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Coleman customer service is ranked #300 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates Coleman customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


19 Negative Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 95.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 20 Total Comments is 5.00%.

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  • I don't always write a review...

    I will never buy any Coleman products again. bad construction,
    they are terrible. The Service Center never respond to e-mails and they don't answer their phones. After the long wait on the phone line you may surprise by someone hang up the phone on you! and today I try to call again and the voice mail said the store is closed..

    bad coleman 7/4/14 4:59AM
  • Bought an underwater camera about a year ago. Did not utilize it in the water until yesterday. My granddaughter wanted underwater pictures - it filled with water the first time it was used in the water. Enlightened to the fact that Coleman does not sell this item but sells is Name to this crap company. Have been a faithful buyer of coleman products for 52 years, never again.

    rogerk 6/26/14 6:31AM
  • Ok ready for the truth about coleman? First of all unless you work for a big company like walmart, costco, target etc. You will never talk to anyone who is an employee of coleman, they dont handle any customer calls not complaints no orders none at all. all inbound calls to coleman go to a call center in peoria illinois by the name of HGS. The cust service reps dont work for coleman, and most of them have never even seen the products they are reps for..

    jakson 6/26/14 12:28AM
  • My furnace was installed in 2008 and I have been just informed it should have been hard wired, but instead the installer installed it with an extension cord. Is this illegal? The model number is UGAA/UGAB. Please advise.

    Anonymous 6/23/14 10:32AM
  • Very disappointed with Coleman! Customer service is non-existant. Placing an order was impossible. I have never had so many issues trying to place an order!I gave my email address to be sent a code for free shipping, when that didn't come via email I did the on-line chat and was told I need to place the order over the phone and they would honor the free shipping. So I called and it was clear that I called Coleman but after the long recording I got disconnected! I did the online chat again and they said to give her my number and they would call me within 6 hours! What? I just want to place an order!!! So, hours later they called and by this time I was very leery of Coleman to the extent that I wasn't sure I was dealing with a legit company. I asked to talk to someone at corporate and I was given a number to call. No surprise the number went no where! I looked up corporate on line and no surprise that phone system took me no where too! Unbelievable.

    Anonymous 1/27/14 9:10AM
  • have two defective air beds AGAIN,and two useless pumps that cant be used on updated ones they are refusing to replace and will not tell me how old the beds were to begin with said, WE DONT KNOW YOU HAVE THEM NOT US?!WOULD NOT EVEN LISTEN TO MY REASON OF COMPLAINT. AND LIED ABOUT THEIR AUTHORITY WHEN HE WAS ONLY A CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON NOT A SUPERVISOR

    Anonymous 11/25/13 11:39AM
  • Well I guest I won't be asking Colemen for any help. I read all the comments and I must say I'm very surprized by the lack help from costomer service. The Colemen company need to THINK about thier customers....the ones who keep them in busy !!!! I'll look else where for my flash light.The older model,non LED

    Mysterious 10/20/13 9:29PM
  • I have a 2 burner Coleman Gas Stove, purchased 1971, it has served is well. A friend purchased one last year and found it is of much cheaper construction. Last week I purchased a replacement pump, found it very inferior. I wonder if they still make one as good as my original model, perhaps under a different name. I will not purchase one of their regular models. I would rather pay more and get a decent model.

    Ron 8/11/13 3:49PM
  • I purchased a Coleman twin hi rise airbed, first time.I have 2 different pumps. I specifically looked to see if specific pump was needed...the outside of closed box states clearly" Don't forget your pump! What it should say is "Use Coleman pump only!!You only find that out after u open the box an no other pump fits! So now you can't return the bed at all. So upset I contacted Alex customer relations and the best he can do is sell me a pump for 23.00..i don't think this is fair, I am already out money for the bed, due to your big flaw in your packagingand labeling . All I am requesting is a complementary pump or coupon. You need to label your products correctly for consumers.

    yvonne 8/6/13 10:06AM
  • Tried calling customer service number twice this last week. I was put on hold for several minutes, after 15 minutes the first day I hung up. I tries first thing in the morning the second day and again held for more than 15 minutes, without any assistance at all. Good luck reaching a human.....

    applehead 5/4/13 7:40AM
  • Purchased air bed online. Bed leaked air and was unusable.I asked for a replacement but was told that there were none and that model had been discontinued. A very rude customer service agent said to keep bed and they would give me store credit or send me a different model which I didn't want. A supervisor told me that they would credit the cost of the bed but I would have to pay for return shipping and insurance- approximately $40.00. Usually if a company, and this is the manufacturer, sends a defective product they bend over backwards to make things right. So far, I have just had rude agents and no resolution.

    Ysabba 3/30/13 5:21PM
  • I had bought a coleman powerchill to take with us for our family trip to marine land . we had a 4 hour drive and thought it would be perfect to keep our lunch items cold on our drive so i would not have to pay for lunch there, needless too say when we got there my food was spoiled as the cooler had been pumping out hot air. so it cost me $75.00 for the cooler, $50.00 for the spoiled food and almost $100.00 in lunch at marineland. what was suppose to be a great way to save money on a family trip turned out costing me alot more. i did phone customer service as i was not happy with the experience and all i got was someone would call me back and i still have heard nothing . i am very disapointed with the whole experience.

    Anonymous 8/16/12 10:36AM
  • sent email to customer service, and never received help. I did receive automated message telling me my question was received. I then called for help, was on hold for 15 min. but did talk to someone who knew how to help with our issue. I am assuming our issue will be resolved.. thank you.

    eh 7/26/12 11:37AM
  • Had 2 issues with coleman products (both less than 2 years old) on a recent trip. Filled out their customer service complaint on their website over a week ago, and ... (chirp, chirp, chirp...)

    Coleman is no longer a trusted name to me...sadly, another american icon down the drain.

    Oh...the failures:
    1. Air mattress-welded seam failed
    2. propane Distribution Tree-ruptured and fell off the tank! Luckily the lantern was not lit and only a small amount of propane was released before the tank sealed itself from releasing all the propane.

    LambGC66 7/16/12 10:59AM
  • DREADFUL. Can't be bothered to answer emails, 'phones or any enquiries you may have that are anything to do with Coleman. Will cause you nothing but anger and frustration. AVOID

    carolinejake 2/14/12 9:29AM
  • Called coleman to get assistant with a lantern that was purchased from camping world, lantern is discontinued and no assistant was given to satisfy a customer.

    Anonymous 4/13/11 7:36AM
  • Have had nothing but frustration dealing with their absent customer service. BEWARE! Seriously, they sell camping equipment not space ships. Answer the damn phone!

    pissed off camper 9/22/10 9:39AM
  • They are terrible. They don't respond to e-mails and they don't answer their phones. I have been calling for 3 days all different times during the day and nothing. We received a damaged product and I want to return it. We will NEVER buy another thing from coleman.

    Jess 8/31/10 11:40AM
  • Products are great...

    BUT buy them at a retail store NOT on line. Their site is cumbersome and more importantly, they do not reply to customer email other than an automated receipt of your query.

    They are not an online firm and it shows.

    John 7/10/10 10:58AM
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  • Our wheel broke off our "Road Trip" Grill. My GF called customer service. They asked us to ship just 2 pieces of the grill to show proof of purchase and they sent us a "brand new grill" shipping prepaid. They also paid us to ship the bad parts back.

    activeman 7/5/12 1:37PM
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  • Use to work for Coleman the products use to be decent but in the last couple years they have gotten alot worse I would not buy any product from them now.

    Anonymous 1/16/14 9:25PM

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