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Asus customer service is ranked #129 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 56.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 1486 ratings. This score rates Asus customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,183 Negative Comments out of 1,486 Total Comments is 79.61%.


303 Positive Comments out of 1,486 Total Comments is 20.39%.

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  • I bought 2 Asus HDMI Monitors for gaming for my son. I sent in the rebate forms and 6 months later they said they can't send me a rebate.I work on a tug boat and am gone 6 months at a time , figuring when I get home the rebate check will be there ....but it wasn't I should have known it was a scam .Now I need 4 more monitors and 3 laptops . ,but I'll be damn if I waste my money on Asus products ever again.I tell my friends don't ever buy Asus products cause Asus does not back their products or rebates. I think Asus is a scam company just using americans for their money. Bite my ass Asus.....I just got home the other day and threw all the paperwork away , then I hear about this site.....FY Asus.....One pissed off ex customer.....I hope Asus loses their shirt and goes under.....( OUT OF BUSINESS THAT IS ...)

    Why 7/29/14 3:55PM
  • Its been 2 months I have submited my Asus laptop for replacement of motherboard. Still they did not resolved my problem and returned my laptop. Everytime I called them they say the same thing that motherboard is mot available at the moment in the company, please wait for some more days. Really horrible after sales service.

    Techgig 7/29/14 8:08AM
  • Pathetic service of Asus India with the only priority for stacking as many profits as possible. My G-74 gaming laptop experienced problems with charging where the charging socket (where you plug in the charger) was faulty. This broke my battery too because of the irregular charging.
    The first thing the Asus service guy told me was that the whole motherboard would be replaced on my expense instead of just replacing one socket. When asked, they said that is standard procedure. So they want to charge me 20 times or more for putting in a new motherboard when just a socket replacement would do.

    Even the battery was incredibly overpriced when compared to other dell or HP or even Lenovo batteries. Dell and others also sold their battery in the open market so that they're available everywhere but Asus monopolizes battery sales to earn more profits off the poor folk who are locked in after buying Asus.

    And all of this is on a premium gaming machine where you expect good after sales service. The first setback was when they told me that the first year warranty will not be extended even after payment. And then the repairs started coming in. So far I've had to replace both hard disks, ram and cooling fans just to keep my laptop running for these 2 Years. That is how shoddy their quality is. And now the entire motherboard too.
    I'll do one better and buy a new laptop from some other brand. Will cost me a lot less in the long term.

    Billo15 7/27/14 3:56AM
  • Ok where do I start?!?! My router n65u stopping transmitting speeds over 1.5mbps. In the chance you don't know what that means.. it means that my router is clearly broken. After running all test on my own time and prior to calling Asus, I found the problem to rest solely within the router. No firmware updates, no tweaking could get the speeds back. Modem and ISP speeds were find and tested well. Router was working.. then it wasn't. That simple. After calling Asus and convincing the CSR for 30min that there is actually a problem and a simple reset of the router was not going to fix it they send me an email with information on how to send it in. AWESOME! I am pumped! Ok cool I will send it back.... email opening... interesting.. I have to pay for shipping!! So Asus clearly doesn't stand behind their products. Why should the consumer who ALREADY PAID for your product have to pay again to send your faulty garbage back to you. But ok, I will suck it up and pay. Email states I will receive email confirmation of the RMA status within a day of its receipt at the warehouse. I Ship next day mail as it is shipping within the same province ( I live in Canada ) and it cost about $15 to ship. I figured an extra few dollars to get it back faster was worth it. It wasn't. Tracking stated it was delivered on the Tuesday. So I tried the online Asus support chat on Thursday to get an update. Guy I spoke with said he sees nothing and will email me when there is an update. Sure ok. So today I get an email with the return shipping information and info stating it will be sent to me soon. So no I didn't get an update as promised and its also 4 days after I was told I would be contacted. Even this.. even after all this I am still not that upset, I understand there are busy times and sometimes things just don't go to plan. So still.. alright cool at least its coming back to me soon. I open up the information in my email and uuuhgghhhhh I get upset just thinking about it. It has it shipping to my correct street address, but showing it is shipping to the US. Now my RMA code starts with a CAA (that means Canada) and I shipped it from my home in Ontario to a repair facility in Ontario and yet here I am reading that it is shipping to ME in the US. Now I shouldn't say ME because they completely screwed up my name. My last name has 9 letters in it. The same 9 letters it has always had. Lets use longgarth as an example because you the reader don't need to know my name. It is being shipped to Travis Logrt. They decided to drop 4 letters from my last name, not sure why. My name was on the RMA from the beginning, on the RMA packing slip sent in and on the return address of the package I sent them. Apparently accuracy isn't their forte. This is on top of the fact that they are trying to ship to the US for a Canadian address. So now I have a new name, I live in Ontario California. Email states to let them know if the information is incorrect. I can't reply to the email because it's a do not sent email address. Postmaster returned. OK! AWESOME! Let me call the number on the bottom of this email here.. hmm.. ok.. beep boop the number you are calling has been disconnected. WOW! ok lets go back to their webpage. All online chat agents are unavailable. Ok lets call. Please leave your name and number and someone will get back to you. Ok lets call their support line for desktops. Sorry I can't help you its a different division, (can you transfer me?) No. You are reading this because you have internet access, probably even wireless. So ask yourself if you'd want your router to be returned, or if you should just rely on another company to provide you with wireless internet access. To ASUS: I don't care about all the spelling mistakes on your webpage or the fact that the router even broke. I quite enjoy the router when it works. However the fact that you take no pride in customer service makes me wonder if you are robots void of any emotion.

    skavis 7/26/14 9:31AM
  • I purchased my Asus N550JK-DS71T on May 5, 2014 for use as a gaming laptop. It is now July 25, 2014 and already a glaring defect has presented itself. My laptop overheats heavily when I play games on it to the point where the metal near the screen becomes scalding hot. This is despite my use of a raised cooling pad with an extra fan. I have used this laptop for gaming for only a short period and already the overheating situation has become so bad that it has caused damage to my laptop.

    The bottom left corner the screen has been warped and deformed. The deformation has resulted in the IPS panel separating from whatever glue, tape or other material was holding it together with the back panel. The two parts of the screen are now so separated from each other that you can see the light inside. This is a terrible manufacturing defect that seriously makes me question the build quality of Asus laptops.

    As both a customer of Asus and a senior tech reporter for iDigitalTimes I have never encountered a problem such as this in all the devices that I’ve reviewed. Overheating happens in a gaming laptop, however overheating that is so serious that it results in the very screen warping and becoming deformed is simply unacceptable and frankly also a danger to consumers. The level of heat being generated is easily within the realm of starting a fire.

    I have attempted to contact Asus customer service by phone but the call center people that they employ have difficulty in understanding my problem to the point where they keep trying to set up TeamViewer. This kind of customer service has frankly been unbelievable, I've never encountered anything so bad at this point I think I would prefer a refund over a replacement.

    AJ 7/26/14 8:58AM
  • We, A1 Computer Sdn Bhd ur ASUS IT Products reseller in melaka, malaysia facing the above problem with two case haven"t been solved by ur services team.

    There case have been prolonged for almost 2 months, we have no choice but to bring to your management attention to settle this immediately your service dept always delayed us with the same reason waiting part and without any confirmation date when warranty items can be returned to us .

    Just put ourselves as a ASUS products customer we bought ASUS Products ans use for several monthsand the down time is 2 mths..what do we feel.. of couse

    anger and dissatisfaction arise forwards ASUS products and us the reseller - A1 Computer, customers keep on calling us off and demand if ASUS cannot fix the problem, ASUS should replace them with another new one.

    we also feel that as a reseller we should be responsible this vision customer is NO.1

    hope your good company could seriously look into this matters and await your immediate solution.

    Anonymous 7/25/14 6:44PM
    Official company reply

    Dear A1 Computers,

    I sincerely apologize for the long RMA turnaround time for your recent RMA's. If the part is out of stock, sometimes we are not provide with an estimated time of arrival. But is certainly should not take up a total of 2 months before you are provided with a more detailed status update.

    If you like, you may email me at [email protected] with your RMA numbers and contact information. I would be more than happy to have your information escalated to the proper department.

    Best regards
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/30/14 3:39PM

  • i bought a laptop n series and it is spoil. i sent for repair since jan2014 , yet till now july 2014. there is no news ! !!!!!!!

    i sent multiple emails to check and follow up.. but there is no news at all !!!

    i donot know what is happening and i and deeply sad about the asus service and warantee !

    contact me if asus company from malaysia , if u see this and u think this is a serious matter .

    no respond over the product i se 7/25/14 6:18PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am sorry to hear about all of the encounters you have experienced this far regarding your ASUS N series notebook. A unit being at the repair center for a total of 7 months is quite a long time. I would be more than happy to forward your information along to our Malaysia service support team. Please contact me at [email protected] with your current RMA number, your contact information, and the tracking number used to ship your unit to the repair site.
    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/30/14 3:33PM

  • Sent in a laptop for repair that was out of warranty. Had to fax in a payment sheet (which I did shortly after receiving this email). Payment was never processed. I called two times and my boyfriend also called support attempting to find out why the laptop wasn't repaired and payment not taken out. Was told by a support agent that I would get a call back regarding the issue. I never received this call.

    Received an email last night that my laptop is being sent back because of a payment issue. I now have to re-send out my laptop after it comes back. I really just wanted my laptop repaired and to pay for its repair.

    I REALLY wanted to pay for this repair. I DO NOT look forward to paying for shipping on a 9.9 lb laptop twice to maaaaaaybe get repaired.

    This is the second issue I've had with this laptop. The first being a faulty power adapter that failed a couple of weeks after my purchase.

    Abyssmal support. No response from the repair facilities (or really anyone) regarding the laptop. This experience has been incredibly unpleasant. The saga continues. Will the laptop see repairs or will it be forced to be an expensive brick for its remaining years?

    Anonymous 7/25/14 9:41AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I do sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences your last RMA had caused for you. I would be more than happy to be your RMA representative for your new RMA. Have you had one created yet? Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding your RMA service support inquires.
    Thank you for being a Loyal ASUS Customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/30/14 3:28PM

  • Unavailable when tried phone number. Verizon says number has been disconnected. Address incorrect also on my manual. Disappointed! Won't purchase another electronic device from this company. Technical support when I could get through was great. Battery completely gone and still have warranty. Will buy somewhere else.

    Anonymous 7/25/14 8:21AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble while trying to connect to one of our service staff members. What ASUS product did you purchase? If the battery is completely gone and you are still within your manufactures warranty, I would be more than happy to help assist you with this matter. Feel free to email me at any time. My email address is [email protected]
    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/30/14 3:24PM

  • Purchase ASUS A450L series notebook last three week ( 4/7/2014 ). I just try for few days already finding out keyboard faulty for (L) key. I send to them for request an one to one replacement, course they refuse, but then ask for the estimation time take for repair, but they din't state for it.

    And myself been waiting for two week from the day that I sent for warranty, No one update for device status even I go to service centre myself, waiting there at least 3 hour, do you think we have lot of time with this? one key take three week, if motherboard faulty take half year for repair??? ITS TRULY UNACCEPTABLE.

    Come on, please strengthen your customer support, as other mentioned, your product is nice, but service is poor like RUBBISH!!!

    People keep going your service centre make noise everyday but manager only know hiding inside for what!!! can't solve thing so.

    I'm so angry that because I'm just bought one week and take 3 WEEK for repair just for one key faulty, Is it I spend much money for you guys to repair???

    Just to inform, we are all facing the same problem is bout your customer service.

    This message comes from dissatisfied customer. TQ

    Dissatisfied customer 7/23/14 8:19PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I do apologize for the recent service you have received regarding your RMA for your keyboard. Three weeks is quite a long time to wait without any sort of status update. I would be more than happy to have your case further looked into by our staff. Please email your RMA number, contact information, and region in which you are located. My email is [email protected]

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/30/14 3:20PM

  • I Have purchased a ASUS notepad 10 weeks ago and there is a problem with the keyboard. I am now going to be without the laptop for 10 days I have been advised which I am not happy about and the lady I spoke with was not helpful at all bad service.

    Nigel 7/22/14 5:52AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Nigel,

    I am sorry to hear about your notepad 10 having problems with its keyboard. The normal turnaround time for an in warranty RMA is 5-7 business days. I would be more than happy to be your RMA representative.

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your RMA number.

    Thank you for choosing ASUS.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 11:26AM

  • Dear Asus,

    I turn to you because of the poor customer service I got from Asus-Israel,

    as a matter of a fact, I know many, many customers are suffering from this poor customer service.

    As a proof of that you can check out this article, in Israel biggest news site, describing the terrible customer service we get from Asus-Israel (see in comments).

    Moreover, you can take a look at Asus-Israel Facebook page, and see how many bad reviews are poorly handled.

    Now, for my story:

    I bought an Asus computer on March 2013, including insurance for 3 years.

    On June 2014 my computer stopped working, so I contacted Asus-Israel for help.

    They, of course, took my computer, and refused to state the estimated time it will take, and so I asked them to update me of any change.

    After a while I called Asus-Israel again to see what's going on, they told me they are waiting for parts, I asked them again for the estimated time - of course they refused again.

    Two weeks later, without any new information from Asus-Israel, I called them again. This time they said that the parts they ordered didn't work, so they had to order new parts.

    Sadly, no one bothers to update me about this new information, so I asked to talk with the manager, and they promised the manager will contact me in the next 48 hours - which, of course, didn't happen.

    Yesterday, I called back again, they, again, promised the manager will contact me in an hour, and that didn't happen either.

    So I called them back again today, asking to talk with the manager. They guy from the phone told me that he is the manager, and the computer is ruined so they had to apply a request for Asus international to order me a new computer.

    I asked how long does it take to get responded for such application - they told me up to 21 business days, and the new computer can be less good than the one I bought!

    I spend a lot of money buying a brand new Asus computer, that is not only got broken after a year, but what Asus-Israel offered me is a worse computer than I had, and a poor customer service.

    I apply to you for help, in the name of most of Asus-Israel's costumers. We are all sharing the same problem.

    Waiting for your response,

    Netanel Kantor

    Netanel 7/22/14 3:26AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Netanel,

    I am sorry to hear about your unit no longer properly functioning for you as it should. I also apologize for the service you have received regarding your RMA.

    I would be more than happy to have this case further investigated for you. Please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number and contact information.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:58AM

  • Purchased a high-end desktop on 12/29/2013. On 7/15/2014, the unit would not power on. After spending (4) days going back and forth with Asus support through phone and email, I was finally issued an RMA.

    Instructions to return the unit involved providing my own packaging/packing material, providing my own postage to send the unit back to California (I live in Florida), a 5-7 business day turnaround for actual work on the unit (that's IF they had the replacement part), and then transport back to me. All said and done (including the wasted time on Asus' part through slow email replies) I'd be looking at going over a month without my desktop.

    I've never experienced such a ridiculous RMA process. I've had far better experiences with companies like Sony and Amazon, where I'm always provided postage at the very least (Sony will actually send you packaging AND postage) and response times are much higher.

    I'm happy that I bought an extended warranty through a 3rd party, because at the end of the day, I'd rather use them than go through Asus. I can't say that I'll buy from Asus again due to the poor service I've received.

    sfamicom 7/21/14 9:34AM
    Official company reply

    Dear sfamicom,

    Thank you for purchasing one of our Desktop products. I am sorry to hear that 7 months after your purchase, the desktop would no longer power on for you.

    On most of our warranty products, we only provide free return shipping if it is a warranty repair. Unfortunately we do not provide the packaging materials to send our products to the repair centers.

    If you have yet to receive any further updates regarding your RMA status, I would be more than happy to further look into it for you. Please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number.

    Thank you for being a loyal ASUS Customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:47AM

  • Lie and waste of time.
    I send the Asus K46 for warranty claim due to usb connection error. No one call to report status of claims.
    However after i call service centre for 10 days, they told me it will take a month for the usb port replacement.
    I thougth of cancelled the warranty claim and get other to repair me. But they cant locate my notebook and let me wait for hours in the centre. The case is still pending.....

    liow 7/20/14 8:51PM
    Official company reply

    Dear liow,

    I am so sorry to hear that your USB connections on your notebook have failed. In regards to your call to the service center, did they inform you why it would take a month to fix the USB issue? Is there possibly a part shortage?

    If you would, please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number and contact information. I would be more than happy to have this case further investigated for you.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:40AM

  • I had failure with a router. The 5G signal wasn't showing on my very new laptop. The rep failed to have me make sure that my laptop was 5G compatible. It isn't. The 2G signal was intermittent so I returned it. Corporate policy doesn't allow a replacement product to be sent right away even with a deposit from the customer so I had to wait for it to get there and come back to have a new router. In addition they make the customer pay return postage for defective products. This is unacceptable to me. Cisco does the same. Customers become the quality control employees and are not only unpaid but have to pay to do so. Cheapest mailing was $12.
    When I couldn't get 5G to work, the rep noted that my new computer may not be compatible but was unable to find a way for me to test it other than to check the manual. It took me 2 minutes to find a method online. What's with these guys? Aren't they supposed to know how to troubleshoot issues?

    Unhappy 7/19/14 10:44AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I apologize for the issues that you were having with the technical support and with your router. The contact center agents should be thoroughly trained to ensure a mishap like this does not happen.

    If you could please contact me with any case numbers, I can have the call center management take a look. My email is [email protected]

    As for our service policies; unfortunately, we do require that the original unit be sent in before we can send it out.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:50AM

  • i bought a tablet 1 year and a half with 2 year warranty been in repair most of the time. told it could be 6 months before they get to it.i stop anyone from buying asus products

    Anonymous 7/16/14 10:34AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I do apologize for all the unfortunate cause of events regarding your issues with your tablet. I would be more than happy to have your case further looked into. Please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number and you contact information.

    Thank you being a loyal ASUS Customer.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:32AM

  • My Asus Nexus 7 died two weeks after my 12 months manufacturer's warranty expired.
    I tried contacting Asus UK by phone but after several attemps trying to speak to someone gave up.
    Sent a message via the Asus UKwebsite explaining my problem.

    I recieved back:
    As the warranty is applicable only for a period of 12 months
    counting from the date of purchase, unfortunately in this case the warranty
    has ended on 2014-06-05.

    Please be informed that there will be a payment involved in repairing this
    product further. The starting fee is 45 pounds (excluding vat) which is only
    for shipping. The full quotation will be sent to you by the repair centre
    after the inspection.

    So i replied explaining how it had only just dies and how I had been a loyal customer over the years etc etc etc.

    Asus replied:

    As the manufacturer we provide the factory warranty of 12 months, counted from the date of purchase. When the factory warranty has ended, we can only advise customers to contact their point of purchase to see if they can help to resolve the issue.

    VERY VERY POOR! After 12 months Asus cares nothing for thier loyal customers.

    Don't Buy Asus Rubbish 7/16/14 10:29AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am sorry to hear that your Nexus 7 tablet has stopped working shortly after your 12 month ASUS warranty expired. Unfortunately once the manufactures warranty has expired, we can no longer repair units under warranty. Only your place of purchase can assist you with repairs not including any fee’s.

    Again I do apologize for the unfortunate cause of events. If in the event you would like to send your unit in for out of warranty RMA servicing, please contact your technical support help line.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/24/14 10:28AM

  • I had to return my ASUS computer under warranty as the screen starting flicking white and would eventually turn all white. It took them a week to respond to me with a status on my computer and then I was told that it was completed and delivered. When I told them it was not delivered as I did not have it I found out that they delivered it to the wrong address. They said they would find my unit and return it or provide a new one. I called several times for an update and was continually told that they needed more time to find the unit. I am still without my computer after three weeks.

    Mad as h--- 7/16/14 6:58AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am so sorry for all the inconveniences this past RMA has cause you. Please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number. I would be more than happy to further look into the issue if your missed placed unit.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 1:19PM

  • First of all, I would like to say that I LOVE my ASUS laptop, and when something went wrong with it, naturally I called customer support to try and help fix it. Here was the list of problems I encountered.
    1. The first person I talked to was curt (borderline rude), and his whole purpose was to refer me to someone else.
    2. The person I was referred to did not speak English well, thus making communication difficult.
    3. The room this man was in was noisy; I could hear phones ringing in the background and dozens of people talking. Basically, I was talking to a worker in a customer service sweatshop.
    4. After describing my problem, we went through a nonsense list of things to do, and after 20 minutes, we finally arrived at the conclusion that what I had told the man within the first five minutes of our conversation was true.
    5. After re-figuring out the problem, he then proceeded to try and basically sell me REAL customer service, calling it a "service plan," and asked for my credit card number. I hung up.

    End result: ASUS-great products, horrendous customer service.

    dracolich 7/15/14 8:48PM
    Official company reply

    Dear dracolich,

    I am happy to hear that you’re satisfied with the purchase of one of our notebooks!

    I do apologize for the service in which you have received in regards to your notebook. Please email me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to help assist you with any inquires you may have. Please also provide me the serial number to your unit as well.

    Thank you for being a Loyal ASUS customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 1:13PM

  • Firstly I would like to complain about the slow download when visiting Asus motherboard website. Average wait, over two minutes.

    Next the very short replies even to complex questions. One sentence, maximum of about ten words written in very poor English.

    smith4545 7/15/14 3:40AM
    Official company reply

    Dear smith4545,

    I do apologize for the wait time in order to view our motherboard support website. Have you tried using a different web browser such as Google chrome?

    If you are still experience problems with your motherboard, please email my colleague Mark. You may reach him at [email protected]

    Thank you for being a Loyal ASUS Customer!

    Best regards
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 1:08PM

  • I purchased the parts to make a new PC at the beginning of June. It is now mid-July, and my PC is still in pieces on the floor of my bedroom.

    The Asus motherboard I purchased appears to have a BIOS programmed without attempting to provide compatibility for common parts. I've spent nearly a full month talking to their tech support before they finally admitted this was a compatibility issue. Not only are they refusing to do anything to remedy the problem, they wasted the entire duration of my return period.

    Extremely disappointed in the service I received, and will not likely purchase an Asus product again.

    Nate 7/14/14 1:48PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Nate,

    I do apologize for the service in which you received from our Technical Support regarding your motherboard. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your motherboards serial number. I would be more than happy to further look into other options for you.

    Best regards,
    Customer Loyalty ASUS Computers

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 11:49AM

  • Terrible customer service. Got the warranty expiry wrongly based on manufacture date rather than purchase date. When repair is 'hung' on waiting for material / spare parts, nobody knows whether the parts are ordered / shipped / or not available. With the uncertainly I wrote to ASUS customer service who wrote back saying they have directed the concern to the service centre - pass the problem to the problem. Naturally nothing resolved.

    Tohk 7/14/14 4:19AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Tohk,

    I am sorry for the service in which you have received with your recent RMA service. If no one still has yet to get in contact with you, please send me your contact information and most current RMA. My email address is [email protected]

    Thank you for patience.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 11:46AM

  • I bought an Asus Laptop, brand new, used for 5 days only, then speaker got problem, send to repair, they check my case after 4 days then tell me the laptop will take a minimum of 2 weeks to repair... SERIOUSLY... waste of money, bad experience from this company... what the need of buying a new laptop from your company if within one week i need to send it for repair in less than a week...

    Ali 7/10/14 1:08PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Ali,

    I am sorry to hear about your speaker no longer properly functioning shortly after you purchased it. Have you received any new updates regarding your RMA? If you like, feel free to email me at any time with your RMA number. My email address is [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 11:41AM

  • Asus customer support and standard of repair workmanship is shockingly poor, I cannot stress how much I regret purchasing a nexus 7 complete waste of money, buy Apple_!

    fredmoto 7/10/14 12:58PM
    Official company reply

    Dear fredmoto,

    I do apologize for the lack of support and RMA service you have experienced for your Nexus 7 tablet. I would be more than happy to help assist you with any questions and or inquiries you may have. Please feel free to email me with your most receent RMA number at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 11:38AM

  • Today started off a little rocky with Rick on the phone. After an "Asus Recommended Update" my USB ports were not working. A system restore is what it Rick recommended. I still do not understand why or how much data may have been lost since the date/time was over 2 days old. Unfortunately Rick was not the most confident of support personnel I have spoken with at Asus but at least the problem was resolved...

    Marti 7/1/14 8:21PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Marti,

    I am glad to hear that Rick was able to help successfully solve your problem with your USB ports. If in the future you have any other issues and your inquires please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 7/17/14 11:34AM

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  • I'm not a geek, but even so networking devices can be confusing. Thanks to Adam I now have a router that doesn't have hang time when downloading due to a manual Firmware update.

    Bonnie 7/29/14 10:32AM
  • So I got this router for my husband cus everyone said it was phenomenal. My husband works at Cisco so I thought he would love it.
    Couldn't get the firmware to update... was so sad because I wanted to surprise him with it all set up... I was like ZOMG... then Adam came along on my review right before I was boxing it up to send it back.

    We made contact and he showed helped walk me through manually downloading and installing the latest firmware manually. Best part is still got to surprise my husband with it. THANX!

    KathyKuhl 7/24/14 5:33PM
  • Eric S. from Customer Care was very helpful. The rebate company said they never received my rebate info, even though I sent in two from two different addresses and both mysteriously never showed up to their office, so they weren't going to honor my 2 rebates.

    I contacted Eric S. at ASUS and got the rebates reinstated.


    Anonymous 7/23/14 4:10PM
  • I have a negative comment on here as well, but I wanted to update my situation. The products from Asus have been pretty hit/miss so far, but my customer service has been great. The people just in the chat rooms helped me with troubleshooting steps, and provided free shipping labels to send things back.

    Tien Phan and Jolene have been my contacts most recently in getting my notebook replaced. They've both been great at keeping in contact. They're excellent and it has been a pleasure interacting with them. Even when FedEx lost my package, they took it in stride and sent out another one very quickly. The product side has been frustrating but the customer service experience has been fantastic. Hopefully I won't have to interact with them again though (no offense!) ;)

    Estish 7/22/14 8:43AM
  • I needed a longer AAFP cable for my ASUS ROG Front Base. Jolene from customer service helped me with my request. She responded to my emails in a timely and helpful manner and has now shipped my cable. It was a very smooth service. No complaints!

    zel 7/17/14 1:09PM
  • Got my computer back from Adam and it is fixed. Thank you Adam. You listened to my concerns and now I am working on a wonderful ASUS laptop,

    djj 7/5/14 11:57AM
  • I would like to applaud Eric Sablin in ASUS customer services for assisting me in my effort to receive my rebate. Without his assistance I know I would not have received it. thanks again Eric . Nicks Auto

    Anonymous 7/2/14 1:03PM
  • My issue is long and arduous so I'll keep it short. So initially I Posted a review on amazon griping about how crappy my router was. I was so frustrated with the my issues connecting I decided to switch to a 3rd party firmware. Along came Adam from Asus, and informed me that I should probably do a roll back on my firmware to an outdated version then update it to the new one. Such a simple fix Ironically solved my complex issue

    JulietRobins 6/26/14 1:10PM
  • when I purchased my Asus Notebook T100 I was immediately disappointed with the crappy "user manual". I then tried to reach Asus via phone.

    Finally, got very good help from Rick C. who sent me the correct link to a user manual(which I had to print out myself).

    I appreciate his efforts to get me "functional". Very pleasant and professional

    lharrin187 6/23/14 10:50AM
  • Hi I would like to commend your employee in your corporate offices named Adam. After several deplorable expereinces with your customer service department. I finally faxed a letter (which you can read as Adam has it), I was put in touch with Adam. He was efficient, understood taht I was at the end of my rope and went above and beyond the call to fix my situation. He followed up with me each step of the way and made the process of sending and repairing my sons tablet painless. This young man deserves recognition from your company for what he did to assist me.

    We own several Asus tablets and an All in one, but I am not sure I would purchase another, knowing that your customer service department especially the one located in Lexington, KY is absolutely useless. The people are rude and when they return your call do not leave a number you can contact them at. The 800 number just puts you into any location, and it is very frustrating if you are trying to reach a particular service rep. My first call to your corporate offices was aweful, as I was told that the operator could not put me through to anyone, and that she would have to take my name and number. Yet, after faxing my letter, I was put right through to Adam. I have never heard of a corporate office that would not take calls from a dissatisfied customer and it was explained how many times I tried resolving this with your customer service department. You should rethink that policy.

    You need to thank Adam for saving this aweful situation. If you have any other questions I can be reached at 860-309-9652. My ratings below are for your customer service department NOT Adam at your corporate headquarters.

    Barbara Angelicola-Manzolli

    Anonymous 6/20/14 4:59AM
  • So I accidentally posted this as a negative comment... my bad... please know that is not the case.

    I have had repeated problems with ASUS third party repair company. I have had multiple RMAs. They even denied that I had had a live chat with them over the internet and it took 3 tries to get an authorization to return it for repairs again. When I got the laptop back the first time, it had the link to the error report black out. It was not until I got ahold of the corporate office that someone actually listened to me and was apologetic for all the hassle I was going through for months. I recommend bypassing the third party and go to the corporate office. Adam has finally made me feel hopeful that a resolution is possible.

    djj 6/19/14 3:51PM
  • I have reached out to Asus support to confirm some product specifications and got helpful and friendly answers.

    Special thanks to Mark for excellent support!

    Anonymous 6/18/14 10:22PM
  • In general it was a little difficult to find the right department at Asus, but once I reached escalation they were incredibly helpful. They managed to resolve a problem that everyone else seem mystified by. Rick C. was definitely one of the most helpful reps I spoke with getting my problems resolved.

    AC 6/18/14 7:08AM
  • My ASUS tablet crashed after I only had it for 10 months. The customer phone service reps.were polite, but essentially no progress was made in getting my tablet looked at. I was told that I should be patient, and that the tablet had been received, and was in the repair shop. (I made approximately five phone calls in two weeks.)
    I was then told that there was physical damage to my tablet, and that a damage appraisal was sent to me!
    I was appalled, in that my tablet was not damaged when I sent it to the repair facility in Grapevine, in that I had wrapped it carefully for shipping. Needless to say, I smelled a rat!
    I was so disgusted by this turn of events, I essentially gave up, and turned the matter over to my husband. He called the corporate offices of Asus, and THANK GOD...he spoke with Rick C., who is conducting an investigation of the entire matter, and whom I am confident is highly professional and trustworthy.

    [email protected] 6/17/14 7:04AM
  • The SATA cables on my Asus motherboard were missing and eventhough that was a big dissapointment at first, the issue got resolved fast and easily and now I am enjoying my new computer. I was surprise in the amount of negative review asus has in this website, because on my own experience they were great. Special thanks to Eric S who was the person I have been in contact and was able to help me.

    jcanay 6/16/14 2:31PM
    Official company reply

    Dear jcanay,

    I am happy to hear that Eric was of great assistance with your motherboard dilemma. It would be much appreciated if you could post your positive comment on the positive side of our reviews.

    Thank you for being a loyal ASUS Customer.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 6/16/14 3:46PM

  • I was so pissed off my BRAND NEW RT-AC68U wasn't staying connected to my laptop, I posted A star on Amazon for review. Yes one star... I checked on my glorious comment of frustration only to find Asus rep Adam had responded asking to help me..... I felt since I already spent the dough on it might as well take their help to right?! especially since they are offering. Come to find out after a few troubleshooting steps via email that I needed a firmware update and BAM problem solved. Honestly if it wasn't for him I'd still be pissed at Asus. So this is my way of saying thank you for your help. It is most appreciated. BTW I wrote 4 star review after.

    Dubiously-Large-Hank 6/12/14 10:39AM
  • Eric S. was most helpful in getting my problems resolved after your Repair service facility dropped the ball by not informing me of receipt or of impending return of my wireless router sent in on an RMA.

    He took charge of the situation and saw it to the return of the repaired/replaced product to me.

    Anonymous 6/12/14 4:47AM
  • My issue was with a rebate for a monitor. I sent in the correct documents to the rebate center(worldwide rebate center) and after 5 month of me calling every 2 weeks and them telling me they will send it to their manager for approval, they tell me the time has expired and I would need to contact ASUS directly. Eric S was very friendly and got the issue resolved with the fulfillment center.
    I also have an ASUS ROG G75v laptop and I am very happy with its performance and have had no issues\problems.

    007jda 6/11/14 6:21PM
  • I contacted ASUS with after having issues with their 3rd party repair. Sending my tablet in to somewhere in Texas. I contacted the Corporate office and the rep. Adam J. picked up the phone. Long story short I sent it in to him last week and he did what ever he does and shipped in back working just fine. Just goes to show you that ASUS is a great company and knows their stuff... as for the 3rd party repair place in Texas.....all I have to say is I'm very displeased with how long it took them no not fix my device 2x.

    Afro_Samurai 6/10/14 12:57PM
  • My Nexus 7 failed and would not boot. I was very pleased with how ASUS responded with a repair. Rick C. made it painless

    Anonymous 6/10/14 5:09AM
  • Ricardo C. was very helpful in resolving my issue. Professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I was pleasantly surprised with the results of my issue.

    kamots22 6/9/14 4:17PM
  • Mark from ASUS customer loyalty helped me troubleshoot my problem. He did a solid job of getting back to me quickly over the intermittent span of 2 months. He offered some basic and some intermediate advice. Overall we were eventually able to find and fix the problem.

    Anonymous 6/9/14 10:31AM
  • Yesterday I was LIVID! Today I'm less pissed and more along the lines of how I was before my whole fiasco with Asus began. No need to dwell on the past, all you need to know was it the was able to be resolved from my own home with something called an FDR at least that's what the tech Adam called it. He was quick to respond to my email in the same day, and by the end of that day I have my tablet working again as if it were brand new. I may of had to load some games and apps back on but eh... its better than having to send it in and be without it for some time. Thanks Asus.

    Duck_Huntress83 6/6/14 12:56PM
  • I had an issue with my Asus gaming beast built to play titanfall and mechwarrior online (go coyotes). Emailed Asus about my issue Mark responded less than 24 hours he helped me not only get my computer running full settings everything in 7.1 surround sound. He also showed me mother boards than can do exactly what I was asking for at a fraction of the cost I was looking at for my next build. I have only heard good things about Asus and the situation I had proves that. Thank you mark.

    asus gamer build 6/6/14 11:17AM
  • Mark step in and help me get my issue fixed, When I had lost fate in your tech support ability to get the RMA done (a month later). Mark not only aid me in getting the part RMA'ed also was very kind and understanding of my exps. a and just how up set I was with this whole thing.

    Thank you Mark once again for all you're help.

    ewind 6/5/14 12:53PM
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  • I would recommend ASUS employment to anyone that wants to be apart of a well established company. Management is understanding and fair.

    AnonymousV 4/8/14 11:10AM

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