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Bed, Bath and Beyond customer service is ranked #25 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 100.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 78 ratings. This score rates Bed, Bath and Beyond customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


45 Negative Comments out of 78 Total Comments is 57.69%.


33 Positive Comments out of 78 Total Comments is 42.31%.

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  • I shopped at the Christiana town center store in Delaware.I was behind a customer who was exchanging towels and did not have a
    receipt for all her purchases. The manager told the man in front of me to go to the next line they opened.She told me to stay in
    line. The customer in front of me was 15 minutes and told me it was going to be a while. By the time I went in the other line I had waited 20 more minutes. I feel returns should be handled in the customer service line. I was very frustrated and will not shop at that incompetent store.

    Anonymous 7/17/14 4:17PM
  • I called their Customer service support 800 number and got a recorded ad for a alert to wear around your neck. When I called the second time and was on hold for a representative, I got another recording directing me to call another number for free directory assistance. Then both times I was told to HANG UP!! What kind of service is that ????

    Anonymous 6/12/14 1:09PM
  • after shopping at the Cherry Creek location about 2 weeks ago I was shopping and purchased a $6.99 tablecloth. I took $20.00 from my wallet and I know it was $20.00 for I had just counted my cash and I had nothing but $20.00 bills small change in my pocket. the cashier took the $20 and got the change out and handed me change for a $10.00 bill with the cash door already closed. I told her I gave here a $20.00. She opened the drawer and said they would have to balance the drawer out, she called a attendant over and he brought over a machine to balance it out, after balancing it out he said it was balanced. I said that was not good enough I wanted it counted that is how sure I was of the $20.00 bill, management came over and did a real count this time they said it didn't come up balanced. I was tired of waiting and said they could call me at the end of the day and let me know what happened. They did call and said there was no overage! I was very dismayed for I know it was a $20.00 no doubt in my mind, now how do I know that someone gave a $10.00 and got change for a $20.00 I don't!
    The store manager did say there was nothing she could do, to say the least I was upset, believe me I use your store all the time for it is close to home and I can walk there. She said she would give me some 20% off coupons which she did 4 of them.
    Today I went for a walk and had the 4 coupons in my wallet, stopped at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond at Cherry Creek, with a friend and was buying 4 items totaling about $49 dollars. I paid by credit card so there would be no problem with change, but after getting my products and bill look at the bill and saw only 2 20% credits on my bill, I went back in and the same man Pete said I only give him 2 coupons, at this point I lost my temper for the person I was with confirmed that there were 4 he saw me taking them apart, Pete throws two pieces of paper and said this is all you gave me. It was very embarrassing but my witness told him he saw me give him the 4. He did make the change, I have never in my live taken anything from anyone and if I received to much from a chaser have given the money back $10.00 isn't the end of the world, but I do not like being treated like a thief.

    Thomas 5/26/14 1:39PM
  • I bought a bed pillow from Bed, Bath & Beyond in Manhasset, NY. When I got it home and took it out of its packaging, I discovered drool stains on both sides of it. They sold me a USED pillow! Gross, gross, gross! This is a major violation of the health codes.

    I will now have to spend an hour going back to the store, plus the cost of gas to return this abomination. I will be handing the manager a bill for my time and transportation costs.

    Anonymous 2/2/14 9:42PM
  • I was fleeced by free "EXPEDITED" shipping. Order was to be delivered in 3/4 days. According to receipt business days are not mentioned, and I know that is what is meant. However it is taking a week to get this. I was also told this could have been taken care of by getting from another local store. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!

    Anonymous 12/7/13 8:09AM
  • didn't receive my 20% coupon that was promised and never received a call back from customer service.

    Anonymous 12/6/13 10:13AM
  • not receiving in store 20% coupons at this e-mail addr!!!! not since august! but receiving e-mails and online coupons almost everyday just not in store coupons!! I don't shop online!! please send in store 20% coupons. have tried to contact before! Thank you
    validation code????
    characters???what are those!!!!!!most of them are unadentifiables!!!!very upsetting

    adriana 10/25/13 5:29AM
  • Ever try and make a comment on the BB&B website? It is very difficult and obviously not what BB&B is interested in reading. The days of this corporation are obviously numbered. The spiral begins at the CEO level and progresses downward inexorably. An Amazon they're not.

    kojii 7/1/13 11:45AM
  • I purchased a umbrella screen from B B and B. It was ship to me because the west babylon store on long island was out of them. I recived my order on time but when my husband and I put it up and filled the tub ther is a hole in the tube right next to the plastic closer and we noticed the covering over the tube in one spot is not sewn over. My Husband is 73 and he said forget it and tied up the part on the tube past the hole and taped the covering closed. He said it was to much trouble to take it down again. What has happened to this store always had such great stuff never was unhappy.

    Terry 5/18/13 5:07AM
  • Employees at the store were extremely helpful and friendly but when my drapery order finally arrived and hung up, no two panels out of six are the same length, we are talking inches here. One panel is even shorter on one end than the other. Needless to say, I am just too exhausted to take them down, so there they hang. When company comes to the house, I just tell them it's the latest style out of Pakistan via Bed Bath & Beyond. If this is the quality merchandise you're selling, perhaps you should change your supplier, I know I will.

    Anonymous 4/6/13 10:49AM
  • BED BATH AND BEYOND online shipping process is rediculous and way to slow. I placed my order 3 days ago, and it is STILL in the process of transaction. NOT OKAY! My items should be in the process of being shipped to my house already! This is the 3rd and LAST time I will DEAL with them.

    Lacie 3/18/13 12:31PM
  • I am really disappointed in the website. After a week of surfing various websites for redecorating, I fell in love with BBB's products and prices. I went to checkout my order - not a cheap one, and the order was declined three times because I mistakenly typed street instead of St. in my address. So I was locked out and after 3 hours of filling my cart - it emptied completely!!! I tried a fourth time after setting up an account, and my card was then declined. I found out why when I logged onto to check my balance. BBB had posted 4 pending transactions which resulted in my credit card going over the limit. I called in to speak to a rep about it and she took my info. I called back to speak to a manager on advise of my credit card company and my info hadn't even been entered into the system. Will not ever use this site again. Cancelled the order.

    WJ 3/6/13 7:32PM
  • Have purchased 5 items there and had to return all 5 because they were poorly made in China /broke - just no QC in the construction. So the store managers are quick with refund when you show them the made in china label.

    When trying to buy an electric water kettle, they stock only poorly made Chinese junk on the shelves. I asked customer service to please stock the 1 model that of good design and quality, we waited 5 months and they still refuse to stock it.

    ICQ7 3/1/13 11:32AM
  • I am bewildered by a shipping charge on my sheet order. ATL-BBS1364676575 dated 1-24-13.

    We bought a king sized sheet and two fitted x-long sheets. The king sheet was from the shelves. The fitted sheets were not available in the store and had to be ordered but carried a shipping charge of $10.99. Why does the store punish the customer because of incomplete stocking of merchandise? Should I have gone to Target to save $11.00?

    Anonymous 2/6/13 10:16AM
  • I ordered 3 things on a gift card.
    BBB shipped all three separately.
    The last item, a shower curtain rod, did not arrive instead an un-asked-for towel rack arrived with someone esle's return invoice attached. This was after 10 days.
    I have sent 3 separate emails to their customer service dept and no answer. I will NEVER order from BBB again. Their customer service doesn't exist.

    Iosipescu 1/23/13 6:21PM
  • On 12/13 I made an online purchase of an item for my Father's X-mas gift. As of today 12/17 at 5 pm EST the item still has not been shipped and I will probably not receive the item before I leave the state to celebrate the Xmas holiday with relatives. I have spoken with three customer service reps and each one has lied and initially stated that the item was "shipped" but when I asked for the UPS tracking # they could not provide it and stated the order was "in process". What does this mean? Either you have the item to ship me or you don't! Either the package has left your facility or it hasn't. Which one is it? When I asked to cancel my order and have my credit card refunded they said it was impossible because the order was about to be shipped. This is a horrible experience and now I will not have my X-mas gift for my father unless I spend additional money and purchase another one. I will not order online from them ever again.

    SRoyster32 12/17/12 3:42PM
  • My daughter and I shopped today 12-17-12 in Gainesville Florida today. The customer service we received left us upset and unwilling to return to the store. I do admit she has a terrible habit of throwing away receipts, but the unwillingness to give us a refund without it was not only rude, but embarrassing. She showed them her purchase was debitted, not good enough, the cashier blatantly rude, same one we had dealt with for the transaction, they finally did do the refund, but not after an embarrassing scene. I have been a customer service manager for over 20 years, never would I have been so rude, and I do know it takes little effort to pull up a transaction. I know it is a busy time of year, but that is no excuse for being treated poorly. My son is getting married next year and our plans to register with your store will be thought about.

    Merry Christmas, Jackie Allen

    Anonymous 12/16/12 3:48PM
  • Went to use my 20% off coupon (on line). Product was out of stock. I cannot place a future order or get free shipping unless the product shows up in the next 8 days. I will not check back. I cancelled my email and home notifications. What is the point?

    DJ 12/9/12 8:31PM
  • I went to the Glendora Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a specific coffee maker, and I encountered Raquel. I saw she was on her phone texting so I patiently waited. As soon as I got her attention, I asked her my question. She was RUDE, and said she was in the middle of a personal matter that I needed to find someone else to help me. What kind of employee takes the stores time to take care of personal stuff, then acts rude to the customers??? She should not be working there.

    Anonymous 12/6/12 2:32PM
  • I went to the store on Carefree Hwy to purchase a couple of boxes of Keurig Coffee with coupons that had been mailed to me at my home. One was for $5 off purchase over $15 and another coupon for 20% off one item. I went to the counter with two boxes of coffee, each $11 a piece. I was told both coupons couldn't be used at one visit. After I explained to them how the 20% off coupon would make one box approximately $9 and then with the cost of the other box included, the total was well over $15. Now, I know I could have used one, then walked out, came back in, and used the other; however, neither coupon stated another discount coupon couldn't be used in the transaction. I know they were just being difficult because that's their way. No problem. I won't be back with or without coupons.

    Don 11/24/12 12:50PM
  • I was in the Taylor store located on Telegraph and Eureka Roads this morning Oct. 23 at appx. 11am and had to leave because of your loud music. Not only is the music for the younger people but it was so loud my wife and I could not hear each other to discuss the purchase of your comfort countour pillows. You business is to sell products not entertain like a sports bar would do. If you continue to play that ridiculous music so loud that people can't hear each other talk then I will take my business to The Christmas Store next door where selling products is more important than entertaining the young people who work or shop at your store. My e-mail is

    Anonymous 10/23/12 8:58AM
  • Bed Bath and Beyond used to be a really incredible store. It had good customer service, knowledgeable employees, and a decent selection. I am said to say that that store is dead and has been replaced by something unrecognizable from the store I registered my housewarming three years ago. In the last year I have visited the Pensacola Florida BB&B four times and not one time can I say that the service was anything but atrocious. The employees at this store seem to go above and beyond to be rude, I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The last two visits too the store is what has pushed me over the edge and over my former love for this retailer. It all started with an Rowenta Iron that I was purchasing to replace an older iron. I bought the iron and upon getting it home I realized that I had a coupon that I could have applied to the iron. The next day I went back to the store to return and re-buy the iron so I could get the discount. The problem I had was not with the simple act of returning and repurchasing the iron (because the box was unopened and I had my receipt). The problem was the employee's attitude which was almost mean. The woman was as mean as you could possible be and not cause a scene. I left the store feeling like I had done something wrong ( I now realize that the mistake I made was purchasing something at BB&B). A couple of months later I need cleaner for that same Iron and my first stop to look for the cleaner was BB&B because I had purchased the iron from there and figured they would have the product I needed. I went into the store and looked for the product I needed but didn't see it where the irons where displayed. I when to the front counter where the manager was standing and asked if they carried the iron cleaner and if so, could she help me find it? She stood up and whiteout saying anything pointed vaguely in the direction of where the irons are kept and said, " It's over there where the cleaning supplies are". Thats when I informed her that I had just came from that section but did not see the product and asked if she could come find it for me. That is when she told me in a loud voice," Sir, we sale Irons here and they're over there". She hadn't even taken the time to listen to my question, I wasn't looking for the irons, I had asked for Iron cleaner. The worst part is there was maybe three people in the store at the time so this woman had nothing else that should have been more important to do than help the customer! Even if she was busy doing managerial duties, all she had to do was send another employee to the area to help. But wait, there's more. After not buying the cleaner I returned home and called the BB&B customer service line. I sat on hold for 45min before getting a rep who told me I would receive a call back in 5-7 business days. The call never came. Two weeks later I called again and got another rep who has also promised a call back. Apparently BB&B customer service reps can't handle customer service problems and someone from another department that there is no number for has to call you back. If they call back this time for real, I will be informing them that I will never be using a BB&B store again. If you live somewhere that you have an alliterative to that crappy place, use it.

    dmill 9/17/12 2:05PM
  • 195 Los Altos Parkway
    Sparks, NV 89431
    Bed Bath & Beyond store
    Horrible customer service by store managers. Rude, unhelpful and unwilling to do their job.

    notsatisfied 9/11/12 8:39AM
  • I received terrible service during checkout at the Gaithersburg MD store (#089) on September 9, 2012. The clerk was very rude. She snatched the money from my hand and slinged the bag towards me. I bought a couple of items for my aunt, who was just released from the hospital, waiting patiently in the car. I would have left the store without purchasing anything, but I just didn't want to disappoint her. I will never return to Bed Bath and Beyond, again. Very disappointing. the WORST service.

    Mr. Williams 9/10/12 6:59PM
  • I ordered forty dollar "bed set". All that came was a conforter and a tiny pillow case. That is not a bed set. I consider it false advertiseing. Will not order from them again.

    pamela coulter 8/29/12 8:53AM
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  • I have an injured ankle and was dreading going to the store to have a shipment sent to my daughter in another town. The customer service sent me to Mike Reeds at the Barry Road location in Kansas City MO. Well, in the modern days it's really hard to find the customer service
    Mike Reeds offered. I bought a cookware set and he answered all my questions with courtesy and professionalism. He processed my order and I was on my way to my car in 7 minutes.
    I cannot express enough what a great experience it was.

    Anonymous 7/13/14 2:23PM
  • I would like to give cudos to the management and staff at store# 1028.This group of individuals exemplify what it means to put customers first.I have never been in this store that I wasn`t greeted and made feel as though I was part of the BBB family. This staff has always taken care of any problem I might have.BBB has developed an absolute on the customer satisfaction market. Other corporate participants should look at your mode thanks for what you do for your customers.

    Double "XX" 5/13/14 6:44AM
  • Went Shopping In Norman Ok Bath-beyond At 530 E-noble Parkway. Placed Also Special Order, Mgr. Mrs. Snow Helped, Outstanding-excellent-happy Person,not Easy To Find Employees Like Snow. It Did Not Stop Here,i Got Up To Sthe Register And Here We Go Again Happy Happy Cashier Lydia, So Helpful Not Only To Me Also Cust. Around Me, She Knows How To Interact With All And Make A Little Party In 1 Sec. And Look At That All Cust. Talked To Each Other And Did Not Mind To Wait,what A Gift.excellent

    Thank You For Your Great Personality.

    Wa. P.

    WA. P. 2/17/14 2:52PM
  • Must tell you that the people working at your store in Fayetteville NC are the best. They all deserve an Orchid letter from corporate...they are friendly, helpful, knowlegable and go out of there way to help solve any problem a customer might have. I love shopping there...only wish I lived closer (35 miles away). Three cheers for E Chapman...and the others I met there on my last trip 1/07/14.

    Anonymous 1/8/14 8:48AM
  • I can only assume that you already know what a treasure you have in sales associate Frank at the Manhasset store on Northern Boulevard. But that can't keep me from adding my name to the list of customers who are so extremely grateful to have this knowledgeable man's advice and attention while in the store. He recently helped me with a purchase that took some investigating, and I left feeling delighted. He went out of his way on my behalf, and that is rare and wonderful thing. He is sincere in his efforts to ensure that the customer has a satisfying experience. And he seems to sincerely value his job. Frank is a breath of fresh air when shopping experiences these days leave so much to be desired. Please let this employee know how important he is to BB&B. Pat him on the back! Promote him! Give him a raise! Really!

    Anonymous 12/14/13 9:51PM
  • Today Friday 10/18 I stopped at Store Monroe, La. It was 902PM store closed at 900PM I walked up to the door and cashier was locking and I told her I knew what I wanted but she said we are closed. Mr. Antonio the Mgr was behind her and said we do not turn down a sale come one in with a big smile on his face. Our purchase was over $300.00 and Mr. Antonio helped us . What a credit to your Company he has a very positive attitude and sets the example to all his employees and Customers. He really makes you want to shop with his positive attitude. I retired after 48 years in Retailing as a Regional VP for large retail chain with over 7,000 stores and I can tell you that you have a Diamond. I know finding Store Managers with Positive attitudes and puts the Customers FIRST are hard to find. Thanks for the great Service Mr. Antonio gives. Thanks

    Frank Vogt

    Monroe, La.

    Frank Vogt 10/18/13 8:52PM
  • I want to compliment two employees at the store on Ulmerton Rd. in Largo, Florida.
    I was shopping for a bed topper--knew very little about them--
    Kaylea was helping me and was able to give me some basic information. When I asked questions she couldn't answer, she
    called for help and Mike came to the rescue. He answered my questions most satisfactorily and I then purchased the product of my choice. I am most impressed by the courtesy, professionalism and service these two people afforded me.

    Anonymous 9/30/13 7:15AM
  • I would like to let you know that you have a exceptional associate. Her name is Brittany Martin and she works at the Bolingbrook store. She was very helpful and pleasant. She made my shopping at your store very easy and very helpful, Brittany even had my bridal gift purchases shipped to my home with free wrapping and no fee. Was a pleasure doing my shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    Anonymous 8/26/13 6:17PM
  • With sympathy for those who have had bad experiences, the no hassle exceptional BB&B return policy is the reason I shop there any occasion I can. They take back anything for any reason at almost anytime. Items ordered online can be returned to the store or sent back on the company's dime. Highly recommended merchant.

    Anonymous 8/5/13 10:00AM
  • The manager "Mike" at the Livonia store is awsome. my wife purchased a coffee maker that did not work. We were prepared to buy another one, as we did not have the receipt.Mike came over and asked if he could help. He listened to us and said "No problem, let me check your account. He checked and came back stating Go get the other coffee maker and I will swap it out. This made our day. We are now older and are grateful for managers like Mike. We went on to purchase other items and began to leave. Mike stated "see you soon". We have and will continue to shop at the Hggerty store. It is nice to have managers that believe their customers. God bless you "Mike".

    Anonymous 7/30/13 7:36AM
  • I want to commend Tony (with an English accent) at the Willowbrook store in Houston, TX. We were looking for sheets, the shelf was empty for King size and Tony appeared with a big smile, checked for us, found the sheets at another store, set up a delivery and gave us a discount too. He was very professional, courteous and friendly. My husband and I were very impressed with him.

    Anonymous 7/7/13 10:23AM
  • Just to let you know the customer service in the shrewsbury mass store is outstanding.

    Anonymous 6/8/13 3:45AM
  • I would like to acknowledge a young man working in the High Tech Rd. Store in Richmond Hill. He went beyond the regular service and I would like to complement his help and wonderful service.
    All I know from his name tag that he is called John and (he is
    Korean) If there were more helpful people like him working for you your stores would be an amazing success.

    Anonymous 5/16/13 5:57AM
  • I wish all companies were as good as this one. It is my go to place for any and all home furnishings. I love their coupons. I can't get enough of them.

    Lynn 4/14/13 3:57PM
  • Had the most amazing customer service experience tonight at your Paradise Valley store. (Tatum/Shea) Associate Katie was unbelievable. Helping me with a return, finding the correct product. Calling around to other stores. Moving merchandise all around just to find a product number. Just terrific. And the most compelling evidence of her superior service? As I was checking out with another associate, I said under my breath and to no one in particular. "Man, she is really something". At which point her co-workers all chimed in, "Isn't she though"? That tells you all you need to know.

    Coffeeman 2/20/13 1:26AM
  • I had the best experience today at Bed, Bath and Beyond at the Crossroads Shopping Center Store in Bellevue, WA. Sales Associate Alexis Speirs was able to help me find a clock radio that fit my needs. Not only did she find it for me, but because it was not in stock, the shipping was free. Now that is SERVICE!!!
    Thanks Alexis and Bed BAth & Beyond!

    Anonymous 12/27/12 4:43PM
  • Customer experience:

    My conversation with 2 companies and how this was managed. Bed Bath & Beyond vs Target.

    Firstly the background, My wife purchased some dinnerware at Bed Bath & Beyond that she had finally found matched her tastes. Later we would find bowls to match the set at After a short while we had a dish break split right up the middle when taking out of the dish washer, not too concerned until another then another and then another split right in half. The dishes were “Microwave Safe” and “Dishwasher Safe”. Realizing there was likely an issue we discussed maybe abandoning the pattern she adored, so began the research phase.

    Over the next few weeks and beyond we learned that this set was made of clay and although Microwave safe & dishwasher safe, This does not mean “dishwasher proof”. My limited understanding of this if you put certain dishes in the microwave for more than 2-3 mins they may split. It is somewhat initially counter-intuitive to me but thinner dishes actually do better with heat and as they have fewer air pockets to heat up in the microwave.

    Prior to this I went back to Bed, Bath and Beyond and with barely a conversation they took the dish sets back and we were given a store credit and purchased a different set that according to research is thinner and should be “sturdier”. I should note at this time the dishes were a slightly over a year old. Now we still had the dishes that were ordered from However when my wife went back to the store they said they are sorry but have a 90 day return policy. At this point I called to store to confirm this myself and yes they said that is there policy. The woman agreed that my only recourse was to sell these on eBay. She later offered me the corporate customer service where I spoke with a woman named Trixie who confirmed that indeed they could only follow the 90 day policy on these matters.

    It is then I went back to the original supplier and I spoke to a woman named Christina. She let me know since the dishes were under 2 years old they would gladly replace the dishes no charge.
    helpful and agreeable, now the discussion is to see if we can work something out with other products in their line. We discussed the Bed Bath & Beyond vs Target experience and agreed that when one buys a product that has faults not readily aware to the consumer that Bed Bath & Beyond had stepped up where Target clearly had not. In my experience the prices are not that radically different and often with BB&B coupon you can save significantly over the prices at Target.

    Please feel free to share your experiences here as I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

    DenDig 9/26/12 6:48PM
  • Love them! ANytime I do have a problem, they fix it immediately...and with a smile!

    teresalmao 8/31/12 3:43AM
  • I want to take this opportunity to commend the customer service of Mr. Quincy Milburn (1045 Alexandria store). Each time I visit the store to shop, I am greeted at the checkout counter by Mr. Milburn with such professionalism. His mannerism is pleasant, he is knowledgeable with store products and he always takes the time to personally interact with me. The 1045 Alexandria store management should recognize Mr. Milburn's oustanding customer service skills.

    Staci 4/18/12 4:42PM
  • I was extremely happy with the service from Chris Rainwater at the La Quinta,Calif. Store. He resolved a problem and made lemon into lemonade.
    The company can be proud to have such a fine person on staff. We will continue to shop and recommend others to shop their.

    Anonymous 3/24/12 7:14PM
  • My daughter is getting married in June 2012. We were at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Schaumburg, Ill. We went back to Bridal Registary. Rosella -- was so helpful. Rosella asked us if we would like help or do it ourself. We said we would love her help. Her knowledge and helpfulness was incredable. Rosella worked with us from start to finish, which was like 5 hrs. Lora in Bedding, was such a help with my daughter. Her knowledge and helpfulness was incredable. What a wonderful--wonderful team of people you have working for your company.

    Anonymous 1/26/12 9:29AM
  • I needed to return a defective timex clock radio and they could not have been more helpful. In two minutes I had my credit card account credited and was on my way. I had the receipt but no box. It did not matter!

    Anonymous 1/22/12 1:06PM
  • We experienced outstanding service at the Cary NC Bed Bath and Beyond. I am determined to use them exclusively for all of my househould small applicances and needs.

    Anonymous 11/26/11 5:17PM
  • I frequently shop at the store on Lancaster Avenue in Radnor PA. The clerks and managers are always friendly and helpful. I think we too often complain about bad service but great service like they have in this store should be noted so the good employees have positive feedback.

    Anonymous 11/16/11 1:54PM
  • I shopped at Store #271 for 6 Chrismas gifts and only 3 were in stock. Missy-Y was extremely helpful in so many ways, among them taking me to the counter and ordering the 3 out of stock gifts for me. She was terrific. Joan B., Harrisburg, PA.

    [email protected] 11/6/11 12:32PM
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  • I am an employer at the Bed Bath And Beyond in Iselin New Jersey Route One South. They work us like "DOGS" and not only that they have started a practice if you work 5 hours you are required to take a mandatory lunch break for 30 mins. Whereas, it is stated 6 hours or more. We have a new store manager Jacki and our District Manager Pat and these two women are so unfair and our store is not what it used to be----so if you want and really need a job---please know that if you work in this store---you will work for very little pay-----

    jaime 8/14/12 3:01PM

  • I have worked for this company going on three years. It is an allright company. They expect 100+ from us and give us back way less. The raises suck! You clean the restrooms and expect to have them shine. They treat you like poop sometimes. I enjoy learning new things, however they expect you to role play. I don't think you should be expected to do that, you should be given the option too. They now have a new policy where at night time one employee leaves the building goes to the car and then alerts eveyone it is safe outside! That is BS especially when it is only girls on that night and the parking lot is filled with weirdos! I stay here because they work well with me and my schedule. That's it.

    Anonymous 8/23/11 9:50AM

  • I have worked for the company for around 5 years at 2 different locations. The company is very good about allowing me to transfer back and forth and work around my busy schedule. The store management is extremely nice and most of the district staff is interested in your personal growth. The only bad side is that pay raises are not the greatest. I'm sure a large part of this is due to the economy, but it is still a negative aspect...Otherwise I have no grips about the is an awesome place to work...

    shiai 11/11/10 1:48AM

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Government Says Bed Bath and Beyond Tissue Holder Contains Low Levels of Radiation
Customers who have purchased this product should bring it to their nearest Bed Bath & Beyond store for a full refund. If any customer has a question, they are encouraged to call Bed Bath and Beyond customer service at 1.800.462.3966.
Bed, Bath and Beyond relocates to The Avenue
customer service, a broad and deep assortment of products, and a great value to our customers,” said Steven Temares, chief executive officer of Bed, Bath and Beyond Inc. “We look forward to continuing these traditions in our new Murfreesboro store,” he ...
Pittsfield Woman Charged with Theft at Bed Bath and Beyond
The store manager alleged that the women entered the store, took a bunch of applications, and then went to customer service for a return. One of the women allegedly attempted to make a return but didn't have a receipt. However, she allegedly claimed ...