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BJs customer service is ranked #242 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 14 ratings. This score rates BJs customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


13 Negative Comments out of 14 Total Comments is 92.86%.


1 Positive Comment out of 14 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • the BJ's in Clermont Florida hwy 27 bunch of racist I will never shop there again I had the worst experience with customer service and management I bet I can have it predominantly white they would have signs everywhere stating that they would and the gm manager Paul horrible overnight Jason and ian horrible don't work nor shop there

    cave mann 8/12/14 11:10PM
  • I had a return today at the Framingham, MA store. There was a good 1/2 wait, due to lack of staffing at the customer service desk. The employee was helping membership sign-ups and tried to call for more support without any satisfaction from store manager/assistant manager. Two customers waited, but finally left the store. There was little concern about this problem, indifference by the assistant manager who was on the floor near the customer service. Another employee finally arrived at 10:20 when it was her shift, very pleasant and certainly not her issue. The store needs to address this customer service situation. Certainly waiting is sometimes expected, but an attitude is not acceptable!!!! BJ's needs more training for managers and assistant managers!!!! very disappointing!

    Anonymous 4/10/14 2:07PM
  • The other day my friend and I visited one of your establishment. Wait person must have had an off day. Ordered coffee but no spoon to stir it with. No napkins and utensils. Appetizer ordered but never received. We are not going back. Lack of customer service.

    Anonymous 4/6/14 11:16PM
  • I went to Bj's by my house today(store 199) and bought several items. When I went to the cash register to pay I forgot about a refund check for $30 to be deducted from my bill. I told the clerk she sent me to customer service to remedy the problem. I waited on line for a while then was helped by Megan who didn't help at all. Megan's only concern was to see that the checker who did this outrageous thing was to be reprimanded! Finally after doing this she told me she would have to void the total order hold that amount against my credit card and re ring my order and charge me again. This is outrageous, Megan should be reprimanded for not wanting to do her job! Because her customer service sucks!

    Anonymous 11/21/13 10:39AM
  • To Whom It May Concern, We purchased a Oliva tv from BJ's and have had nothing but problems with it from the start. We called customer service and they were not very helpful only telling us that the company went out of business three years ago and they gave us a toll free number that does not exist anymore. Pretty much they told us we just out of luck. Well we wont ever step foot in BJS again and we would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem with this TV? So long BJS
    your not the kind of company we would ever patronize again, that's why you give free shopping passes but everyone still goes to Costco's they please their customers!!!

    Anonymous 4/17/13 1:18PM
  • I purchased 2 new tires for my vehicle on Monday, March 25th. I requested that the front tires be replaced with the new tires and the front tires being removed are to replace the two rear tires.
    There is a large sign at the tire center in Bowie, which states "over 1300 tires ready to install in 24 hours or less. Unfortuneately, the tires I wanted to purchase would take six (6) days to come in. I did not want to wait, I wanted tires. So now I needed to get the most expensive tire that was available for my car. That was fine, because I did not want to wait.
    The next day, I noticed the PSI for the drivers rear tire had lost some pressure. I figured it was settling. I did not check it the following day. On Thursday, I decided to check the PSI from my dashboard and the tire had lost a considerable amount of air. I did bring my car back and explained that the tire was losing air, and it was fine before replacing on rear of car. The gentleman came out and stated the workman had checked the tire and found nothing wrong. They stated they sealed around the rim and this should be fine. I thought this was great. I drove home which is only 3 miles away and parked my car in the garage. I would not be needing to drive anywhere since I would be cleaning house and getting ready for Easter.
    This morning, Monday, April 1st I got into my car to go to work. My dash was beeping indicating that my tire pressure was now "20". I was now furious. I went to work and immediately after I go off, I drove to BJ's Tire Department.
    I was not too happy with the party behind the counter. Making excuses to the effect that I did something wrong. After a considerable length of time, the person came out to tell me there was a small screw in the tire that they will repair. My question is why is the customer made to look like they did something wrong, when the problem was brought to their attention several days prior. The guy stated I must have gotten the nail while driving away. How could that be when I brought it in for a problem. If I do something wrong I am to blame and will admit it, but for your company to try and make it sound that it was my fault is totally unacceptable. How many people have been made to feel like this. I previously have been very pleased with service and have recommended many people to get their tires at BJ's, but I do not know that I will in the future.
    I do hope I will received a reply to this email.

    Anonymous 4/1/13 4:32PM
  • VERY bad experience in the West Hartford, CT location. I happens to be in the area on a business trip and needed a TV and some cables. I went in picked up the item and headed to the checkouts, only to find out a mob and hit the club. there were folks every where with only 5 opened checkout and 4 self checkout. I stood in line for 20 minutes or so just to pay for two items. I did not see any sense of urgency from the team members and supervisors/managers they were just there as lost as every. NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

    HumKab 12/5/12 10:23AM
  • please refer to ticket:

    While my comments may have been forwarded to the propper department by Alicia B,

    I have yet to hear back from anyone,Is anybody there? does anybody care?

    philip ronkin 11/26/12 3:20PM
  • I tried to return a Lanesboro (BJ's own brand label I believe)solid blue dress shirt that was given to me as a gift ie. I don't have the receipt. It was the wrong size and all I wanted was to exchange it for the correct size. There were stacks of similar Lanesboro dress shirts there, but the Nashua store GM would not exchange it for the correct size without a receipt because his computer said it is worth $1 - implying that is the price it may have sold for. I have never seen a dress shirt for just $1 anywhere and the implication that I was purchasing this shirt to EXCHANGE IT for another similar cotton dress shirt that is just a smaller size, but somehow worth more is ludicrous.

    This would have never happened at Costco.

    Anonymous 1/4/12 2:17PM
  • My family are long time shoppers at BJ's. In October at the Clermont location, I purchased a 47inch screen Vizio. I have purchased a total of four Vizio's and like them. However, the TV went on sale for Black Friday and I showed up in Clermont. I also use the Allentown, PA store and love it. I can always count on the Clermont, FL store to be a problem. They would not give me any type of credit. However, I had a bracelet on which the clasp would not hold. Allentown returned it and Clermont would not. I can predict getting no customer service at Clermont. As far as the TV is concerned if you go to Sam's you have a year to return. Guess I will have to look at Sam's Club instead. I also find the staff at Clermont inflexible. Thank you. Pat Zavilla

    Anonymous 12/1/11 4:57AM
  • The Batavia, NY store is staffed by disinterested, bored, clueless employees who do not know the first thing about Customer Service. They will not open registers for customers but will just stand by while customers have to check themselves out through the Self Service Aisle. Training? They need more than training. Maybe a few weeks in the unemployment line will instill some interest in doing their jobs?

    Anonymous 11/22/11 2:51PM

    Anonymous 11/4/11 6:46PM
  • I purchased an E-reader from BJ's. It NEVER worked! BJ's customer (non)service was USELESS. Their return procedure was impossible to use.

    I eventually threw away the piece of junk they palmed off on me. They kept sending me procdures for return which were IMPOSSIBLE to comply with. Well worth the 50 or 60 bucks I paid just to be rid of it.

    I threw away my BJ's card. They do not read any message they get. Each time I try to get them to stop notices that it's too late to return the junk they sold me, they send me another message telling me it's too late to return it.

    Anonymous 10/4/11 10:24AM
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  • I have never had such fast and friendly help as I did with BJ's Member Support. They were able to assist me with very little questioning as to why I called and gave me the exact answer I needed. Seems other companies need to learn from the people that answer the phones for them. They know how to do the job right.

    Thank You for all your help.

    BJ's Lover 7/11/12 4:29PM

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