for 5 printers will be canceled and xerox will be a company I will never deal with again.
    Don't bother complaining just take your business elsewhere

    Neo Slammer 5/2/13 6:23AM
  • Xerox just took over the HR portion for Verizon. Representatives are very polite and always sorry for your trouble but nothing every gets done. And the 3 business call backs never happen. I believe the Xerox portion is a call center and the actual work is outsourced to a foreign country. Xerox reps never have a name of person you can call directly who is working on your case. This is a disaster and probably save the company millions in taxes, salaries, and benefits losses for the employees who just give up calling.

    retiredbutterfly 4/12/13 6:18AM
  • When a Xerox managed device breaks it takes days to get a response and then additional days for any replacement. If there are parts needed, forget about it!

    Disappointed 4/5/13 9:32AM
  • Xerox managed printers are barely serviced to stay running, and whent hey fail, due to the lack of enough preventive maintenance, it takes 1-2 days to get the printers working again.

    Eric C 4/5/13 8:52AM
  • We are a hospital that went from HP to Xerox around 2000. Unfortunately they were great until we had all Xerox machines in the health system. At that point they figured they had us by the bawls and stopped giving us service, support or even a representative. They lie, do the worst job ever, and their hardware is no better than anyone else. Their software... let s not even get started.

    misjudgedinall 4/5/13 8:36AM
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  • The service rep was very knowledgable and the machine was super. It would do a good job of reproduction of colour and detail. Very few calls for maintenance. Was a good workhorse, loved colour and loved working with graphic design. Photography was exceptional. Miss it.

    anna 11/16/12 11:34AM
  • Have had excellent support since going with Xerox. The technician is fast and friendly and keeps our equipment running great.

    Anonymous 3/22/12 8:53AM
  • Xerox have been great to work with. We have had some small issues, but Xerox support has been timely and effective. The multiple layers of support have allowed us to key in on some specific issues and we have been very happy.

    We have a Xerox 700 and it has outshined the KM machine we used to have and is much better than the Digitex service we had with our Canon

    Paul 3/22/12 8:25AM
  • this service was quite exceptional!!!!

    darth vader 5/6/11 1:18PM
  • Called with questions about an out of warranty MFP and was given great care and attention--solved my problem with no charge. Short wait time.

    karolinakev 4/4/11 10:16AM
  • Perfect service!

    flip 12/16/09 1:28PM
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  • If you are a Verizon employee having issues with Xerox's management of your pension you are not alone. You need to take a few steps don't give up. I have had to escalate my case through HR, at Verizon. So far Xerox has not solved my problem. I have in writing from Hewitt past pension estimates and Xerox is about $124,000. different. In the mean time I have contacted the Federal Labor department that has agreed to get to the bottom of this problem. Xerox should stick to copiers I think they are using an abacus to make their calculations.

    Fightback27 5/2/13 3:51PM

  • I am a Field Service Representative and believe it or not, I want you to have a good experience with your equipment. I truly believe in my equipment and in my skills in diagnostics and repair. I am judged by my ability to repair correctly the first time so, yes, I want to fix it right the first time. The information I recieve for your call is limited and that is why I will ask you alot of questions to make sure I diagnose your machine correctly. I will do my best to repair, clean and test your machine. I will ask you to test it out to not only test it under your conditions, but make sure you physically verify that your machine is working. I can not carry every part needed to fix every problem for every machine and I do appologize for the inconvienience and will order the needed part but I am then limited to the delivery companys timeline. In most circumstances, I might be able to find the part in a nearby technicians inventory and drive to get it but if that is not possible, I will get you the part as soon as I can.
    Although I have many years experience, I can not know everything possible and will use many types of resources including other technicians, looking up tips on my computer and looking at my service manuals which Xerox has painstakingly downloaded onto my computer to make my job a little easier. I may not be able to fix your machine in the first visit and I appologize again. I am judged harshly if I can not repair your machine properly the first time, so again, it is in my best interest to fix your machine correctly. I do not discount you or your concerns as I concider myself a silent partner in your business' success.
    Please, do not take your aggressions out on me. I know that I am probably the only person you will see in person. I value our relationship. If you tell me the problems you are experiencing, I will do my best to help you. Again, I personally value our relationship and benefit in a long and lasting relationship with you. It does me no good to have you dissatisfied with me or my company and I know that. I thank you for your trust in me and for giving me the opportunity to serve your needs.
    Like you, I am a person. I promise to treat you like I want to be treated. Please reciprocate. I understand that when your machine is not functioning properly, your business is effected. I do not like to leave your business location without your machine working properly but have to sometimes. Again, I and my collegues do our best for you. Again, I believe in my machines and believe that they can be a valuable tool in your business.
    Thank you
    Your Senior Field Service Technician and hopefully friend

    Cobaltace 1/19/13 9:07PM

  • I work in the xerox service group and I have to say, itís terrible, not only do they refuse to hire anyone they canít seem to understand the process and systems they use donít work.

    When customer calls all in a huff because they canít print, we literally have NO access to contact information of the tech we dispatch, all we are physically able to do is create a ticket and send it off.
    So when you call without your serial number and get all flustered cause we donít know what device it is. Maybe rather than just DEMANDING we send someone give us the info we need so we can make sure no mistakes are made.
    Do you call your cell phone company and get upset because they ask you for your phone number? talking to you people is like talking to children; spoiled angry little children that donít even know what they want. Maybe when you call relax and listen rather freak out and yell and maybe service will go more smoothly!

    xerox rep 7/2/12 12:49PM

  • I am a xerox technician and am NOT going to try and tell any of you that you are wrong. I can only try and explain from my side when we get the service call we ( or at least most of us) try our best to resolve the issue that you called with as well as look at overall performance of the machine. we are limited by a number of factors
    1. we dont use the machine on a daily basis so if you have a concern TRY and talk to us to help fix it.
    2. we are tasked by our managers to reduce costs and yes that means repair rather than replace some parts.
    3. we usually have a big area and alot of machines and thus your machine cannot always be number one priority we get to the in order we recieved the calls
    4. we ARE NOT THE CALL CENTER when you place a call you usually speak to someone else and we get the information second or third hand and in short message so when we call and talk to you the more detailed you can get the easier for us to have right parts.
    5. we do not carry every possible part for every machine we have bare minimums of parts because carrying every part is impossible.
    6. we are almost as frustrated as you when a machine breaks

    eunuch39 1/16/11 5:42PM

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