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Facebook customer service is ranked #704 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 14.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 2474 ratings. This score rates Facebook customer service and customer support as Terrible.


2,474 Negative Comments out of 2,474 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 2,474 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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  • Hello, I am the page admin of a business. It is very difficult to get in contact with someone to help me. I have spent over $2000+ on advertising for page likes and some $$ on boosting posts. I am severely frustrated as my posts are not reaching my audience - out of 10,700 followers, I'm lucky to reach as average of 300 with under 10% engagement. Before I started boosting some posts my average page reach would be 1500+ with 20% more engagement than now. I know for a fact my posts are engaging and I'm posting to reflect the time zones of higher usage. Are you minimising my fan reach so I feel forced to boost more posts??? Is this another strategic move to squeeze more $$ out of business'?? I have consistently spent my $ to get real followers and now I can't even reach them! I understand there is a lot of competition on the feed, but you really should be giving priority to business' who are actually spending money with you to reach their fans. How is this ethical to rob business' of their fans? How can you cooperate and make some changes for your loyal customers?

    SP 7/29/14 4:49PM
  • It 's really bad how difficult it is to reach anyone from Facebook for support! since all issues are not listed on there help page! I don't know what to do to fix my issue I can't access my account. I tried to open a new one, but they reject it saying an account already exists. if anyone knows a way to reach their support staff, if they have any! please let me know. I think Facebook has a worst customer support system. They should try to improve

    sunny 7/23/14 7:39AM
  • I have tried to find out why I can't log into my Facebook acct.

    I receive error messages. I also receive" this website is not available" .

    I need to find out why I'm receiving these. This has gone on for a week. I have uninstalled, reinstalled still receiving the messages. I can't link to the links FB has sent me. I get the above message.

    Has FB temporarily blocked me from my acct.?

    I have tried to log in on other devises. But No go. I actually got on using my laptop. But 10 minutes later, I couldn't use.

    PLEASE. Contact me.

    Thank u,

    Caolyn Cavnar

    Carolyn Cavnar 7/22/14 10:50PM
  • I can't acess my Facebook account because I can't acess my email that was attached to it? How can I get to my Facebook account? I have a new email account now? Help I haven't been able to access it for months do I still have one?

    Start carter Korff 7/22/14 8:04AM
  • I have sent the requested documents to unlock my son's account & we received a message today that we CANNOT HAVE ACCESS because our names are fake....REALLY????? I wish Facebook would spend more time dealing with hacked/hijacked accounts & the THOUSANDS OF FACEBOOK USERS WHO USE THE SITE TO HARASS AND TORMENT OTHERS AND LESS TIME BEING PART OF THEIR BULLYING!! I SENT A DETAILED E-MAIL TO FACEBOOK EMPLOYEE,TIAGO WITH ALL OF MY CONTACT INFO. Please contact me!!

    Mommy 80906 7/21/14 11:00AM
  • hi I am a custom on Facebookmy facebook name is fumandarapwizard someone has hacked my facebook page so I attempted to change this securityand security options since then I have not been able to regain my page the email that I had when I first had my facebook page I do not remember my password so if you can give me a text at that is the number I used to login facebook not trying to regain my page let me know how

    fumandarapwizard 7/21/14 10:15AM
  • I cant find any help some hacked my account they got me blocked opened another accound samething friends added blocked also i need my facebook unblocked and theres no help can you contact me at or i need this problem fixed please thank you gilbert rivera

    Anonymous 7/15/14 5:21PM
  • Hi, my name is Dante Eugenio Acosta,

    I use in my Facebook Dante Acosta or Dante Eugenio but, some bad persone are using, my names with all my personal information and open acounting and sending recuest with bad Messengers to all my friends in Facebook, be alert, the name of Dante Acosta or Dante Eugenio or Dante Eugenio Acosta than they using late is not me, I changed my name for that repaso. The name i using now are euge dan or dan euge.

    Thank you.

    Dante Acosta

    Anonymous 7/13/14 9:12AM
  • my account has been hacked! What the hell do I have to do? Are you going to do something about it, or not????????IJMZ

    Anonymous 7/12/14 2:11PM
  • You Can Not Talk To Any One At Facebook They Dont Answer The Phone

    JEAN KARPINSKI 7/11/14 3:14PM
  • Jennifer Clark is using my grand mothers name on Facebook The name that jennifer Clark is using is Janice Cochran & her birth day is august 10 1934 Janice Cochran Past away in 1997 & I am in happy that my sister Jennifer Clark is using our grand mothers name jennifer Clark is married to Dustin Clark jennifer Clark birthday is December 24,1980is there any thing that u / face book can do to take my grand mother name off face book pls this is not right that Jennifer clarck is using Jennice CochranName on face book jennice Cochran is dead she died in 1997 way before face book came outpls take jennice Cochran off face book thank y

    sherry blessed faircloth 7/11/14 11:35AM
  • I had 3 facebooks now and someone hacked in all 3. I lost all my pics this is a problem and it needs to be saved and stopped, or maybe there shouldn't have facebook if we can't keep our love ones safe. I can't even change my password because i don't know what or who changed it. I want it back. to solve this issue. I want to talk on the phone.

    ananewell 7/10/14 11:20PM
  • I am having trouble accessing my facebook account. I have attempted to follow the online instructions, but I have not been successful. It will not recognize any of my friends. I am stuck. Please help!

    Vivian Frazier 7/8/14 9:20PM
  • I tried changing password and it opened up an whole new account but the old one still exist

    I need help getting into my old account.

    kennedy Monica 7/8/14 5:34PM
  • I cannot get this company to stop texting me. no matter how many times I try they keep sending me mssages of people I don't knw. and don't care to know. it serves a way to stop them from doing this please let me know. befor.e I sue them

    do not have one 7/5/14 4:07PM
  • A request to remove Therlene Turner's facebook page has not been done inspite of information being submitted to remove and delete the page of this deceased person. An email address for you to contact was provided again, the email address to contact is: PLEASE delete and remove the page of Therelene Turner immediately from facebook. Thank you!

    Anonymous 7/5/14 10:13AM
  • i was contacted by a katherine Vanessa about winning $250.000,dollars she wanted info and i ask address sje this if true.tjamks if.not lets put this petson in jail please contact me back asap SfC M L JONES

    mike jones 7/3/14 5:41PM
  • So im not the only one!!! Was logged out now would like to reconnect with family and friends...very fustrated..i just want to get on my FB page....please

    sonja bury 7/3/14 6:28AM
  • I have tried to reset my password by facebook instructions but I don't receive any e-mail from facebook with a six digit code that tells me to reset my password. What a joke!
    The help center is no help at all. Would like to get information on what to do if possible.

    Mary Siciliano-Annerino 7/2/14 8:26PM
  • I have had a facebook account for a long time. However, I know have a new computer and was unable to access. Wanted to send password info to email address on file and that email has been wiped out due to a divorce. I am able to access on my phone but not home computer. I set up a new account under Is there a way to interface the accounts so that I don't have to friend everyone again? I hope so because I have already had to bother them several times when setting up new phones.

    Anonymous 7/2/14 10:04AM
  • My facebook account had been compromise and my password had been deleted from my facebook account and I can't log in to which is my facebook user name and not a active email address which you keep sending the 6 digits reset code which I can't receive it because that email is not active because it only a user name only and gmail said that they can't make it active.I created a new email address with ATT which is is the hope that facebook could send there so I could retrieve it so I could return to my facebook account but for two month facebook ignored my request and plead for help.I gave facebook my home phone number which is 773 486 7067 which someone in UK by the name Griffi or something is using on facebook which is my home phone number and not his Griffin from the UK is compromising my home phone number which is not his.I purchase a smart mobil phone 312 520 9983 in the hope that facebook would send the 6 digits reset code there ignored again I even gave facebook my mailing address at my home which is in the hope that facebook would mail me the 6 digits password reset code again ignored.I had proven that I am Edwin Palmer facebook user name which is a user name only.It take me years to gain the facebook friends I have and I don't which to lose them.For two month I been trying to get back into my facebook account I had tried everything humanly possible without any luck.I am a disable person that is home bounded now is a state depression because I miss my facebook friends.I miss the comments networking and the posts that we all comment on.Now I don't like being on my computer without facbook.With all my personal information I had proven that I am the real user of this facebook account .Could facebook find in its heart to help please.Sincerly Edwin Palmer Thank you. 6/30/14 9:51PM
  • my name is Claire Planty' Ian. 65 years old and not tech knowledge. I am a good abiding person I don't even swear. I am very disgusted with Facebook and will make it very impossible for your lack of helping people. I do have access to the media and I will take my issue to them. Shame on you. I have no idea why yok u blocked me., you are dealing with good people. My e mail name is, 6/30/14 3:18PM
  • my complaint is when trying to go on war commander from my homepage the war commander bar with gifts comments comes up but no loading bar I cannot get on war commander from my homepage this is very serious to me I don't know why but I can go to TI and get on to war commander from there I like this problem to be addressed from Facebook don't know if I have a bug or if I've been spammed if you please get back to me on this problem would be appreciated I spend a lot of money on gold through war commander which I know you can check I am disabled and war commander and all other games and Facebook is my time to spend all day if you can address this problem it would be appreciated thank you my

    kaytuck 6/30/14 8:49AM
  • I have been having problems signing in and you are offering absolutely no assistance, I do not understand how I am to get help, when I am having problems with my login name and password, and your system doesn't recognize my name or phone number, I have been a Facebook user for a few years and am very disappointed when I now need some assistance

    Saw0628 6/24/14 7:29AM
  • Worse security, and customer support provided for social networking today. Must have toll free number, since ID's R stolen daily.

    Elba 6/23/14 12:26PM

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