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NameSilo customer service is ranked #1 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 192.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 41 ratings. This score rates NameSilo customer service and customer support as Excellent.


1 Negative Comment out of 41 Total Comments is 2.44%.


40 Positive Comments out of 41 Total Comments is 97.56%.

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  • called to complain about the service and to suggest an improvement but NOOOOOOO. reminds me of nodaddy that's where namesilo went

    nosilo 1/22/13 10:53AM
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  • Thanks for the number. Somehow I missed that NameSilo puts it directly on their site. I have over 20 domains with NameSilo and never needed to call until today. I called to request a refund for a new registration I misspelled, and the person who answered directed me to the form to complete and my refund was issued in minutes. I love this registrar!

    Dr. Tim 8/18/14 7:01AM
  • I searched long and hard for a new registrar since Godaddy stopped offering any discounts on their renewals. This is one of the pages that led me to research NameSilo. I must say I am totally impressed so far. It is really nice to get upfront pricing instead of hunting for coupons. I had 1 problem with a transfer that Godaddy was blocking for some bogus reason. I was amazed when I asked NameSilo for help on a Sunday night and someone emailed me back in less than an hour. I assumed I'd have to sacrifice some customer service in order to use a discount registrar, but NameSilo put that concern to bed. Thanks ContactHelp contributors for sharing their experience and leading me to NameSilo!

    Vote4Bolds 7/15/14 3:45PM
  • Happy to have found NameSilo after leaving Moniker following all of their problems in the last few weeks. While leaving Moniker was not a priority for me, had I known about NameSilo years earlier I would have left Moniker a long time ago. I guess the only good thing to come out of Moniker dropping the ball so badly is that I found NameSilo. Give them a chance - you won't be sorry!

    Anonymous 6/17/14 2:00PM
  • Finally, a registrar that is willing to just let you register your domains without trying to sell you the kitchen sink. I thought for sure customer service would be non-existent given that NameSilo offers the lowest prices in the world, so imagine my shock when I called with a newbie question and someone picked up the phone and helped right away. The person on the phone mentioned they were the 4th fastest growing registrar in the world last year, and if my experience and what others have posted on this site are the norm, they will be the fastest growing this year.

    domain newbie 4/27/14 6:56AM
  • Everyone on this forum is correct - NameSilo rocks! Such a breath of fresh air after dealing with NO Daddy for too long. Great prices, great customer service.

    dukeR 3/26/14 8:44AM
  • Finally a registrar that gets it. They have clear prices, excellent customer service and they stay out of your way. They have everything anybody could need from their registrar, but don't push it on you like all the others. Great find - give them a chance.

    Phil Liu 2/9/14 8:33AM
  • I agree with the comments below. I found this site on Google looking for Namesilo's phone number. I called the number and was off the phone 3 minutes later after getting all my questions answered.

    nino b 12/9/13 8:37AM
  • Great company with straightforward policies and pricing. Never thought I'd say this, but I've found a registrar that I just don't put up with, but am happy to use. Do yourself a favor and try them out.

    Ziyong 12/3/13 11:01AM
  • Finally! All of my domains transferred from Namecheap (not so cheap any longer), and I can report Namesilo is as advertised - just perfect.

    val 9/30/13 1:45PM
  • My web host suggested I use Name Silo and I'm glad they did. I had used a few other registrars with other projects, but will use Name Silo from now on. Refreshing to see a domain registrar that stays out of your way, instead of getting in your way with constant offers for things I don't need. Give 'em a shot!

    Toward the Mark! 4/11/13 11:21AM
  • Couldn't be happier. Had a 2-minute chat with a very knowledgeable support rep and my domains are renewed.

    Anonymous 2/28/13 8:23AM
  • Great company, great support, great prices. Can't ask for much more.

    T2 12/18/12 11:37AM
  • Found this web site looking for a phone number for Godaddy and noticed all of the positive comments about Name Silo so I decided to give them a shot. I figured these reviews must be planted or something since domain registrars never get such raving feedback, so I transferred 3 domains just to test the system. Much to my surprise, and pleasure, the process was just as advertised - simple, straightforward and totally transparent (not to mention cheap). Not sure why Name Silo is not more popular yet, as I have never heard of them prior to seeing this site, but they will be. I just hope they don't raise their prices when they get bigger. Needless ot say that I'll be moving my entire domain portfolio as they come up for expiration. Give them a shot yourself...

    DomainerX 11/9/12 3:48AM
  • Great company. Excellent support and prices. Not sure why anybody uses any other domain registration company.

    Mr. Arnold 7/9/12 6:59AM
  • Just heard about name silo and called them up. Surprised not only that they had someone pick up the phone after hours, but that the person I spoke with was able to answer some very technical questions. I am still deciding whether or not to test them out, but I can report that their customer service is something that could lead me in that direction. Will post again once I try their service.

    Anonymous 6/12/12 9:13PM
  • 4/23/12: I wanted to thank Skyler in support for helping me this afternoon. I've been a namesilo customer since the beginning but never had a reason to call until today. I got 3 of my domains renewed even though I let them expire, and I was done and off the phone within a few minutes. Keep up the great work!

    BHS 4/23/12 3:29PM
  • Free at last.
    Free at last.
    Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!

    Free of Godaddy and their evil clutches and now happily with Name Silo. Godaddy tried to put some locks on my domains to make it impossible to move, but the people at Name Silo told me just what to do to get my domains transferred and it was all done in a few hours.

    Thanks Name Silo and GOODBYE Godaddy!

    CLancy 4/16/12 3:49PM
  • Been with NameSilo for over 2 years now, and haven't had any issues. the few times I've needed to contact them, they have been very helpful and reply within minutes. Great company and happy to be done with NODaddy!

    qback#12 4/9/12 4:27PM
  • Love this company! Everything others have written here is true.

    adam 3/2/12 8:34AM
  • Moved 25 domains to Name Silo to test if their system and service were as good as I read... and they are! Most discount domain providers sacrifice support, features or cut other corners, but Name Silo has somehow found a way not to. The only drawback I can see is that they do not offer hosting which some people may find easier to get from their registrar.

    I'll try to remember to post back here if anythinig changes, but, for now, it looks like I've finally found a place to consolidate all of our domains.

    jCline 1/25/12 11:39AM
  • Just transferred 60 domains to Namesilo from godaddy since godaddy supports SOPA. Found a great coupon on their Facebook page and gave them a shot. The transfers only took about an hour to finish and their support email person helped me with one of them that godaddy wasn't allowing to leave. Wish I would have found Namesilo years ago!! :)

    liz 12/30/11 5:15AM
  • Real happy with namesilo so far. Their customer service is fast and it seems you get to talk to experts instead of call centers and middlemen. I've just started using them and will try to remember to post back here should things change, but so far, so good.

    sknowles 12/21/11 5:12AM
  • The company I work for recently tasked me with the project to consolidate all of our domains with Name Silo. This was a daunting task since I had to move domains from almost 10 different companies and didn't really know where to start. I got on Name Silo's online chat and within a few minutes they helped me understand the process and what I neede to do in order for the domains to transfer. They even gave me a coupon which made my boss even happier. Even though some of the companies we left seemed to make the process harder than it needed to be, all of our domains have been moved and I can see why my company decided on Name Silo to be the place we keep our domains, and why the feedback on this very page is so good.

    awade 11/10/11 9:20AM
  • I've read a lot of good things about Name Silo so I tested out a few domain transfers with them, and I have to say that everything I read is true. Their system is fast and customer friendly and is completely free of the annoying popups and in-your-face selling of the other registrars I have used. I am the first to be critical of registrars who never seem to get things right, but I honestly have not found anything I would change about Name Silo so far... except that they don't offer hosting or SSL. And no, I do not work for Name Silo, just happy to find a place to leave my experience with them so far so others will give them a shot too.

    carole 8/29/11 4:45AM
  • No problems at all so far. I had a few questions about transferring my domains and getting the transfer codes from Go Daddy. Even though it wasn't their responsibility, the person I spoke with at Name Silo pointed me in the right direction and stayed on the online chat until everything was squared away.

    dane skuda 7/27/11 3:56PM

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