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Asus customer service is ranked #120 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 57.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 1527 ratings. This score rates Asus customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,207 Negative Comments out of 1,527 Total Comments is 79.04%.


320 Positive Comments out of 1,527 Total Comments is 20.96%.

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  • My tablet the charge port didnt work...send it to asus they tells me i need motherboard,but the charge port was only damage....they said in order to replace charge port i need to replace motherboard..i talk to a few techs they said not true i dont have to replace motherboard.THEY WANT TO CHARGE ME 189 BUCKS THE TABLET I BOUGHT FOR 200 BUCKS

    sanford48 8/20/14 7:59AM
  • 7/31 - laptop was received by service department and now it is 8/20 and I still don't have my laptop. Folks, if you want good service from a laptop company, go with Dell. Asus has the worst service that I have ever encountered in my 18 years in IT.

    All they will keep telling you is that it takes 5-7 days to finish, and you will get an update 24-48 hours everytime you call. It seems like they are obligated to say that to cover themselves.

    Last time I insisted that they get a manager online and he was honest in saying that they were waiting on the part. But waiting on the part to come in for 20+ days? Is the guy riding the bike across an ocean to get it here? It's the SERVICE DEPARTMENT for goodness sake, they should have these things done on the fly and expedited.

    It's ok for them to inconvenience you, but don't you dare inconvenience their service department.

    As an IT purchaser for my company, I will NEVER EVER get another ASUS laptop or product.

    Please note, I bought a Taichi unit that came with, so called VIP service, and this is what I get. Can you imagine if you weren't a VIP?

    lleung 8/20/14 7:44AM
  • I sent my t700 Asus tablet to Asus service center in December 2013. They repaired it and returned it me in January 2014. In July it had the same problem again. When I talked to the service center they told me that I have to pay $84 for changing the motherboard in addition to the freight charges. I decided to buy a new tablet and never buy Asus products anymore.

    T700 8/19/14 9:24PM
  • Without ever having seen my laptop, ASUS service centre recommended I reset OS to factory "for a try" despite me saying I was unable to make a backup. Because I thought they were experts and I don't know much about computers, I did what they said and lost absolutely everything (files, programs, etc). They refused to help retrieve anything, stating it was my problem not theirs. Even tried to say "well your computers not frozen anymore so we fixed it"!! They never contacted within the stated timeframe on automated emails, were rude and unhelpful, and unfortunately did not have the language skills to discuss the topic appropriately over the phone. Very disappointed!

    Kyria 8/18/14 7:19AM
  • Worse tech support. Has no value for customer. As a customer, I feel that ASUS is just a profit making business. Please research enough before buying any ASUS product. It may appear cheaper during the buying process but it may cost you high during the long run.

    Vinay 8/16/14 9:40PM
  • Horribly disappointing. Was instructed by their rep to send in 2 Units (both not working) was sent back...working...the other not sent back and they can't seem to find it, let alone try to find it. Poor customer support. Warranty...beware, they don't mean it.

    hellion38 8/16/14 1:06PM
  • Dont buy asus if you value your money. I bought a brand new g74sx laptop and within 6 months the mother board burned out. I had it warrentied and after 6 weeks i gt it back and then a month later that motherboard burned out as well, same problem, power issues, it also destroyed the battery. So now i sen it in to them and this time paid for a third motherboard and service and going on two months now, its still not done. Ivemade mant attempts to find out the hold up and no one knows anything. I contacted a supervisor and was told the main office wouls contact me within 2 days for sure, 5 days later, no reply. Unbelievable. How does the worlds motherboard supplier get their parts from china any how? The world worst supplier. Dont wazte your money.

    callen 8/16/14 9:05AM
    Official company reply

    Dear callen,

    Thank you for your purchase of an ASUS G74SX gaming notebook. I am sorry to hear about all of the motherboard your notebook has gone through. If you have yet to receive a status update about your current RMA, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to provide you with an update. Please put your RMA number in the subject line of your email as well. My email address is [email protected]

    Thank you for being a loyal ASUS customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/18/14 1:30PM

  • I purchased my laptop (ASUS Zenbook Touch UX31LA-US51T Touchscreen Ultrabook,on May 4, 2014 from MicroSoft Online.

    I received it on May 9, 2014. It was working fine until on June 5, it begin going to the BIOS screen and would not let me in. I contacted MicroSoft who referred me to ASUS support, although it was only a month since I had bought it. I worked with the technician online who then determined after 20 minutes that it needed to be shipped back. He gave me an RMA number and I thought he said he was sending a shipping notice but I never got it, so figured I had misunderstood him and sent the laptop back at a cost of $48.00 on June 6.

    They replaced the HD (I think) and sent it back on somewhere around June 20st. It worked great for about two weeks and then the same thing happened (went to BIOS screen and would not let me in). Called customer services again, went through same exercises and determined I had to send it back again. I complained about the shipping cost and whether they would really find out about what was causing the issue. They sent a Fedex Return form and assured me that they would thoroughly check out the laptop. I mailed it on July 10th, they received it on Thursday, July 17th and mailed it back on July 18th, so I really do not believe it got much testing done to it.

    I received it on July 23rd, it worked fine that evening but when I came home the next night it had the BIOS screen. I had to send it back again on July 24.

    Three times makes it a definite lemon and I want a brand new computer. I have not been able to use my computer since it was purchased on May 4th except for 46 days. This is unacceptable.

    They then wrote me an email offering me a recertified computer that meets their quality standardwith warranty not extended. I declined because I do not have much confidence in your recertification process since their repair services have failed so far. They also said that if I declined it would take much longer to get replacement parts in and repair. I most definitely decline a recertified unit. I have received no answer to my reply. I called MicroSoft Store Online who gave me an actual number to contact ASUS directly but it goes to maibox 65000 to leave a message. I have left 4 messages asking that they contact me regarding my laptop. No call yet.

    I do not want the current computer back. It has been nothing but a lemon. Three strikes and you are out!! I requested a new unit, the exact model or even the newer one that just came out, or my money back. I also asked that the warranty on a new computer to extend to the whole year since I do not have a lot of confidence in their ability to provide a quality product.

    I am very dissatisfied with their inadequate attempt to stand behind their product.

    I would never recommend ASUS totally based on their total lack of attention to a dissatified customer.

    STAY AWAY FROM ASUS products!


    PBFROWNS 8/15/14 9:10PM
    Official company reply

    Dear PBFROWNS,

    Thank you for your purchase of an ASUS Zenbook. I do apologize for all the RMA’s you have gone through this far with your fairly new purchased unit. Unfortunately, ASUS in not a reseller and we only provide warranty services. If you wish to have a refund you would have to contact your place of purchase, Microsoft online. I can understand your frustrations with not being able to use your Zenbook, and we do apologize for all the inconveniences this may have caused for you. Per your warranty terms and conditions, it states that we do not authorize any refunds, credits, brand new replacements, model changes or upgrades. If you would like to talk to more about our warranty policy, feel free to reach me at [email protected]

    Thank you for being a loyal ASUS customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/18/14 1:25PM

  • I Bought a Asus laptop 3 or 4 months ago,the LCD screen went out, I called an spoke to a tech about the problem, he told me as long as there is no physical damage to the laptop it would be repaired to me at no cost, Asus responds to me via email, to let me know there was some internal damage to the device, granted no physical damage, I called and spoke to another tech, he told me being that the damage is internal there is no way I could have caused the damage, I feel Asus is trying to get out of paying for the repair, furthermore I believe I bought a faulty laptop and Asus should be held liable not me...

    Fatboi 8/13/14 5:53PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Fatboi,

    I do apologize if you were provided with incorrect information regarding our warranty terms and conditions. If there is any sight of physical damage with any of our products, the warranty will automatically be voided. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a notebook or tablet has physical damage if the unit will not power on. If there are any internal cracks or bleeding with the liquid crystal display of the LCD, that will be categorized as an out of warranty RMA. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your RMA, or our warranty policy please feel free to reach me at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/18/14 11:54AM

  • A N56VZ , ASUS RMA nightmares continue
    N56VZ-S4400D Bricked after changing boot priority
    Hi, unfortunetaly my N56 bricked after I changed some BIOS settings. My N56 was under warranty so I shipped it to ASUS Turkey in Istanbul first. They said that theres a liquid contact on my notebook's motherboard and it has to be changed. They charged me 700TL(=350$). ı refused it ABD got my N56 back. Then I gave it to ASUS Turkey in Ankara. They unbricked my notebook ABD fixed it with a BIOS reset and update. I got my notebook back and it was working however, when I tried to change boot priority settings in BIOS, same exact issue happened again so I sent it to ASUS Turkey in Istanbul again
    Despite it was same problem and solved by technicians in ASUS Ankara once, ASUS Istanbul said same liquid contact on motherboard issue and they again charged me with 700TL(=350$). Despite of me telling many times theres no liquid contact and can be solved with a BIOs recovery( As ASUS techicians in Ankara did). Now they are saying I need to pay the money or they will send my notebook back unrepaired. I need some help about this situation.
    My BIOS version is 2.15.
    My notebook is underwarranty and I did not do anything that voids it.
    Its been 2 moths since the first issue.

    Atınç 8/13/14 11:34AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Atýnç,

    I do apologize for the service in which you received. I have received your email and I am currently having your case further investigated for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/18/14 11:46AM

  • I'll do my best not to tell my story in too much detail, since it's very long. I'm a university student, and have had my laptop for over a year. I bought it through NCIX and paid pretty good money for it. It recently started having problems, involving the battery and some LCD component. I contacted ASUS about this, and was told that my warranty had expired the day before. I tried to reason with them, and ask to have my warranty extended by a few days. The reply was negative. According to their policy, the warranty begins the day you order the laptop, not the day you receive it. (which by the way doesn't make sense to me, as I don't believe you should be responsible for the time it's in transit). I understand that that's their policy, however I've dealt with other situations like this, and I've been given warranty extensions (small ones, by a few days just as in this case) without much trouble, if any. So anyway, I wasn't given a warranty extension (on the first try). I then tried again, and was finally told that I would be allowed to send my laptop in under warranty.
    So I finally send it in, and realize that the RMA status isn't moving too quickly. I then get a notification telling me that they're awaiting payment. I call to inquire about this and am told that I am in fact not covered under warranty; something I would have appreciated knowing before sending my laptop off to them. I argue once again that I had been given a warranty extension. I give them proof- the emails sent between us. I was told that I had simply requested the instructions on how to send my laptop in for repairs, and had in fact not extended my warranty. "I sincerely apologize" was what I was told over and over again in what had to be the sincere manner I've ever heard from a customer service representative. I could hear the smirk through the phone.

    With school coming up and all, and possible delays I'd foreshadowed (given their attitude up till that point), I decided that I didn't have any more time to argue with them (I'd already been dealing with them for over 3 weeks), I decided to just pay the $350 repair fee.

    I'm currently waiting for my laptop to be returned to me.

    I don't know if I'm asking too much from them- a warranty extension of a few days. Maybe I'm used to customer service in Asia- which is excellent by the way. But ASUS has given me one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever experienced in my life, and though I love my laptop (when it works fine), I don't think I'll ever buy another ASUS product again for fear of having to deal with their painfully polite, somewhat robotic, and altogether rude employees who seem to be reading off a list of predetermined phrases and answers.


    Products work beautifully until they break down (right around the end of your warranty)

    Customer service is atrocious

    UX31A 8/12/14 4:35PM
    Official company reply

    Dear UX31A,

    I do apologize for the RMA experience you encountered for your notebook to be serviced. I see that you mentioned you did pay for the needed repairs, and you currently do not know the status of your RMA. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to talk to you about your experience more in depth, as well as provide you with a service update.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/18/14 11:42AM

  • Sadly, I'm now in the Asus quagmire. Unable to get any useful information from the retailer (NCIX) on a simple warranty fix from the factory after a month, I contacted Asus directly. Their response was for me to contact the seller directly to get information on RMA so they could track it down. So I'm asked to go back to the retailer who won't tell me anything in the first place. Asus should have better information about warranty repairs and not place customers in an infinite loop. I would not buy another Asus product or purchase from the retailer again.

    tc 8/11/14 10:09AM
    Official company reply

    Dear tc,

    I do apologize for the bad first impression you have received regarding the service for your current RMA. I would be more than happy to further look into your RMA for you. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with your RMA number.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 2:01PM

  • Took them 2 months to replace a battery, they laughed at me when i asked them why they took so long

    Arnold 8/11/14 5:47AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Arnold,

    I do apologize for the long turnaround in order for you to get a replacement battery for your unit. I also apologize for the insincere professionalism you received from the agent in which you spoke with. If you have any other inquires about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may reach me at [email protected]

    Thank you for being a Loyal ASUS Customer!

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 1:57PM

  • I love my Google Nexus 7 tablet, however when it began shutting itself off for no reason and getting stuck in the startup loop. I contacted ASUS and they told me to send them my tablet and within 8-10 business days I would have a diagnosis along with an amount it would cost to repair it. That was over 3 weeks ago, I have contacted customer service about the status of the repair (RMA status), only to be told that the tablet has not been evaluated at this time. The shame of it is that I purchased two of the same tablets for almost $500 and this is the way they are treating a customer. I feel as though I am getting the run around, everyone of the scripted reps tells me the same thing they are sorry for the inconvenience, but that they will get with the evaluation team and submit my request. I don't like to be kept in the dark and next time I will go through Amazon.

    Bugsmom 8/8/14 4:53PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Bugsmom,

    Thank you for your post on our Customer Service Scoreboard review page. I am terribly sorry for all the inconveniences you have gone through this far regarding your current RMA service. I would be more than happy to have this further investigated for you. Please email me at [email protected] with your current RMA number.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 1:52PM

  • OH MY GOD how bad is the Asus support service!!!
    1. None of the online service fill-in forms work, just throws in your face "must not be empty"! Must not be empty WHAT?
    2. Three times Live chat just friggin CLOSED a chat without any reason. How rude is that?
    I will never buy anything from Asus in my whole life...
    And of course, the problem is not gone, Asus video card GT 730 won't boot at all on my motherboard Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 (2.1)

    Vygandas 8/8/14 12:20PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Vygandas,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service that was provided to you regarding your ASUS Graphics Card. I would be more than happy to help assist you with any inquires you may have regarding our products and or our services. Feel free to reach me at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 1:48PM

  • I was a HUGE Asus fan for many years, until I bought a product and had an issue. In February of 2014 I bought a $225 Asus AC68U Router. This was supposed to be the best thing ever invented. BUT, after a month, the print server stopped working, the media functions no longer worked, the FTP didn't work and worst of all... the admin pages didn't even load anymore... it was like they all stopped working 1 thing a week till I basically could only use it as a really basic router, when that even worked.

    I called customer support and people, AVOID ASUS AT ALL COSTS! Seriously... this company is the absolute worst I have ever experienced in 20 years of working for and now owning a tech company. Believe me my skill level is far beyond that of a "Geek Sqaud" (no offense).

    Asus, you have killed my inner child and love for your products. I will tell every customer, friend and family member to pick ANY other brand than ASUS. Mind you, I'm a very friendly guy but this experience was so terrible that I literally tremble at the thought of anyone having to go through this process.

    What is my current resolution? Still fighting to get an RMA after 2 months straight. People, please, don't do business with this company. You'll see this post all over the net as I will spend the next 2 months posting this everywhere for the 2 months they have wasted of my life and the horrible time they have put me through.

    SadPanda 8/7/14 5:47PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Sadpanda,

    I do sincerely apologize about the service in which you have received regarding your AC68U Router . I would be more than happy to be your RMA representative, and get this matter all situated out for you. Please feel free to contact me at any time. My email is [email protected] I would be more than happy to help assist you with all your ASUS needs.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 1:45PM

  • Service is TERRIBLE! I bought a docking station, it would randomly turn the monitors off/on and would show that there was a disk in the drive, called them up and they said send it in so I did. No further word from them until I called asking a week later and they couldn't find it in the system. Then it showed up on my doorstep, looked like they just boxed it back up and set it back to me, and did exactly as it had before - NOT FIXED. I called again, they would not exchange it and said that I had to pay to send it back to them again so they could fix it.
    Bottom line: DON'T BUY ASUS!

    Anonymous 8/6/14 11:06AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,
    I am sorry to hear that your docking station is not fully functioning at its standards. When you received it back from the first RMA service was there a repair summary included? Have you sent your docking station back in yet to be serviced? I would be more than happy to be your RMA representative. Please feel free to email me at any time. My email address is [email protected] Please also include your previous RMA number.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/12/14 1:40PM

  • One day my patter lock wouldn't work and I couldn't get into recovery menu to reset so I called Asus and they told me to send it in for repairs. I sent my ME102 tablet to them then end of June, they received it July 1st and on July 7th sent me an email with a pic of the back of the tablet and a pin pointing to the audio jack and told me I needed a new mother board with no explanation why. They said I had until July 10th to send a payment of 175 to fix the tablet and if I did not they would send it back. I emailed them back immediately after receiving the email questioning the pic they sent and how my motherboard was damaged and told them I would not be sending a payment. I did not receive a reply from them for a week so I just assumed they mailed my tablet back. A few days later there was no tablet and no update on the website as to what was going on with it, so I emailed the support and service people that contacted me, no reply. Now I an getting upset, so I call. I explained to the person I sent my tablet in and the reasons why, that I received an email wanting me to pay $175 and that I was not going to pay that, so send my tablet back. He asked me for my info and after pulling up my info and reading it, he asks "did you respond to the email asking for payment?" I nearly lost it on him, clearly he listened to nothing I said and after showing frustration, he said he would contact the people who had my tablet and then contact me back. Three more days went by and nothing from him, so I called again and went through the same process. The next day I called yet again and yet again same process, but this time I would not let them get off the phone and told them I wanted to escalate the situation. Big bad escalation gets on the phone, I explain to them everything that happens and he tell me they will have my tablet sent back right away. I asked him what am I supposed to do when they do not send it back, and he replied with "when we get involved, things get done." He said I should have a tracking number within 24hrs, I said I would give them the weekend and call back for it. Well yesterday was Tuesday Aug 6th and what do you know, no tracking info, my tablet has not shipped and is STILL being held hostage. This has by far been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I send my tablet in because of a firmware issue, I get an email saying I need a new motherboard and they tell me I have physical damage done, which was NOT the case when I sent it in, but shame on me for not taking pictures first and not now it is being held hostage seemingly until I pay the 'ransom' they want ($175 to replace the motherboard). I am far beyond wanting my tablet repaired now as it seems they have done more damage to it than before I sent it to them, I just want it back without involving the FBI or paying ransom!

    Anonymous 8/5/14 9:27PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am so sorry to hear about the support you have received during your RMA service for your ME102 tablet. Please email me at [email protected] with your RMA number. I would be more than happy to further investigate this situation for you and have it resolved as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/6/14 10:29AM

  • Asus lost my laptop and will not do anything about it , have been waiting since June 28

    Between them and fedex what a Bad experience

    Anonymous 8/2/14 9:04AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I do apologize for the unfortunate cause of events regarding your ASUS notebook. I would be more than happy to further look into this case for you regarding your miss placed unit. Please email me at [email protected] with your current RMA number.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty.

    ASUS-USA 8/4/14 3:09PM

  • I had a very poor experience with ASUS customer service. I was having some minor problems with my computer (built in camera didn't work, it would randomly shut off and I couldn't figure out how to change the smart pad sensitivity). I called ASUS hoping they could help fix these problems so I could enjoy my new computer. The only thing customer service people know how to do is what they call a hard reset which should convert the computer back to factory settings. Before following the steps, I asked the customer service representative if this would in any way cause additional problems or cause me to loose my data. He told me that is was completely safe. After performing the hard reset my computer went from having minor problems (listed above) to not being able to boot up. I couldn't even get it to the secure boot screen. The customer service representative said that a hard reset couldn't possible cause that problem and it wasn't there fault. I tried to explain that my computer booted up fine before, they did a hard reset and it stopped working completely. They continued to defend themselves saying what they did didn't cause the booting problems and the only way to fix it would be to send it in where they would wipe my hard drive (and I would loose all my documents). This was especially troublesome for me since I live out of the country and they only ship within the US. They told me there was nothing they could do.

    I'm lucky enough to have an IT friend. When I explained what had happened he immediately knew what they had done to the computer, confirmed that the hard resent did cause the problem and was able to fix it for me.

    All in all I called ASUS to address a few minor problems and ended up with a computer that couldn't even boot up.

    Kim 8/2/14 8:21AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Kim,

    I am sorry to hear about the service our support hotline provided you, in trying to resolve your notebooks issues. If you perform a hardware reset, it is safe; but it does lose all your data on the computer. So if you do it in the future, please make sure all your data is backed up prior in performing the reset.

    Also, the hardware reset should not have caused your unit to no longer boot. Did you happen to still have programs running prior to performing the boot?

    I am glad to hear that your IT friend was successfully able to help resolve the problems you were encountering. If you ever have any further questions or inquiries about your computer, feel free to email me at any time, [email protected]

    Thank you for choosing an ASUS Product.

    Best regards
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/4/14 3:05PM

  • I haven't had anything worse than the experience I had with Asus Customer Service.

    I use a Z97-Pro Motherboard along with a R9 290X DCUIIOC. My graphics card's stopped working last monday. I thought, maybe it's a software problem and spend hours on trying to fix possible software problems. No luck, so I called the customer service. I told them everything I did, and the outcome I got from the tests I performed. The 'representative' told me that it's a PSU issue and I should contact Corsair to solve that problem and hung up the phone on my face. Literally, that's the only thing I heard from that amateur, even though I told him that my PSU readings are normal, along with CPU, RAM, Harddrive readings. So I called back, next gentleman told me that it's definitely a hardware issue, and he opened a case for RMA. I chose the advance shipping option, or whatever that is called. He got my info, and told me that it usually takes a day to process the request, then they'll send me an email asking for my credit card info. That never happened. I called them back three times, one hung up on my face, AGAIN. The other one told me that they are still checking for the stocks and availability (Friday, same week). So, thank you for your care for customers. I bought a top of the tier graphics card and you pushed me so hard that I absolutely hate your service. Thank you. I'll never buy your products again.

    tahirakinci 8/1/14 5:59PM
    Official company reply

    Dear tahirakinci,

    I again do apologize for the service in which you have received for your AUS Graphics card. I have received your email, and I am currently in the process of a new stock check for you. If you have any other RMA related inquiries, please feel free to email me back at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/4/14 2:58PM

  • Been trying to RMA this graphic card since Febuary 2014. First time I sent it in due to no display, they got my address & name wrong so it went to the wrong address when they sent it back. When I finally got it, it still had the same exact problem. Sent it in again, and at least this time it came back to the right address. Unfortunately it is still not working. Currently in the process of sending it in a third time, but I think they got my email address wrong this time as I am waiting 2 days for the confirmation email with my RMA# and instructions. This is getting quite tiring and expensive as paying for shipping of a graphic card from Hawaii everytime to the mainland is quite expensive. Especially since I try to package it well so it does not get damaged so they can just excuse it as shipment damage. Currently trying to plead that they actually test the product before sending it back since I had a similar experience with a monitor that I RMA'd with them. But shipping a monitor a second time for like $40 I gave up and just got rid of it.

    Rerona 8/1/14 3:41PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Rerona,

    I am sorry to hear about your past RMA experiences with your graphics card and LCD monitor. I would be more than happy to be your RMA representative and get everything taken care of for you. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your current case number.

    ASUS Customer Loyalty is here to help listen and provide you with a more positive experience.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/4/14 2:47PM

  • Asus got horrible customer service. We are computer re sellers that build gaming computers and lately just getting frustrated with ASUS support. For example for a fan not working on the motherboard the told us to re-install the operating system. OR when we called a week later to ship motherboard the unable to find our RMA number and it was assigned to a monitor. Many times you will be on hold while they "check your case" but no response for over 30min till we hangup the phone. This week the support person got mad that we required again to search for missing RMA and continue the old case he shouted and disconnected the call. We switched company and you should too. Bad service!!!

    TheITstore 7/31/14 11:27PM
    Official company reply

    Dear TheITstore,

    I sincerely apologize for the service in which you have received regarding our service support for your computers. I would be more than happy to help try and assist you with any inquires you may have. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/1/14 9:47AM

  • Overall, the experience with ASUS was incredibly disappointing. Took over 6 weeks to get a charger replaced, because initially they only sent the plug portion back. After calling to get the wire, it still took over 3 weeks and 5-6 conversations with support (never proactive on the ASUS part) to get the wire. The final rep, Rick, was good to get it shipped, but was way too late to make my son happy. 6 weeks without using a gift is way too long...

    Anonymous 7/31/14 8:44AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with our service support. Six weeks to get a power cable is quite a long turnaround time. I am glad to hear that Rick was able to finally help solve the problem for you.

    Your patience has been greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a Loyal ASUS Customer.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loylty

    ASUS-USA 8/1/14 9:37AM

  • I bought 2 Asus HDMI Monitors for gaming for my son. I sent in the rebate forms and 6 months later they said they can't send me a rebate.I work on a tug boat and am gone 6 months at a time , figuring when I get home the rebate check will be there ....but it wasn't I should have known it was a scam .Now I need 4 more monitors and 3 laptops . ,but I'll be damn if I waste my money on Asus products ever again.I tell my friends don't ever buy Asus products cause Asus does not back their products or rebates. I think Asus is a scam company just using americans for their money. Bite my ass Asus.....I just got home the other day and threw all the paperwork away , then I hear about this site.....FY Asus.....One pissed off ex customer.....I hope Asus loses their shirt and goes under.....( OUT OF BUSINESS THAT IS ...)

    Why 7/29/14 3:55PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your purchase of 2 of our HDMI Monitors. I do apologize for the long turnaround time regarding your rebate. Please email [email protected] He would be more than happy to have your rebate case further investigated.

    Best regards,
    ASUS Customer Loyalty

    ASUS-USA 8/1/14 9:33AM

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  • Great Company. I bought a new router and i was unable to connect to the internet. I tried everything to fix this and i was unsuccessful. Most of the people that i talk with are other IT professionals so i know what i am doing. Asus not only found a fix they made the firmware fix within a couple days and everything was working great. i could not believe how fast this happen. thanks asus. YOU ROCK

    Jerry 8/19/14 2:44PM
  • My first impressions with ASUS support - GREAT. At least they listen and trying to help. Also, it's obvious you're dealing with a human being, not a robot, like I was doing in the past before I switched to ASUS.
    So, yes it IS possible to get help from ASUS support.

    Paul 8/19/14 2:18AM
  • Scott from ASUS Customer Loyalty
    was utmost prompt and helpful in resolution of a problem I had with my new Asus Desktop. I was very surprised with quality of his service.
    Thank you Scott!

    vzks 8/17/14 5:52PM
  • After hearing something rattling around in my new computer (and told by the seller that I could not return or exchange it) I contacted ASUS customer service. After I hadn't heard anything over a week later, I tried again after signing into my account and was promptly answered by two different people offering me two different solutions. (I recommend making an account when you first buy your product and using it!)I went with the guy that sounded more helpful, Rick C., and ended up sending in my computer under warranty. The shipping time there was a week, which was kinda ridiculous but once it was there they only had to remove a loose screw from the unit. Rick offered to run diagnostic tests for me but I needed the unit back for college, so I asked that he just send it back to me. Overall my experience with him was very positive and the response time was reasonable.

    kjoy 8/14/14 8:16PM
  • I had a terrific experience this time because of Eric S., in customer service in Corp. Hdqtrs. I found him after a disastrous 1st experience trying to get the same problem fixed. Thank goodness for Eric. The turn around was 8 days only. The first time it was over 30 days!!
    ASUS 800 number support is a joke unfortunately. A lady in Jamaica told me this time (before I reached Eric) that I should be glad not to have my computer for a month; I could do so many other things!!!

    Anonymous 8/14/14 11:08AM
  • Wondering if you should buy ASUS? Wondering if the service is as good as the product?! Considering I made a complaint on a Best Buy reviews about my new RT-AC87R, Adam J. reached out to me to help me with my issue. Just when I was about to return it for not working out of the box.

    That says a lot for a company that wants to reach out to you to make sure your product is working properly. I mean I get it its a new product things are bound to go wrong.

    Luckily Adam informed me the issues with this router has been fixed and the 5 GHz issue can be solved with the recently posted firmware.

    Betty Jones 8/13/14 11:06AM
  • I had issues with setting up all of my android devices on my new RT-AC68U. Within a few emails Adam J. managed to troubleshoot my issues and set up my mac filtering with all my android devices(I have quite a few). Not only did he know the ASUS router but, he also knew Android like the back of his hand. It's nice to know tech support is just that,techy.

    Xavier 8/11/14 5:06PM
  • Lou with Asus customer loyalty has been outstanding. I purchased a motherboard from Newegg that had a problem. Initial call to Asus customer service resulted in a recommendation to return it to Newegg. I sent it back to NE to learn that they would not accept it because "mangled" CPU pins. The CPU/pins where in perfect condition when the board was returned, and had nothing to do with the original mobo issue. Newegg has a bad reputation of damaging returned products to avoid the costs to replace or fix. Asus Loyalty Rep (Lou) say my negative comment on the Newegg blog and quickly reached out to me to see if they could help to resolve the issue. After quick communication they offered an RMA for the return of my motherboard to them. Upon recept, they trouble shot, overlooked Newegg's damage to the board and offered a replacement. Wow, quick coms, hassle free interaction and to top it off an outstanding experience. Lou offered to run the board for a day to ensure I had no further issues when I finally received the replacement board. I could not be a happier Asus customer. They gained my trust and loyalty as a customer and will highly recommend them to any friends and family. It was such a good experience I'll be purchasing a new Asus laptop this week.

    Hvr4fun 8/9/14 8:38PM
  • Completely resolved the lost touch-screen function on my ASUS Taichi since the 8.1 update. Took less than 20 minutes! BEST tech support ever!

    Anonymous 8/7/14 4:12PM
  • Fantastic support, ASUS rep offered an advanced RMA so I wouldn't have to be without my hardware for a simple fan issue on a video card. I never waited more than a few hours for a response, and the matter was handled timely and efficiently.

    Its why I continue to support ASUS with my business, they make fantastic products, and they stand behind them.

    chaosminionx 8/7/14 1:37PM
  • I had such an issue with my notebook being repaired by who ever ASUS contracts with. Needless to say its fixed now thanks to Rick. I'm loving my replacement laptop 'cus it has no issues. Thanks YOU!

    Micha 8/6/14 4:54PM
  • I wasn't too sure about this whole thing with Asus responding to my 1 star review. I had already been through hell with Call Centers trying to Troubleshoot my issue with my RT-AC68U, that I had given up on them even after a decade of buying ASUS products.

    Luckily the one whom responded was knowledgeable and quick to point out my issues was with the Channel bandwidth, and control channel that my son set up for his devices while he was here. Thanks to Adam J. my decade long faith in ASUS that was destroyed by the call centers was restored by this one tech at corporate thanks to his knowledgeable responses.

    P.S. He also assured me that he would address the issue with call centers but, don't hold your breathe on that as he is only one person in a large billion $ company

    KittyClaws 8/6/14 4:48PM
  • After reading the reviews on Amazon I was very reserved on my feelings about anything customer service related with ASUS. Alas, I still bought an ASUS router, had issues, called the call center for support, and started to regret not listening to those reviews; in which I became one....

    However, due to technical help I received from Adam J. I was able to get my issue resolved with my in house network and sharing files. Thank you!

    Robbie 8/5/14 5:06PM
  • IDK whats up with the 3rd party repair companies that ASUS employs BUT!, Adam was able to see that the other company failed to fix the issue 3 times with my tablet!!!....Now I'm sitting pretty with my properly working tablet, THANK YOU!

    KellyCrumbles 8/1/14 3:24PM
  • I had quite a list of questions re ASUS's Z9PE-D8-WS dual-socket xeon mobo and, based on feedback from others, expected little or no assistance from ASUS customer support. The opposite proved to be the case. Mark N. was extremely responsive to some pretty "hairy" technical issues/concerns. ASUS/Mark, I am indebted to you. You have made a believer out of me. THANKS!!

    Gary 7/31/14 5:57PM
  • Please let me note that this is primarily for my customer service through Jolene and ASUS's VIP section. Previous to this experience, I went through the standard RMA process twice. The first time they returned by faulty hardware unfixed, and the second time they sent me a faulty card.

    This time, I tried reaching Jolene, whose email I was provided with via the ASUS Twitter account. My initial email was loaded with details about my trouble, and Jolene did not waste time asking further questions or forcing me to undergo the same RMA process again. The Advanced RMA process was much better, because it allowed me to try out my replacement hardware (a graphics card) BEFORE I sent back my defective card, saving me lots of time and hassle.

    The whole process took about 15 days, which, given the process at ASUS (they have to request old cards from refurbished stock), wasn't that bad. It's worth noting that the customer service through email and their ticketing system was responsive and friendly.

    My opinion of ASUS's customer service as a whole is still somewhat negative, given my first two experiences through their standard channels. However, going through their Twitter account and doing the advanced RMA is worthwhile.

    rosssmiller 7/31/14 3:13PM
  • Eric S., Customer Care,ASUS Computer International was the first Asus representative
    who did what he said he would do. His manner was friendly and personable. And now my rebate is on the way! It's only $20, but it is the issue of a company's tracking a problem and fixing it.

    Thank you for providing a place to give feedback,

    Robin Resnick

    snucks 7/31/14 1:59PM
  • I'm not a geek, but even so networking devices can be confusing. Thanks to Adam I now have a router that doesn't have hang time when downloading due to a manual Firmware update.

    Bonnie 7/29/14 10:32AM
  • So I got this router for my husband cus everyone said it was phenomenal. My husband works at Cisco so I thought he would love it.
    Couldn't get the firmware to update... was so sad because I wanted to surprise him with it all set up... I was like ZOMG... then Adam came along on my review right before I was boxing it up to send it back.

    We made contact and he showed helped walk me through manually downloading and installing the latest firmware manually. Best part is still got to surprise my husband with it. THANX!

    KathyKuhl 7/24/14 5:33PM
  • Eric S. from Customer Care was very helpful. The rebate company said they never received my rebate info, even though I sent in two from two different addresses and both mysteriously never showed up to their office, so they weren't going to honor my 2 rebates.

    I contacted Eric S. at ASUS and got the rebates reinstated.


    Anonymous 7/23/14 4:10PM
  • I have a negative comment on here as well, but I wanted to update my situation. The products from Asus have been pretty hit/miss so far, but my customer service has been great. The people just in the chat rooms helped me with troubleshooting steps, and provided free shipping labels to send things back.

    Tien Phan and Jolene have been my contacts most recently in getting my notebook replaced. They've both been great at keeping in contact. They're excellent and it has been a pleasure interacting with them. Even when FedEx lost my package, they took it in stride and sent out another one very quickly. The product side has been frustrating but the customer service experience has been fantastic. Hopefully I won't have to interact with them again though (no offense!) ;)

    Estish 7/22/14 8:43AM
  • I needed a longer AAFP cable for my ASUS ROG Front Base. Jolene from customer service helped me with my request. She responded to my emails in a timely and helpful manner and has now shipped my cable. It was a very smooth service. No complaints!

    zel 7/17/14 1:09PM
  • Got my computer back from Adam and it is fixed. Thank you Adam. You listened to my concerns and now I am working on a wonderful ASUS laptop,

    djj 7/5/14 11:57AM
  • I would like to applaud Eric Sablin in ASUS customer services for assisting me in my effort to receive my rebate. Without his assistance I know I would not have received it. thanks again Eric . Nicks Auto

    Anonymous 7/2/14 1:03PM
  • My issue is long and arduous so I'll keep it short. So initially I Posted a review on amazon griping about how crappy my router was. I was so frustrated with the my issues connecting I decided to switch to a 3rd party firmware. Along came Adam from Asus, and informed me that I should probably do a roll back on my firmware to an outdated version then update it to the new one. Such a simple fix Ironically solved my complex issue

    JulietRobins 6/26/14 1:10PM
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  • I would recommend ASUS employment to anyone that wants to be apart of a well established company. Management is understanding and fair.

    AnonymousV 4/8/14 11:10AM

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