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Geico customer service is ranked #206 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 393 ratings. This score rates Geico customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


341 Negative Comments out of 393 Total Comments is 86.77%.


52 Positive Comments out of 393 Total Comments is 13.23%.

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  • I was hit by a Geico covered person. I had to obtain a CHP incident report on my own. The report identified the other vehicle was in the wrong and ran into me. I reported the claim on Sunday (7/20/14) at which time I was presented with a claim number and told the other person had already filed a claim. I provided a phone number to call and the name Ron Fegan as the person handling the claim. I call and left a message with name, my phone number requesting a return call. Today (7/22/14) still have not received a return call so I called for Ron again. He was not available so another person said she could help. Asked why I have not heard back from Geico and was informed they did not have my information. When I called on Sunday I provided all the information they said was needed. Now I am being asked for the same information. Appears the first person needs retraining on how to pass information collected on. After providing all the information to Geico the 2nd time, I am being informed that I will have to take off work and take my damaged vehicle to one of their adjusters. I was informed that is something I have to do and Geico will not budge on it. Why is that? I have a job to pay my premium and people at work rely upon me to be there and do my job. Isn’t it Geoco’s job to look at my vehicle? I told the last person I spoke to today (7/22/14) that Geico could make arrangements to either inspect my vehicle at work or at my place of residence. I was informed that would not happen because of the safety of the adjusters. WHAT? I was informed that my vehicle could be driven so it is my responsible. WHAT? What about my safety? Geico adjuster’s vehicles are not safe to drive to my place of work or residence? Who are Geico trying to fool? Appears that if they keep me hanging on and making unethical demands, I will give up on their claim and line their pockets more? Not right, time to go public and let everybody how Geico treats their customers and warn them.

    Anonymous 7/22/14 6:57PM
  • After switching to GEICO overseas, I expected some difficulties with the transition. I did not expect to be repeatedly charged after I informed them I needed to update my billing information, which they refused to allow me to do. I was then unable to reach them or speak with a representative after I made my intention to cancel all my policies known. This office has terrible customer service, the representatives are rude, do not listen, and they often give the run around instead of handling the issues.

    The service I have recieved is so bad I will ensure I don't request another policy from them and will definitely tell my family and friends not to do business with GEICO.

    UnHappy 7/17/14 5:12AM
  • This is pure BULL! Geico's phone lines are in a loop. No matter how many times you press "0" for an operator, the message begins again. After four "0" presses, they disconnect you with a very curt GOODBYE.

    There is no way to reach a live person unless you know their last name, which the reps don't give to you when they call. The extension number given by the rep isn't recognized by the phone system either.

    Amazing that it's taken nearly three months to settle a claim for $155 which was caused by the failure of one of Geico's insureds to pay attention while driving. If they are going to scam you for this little bit of money, thank GOD this wasn't a major injury claim. We have given them a GOOD FAITH letter (after two months of waiting) for reimbursement and will be filing papers in early July against them.

    Anonymous 6/24/14 3:28PM
  • Stay away from this bad company. Have many horror stories but you can read about them. Another deceitful American company that's all just about increasing shareholder value and not giving a crap about the customer.

    Dieseldriver2003 6/17/14 4:20AM
  • Anytime you speak to Geico Customer Service, put on your Lawyer Hat first and watch your words. They will take partial statements, partial information, and put it COMPLETELY out of context. You can clarify for the next 10-20-30 minutes, but they will hold that 1st sentence as Golden, esp. if that is in their favor. The Gecko has no bones, and flexes, but the company has NO FLEXIBILITY at all.

    In the doing the above, no wonder they are rated so low in their overall Customer Services Score.

    Use them ONLY when their prices are 30% to 70% below competition, since they are just abusing Buffet funds to BUY BUSINESS and build a larger customer base.

    In short, use it to your advantage, and deal with the BS, but have enough savings in your pocket. If they are close to the pricing of Allstate, Statefarm, American Family or Nationwide, go there first. Not that they are perfect, but it is ALL RELATIVE.


    BruceW 6/3/14 2:19PM
  • I was involved in an automobile accident twelve days ago.Pretty obvious whose fault it was,since I was rear ended.I have gotten the run around from Geico from the very next day when I called to report the claim to Geico. Unfortunately for me,I am suffering the consequences because the woman who hit me is insured with Geico.I have received the blanket response that the woman at fault is not responding,I have had to supply the police report,Because Geico takes a minimum of four weeks actually get one themselves.I have been without transportation for thirteen days now,and the only offer of a rental car,per their suggestion is to go through my insurance company.I believe that Geico is certainly hoping that I will not withstand the test of time,with the all to many references that I could claim this with my own insurance company.I have no intention of doing this,and I will fight with Geico every day until I get some service.When Geico suggests this,they certainly do not inform you that they can be exempt from paying my deductible,or guarantee that my rates won't go up through processing this claim myself.I have now been told,that this claim could take six weeks or more to process,And Geico cannot give me a rental car because the claim has not been processed.In the meantime,because my car is deemed not safe to drive,and it isn't,if I were to drive it and another accident occurred,Geico would be free of any responsibly to fix anything.Sounds to me like the perfect scenario to get a rental car.Oh,and I haven't mentioned,I was also told that I could get a rental car through my policy,but Geico failed to inform me that in order to do this,I would have to process the whole claim through my insurance company.i am going to report Geico to the BBB,and what a shame they will not stand behind their policy holders.I am going to be sure to tell anyone that will listen,about the run around I have received from this company.geico is not going to wear me down,to the point that I am going to file this with my insurance company.And although I was sent an email,that a representative would contact me within twenty four hours,that of course never happened either.And frankly,I find their staff is rude,and I cannot even count the number of times I have been told this is Geico's policy.And I am sure it is,so they will not have to stand on their responsibilities.I am going to get a rental car,and I am going to make sure Geico pays for it.It is quite clear in the police report,along with other statements who was at fault here.Accidents are a fact of life,but poor business practice is unacceptable.I would never consider Geico insurance after dealing with them,and certainly will not recommend them to anyone after this experience.And frankly,their customer service is lacking,to say the least Sincerely,Rochelle

    Rochelle Drouillard 5/6/14 9:51PM
  • WARNING, READ THIS and I AM OPEN TO ADVICE!! Where do I begin? On February 8th of 2014 I was involved in a car crash with a Geico client. She did not stop as she was pulling out of her driveway on a highway that has a speed limit of 60 MPH. I was driving NB and she was pulling on to the road going NB. This is a 4 lane high way which means two lanes go in one direction at a time. As she pulled out in front of me I made a split second decision to get into the left lane barely missing her back bumper. Despite my defensive, swift driving, she continues to merge into the left lane with me forcing me into the median where I hit a pole. Keep in mind she had a child in a car restraint in the back of her vehicle. She got a citation for failure to maintain proper lane, although she could have been written for at least 3 more tickets. Here’s where it all goes down hill. I submitted a claim with Geico. Within the first 24 hours, Matthew Chandler, calls me with information regarding the claim. He states, that he has found that his client is only 75 percent at fault. I ask him how? He immediately ask me if my insurance company is going to take care of it. Followed by, putting words in my mouth by saying “so you accept our offer?” Our first conversation is where I realized that Geico insurance plays dirty and are very very rude towards humans in general. Matthew had and still has no sense of what customer service is like. I denied his offer. So we fought back and forth for a couple of weeks. I asked in an email how I was still 75 percent at fault. He writes to me that his client said she pulled out on to the road and ESTABLISHED HER lane. She saw me coming up from behind her and then saw me get over and lose control of my vehicle forcing myself into the median. Well at 21 years old, as previous law enforcement, and a student getting a degree in Pharmacy, I know myself that if that were the case, she would not have gotten a citation at all. On top of that, Geico would not be liable for any damages that happened. So how does someone who established her lane get a ticket for failure to maintain proper lane? Lets keep in mind, the ticket was written off her statement to the police officer. I challenged this story as well with Matthew’s so called boss, Joel. To be honest, I think Joel is fictional because every time I call to speak to Joel, Matthew answers or returns Joel’s phone call. Matthew plays the role of an insurance adjuster, and a secretary all while being rude and degrading towards myself. I get denied any review that I have called in or emailed. I repeat I am 21 years old with a full time job and I am a full time student, I cannot afford to pay for the damages that have happened to my car. My insurance company requires a $1000 deductible. All I want is for Geico to pay for my vehicle, and all along the way I have been belittled, disrespected, and lied to with every phone call or email exchanged between Geico and I, in the last couple of months. Geico is also only offering to pay $1800 for the damages with their quote. My car is a lease and requires to be fixed at the dealership, the dealership quoted me a cost of nearly $4000. Which would mean that more money needs to be spent. All I want is my 2013 car to be fixed by Geico because I believe it is 100% of their client’s fault. I attempted to avoid the crash one time before she made another bad decision. If anything, I deserve a pat on the back for being a good driver. I told Matthew Chandler he should thank me for not hitting his client going 60 MPH because I could have killed her, her child, and myself. The only thing that I have done in my favor is to get 3 of my friends who are still under 25 to cancel their insurance policies with Geico. Average $200 a person per month, and that is equal to $7200 a year that Geico will lose because of this one claim. What really irks me is the POOR customer service that Geico has given me. And once again, the way they talk to me. Lastly, What does someone like me do from here on out besides preach to everyone of my last friends and people I come in contact with to cancel their insurance policy with this company? All I need is for my car to be paid for and fixed. It has been close to 2 months and I am still out of a car. I need help, and advice. If you cannot help, please take this into consideration when finding a new insurance company. Geico is not the way to go. I have Statefarm and they company has treated me great. I would rate Geico at a negative if it were possible. Think about if Geico was doing this to your kids or your grandchildren. Nobody deserves to go through this especially when they are not at fault.

    If you have seen this before, it is probably because I have posted on at least 10 websites.
    I am tired of the poor customer service, the lying, the disparaging comments, and the impolite tones I have received from Geico.

    Anonymous 4/2/14 7:35PM
  • After an accident (not my fault), called Geico. Talked to someone for about 10 minutes, answering their questions, but got disconnected. When I called back, they couldn't find me the person I had been talking to, so I had to answer all the questions again. With this second person, I could barely understand them. Then she tried to persuade me to not file a claim with them, but to file it with the other guy's insurance. Your insurance company is supposed to deal with the other guy's insurance; they shouldn't tell ME to. Also, she said it could take up to a year to get my check from them.

    Progressive, here I come 2/20/14 1:10PM
  • Well I am very disappointed in Geico, they didn't used to be this way, I had them years ago. There is a reason they are cheaper now and it is due to obviously in business you have to cut somewhere in cost if you lower your profits and that would be the reason for the high lack of customer service and the ability to help you. So if you want cheaper, great, if you want customer service pay the extra its not that much and it is highly worth it.

    Anonymous 2/17/14 4:09PM
  • Geico is the worst. Especially if you purchase insurance through the Wappingers fall branch in New York. The office manager there Laura is nasty and should be fired. Its understandable why her sales team is horrible. Attitude reflects leadership. They lye about what they are putting on your policy and they lye about what is on your policy. They put things on your policy that you didn't ask for and thy don't ask you about the things you are suppose to have. They take advantage of consumers and put all the responsibility on the consumer to find what dishonest thing they did. The regional directors know their sales people are wrong but refuse to take responsibility. Beware when purchasing a policy. Geico lacks integrity. I wish I would of never got involved with them. Its not worth saving 50 bucks. I rather pay more then deal with there customer service and there sneaky sales tactics.

    kuriosity9 2/12/14 8:45AM
  • I was a customer of Geico Insurance for 15 years. They canceled my insurance for all my vehicles after I tried to pay my premium without getting the valued customer help I sought through management. I am very disappointed in their service and I will never recommend Geico to any one seeking auto or home insurance. Disappointed 15 year customer AWK.

    Richdad44 2/5/14 9:43AM
  • 1/10/14 My daughter was hit from behind,while she was stopped at a red light. The driver acknowledged their fault in the damages incurred to both the my daughter and the vehicle. Geico has not responded regarding the medical bills or rental car. The response I received from Geico on 1/23/14 was that I would have to wait until Monday for a supervisor to return my call. 1/31/14 Working/Single Dad - still waiting!!!! Claim

    Disgruntled Victim 1/31/14 9:37PM
  • Used the instructions here and they worked perfectly. I was only on hold listening to music for about 30 seconds before an agent came on. Got my car insurance adjusted and lowered due to planned non-operation registration of my car for a few months while I am out of state. Thank you Contact Help for getting me to an actual live human being!!!

    lovelyprincessrenee 1/31/14 1:41PM
  • I submitted a claim to geico. one of their insured hit us. we have a police report that says this is what happened. they are disregarding it. they refused to authorize us to get an apprasal and the chevy dealer said they can't give us one without their consent. so basically we can not get our vehicle fixed.

    frustrated 1/31/14 11:55AM
  • This is the worst Company by far to get a claim reported and a claim number. If you try to reach a service rep you keep getting the same msg over and over again no matter what option you take. If you try to fax to the number they have given in the past it will not go thru. You cannot get an email address for their claims managers. They advertise their "on line claim reporting system" my question is if you don't have all the info they require what is the use to us it.

    Not availabe 1/15/14 8:26AM
  • It would take 2 pages to explain the atrocities which have occurred at the hand of the Geico San Diego Claims managers and adjusters.

    In a word- corrupt best describes their actions. I have solid proof with pictures and emails that they outright lie to avoid paying valid claims.

    Richard Hoyt is the worst and most manipulative offender, with his boss Craig Hampton and Margi Rogers, running close behind. They will truly say or do anything to save Geico money or avoid being caught. They play silly high school type games and threaten customers with wasting their time to answer questions in a formal Examination, in an attempt to harass customers and make the claim disappear. They abuse the use of their on staff counsel to obtain their political goals to cover up their fraud of hiding evidence which would result in claims payment. If anyone needs a witness to misrepresentation,

    Consumer Fighter 1/10/14 1:12PM
  • I too was the victim of auto payment scam with GEICO. My bank card was stolen so when I was issued a new one with new number ,I was unaware that my premium auto payment was declined. GEICO says they sent me an e mail I never saw that policy was being cancelled. Now I will have to pay double the amount for insurance for the next year all because my bank card was stolen and they consider me high risk? Marl I R

    marli R 1/3/14 5:20PM
  • GEICO is ABSOLUTELY the WORST insurance company for HOMEOWNERS. I was with allstate for 35 years never had a problem. So I mistakenly decided to change to GEICO/Travelers. After remodeling my home they cancelled me on a STEP to an OUTBUILDING (aka SHED) Keep in mind this shed holds a 60 dollar lawn mower. GEICO made this decision from a DESK in another STATE.... Mind you I have never had a claim with allstate in 35 years. GEICO lost a good auto policy and a good customer. WHAT A STUPID COMPANY

    sonny 12/27/13 11:05AM
  • Very disappointed in Geico's claims process. They are very slow to do anything and keep giving different answers. Everytime I call to see what is going on with my claim I get different information. I don't want to say they lied to me, but their story and what I need to do keeps changing. The current story is I need to have an estimate with photo's sent in and it could take awhile for them to review. Adrian in their claims Dept. said it could be a week to 10 days or longer for their claims group to review once it is sent in. Then it will take my body shop 2 - 3 weeks to do the repairs once it is approved, so basically I will be without a car for month or more for just a medium amount of damage.

    Anonymous 12/23/13 2:03PM
  • Geico is one of the worst car insurance ever when it comes to a claim. My agent Michael Locatell was not helpful, hard to contact, and is super slow in handling my case. I am so disappointed with the customer service I've receive. Don't get this as an insurance.

    Anonymous 12/19/13 5:02PM
  • Now that Geico had taken money back out of my account without letting me know AND PUT ME IN THE MINUS I get charged for a stop check witch is Geico fault. Now I have to spend more money and time to fax a paper from my bank to Geico to show that I was charged for Geico stopping MY check. I'm to the point I would weather pay out little more money to a insurance company then deal with what I have with Geico if YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INSUANCE STAY AWAY FROM GEICO..

    intheminus 11/16/13 6:40AM
  • I wish I would had looked at comments before deciding to go with GEICO. My fianc矨it a deer. So I called to make a claim. The lady took my information and gave me a name and number to the inspector that would be taking care of it. She said he would call me. DAYS later no call so I called him. Made an appointment for 4 o'clock next day. sitting here waiting and waiting and finally I called to see if he was still coming. He showed up at 8 o'clock that night in the dark. Before he left he gave my fianc矰apers witch had the amount on them. he couldn't write us out a check because the title wasn't done. The next day my went and got the title done.I went in town to fax it to him. has soon as I faxed it I called him to let him know I faxed it. He said if I don't hear from him then he got it and would mail a check out. A week later no check. So my fianc矣alled him he said he didn't get a fax. My fianc矴old him I called him when I faxed it. he got rude with my fianc笠The next day the inspector called him I will mail your check out. (Hmm that's funny I thought you didn't received a fax lol.) Then got a email from CEICO that they mailed out two checks. The checks come and I deposit them in my checking account. few days later my checking account is in the minus. why because CEICO made a mistake on the check so instead of calling to say hey WE made a mistake on checks we will need to take it back out of your account they just took it out without letting me know. Now I'm in the minus in my checking account. I have never been in the minus in my account first time thanks to GEICO.

    intheminus 11/15/13 8:19AM
  • Had an automobile accident three weeks ago. I chose to go another route than the Geico approved body shop and have my car fixed here in my town. On first contact the adjuster told me that they would only pay for what they felt was accident related. I said uh, I had an accident, it is all related. I was furious. He wanted me to pay out of pocket for the repairs and tow. I was furious. I called and chated and the issues was resolved. I have been without my car for three weeks and the enterprise calls me every week demanding money for taxes. Today I get a call asking me to turn the car in even though I still have rental on my policy and I am without my vehicle. When I called Geico a nasty girl answered and said that Geico was only paying for four days of rental due to me not chosing their body adjuster. I will NEVER have Geico again and I am spreading the word. Do not believe the crap you hear and on Tv if it is positive. It is all a lie.

    keziz 10/11/13 8:57AM
  • This In Reguard To Dan Cappilla

    Auto Damage Adjuster

    He Helped Me As Much As Possible

    A Very Pleasant Personality

    From One To Ten He Gets A Ten Plus

    Thank You

    Anonymous 8/30/13 5:06PM
  • I have been a Geico customer for 15 years. During that time, I had one claim from being rear ended. Recently, I had a repair estimate from a accident and Geico refused to pay the obvious damages and instead paid a minimal amount not covering the repairs needed.The 15% they advertise is what they pay you. I quit them.

    hlupu 8/9/13 6:50AM
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  • I have had Geico for approx. 10 years. 3 cars and a 32' Class A motorhome. My car was total by a careless driver 2 months ago. I was not surprised that I have been completely satisfied with the customer service with Geico. Fast appraisal, totaled thank you maam for changing lanes in the dark without a blinker in the middle of an intersection at 60 miles per hour. The c.s. dept handle both the auto claim and the medical portion with good advise and very promptly. Rachael stayed in touch throughout and met all me needs. I was disgusted with Allstate the at fault driver's ins. co., rude and tried to put fault on my actions. Thank goodness for Geico, extremely please with this difficult circumstance

    Bill 6/12/13 10:01AM
  • I just recently had to use GEICO for a minor accident and I want to thank you for making me feel comfortable and how quickly everything was done. work done on my car was beautiful and the whole experience made me feel so good.

    Joan Brady 2/15/13 1:08PM
  • I am from Roswell, NM and just had an automobile accident. My adjuster is Blaine Bearden (?) not sure of spelling but I want to say this adjuster deserves a Straight A in all categories!!!! He was kind, offered quick answers and perfect service and made this horrible incident for our family much easier to deal with. This man deserves a raise!!!

    AELignor 10/24/12 2:57PM
  • Geico has been the best by far, insurance company I have ever had. I have been with them for 15 years and have always had the BEST customer service of all my 30 years of having insurance. I may pay a little more than some of the other fly by night companies but the experiences I have had with Geico are worth it.

    Uncle BoB 10/10/12 5:16PM
  • Am I the only one who has had positive experiences with Geico? I was side swiped the second week into a lease on an brand new Jetta by a woman who, coincidentally, was two weeks into her new lease on a honda. Geico's response was immediate. I chose to go to a Geico shop. They did crappy work so Geico allowed for me to go to another shop to have it fixed correctly. Shortly thereafter, I was rear ended in bumper to bumper traffic on the parkway and this pushed me into the car in front of me. Again, the only hold up in this case was the Allstate agent the guy who hit me was using. I even used the same shop they referred me to the second time because I liked the guys so much. The first accident they came and assessed my car at home and the second they came to my job (or vice versa, it's been awhile). They even came to my job when I had the complaint about the crappy work the first body shop did. I'm very happy with Geico over all and I'm sorry you all have had such terrible experiences.

    Anonymous 10/9/12 10:27PM
  • I have recently had the misfortune of having both of my automobiles damaged by others. In both instances I filed a claim with GEICO and I would like to comment on the service that I received from the Claims Team. I dealt with two different ladies and both were very delightful to talk with. I found them both very knowledgeable and professional. They made filing the claims "a walk in the Park". The ladies were Cssandra Tippetts in Tucson, AZ and Michelle Robinson in San Diego, CA. The claim numbers were and respectively. Then I dealt with Jason Berkowitz my adjustor. He was also very professional and knowledgeable. He took over the repairs on both of my cars and kept me informed. The repairs were accomplished at Jimmie Johnson Chevorlet in San Diego, CA. If you have others like these three I would have to say you have a terrific staff. My overall rating of the service and personnel that I dealt with is absolutely OUTSTANDING.

    Anonymous 10/4/12 9:01AM
  • My name is David Kennedy and I have had my first auto accident in 26 years. My Geico Claim Number is I have been assigned a claims representative named Scott Allen and the purpose of this email is to comment on Scott's professionalism, his thoroughness and commitment to the customer experience. I have not chased him down once and yet he has reached out and kept me abreast of the progress and expectation. I hope this email finds its way to his Boss and the positive comments serve to let him know what a good job he is doing.

    Above Satisfied Customer 10/3/12 9:44AM
  • I have been a customer for 25 years. I think we may have had 3-4 claims in that time. we have never had any problems with claims, customer service, the website, nothing bad to report. Ever.

    JustamominVA 7/23/12 12:34PM
  • The vast majority of these negative comments seem to stem from a general lack of understanding insurance from the reviewer. Couple of tips:

    1. If you are at fault in an accident, your rates WILL go up in almost all cases. This isn't specific to any one company.
    2. You have to pay your bills. If you don't, your policy will be cancelled. Again, this isn't specific to one company.
    3. You should not expect companies with millions of customers to call you if you are late on a payment. The manpower needed for that would skyrocket your premiums. Also, for every customer that would appreciate a call, an equal amount would complain of harrassment.
    4. Rates go up just like everything else. Gas, groceries, electricity all go up. It's called inflation.

    If you have realistic expectations, you're not dissatisfied as much. I've had insurance with Geico for years. Had multiple claims and have always gotten top notch service and fair settlements. Their price is hard to beat and their website is the best of any auto insurance company.

    Informed Consumer 4/12/12 4:33PM
  • I don't know why there are so many negative reviews about Geico. I've had nothing but the best things to say about them, yet I keep hearing how much they suck. They have always been the cheapest out there; even USAA is a couple hundred more for the 6 month premium. I've had 2 claims, one when a truck side-swiped me and I just filed another for a deer that hit us on the highway. And both times the first thing they asked was if anyone got hurt and how we were feeling. The customer service has always been so genuinely nice to me even while filing a claim. Not only were there no problems, but when the truck hit me, they not only fixed the damage done by the truck but they fixed other things that had nothing to do with the incident and the car looked better than before! Maybe I'm just lucky but I haven't seen them try to get out of anything; instead they seem happy to help.

    Anonymous 3/20/12 11:58AM
  • The customer associate that I spoke with was absolutely wonderful. He helped me file my claim/accident report quickly and effectively. He called me the next day to check and see how the process was going. He also contacted the other insurance company for me in order to start the repair process quicker. I am very impressed with their customer service, and that says a lot.

    ljohns09 3/14/12 8:01AM
  • i can't believe you geico hire some one like jenna darrell to your claim manager because she is rude, also she has no patient with customers. since that day she acted like she doesn't care about any of customers felling, i think she does not deserve to be a geico employee. she even asked me: where do you find my phone number? i am a geico customer i think that was an insult, i think of leaving geico but because that was the first a geico representative acted like that i let it go, do not hire someone like that no more thank you

    Anonymous 3/10/12 9:33PM
  • I've been with Geico for about 10 years now. They were a significant savings for me at the time, and as far as I know, they still are (though I've not looked elsewhere). I have bragged about this company, and bragged, and bragged. Every single time I call, I am able to get customer service immediately. Every question I have, is very easily answered by the person who answered the phone (I never have to ask for a supervisor).

    My experiences with claims:

    I had my vehicle struck at the apartments where I lived. Not sure what happened, as the car was parked at the time, but it pretty significantly damaged the rear quadrant on the driver's side of my vehicle...the door, and into a piece on my car that extends from front to back. I called Geico immediately, upon recognising the damage. I have a $500 deductible, but was told it could be lowered to $250 with a police report, which I got that evening. Later that night, a Geico representative called ME and wanted to know if I'd received the report and was ready to move through the process of having my vehicle fixed. I was getting ready to leave (Atlanta, GA) for the summer, and go to Louisiana...told them I didn't want to have the repairs done right now. They asked when I thought I might be ready, and I told them when I returned. They asked when I was expected to return, and I gave them a date. They asked for a good time to reach me and I told them probably at about 10am. Almost 2 months later, on that exact day, at exactly 10am, I get a call from Geico asking me if I was ready to have my call repaired. I laughed, and told them I REALLY did want it fixed, but needed my car that week, and gave them a new time and date to call back. Exact time, exact date, I received another call. Still was not ready to have my car repaired (the damage didn't effect driving), and had to tell them I would call them when I was ready. I was very pleased with their EAGERNESS to resolve the claim, whether for their own books, or other cause.

    While in Louisiana, my fella and I both got out of the car, and he locked the doors when he got out, with my keys sitting under the driver's seat (the plan was to take groceries in and come right back out to leave, so I didn't bother to carry them, so I could take in more bags). So, I was locked out of my car, 1k miles away from home. I called Geico "on a whim", and gave them the situation. She asked me where I was, and asked me to hold. She was back on the phone within 4 minutes, and told me someone was on the way and should be there within 10 minutes. Within less than a half hour of making that call, we were back in the car, and received no bill for the service.

    I have the mechanical breakdown service on my car. It's a 2006 PT Cruiser, and when I am running the AC during the summer time, it tries to cut off on me at traffic lights and stop signs. This drove me nuts last summer, but we've read up on it and have learned that this is a common problem for the car. The last time I made my premium payment over the phone, I was asked if everything was going well, and if there was anything else they could do. This problem came to mind and I told them about it (at around 10pm). They were right on it, and the next morning, I received a phone call from their mechanical breakdown specialists who wished to resolve the problem. While on the phone with them, I mentioned I'd never had that initial repair covered (more than a year ago)...they immediately set up for me to have that done.

    NEVER had customer service that touches Geico. Their customer service people actually sound like they enjoy their job, and when I'm on the phone with them, it's like I'm the only customer they have. They have gone out of their way to solve issues for me, even when I myself am not terribly concerned. TOP NOTCH.

    I read through many of the negative complaints here, and for those reading through them who may be second guessing Geico, do keep in mind that most of the time, people only bother to say their piece when they have something bad to say. Given the number of vehicles and homes that Geico insures, I feel they have a relatively small number of such complaints...and though I wasn't pleased in reading them, I know without a doubt that the Geico I know has been much less expensive, and much MORE attentive, than any local insurance company I've had.

    I rate their service a 10+, and I HAVE recommended them, every time the matter of insurance comes up with anyone I know.

    Sarah 2/24/12 5:49PM



    PENELOPE8 2/8/12 3:05PM
  • On February 4, 2012, Michelle Peyton
    was excellent in explaining and helping
    us to improve our GEICO Automobile Policy.
    We appreciate her highly professional

    Anonymous 2/5/12 1:49PM
  • I had an accident in Lafayette LA, with a rental car. Geico paid damages, covering all expenses for both cars. I paid $0. Thanks.

    Lafayette 1/10/12 8:17PM

    WCD1960 12/30/11 3:45PM
  • I just wanted to thank Amanda in the claims department yesterday.She was very helpful and I wanted to let people know.Thanks for her help.
    Also thanks to Jason Nelson and Bill at 911 collision centers.( on Eclid in Tucson, Az) They did a great job.
    They treated me very well and fixed my car very quickly. They were so good at answering all my questions. They treated me very vell and I want their supervisors to know. I will recommed them to anyone I know to go there to get thier autos worked on.
    Thanks so much for great service.
    Jodi Stachowiak

    [email protected] 11/12/11 7:51AM
  • I was in an accident today and called Geico immediately after to get the ball rolling. I spoke to a gentleman named Tyson who was SO helpful, friendly and patient. I was, understandably, a bit shaken and probably didn't make much sense but he walked me through everything, told me to answer what I could, and we'd go from there. At one point we got disconnected and he promptly called me right back, so I dealt with him the entire time. Hopefully the rest of the claim process will be as easy!

    scdriver111 11/6/11 6:51PM
  • I called today and was surprised by how quick and easy the phone call was. When we signed up for our policy, we thought we listed the correct lein holder for my vehicle. However, we got a letter in the mail stating that our lien company had received a notice of cancellation.

    I called Geico. The phone call took literally three minutes, tops. The girl was very polite and helpful and even offered to fax them without me even asking. She also signed me up for the online account stuff. I used to have a regional insurance provider who was very picky, so had the best rates. Our rate with Geico is literally ten dollars more. And now, wherever we move, we can get in touch with someone (easily and quick apparently, if today is any indication) instead of being required to visit an office.

    coffeejunkie 10/21/11 12:42PM
  • I would like to compliment Wanda Semidey. She was one of the best customer service representatives that I have ever had since I have been with Geico. She was very concerned and made sure that I received the best service possible. It took me awhile to find this comment section, but I was determined to find it because Ms. Semidey's outstanding customer service skills should be acknowledged.

    Anonymous 10/4/11 6:12PM
  • I just recently opened a policy with Geico. There sale were extremely helpful, every Representative and supervisor I have spoken with has been extremely friendly and helpful. They truly are the more affordable insurance company. I worked in insurance at another company for a year so I know the requirements as well as discounts reps can provide. All the reps I have spoken with have done there job to the best of their ability, and anyone who says otherwise more than likely just has a bad driving record.

    ladiilocs 9/19/11 12:30PM
  • I posted earlier about a problem where GEICO would not renew our insurance after a $300 claim. I filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner, and received a call from GEICO. They were extremely nice, and fixed the problem.

    elizabeth074 5/9/11 10:02AM
  • I've had some issues with my auto adjuster but I want to give a shout out to the customer service people that I've talked in hopes of getting the issue resolved. Janet, I forgot her last name, she was awesome and got my glass claim processed even though my adjuster was MIA. Charles Pence from the San Diego office lit some fire under the Arkansas people. Thanks a lot for all your help guys!!

    csbronson 3/9/11 11:53AM
  • Rhonda in Customer Service on Jan 14, 2011 was personable, polite, and knowledgeable. she went right to work to take care of my needs and did so with great efficiency. The contact ended with relief and surprise at how easy everything transpired. Thank you Rhonda & Geico for making the changes I requested and meeting my needs for coverage. You are the greatest!

    Mrs. King

    Kat 1/14/11 1:59PM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • As a former GEICO customer Service Representative. I'd like to say that we really do try to resolve customer issues as we are best able. I personally have bent the rules and worked days on a single difficult issue just to satisfy and our customers. Sometime we simply can't help the customer, we are often limited by state laws and regulations.
    We are highly trained and have to pass a state certified exam just to be a customer service rep.
    I worked in a call center (phones) in the service center only so I can't speak for any other sector.
    The job was demanding with back to back calls, and few breaks. We were monitored for performance and praised or reprimanded accordingly.
    I was often yelled and cursed at for issues that were not Geico's fault ie "I got pulled over and ticketed because my plate has expired and you guys never told me it was expired." Customers need to take personal responsibility for there actions and realize that Geico is an auto insurance company and nothing more...we are not the DMV, your wife, or your cousin who stole your car and drove it into the river.

    vitiatex 11/27/12 7:22PM

  • I work at a collision repair facility in ohio, and was briefly on the geico rx repair program. Let me tell you what they do, they force the shops to fix your car for half the cost at roughly twice the normal speed using the absolute cheapest parts available. Collision repair is not fast food service, peoples lives are at stake, and it's many times families #2 investment. If you have your car fixed by Geico its getting fixed by a disgruntled shop at the lowest bid. I can only imagine the horror stories across the country. Get State Farm, they don't use aftermarket parts.

    Iluvcars 10/13/11 10:06PM

  • Wow- it is kind of heartbreaking to read the negative reviews.
    I have worked for GEICO for a little over 8 yrs, I will tell you sometimes it is very difficult to understand exactly why they mandate handeling of specific transactions in a certain way. Some of the issues are to do with legal issues and sometimes it quite honestly is an effeciency issue. I do go through a lot of training and have to pass background checks periodly to maintain my job so most of us are fairly normal people that have just chosen this as our place of employment. You can imagine by reading the reviews that sometimes it can be a difficult place to work. I will flat out tell you some of the complaints are accurate however there is 2 sides of the story, I saw one in reference to towing and rental for a while there, not sure if it still is that became the norm, but the reason was because of how many complaints that people were making about not having rental car coverage if they had an accident. So it became important to make sure they were offering it to every customer, when I did it I tried to make sure people knew, but what typically happens is the person is at a dealership and there is just too much going on. Some days are better than others, but most of us do try to do a good job. If you really feel that you are not being treated fairly the voice of the customer is 10x more than anything I can say.

    msgeico 3/5/11 7:11PM

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