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Yamaha customer service is ranked #194 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 50 ratings. This score rates Yamaha customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


43 Negative Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 86.00%.


7 Positive Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 14.00%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • hiii
    this is k.k.reddy from HYD
    i am want complaint on yamaha service center in ameerpet, HYD i am using R15 2010 modal i have changed my cone set with cost of 3200 six months back now i am facing the same problem as before i went to the same service center and asked them. they said that you have to Chang then again with 3200 and service charge. the part should come above 2 years approximately they treating costumer as a fools i think they have not changed my cone set they have recondition it and taken 3200 can any one help me from this cheater and some times they are not providing bill for the costumer even i have also face the same thing
    thank U

    k.k.reddy 6/2/14 3:23AM
  • I advise against buying a yamaha product, no matter how good because of their TERRIBLE customer support. I waited for over an hour and the rep was rude hung up and I had to start all over. 2nd rep tried to make me talk to the first one and when I refused he told me I would have to talk to him or get "to the back of the que" and start over. NEVER again will I choose yamaha and i will send the keyboard back.

    nomoreyamaha 3/26/14 3:29PM
  • I purchased one Yamaha FZS Motorcycle from one of the dealers at Jalandhar, who charged Rs. 500/- extra being purchased through CSD and Rs. 500/- for waxing the brand new bike for which no receipt was issued despite my repeated requests and another Rs. 3700.00 for RC, whereas the the Registration fee was just Rs.2402.00 and the temp regn fee was Rs. 60.00 plus Rs. 200.00 for smart number plate, totalling Rs. 2662.00 as Govt. fee. As such they charged around Rs. 1100.00 extra. The height of the things was that even after two months and repeated visits neither the R.C. was got issued nor the smart number plate. And at the end the e-receipts were handed over to me with the advice to collect the R.C. from RTO office. If I had to do all these things, then why Rs. 1100.00 was charged extra. Can anybody from YAMAHA explain these charges collected by your agency unauthorisedly?

    SUMRA 1/7/14 6:46AM
  • I called tech support on today and have been hold the line for one hour so far and is still on hold. How do u get a live person on the phone. I bought a Yamaha Receiver-- installed to my Samsung 60" tv. Within 3 months my power circuit board went out. I had the circuit replaced and it has happen again. My question could it be that this is too powerful for my Samsung tv. Question-- how do turn off the sleep button, I sick my tv going off because the factory setting of the sleep button. Next question do humans work
    at the helpline office and/or is this just a blank phone line with an automatic system---ALL agency of busy.

    west 12/10/13 3:29PM
  • Iam ravi from amalapuram eastvgodavari district ap amalapuram yamaha company frod for 16 bikes no papers isdue total members all amount paid but no papers only delivery chalana nd delivery the bike 2 years complet no papers i desided the complait for yamaha main company with avidence total information details contact my mobile number neglet the msg contact media solve my problrm so dont neglect the msg

    frod yamaha show room in amalapu 12/9/13 7:15PM
  • My 2009 Rhino 450 has been in the shop for the past 60 days, it has just been one excuse after another as to why it has not been fixed. I seriously hope Yamaha enjoys the money they got from me, it will be their LAST!

    webb6411 8/7/13 8:13AM
  • You Dont Have A Web Site For Customer Feedback So Why Waste My Time .you Say That You Want To Be Aleader In Customer Satisfaction Good Luck. John Potzauf

    Anonymous 7/23/13 7:34AM
  • Yamaha is completely unwilling to help and stand behind their customer. I have a Yamaha 150 that never had the link and sync performed. I called and asked what they could help me do. They said nothing, link and syncs are not a warranty issue that I need to take it up with the dealer myself. The dealer that I purchased from is about the most crooked person to walk the face of the Earth and Yamaha wouldn't even attempt to ask them to help or anything. I tried myself and was unsuccessful. I personally will never buy another Yamaha product and will recommend anything but a Yamaha product!!

    KW 7/4/13 1:01PM
  • I had given my keyboard for servicing in thiier registered service center stated below

    for checking the sound on the patches. After returning many of my individual keys have stopped functioning and i was chanrged more than thousand ruppees for this. I cannot even use my keyboard now as most of the keys dont work.

    Krishna 4/13/13 2:24AM
  • My Yamaha Legenda 115Z heaving a problem when I buy it...I also get it to the penang service center for 3 times already the problem also can't slove...timing also same like that up and down...
    today is the third times already...

    and also my warranty wanna reach... but the problem also can't slove...

    Thau Geng 3/27/13 8:57AM
  • Having problems with My $1,400 AV reciever and emailed cusomer service, was basicly told to look it up and take it to a repair center if you can not figure it out. Looked everywhere and Yamaha has no way to file service complaints. For 25 plus years I was always a Yamaha faithful, 5 recievers, speaker, subwoofer DVD and then Blue-ray.....But never again!!!!!!

    jinnes 3/12/13 12:52PM
  • I just got a yamaha 05 yz450f hot start stuck 4th gear slips I spent 2500 now out of money bike still ant right help I love yamaha

    Anonymous 3/12/13 10:32AM
  • I trtied to fill out the survey that Yamaha sent me! I can NOT find anyplace on your crapy page to fill it out! If you want consumers to buy your engines I would hope you would be more concerned for our comments than leaving us with a dead end!

    Pissed off consumer in Wisconsin

    Pissed off consumer in Wisconsin 2/27/13 6:28AM
  • 1) U ask the service people to change shock seal & oil ---> Dust seal is never put back to original position
    Common any layman understands with dust entry shock seal deteriorates & fails
    2)Many a times Bolt torque is not done at all
    3)Ask to change some part --> Just do general service & give without informing that part has not been changed.....
    List will go on & will never end
    This is not expected from Yamaha service
    I recommend bike service to be done in local garage only!!!!

    Anonymous 12/23/12 1:05AM
  • How in the HELL do you get a hold of someone from customer service at Yamaha??? I have spent the past hour trying to contact ANYONE about a question I have about my Yamaha PWC only to find that there is NO contact information, or this site is no longer in service... WOW!!!

    Just in case anyone at Yamaha is paying attention I have a 2004 XLT 1200 and I need to know if the factory sponsons can be adjusted to improve the stability of the PWC???

    Anonymous 12/7/12 6:20AM
  • my fazer bike have engine problm...and i did compln in showroom when my bike in waranty period but they didn't give any respose...aftr tht my waranty time is ended...thn they are sayng to me tht ur bike have engine prblm and ur bike need engine work...thn what can i do....yamaha services is vry bad...

    Anonymous 12/2/12 9:57AM
  • The employees of YAMAHA FACTORY SHOP PUNE they are not providing good service after purchasing bike, not taking good with the customer & also ignoring customer issue, so it will effect on customer thinking before purchase bike from you showroom,& Also the rohan who seler in factory showroom in pune he is not tolking good with customer and w so please take care of that.

    Shailesh 10/10/12 7:54AM
  • Yamaha!
    i love your products I just wish the dealerships you operate with were helpful! I'm talking in specific about the all around power in st johnsbury, vt these special people that work here fail in all around customer support from financing and buying a all terrain vehicle to the service in the shop! called 3 times one week just for a oil change! I got no call back and got the run around every time let me transfer you they would say to he's busy or with a customer. called about there inventory on a tire and was promised a quick response... believe it or not I had to call back and ask again then putting me on hold for 30 seconds gave me a simple no! wow glad you put superior service on your emails and quotes because you really suck can't even get emails back about the new products they act like its not there job! to top it off even after all this still trying to give them buisness (last time I make this mistake) was working on finishing the finance process with spencer Hudson just waiting on him to get the paperwork to sign after 10 minutes of sitting in his office decided to see what was going on why is this taking so long to retrieve this piece of paper well apparently talking to a client was more important now to me a 7000 sale is worth sitting in your office for 20 minutes but not to this joker save your money and time for a Yamaha dealership anywhere else! this company slanders Yamaha everyday they carry there products!

    Anonymous 10/8/12 9:38AM
  • My local Yamaha rep took 3 months to diagnose my problem with my amp. After they have found the root cause, I did a huge downpayment on the repair. The local rep repaired my amplifier and put it on display in their shop without my consent, and did not even inform me that my unit is already at the shop... Very bad service

    Me 9/17/12 3:16AM
  • I just bought a grizzly 700 from AlaskaFunCenter and took my machine back for it's 200 mile oil change. while riding this machine i noticed valve noise. asked them ti adjust valve so I do not destroy my engine. they told me they drove it and that it was normal. told them i wanted them adjusted under warranty and was told that it is a ware item and would not be covered. this machine i 3 weeks old. ALASKAFUNCENTER.....STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY OF YAMAHA.. I will never return to them again...

    Anonymous 9/15/12 8:39AM

    [email protected] 8/22/12 7:41AM
  • I am not pleased with the yamaha rhino, poor design on the 700, blew the head gasket att 25 hours, fixed by dealer and blew again at 74 hours.

    I bought the rhino due to reputation, however research online reveals that YAMAHA has a problem with the rhino, the cooling system, overheating and head gaskets blowing. Had to argue with the dealer to fix it under warrenty the first time - this bike has not been ridden hard at all. I think I bought a lemon, it's never been right.

    I will not but another YAMAHA.

    David 7/10/12 6:55AM
  • Good Afternoon,

    I bought the Kuryakyn Magnum Mirrors and adapters from you last month on the net. I received the mirrors but the adapters were not included. I called and had the adapters sent separately. I am sure that cost you extra money for shipping but that is on you. I installed my Mirrors last weekend. The first chance I had to take my bike for a ride was yesterday. I rode about 30 minutes and jumped on the expressway. When I reached 70 miles an hour the left side mirror broke off, hit my gas tank leaving a huge deep chip in the paint and then proceeded to bash in my left testicle.Not fun. I was able to hang onto the mirror and took some pictures which I attached. I called this morning and talked to a gentlemen. I left out my testicle out of the story and his reply was to send the broken adapter to him and he would send me a new one. Did I hear him right? Pay $5 bucks to ship a $4.50 part? I told him the adapter broke off flush with the bottom of the mirror. See Pic. He told me I would need to get an easy out to get the broken bolt out of the mirror. I thought man you are lucky I don't live in Indiana. I just hung up thinking what did I just here? I could not ride my bike to work today without the mirror
    No resolution! Sent mirror back. Westfield Indiana dealer will not help. Only wants to replace the broken adapter

    Anonymous 4/16/12 6:48PM
  • Terrible customer service on a cheesy electronic piano that started malfunctioning 2 months after purchase. They make you pay for the call then place you on hold forever. Never going yamaha again.

    Anonymous 2/22/12 11:22AM
  • very poor service you have provided in bikes your service center sutyana in Vanraj traders Rudrapur charges the money with their own basis and mechanic is also not work properly so please do some action.

    Anonymous 2/9/12 2:01AM
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  • I do not know if this will mean anything to you but in my opinion. You ruined the vmax with the gen.2 machine it has no cruiser appeal. To me its another version of a crotch rocket. PLEASE yamaha bring back what you built. A REAL VMAX. One that appeals to the american soul like a 1969 camaro with throaty pipes and loppy cams and horsepower to run redlight to redlight. We do not give a crap if it handles. We want hold on and tighten your butt cheeks scortching performance in a straight line and a bike that has curves like a cruiser. A traditional cruiser. Make the old one with the 1200 and more hosre power, throw in wider forks, bigger headlight and scoops that actually work and shazaam. you will be a best seller again. Americans love muscle in a straight line not a roadcourse racer. Think about it we love classic cars with loud exhaust that rumble and when we get in town we want everyone to know our hot rod is bad ***! you can not race a roadcourse in the city. But you can go fast as he!! from red light to redlight. Bring back that beast that is lean loud and mean and make it more cruiser bike than Bat Man crap. I own a Gen 1 vmax and a Four wheeler both Yamaha. I have always owned Yamahas even as a kid. Yamaha yz 80, enduro 250,Banshee and ofcourse the 4x4 and the Best (my vmax).Please just widen the forks,go over that awsome 1200 and perk it up and make the scoops work and make the rear tire fatter and make it more cruiser like (old school). You will sell a ton of them over this thing you call the new vmax. "YUCK"

    hope u listen 12/15/12 4:26PM
  • I just had a question on the operation of my reciever, I called Tech Support and my Question was answered in minutes. I couldn,t be happier with my equipment or your courteous people.

    Anonymous 7/27/12 10:32AM
  • Hi Team,
    Iam using YAMAHA LIBERO bike from the year 2003,im very caring for my bike,iam very satisfied but later on i use to go to make service for my bike outside.know a days im irritating to make service of my bike outside also,the thing is that im not satisfied anywhere..the problem im facing with my bike is oil leakage at head,front shocks,handling,and suffering lot from mileage problem..
    Please my bike as it before and satisfied..
    Hope for ur response....


    NEYMS 6/22/12 5:55AM
  • very good service salesmen very knowlledable

    allyjays 2/24/12 5:34AM
  • Hi there,
    I had my Yamaha T Max serviced last week at High Wycombe (UK) by POWERBIKING Ltd. on the third time since I had it. Timing and contacting me was good as previously but this time there was no cleaning at all on the bike. It is probably not a big thing but because I had it before on the other two services I was expecting that this time as well. Is it a sign of the recession now or just a simple mistake?
    Thanks for your answer,
    Yours sincerely,
    Peter Olah

    Peter 7/6/11 1:23PM
  • My YBR 250 recently underwent a second recall during which the whole of the swinging arm was changed for a modified version. It is known to be a fact that another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer had frames breaking and denied responsibility until it was aired on T/V ... not so with Yamaha.
    My trust in Yamaha motorcycle management has just doubled. The cost borne by Yamaha must have been quite high. I would just like to say thank you, for possibly saving my life.

    Customer service. 2/1/11 7:12AM

    Madman 1/28/11 11:38AM

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