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iTunes customer service is ranked #234 out of the 729 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 391 ratings. This score rates iTunes customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


340 Negative Comments out of 391 Total Comments is 86.96%.


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  • After speaking to 5 individuals, at Apple, to try & resolve my luck!!

    I recently signed into my apple acct. gave the correct user id and password, entered my gift card number (which Apple gladly accepted - no security questions asked.. of course)chose my music. THEN after my money was taken the system prompted me to answer some security questions. WHY WEREN'T THESE QUESTIONS ASKED WHEN I LOGGED IN??? I donít have a memory like I used to unfortunately. Therefore, cannot remember these answers. Not to mention most companies (if not all) ask security questions ONLY if someone is having difficulty
    remembering user id/password/ or logging in (clearly not the case here) Not after someone has logged in and PAID for a product/service. I am beyond disgusted with Apple.
    Then.. I was advised that I would need to give my credit card info to resolve the situation. They already took my money!!
    After reading hundreds of customer complaints warning NOT to give out CC info to Apple because of unauthorized charges I chose not to.

    One other thing, Apple should really consider a better training program for anyone in customer service. I asked a support supervisor, Anthony, why
    he couldnít just compare the IP address Apple had on file (from my computer) since I only use one computer to purchase music and he advised me that there was no way of knowing
    this info? Yet I was asked for my computer serial number? How would Apple know my serial number and not know my IP Addr? Iím no dummy and dislike dishonest people
    which is why I no longer need to invest any money in Itunes or any Apple products. Save your money!!

    Anonymous 7/17/14 6:33AM
  • I do not have an I tunes account, never have had one. My debit card has been charged fraudulently for i tunes i have never received. I have been unable to contact i tunes directly to get assistance to resolve this problem. I have read on line fraudulent charges for i tunes is an ongoing issue since 2009!

    frustrated 7/10/14 5:24AM
  • I have a big problem I share a plan with my Grandaughter they hav it in a mess I can't use it because it has her info if I put my info in every thing gets chg to me

    Anonymous 7/7/14 3:23PM
  • I stopped buying iTunes gift cards at stores because the codes are never valid. iTunes support will NOT reimburse you if your store purchased card is invalid. They say they will only honor cards purchased directly from the iTunes store. Guess what? Order a card from the iTunes store and they'll charge your credit card, and tell you they've "shipped" you the card. Then when the card never arrives, and you try to contac them, they refuse to answer any of your complaints and questions. iTunes has gone way downhill in the last couple years. I'm a long time Apple customer who now HATES anything to do with iTunes. If support does actually contact you, good luck communicating with them - they don't speak a single word of english. I'm now out $75 from iTunes with no satisfaction. It's an absolute outrage!

    Batbrat 5/14/14 1:14AM
  • I was charged 3times for 1 order on 4/23 you do not answer phone number on my credit card my email is [email protected] please get back to me as this is very wrong
    Thank you

    Anonymous 5/9/14 2:24PM
  • Had itunes account forever. When tried to get in, said password was no good. So, I changed password. Then it said that password was no good. (right after I changed it). So, I set up a call from itunes support. I receive an automated call, it hangs up on me after 25 seconds, saying will call back. S0, I call them. I get a call director then some other genius. First the call is cutting out, then she says she can barely hear me, so I speak more loudly, and she hangs up on me. Unbelievable! They take my money and then refuse to help me get access to the product. BS!!! The customer service SUCKS!!!!! It sucks so badly. I want my money back. I've half a mind to file a small claims law suit.

    Anonymous 5/1/14 10:56AM
  • After buying a number of books using my password iTunes
    says it is not valid. Why?
    Apple keep changing the password rules and now I am so confused I keep trying my old password and the new one. None of which seems to be acceptable. As I have bought a considerable number of books from you I find that this is not good service.
    I am a 76 year old reader and y eyesight is poor I can only read e books.
    [email protected] Password I have been using for the last year at least, is Mindiefour43 ot was changed by apple and now Mindie44. Very very confused and angry lady
    As for the security code I have no hope of deciphering it

    Anonymous 4/9/14 3:41AM
  • I have been trying to get a password approved for 2 days. I am not new the the computer world and this plain nuts. Would you please get it together

    Anonymous 4/2/14 6:41AM
  • I paid for a season pass for a tv show. Halfway through the season, I stopped getting the email alert letting me know I have a new episode to download.

    Going to iTunes I noticed that while it shows I have purchased the season pass, that individual episode that I didn't get alerted to has a 1.99 price tag to it.

    I emailed iTunes support with my username, email, and explained the problem,

    My email back from them? While prompt and fast, was idiotic--the rep, asked me for proof that I purchased it, web order number, to put it short

    I replied with screenshots of my email confirmation, which didn't have web order, as well as showing that the season pass for 34.99 was erased out as purchased but in the individual screen it was asking me for 1.99

    First, I shouldn't have to even do that, as she has my account info, and it was ONLY after that email did she say she "reviewed" my account, then proceed to tell me I should be able to download the episode since it is indeed, purchased via season pass, and had the audacity to correct me in the naming of the episode, as if that's the most important thing

    Still didn't acknowledge that it says 1.99 to download and didn't fix the problem outside copy and pasting instructions found on the website

    Worst experience ever, I throw so much money at this company and I never mind because I believe there's a price to convenience but if this continues I'm going to find alternative even if it means waiting for the season to complete being out and just buying it via DVD, or getting cable

    Whitwinwhit 3/23/14 7:22PM
  • 50% of the time, when I email itunes support, I get back a form email and it has nothing to do with my issue. its as if the customer service rep didn't even read my support submission or doesn't speak english. i am very very tired of itunes support and am considering moving away from Apple for my media business because of the terrible support I have received. one instance, the itunes support rep reset my entire purchase library when I explicitly asked him not to. it took me almost 3 weeks to download the 100's of gigabytes of media all over again and there was no way to cancel this download. its my experience that itunes store support is some of the worst in the entire world.

    waynep 3/7/14 5:27PM
  • After wasting significant time trying to email an iTunes gift card for my niece (I tried 4 times and got a "contact customer service message at the end of the transaction" each time), I just wasted an the better part of an hour with a rep who confirmed that my account and payment details were correct, Then he put me on hold for 40 minutes, after which I got disconnected by them! Never EVER again will I use Here I come, Amazon.

    LaLa 1/14/14 1:37PM
  • I PURCHASE FROM MOBILE DEVICE ON DOBLEDOWN CASINOAND POKER SLOT THE AMOUNT ON CHIPS 52MILLION AMOUNT 64.99 FROM I TUNES ID -ON 24/12/13 AT 8;00 AM ANDFAILTO DELIVER CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME GETTING MY CHIPS BACK ON MY EMA i try to contact you but i dont know phone number my contact is australia nsw please urgunt responce dora ghanem

    dora 12/24/13 11:06AM
  • The support is awful - lousy - less than satisfactory!

    I am using iTunes on my phone; I just purchased a new pc and entered my username and/or password incorrectly - I try to enter my birthdate to verify that it's me, the system tells me I have the wrong date. DUH! They say they will send an email to me so that I can change my password. NOT! No email. No customer support. No person to talk to. LOUSY customer service.

    Anonymous 12/20/13 10:33PM
  • This is so fraudulent. On playing campus life, a bundle is 9.99, but when you enter a $10 iTunes gift card number, it says you don't have sufficient funds. I assumed it was because taxes, so bought the 4.99 bundles and less that of course are less bang for the buck. After being told I had a .90 cent balance I assumed once entering the 10.00 gift card again that 90 cents should more than cover tax. It told me insufficient funds again, when I went to check the balance it was only 10.00 not the 10.90 which is supposed to be there. It just loses any of your remaining previous funds so you have to keep buying the less bang for you buck packages. Somebody should really look into this. How many millions have they stolen from people doing this scam!! They need a damn class action lawsuit their way!

    AnnieO 11/28/13 7:13AM
  • I tunes keeps charging me for apps i dont have. I set all my restrictions and they keep screwing me over. I have called millions of times. I can never get through to anyone but a recording. Im getting tired of this. I tunes is destroying my mood. I wantmy money back but i feel like at the rate im going ill never get it. Better business bureau shoould know.

    Pandabear0102 10/22/13 7:35AM
  • I am trying to cancel my itunes account and just got another charge on my account and no one is using it. The itunes support is giving me a hard time trying to get it cancelled. I have talked to supervisor after supervisor .. giving me the run around. I would like to start a class action law suit against Apple and its products ITUNES for fraudulently taking peoples money for no reason. I have read many complaints from others on the website having the same problem. Billion dollar company stealing peoples money.

    Anonymous 10/8/13 5:48PM
  • I spent the better part of my morning trying to get itunes to fix the double charge I received on my credit card. I was sent to two websites for support and neither were active. The third site gave me the opportunity to type in my problem. Then I get a message that they'll be back to me in 48 hours. The amount of money is minor, but if I don't get a resolution I'll see this charge again next month. This is way too difficult.

    Anonymous 9/7/13 2:13PM
  • Firstly, any business that manages YOUR funds or accounts needs to have a direct consumer telephone number - it should be law! iTunes does not, you can not reach them as no number exists. The web forms are a joke.

    Sept 7th, 2013 - case in point. Enter an iTunes gift card code worth $10 - it promptly clears my existing balance so all I have is the $10. This is theft. Imagine this happening millions of times - what profit!

    called apple support - who puts you on hold so THEY can explain to itunes (you never get to talk to anyone directly). 45 minutes later, I hang up - itunes says the balance was zero - NOT. I looked up my balance before entering the card code. This is the most blatantly fraudulent system I have ever experienced - it all comes down to - me: Did too have a balance!, iTunes: Did not!

    ebbrat 9/7/13 10:16AM
  • Itunes is unreal! I cant believe they could do what they have to anyone....PEOPLE,they have completely taken over my ipad. Removed ALL our games, and icloud in settings on ipad,messages,facebook.... I can find no reason.tried to re-install apps,but keep getting pop-up to put in billing info. Just wiped out things on ipad,and even screwed with my email.....if i owe them something,i can find nothing out about emails of purchases...complete rip off

    Mableneace 7/31/13 9:22AM
  • I wanted to buy an app in iTunes store a few days back. Tried several times, the store say my card is not being accepted, but then i check my account iTunes take some amount from my card. this happened all the three times I tried. I emailed this to customer service section of iTunes/Apple, no response so far. iTunes was once really great, but let me tell: now it totally sucks.

    Surendra 6/26/13 10:17PM
  • Apples customer service is non-existent. They do not put you directly in contact with a person (as a company this SIZE with the amount of impact their issues have on your daily life SHOULD provide). Their 'customer service' site is a bunch of ludicrous ways to try to get you to resolve your own issue and in order to talk to someone you have to SCHEDULE a call for up to 24 hours later (the earliest I could get was 8.5 hours from now). This is unacceptable.

    Teliantes 6/20/13 11:25PM
  • I have redeemed an ITunes card and I've been able to spend some money but now when I try to buy something it doesn't go towards the gift card but it goes through the credit card on my apple account. I'm not sure what to do because it still says that there is money on the redeemed gift card but it isn't going through. Please email me. Thank you.

    Sally 6/20/13 12:30PM
  • I think it's terrible that this cite cheats out it's users.
    I can't count all of the times I've purchased something,
    was charged for it, and never got to see it.
    I am very disappointed at the service ITunes provides,
    and I deserve a refund for the movies I was charged for, but ITunes never let me see.

    fredgar79 5/4/13 1:21PM
  • I found 4 charges on my credit card from iTunes. I went on the Apple website to look up these charges to find out exactly what was purchased. Turns out there are no charges in my purchase history. But why do I have charges on my credit card? So I decide to call their 866 number. Which was answered by an automated recording to go to the website. Their website is useless! I can't even log off my account! Can't find the log off icon. I tried submitting a comment and I can't even click on the submit icon. I would think, one of the most successful internet, computer based companies would have their sh**t together. At least design a website that is that is user friendly. This is so frustrating!

    kttykrvtz 5/4/13 11:29AM
  • I have a favourite game i play on my aple devices. i purchase gift cards when on sale to redeem to my itunes account so i can make in-app purchases on my favourite game. but everytime i spend over $100 in the app i get the error message "contact itunes support to complete this transaction" usually they resolve it over the phone within 1 hour. There is no point emailing them because they never reply to me or they take 3 days to reply at best. my most recent occassion that this happened they couldnt resolve it within 1hour and they said they need to escalate it to a higher level; all because I spend an apparent high quantity money on the itunes store. Now i need to wait 2 days to resolve the problem with my account and i have $150 of itunes credit waiting to upload and $40 in my account that i cant use because "i recently spent more than usual" quote, their words. Apple may as well make the store FREE for everything including In-App if you dont want us spending too much money!!!

    Mira 4/18/13 6:09PM
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  • This number is good. Pressing 4 zeros worked as described. The agent was nice and efficient. Took care of my issue right away. Demetrius recapped my issues and provided me with options on how to possibly avoid issues going forward. He also followed up with an email.

    It took the longest to find a number to contact iTunes. Everything else was smooth sailing.

    Anonymous 1/13/14 6:15PM
  • I was out of town all weekend and my daughter was on her iPod at her Grandmothers house she was playing free games and then in the free games she was purchasing in app games at a total up to $800. She had no idea when she was in there and clicking things it was actually buying stuff for her littlest pet shop houses. When I got the emails I was in a panic I couldn't sleep I didn't know what to do. I was googling all night and found this website that told me to call this number. Called this number Sunday morning as soon as I got home and they were so very helpful And refunded me all my money back. And then she told me How to put restrictions on her iPod so she can't do this again. I spoke to a girl named Jennifer and she was so very kind and helpful and help me out.

    yasonn 10/28/13 5:19AM
  • iTunes was great. my son has a galaxy s4 and daughter apple. They both got nailed on these app charges. Apple was fantastic and reversed the charges. GooglePlay is a bunch of criminals and they have alot to learn from Apple. We all learned a valuable lesson when the credit card came in. Its a future billion dollar lawsuit against some companies. Thank you Apple for understanding and not looking at our children as a money tree or cash register.

    Anonymous 5/30/13 8:29AM
  • Just used this number and 0000 to talk to AMY at iTunes who is a wonder. My small child racked up $817.25 in purchases over the weekend while I was out and Amy got them reversed. What a relief.

    Then she walked me through several different levels of security some of which were new to me and some I had tried without success - to make absolutely sure it can't happen again.

    She told me that when I removed my credit card info after setting up a couple of legitimate apps for my daughter, it didn't go through because there was a charge pending -- important to know this: if you have a legitimate charge pending and you try to take out the credit card to secure the account from a child's purchases, IT WONT'T WORK, but you won't get a warning. It will just quietly re-insert your cc info.

    Thank you, Amy and thank you Contact Help - I spent a bunch of time on iTunes and on Apple's support pages before I stumbled across this.

    Mm4 4/24/13 12:20PM
  • I just spoke with Amanda in the fraud . She was such a great help for me to solve all of my questions and concerns. What a joy'


    Anonymous 3/26/13 9:00AM
  • Called customer service number because of two charges on my account not knowing who did the downloads and got a quick answer from the representative who was very helpful and courteous. Very satisfied.

    Melanie 1/31/13 12:45PM
  • Way back in the day Itunes didn't require an email address to log in. The problem is that now some songs won't play, even after repurchasing them under my current account. Called and spoke to Becky - wait wasn't long, she was personable and efficient, problem sorted out and completely resolved in under fifteen minutes, and she linked me on how to file for reimbursement for repurchasing songs as that shouldn't have been necessary. I am impressed and so grateful! Thanks, Becky!

    Roozette 1/27/13 3:45PM
  • My problem was iTunes lockout....Jennifer and Janelle very friendly,full of knowledge, and efficient!!!

    Joellen 1/2/13 6:15PM
  • I reached a real human at this number and they helped me with itunes lock out. They were very nice but I tried to be very nice too. It was a sunday night and I had a 5 minute wait.

    Anonymous 12/30/12 8:16PM
  • S/W Sarah in customer service, have to say that I am so happy that this site came up when I googled what to do in order to dispute itune charges on my account, not only was she so incredibly nice but so extremely helpful in resolving the charges on my account which should not have been there.

    Anonymous 11/16/12 3:26PM
  • Keli Ray in customer support was very friendly and helpful. She spent a lot of time on the phone with me trying to figure out a solution to my iTune problem.

    Thank you!

    Anonymous 11/16/12 1:41PM
  • I have had all sorts of download problems with renting movies on iTunes and I have to say that the customer support has been outstanding. I honestly feel that they recognize my loyalty to the brand and I have been happily suprised with the prompt refunds that I have received when I have had errors both beyond my control and those they resulted from my misunderstanding the terms and conditions in the small print. A well worded email to the customer support service as opposed to a rant on a blog has resulted in solutions to problems that many deem impossible to resolve. Keep up the good work iTunes!

    docronda 10/31/12 8:24AM
  • Great advice. My 5-year-old inadvertently made $40 of in-app purchases in I-tunes and Apple support was very helpful and gave me a refund and showed me how to restrict the purchases on my iPad and iPhone in the future. Great job Apple!

    Anonymous 10/27/12 4:30PM
  • So, so very happy with help received from iTunes customer service rep! My 10 year old son made over $700 in In - app purchases while with a babysitter. When I received receipts via email I nearly lost my mind! My poor son cried for an hour, not realizing he was even spending "real" money. I was certain the purchases were done & a total loss for me. Not so!! Was able to reach a real live rep @ this number Monday morning who quickly & courteously handled the problem. Was told the "on hold" time could be 1/2 hour but was about 5 min. I couldn't be happier! Yea, iTunes!!!

    Anonymous 10/15/12 7:50AM
  • I called the 800- number listed and got prompt, courteous, and effective help for my iTunes problem. Great lead.
    The number was not specific to iTunes, but was a support number for any Apple product.

    Anonymous 10/12/12 8:17AM
  • Called the number listed here, press 0 four times, got through to live person in five minutes, she directed me to their security dept., waited about almost a hour, finally got through, told them my story about ten year old mistakenly buying over $1300.00 worth of in-App purchases, they looked at my history of buying stuff and said yes it's probably a mistake, they refunded the entire amount to my credit card, told me how to set restrictions on my iPad so that my son can't do it again accidentally. One hour wait? Or pay $1300.00? Do the math......

    Anonymous 9/21/12 3:53PM
  • I just had an awesome experience with Apple. I contacted them about repairing my daughters IPOD and they were very helpful and I couldn't ask for better customer service.

    Crissy 9/4/12 7:56PM
  • Very swift response to my email, and extremely polite, helpful response. Problem not exactly resolved but was refunded some money after some apps inadvertently downloaded (by a child!) even though my password wasn't asked for.
    Very refreshing in this day and age.

    Angie 9/2/12 3:31PM
  • I had a number of fraudulent iTunes purchases on my credit card statement, and I wanted to talk to a person. I tried calling the number on my statement, but all I got was a recording that told me to email my concerns about iTunes. I then tried this number and pressed 0 four times like it said. It put me through to some kind of support line. After I gave them my iPhone serial number, they put me through to a live person who was able to direct me to the right department. A bit of a headache, but they resolved the issue quickly once I was in the right hands. Also, I called outside the operating hours listed, and I still got through.

    Anonymous 8/27/12 6:52PM
  • If you call to dispute a charge they are extremely helpful and won't give you any grief, at least that was my experience. I called because I got a mysterious charge and waited on hold for about ten minutes until a very nice girl was able to take my information and transfer me to their security department who were able to tell me that the charge was a yearly subscription I'd forgot about. They even refunded the money when I explained I didn't know it would charge without asking. Overall great experience!

    Anonymous 7/7/12 10:26AM
  • This phone number works! iTunes security was amazing and answered all my questions. Verified my purchases in less than 10 minutes. Problem resolved!!

    Anonymous 7/2/12 11:51AM
  • I had charges on my account that I never made and they used up all my store credit. My billing address and phone number were changed. Also a credit card (not mine) was added to the account and charged. The above number works spectacular as long as you press 0 four times to get a person and ask to be connected to itunes secturity. They helped solve my issue quickly.

    Anonymous 6/13/12 4:03PM
  • Very similar to the commenters below. I noticed unauthorized charges on my bank statement and called the above number. The initial rep told me I have to do it via email but I insisted that I heard that the apple policy changed and he transferred me to Itunes security. They took the details down, put me on hold while they conferred with Itunes and then came back to tell me the charges will be reversed.

    Josh 6/12/12 12:20PM
  • 5/31/12 I found charges to my debit card from Itunes that I did not make. My first attempt to call Itunes support ended in failure as the rep told me there was no phone support for Itunes. I went back online looking for help and could not find anything. I tried the number listed here again and when I got through I asked for Itunes Security. I was promptly connected. The rep I spoke with told me that this is a rather new department and some Apple reps are not aware that these issues are now able to be handled by phone. My issue was resovled promptly. If you are told that it has to be done by email press the issue (politely) :>)

    sunniedaze 5/31/12 2:10PM
  • Got through to a customer service agent pretty quickly who ID'd the source of the billing and was able to provide instructions on how to keep it from happening again.. Good job Apple.

    Anonymous 5/16/12 11:06AM
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    Anonymous 8/18/11 7:32PM

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