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Vonage customer service is ranked #227 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 171 ratings. This score rates Vonage customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


145 Negative Comments out of 171 Total Comments is 84.80%.


26 Positive Comments out of 171 Total Comments is 15.20%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • My sister sign up with this company for one price by time the bill came it became another price. Her previous phone number was switch to this company and now that she wants to cancel Vontage won't give her her telephone number back. It doesn't make since she had this same telephone number for 23 years. She switch to Vonage with the number but she cannot keep the number because Vonage refused to release it back to her. This company is a fraud. GIVE MY SISTER HER ORIGINAL PHONE NUMBER BACK.

    Diane 6/8/14 10:10PM
  • I just called customer care phone cancelation department and the rep told me that I have to pay for March service even after cancellation. I was not on contract and I should not get charged for this months service.

    Anonymous 3/5/14 11:06AM
  • Ihave not had any phone service for a long timeand you are still collecting fees. the service was awful and I want your service canceled immediately.

    Vonage 2/26/14 10:46AM
  • Vonage is the worst company I have ever come into contact with. I did not get incoming calls for 3 months. and they could not solve my problem everything was thier fault and they still charged me a cancellation fee. Beware of this horrible company go with a more reliable one.

    Daffie 1/30/14 11:10AM
  • This is the worst company ever!!! Customer service agents want to put the phone down on you quickly, or they will say they will transfer the call to a different department, then the call drops. That happened to me several times. They never do what they say they are going to do, it's all lies. They just want to charge money, even if they are not providing a service, that is fraud. This company should be investigated and closed down. Never give any bank details to them or personal information, they will try to get your money, and it will be almost impossible to get it back. Very dodgy company. Never to be trusted.

    Jay 1/19/14 3:32PM
  • I am trying to transfer my number and Vonage has been screwing up the process for 10 days.

    Anonymous 1/8/14 12:38AM
  • This Company Is Absolutely Awful!!!! They Set Up Two Accounts And Double Dipped Out Of Our Bank Account For 8 Mo. Causing Numerous Overdraft Fees And Problems With Our Bank. Then It Took Forever To Get A Refund Of Even A Little Of Our Money And Then They Wanted To Charge Us 70.00 To Cancel Our Service. Then After They Said They Would Give Us The Promo Rate To Keep Us As Customers They Only Did It For 1 Month Then They Took 40.00 Every Month Screwing Up Our Accounts Again. When We Called To Complain They Said They Would Cancel With No Fee And Refund Our Money Plus Overdraft. Which They Did But Then That Same Day They Charged Us A 40.00 Cancelation Fee After They Said They Wouldn't. And Threw Our Account Into Havoc Again. I Am Contacting Every Agency I Can To Let Them Know What An Aful Company This Is.

    RSALBEE 1/5/14 7:27PM
  • I have been having problems with my Vonage service for three days. The person who is calling me hears much interference AND there is a 10 second delay in them receiving my replies and my getting theirs. I have called tech support several times, going through all of the voice activated questions, eventually becoming connected to a real person (last one today was Steve) only to be totally disconnected and hearing a loud "beep,beep, beep" like a busy signal that does not stop...and no one ever calls me back. My husband is ill and I NEED my phone service. How am I to get help?

    Anonymous 1/3/14 12:46PM
  • My name is Maria De La Luz Mora I am too upset with this company. Never respect what thy say by telephone. Also, they charge more That they say at the beginning. So be careful never hire this service.

    MARIA 12/5/13 5:33PM
  • Tried for 2 months to cancel my acct. Keep getting charged and hung up in when I call!!

    Anonymous 11/26/13 7:47AM
  • RIPOFF. Told me the bill would be 9.99 per month including taxes, the equipment was free and they valued me as a customer. All LIES. Vonage charged me almost 19.00 per month, double the amount I was quoted and charged me 15.00 for the equipment, then were rude and obnoxious when I called to dispute it. Total jerks.

    No longer a vonage customer 11/18/13 1:34PM
  • I am an X-vonage customer. The only other companys I have gotten this mad at is Comcast and At&t.

    I bought a vonage modem at Fry's Electronics in Webster, Texas. When I tried to get vonage service and use my vonage modem they would not allow it. I had and the modem they insisted on sending one. I can't return the 1st modem to Fry's and vonage won't allow me to use it.

    American business, aren't they great.

    Anonymous 7/2/13 12:03PM
  • I cancelled Vonage due to dropped calls , delays in conversation , poor service due to the fact they told me it would work great with satellite which is not true. I called and cancelled and after much discussion was lucky they agreed to waive the fee for cancelling. Since then I have been charged the $100 fee two times, had to pay to stop payment and have again received a bill. I am very frustrated and hope others do not fall for the low cost advertising. You get what you pay for. I am still trying to resolve this issue.
    Be aware and research before you buy!!

    Claire 6/22/13 3:10PM
  • I almost purchased a plan, but the salesman keep changing the "terms" of agreement. While I was reading the brochure, a nice lady walked up and mentioned that she was being double billed by both ATT and Vonage and she was unable to get them to stop. The salesman blamed her for the problem. That is when I decided not to get involved with this program. I am so glad that I did not sign up with them.

    Sheila Gray 6/9/13 6:14PM
  • Vonage sales management has been run by a bunch of crooks. Watch out and never work for them or sign up for their services.

    Anonymous 5/22/13 12:12PM
  • I am a former Vonage customer who spent the better part of an hour and a half getting through to a representative in the states. All I wanted was to have Vonage stop sending me mail solicitations on what has become a nearly weekly basis. Instead of assisting me with this simple request, I was shuttled between offices in East Asia and Latin America. The last person in one of the South American offices told me that there was nothing he could do and no "he could not transfer me." I had to either "talk to him or no one." I finally got a hold of someone in the New Jersey office who offered to help me remove my name from your database. If this sounds like an over reaction it is only because my past customer experience with you was so dismal. I had hoped to never contact or be contacted by Vonage again.

    Anonymous 5/20/13 2:28PM
  • The only problem I've had with Vonage is their outsourcing to India. I cannot understand the dialect, which leaves a person very frustrated. C'mon Vonage take it to the USA

    Anonymous 5/18/13 8:44PM
  • After all of these years with Vonage, your unprofessional customer service has broken the camels back and I am going to drop your service. In all the years with you I may average a call a year to customer service. Thus I do not appreciate any CSR trying to pin shortcomings as a fabricated problem that does not exist

    Anonymous 5/15/13 9:04AM
  • The worst company ever!!!!! They charge to much... They are going to tell yew something else and charge yew something else.... M trying to Sign in online to pay my bill but i can't...

    Zaheer baber 5/6/13 2:55AM
  • I have been trying to reach the marketing department of Vonage. I wrote to support and was sent an address but it didn't work. Tried twice.

    Helen Dunn Frame

    Grandi 5/5/13 1:42PM
  • I signed up Vonage service to use while I am traveling to China. However, China telecom blocked Vonage service (Vonage tech support told me that their phone adapter is being blocked), although it is not their fault, but Vonage should let users know the possibility before sign up their service, and now I been charged for the early termination fee for a service that I am not able to use at all.

    Anonymous 4/20/13 9:53AM
  • I've been waiting patiently to receive my promotional incentive prize for more than a month. I logged on to vonage webpage on 9/30/2012, began service on 10/2/2012, and still a customer. Tell me why I haven't received the "$50 Visa Card and two movie tickets" offered my " 18", after mulltiple calls to customer service and emails to corporate board of directors.

    DeeDee S 3/25/13 3:01PM
  • Vonage is an SCAM COMPANY! They advertise UNLIMITED CALLS but in reality it comes with 3000 Minutes of talk time only!!! What a false ADVERTISEMENT!!!! Beware of Vonage - They will wreck your CREDIT for life!!!!

    Juan 3/8/13 1:26AM
  • I find the customer service agents are quick to put down the phone in one's ear, if it sounds like they do not want to handle the problem. This happened to me twice with the last few days. The first time was after the agent argued that my Mac had to have an area to plug in the ethernet cord. Apparently he did not know that there were new computers that needed an adapter to use it. Also, is it me, or do I sense that these guys from Asian countries are intolerant of women who question them?

    thorag 3/4/13 5:36PM
  • I have never had a frustration with Vonage

    but now I am so frustrated.

    I call the phone # customer service

    then I get several minutes of trying to sigm me up for a trip to the Bahammas ...

    call back and then get trying to sign me up for a card for walmart ...

    COME ON - I called for business ...

    after listening for several minutes, I was advise to hang up and call another vonage #

    I will not put up with this ... if this continues, then I will switch carriers ...

    Finally got someone who did his best to answer by question about international calls

    Dan Amerson

    Anonymous 3/1/13 6:34PM
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  • I have had Vonage service for a bit over 4 years (VonageWorld) and it is fantastic. Contrary to another review, they DO offer unlimited calling -- just be sure you are on that plan !! On the few occasions I have had to call, their tech support personnel actually DO know their stuff in 99% of the cases.

    What I do NOT like are the outsourced agents whose dialect is so thick they are barely understandable. In fairness, they do try to enunciate better if you ask but it's still a challenge. (Compared to a certain major internet and cable tv provider who's outsourced reps can't even enunciate much less understand their product, Vonage is great.)

    Best of all: only 1 price increase in all this time other than increases in government FEES and TAXES which occur with all telecommunication companies.

    Drop the rest: go with Vonage.

    Anonymous 5/30/13 8:30AM
  • Vonage customer for 3+ years ... fantastic service/rates/tech support ! We have VonageWorld w/a virtual number. There has only been one (1) rate increase and that was $1/month (other than taxes/fees that all phone providers are required to have).
    BEST: Tech support is spot on correct, friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Even some of the outsourced reps make a point of speaking clearly. If one sends an email, the response is direct and to the point .. none of the canned response junk.

    Just wish Vonage would offer "call blocking". However, most Panasonic cordless phones have that feature.

    Vonage is GREAT. Don't even consider VOIP phone service thru Con-cast or the others.

    Midwest 11/25/12 5:44AM
  • I have been a vonage customer from the start(first 10,000 customer) and while ome times over the years the service went thru some growing pains, I have been very happy with my service. I would recommend Vonage to any of my friends or family! Keep up the good work

    Jeff Koistinen
    Marana AZ

    repoanything 8/29/12 12:35PM
  • vonage is giving very poor service to customer and sueing them for very poor mobile service to dont do business with they owe me lot money .refund money back to my card now

    Anonymous 5/18/12 9:38PM
  • People that usually have a problem with Vonage usually are quick to judge. First of all when people have audio issues typically its due to the internet service which can be fixed usually with a tech visit. Second of all there are complains about the price when the general public doesn't understand that alot of these taxes and fees are imposed by the govt since they started charging VOIP companies. As far as I know the price really hasn't changed since the beginning. International callers abuse the amount of calls they make which in turn effects other customers so there has to be a reasoable use policy which almost all VOIP companies have now!

    Speaking of International please tell me what company does not outsource these days. And if they don't there is usually judiciously long wait times double triple of that from Vonage or they just have online chat support which is a joke.

    People are under the impression that we have contracts which is not true. IF anything they just started one year agreements recently but you also get really good deal as well as a diminishing disco fee thru the year. Tell me what company that does that.

    I also hear customer that say they dont notice they are being charged for months or years. Are you kidding me I check my statements atleast weekly.

    So if anyone wants to bash Vonage go ahead but do your research first. Don't tell me anyone like Magic Jack or Net Talk has more features and dont tell me that Vonage did not start International calling at an affordable price from both home and cell phone first.

    fastnfurious18m 3/15/12 8:36PM
  • Excellent Service. Tech understood and made immediate Correction.
    Vonage service is second tp none.

    Ken1st 3/11/12 6:18PM
  • Great service, never a problem, saved me a ton of money over the years.

    ironman 11/18/11 6:39AM
  • hello,my name is nikita dailey and i just recently signed up for vonage home service and i want to just SHOUT out to all my friends and family how wonderful you guys are.I am so pleased with the level of customer service i loving it and just wanted to say thanks so much.I wish i would have known about vonage a long ago,but im glad to have your services now--special kudos for customer care rep pam kerns who really knows how to make a person feel special,she was so caring and informative and actually called me back to update me on my phone number transfer because she knew i was worried about it,thanks ms kerns and thanks vonage for hiring such caring looking forward to being a customer for a long time to come.

    nikita dailey 10/11/11 6:29AM
  • vonage customer service is exemplary..
    They appear to be trained to stay on the phone until they resolve the issue.. They are empowered.. adn there is little wait time..

    cafebarba 9/7/11 7:05PM
  • I have had Vonage for about 6 years and LOVE it! There have been times when I have had issues, but that is true for any company.

    Some of the issues I'm reading about here may be due to their type of internet connection. The better your line-speed, the better your sound quality. So if you have DSL, for example, you WILL have sound quality issues.

    I recommend the service on a regular basis and those that have signed up have had great results as well.

    My ONLY complaint is that when I have had issues in the past, the outsourced tech support was diffucult to deal with, but domestic support is excellent.

    Vonage CX 6/9/11 7:30AM
  • Today was my first time having to use technical suppoet and Ty was my customer serive rep. and his service was good.Thank You Ty, Molly

    Anonymous 4/6/11 8:11AM
  • I have had Vonage VoIP service since April of 2008. The only problem I have had is the Modem died and I had to buy a new one, pretty pricy. I recently decided to modify my service and the customer service rep was very helpful in helping me select a more cost effective service. I've had a few glitches, but everytime I call customer service they are helpful. My experience with Vonage have been glowing examples compared to other providers such as Verizon and Comcast.

    PistolPete 12/20/10 6:34AM
  • Keisha help me ms gibson with connecting my services she did an awesome job keep up the good work and give her a raises she was great and thanks to you all for the services

    Anonymous 8/25/10 8:47PM
  • I have had Vonage phone service for a year with out any problems. I can recommend the service without hesitation.
    I just spoke to a customer service representative and she answered all my questions concerning lesser minute plans quickly and fully.
    My only concern is the cost rises but so do all my other cable and high speed internet services.

    Anonymous 7/14/10 1:13PM
  • I have had vonage since Oct 2005. yep, five years almost. No issues, oh once in awhile i can't get to the web interface but not often, I forward my calls to my cell when I am at work, they sent me a new modem after mine was three years old. Hooked it up, five minutes, it worked fine. When my power went out for five days, due to an ice storm, vonage service forwarded all my calls to my cell phone, no missed calls. I have a virtual number for my sister to call me from CA, I had an 800 number for awhile as well. I still love this service to this day. And the price is right. All my family live out of state so the phone bill was going to be outrageous with any other service, not vonage, its 25.00 a month...for the last five years. No surprises. yep they have my credit card, yep they charge it every month, nope no one has ripped me off yet. Guess I have just had excellent luck.

    Anonymous 5/21/10 10:03PM
  • Pleased with response. Kyle very helpful. HELEN WHITE

    Anonymous 5/18/10 11:32AM
  • My name is Richard Bruyn and I had purchased a Netgear wireless-N300 Router.
    Had problems hooking it up in conjunction with the Linksys broadband Router to the point that I was going to return it to Best Buy.
    But before returning it I called Vonage and a gentleman by the name of Tyrone Williams walked me through the whole process. It works fine and I am very grateful for that.
    Richard Bruyn
    Goleta, CA.

    R.Bruyn 5/5/10 12:14PM
  • I have been with Vonage since 2003. I think they are great. I have not been 100% happy all of the time, but who has with any company. They have saved me thousands of dollars.

    I do NOT work for them, I am a customer.

    BrainStorm 4/21/10 12:03PM
  • Good customer care.. They r very good in all.. Thanks..

    Nice Vonage 10/29/09 1:07AM
  • I have had vonage on lines in 3 different houses for the last 5 years. I have never had a problem that was not due to computer/server/comcast problems. Vonage reps have always been great. I just wish they were 24hour help. They need to get with it and make help at least available 7 days a week. I would recommend this service to anyone. One caveat...before you sign up for global service to 60 counties try by the minute pricing. It usually turns out to be cheaper.

    Happydays 9/20/09 8:46AM
  • customer service reps are friendly and very helpful. The Vonage network is very unreliable and not of good quality, but always get great help anytime I call customer service. They always know what they are going, I just always have some problems every couple of weeks.

    Qsi,Inc. 8/19/09 7:35AM
  • I had an issue with my fax working and after several tries I called the vonage # for customer service. I got Beth who was polite and accomodating . She went over and walked me through settings on my sharp fax machine . I rebooted all my hardware , she hung up and did some technical fixes and as she promised called back , sent me a test fax , I sent my original fax and it was all done. It was a stellar performance as far as i am concerned . Bravo Beth and vonage !!!!

    Anonymous 4/6/09 8:36AM
  • I like many of you had problems trying to close my account. I finally got it closed, only to see the annual billing amount show up on my credit card. When I called and said that I had cancelled the account and I wanted my money back, they said that wasn't possible and that I had to write to the corporate offices! What? I cancelled my account and they still processed the annual fee. Well, I found the phone # for the Executive Response Team at Vonage and thought, what the heck, I'll give them a call. Well, to my surprise, someone called back, listened and is crediting my account! Oh, that number? 1.888.580.4020. Hope it works for you!!

    Anonymous 3/25/09 7:19AM
  • Vonage was great for me (good call quality, etc), but after I found Magicjack for $20 a year (that's right, about the cost of one month of Vonage), having Vonage really made no sense anymore. Sure, it means I have to have my computer on to receive calls, but I used the Vonage line so infrequently, it didn't make sense anymore. I've been on the phone with a very courteous customer service rep for about 10 minutes as they continually try to keep me as a customer (free 2 months of service, who knows what else they'll offer next). I had to tell her that I wanted my account canceled no matter what.

    goodride 1/2/09 3:43PM
  • I have used this service for over 2 years. No problems....saved some cash as well.

    randy 12/18/08 9:27PM
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  • Vonage Tech rep here. If the call reaches either India or Philippines, stop getting a mental block that the issue won't be resolved. We've been trained properly and paid properly. Most of the times, if people could simply follow instructions, the issue will be fixed. We don't have a magic button to press and resolve the issue. We need to probe and get all the required information. Lets say if it's an audio issue, most of the times, you people make it a big deal even to look the Vonage device and tell us where the cables are connected. Sales people lie. Wake up people. It's called the sales department for a reason. That's what every corporate does. If you're signing up for something, take 30 mins to go through the Terms of Service. It's not a big deal, right? Thanks.

    VonageEmp 10/5/13 9:57AM

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