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Kodak customer service is ranked #528 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 185 ratings. This score rates Kodak customer service and customer support as Terrible.


180 Negative Comments out of 185 Total Comments is 97.30%.


5 Positive Comments out of 185 Total Comments is 2.70%.

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  • I bought a Kodak Playfull ZE1 and it would not read my SDHC card. I figured out (on my own) that it has an outdated firmware. I went to the Kodak site and the given instructions would not work. I called tech support and was only told that they could not care less about the camera buyers as the no longer make cameras and therefore offer no support for them. They could however fix it for a fee if I sent it to them. With such a lack of concern for customers and absence of customer service and support I will not buy anymore Kodak products.

    Tony 7/20/14 5:23AM
  • Kodak Office Hero 6.1 This is my LAST Kodak product. Print head jams, can't remove. And, of course, contains brand new inck, so it is money wasted. When it worked, it worked fine, but, now it is headed for the junk pile. Kodak camera? Continually drains the batteries. Kodak: you have gone the way side of cheap products to increase your bottom line and you have trashed your own name. Good bye.

    Hylda 7/12/14 6:57PM
  • not only is the 1800 number you have printed on your throw-away cameras inoperable, but the person speaking the unintelligible message (to hang up as we not longer provide service) doesn't even speak english very well!!!!!! what a terrible website, that you can no longer speak with a 'human'!

    the longer gets a human response nor do ANY of the listed 1800 numbers suggested by others also trying to reach a human with Kodak camera information!

    windowa 4/21/14 10:59AM
  • I am so very unhappy as, I had got a new pc & went & put my Kodak easyshare cd in my pc & well it would not download the pictures & through a lot of searches I found out that the easy share program was no longer in now I am stuck with a camera that I can not get my pictures out to put in my pc???

    eastiemm 4/12/14 12:00PM
  • Printer cartridges do not function correctly . I have put in new ones and had approx 6 pages of black text only from new !?! The printer insists on replacing with a new one and I cannot print without buying again . Complete rip off - avoid at all costs !

    Anonymous 3/31/14 12:51PM
  • Not helpful at all, you do not sell ink cartridges for Office 2150 Other than the XL #30.
    They are too expensive and don't last longer than the regular cartridges.I know I have been using them for over 3 years. The ink in any cartridge does not last long at all and I don't print a lot of stuff.The black ink makes letters come out light.Halfway thru the cartridge I have to buy another one , when the one I have is still have full.This is not the best printer I ever bought. Its a waste of money for me since I am a senior, I can't afford to waste my money and that's all I do with this printer.

    Anonymous 3/26/14 1:59PM
  • This is really frustrating that you get a camera and you think it is going to be easy and you can't get it to work. I hope that I can find a support at Kodak and get this downloaded or something so I can have my pictures.

    Anonymous 3/26/14 11:28AM
  • Bought a Kodak hero5.1 for home use only. Got it in Jan 2013. It now goes through the motions of printing a page, but it comes through blank. Upon contacting Kodak, they say they could get someone to look at it for £45, and that the repair would be guaranteed for 90 days.....90 DAYS!!!! I could buy a new printer for £50 and have a guarantee for a year. Won't be buying there products again.

    Joe G. 3/18/14 5:51AM
  • I Will Not Be Buying Another Kodak Device Of Any Kind. They Have No Customer Service At All. Yes All Calls All Calls Go To India. Not Only That But India Wants To Charge You $500 To Fix Any Of The Issues ( Thats Kodaks Fault) After They Have Come In And Taken Over Your Computer And Have Said They Can Fix With No Problem. They Do Not Tell You Until About 20-30 Minutes Later That They Will Be Charging You To Support The Equipment Kodak Has Sold You. Kodak You Suck!! These Issues Are Your Problem! You Are A P/$$ Poor Company. There Is More To Business Than Selling People Crap. If There Is An Issue Then Stand Up And Give The Support To The Customers That Feed You! Your India Support Is Ruining Your Business And Your Rep. You Are Selling Your Equipment And Then When They Need Assistance You Have Basically Told Us All To Bend Over So That India Can Break It Off In Us! You Have Lost This Customer And Many Others Due To Your Attitude Towards The Very Ones Who Support You!

    DISGUSTED 2/6/14 11:43AM
  • I would like to go on record and let people know Kodak products should be avoided. I purchased a zi10 digital camera 1 year and 7 days ago. The touch screen controls don't work and the camera is usless. Kodak's warranty is an iron clad 1 year. They want more to repair the camera than to buy a new one.

    Dmlevitt 1/13/14 4:38PM
  • I am very disappointed with the service from your company. i recently moved and the soft ware for installation on my computer got lost . I wanted to see if there was a way of ordering what had been lost was a viable option. I was not able to reach a live person to see how to resolve this problem. Thanks you Mike Barden

    Anonymous 12/18/13 10:26AM
  • I purchased a Kodak ESP C15 a little over a year ago and it recently stopped working. I followed the customer support directions on line and the printer still did not work. After calling the customer support services personnel, I was told the printer could not be fixed and was offered a renovated printer for sale!! The customer support service is more concerned with making more money selling their own repaired printers than actually helping you fix the one you have already bought from Kodak! What a racket! I asked for a phone number to contact management personnel outside of customer service and was not provided with such information!!

    Anonymous 12/12/13 7:36AM
  • I bought a Kodak esp 1.2 printer - worst decision EVER! The ink cartridges breach ytrade descriptions. I bought 2 packs today. The 1st (supposedly handling 395 pages) printed 20 smeary poor quality pages then ran out. The second did not even manage a single page. I'm going to have to throw this printer in the bin and buy one from a supplier that is actually reliable This is just junk

    Mel 12/3/13 12:07PM
  • Customer service is the worst ever! Can't get to a person unless you pay. I bought Playfull Zi12, the manuel is online, but the web address given is invalid. I love the camera but will return it if I can't find help with the phone number given on this website.

    Angela Fountain

    Angela 11/28/13 1:17PM
  • I have an Easy Share camera. I have some difficulties using it and I received no help at all. I couldn't even connect with a real person and to top it all of you wanted to chart me $15 to get to a real person. It is no wonder that Kodak is in the dumper. I have used Kodak film for years but the company sure has gone down hill.
    Thanks for nothing.
    Tom Mills

    Thomas R. Mills 11/25/13 8:42AM
  • I have a Kodak Office Hero 6.1. This is the worst product I have ever made the mistake of purchasing. The ink cartridges "time out" on you and stop working regardless of use. I have never gotten more than 50 sheets of mostly plain text, and the cartridges are still full when they stop working. The OEM ones are worse than 3rd party ones, if you can find one that works.

    The unbridled greed of this company really stands out when you discover that if it doesn't have two fresh cartridges in it, it won't let you use any of the other functions
    (like the scanner).

    It's only a year old, and I guess it's going in the trash. I have too much of a conscience to sell this piece of crap to someone.

    Anonymous 10/18/13 1:27AM
  • I purchased a Kodak 6150, all in one printer.It lasted a little over one year of very light home use before it began to have cartridge jams. When the cartridge jam became permanent I called customer service(India)
    Their "solution" was to buy another Kodak printer for more then I paid for this one.
    I told him, Why would I buy another Kodak product when this is their sad excuse for customer service?
    He agreed with me...

    Anonymous 10/8/13 7:46AM
  • I have had an ESP5 All-In-One printer for approximately 6 years. First one ordered had a problem with the lift arm - Kodak replaced free of charge. Had a problem with printhead on new one and they sent a new printhead and extra combo (Blk/Color) cartridges free of charge. I cannot complain about this printer. I just had to order a new printhead and other than a problem with DHL Global delivery service, I expect to be using this printer for another 6 years. I use this for personal use and photo printing but it does get a lot of use.

    Mardi 9/14/13 2:37PM
  • Kodak are rubbish. My printer died after 14 months with very low usage. Customer support just tried to sell me a new print head and inks. I bought a new HP printer for less than they wanted for spares. No offer of free replacement of the head or the printer itself. They have no direct email for complaints.

    hutch249 9/11/13 11:12AM
  • My brother printed a photo he took of the wife and I with his printer and I was VERY impressed so we went out and bought one. With a baby on the way; printing our own pictures seemed more economical than having them done else were. The photo quality was amazing and we loved the printer even more because of all the money we saved compared to the HP ink we use to buy.

    After a period of about a year and a half (our daughters age) the print carriage got jammed up and it has never worked since. We contacted Kodak Via email and the response we received was not helpful at all. Mean while the HP PSC 1312v still works flawlessly but photo quality is lacking the luster of the Kodak. Not to mention the HP ink is Literally double the price of the Kodak ink.

    STEER CLEAR OF THIS MODEL. EVEN IF IT IS ON SALE FOR CHEAP. Because the frustration of going from having a printer one day and the next day not, and having to deal w/ Kodak through email alone is not worth the value.

    Gmburnz 9/10/13 11:34AM
  • Kodak is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I bought an ESP 7250 printr from them 2 years ago and it has never worked. Wireless is hopeless and so is the quality of printing itself. But worst of all is their helpdesk. Bad beyond belief. Today they told me that poor print quality was due to "stopped drivers" and that the solution was for me to "buy a new laptop": (a) it IS a brand new laptop and (b) as my problem persists when just using it as a copier, unconnected to any laptop, I'm pretty damn sure the printer is the problem!

    Perkin 9/5/13 12:00PM
  • All I want to do is to buy a new battery for my Easy Share Z740 camera. My original refused to charge after not too long - it has been so long I have actually forgotten I had a camera - thank goodness for my Samsung phone! I have tried to order a new battery on line from Kodak - clicking on BUY, the website sends me to printer cartridges. Absolutely useless and no-where to submit a question or complaint. Surely it is not too difficult to have the process send me to the right place? Judging from what I have seen, I do not really hold any hope of receiving a response, let alone buying a new battery!

    Frustrated 9/1/13 3:16PM
  • I purchased a Kodak 3.2 printer 12/2012. used it until end of June. printer head went bad. Used my ink cartidges do troublecheck, very costly. They did send a new printer in July....that too went bad...printerhead again. I troublechecked as they instructed. Ink supply went from 30% to less than 15%. They said they would another printer...the sama as I had, this time they would do trouble shooting before sending..mind you the second printer was new. I asked them why would I want another of the samre kind and same prblems. They would not refund my money. I ask them to send cartidges for the printer since I used mine troubleshooting..what a joke. Would I recommend kodak to anyone...not in a million years!!

  • Hi everyone!, please beware of the customer service of kodak.... especially the chat live! It's such a bad experience for me when I contacted customer support for my broken camera. They ask me questions in circles and they let me stay on line too long than is necessary. I would like to share to you our exchange of messages.

    FIRST CHAT: JULY 8, 2013

    Imtiyaz S.: Welcome to Kodak, my name is Imtiyaz S.. Please wait while I review your question.

    Imtiyaz S.: If you have an incident reference number from a previous contact or from a My Support on-line session, please provide that to me.

    marinel soriano: i called and I have a reference number
    Imtiyaz S.: Please let me know few Details in the following sequence:

    Your country Name:

    Your product Model number:

    Product serial number: (You will find Serial number on memory card latch or beside battery door.)

    Your Email Address:

    Your phone number:

    Is your product Refurbished?

    Date and place of purchase of your product:

    marinel soriano: Canada, camera kodak easy share C1550 model /

    marinel soriano: bought camera brand new

    marinel soriano: at canadian tire in montreal

    marinel soriano: bought last august 20 2012

    Imtiyaz S.: Do you have purchased receipt ?

    marinel soriano: yes

    Imtiyaz S.: Thank you so much for giving me the required information. This is the incident reference number for this chat :

    Imtiyaz S.: Please remove the battery and reinsert it again then turn the camera ON

    marinel soriano: i did, it makes a beeping noise and it reads lens obstructed

    Imtiyaz S.: Is the camera turning On ?

    marinel soriano: the date, time... appears. then it reads lens obstructed

    marinel soriano: only black screen

    marinel soriano: no, it is not turning ON

    Imtiyaz S.: What type of battery/batteries are installed in your camera?

    Rechargeable (Battery may be removable or non-removable.)

    Non-rechargeable, alkaline

    Non-rechargeable, "heavy duty"

    marinel soriano: i am using the battery that came in the box... alkaline battery

    marinel soriano: the original box it came in

    Imtiyaz S.: I apologize we would request you to use rechargeable batteries

    marinel soriano: i also tried that

    marinel soriano: the same thing

    marinel soriano: LENS OBSTRUCTED

    marinel soriano: the lens of camera doesn`t go back in, it stays sticking out

    Imtiyaz S.: Was the battery fully charged

    marinel soriano: YES

    Imtiyaz S.: Then you will have to send camera for repair.

    marinel soriano: please write down procedure

    Imtiyaz S.: Would you like to send camera for repair ?

    marinel soriano: it is my only option, i cannot reapair it myself

    marinel soriano: where do i mail itǍ

    Imtiyaz S.: Make sure you bought this camera in August 2012

    marinel soriano: yes. i have the receopt

    Communication with the RightNow Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.

    Disconnection in 240 seconds.

    Connection resumed.

    Imtiyaz S.: Make sure you bought this camera in August 2012

    Imtiyaz S.: Please Let me know :

    Product color:

    Shipping Address:

    marinel soriano: camera is dark blue

    marinel soriano: please ship back to: xxx randall avenue montreal quebec xxxxxx

    Imtiyaz S.: I have created mail in repair request for your product please check the email

    SECOND CHAT: JULY 22, 2013

    Ramu Burma: Welcome to Kodak, my name is Ramu Burma. Please wait while I review your question.

    marinel soriano: please refer to reference chat number 130708-001263

    Ramu Burma: Hi thank you so much for the reference number, please give me few minutes while I review the previous history.

    marinel soriano: when they e-mailed me the instruction in my e-mail account, I have realized that my address was in united states instead of Canada. Hence, the service center is in USA. Please e-mail me again the instructions but in my correct address plus the service center near my location

    marinel soriano: My complete address is XXX Randall Avenue Montreal Quebec XXX XXX, Canada

    Ramu Burma: Thank you please give me some more time I am still checking the case.

    Ramu Burma: May I know if you have the proof of purchase of the camera?

    marinel soriano: yes, this has been discussed already in the previous chat

    Ramu Burma: May I request you to please send the proof of purchase of the camera as an attachment to this chat now?

    marinel soriano: all I need from you is to e-mail me again the right address for the repair service here in montreal

    marinel soriano: i cannot do that

    marinel soriano: i have to use a printer to scan and i do not have an access to that

    marinel soriano: i will be able to send you this proof of purchase, an original one when I sent you my camera

    marinel soriano: lat chat took me almost an hour to explain my case, i hope this will not be the case again, i have other things to do

    Ramu Burma: I request you to email the proof of purchase of your camera and then contact us so that we can create the repair request with the repair center as the process has changed.

    marinel soriano: you guys are a fraud

    marinel soriano: i can't believe this, all you do is put people in circles

    marinel soriano: I WILLL NEVER EVER BUY FROM YOU


    Ramu Burma: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. As the process has changed we are requesting you the proof of purchase to send the camera to the Canada repair center.


    marinel soriano: YOU ALREADY USED UP MY TIME




    Ramu Burma: Yes we have changed the repair center the process has changed, kindly co-operate with us in assisting you.


    marinel soriano: NEVER MIND....


    Ramu Burma: I will send you an email please send the proof of purchase of the camera and then contact us to create repair request.

    marinel soriano: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME, A COMPUTER CENTER????


    marinel soriano: I HAVE NOOOOOO PRINTER


    Ramu Burma: May I request you to please scan it in any inter center and send the proof of purchase?


    Ramu Burma: Once we create the repair request you will receive an automated email with the address.

    Ramu Burma: For which we need the proof of purchase of the camera.

    Ramu Burma: I have not received a response from you in the last 3 minutes. I would like the opportunity to continue our dialog and resolve your issue. Please respond soon or this discussion will end.

    marinel soriano: what you are asking me is not worth it, you can see this conversation in your product and service review.

    marinel soriano: i already spent my hour to this chat nonsense.

    marinel soriano: you can keep your not that great broken not-even-a-year camera


    marinel 7/22/13 12:24PM
  • I purchased the wrong printer ink for my kodak all-in-one printer and tried to return it. I was told by the biggest super center in the US that they would not refund or let me exchange the product. I contacted kodak directly and was told they too would not refund my money or exchange the ink for the correct one. They told me that I could buy the correct ink I needed or buy a printer that would match the ink I had already purchased. Ofcourse why wouldnt I waste more money on a Kodak product?!!! What a joke? Customer service was a joke, its hard to argue with someone you cant understand.

    kimberly clark 7/17/13 8:48AM
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  • Very low yield of prints from ESP7 ink cartridges, black & colour. My guess is thers a lack of production control in your Chinesed based unit,resulting in the the cartridges being only partly filled.

    Anonymous 11/12/13 4:50AM
  • my experience with kodak customer service was great very helpful didn't take more than 10 min

    Anonymous 9/19/12 7:50AM
  • I LOVE Tech support. Even though, there phone number can be difficult to find, they are must pleasent to work with you and help you! Great products and services!!! Just wish my camera wouldn't eat batteries.

    Ashley 8/23/12 11:10AM
  • awesone phone support, 1-800 ONLY TREANSFERRED ONCE QUICK PICK UP OF LINE we bought a black cartridge and it was empty they did not hesitate at all to send us one. the phone rep was very friendly and helpful and did not question that we were telling the truTh, unlike the store walmart in carlisle that refused to exchange it and they never have enough in stock anytime. KODAK they are replacing our printer too wow KODAK ROCKS

    VENKAT 9/29/11 2:58PM
  • I had received a camera as a gift and there was a problem and it was fixed without any problems. I have to admit that I absolutely loved their Polaroid cameras and it's a shame that they don't make anymore film for that.

    Anonymous 1/14/11 4:12PM
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  • Hello guys !!!! I am working for Kodak as Customer care executive. I understand that the printer could be faulty or defective but its not we who are manufacturing the products. right? And yes, we are Indians and we have proved that we have a lot patience than any others and we feel proud talking with others in the world. Coming to the issues, it is the process which says to replace things or repair. NOT WE. We are here to follow the process and are bound within our limits which we cannot cross. It is the management that sets all these things and provides us with the answers. Do you know our job roles?? It is to follow the process that is given and replace after troubleshooting if the issue persists. Come on friends, we are not your enemies to deny all your requests and we are neither process makers. We strictly follow the rules.. rules.. rules.... We always feel bad whenever our customer is not happy. Service denial make us too unhapy. Finally, I want to say, our theme is to make you guys happy and if we were given a chance, we will give our company to you as you are the rulers and our business makers. We love you guys and we feel much more happy than you guys when you are satisfied.... plz forgive me if I ve hurt any of you...

    Kodak's Customer Exec 10/23/12 1:20PM

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