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NVIDIA customer service is ranked #45 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 81.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 41 ratings. This score rates NVIDIA customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


28 Negative Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 68.29%.


13 Positive Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 31.71%.

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  • A guy name Arshad was pathertic in customer service.
    I guess all customer services in India is as frustrating as it could be

    Sam 9/6/13 8:20PM
  • Nvidia Customer Care

    Jul 19 (7 days ago)

    Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us within 24 hours.

    As of July 26th I had not been contacted.

    This is Nvidia's cocept of customer service.

    RUR 7/26/13 3:23PM
  • Installed newest driver for my GeForce GTX 550Ti video card and have had crash after crash with BSOD's. Nvidia offers NO help!!
    Will never buy an Nvidia card again!!!!

    pooche 6/15/13 7:14AM
  • number worked for me. unfortunately I was transferred to some Indian woman. POOR

    zuco 5/16/13 10:53AM
  • The web site boasts 24/7 support for America and Canada, yet I have been on hold for 54 minutes.

    I spoke with a tech support agent who was not familiar with the card, and asked me to install a remote support program, and suggested they would call back in an hour. Several hours later, no return call.

    Pat 4/9/13 7:51AM
  • I had a Ati 4850 and a 42" Plasma Screen , After i bought a R 3000 On a GTX560 Thinking its going to be awesome only to find a thing called over scan which led to bad text and blurry colour and bad pixels , i contacted nvidia live and went thru with him each step for 3 hours only to find they cant help me , now i have this card and cant do anything with it because doesn't matter what i do nothing works out. i think i should get nvidia to refund me for their trash card, so i can get me a damn AMD card that can actually do the job , I'm fierce with Nvidia and never again ill purchase anything from them

    Huntabunch 1/17/13 1:06PM
  • i had not only someone from india on live chat but someone on the phone. I had to search the internet to even find a phone number for tech support then got a guy with the same name as the one on live chat. my issue was fairly simple and directly involved my graphics card , however, the live chat guy dropped me and i had to reque (another 20 minutes) to readress the issue, and the guy on the phone kept putting me on hold after i asked each question.
    The long and short of it, is the live chat rep linked me several web sites with answers to my question. None of them solved the problem and the guy on the phone was unable to solve the issue. After the live chat rep linked me the web sites, like issue, i blew up on the phone rep and asked if they actually search the internet to answer tech issues with their product? what a joke, i will never purchase a product from them again

    Anonymous 12/13/12 9:36PM
  • Horrible customer service, their response ranges from we cannot assure the functionality to we are unable to help you further. Those are taken straight from my chat session. I used to like nvidia, but after dealing with their customer support, i will be switching to ati.

    Vertical Oln 12/4/12 12:54PM
  • This phone number doesn't work.

    fuguys 1/23/12 8:26AM
  • As with many computer and software companies, Nvidia has chose to contract their tech support with a company in India. I have been on the phone on three different occasions, not once could I understand half of what they were saying. Their English is terrible! I angry as he'll that Nvidia does this to their patrons. I for one will never buy another Nvidia product.

    PS- the problem started when I updated my drivers. Warning: Don't install Nvidias updates.

    Maximo 11/25/11 4:03PM
  • I have a BFG tech 9800GT passive cooling card! Well later on this week I installed new Nvidia drivers and now my graphics card has gone hay wire.Unfortunately,BFG has stopped making graphics cards but Nvidia keeps telling me go to the manufacturer.Dont you see something wrong here to? Nvidia's Drivers made my video card go hay wire but there telling me to go to my manufacturer that has went out of business? And during the call,Customer service was not the most friendly person and I would really like to add another complaint about that! But thats it! Nvidia fails to fix there drivers and any issues with there software and blame it on the manufacturer! This is the 4 time this has happened to me and there wont be a 5 time!

    Dman12323 6/29/11 8:30AM
  • When I first contacted you (two months ago) about this the Customer Svc Rep said that you would “first” send me a new card of the “exact” same type/size and then I could send you back this faulty card. The card has to be the same type and size to ensure it fits into my computer. I only have one computer; if I send you this card I won’t be able to use my PC. After waiting “two months” I think the least you can do is send me my replacement card “first” and then I will send back the bad card. I would like to discuss this with you. Thanks for all you assistance.



    From: US Technical Support []
    Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 8:36 AM
    Subject: RMA number

    Dear Customer,

    RMA # : U1007667 has been issued for Ticket ID. QQJ-772980

    Please print out the following attachment, fill out the information and place securely on the packaging.

    Please ship the package to:

    RMA Department
    26575 W Commerce Dr,
    Unit 510
    Volo, IL, 60073

    Your RMA is valid for 30 days from today’s date. Please verify that your Name, Return Address and Phone Number are listed correctly.

    Thank you for contacting Galaxy Technical Support

    From: Carmen Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 12:27 AM
    To: 'US Technical Support'
    Subject: RE: TICKET ID: QQJ-772980

    Thanks for getting back to me on this. I have been waiting a month and a half and haven’t heard anything yet. I have been having to put up with this loud noise from the Galaxy card fan in my computer the whole time.


    From: US Technical Support []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 10:15 AM
    To: 'Carmen'
    Subject: RE: TICKET ID: QQJ-772980

    Will check with the RMA dept and get back to you with their response.

    From: Carmen Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 10:09 PM
    To: 'US Technical Support'
    Subject: RE: TICKET ID: QQJ-772980

    I haven’t heard anything back yet on this. What is the status?


    Carmen Cesario……


    From: US Technical Support []
    Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 10:25 PM
    To: Subject: TICKET ID: QQJ-772980

    Dear Customer,

    Good day to you.

    Thank you very much for your inquiry. Here is your Ticket ID for your reference, Ticket ID. QQJ-772980.

    Rest assured that your case has been marked on our system and has been forwarded to our RMA team for approval.

    Warm regards,

    Galaxy Technical Support

    From: Carmen
    Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:16 AM
    To: 'US Technical Support'
    Subject: RE: Galaxy 200 Series PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card (GT 220 1GB DDR2 128 Bit) (Carmen Cesario)

    Here is the info you requested and I also enclosed a scan of the receipt.


    From: US Technical Support []
    Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 1:43 PM
    To: 'Carmen'
    Subject: RE: Galaxy 200 Series PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card

    Anonymous 3/11/11 12:35PM
  • I bought & downloaded NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder . Activation was impossible and the customer support insisted (I asked twice) on referring the matter to a technical support site. There, I was asked to read previously posted questions - no solution. Finally I could post my question which they would - maybe - answer. My advice: after wasting your money do not make things worse by wasting your time!

    B.K. 1/9/11 2:48PM
  • The claims process has just started today (1/9/11) at for many of their defective video cards in laptops. Google Nvidia bumbgate for more on the issue. Neither Dell or Nvidia has owned up to the problem, which has cost them 2 purchases (&counting) to date.

    GarthL 1/9/11 1:02PM
  • I had a problem with stereoscopic 3d vision. I spent over a half an hour each time i called waiting. I spent at least 3 hours on the phone with an east Indian guy I really couldn't understand. He wasn't that helpful. He had no idea what the problem was and just made obvious suggestions that I had already tried before I called. So he kept asking me to reinstall drivers over and over. I eventually had my best friend, who is 18, fix the problem after some troubleshooting a completely different problem that luckily fixed both including the 3d vision problem. Their support is rather useless.

    Atarien 12/1/10 11:47PM
  • I have a professionnal workstation using an nvidia quadro fx 3400 graphic board. Everything runs fine under Windows XP64. I once tryed vista 64 and it was fine too but I prefered to stay with XP64. Now I'm trying windows 7 to see of it matches my needs but I'm very disapointed : it seems that my QuadroFX is not supported. No aero effects, no OpenGL support, very slow refresh.
    I installed 191 and 195.39 nvidia drivers but the problem remains. These drivers are QuadroFX3400/4400 compatible, so they say.

    fox 4/11/10 5:06PM
  • I have never had a more troublesome time trying to reach someone from customer care at Nvidea then now. Finally reaching someone from the corporate office in CA, I was transferred and left on hold for a half hour. Calling back and being transferred again I still received no answer. How can they expect any problem to be solved when they do not answer their own lines?

    Shaia 3/26/10 3:34PM
  • I downloaded a NVIDIA product that does not work for me. I have made several attempts to get help.

    I cannot remember a more customer unfriendly experience. I have not been able to get help yet and have not been able to use the product I downloaded.

    You were on the Microsoft list, I chose you because I use your graphic cards. I did not expect such run around. I should have chosen another company.

    Anonymous 1/29/10 12:29PM
  • Unlike most other hardware component manufacturers, NVIDIA has a policy of denying
    the general public access to basic technical information about their products, mainly media communications processors (MCP's) and graphics chipsets, refusing to make available datasheets and other related documents.

    Pedro-NF 12/26/09 8:57PM
  • I just bought a NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT X16 PCI Express Graphics Card and call 1-866-234-3499 for technical support. The four times that I call for technical support their technicians were very rude and very arrogant and they inform me that I had to call my computer company to resolve a GeForce issue and when I inform one of their technician that I would like to speak to their superior he inform me that I had not right to speak to his superior. Please, be inform that I have my own company and I would never have hire this type of employee that NVIDIA Geforce have for their technical support. Please, make a complaint to NVIDIA Geforce perhaps they can make a change?

    ComputerMAN1 10/2/09 8:54AM
  • Very difficult to understand

    DonAtHome 8/5/09 5:53PM
  • How hopeless is the consumer support.My nvdia graphic just blewed up and i dont where to get technical support in Delhi,India.Hopeless site,keeps redirecting to same information page.

    freaked 7/28/09 9:27AM
  • This is the worst tech support that I've ever seen. On top of that I pressed 4 to get to tech support with the number provide and it said to leave a message..

    MAD 7/19/09 4:12PM
  • This site and customer service is a complete joke! How in the heck can they sell a product but then offer no updates for it. I have a Mac and these fools are having me contact Apple for my NVIDIA graphics card update. These phone numbers that just connect you with whoever in India is ridiculous!

    Pissed Off 6/24/09 8:54AM
  • Tech support are not very knowledgeable unless you get to the higher up people on the tech support chain.

    Neckername 5/23/09 8:54AM
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  • Reached the support instantly. These guys are much better than the other companies that provide tech support.

    Sean 12/17/13 8:51AM
  • Worthy trained support. Thank you for taking care of my problem in no time.

    Miguel 6/29/11 4:56AM
  • Talk to them and you will feel the difference.

    Anonymous 6/28/11 3:57PM
  • Amazing..customer service!!

    MichSusy 4/25/11 8:58AM
  • I have only had to call NVIDIA a few times over the past couple of years and for someone like myself that is in the business that says a lot about their products. The phone answered promptly, a live person, no confusing phone menu, and I was treated as a valuable customer. The support person was knowledgeable and impressed upon me to call back if I had any problem or if I had any more questions. They get a solid 10 out of 10; their products are the best in the industry too.

    Proud American 12/9/10 4:50PM
  • Excellent Support. Just a slight language barrier.

    Anonymous 8/6/09 5:56AM
  • Immediately talked to a representative, thank you for the number.

    loler 4/15/09 10:15AM
  • Excellent Contact Number!

    Thank you!

    Nvidia was very gracious and good about providing the support as well.

    Anonymous 3/2/09 12:31PM
  • Simply put, this number works perfectly. Do NOT be discouraged when you hear that the regular business hours do not include the weekend, remain on the line and you will be directed to tech support immediately with no wait.

    numberman 2/22/09 4:50PM
  • it works just fine. no wait at all to talk to live person.

    jlp187 2/19/09 11:01AM
  • Tech support on a Sunday afternoon!! It was awsome, never thought that I would be able to get through to a tech support guy, but I did!

    Anonymous 1/4/09 2:17PM
  • Contact number worked! I was immediately referred to tech support where I encountered no hold and no delays. First step - new driver and video card test being sent via email. Very courteous, very professional, understandable despite heavy accent. Took longer to find this phone number than to discuss issue. Thanks and Good Luck to you too!

    pcrider_nva 11/4/08 12:22PM
  • Called the referenced number on a late sat afternoon and initial message indicated that company hours were 8-6 m-f, and asked if i would like to leavea a message, but as message continued i was asked if i wanted to speak to tech support. i indicated yes and was immediately put in touch with a teck rep.

    Anonymous 9/13/08 1:40PM

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