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Fifth Third Bank customer service is ranked #529 out of the 710 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 73 ratings. This score rates Fifth Third Bank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


70 Negative Comments out of 73 Total Comments is 95.89%.


3 Positive Comments out of 73 Total Comments is 4.11%.

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  • My name is Joseph Jeffrey Church, I have been trying to go online to my account which always worked before but now it is refused. I have the app which now is useless. Can you fix it?

    Anonymous 4/18/14 11:00AM
  • Called to payoff my auto loan.. customer service said she couldnt take a payoff from me over the phone.. she said she had to either mail or fax me the payoff!! Are you kidding me? So I decided I wanted to pay it a penny short of the payoff to find out that they could take a visa payment only a check over the phone.. This bank is a joke!

    Anonymous 4/17/14 7:23AM
  • I have never liked dealing with Fifth Third since the time I got my loan for my vehicle and do not know why anyone would choose this bank. There is a penalty to pay off the loan sooner. They do not send out any statements. There is an extra charge if you want to pay your loan automatically from another account. I have never had such service in my life and can't wait to get out of it, never to return again.

    stskerr 4/12/14 8:52AM
  • If You Are Thinking Of Using 5th 3rd For Anything Heed This Warning!! Run!!! Run Fast!!! As Far Away As You Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Their Customer Service Line Is As Screwed Up As Their Bank!!!!

    Anonymous 4/8/14 11:30AM
  • I received 2 form letters from P. Brian Moore, Sr. V.P. that my account was overdrawn. It was not overdrawn. The teller transferred money from the wrong account. I called customer service and spoke to 3 different people and finally, on today(3/19) I spoke with a supervisor and he was able to correct the problem and reverse ALL fees charged incorrectly. Your teller's need to read first and if there is something they don't understand, they should question. My statement closed on 3/11/04 and I was not aware of this overdraft fees in error until I received my statement on 3/17/14. What happened to the old fashion way of notifying your customers quickly regarding an overdraft or are you that eager to make money? Let's go back to REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Eleanor Gardner 3/19/14 3:46PM
  • On 3/7/14 I Logged On To 5/3 Bank To Download Banking Info. A Pop-up Window Came Up To Advise My 5/3 Credit Card Had Been Compromised & A New Card Was Being Issued. I Called Customer Service In Michigan & Was Treated So Badly. I Explained I Never Received Any Alert By E-mail & I Have Every Alert From This Bank Set For My Primary E-mail. I First Spoke To Level 1 Customer Service & He Did Not Even Know What I Was Talking About. Then I Spoke To A Supervisor Who Was So Rude And Insensitive To My Upset & Feelings About Not Being Notified. I Was Only Able To Learn The Security Breach Was At A Major Retailer. Ironically, The Last Charge On My M/c Was At Target On 2/27/14. I Was Told I Should Expect These Kinds Of Breaches In Today's World & Wasn't I Lucky That I Logged On To See The Pop-up Window. I Checked My Account & Fortunately So Far There Are No Fraudulent Charges. I Then Called Ohio & Spoke To The "compromised Credit Card" Dept. & Finally Received The Customer Service I Expect From 5/3. She Apologized For The Way I Had Been Treated By The Agents In Michigan. What If I Had Been On Vacation For Awhile & Did Not Even Know My Credit Card Had Been Compromised Because I Do Not Use A Computer When I Am Away From Home? But My E-mail Does Come Through To My Cell Phone. 5/3 Bank Failed Its Customers Miseraly In The Way This Situation Was Handled. I Will Never Shop At Target Again & Am Seriously Considering Withdrawing Everything From 5/3 Bank. I Use 5/3 Bank For All My Financial Needs & Only Use Their Credit & Atm Cards. Good Customer Service Is The Key To Any Business & 5/3 Corporate Officers Need To Consider Training Their Agents To Meet Customer Expectations.

    ANONYMOUS 3/8/14 10:33AM
  • Can't reach live person. Some customer service tel #s on your website(and with directory assistance)are wrong. Need balance on my auto loan. Pls contact me. Name and email listed below. Thx.

    Anonymous 3/6/14 5:07PM
  • DITTO. On hold for literally 20 minutes just trying to get a payoff amount for my auto loan. It's unbelievable that these knuckleheads are still in business.

    Anonymous 3/4/14 7:15AM
  • I am on day two of trying to get my final car payment information and where to send it to. EVERY time i call their "customer service" number i get told they have to transfer me to the department that does the payoffs. After they transfer me to whatever department that is because they will never give me the phone number then i wait on hold for 15 mins or more just to have that rep tell me they have to trans me to a different department. Their hold times are way to long just to NOT get the information your calling about. This is the first time ive done business with them and its probably going to be the last.

    Upset Customer 2/27/14 11:19AM
  • My experience (mortgage) with Fifth Third has been nothing short of disastrous and a nightmare.
    1. I alerted 5th 3rd that I had changed home owners insurance companies...gave all of the new information...faxed the declaration page to them...told 5th 3rd not to pay my old insurance company...verified that they had received the new company information. 5th 3rd paid the old company and the new company. This put my escrow into a negative.
    2. I received the payment back from the old insurance company...took the payment to my local branch for deposit...the clerk wrote ESCROW ONLY and highlighted it on the deposit ticket...5th 3rd applied it to my mortgage anyhow.
    3. After a zillion phone calls and lots of my time, 5th 3rd finally switched the payment from the mortgage side to the escrow side.
    4. Since the new insurance company is a much, much lower rate, I asked 5th 3rd to reassess my monthly mortgage payment...received an amount to pay...paid it.
    5. Received phone call stating they had not received my mortgage payment...after much arguing, the CSR agreed that yes, they had received an amount but it wasn't the right amount (it was the new amount I was told to pay)...I explained over and over that this was my new amount to pay...found out whoever assessed my payment did not record it and we'd have to have a new assessment done.
    6. Still waiting on someone to tell me what my new monthly amount the meantime, I have received calls from the collections dept saying I need to make a payment.
    I hate 5th 3rd...wish they didn't hold my mortgage...I want out!!!
    Trying to deal with their Customer Service deparment and trying to get their collections people to understand this is a 5th 3rd mistake...not unbearable! They will not listen...obviously take no notes when we speak...and don't care that this mistake is on them, not me. I can't control this's a mistake on their end...yet they keep blaming me. Who do I talk to about this???

    Anonymous 2/24/14 7:35AM
  • HORRIBLE! Trying to obtain a payoff for a customer is like pulling teeth. Their automated system only offers a payoff for that day, not a 10 day payoff like every other company. I was on hold for 20 minutes trying to talk to someone and obtain a 10 day payoff.

    Megan 2/13/14 9:01AM
  • The customer service for this company is absured. I am a lending officer at another financial institution and it is an absolute joke to try and reach them about a loan payoff quote. Even with the full social security # and vin # I wil go through an automated system prompting me to provide additional information multiple times before being placed on hold. Yesterday I waited for over 15 minutes before I hung up, and as of right now it has been another 12 minutes and I am still waiting to speak with someone. This is an insane business practice. I can only imagine if I was a customer of theirs how upset I would be that my financial institution would treat me with such disrespect and lack of concern for my time.

    Anonymous 2/13/14 8:27AM
  • Customer Service at this bank is horrible long wait times on the phone and when you try to explain your situation the staff members are dumbfounded as to what you are trying to explain to them then they procede to tell you to call Customer Service in which That is what I did and they were supposed to be Customer service then they tell me someone will have to call me back to assist me since they dont know what there doing. Then never get a phone call back. Wonderful going to close my accounts there today!

    Anonymous 2/10/14 9:47AM
  • Horrible customer service, You cannot find an answer to anything on their website. You think you could google "5th 3rd mailing address to pay off loan", and find one? Nope, entered my ssn 3 times and it still wouldn't re direct me. Automated nightmare, just to sit on hold for 28 minutes. Glad I am leaving this Bank.

    Anonymous 1/31/14 1:51PM
  • I am forced to go to the 5th3rd Bank on Salem Ave in Trotwood, Ohio for my job. Why is that location so understaffed?! Whether I go inside or through the drive-thru it takes forever to do my transaction every day. There are never enough tellers. Even on a Friday they will have two tellers and some sort of manager running around to staff the inside counter and the drive-thru! It is frustrating and if I have my way we will change banks. The lack of good service is disgusting.

    Mike 1/24/14 9:07AM
  • I have had nothing but bad experience after bad experience with this bank. They don't treat there customers with any kind of respect. The people working at the majority of the branches put more effort into not helping you than actually helping. I plan to straighten out the last problem and cancel my acct. .

    Anonymous 1/17/14 10:27AM
  • i have an auto loan thru fifth third bank and they are trying to charge me interest on late fees and wants me to pay for there insurance when i had my own faxed over my insurance information they told me it wasnt valid and they want me to pay $700.00 extra when i just paid the last 2 payments .. i think we need to get bbb involved they are out of control

    Anonymous 1/8/14 3:06PM
  • I have an auto loan through Fifth Third Bank. I live in Indiana and am required to have insurance to plate a car. The bank asked for paperwork stating my insurance carrier. I mailed them the paperwork. The next thing I know is that I received a new payment book with an increase of $140 per month. I contacted them again . They then wanted my insurance co. to contact the insurance dept.. They did and faxed all the paperwork to them. 5th 3rd Rep stated new installment books would be issued. They did issue new installment books with the same $606.41 monthly payment. It should have been $440.91

    In the meantime I have a collection co. calling me for the difference saying I own over $900. I have been making my regular payment of $440.91 on a monthly basis.

    I need this corrected and not being threatened by collection co.

    I am a hard working individual making regular payments. But I am still receiving letters from Senior Vice President P. Brian Moore with the incorrect information.

    Who do need to contact to get this issue cleared up once and for all?

    rosariorx8 1/7/14 10:10PM
  • Attempted to exchange a twenty dollar bill for two rolls of quarters. Was told the bank does not do cash exchanges for non-customers. Unbelievable. Am relocating and looking for a new won't be 5th 3rd. Rest assured all of my Indiana and Ohio friends and family will hear about this!

    Peggy 1/7/14 12:01PM
  • I am a disabled veteran that has been in contact with the mortgage department since the beginning of November. I was trying to be proactive with the property tax rebate for totally disabled veterans. Fast forward December 2nd I contacted 5/3rd to let them know I had changed insurance companies, mortgage customer service told me no problem they had changed the information on my account. December 12th found out 5/3rd had paid wrong insurance company, tried speaking with customer service but they where totally oblivious . Had to go to local office, spoke with mortgage representative, he stated that 5/3rd was going to pay the right insurance company and apologized for the slip up. I was ok with that until they started playing fuzzy math, let me try and explain using rounded figures. I had $1730.00 in my escrow they paid $1660.00 to wrong insurance company, that left $70.00 in my escrow. They then paid the right insurance company $1100.00 which would put my escrow to a negative $1100.00 or at least you would think. Someone decided to add the two insurance payments together as a shortage, so now 5/3rd says I am negative $2760.00 subtracting the remaining $70.00 for a grand total of $2690.00 that I will owe the bank. Which I was sent statement that it has to be paid in full 12/22/2013 or they will increase my monthly payments starting 1/1/2014. Keeping that in mind the city has refunded my taxes of $2100.00 to 5/3rd for me these funds will be subtracted for my mortgage shortage leaving me owing them $590.00. This instead of them owing me the correct amount of $2830.00 which leaves me and my family unable to have a small Christmas. Everyone I talk to says it's not their problem, I feel since they continue to make mistakes it is their problem my only recourse is to roll around in my wheel chair downtown Holland with a large sign letting everyone know what 5/3rd has done. I almost forgot a friend gave us some money to help get by, but the bank will not cash the $100.00 check even though their mistake leaves me without the $2830.00 they owe me.

    Bryan 12/19/13 5:52PM
  • My husband and I were talked into refinancing THROUGH Emery Federal Credit Union WITH 5th/3rd Bank. WHAT A MISTAKE! First of all, there are no 5th/3rd Bank branches anywhere near our home. Because we don't have a bank account with them, we cannot pay our mortgage on line. They are also very cold and the last person I spoke with spoke so quickly I couldn't understand half of what was spoken. Their whole attitude is "Oh well, deal with it". They are still in the dark ages when it comes to customer service. I cannot believe there is a company out there that does not offer online payments directly to them!! I absolutely HATE this company and if I could, I would get away from them. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND EVER DEALING WITH THESE UNFRIENDLY, COLD INDIVUDUALS.

    LES 12/6/13 7:54AM
  • I have had an auto loan at Fifth Third for 6 years I have always used a coupon type payment when one is done they send you another which they did and I paid all of the payments and always on time. 3 months later I received a phone call at my work a very shady one they didn't leave a name or number then when they called back I tried to answer they hung up on me. I finally returned the call they finally answered after a 20 minute wait and told me I still owed for 3 payments I asked why I wasn't sent another payment book or even a late notice and she replied she had no idea but that it was going to go to collections and kept asking me for my checking account number. I then told her I would pay it at our local branch the next day,this was a 4 30 the next day I receive another call around noon telling me I said I would call back and give her my checking account number which I did not do,she was very rude and unprofessional, the whole experience was ridicules after 6 years of on time payments they couldn't let me know this without the threats and rude behavior. I will never have any accounts at Fifth Third Bank again and will make sure everyone I know, knows how they handle your accounts and how rude they are.

    mom54 12/5/13 5:05PM
  • I had a very cold experience with fifth third banking center at Cincinnati Colerain Krogers. The bank manager (Matt) smirks and is cold, he offered no kind of decent humanity, only offering deeper debt & more ways to get himself into my pockets. I was referred to him by a PB thinking he coud offer me more assistant than they could, only to find out he treated me worse than a warden in a prison, i was very hurt.

    Anonymous 12/5/13 7:01AM
  • Terrible Service....cant Even Call It Customer Service.....doesnt Exist. Inexperienced Tellers And Banking Employees. They Cant Even Print Off A List Of Cds Owned By A Deceased Gentleman That We Are The Administator Of His Estate.

    TERIDEEH 11/26/13 12:52PM
  • A vehicle I purchased and gave to my Daughter was repode. She made all of the payments on time, except for the two she thought her Husband made, after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and had to quit working. When she found out she was two months behind, she immediately paid the two months payment bringing the account current, and the very next night, the car was taken. Unlimited phone calls, and even a trip to the bank proved to do nothing. "The car will not be returned," according to their repo dept. I also have been looking for some sort of number or location of a President or vice president to try to explain to them what happened, and how important the car is to them since they have to go to Chicago for her Chemo, but to no avail. I hope they sleep well at night, being the crooks that they are!!!

    Jeriberri 11/13/13 8:36PM
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  • Been a customer with 53 ever since they bought out my small local suburban Chicago bank. Their customer service is excellent, they resolve issues promptly and they agreed to wave an overdraft fee once so I`m very satisfied with their service.

    aethan 1/5/13 8:48AM
  • I just talked to Alex and he was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone having a problem. I tried to put money in my husbands account at another bank and it cleared my bank but never showed up in his account even though they cashed the check. I felt very confident after talking to Alex that this problem will be resolved. I am very happy with 5th/3rd. Thank You for great customer service.

    chefphix 8/13/12 4:02PM
  • 5/3rd Bank has always been great with me; even when I have messed up. Every bank I have been inside, in Indy; the people are always so friendly.

    amanda 8/6/12 12:02PM

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