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Fifth Third Bank Customer Service

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Fifth Third Bank customer service is ranked #552 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 85 ratings. This score rates Fifth Third Bank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


82 Negative Comments out of 85 Total Comments is 96.47%.


3 Positive Comments out of 85 Total Comments is 3.53%.

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  • I have taken off of work numerous times to get through to a representative - I have been on hold for a total of 5 hours and still do no have my issues answered or resolved. What poor customer service. I will never do business with this bank again. I have yet to talk to a "real" person.

    Anonymous 8/15/14 1:30PM
  • I have called and spoke to a total of 10 CRS and "supervisors" none of whom are aware of who is in charge of Customer Service. The Web reports Mr. Paul Moore as the responsible official however, no one knows how to contact his office. I have been a customer of 5/3 since 1995. That is about to end. I highly recommend Huntington Bank for those in the Indianapolis Area.

    PHenry 7/30/14 2:25PM
  • Fifth Third has changed the hours of operation at many of their locations, but has neglected to update this information online. This is not good customer service!

    Anonymous 7/22/14 11:50AM
  • I believe in giving individuals the benefit of the doubt. I do understand that unexpected things can occur in life but I cannot excuse the lack of professionalism along with communication that I've experienced when trying to obtain a mortgage loan via Fifth Third. A certain employee sadly lacks the ability to complete paperwork in a timely fashion. I've been thoroughly inconvenienced and marginalized as a customer during this process. I unfortunately wouldn't recommend anyone using Fifth Third Bank to finance anything. SAD

    Anonymous 7/14/14 5:29PM
  • I received an Insurance check from Allstate and took the check to Fifth Third bank where I already had a couple accounts, and before they would start a savings account and add some of the money to my business account, They called Allstate, in front of me, to verify the check was valid! I have Never , Ever had a bank treat me that rude!

    Stavemaster 6/25/14 6:00AM
  • I had to leave 5/3 Bank in Nov. 2013 because I had a fraudulent charge on my Visa Account and they would not deal with it. They sent me the same paperwork 3 times to fill out about the incident and then did absolutely nothing about it. 3 months ago, I closed my Safe Deposit box, turned in the key, and emptied it. I did this transaction with the Branch Manager. Today I received a certified piece of mail telling me that I am overdue on my safe deposit rent and now they want a $25.00 late fee. I notice that this Branch has less and less business and I can certainly understand why. I moved all my business 1 mile down the street to Chase Bank and couldn't be happier.

    Katie 6/24/14 9:38AM
  • Repo dept made grave error taking our repo car out of system after many employees per recorded phone conversations gave us payoff amts and instructions per western union partially and then said we couldn't get it back and removed it from system within 3 days. We have money to wire. This is wrong and we will get legal help of attorney if not corrected. My husband a broom is disabled. Make this right before goes to court. It was all recorded on your telephones and mine as we'll . Maria in repo dept was the contact and told us payoff and how to send and then recanted

    Anonymous 6/21/14 1:01PM
  • We were given our repo payoff amt to get our car back by several people and then they said we could not do it and it was taken out of the system completely. Wrong not right A broom. Still trying my husband disabled we have payoff help so won,t have to go to courts. These conversations were recorded.

    Anonymous 6/21/14 12:42PM
  • I just set up a new acct with 53rd bank and THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!! I MEAN REALLY SUCKS!! I have never encountered so many snotty people working in one place.. I just could not believe the way the reps respond to customers and they have no CLASS @ ALL.. I'm heading to a credit union to open my bank account where customer service really mean something.. I called customer service 4 different times and each time.. HORRIBLE soft skills.. they lie... and avoid doing their jobs and It's just disgusting.. I'm telling everyone I can.. NOT TO BANK WITH 53rd...ANY bank is better!

    Str8en 6/18/14 4:37PM
  • Nate Deroth handled mortgage app. Have sold and bought 3 homes. Never knew you could have this kind of terrible experience. Nerves are shot. Realtors myself my husband. Rarely returns a phone call. Our realtor called him for 10 days before getting a response. Witholds information until last minute,I think at this point on purpose to hold things up. Has cost my family at least $500. in delays. Not to mention others time and money. 2 realtors will be reporting him. Wish we never walked in the branches door.

    Anonymous 6/10/14 1:25PM
  • Your customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever dealt with. Your phone system is so outdated that you might as well turn it off.

    Anonymous 5/13/14 1:38PM
  • Your 5/3rd ATM machines ask if you would like to buy stamps. Why do you not tell the consumer when you buy these stamps you will pay a premium (not face value). I find this practice very deceiving. I asked one of your branch managers this question and his answer was it is for the customer convenience. I believe it is another FEE.. A bank the size of 5/3rd doesn't need to be doing this kind of deceit. I have no problem you selling stamps but tell the customer what they will be charged and let them make the decision to use the machine or go to the customer service desk at the participating store.

    Anonymous 5/7/14 6:16AM
  • My name is Joseph Jeffrey Church, I have been trying to go online to my account which always worked before but now it is refused. I have the app which now is useless. Can you fix it?

    Anonymous 4/18/14 11:00AM
  • Called to payoff my auto loan.. customer service said she couldnt take a payoff from me over the phone.. she said she had to either mail or fax me the payoff!! Are you kidding me? So I decided I wanted to pay it a penny short of the payoff to find out that they could take a visa payment only a check over the phone.. This bank is a joke!

    Anonymous 4/17/14 7:23AM
  • I have never liked dealing with Fifth Third since the time I got my loan for my vehicle and do not know why anyone would choose this bank. There is a penalty to pay off the loan sooner. They do not send out any statements. There is an extra charge if you want to pay your loan automatically from another account. I have never had such service in my life and can't wait to get out of it, never to return again.

    stskerr 4/12/14 8:52AM
  • If You Are Thinking Of Using 5th 3rd For Anything Heed This Warning!! Run!!! Run Fast!!! As Far Away As You Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Their Customer Service Line Is As Screwed Up As Their Bank!!!!

    Anonymous 4/8/14 11:30AM
  • I received 2 form letters from P. Brian Moore, Sr. V.P. that my account was overdrawn. It was not overdrawn. The teller transferred money from the wrong account. I called customer service and spoke to 3 different people and finally, on today(3/19) I spoke with a supervisor and he was able to correct the problem and reverse ALL fees charged incorrectly. Your teller's need to read first and if there is something they don't understand, they should question. My statement closed on 3/11/04 and I was not aware of this overdraft fees in error until I received my statement on 3/17/14. What happened to the old fashion way of notifying your customers quickly regarding an overdraft or are you that eager to make money? Let's go back to REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Eleanor Gardner 3/19/14 3:46PM
  • On 3/7/14 I Logged On To 5/3 Bank To Download Banking Info. A Pop-up Window Came Up To Advise My 5/3 Credit Card Had Been Compromised & A New Card Was Being Issued. I Called Customer Service In Michigan & Was Treated So Badly. I Explained I Never Received Any Alert By E-mail & I Have Every Alert From This Bank Set For My Primary E-mail. I First Spoke To Level 1 Customer Service & He Did Not Even Know What I Was Talking About. Then I Spoke To A Supervisor Who Was So Rude And Insensitive To My Upset & Feelings About Not Being Notified. I Was Only Able To Learn The Security Breach Was At A Major Retailer. Ironically, The Last Charge On My M/c Was At Target On 2/27/14. I Was Told I Should Expect These Kinds Of Breaches In Today's World & Wasn't I Lucky That I Logged On To See The Pop-up Window. I Checked My Account & Fortunately So Far There Are No Fraudulent Charges. I Then Called Ohio & Spoke To The "compromised Credit Card" Dept. & Finally Received The Customer Service I Expect From 5/3. She Apologized For The Way I Had Been Treated By The Agents In Michigan. What If I Had Been On Vacation For Awhile & Did Not Even Know My Credit Card Had Been Compromised Because I Do Not Use A Computer When I Am Away From Home? But My E-mail Does Come Through To My Cell Phone. 5/3 Bank Failed Its Customers Miseraly In The Way This Situation Was Handled. I Will Never Shop At Target Again & Am Seriously Considering Withdrawing Everything From 5/3 Bank. I Use 5/3 Bank For All My Financial Needs & Only Use Their Credit & Atm Cards. Good Customer Service Is The Key To Any Business & 5/3 Corporate Officers Need To Consider Training Their Agents To Meet Customer Expectations.

    ANONYMOUS 3/8/14 10:33AM
  • Can't reach live person. Some customer service tel #s on your website(and with directory assistance)are wrong. Need balance on my auto loan. Pls contact me. Name and email listed below. Thx.

    Anonymous 3/6/14 5:07PM
  • DITTO. On hold for literally 20 minutes just trying to get a payoff amount for my auto loan. It's unbelievable that these knuckleheads are still in business.

    Anonymous 3/4/14 7:15AM
  • I am on day two of trying to get my final car payment information and where to send it to. EVERY time i call their "customer service" number i get told they have to transfer me to the department that does the payoffs. After they transfer me to whatever department that is because they will never give me the phone number then i wait on hold for 15 mins or more just to have that rep tell me they have to trans me to a different department. Their hold times are way to long just to NOT get the information your calling about. This is the first time ive done business with them and its probably going to be the last.

    Upset Customer 2/27/14 11:19AM
  • My experience (mortgage) with Fifth Third has been nothing short of disastrous and a nightmare.
    1. I alerted 5th 3rd that I had changed home owners insurance companies...gave all of the new information...faxed the declaration page to them...told 5th 3rd not to pay my old insurance company...verified that they had received the new company information. 5th 3rd paid the old company and the new company. This put my escrow into a negative.
    2. I received the payment back from the old insurance company...took the payment to my local branch for deposit...the clerk wrote ESCROW ONLY and highlighted it on the deposit ticket...5th 3rd applied it to my mortgage anyhow.
    3. After a zillion phone calls and lots of my time, 5th 3rd finally switched the payment from the mortgage side to the escrow side.
    4. Since the new insurance company is a much, much lower rate, I asked 5th 3rd to reassess my monthly mortgage payment...received an amount to pay...paid it.
    5. Received phone call stating they had not received my mortgage payment...after much arguing, the CSR agreed that yes, they had received an amount but it wasn't the right amount (it was the new amount I was told to pay)...I explained over and over that this was my new amount to pay...found out whoever assessed my payment did not record it and we'd have to have a new assessment done.
    6. Still waiting on someone to tell me what my new monthly amount the meantime, I have received calls from the collections dept saying I need to make a payment.
    I hate 5th 3rd...wish they didn't hold my mortgage...I want out!!!
    Trying to deal with their Customer Service deparment and trying to get their collections people to understand this is a 5th 3rd mistake...not unbearable! They will not listen...obviously take no notes when we speak...and don't care that this mistake is on them, not me. I can't control this's a mistake on their end...yet they keep blaming me. Who do I talk to about this???

    Anonymous 2/24/14 7:35AM
  • HORRIBLE! Trying to obtain a payoff for a customer is like pulling teeth. Their automated system only offers a payoff for that day, not a 10 day payoff like every other company. I was on hold for 20 minutes trying to talk to someone and obtain a 10 day payoff.

    Megan 2/13/14 9:01AM
  • The customer service for this company is absured. I am a lending officer at another financial institution and it is an absolute joke to try and reach them about a loan payoff quote. Even with the full social security # and vin # I wil go through an automated system prompting me to provide additional information multiple times before being placed on hold. Yesterday I waited for over 15 minutes before I hung up, and as of right now it has been another 12 minutes and I am still waiting to speak with someone. This is an insane business practice. I can only imagine if I was a customer of theirs how upset I would be that my financial institution would treat me with such disrespect and lack of concern for my time.

    Anonymous 2/13/14 8:27AM
  • Customer Service at this bank is horrible long wait times on the phone and when you try to explain your situation the staff members are dumbfounded as to what you are trying to explain to them then they procede to tell you to call Customer Service in which That is what I did and they were supposed to be Customer service then they tell me someone will have to call me back to assist me since they dont know what there doing. Then never get a phone call back. Wonderful going to close my accounts there today!

    Anonymous 2/10/14 9:47AM
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  • Been a customer with 53 ever since they bought out my small local suburban Chicago bank. Their customer service is excellent, they resolve issues promptly and they agreed to wave an overdraft fee once so I`m very satisfied with their service.

    aethan 1/5/13 8:48AM
  • I just talked to Alex and he was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone having a problem. I tried to put money in my husbands account at another bank and it cleared my bank but never showed up in his account even though they cashed the check. I felt very confident after talking to Alex that this problem will be resolved. I am very happy with 5th/3rd. Thank You for great customer service.

    chefphix 8/13/12 4:02PM
  • 5/3rd Bank has always been great with me; even when I have messed up. Every bank I have been inside, in Indy; the people are always so friendly.

    amanda 8/6/12 12:02PM

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