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Polaroid customer service is ranked #380 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates Polaroid customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


55 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 93.22%.


4 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 6.78%.

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  • My 7" tablet stops working within 30 days. Polaroid service NEVER pick up the phone. My 2 year "Pick up and return” guarantee on the product was worthless.
    I hand to send the device to them. They returned it with the message: ”We do not service this product. Out of leniency we return it without cost”
    Conclusion: NEVER buy any Polaroid product. Giving away the money to a total stranger will be more satisfying.
    I am Posting my experience with Polaroid everywhere can.

    yoda 4/8/14 4:03AM
  • Really? I had a quick yes/no question and tried calling Polaroid customer support. Was on hold for THIRTY-EIGHT MINUTES before I had to hang up and make another call elsewhere. Inexcusable "customer service."

    Craig 3/21/14 1:08PM
  • Aare you kidding? Had one quick question and was on hold for 38 minutes before I hung up to make another call to someone else. Polaroid is going down the same road as Commodore 64.

    Craig 3/21/14 1:01PM
  • I am furious. I got a Polaroid 8 inch tablet on January 2 2014 and today is Feb 14 2014. My tablet has totally quit. I called your customer service 3 times. I can't understand them they are all from India. I have my receipt but Walgreens won't give me a refund because it was over 30 days. That was alot of money for using something 43 days! I can't even get a live person that I can understand. I want a refund and I will never never, ever, ever as long as I live buy Polaroid products again. I will post on Facebook and every chance I get how lousy you are! Use my name I don't care! Donna Jordan

    Angryperson 2/14/14 5:29PM
  • please dont buy poloroid sunglasses.
    They dont care about issue of customer.
    Asking me to buy other sunglass instead of repairing the same.
    i wasted my Rs 3786.
    Just for 7 days

    cefy 2/12/14 8:05AM
  • Well seems I get to add my disappointment in Polaroid, I purchased a 32" flat screen t.v at the cost of 683.00 at Wal Mart in 2008, Had it a short time when the smoke came rolling out of the top, called and got no help but could buy a new board and replace it myself at the cost of 125.00 which I finially did, couldn't afford another t.v. as I'm a 73 year old widow living on just my s.s. Now the picture has gone out. seems like lots of people have this complaint also. what a rip off..I sure don't tell anyone to buy Polaroid products they don't last.

    Anonymous 1/7/14 7:26PM
  • I just got a Polaroid 8" tablet and there is no sound. The volume is turned up max. For a few minutes I got a ding when I got e-mail and now that sound does not come on either. I called a few times to be on hold for an hour and no person ever picked up. But I did get disconnected too which made me even more unhappy with your product. It looks nice and is thin and a good size, not being too heavy. Now if it only would work, I would be happy. The online help is a joke as well as the customer(non-exisant). One giant loop with absolutely no help at all. I am ready to take this back to the store and get my money back. This should not be so hard. The recording is annoying too since no one answers the phone. Either the phone is busy or you are on hold forever without ever speaking to a breathing live person. This just makes us more unhappy and seeing that you don't care enough about the people that buy your products and keep them waiting and waiting and waiting and have nothing to show for it. You need to be more helpful in all your customer service area as what you have now is totally useless. I hope you fix it very fast or this and the other tablets are going right back to the store. Life is too short to put up with this stuff. What ever really happened to customer service. Once upon a very long time ago there was such a thing. It needs to be brought back. And I want my tablet fixed too. At this point the rating for your product and service is a very dismal big red "F". Needs improvement or at the very least learn what service is so you can provide it. One very unhappy camper.

    J 12/27/13 11:18PM
  • dont ever buy anything with name Polaroid on it.Spent 1100 on hd tv,it wont turn on .Went in internet,found out hundreds of people with the same problem.Polaroid wont do anything about it when called.Talked to Fernando,a supervisor who was no help at all.Told us we need a new control box for 89.00.We asked about ordering one,they checked our model number and said they didnt have for that Polaroid tv.What should we do with the tv,junk it.He then said there was nothing he could and hung up on us.Great customer service.Will not ever buy anything with name Polaroid on it.

    rudi 12/15/13 1:42PM
  • I see I'm not the only one not very happy with your company. I have a Tv model # TLA-04641c that I tried to connect with my computer( which in the manual says can be done) and the TV hasn't come on since. When I called for tech support the person I spoke with told me about some sort of "glitch" and for about $100.00 he could send a part to fix it. At the time I was pretty upset since I hadn't had the tv that long. Now I would like to get the part and do not know what part i'm looking for. can you help me?

    Lizardog 12/15/13 11:18AM
  • I recently purchased 3 polariod tablets s10 for my grandkids for christmas, I cannot get one of them to start up, I've called you number for help and sent an email and noone has returned any messages, at this point I'm ready to take them back to the store, if I cant get these set up for them how are they going to enjoy them. Your customer service sucks

    Anonymous 12/3/13 10:06AM
  • Your customer service in India is awful, hard to understand and she requested personal information. I purchased a MP3 player/camera and it does not charge. Will never purchase a Polaroid again.

    MaryLou 11/25/13 12:16PM
  • Hello good day
    I am sorry to bother you. And sorry for my english that is bad enough.

    I buy a year ago a Tablet Polaroi which used only to play, I bought at the end of November 2012 at the Walmart store.
    The Tablet ceased to function at the beginning of August, By internet locate to Diamond Electronics that provide support for warranty here in Mexio.

    They gave me the address and telephone number of a supplier here in Monterrey to carry my Tablet to repair with the warranty of the product.

    On 14 August 2013 perform the Tablet to repair and they gave me the order in which I am enclosing the present mail, they were left with my note of purchase, i asked for to make valid warranty.

    With the supplier told me that it would take a week to fix it, passing week and a half not call and no one replied to me, I went and there was no longer anyone in the place.

    Call DIAMOND ELECTRONICS and they told me they had changed supplier, i asked them what was happening with my Tablet and i was told to call back the new supplier.

    Call the new supplier and he told me that he had nothing of the other provider.

    Again call DIAMOND ELECTRONIC and commented to me that I shouldn't worry that in 15 days i would a new Tablet (and they gave me a new number of order 9596), they asked all my data, telephone number, address and full name, as well as the repair order that had given me the supplier. This was the september 25,2013.

    Past 18 days call again because we have not received anything and they told me that in this week was again i wait.

    Step another week and still did not receive, nor the Tablet, or a call, or a message by mail.

    I went back to call and told me that the model of Tablet that i had bought no longer existed and that i would have to give a more recent model but that was until Monday for my home would be arriving on friday November 8.

    After this call i received an email from them informing me that are required will be mailed to them my ID, the repair order and the note of purchase. Send them immediately and the mail 5 days after I replied that it was already accepted and processed. This was the day November 6, yesterday call and tell me that misplaced my documents and who have nothing, that i have to go back to send the information and that in about 5 days I respond to see what comes.

    I don t know what to do, it was not cheap for my Tablet, i paid $200. Please help me

    TABLET POLAROID 11/21/13 7:15AM
  • I purchased a 19' flat screen TV at the store and bolingbrook, IL
    the TV Turned gray and die. I returned it to the store for an equal exchange or refund and was told that the tv was nolonger in the system. The tv is in the orginal box and i know i paid over $250 for the tv that has gone dead. I have been a loyal customer with wal-mart since the store open in bolingbrook, and i have alway been treated in a fair and reasonable manner. Has some change with your cutomer serve department. The tv went dead and i had it less than 3 year. I was told 2 to 5 years was the max and I had done good. That the these flat screen TV's were not built to last.. and unless i had a warranty or receipt there is no way i could be helped? is this true...Polariod has always stood behind the products you sale...are these workers telling the truth?
    Help me please !

    Totoopretty 10/23/13 9:57AM
  • I bought the IS426 on 9/28/13 it says there is a manual on the disk but have done a thorough search and there is not! I have looked online and have also tried to contact customer service which for Polaroid seems non-existent. I used to love polaroid cameras they were great but now am wondering if I made a mistake! rtilman

    rtilman 9/29/13 5:46AM
  • Hi Polaroid Person,

    My name is Charlene Mathis, on the 20th,of August I purchachased an MP3 Player,it is the 8GB Fc model PMP283-8, I was looking for another MP3, the one I have is full, an I saw this one (last on yhe self)and it was only $25.00. A Great Deal. It worked fine, then all of a sudden froze up on me, I reset it and it

    went off, but when I turned back on, Polariod came up and it would not function at all, would not budge, I feel so bacd , then I had my Sister check it and nothing, the warrant ends on the 20th Sept. My question is -"can it be fixed ? if so what do I do, I have not to many more days left????

    Please give me advice on this, I really like yhe player, and hope it can be fixed!!??!


    - Thank You so much for anything you can do!!

    Charlene 9/16/13 11:26PM
  • Contacted these people 4 information on how 2 order a part 4 a TV stand. Was told they don't have anything 2 do with the TV I was calling about & referred me 2 a # that is a recording asking U 2 leave your name & #. They will call U back within 24 hours! So am I just supposed 2 sit by the phone, 4 the next 24 hours & waited 4 someone 2 call me back? I thought I was a customer & their job is 2 help when I need help, not when they decide 2 call people back who need help. Twisted customer service!

    Anonymous 9/5/13 11:51AM
  • I have a Polaroid i633 camera and the CD soft wear that came with it is Photo Express 5.0, Photo Explorer 8.0, PC-CAM Driver. After I had installed them, I went into my Picture folder and "ALL" of the picture's I had are "ALL GONE"!!!! What happened to them and Where did the download store them??????? I just can't believe that all of my family photo's are gone!!! I would like a quick response!!!!! or Please Help Me!!!!!

    iamjustcrazy2 7/23/13 11:01AM
  • Dear Polaroid

    The other day I ordered and received overnight the Studio Series 58 2.2 extender and wide angle lens. Both appear clear but when I attach the 2.2 extender the image is sort of foggy looking. Since I paid a lot for this item and a bunch to have it overnighted I think it should be fog free. Do you have any suggestions to help? Or can you send me a replacement. As I've said I already spent a bunch on shipping and do not want to spend more. I'm trying to get close in to take pics of newly hatched meadowlarks so speed is important. My address is, Andrew Rentz, phoneI've always had great luck with all my other Polaroid products in the past. Anything you all could do would bee greatly appreciated.Sincerely Andrew Rentz.

    Andrew Rentz 7/14/13 10:50AM
  • I have the 10" Tablet, all I can say it that it is as far as Tablets go, that it is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned.

    Jammer 6/29/13 5:04PM
  • I was first so enthusiast with Polaroid but then needed to contact the customer support. Polaroid has outsourced the customer support to some other company and took ages to get them into contact. In the end they finally picked up and the guy was so mean without no reason! He really ruined my day and now feeling bad about Polaroid too. Seems that they really dont care about the customers if they outsource such a important part for this kind of cheap company:(..

    dissapointed 6/13/13 1:53PM
  • Just bought PolaroidXS80 and sound doesn't work. Returned the first one and second one has NO sound either, though advertised with audio.
    Trying to find support and all I get are references to other companies asking for money to solve problem.
    If this is Polaroid's service and warranty, this camera will go back to the store MOnday

    ETYZ 6/8/13 5:09PM
  • The worst customer service. I will never buy anything with the Polaroid brand again. Southerntelecom is a joke. I've never dealt with anything this bad. It's like the company is actively trying to get customers not to contact them.

    lolabelle 4/19/13 11:32AM
  • Never buy Polaroid !! My tablet stopped working say in I didn't have internal memory and I hadn't even downloaded anything! I then put an external memory card and it still didn't work!! It took forever for me to get in touch with costumer service and when I did I couldn't understand a word the man was saying he kept saying buy a new one but I refuse to ....I finally got in touch with Polaroid and made a complaint now I have to send it back which cost 30.$ that I shouldn't have to be spending they said it should take 5 weeks and its been a month I hope it comes soon or ill be highly upset

    kay 4/16/13 5:00AM
  • I have over 4 hrs talking with your tech dept [who are very hard to understand] and still have a computor that is now junk. your service stinks your corp tele # is no longer in service. Please have the corp head officer call realy pissed off Gene Whiting 2/27/13 10:21AM
  • It's true that during the holidays polaroid had hellish customer service.I got a polaroid tab during that time,and the customer service number didn't work. At the end of january,beginning of february maybe,the published number started working--877_768_8481.

    My tablet stopped holding a full charge even after I allowed the unit to run down completely so its charging circuit could be reset to give a more accurate reading.In the beginning the tablet held a full charge and benefitted from shallow charges every now and then. This means that you nver let the unit run down all the way, just to maybe 43 percent and charge it back up a little. It's better for li-ion batteries. Anyhow, my tab reached a point where it wouldn't get beyond 63 percent with its wall charger.
    I called the company and was treated professionally. I took their suggestion to charge using the usb port. Took forever but managed to increase to about 73 percent. I thought my wall charger went bad, so I called polaroid and asked them to send me another charger. I guess the charger is still under warranty, so they are sending me a new one free of charge. I should get it in a week so we'll see. So far though,no one has been rude. I will say that during the holidays customer service was nonexistent. I think that after so many folks complained Southern Telecom and Polaroid worked on doing a little better. Once I get my charger I'll post and see if service is still good.

    stellar 2/13/13 3:48PM
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  • wow,,,renaldo was remarkable on the phone today. He fixed my TV over the phone and the local repair man wanted 160.00. I have nothing but really wonderful things to say about this man. He was so patient and understanding...thank you

    carlena duffie 1/10/13 9:22AM
  • I don't know why everyone is having an issue but I called, talked to the service rep, and had my item shipped back (at my cost, unfortunately) to the repair center

    Anonymous 7/20/12 3:10PM
  • Best customer service I have dealt with in a while. Connected in 10 minutes. Customer service person was knowledgeable about the product. Walked me through a few tests. Camera failed. He issued me an RMA and emailed it to me. Had it in 5 minutes. He was pleasant, Knowledgeable, spoke English and actually helped me. Kudos to Polaroid and Mark.

    oldschool52 7/23/10 11:42AM
  • I purchased a 32" LCD TV Polaroid from(Wal-Mart)about 5-1/2 years ago. I researched TVs for 6+ months before purchasing. The TV still works well to this day, no problems. Called customer support for info once and they helped immediately. The sound on this set sucks but I new that when I purchased it and the reviews were correct, it sucks but external sound system takes care of this. With all the negative comments about TVs I wanted to tell a good experience and product.

    oldschool52 6/30/10 5:44AM

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