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Express Scripts customer service is ranked #609 out of the 709 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 1098 ratings. This score rates Express Scripts customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,076 Negative Comments out of 1,098 Total Comments is 98.00%.


22 Positive Comments out of 1,098 Total Comments is 2.00%.

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  • This is the worst mail order company I have ever dealt with! I was told for over a week that my medicines would be deliver no problem and come to find out they left me a message to call them and I was told my meds could not be transferred from another company at all they even ran my credit card to pay for my order and said that my meds would be delivered on Friday, 4/25/14. I have asthma meds and for over a week i spoke to several different employees and was assured no problem. I spoke with a so called supervisor that was nothing but a clown. DO NOT deal with this company they do not care if you get your meds or not. I am already out of one of my meds just dealing with the company for over a week. I am now going to have to have to try and get my asthma meds very quickly somehow. THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!! Do not even bother the contact me, I have wasted enough of my time with this company with nothing but wrong information and sad!

    Donotevencontactme 4/23/14 5:17PM
  • This company is basically a legal fraud operation. I had two prescriptions filled by them and they overcharged me by several hundred dollars on both occasions. They also sent me a prescription I didn't even order and billed me for it. They then told me I could return the one I didn't order for a credit and they would adjust my bill to correct the price. Well, 30 days later neither has happened. Now when I call them they refuse to even acknowledge, let alone resolve either issue. Every time you call in, their reps tell you something different. They don't keep track of the notes in your file. They don't follow through on what they say they will do. When I disputed it with my credit card and won the dispute, they just started sending bills to my house. Then they doubled the bill out of nowhere. My medication that, according to their web site should have cost me $50, they are now trying to get $350 for. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I'm sick and on disability and I can't afford to be swindled by these idiots. They should be investigated by the Feds and should be barred from being a Medicare contractor.

    Anonymous 4/22/14 8:16PM
  • I was due to get my last 90 days of 3 prescriptions. 2 of 3 of my prescriptions were not sent. I called to check on them and no still can tell me why they weren't sent. They put through an order to send and changed my address at the same time stressing the fact that they be sent to new address. 5 days later they were sent to the old address & returned as they must not allow forwarding. I called to get replacements and they won't send them without first receiving them back from the Postal Service or getting a new RX from my doc. I'm not due to see him for another 4 months and he's not going to renew it without seeing me first. I've wasted over 4 hours on the phone with them. I will not be using their home delivery service again. Very poor policies. Shame on you Express Scripts. 2 screw-ups by you and I have to deal with the nonsense. Customer Service Rep friendly but couldn't help. Supervisor - what a joke to talk to.

    larne 4/22/14 4:07PM
  • This company is dysfunctional at best. I have had a problem with virtually every prescription order with them. They don't follow up with the Dr. or myself and leave you hanging even after you've received a confirmation number.

    JS 4/22/14 7:44AM
  • I have a letter from this company stating that my request for an additional quantity of medication was approved. It includes a case #. On 3/25/2014 I spoke with their rep and was promised my additional medication would be sent within 1 week. Still have not received it. Last night, I was put on hold by one of their reps for 20 minutes and no one came back, then I was hung up on. I was told my letter from them "meant nothing" because they had no documentation of it. They refused my request to speak to a supervisor. They are rude, unhelpful, non caring and apparently they can just hang up on you at their will.

    atay35 4/17/14 8:00AM
  • The answer to their impenetrable and arrogant customer service maze is simple: patients are not their customers,
    insurance companies are. Insurance companies benefit from saying no and slowing everything down. They use Express Scripts as a protective layer of bureaucracy to put you even more transfers away from a decision maker.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 8:07AM
  • Ok!! Enough is enough, I just went thru the most exasperating experience I have ever gone thru over my blood pressure medication. They screwed it up and they can't fix it without 48 - 72 hours for the system to work maybe?? Are there any breathing humans tracking this company??? Our tax dollars are making them succeed while they fail to meet any acceptable customer service standards. I spent a career in retail management after my military career and blind folded I could see these people have no idea what the term means! Would you like to become the next corporate genius? go to work for Express Scripts, you are assured immeasurable improvements and dramatic financial stardom.

    Nick Eytcheson 4/14/14 3:16PM
  • When my insurance company would no longer cover a prescription, they just wouldn't fill the doctor's prescription for the medication! After calling them three times for the same issue, and still getting no where, I attempted calling again on a fourth date/time. On this day, I was greeted with the message that there was an emergency and they were unable to take my call, please try again later. What kind of emergency could a mail-order prescription company possibly have?!?

    Anonymous 4/13/14 10:55AM
  • Express Scripts refuses to fill name brand rx's even on doctors orders, they often lose rx orders, . We have used mail order services for years without problem, but we have an issue with Express Scripts on about 1/2 of our orders. They are not interested in customer service. You cannot reach management. filing complaints is very difficult and useless

    Anonymous 4/12/14 7:36AM
  • My Experience with Express Scripts is horrible.This company need help. They have to listen to the patients, no communication and very disorganized Being on phone with them and put you on hold for 30 -40 to speak to Supervisor is really a waste of time. They did not care and I was the one who was calling back in fort between my doctor. They won't initiate to call your doctor office, almost I did their job.Speaking to Supervisor either is useless they tell you same thing. I did not get help I have to really push my self. I'm really unhappy & frustrated I have to call
    Corporate office.The system is really bad, lack of information, customer service,poor communication, lastly they seem don't care!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 4/11/14 4:18PM
  • This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Their business is basically a fraud. They overcharged me on two occasions for prescriptions totally more than $250 and they have done nothing to fix it. They even sent me a prescription that neither I or my doctor authorized and billed me for it. They won't take it back and credit me. I have placed more than 30 calls to them over 4 months, disputed with my credit card (and won) and they are still trying to bill me for their mistake. It looks like I am going to have to take them to court and file a complaint with their regulator. They are professional scammers, watch out!

    Anonymous 4/10/14 10:53PM
  • Express Scripts loves to set up autorefill on my prescriptions, even when I toggle it off. Then they ship meds far in advance of when I actually need them (and my meds have very short shelf lives). They may deduct my copays from my bank account in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months, making it impossible to plan ahead. And they insist that they have no record of my endocrinologist in their doctor database. This isn't simple incompetence - this is orchestrated malpractice.

    Coinneach 4/8/14 11:22PM
  • This is the worst company in the healthcare industry. Their stock is trading close to $80.00 a share and they have made that money by withholding medicines from people who need them. My doctor prescribed a medicine for me to treat my precancerous esophageal condition. Express Scripts refuses to give me this medication as prescribed. This company cares SIGNIFICANTLY more about making money and doesn't care AT ALL about the patients it serves. If your insurance switches to them, do yourself a favor and just hire a firing squad. They will kill you faster and not screw you over while they do it.

    BunnyBradley95 4/8/14 5:29PM
  • If your insurance company switches to Express Scripts, I highly recommend dropping your insurance and investing in a firing squad. It will be much cheaper and at least they don't screw you while they kill you.

    This is the worst company on the planet.

    BunnyBradley95 4/8/14 5:12PM
  • I did not even get a live person on the phone. I have two refills on my Crestor but the order was canceled for some reason. After talking to the robot it informed me that " the order was canceled." Uh yea! I know you stupid idiot! What I wanted to know was why it was canceled?

    Anonymous 4/8/14 4:15PM
  • Express Scripts forces customers away from their local pharmacists by increasing their costs and refusing 90 day scripts. They will call your physician and change your scripts without your approval. They force customers to order exclusively through their own mail order eliminating local pharmacists' professional knowledge to catch mistakes that cause sever reactions and possible DEATH! Uncontrolled med distribution through mail order is rapidly causing a growing theft ring and black market for drugs. The CEO and upper managers of Express Scripts are the main benefactors.

    macavada 4/6/14 2:16PM
  • suddenly there is a presription on my account that don't belong to me. (Zostavay SDV/IN PWD.)

    Anonymous 4/6/14 9:14AM
  • absurd...I have already been holding 20 minutes...the last time I talked to them they were VERY unprofessional..

    Anonymous 4/3/14 3:26PM
  • Everytime I am forced to deal with these idiots it burns me. The latest is the worry-free enrollment of my prescriptions. The header on their website shows I am enrolled, but my scripts never get ordered. Today I ordered them myself and found that unless you actually order something, you are not turned on.
    Then I found that an active script had been placed in archieves and I could not order it online, I had to call it in.
    I also found since I am now 65 that the first month you go on medicare, you must call in and verify who you are. Somebody tell me why I should not take legal action for age discrimination and failure to follow pharmacy requirements to fill scripts without harrassing patients.
    These people are usless and should be banned from the pharmacy business. They do nothing but piss off people and frustrate every person they come in contact with.

    lhenderson5940 4/1/14 9:52AM
  • I am happy just to see that it is not just me that is "over" Express Scripts. I have to make 10-15- phones calls to get a prescription filled if anything is done. The reps have no clue, and I feel bad for them because what they have to work with is NOTHING!!! I get so many excuses and the supervisors are no better. They make promises that they can't keep. Who is the Top Person? None of the reps know, or won't say. Is Ms. Player still the CEO or is this a fictional name they throw out? They also like to put the problems on my doctor. Not true. My doctor's office hates dealing with Ex Press Scripts as much as I do! I will stop for now, because all I have are negative comments, and I realize after seeing this site I am not alone.

    A very frustrated "Member!" 3/31/14 9:54AM
  • I am diabetic and my wife and I both take Crestor. Since our insurance started using Express Scripts, getting our refills has been an absolute NIGHTMARE. We call and call and call and each time we have to spend 45 minutes on the phone with the idiots (sorry) and we get NOWHERE. I spoke with them Wednesday as to why my Crestor had not shipped. The robot/human I spoke with said it won't ship until April 25. I ask it when the last shipment was. It said December 27. I asked if it could add that the period between Dec 27 and Apr 25 was a MONTH more than the 90 days' refill covered. It seemed to almost understand that concept. Then it told me they sent me 90 Crestor on Sep 5, 90 more on Sep 30, 90 more on Oct 24 and the "last" 90 on Dec 27. I asked it if it REALLY believed that's what happened. I tried to explain to it, using the smallest possible words I could, that I did NOT have 270 Crestor pills on hand. It agreed and said something was wrong with their system (which is their answer for everything). It said they entries were wrong but whoever corrected them had not corrected them correctly. I'm not kidding. You can't make this sh*t up. The woman I spoke with PROMISED my Crestor would ship in a day or two. Well, it not only hasn't shipped but according to their web site, it's not going to until (can you guess?) APRIL 25!!!!!!!!! These people are border line cavemen. They are the dumbest group of people I have ever had to deal with.

    Anonymous 3/28/14 1:52PM
  • Express Scripts' customer service should be renamed CUSTOMER DISERVICE!!!!!!! I am a type 1 diabetic with multiple maintenance medications. I had put in 3 orders on March 7 and as of today, March 26, all I have gotten so far is just plain incompetence and "sorry I can't help you comments". My doctor called to ok my prescriptions on March 12 but for some reason their "system" cancelled my orders. A supervisor told me that their system inadvertently cancelled my order so they would reinstate it and all was good. A week later, my meds still haven't come so I call their customer service again and was told that they needed "clarification" from my doctor and they still havent gotten it so they can't process my orders (don't know why they couldn't all the needed info when my doctor called on the 12th but maybe that's just me). My doctor's office says Express Scripts is the most difficult "pharmacy" they deal with coz they always yhave to call multiple times just to get an order right. What took my locaL pharmacy 20 mins to complete, takes the people from Express Scripts a month and counting... I could be dead by the time they process my medications. Where is a good lawyer when you need one?

    Anonymous 3/25/14 9:58PM
  • This company is the worst mess of bureaucracy in the country. They have no regard for the client at all. Their
    only concern is to keep the patient/client in limbo and deny any logical process to occur. After being on "hold",
    i.e. "ignore" for more than 18 hours, over a 6 week period,
    I still don't have my medication. Their rationale is:
    We can't send you the medication because it must be paid in advance, however, we can't billed the insurance company until it has been sent in the mail. This is stupidity at it's highest level.

    Fed-up 3/25/14 12:35PM
  • HORRIBLE HORRIBLE - the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They loose prescriptions. Almost impossible to contact by phone. No communication whatsoever. I am forced, by my insurance company, to fill my prescriptions through this company. FORCED - i have no choice. I finally reach a supervisor and really do not have any more satisfactory answers to where my prescriptions are. When they will be shipped. And even after I am told one has shipped - - it does not arrive and I am later told it was held up for verification from my doctor. Horrible company. I wish there was a below negative rating.

    gleier 3/25/14 10:23AM
  • Our company recently switched to Express Scripts which has proven to be a disaster. Customer Service is horrible. Everyone you talk to gives you a different answer and many of them can barely be understood. You'd think that people who work in customer service could speak fluent English but that is not the case.
    Generic medications that had zero copayment at our local pharmacy is now $120.00 for a 90 day supply. We were assured that our prescriptions would cost less. BIG MISCONCEPTION!
    I have complained to my Employer and hope others will do the same and we can get a better company to deal with.
    Express Scripts SUCKS!

    Charlie822 3/25/14 9:35AM
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  • Express scripts - to which we have NEVER belonged - billed us for 100 in 2009. Called and got is squared away and they realized their mistake, and now, years later, they have sent it to Collections. I have been attempting to contact them and have been hung up on. Next stop? Atty general?

    pam 1/17/14 10:30AM
  • The old version of the site was excellent, the current "Dashboard" is virtually unusable.

    I would appreciate communication with someone high enough in management to have the website decision makers under supervision. I am willing to wager that some entity was actually paid to replace a working system with garbage.

    It is obvious to me that the decision makers did not try both old and new. Nor did they have a focus group of users try them.

    Jim Russell

    jimr122783 1/9/14 3:48PM
  • I have received great service. I had pass word trouble this morning, and the lady that helped me was pleasant, maintained a voice that told me she was glad to help me. She also helped me solve a problem with the date of my refill. I am so glad I did not have to stand in a long line at our local drug store after shopping for nearly an hour.

    joyscottl 12/10/13 6:03AM
  • Like so many seniors, I was extremely wary of ordering my pills thru an then-unknown company. Not to worry---they have been cheerfully and carefully filling and refilling all my orders (most were automatic refills) for several years now. The price is unbeatable. (I am Scottish at heart.) The quality is excellent. Very good company.

    lizzie 10/26/13 1:06PM
  • I've spoken to several employees and my experience was the same horrible.But I've spoken to Ms Passion Ford on an issue I've been dealing with the past several months.She spoke to me with the upmost coutesy, real concern ,and very efficient on handling my ordeal.for the first time in years I relived and wasn't angry I hung up the phone. If the rest of the employees can take a page out of ns Ford's book the company will rank in the high 90's on their customer service surveys.

    cookie monster 8/3/13 10:51AM
  • I had Express Scripts for about 6 years or longer through State of Michigan retirement; I loved them. They were the best and most efficient mail order pharmacy to work with and always watching how one of our medications might interact with a new one that the doctor would order. I am sorry to hear/read of other bad experiences.

    Confused in Michigan 4/24/13 6:14PM
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Express Scripts. I have never had an issue with my prescriptions being filed or my questions answered. Hats off to Express Script keep up the good work!

    Deb 1/17/13 3:47PM
  • We are very pleased with the way all our prescriptions are filled.Right on time,never run out.Our Dr faxes them in for us---We don`t have to run to the Drug store,which is a Blessing for us----Thank God for Express Scripts--

    Anonymous 5/8/12 12:16PM
  • The only problem I have is getting my doctor to fax in prescriptions to them. Once they have the prescription, they fill them promptly and I never have to worry. The customer service is A+ and I am going to switch my entire family over to their service. My father has Tri-Care and no one really cares if we have to use CVS instead of Walgreens for his meds. Like I said, I will be switching him to Express Scripts too... very convenient.

    SunnyDisposition 4/16/12 2:06AM
  • I had to drops Express Scripts they were just making to many mistake and my health were paying for it.
    They always blame the patient for what happen with their medications.
    And now they are charging you an extra copay if you use Brand name medication vs Generic.
    I'm not sure if that is legal, i will keep asking the question.

    someonecares 4/12/12 9:50AM
  • You do not get a person by pressing 3. You need to say "I would like to speak to a patient care advocate." I only had to wait about 30 seconds and got a real person, who tried to resolve my issue, could not, so she contacted supervisor and resolved the problem. Make life easier...get your prescriptions mail order.

    Customer Service OK 2/28/12 12:59PM
  • I have never had any problems with this company.

    Anonymous 2/7/12 11:08AM
  • Strange. Never had any problems with the Express Scripts. Except perhaps with their automated calls offering refills. however, there was always an option just to say NO - and they discontinue these calls.
    (Their voice recognition is superb, considering my thick foreign accent that was never a problem with their auto system)
    The supporting staff is generally polite and patient, and those who introduce themselves as some kind of ADVOCATES, are pretty helpful despite the naive and pretentious name of what is boiled to the usual customer service.
    I'd grade them 3-plus out of 4 and recommend their service to my friends and relatives.
    V. Levin.
    Manhattan, NY

    interdial 1/27/12 11:39AM
  • I have been receiving my medication from Express Scripts for approximately eight years. I have never had any problems with them, and the customer service people are extremely helpful if I have questions about a pending order.

    lawgirl3 12/12/11 4:42PM
  • Mailed a prescription from VA to AZ. Was received on 17 Oct; verified-filled-packaged-shipped the same day. Couldn't ask for more than that!

    Anonymous 10/21/11 3:35AM
  • Positive experience...customer svc agent v helpful!

    kimmyp 7/26/11 4:27PM
  • Express Scripts has always delivered on time!! Much better that all of the other mail order pharmacies, ESI is truly committed to their members... THANK YOU ESI!!!

    Pro ESI 4/11/11 7:48AM
  • Mine is at best a "lukewarm" positive response, but having read the horror stories of other customers right after sending Express Scripts my first order, well, I was worried enough to ramrod said order thru their corporate maze. (Past experience fighting with six phone companies on a 911 implementation project helped.) I found that by calling daily for updates and asking for clarifications on discrepancies between phone and internet status report helped them to clear logjams. Since I was initially naive and thought they might know what they were doing, I made up for lost time by insisting on a rush order (additional cost $21). After 11 phone calls over 12 days, 2 of 3 prescriptions were shipped UPS so I got them 13 days after Express Scripts received them. The third prescription - a common blood pressure medicine - is apparently delayed indefinitely. My doctor's office gave me 2 weeks worth of samples. My advice: Call these people every what they tell you with the online information. Both may be wrong but demand a clear answer. Bottom line: Do not use this service if you can afford to use a local pharmacy. If you are stuck with these jokers, do not assume it will be as bad as the horror stories described here. For us, it was a big hassle but not a nightmare. Good luck.

    Luke Warm 4/1/11 1:39PM
  • I have always received my medication on time. I am sorry my company changed to another prescription company. I have been able to call and get someone on the phone within minutes. As always they have been very helpful and nice on the phone.

    Gloria 3/21/11 10:29AM
  • I am now a retired minister. I was a registered pharmacist in my early years. I have used express scripts for several years. I have found then to be accurate and timely in all of my dealings with them. They have saved me an enormous amount of money through my retirement benefit drug plan. I purchase 90 day supplies of 2 very expensive Rxs from them and I consider their services a blessing to me.

    Anonymous 2/17/11 2:26PM
  • This is generally a positive review; however, I was unable to find a telephone number to call from the web page to renew my prescription. I could go online, if I had my membership number, but I don't have that with me and I am only trying to return a call that I missed and could miss again. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the service you provide. My pills arrive on time and in the correct number and dosage.

    TEWK 11/15/10 10:16AM
  • We have used Express Scripts for over 10 years and have only had 1 problem. That was 2 weeks ago they sent the incorrect number of pills. I called to report and the rest were sent out within a week. Always friendly and informative.

    Anonymous 11/1/10 9:41AM
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  • I am a former employee of ESI. When I initially started it was only because I needed a job. Later as I began to see how things work and saw at that time there were some possibility to grow. At least that is what I thought. First I must say the company itself and it's purpose is a good one. However, the management is not to be desired. At the particular site I worked at I saw them separate the Director, a project manager/implementation and a Sr. HR personnel all at one time in one day. The sad part is the employees knew before the people it was applying to. Very unprofessional. Management is offered based on politics, and popularity. People are easily intimidated when a lower level employee appears to be doing a better job. Some of the things that I have seen and heard first hand were very distasteful, Call centers are expected to have complaints they are expected to not satisfy everyone, yet they are also expected to review these complaints and try to fix them. In the site I was employed the centers moral shot to an all time low. It was like they targeted the ones that made it worth coming to work. Then it was replaced with the fake politicians. They removed all the people that were there for the employees and not just for a check. I think that their hiring process should of been revised. It would be difficult for almost anyone to interview with someone you know is not in your favor. Bias played alot when it came to promotions and some didn't even have to interview. The company would be better if the people were better.

    youknowme40 12/7/13 12:07AM

  • Unfortunately, the many complaints listed here is common place for this industry. I used to work for CVS/Caremark and the level of incompetence in senior ranks is unbelievable. Many of these call center are 3rd party vendors and they only require that you pass a drug test to be hire. Many of the customer service reps are very young people with no experience making $8 an hour. Senior management of these call center are rewarded handsomely just for having a rep answer the phone in a timely manner -it really does not matter if the rep is capable of providing service to the member. It's all about butts in the seats and billable hours for these call centers.

    Telling 7/12/13 5:20AM

  • Coming from the opinion of an employee, I must say that the level of service what I have grown accustomed to at Post-Medco has definitely downgraded immensely under the management of Express Scrips. Here are a few things I've noticed:

    1. Customer Service is very poor- lacking empathy, willingness to assist
    2. Not about the patient's needs but the company's bc instead taking the time to help the patients, now you're on a clock to quickly assist and get them off the phone.
    3. Lots of cuts- from lay-offs to program changes to better business needs
    4. Raises- None to minimal but higher expectation for more
    5. Incentives for Employees reduced or cut- for example for education, there is a cap where of 3500 per year- enough for 2-3 classes in one year at these costs.
    6. Minimal HR contact bc its controlled mostly thru a call center outsourced for our benefits
    7. Crappy and not the best benefits- you may more but the options for quality is lacking.

    These are just a few and i could go on and on but in the big picture of looking at things, the only people i see this benefiting are the investors who ESI will need to show some returns to bc the employees are sure not gaining anything so far..

    I would not be surprised to see a shift in the employee arena in this company as this economy slowly recovers bc many are not happy but like most too, need a job until better comes along.

    So sad for a once good named company that many took pride in working for and now dissected to what is slowly no longer the best company out there to work for.


    ChuloZing 3/15/13 6:47AM

  • I used to work for this company. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work for this place. They are awful to work for. I can not figure out how they made it onto the fortune 100. If this is truly the case being part of this list is less than impressive. To put it mildly they are the holding tank for a sewer company.

    justme 3/7/13 5:58PM

  • I have worked for Express Scripts for over a year as a Patient Care Advocate. I absolutely love my job. I am treated very fairly and am receiving the best benefits from any other job I have ever had. I work hard and am a top performer at my site and feel like my efforts are recognized and rewarded.

    I get some negative feedback from patients, pharmacists, and doctor's office, but I believe this can be summed up in large part to lack of knowledge of the companie's policies. If I had one suggestion for improvement, it'd be that those policies are made more accessible to the members and others who service them.

    And, the mandatoy overtime thing is a bunch of bologna. All overtime is voluntary. The only time ithey 'draft' for overtime is on holidays and not enough people volunteer. Actually, this month I signed up for 20+ hours of overtime and had it all cancelled!!! I'm upset about THAT!

    Anonymous 1/18/13 9:00PM

  • I have worked for ESI for just over one year now. I have also worked for Apple Tech support and was even an operations manager for an outbound call center for 5+ years. I've been reading through the complaints, the positive reviews, as well as the employee statements. First, Every call center monitors things like bathroom break time, thats not indicative to ESI only. 2nd, because ESI is a Pharmacy BENEFITS MANAGER, we do end up looking the badguy because we only manage the plans set forth by our clients(the employers/insurance companies who hire us) so when a patient is told their plan doesn't cover a med or they have to use mail order, the plan they have w/ their employer is telling them that, but ESI gets the blame because it's our job be the 'bearers of bad news'. 3rd: I truly believe that great customer service is something that everyone deserves. I expect it when I call somewhere and I sure as heck give it when I answer the phones. I agree with the ESI employee above: 20,000+ employees aren't all evil and incompetent. I can't answer for everyone else that answers the phones, but I KNOW I go out of my way to do the absolute best I can. I take the title 'Advocate' very seriously. But then, I believe in the Quality of the call over the 'quantity' of calls received.
    Finally: The place offers very good benefits, 401k, P for P, and full tuition reimbursement. Most companies do NOT offer all of those. I am not treated like a child by my management, I feel like I'm part of a team who wants to help each other, and I refuse to believe my team or, for that matter, my site, is special. Alot of the complaints I've read from prior employees sound like they come from people who've never worked in a call center before. Call centers are very structured and stat driven. They have to be. Our work is considered 'real time production'. Our work is driven by our call volume and a PCA(or any phone rep) has to be on the phones at their scheduled times because every single MINUTE of that time is factored into a mathematical equation based off that expected call volume. We're offered our jobs KNOWING and AGREEING to this. If you don't like the job quit...Just, please, don't make the mistake of thinking that your experience mirrors everyone elses. I for one, like my job there. I like helping people, I like being told CONSTANTLY by my patients that they're thankful they got me. And yes, I do get quite a few who tell me that they wish they could get me every time, and yes, that does sometimes make me wonder about the other people they've talked to...But I'm starting to wonder if they're just talking to people who are unhappy with their job..People who'd rather NOT do as much as they possibly could. And that's sad. Because it makes the rest of us: People like the person who posted his/her comment back in April about alot of what I said above, look bad.

    HappyAtESI 10/17/12 1:02PM

  • I used to work at this company in Montvale NJ. There is a reason there are so many complaints and it's because management truly sucks. I left after being bullied by my manager, we'll call her Marcy, who worked out of her home in Pittsburg, her manager, we'll call her Jill, her manager's manager, we'll call him Scott, and two of my co-workers, Vinita, contractor who worked from home and Erin, who also worked from home and was my manager's friend and confidant. Erin and Vinita told Marcy lie after lie about me and Marcy believed them even though I was easily able to disprove what they said. I was not allowed to work from home even though everyone else was. Since I was brought up to respect authority, no matter how stupid or idiotic the authority is, when I was told I could not work from home, like the others, I complied however I mentioned that I would be going home for lunch as I had to walk my dog. Big mistake. Marcy now told me that I couldn't take lunch because even though by law I was supposed to have one, no one else took a lunch so I couldn't either. Since I couldn't take lunch because everyone else didn't take lunch, then I should have been able to work from home because everyone else worked from home. I appealed to Jill, who blew me off. I appealed to Scott and then had to listen to Jill whine about how I went over her head. Jill bragged about how her sister, Allison, beat everyone up in school so she, Jill, never had a problem being bullied and got voted prom queen (Jill is uglier than dog ugly - no offense to the four legged creatures called dogs). Jill however told me that I wasn't to defend myself and used her son as an example, saying how she told him just because someone hits him doesn't mean he should hit back. Was she kidding? Did she expect me to believe this after bragging about her sister, Allison beating everyone up. By the way, I was 20 years older than these idiots. This is what goes on there all day long. This is why service sucks and customer service sucks. I didn't write this to complain or rant - I wrote this to show you what goes on at that company on a daily basis. I've worked for over 30 years and have never had such horrid bullying nasty stupid immature moronic managers in my life. Something needs to be done about bullying not only in schools but in the workplace, too. Oh, yes, I failed to mention. Dear Marcy misrepresented the job she was hiring me for. HR passed my resume to her by accident. I was an executive level employee in past positions and was looking for a career change. Marcy got very excited when she saw my outstanding credentials but she was really looking for an entry level employee and did not have the budget to give me the salary that I was getting ($110,000.00 plus). She only wanted to pay $50,000.00. HR told her they wanted to pull my resume as they felt she would not be happy with me. She demanded that I be hired. She offered me $80,000.00 which I took thinking I would have a career change and be a level lower than what I had been. Marcy portrayed the job to be a much higher level job than it really was. Was I in for the shock of my life my first day on the job in orientation when I realized I was in an entry level position. Then, Marcy told me how she had insisted on hiring me against HR's advise and how she had negotiated to get me $30,000.00 more a year than was budgeted and how she couldn't let me fail. Then she proceeded to treat me like a child. I was used to being treated like an executive and naturally would not take it. Even an entry level person should not have been treated like I was treated by Marcy, Erin, Vinita, Jill and their manager, Scott. How could anyone be so STUPID as to think they could hire an executive level employee for a entry level position and treat them like a child!

    Anonymous 10/16/12 5:46PM

  • I work for this company, sad to say. They treat employees like little children. I am looking forward to the day, I cannot wait to put them in my rearview mirror. If I had a reasonable choice for meds, I would never go through them. They try to brain wash their employees. The list of negative goes on and on. I am still trying to think of the positive.

    jennstarr 9/26/12 7:42AM

  • Horrible place to work. Management treats employees as children. They monitor your phone calls, computer screens and bathroom breaks.

    Stay away. Stay far away.

    esi_employee_of_the_year 7/20/12 9:53AM

  • I am an employee of ESI. I can answer most of these complaints that boils down to YOUR benefits from YOUR medical insurance.

    We are a Pharmacy BENEFIT MANAGEMENT company first and a pharmacy second. Our "customers" are the clients (your employers) that sets the guidelines that we are obligated to comply with. 9 out of 10 of these complaints revert back to "patients responsibility" in so far as, understanding how to work with ESI, and what their PHARMACY benefit actually is. Essentially our services are more about benefit management rather than being a pharmacy provider.

    You always have a right to chose whoever you wish to deal with. Granted you may not receive your pharmacy benefit according to your employers plan but you still have an American right to choose!

    It pains me to hear all of these complaints since 20,000 employees are not all evil and we are a highly regulated company, both by our clents and the government. We do a lot of good for patients by supplying equally equivilent medications that are FDA approved.
    Like any United States corporation there are always and always will be human factors that need improvement.

    ESI works in conjunction with your pharmacy benefit plan and we are not to blame for all of these complaints.

    I can truly say as an employee that this company has treated me fairly. I have no complaints using their mail order. They are a business in business as a service provider by people and for people... as we continue to grow we continue to improve services.

    be8387 4/1/12 11:58AM

  • I work for ESI. People that use ESI are just not aware of these rules.
    1. If you have a credit or debit card on file, that card will be charged when an order is shipped. 2. You will see a pending credit charge on your account as an order is being filled. It is not actually charged on the card until the order ships. 3. Since mid June 2011, most people have a $150 line of credit. If what has already shipped and is not paid and a pending shipment equals or exceeds $150, you are required to make a payment to bring the total balance below $150.00 - before any order in process will ship. 4. If the doctor's office send in a new RX, it will be filled and shipped. ESI assumes your doctor keeps you informed of any new medications. 5. Health insurance companies determine their overage rules - selective home delivery (SHD) mail order not mandatory, exclusive home delivery (EHD) - mail order mandatory. They also determine how many courtesy/local pharmacy fills they allow in 365 days. 6. Insurance companies determine drug coverage, copays, drug classification & establish the guidelines/instructions when ESI has to look for a generic alternative - in most cases is it always. 7. Each insurance company determines what mediations require additonal approval and clinical info from the doctor - prior authorization process (PA). 8. Auto refill & automated telephone notifications do not always happen on time. 9. Give yourself 10-15 business days from the day you request the refill until the day the meds shows up on you doorstep. 10. RXs are typically only good for 12 months - they will expire after 12 months - even if there are refills left on the RX.

    anonymous 12/5/11 6:33AM

  • If you are a nurse, do NOT work for this company!!! Worst job ever with mandatory overtime and low pay. You get NO respect with this company and many customers tell you off because of automated daily calls. HORRIBLE place in Orlando.

    Anonymous 12/2/11 10:39AM

  • Sad to say I work for the company for 6 plus years I have never worked for a company so disorganized!!!! You ask for help from what should be seasoned leads but itís all a learning process because they donít know anything so you find yourself asking what would you do or say. While talking with a customer for over an hour just to find an answer, the customers go through a dreadful transfer process from one department to another and by the time they get to you and you try to help their extremely exhausted and frustrated. Yes itís true you cannot move around the company without kissing somebody buttÖand for me I donít do that so I have to do what I have to do. I try to apply for jobs outside of Express Scripts but find myself not qualified which is far from the truth for me I went to school and received my license I did not received the dummy of the license that ESI gives out, I believe I do not qualify because I have to place on my application that I work for this company. Yes they know your every move from going to the bathroom just sad. I pray every day for my supervisor to tap me on my shoulder and walk me out!! As much as I want to leave I would be happy and stress-free with having unemployment then to keep working for this company. Hearing the customer complaints day after day I Google ESI complaints and could do nothing but shake my head because everything that is being said is so true!!!!!!!! Do Not work for this company itís a multi-million dollar company only by GREED and we the employees do not get paid enough for all the stress we go through. So many of us or sick, tired, and even passing away. We canít take off to care for ourselves because no time in the bank or we receive points from this dumb point system that takes a whole year to drop off if that, and in this day we all need our jobs. Soon I will leave to flip burgers!!!!

    pullingmyhairout 11/11/11 8:30PM

  • I work of ESI. I was part of the big buy out from Wellpoint 2 yrs ago in Indianapolis.
    **They make you work so much over time if you have a family just say goodbye to them! You only get 1 day off a week and sometimes not even that.
    ** When they give OT there is not an option! **They manipulate you into thinking things will get better but they only get worse! **They cut back on our night differential from 10% to 5% and cut back on the hours applicable from 6pm to 8pm.
    **They took away letting us have ipods or MP3 players.If they see your cell phone out they will take them from you till the end of your shift.
    **If you dont kiss big time butt then you will NEVER advance to any position or be allowed to change from night hrs to day hrs.
    **If you apply for another position in the company your manager will talk to the other manager and tell them you can not take the position because they dont have the man power to lose personel to another department because (Its robbing Peter to pay Paul!). **They will hold a person back that has no viloations, or mistakes and has exceptional numbers simply because they dont kiss butt. Yet, they will sweep a recent violations under the rug and move a person up because they kiss major butt!
    **They will not allow 1hr lunches any more(without breaks) you must take a 30 min lunch and 2/15 minute breaks and the evening shift does not have access to the cafateria because they close at 2pm and lunches are often stolen from the community friges.
    **If you do not leave on time for your lunch or breaks you lose that time.
    **You are clocked on the amount of time u take to go to the bathroom.
    **you get violations if you spend too much time talking to a patient or Dr. office.
    **The whole place is filthy and you are not given any time to clean your own area (because the 15 minutes you take to stock and clean can be used more productively). **There is no talking to others in your area at all! You must use your own time to chat. **They treat emplyees like children and talk to you like one as well.
    The only thing this company cares about is the all mighty dollar! When Christine Huston comes for the "Town Hall Meetings" the only thing she talks about is how much the company made and how we are working on keeping the stock holder happy by making more money for them! They want robots not humans! We have a very limited amount of people whom still work and yet they say we can push out more! We have lost many people and they have not replaced 1! We get temps every so often but they only stay for about 2 weeks (if they come back) then they are gone and we are right back to being stressed out! If you take a call you can not make a patient happy because they time you and if you are filling an order and you know something is missing or not right you cant ask questions (it waste time, just fill it and if we have to make another shipment they will call to get whatever they are missing). There is no Patient care at all! They simply dont care! they dont care about the emplyees and theyr family, they dont care about the patients or thier family. They only care about making money for the stock holders and thats it!
    I will be looking for another job and George Paz can kiss my BLK BUTT! Im DONE!

    Anonymous 5/20/11 6:16PM

  • I have been reading through the customer and employee complaints and this and other websites after a co-worker suggested I do a Google search for "Express Scripts Complaints" today. Yes, I do work at Express Scripts currently and sadly, I am not shocked at ALL after reading these comments. ESI promotes driving down cost, patient safety and getting the right drug to the right patient but after 2 years with the company, I've come to find it's all a lie. Management will lie right to your face, or if you are the customer, lie to you on the phone just to get you off of the line.
    The technology used at ESI is ridiculously outdated. I am frankly shocked that it doesn't crash more often. You have to have about a dozen programs running just to do your job, and they all don't communicate effectively with each other. No wonder everyone gets misinformation, deliveries to wrong addresses and various other mishaps!
    The caliber of people that get promoted are gossipy, backstabbing, lying, untrustworthy and spiteful, in general. There are a few exceptions to the rule. You can imagine what a nightmare it is to try and work under this type of management. It is true that they do not communicate with other departments, and that they try to find reasons to fire you, and even that they harass people!
    Many of my co-workers are honest, trustworthy and hardworking people who are being forced to work overtime to make up for all of the firings that upper-management has done for (in my opinion) petty reasons. I suppose it's cheaper to pay one person time and a half than 2 salaries, right?
    As of now, we've been forced, yes FORCED to work mandatory overtime for 7, 8 months now? It's been so long I've lost track. If we don't work it or have other obligations, we get written up and put on steps until we're out the door.
    ESI does have benefits: Health, matching 401k, and does promote from within. But what good is all of that when the turnover rate is ridiculously high, departments don't communicate with eatch other, the patient/customer is unhappy and the product isn't getting to them on time or even to the right location?
    I have seen alot of things in my 2 years. Notably, Shawn Lo Stracco, who was mentioned in a couple complaints, has stepped down as call center manager and has been replaced. But in general we still have the same DOS based system, the same incompetant PCAs and Evil Supervisors.
    How ironic that we are forced to fill our own prescriptions at ESI! Remember that, customers, when speaking to a PCA on the phone or thinking of the people who process your scripts. We have to go through the same pain in the @ss process you do, and NO we don't get any special treatment!

    DisappointedEmployee 5/12/11 10:30PM

  • I work for a doctor's office and they are horrific. We bad mouth them all the time; because they seem to lie. There seems to be some kind of communication glitche as our families and the nursing staff are constantly getting told different things for the same calls. I am suppose to use them and I won't. One day I spent more time dealing w/ their issues then managing pts calls...

    Momma Dog 4/27/11 11:55AM

  • Don't work at ESI...ever! They treat their employees like diseased livestock. You will not succeed by working hard and producing quality work, but you will succeed if you are good at playing office politics, kissing the right backsides, watching your fellow employees get walked out (I've never seen a place fire so many's absurd), putting up with management lying to you (it's an epidemic), and having no personal life. They told me I was going to get a bonus and then went back on it saying they had a bad year financially. Really? Is that why they were able to give the CEO a 19% pay increase, pay 4 billion dollars to purchase a competitor, put more than 3 billion into savings, and pay some VPs extra bonus money? Morale is low and employees are constantly worried about getting fired because they fire so many of them. I saw people get set up...meaning a manager would decide they just didn't like a person and then HR would start looking for evidence they could use to fire them. They cut back on support staff (lower level staff) and pushed more work on to the support staff still there (all in the name of budget cutting) while they let the people at the Director/VP/SVP level stay in $400 hotels, have $100 meals (per person) and use limos. They are constantly giving the employees surveys to fill out so they can win one of those "best places to work" awards and they never win. They never will. Why don't the managers there wake up and smell the coffee and realize their employees hate working there and they are developing a bad reputation in St. Louis because of it? What comes around goes around. Eventually it will come back around to them. If you want your work life to be a living hell then by all means go work there. If you want to have a happy workplace then stay as far away as possible. I've seen them discriminate against women, against whites (yes, someone in HR told a hiring manager they couldn't hire someone for a particular role unless they were "diverse"), and against lower level staff (I heard a VP call the men who work in the mailroom "losers"). Basically the company has no ethics whatsoever (especially the management team and HR).

    wow 4/14/11 9:37AM

  • As an almost three year employee of ESI, I have to say that I am shocked and very, very disappointed at the lack of customer service especially in the pharmacy industry. We are not like calling to dispute your cell phone bill, we deal with greatly needed medication. I am in complete agreement about its faulty practices and know that your complaints are read and should be forwarded to the different call center and manager etc for their immediate attention. Our positions are being outsourced to a foreign country. I can only apologize for their poor choices. As a patient myself, I advocate for you, the patients.

    frustrated employee 1/31/11 8:41PM

  • I worked for ESI, and this is what I saw.
    -Management does treat the employees like crap.
    -Management tends to change policies without notifying anyone, and then hold you responsable for abying buy the old policy.
    -Everyone who works on the dod accounts have to go through a background check before having access to them. There were people who worked on these accounts for years before getting a background check.
    -Management has no communications skills what-so-ever.
    All other complaints from customers are very, very true.
    Another thing, if you are a DOD patient, and have a complaint, call your congressman, senator, the DOD themselves to file a complaint.

    hershey 12/3/10 12:05PM

  • Express Scripts is bs. I know. I worked there. They lie about contacting your doctor to justiy why u havent heard back from them about your meds...Some PCA's write ppl's CC#' down and God only knows what they do with them off work...they also put phones on mute to laugh at patients and the list goes on. I know, i worked there. We had to lie to patients about various things all the time, and we couldn't engage in normal human conversation with the patients unless we wanted to get red-flagged by the stupid retarded ass quality department. All Express Scripts cares about is money. Never put your credit card on file with these jerks, and if you have it on file, call and take it off ASAP. I feel sorry for the people who have no choice but to use Express Scripts. UGH.

    Leah 10/13/10 8:36AM

  • I am an employee of ESI. I can answer most of these complaints that boils down to your benefits from you medical insurance. We are a Pharmacy BENEFIT MANAGEMENT company first and a pharmacy second. Our "customers" are the clients (your employers) that sets the guidelines that we are obligated to comply with. 9 out of 10 of these complaints revert back to patients responsibility in so far as, understanding how to work with ESI, and what their PHARMACY benefit actually is. Essentially our services are more about benefit management rather than being a pharmacy provider. You always have a right to chose whoever you wish to deal with. Granted you may not receive your pharmacy benefit according to your employer but you still have an American right to choose! It pains me to hear all of these complaints since 14,000 employees are not all evil and we are a highly regulated company, both by our clents and the government. We do a lot of good for patients by supplying equally equivilent medications that are FDA approved.
    Like any United States corporation there are always and always will be human factors that need improvement. Please try us again. Please direct your complaints to our company directly so they can be resolved.
    Thank you.

    Jack46 9/26/10 6:16AM

  • I work for express scripts and ever comment list below is true and then sum. I,m out of the bensalem office in Pennsylvannia. I was part of contract negociations. Express scripts exact words were The share holders come first always. They stated they would rather lose customers then upset the share holders. Express scripts made 25 Billion+ last year for the second part of the year. They make you feel lousy working for them. The employees don't matter at all. As an employee were not allowed to get are meds at a local pharmacy, so many of the employees pay full price at local pharmacies as there a lot cheaper and much nicer. It's a shame that a successful company won't take of their employees and will fire them when they reach a mile stone like a 5 or 10 year annivarsary.

    Anonymous 6/16/10 10:28PM

  • I used to work for Express Scripts. I started in 1997 and left the company in 2001 returned for a short period of time and left again. I worked in the call center out of the Minnesota location. When I started they were known as Value rx, I was really impressed with how the call center was ran. They seemed very concerned with delivering excellent customer service. However all that changed when they were bought by Express Scripts, delivering excellent customer service was no longer a concern. What was now the concern was numbers. What i mean by that is they promise there corporate customers that they will answer there calls in a set amount of time or Express Scripts will cut them a check. I do not beileve that its possible to deliver excellent customer service while making sure your numbers look good. Even though I was always getting compliments on the good customer service from the callers, I wasnt delivering good numbers and the supervisors made my life a living hell. I was disgusted with the management there and finally left for good in 2002 and never went back.

    Anonymous 5/15/10 7:20PM

  • I have worked for ESI for almost 3 years as a Patient Care Advocate (customer service). However, due to the companies lack of management, non existent communication between departments and the complete disregard for patient satisfaction I have given my 2 weeks notice. I have read through a few of the comments and agree with them on most counts. Being a Patient Care Advocate is very difficult because on one had you are told by supervisors to do all that you can to help the members with any issues they have but when you reach out for help from other departments or managers you are brushed off. The technology is laughable. The ESI website is constantly down and even the systems we work with in the call centers are so outdated they crash on a regular basis. Sometime the system gives us miss information that is passed on to the patients.
    I do have to say that when upper management is aware of an issue they do try and correct it but its cutting through all the other departments and low level managers that are crippling the company.

    Anonymous 4/25/10 7:51PM

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