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America Online customer service is ranked #594 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 411 ratings. This score rates America Online customer service and customer support as Terrible.


393 Negative Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 95.62%.


18 Positive Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 4.38%.

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  • I have tried for three days to cancel my service. The automated system tells me to call back later EVERY time I call. I call numerous times a day.

    Dma4420 2/11/14 1:05PM
  • You really do have to press 0 about 6 or 7 times to confuse the system and then continue pressing the # key until you are eventually transferred to a live person who does not speak english nor Spanish.It's reDONKulous.

    Anonymous 2/11/14 11:54AM
  • Service is terrible. Every time I change my password it works for a day and it does not allow me to access therafter. I get a message that there is supicius activity on my aact and service is temporaly suspended.

    pkadish 12/30/13 11:09AM
  • I use aol for free and have for many years, i call the customer care number and they tell me i can't speak to a rep because i don't pay.

    YOUR CUSTOMER CARE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 11/22/13 1:56AM
  • Impossible to speak to a REAL Person!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pat Buchanan a 15 year user of AOL.

    can not reset password!!!!!!!!!

    If I had the screen/password I w 10/28/13 4:35PM
  • I am very disappointed with AOL and the customer service. I have had an account since 2003, and no longer desire to have the account, as other services are being used. As government worker and now due to the shutdown, I called customer service to get my account closed because of my money crunch. Not only will they refuse to send me anything to confirm the account is closed, I waited 10 minutes on the line for the representative who raised his voice and insulted me. This is ridiculous that he has a job and I am forced to sit home.

    Anonymous 10/2/13 8:16AM
  • worst service i have ever experienced. i need this for real estate. ive been waiting for anson for 35 minutes. what a way to run a service. i also object vehmently to having to agree to allow this to be used published bycontact help. this is an outrage and not constitutional as i can only get through by checking this. more greif.

    pm23451 8/31/13 8:44PM
  • Ive been trying to reach a live person for 3 or 4 wks

    Seward 8/23/13 1:13PM
  • I Have Been Trying To Talk With Someone For A Week Now About My Password Tp My Email. I Forgot It, So They Say I Can Reset It. So Then The Computer Voice Tells Me Their Going To Ask Me One Of My Security Questions So I Can Get In. Unfortunatly For Me They Ask A Question That Is Not Mineand Then Cancell The Call, They Service Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KGQUARTER 8/17/13 11:17AM
  • I have a major problem with AOL. My name appears on my buddy list all the time even when I close down my computer and also close down my wifi. I have call AOL tech support many times and they were unable to help me. I have called the CEO of AOL and got no call back at all. I have written to the CEO of AOL and still no response. About two weeks ago someone from AOL tech support called me and they check my computer and said indeed this is an AOL problem and they will resolve the problem and they would get back to me in two days. Never heard from them. Still having this major problem. Both of my sisters and friends have informed that my name never goes off my buddy list.

    Evelynmyron 7/7/13 7:20AM
  • An AOL representative deleted one of my antivirus programs while optimizing my computer. I want to know how I can get it back. I have been trying to contact a live person but all I get is FAQs which doesn't pertain to my problem. Chat wasn't available. and lastly when I call and is connected, I get nothing. May I ask what is wrong? Is it the people or the system. 6/18/13 4:57AM
  • Why does it say it is open until 1 and it is closed. What happened to 24 hour service? So now I am paying for a service I can't use.

    cards6599 6/3/13 6:57PM
  • Dear AOL,

    As an AOL member since 1996, I must express my complete disappointment and total disgust with the recent actions and events regarding my account. On April 21, 2013 I was unable to sign into my account, so on the next business day I began calling to get some resolution, only to find out my account was closed by AOL. No reason was given. I have never been late with my monthly payment. So to have my account closed without warning and disregard to any related billing and important business contacts attached to my email address of 16 years is so frustrating. After calling AOL for more than 4 weeks, no resolution has yet to be performed by tech support or billing, I continue to get the same run around.
    I have been promised call backs on many occasions by supervisors and yet to receive one. I'm so disappointed in the lack of concern regarding such and important customer issue. I expected more from AOL and have been let down. I think the situation could have been handled differently. I believe if my account was going to be closed by AOL, they should have provided a warning or given me the courtesy of given my contacts from my address book so that I could inform my contacts of a new way to contact me. Instead now all my incoming emails are bouncing back to the senders.
    I know that I'm only one person, one customer but I have been loyal and on time with my payment for 16 years. At this point I'm not sure what can be done or if anyone in the corporation would really care about the bind and aggravation this has caused me. It might be too late for me or my account issue to be resolved, but maybe this could be a learning lesson for AOL for future customer service lessons and ways to retain customers.

    GA30034 5/23/13 11:15PM
  • I hav been on the phone for more than 2 hours, spoke to more techs, and robots and got nowhere. I received a bill for $17.95, since I never ordered anything from aol that cost money. I have been tying to find out, when i ordered the items, and asked for a copy of original proof of such purchase .I am sorry to keep repeating myself but to add insult to injury, I have always paid my bills on time yet i went to a restaurant and the card was denied for also about $17, did they confuse the two issues. If i don't hear from you with an official bill, I shall take this issue further, because I am very proud of my financial record and do not wish to have it besmirched by this problem

    flora 489 4/5/13 1:27PM
  • OMG the tip someone put before actually worked!!!! AWESOME actually on the phone with them right now!

    Yami0601 3/6/13 8:15AM
  • Forget chatting online with or calling the 800 # for aol 'tech' support; it's a joke! I have had aol dial up for 14 years and paid $25.90 for the past 10. I had 2 toll-free internet access lines but on January 1st, it was cut down to 1 line and I had to accept a toll line in place of one toll-free or I wasn't allowed to 'continue'internet access. I wanted to know why I no longer had the 2 toll-free number but when I called,I couldn't get a live person on the 800# so I tried 'live chat' with a tech. Turned out the tech 'Lene' was in a foreign country and 'couldn't understand' what my (simple) question was. We played that game for more than 20 minutes and then suddenly, I got a 'session ended' message. Next, I received an email from someone with a foreign name and the email message was in a foreign language! 2 subsequent emails gave me instructions to jump through all kinds of hoops but never did respond to my question. As of Feb 1st,I cannot access the internet vial the 1 toll-free #; without exception, it switches to the 1 toll to use. Sayonara aol!

    tushyantj 3/3/13 3:34AM
  • never seen such poor and misleading customer service.
    i can't understand what is being told to me. i feel that aol is just trying to sell services when i might not need them. one tech told me a hacker is on my computer and another said no.

    lfrackman 2/20/13 11:34AM
  • I am not able to get into my email account due to suspicious activity. Technical support says I need to pay $99 to reset my password and then gives me this "customer service" number where it tells me I may be on hold for a half hour?!?!? WOW. I plan on opening up a new acct with another provider. Phone support only for those that are paying customers. What a joke.

    mollyposer 2/4/13 12:29PM
  • AOL help cuts me off and then they write me this

    Dear AOL Member,

    We know it can be frustrating to spend your valuable time contacting technical support. We appreciate you working with us to resolve your issue related to troubleshooting our AOL Desktop Software.

    If you have any further questions about our AOL Desktop Software, or would like to review the troubleshooting steps taken when you contacted us, click here to go to the AOL help page for Troubleshooting our AOL Desktop Software.

    In case you still need us, our Live Technical Support chat team is available 24x7. To contact a live tech or billing agent, go to and click on "Contact AOL" at the top of menu. And, of course, you can always contact customer support by calling

    We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best online experience possible. Thank you for being a valued AOL member.


    AOL Member Services

    Note: This is an automated email from AOL. Please do not reply to this email as this mailbox is not monitored.

    fcw486 1/12/13 8:02AM
  • i have been with aol for 15 yrs ,when they came out with the free version i stayed with paying 11.95-i noticed they charge me 17.95 twice in 2 days- when I called was told the last payment they recieved was in Dec 2012,when i questioned the two payments ,I then was told they didnt recieve Nov. payment ,when i said you just told me the last payment was Dec and this is just January to which they said because you have been with aol for so many yrs and are a valued customer i will give you a free month -well that is nice but still dont under stand why it when up from 11.95 to 17.95 and was told you have a lot of benefits you are using yes and those benefit is suppose to be free and guess what lost connection -now i cant get on at all and aol was my default page grrrr-im done with aol should of listen to everyone that try to warn me over the yrs

    gowithflo46 1/11/13 9:22AM
  • I can't find anyone in AOL to help me settle my late father's account. I've been left on hold for 20min and then cut off. I even spoke to someone who didn't seem to understand that my father had died. Shocking. No training and clearly no ethics!!!
    Shame on you.

    gisellegunn 11/30/12 4:14AM
  • First of all let me tell everyone that it is now a new tactic of AOL to get you to pay monthly, they are disabling all free accounts. You will consistently get a message when signing on "Unusual activity has been detected", they want you to reset your password. Once you do and go back to the signon page, you will just keep logging you out each time. When you call the customer service help line, you will get transfered over and over and then put on hold and disconnected. Call back, they say they need to charge you $100 for tech service to see what the problem is. I have had my AOL account for 15 years. You think they would have the decency to to send am email before closing it down so you be prepared. They should be turned over to some agency, but hey, HELLO YAHOO>
    Oh and below they want you to leave your email, hello, you blocked it.

    dkchitty 11/28/12 1:07PM
  • First let me state I love aol and if they had dsl I would still be with them instead of just free e-mail--haven't had problems directly with them until today.

    i tried today for one hour to ask for a person in the United States to talk to about an issue that I needed information about thinking perhaps I may pay for security installed from aol for tech support and problems--did not want to speak with anyone with an accent (no criticism intended)becauise I cannost understand them. I was told it is impossible and not to call back again with such a question. Hard to believe there is noone in these United States that can't be reached to speak live to. I have just finished reading all the negative reports ragarding aol suppport and feel they perhaps were not the best to speak with even if it were possible to reach them. WHAT A DISAPPOINTEMENT!!!!! lORRAINE

    LLEO79 11/24/12 7:02AM
  • tried calling numerous times and keep getting disconnected!! So frustrating, plus they have charged my uncle who passed away 4 times in one month!!!! Shame on them!!!!

    Anonymous 11/19/12 4:17PM
  • I'm having trouble accessing both of my free email accounts on AOL. I have two accounts,and both of which I cannot access. It says that both of my accounts have been canceled. I don't understand how that is possible because I haven't checked my accounts since Tuesday on my iPhone. There must be some kind of error. I've had my email account since the 90's and it has all of my accounts and emails in there. I'd like both of them to be reactivated please. If I cannot get access to them, I will lose all of my data. This has never happened to me and I hope this is just some kind of maintenance problem.

    jt2cute4u 10/25/12 9:20PM
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  • I just spoke with"Pat" an AOL tech, about not having a password box on my Desktop 9.7. Pat was very nice and helped me solve my problem promptly. Thank you, Pat.

    rbcatdad 5/7/13 9:00AM

    tavybell 5/5/12 6:23AM
  • I got good service from this Toll free No :- 1800-280-7961 . It's a paid service but they are professionals .

    Kris 2/26/12 8:00AM
  • I had to call AOL and got wonderful service. No problem explaining why I called and talked to an English speaking person.
    All was handled with excellent efficency

    Anonymous 2/16/12 12:00PM
  • The suggested tips worked. I got through within minutes and cancelled the account. The tech tried to sell a load of options, but gave me a confirmation # and let me off the hook.

    LDPNY 10/27/11 8:00PM
  • Just got off the phone with someone who very helpful. Used the routine suggested to get to that person.

    JJC 7/11/11 7:08AM
  • Never had a problem. I must be lucky

    Anonymous 4/19/11 5:31AM

    Anonymous 3/25/11 3:35AM
  • I also had my account suspended and was very upset because I use my email all day, every day. However, I feel I need to share my GOOD experience with AOL customer service, if for no other reason than to give people hope!! When I called, I was passed immediately to a live person named Mary. English is most definitely not Mary's first language, but she spoke slowly and enunciated her words so clearly that even my old-lady, southern ears were able to understand her perfectly. She was very polite and friendly, helped me get into my account & reset my password, and even stayed on the line while I closed out and signed into AOL several times to make sure everything was okay. I was happy and more than satisfied with the whole experience. Go figure.... now if I could only have such luck with AT&T!!!

    mbwetw 11/30/10 1:31PM
  • The recorded system fixed my problem and i was only on the phone for less than 5 minutes. Was not bad considering i hate those things. But it worked so I'm happy, thanks AOL

    genuinebarbie 8/6/10 6:46AM
  • This is the Fraud Department , I got through right away and AOL did not try to Charge Me for Tech Support ...

    Thank you

    (I got my mail up and running AGAIN! Here is the number I used to get the help I needed. 1-800-307-7969 GOOD LUCK!)

    Anonymous 4/8/10 1:59PM
  • I followed the instructions under the phone number and pressed 0 several times. I received an operator that was enthused to help me. I have had a free email account for 5 years and my password was not working. AOL said someone was hacking into my account so they changed my password. They reset my password over the phone and I was able to access my account. YEAH!!!!

    Anonymous 4/2/10 10:20AM
  • Got through on the 1st call with less than 1 min wait. Smooth and easy.

    egonza3286 12/23/09 5:07PM
  • Spent almost 45 min. with Jake of Customer Service. Mentioned that he was in the Philipines. I just want to say that he did an excellent job telling me how to reinstall 9.1 as I had had notes saying that my email needed to be installed, due to bad corrupt files. Everything went smoothly

    Thank you,
    Mrs.Ed Lavin 8/6/09 7:15PM
  • Ok support, not always english. Company around for a long time (since 1985). I have been a satisfied customer since 1991 when I had DOS still on my packard bell.

    Neckername 5/23/09 9:04AM
  • What are you people talking about? I have been a satisfied customer since 1995 -- well, dissatisfied occasionally but a phone call to tech support always repairs the problem ... as long as the tech speaks English.

    EBIRDWELL 5/10/09 3:19AM

    CORKYFRANK 3/28/09 8:47AM
  • I was just assisted by the greatest Customer Service Representative & wanted you at AOL to know about it!! His name is Chai & he helped me with everything I needed & was one of the nicest people I've dealt with in a very long time! It was so refreshing to know that "real" customer service people still exist!!! You (AOL) should be very proud to have him as an employee/part of your team!! Do whatever it takes to keep people like him!!! Thanks for everything & Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

    ckacsorvegas 11/21/08 8:35PM
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  • Let me tell you people something. I used to work for AOL in the billing department. I simply quit because the customers were unbearable. Yes, AOL has nasty procedures which I did not approve of and were PLENTY. But let me explain how it works.

    To cancel an account you need to reach BILLING. You need to verify the account because otherwise it is considered fraud to take action on an unverified one.
    You need to be a paying customer to get tech support. No company whatsoever can take your money UNLESS YOU PROVIDE BILLING INFO. If you did not, it means that someone STOLE your info and made an account. AOL [or any other company] does not go around searching for poor bastards to bill and does not steal credit card numbers. If you owe money to a company, it's because the payment did not go through, in which case you call the BANK. The company sends the request but the BANK provides the payment.

    Yes, the company sucks, the employers treat the employees like animals, but the clients are simply unbearable sometimes. These are the procedures and it is not the agents fault that he/she has to follow them. Sent an email or a letter to the corporate office if you want to complain, people. There is a fine line between being pissed and being plain stupid and not having any good manners.

    Idiotic customer care reps are EVERYWHERE, in EVERY company and all american companies are trying to branch outside of the US because the labor is cheap in other places. So get over yourselves, if you owe money, pay up and if you are unconfortable with having to pay for a service, just cancel it. Techs need to eat as well, you know.

    I know, they are awful, I've been on the inside, and boy, am I glad to be out!!!!

    leushtean_trist 6/26/11 3:26PM

  • I am a former AOL employee, and can thouroughly explain to you all why you are being charged. You all probably used AOL discs saying "90 day FREE service" and didnt call to cancle the service after the prohbationary 90-day trial period. You skipped reading the Terms and Conditions section on the set-up screen, therefor causing you to be charged for time accrued. If you contact AOL's Customer Care division they can check the usage and if there isnt any, then they will credit your money back to you. There was a massive lawsuit in 2005-06, The state of New York vs. America Online, in which alot of consumers were charged for time accrued they didnt use. AOL had to pay damages, but in turn won the ruling because it was a "Term and Contion" error by the customers for verifying information and then stating it was AOL's screw up for over-charging them. In half those lawsuits, only 1 of them was paid restitution to.

    Important Life Lesson:::


    AllenBicNC 3/16/09 4:57PM

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