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Facebook customer service is ranked #689 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 14.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 2393 ratings. This score rates Facebook customer service and customer support as Terrible.


2,392 Negative Comments out of 2,393 Total Comments is 99.96%.


1 Positive Comment out of 2,393 Total Comments is 0.04%.

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  • pretty tacky customer service. you aremaking money hand over fist and do not provide service. you are greedy and you can delete my my account? your customer service is insulting ......

    Anonymous 4/16/14 10:45AM
  • I have been trying for two days to reset my password I have received several codes and none work can someone call me and assist me the the problem. Horrible customer service. 4/16/14 8:44AM
  • Facebook does not accept my security answer to unlock my account. I have had to change my pw over 6 times since the security breach problem last week . I do not have any way of getting help with the issues at hand to recover my account and they are not responding to my request to let me then deactivate my account as a last resort . It is still showing up online and subjecting me to other intrusions and possible hacks.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 5:31AM
  • I have been ongoingly stalked since 2009 , by a EX boyfriend that I left , because he beat , and sexually assaulted me . I have reported him numerous times , and blocked him . He keeps making new bogus accounts , and will not leave me alone , and keeps threatening me . He has gotten into my account , also . He has also had people spy on me , and give him personal information about me . He has recently some how bypassed my privacy settings , and has been able to comment on my posts , and photo's . I am terrified , because he now knows where I live , and he keeps prank calling my home phone . I have blocked , reported him . Yet he is still getting away with , and doing this . Facebook's customer service is horrendous , NO HELP WITH ANYTHING ! , I can't even directly email , nor speak with anyone . The only option I now have is to delete my account , which is not fair to me . As it stands , facebook has the worst customer service in the whole entire history of customer service . 100 % total disappointment !

    Anonymous 4/14/14 9:32AM
  • Login to facebook continues to not work. I have been automatically login until yesterday. I changed my password at leat six times now and that allows me access and then when I shut down computer it goes through the entire process again telling me that password is invalid. Only way to get in is to change my password everytime. Could you please help me with this...running out of new passwords. And it is very annoying.

    SUE HINKLE 4/14/14 6:00AM
  • my account here at facebook been hacked and changed and i cant get in to it it was and i need help getting back into it a supposely trusted friend was suppose to help me on it with my base on war commander cause i dont know how to do it myself and i reported it to kixeye but they told me to try to contact you all

    warrior_billy 4/13/14 6:53PM
  • I recently talked to some one about my Facebook,they helped me a lot. But I didn't get my conformation code and now I lost the page please call Janice Smith

    Anonymous 4/13/14 8:29AM
  • Got notice from u all that someone tried to get in my account from san jose ca I dint know anyone there.Now I am try I ng to get into my account all of my photos of kids and family r on there tried to reset my account it still will not let me do that nee X to know wat to do

    Anonymous 4/13/14 8:26AM
  • I cannot rest my password

    Anonymous 4/13/14 6:38AM
  • I need help retrieving my facebook account that I deactivated last spring May 21 2013 It was under a Comcast email Which how longer exists.. I have since made a new Facebook page But would still like to retrieve the old one due to the content... Pictures, videos Exedra ... Thank you for any help you can give me ...


    Gregory D. Ledford 4/12/14 4:38PM
  • my name is frank encinas and I live in Tucson az and I need help logging back into my face book my old e mail addres is but I want to change it to my curret email address which is and my girlfriend messed up my facebook please call me so we can reset my email address and password so I can log into my facebook account and im frank encinas fronm Tucson az my phone number in Tucson az please call me

    Anonymous 4/12/14 12:11AM
  • Please please please please please please.
    If anyoneone can help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I currently logged out of Facebook and then forgot my password and it takes me to the screen to ask if I want to reset it it shows me my phone number and my email address and that there will be a code sent to one of those. Well I've done it both on my email and my phone number and no code ever get sent and I've done in about 20 times each. I really need access to my facebook do too I travel with my job as an aircraft painter and I need to see pictures of my family and things on that line. So please if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
    Spencer reinking

    spencer reinking 4/11/14 11:23AM
  • Someone Has Hacked Into My Account And I've Forgotten The Password And Email. I Would Like This Page Shut Down Because It Is Causing Major Problems In My Home. I Have Started A New Page. The One To Close Is "rudy Cruz". I Can Be Reached At For Further Details. Thank You In Advance For Your Cooperation.

    Rudy Cruz 4/10/14 1:24PM
  • Hello;

    I have an old Facebook account at that time living in Abilene, Texas...although...I don't use this account...I can't take it off of facebook because I forgot the email address I was using and the pass word can you please take it off of face book for me....I sure would appreciate it......

    Thank You;

    Anonymous 4/9/14 5:53PM
  • I cannot log into my FB account. I opened account with a yahoo email, but that email is no longer active, I believe that is why I can no longer log into FB.

    I gave FB my new google email, did what FB asked me to do, but my account is now locked. They said the photo of my license is blurry. I WANT MY ACCOUNT UNLOCKED, AND RE-ACTIVATED, PLEASE. I am not very happy right now. I NEED MY FB ACC"T> PLEASE!!!!!!

    don't remember 4/8/14 6:19PM
  • I would like to complain strongly against Facebook for not providing e-mail or telephone contact. I have a serious situation that is in progress currently and non of the forms in the help centre cover my situation. The situation I am in needs personal individual assistance. This is a great problem for me however, I think if Facebook intervened it would be quite a simple process for them to sort out. Because of their failure to provide this facility/help I have spent many hour scouring Facebook help and entering forums and searching on line for information from other sources and no one can give me the information I need. I think the forms on the help are very compressive and cover a great range of topics and are helpful BUT they do not and cannot cover every situation. Human intervention is sometimes needed. This failure to help their users is causing me a great deal of stress and I now feel very resentful towards Facebook. I have spent many hours trying to sort out this problem only to arrive at a brick wall. I feel I have wasted so much of my time and blame Facebook for not providing full support to all its users.

    smartypantsss 4/8/14 4:03PM
  • trying to reach someone is impossible, to report that someone is using my child picture and bogus name to get my child in trouble in school. My child is under the age of using Facebook and I do monitor it very closely. You really need to check out who Olivia S. Love.

    Anonymous 4/8/14 1:12PM
  • Hello my name is Matthew Johnson and I've been trying to change when I was born, i was born in 1993 can this be fixed?

    Matthew Johnson 4/8/14 8:08AM
  • No customer support!! BUT HAS A LAW ENCORMENT LINE ON THE FACEBOOK SO CALLED CUSTOMER SUPPORT NUMBER!! What a joke!!! I am going to file a Better Business report !!!! The help center doesn't even load for me!!! I hate you Facebook !!!

    Traci 4/8/14 6:44AM
  • My Facebook account I have sent friend requests to people I know personally only and was blocked from sending friend requests and messages to people I am not friends with again for 14 days. This is unfair. I am using Facebook to run my home business. I have to be able to access my customers through messaging. Please unblock me! I would appreciate it.

    Sally Foote 4/7/14 5:31PM
  • I'm having problems loging to my Facebook it's been a week and I can figure out why its not allowing me to get in my Facebook the only think I can think of is that I change phone numbers andi my not reconice the new number. Please help me.iwork throw my Facebook so I haven't been able to us it. Thank you.

    Anonymous 4/7/14 3:17PM
  • I recently received a message in regards to some friends I tried to befriend these are people that I do know and grew up with lots of people only know me by my nickname so this is the reason why they are not answering to my friend requests at the same time my account was compromised because I forgot my password they reset itva few times andvi still can not sign in please help me

    lehayoung 4/7/14 7:22AM
  • I cannot get access to my facebook account because i no longer have this one. however my husband is using the email account i wan't to use. We wan't to cancel his account and put my account on Please help to cancel his account and reset mine to Thanks for your assistance.

    Anonymous 4/6/14 10:02AM
  • For weeks now my Facebook account has been hacked, I havnt used my account for 2 years myself as I no longer want it. The hacker however is messaging my friends from my account causing alot of trouble. I can't change the password to the email account as I don't remember it or the hacker has changed it. I would like my account cancelled completely not just deactivated, please let me know how I am able to do this?

    tasha perry 4/6/14 8:46AM
  • I was unfairly blocked from posting and tried for over 2 hours to find a way to file a grievence. Couldnt find one on the site even though there was something stating contact grievence officer it went no where.
    I also foumd there is no phone support. This is extremely frustrating. So far I have found that there is no customer service and that makes me wonder about the integretity of facebook as a company.
    Everyone should have the right to a way to discuss their side of a situation.
    I was blocked from posting because somone who didnt like my political opinions complained. I said nothing profane. I made no threats. I simply said that someone was a funny idiot. This got me blocked after I had been called stupid and retarded as well as other things. I went back to that same post. No less than 10 other people used the term idiot and they were not using it playfully, as a matter a fact I was called an idiot by 2 different people. I see they are still posting. Also comments were made about people should be dead or somone wished them dead. I said nothing like this, yet they are still posting and I was blocked.
    I have freedom of speech and I did not violate facebooks rules. Someome just didnt like my opinion. Yet the rules were violated numerous times by others who were not blocked.
    I have seen so much vulgar, profane and offenvive commets on facebook that I am furious that I was blocked for something so minor.
    I would like an explanation of this asap!!

    Terry Turner Joyce 4/4/14 11:07PM
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  • Help Available for Facebook , now you can call customer care EST

    Help For Facebook 4/20/13 11:25AM

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