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Hotmail customer service is ranked #688 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 16.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 918 ratings. This score rates Hotmail customer service and customer support as Terrible.


908 Negative Comments out of 918 Total Comments is 98.91%.


10 Positive Comments out of 918 Total Comments is 1.09%.

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  • I am really sick and tired of trying to gain access to both of my Hotmail accounts. I needed to be able to use them for University. I am beyond breaking point! this problem needs to be sorted out because my information is on there. For over 90 days I have tried to gain access and nothing. It has now said to wait another 30 days! I am disgusted, I will never use Hotmail again!

    Anonymous 7/24/14 2:19AM
  • I have been locked out of my hotmail account. It will only cost me 129.00 to get my information back. What a scam! I am pretty sure it was my turn to get hacked or so he stated. If he told me I would need to pay 129.00 in the beging I would have hung up but no he also wasted 30 minutes of my time. Never again will I use hotmail. ATT and gmail are far more reliable.

    dissapointed in microsoft 7/15/14 8:48PM
  • I have an hotmail account. I wanted to reset my password which I had forgotten. I followed all the prescribed procedure and ultimately I got the message that my password has been changed. After this, I wanted to access my hot mail account I could not. Again I reset my password. This happened three times. Even after getting the msg that my password has been changed, I tried to access with new password. All the three times it says password does not tally with ours!!!!! my email id is and mobile number is Please rectify this mistake and allow me to access my email. M.J. SUBRAMANYAM.

    Anonymous 7/13/14 12:48AM
  • Shocking service, had my phone replaced and tried to set up my email only to find my password was not working. I have contacted about 5 times on live chat, I have had to create a new account just to raise a ticket. I have filled out the form 3 times (rejected every time)and spent over 4 hours trying to get it resolved on chat. They told me that I was under 13 so they have my DOB wrong. I did point out to them that would have made me 3 years old when the account was created. They suggested I could go to a URL (they supplied) and make a transaction of a small amount (this would be given to some charity) to prove my age. The Ticket I have raised only pointed back to the form but you can only fill out 3 forms in 24 hours.I was up to am this morning trying to get this resolved and I have just tried again to speak to someone on chat who then took my details and closed the chat session. Now I cant access my business contacts as they were linked the sync account. All of this mayhem and pain has only started since they applied the security policy and procedure. Shocking

    Shimer 6/27/14 2:07AM
  • outlook is completely useless, I have been blocked out of my account, have been on a Microsoft chat room with a representative and they told me they would send an email to another account to follow the steps to get my email back and haven't received it, I have tried codes to get back onto it, and nothing, I have rung Microsoft to get them to do it from there and they transferred me to technical support, as I could not understand what she was saying I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and she went off at me, and stated yelling asking me all these questions, seriously is it really that hard to get a supervisor, and told me that if I wanted her to fix my account it would cost $60 for their mistake, they are the ones who blocked me out of my account, they cant take it and shove it up their but! never again am I making a new account with this company, I understand that all these security measures, but they just make it to difficult to access the account if something goes wrong, now because of them, I have wasted a day changing details with every other company I am with. and have lost emails that I cannot get back. NEVER AGAIN AM I MAKING ANOTHER ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY!

    Amy 6/24/14 9:49PM
  • I cannot access my emails on Hotmail and i keep getting asked to enter a code from my email, which is so frustrating and stopping my employment search as i am unable to potential employment emails...

    Anonymous 6/21/14 7:18PM
  • Your system prevents me from using my account from other locations. I cannot check my mail, which is absolutely essential until I get back home in 10 days which might be too late for some mails. What can I do?

    Anonymous 6/19/14 8:06AM
  • Travelled interstate tried to access my hotmail and was sent a security warning. Asked to confirm my mobile number for a security code to be sent to. Code sent over 6 hours later. Thanks. Interstate again 2 weeks later. Same problem but no code sent at all so couldn't access my hotmail at all until I got back home. Rubbish service. A security system is good if it actually allows you to get access to your own mail in a timely manner. Who do you contact at hotmail to talk about this. Who knows. I gave up after being bounced around 7 sites without getting any contact details.

    StephenB 6/10/14 9:11PM
  • Locked out twice in last 90 days from hotmail account, they list a phone number for them to call, yet I dont have the number anymore and there is no option to change it. Now I am locked out again for another 30 days without access.

    No way to contact them. Had this account open for 15 years.

    a 6/1/14 4:25PM
  • I try to sig in to my account and I cant be there for 2 days please let me know what I need to do because ,,,,I need to pay my bills..
    please let me know because no one can help me before I never have this c problem now every day we I need to sig in they said is not my pass word please is my pass word if I need to change company just let me know


    Anonymous 5/29/14 7:21AM
  • There seem to be only 2 options here. Either Hotmail is deliberately trying to lose customer, or the more likely one is that they only hire dumb people. For 2 weeks I am trying to login from holiday and they are asking for a security code. Problem is that the recovery email address is also a hotmail and was locked. Then they got a really dumb page to fill information in. All completely useless as it always comes back as too less information. Even to my last message to their higher support team where I send a passport and driving license copy, they said no to. This still doesn't proof anything, despite the support chat telling me that this is what I should do. So my recommendation is to keep away. If you are there already get a new provider and get your messages forwarded as long as you still can!!!!

    Here my last message to them: This is the last time I give it a try to explain and find a solution. It is beyond my understanding how you can respond with the same stupid standard form to fill in, when you can see that I tried that option twice already and the system always told me too less information? How do you think it will work better now??? The form asks me for 3 old passwords. I have never ever changed my password in my 20 years with Hotmail. I am in the UK on holiday. You can see that since I tried to log in the UK, I did not from my home in Austria. I know my password. You decided to block my account because I log in from a different computer. My recovery account is also a hotmail. BIG MISTAKE - as you blocked this one as well because again login in from a different computer. Again because I am on holiday?? Why would you allow a recovery email to be hotmail as well, when you know it is useless in these cases? Why do you not refer to open a GMAIL Account for example and why did you never force a mobile phone number then? This has nothing to do with security it is just a lot of incompetence I must say.

    Anyway that chat agent I chatted to now recommended to send you my passport copy. I have attached more than just my passport. My credit card, national insurance card, and driving license. There is nothing more I can do now. Maybe you will ask for a urine or blood sample next who knows with you guys......

    Maccao 5/29/14 5:20AM
  • Can you please make the check box (A LOT BIGGER) cause everytime when checking the emails, and when you dont click exactly to that box, you will be opening that specific email that you missed(the checker box) this is REALLY ANNOYING, and i have to check all over again.
    I am really thinking of changing because of this rather s****d problem.

    Thanks for wasting my time, you couldnt have done it more elegantly.

    checkerboxhater 5/25/14 6:28AM
  • can any one help me contact the customer service executive of Hotmail support. I am unable to access it from a few days and its really urgent. I have a few exam results that have to be forward every process i tried has failed. i just to talk to a Hotmail customer care executive

    Anonymous 5/19/14 5:42PM
  • Looks like there is an epidemic. I had the same problem today. When I logged on to my hotmail account, I was asked for a security code, which I haven't and the alternative email I gave when I set up my account doesn't exist anymore. I tried to change it to request my security but was only given 4 digits. I call a support call centre mchelper because I thought they were part of Hotmail but it looks like they're not. Anyway, they said my account had been hacked and therefore Hotmail had blocked my account. I use this account every day and I just cannot afford to lose it. The problem is I have no idea how to get in contact with Hotmail to know what really is happening with my account and how to get this security code.

    Anonymous 5/16/14 5:09AM
  • I have had hotmail for years now I seam to have the same problem as so very many people I have been locked out of my account and asked for a code?
    No code has come
    I have important stuff on this account and I cannot afford to have this happen

    Anonymous 5/14/14 12:49PM
  • Hi...I must be one of the millions who cannot log in to Hotmail. How can we connect to Hotmail? It asks all these stupid questions and the code doesn't work anyway. Please tell me how I can connect. This is URGENT.

    Anonymous 5/7/14 4:29PM
  • I Have Had My Hotmail Account For Over 14 Years. Now Been Locked Out Over A Month. I Got Important Contact's List And Documents In My Email. Please Assist Me To Recover My Email. I Can Be Reached Through With Many Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 4/25/14 12:19PM
  • I can't access my hotmail account again. I opened my hotmail account with the user name: and my password is Since 02/16/2016 I can't access this email again and I can't get it back. I got certain document in the email together with my onenote document in it.vcan you please assist me to recover this email please.

    Anonymous 4/25/14 12:03AM
  • I can't access my hotmail account again. I opened my hotmail account with the user name: and my password is Since 02/16/2016 I can't access this email again and I can't get it back. I got certain document in the email together with my onenote document in it.vcan you please assist me to recover this email please.

    Anonymous 4/25/14 12:02AM
  • Been LOCKED OUT for 30-days of my hotmail account. Such a ridiculous time period and no way of speeding it up by some other means. Cannot contact anyone and very p1ssed off.

    I have had my hotmail account for over 10 years. Today I am signing up to the Gmail equivalent and moving all contacts to GMail. Microsoft is going to lose more and more loyal customers to this lack of customer focus.

    MovingToGmail 4/24/14 3:56AM
  • I have been locked out of my, Hotmail, account since the, 3-4/14, (4, 5) digit security code request by, Microsoft. There, was no, straight forward, way to address, errors made by the company. My, Hotmail, account was paid for, not a free account. There, is no help to be able to check bills or email, mistaken for junk mail. The, stress from this fiasco has been detrimental to me. I would love to file a consumer complaint with the company, and/or, with the government. But where, and who cares, definitely not, Miicrosoft?

    Anonymous 4/23/14 10:15AM
  • Very frustrating process. Still haven't been able to contact anyone regarding my problems with hotmail. Ridiculous !!! Problem unresolved. Dont bother to email me if a response through email is expected. I obviously have a problem with sending emails

    Anonymous 4/2/14 7:34AM
  • This 4 Digist - 5 Diogit - 7 Digit Scam Is Exactly What Heppened To M This Week. They Just Told Me That I Would Be Charged A Fee To Take Off This Code Request Which I Never Asked For And Doesn't Work Anyway.
    I Wrote To The Consumer Division Of Fraud And Put This Info On Facebook For Everyone To See..

    Anonymous 3/27/14 2:40PM
  • Hotmail told me that to upgrade security they wanted me to receive a code to gain access to my account in three weeks. If I didn't want to go through this, I could just press 'NEXT'. I pressed NEXT and it allowed access, each time, telling me I had fewer days left. Finally I agreed to their request, and they asked if they could send the code to my old phone umber. I answered that they could send it to my new phone number and they sent a four number code. Next time I logged in, when asked, I entered the four number code. The automated response was that I needed a FIVE number code. So I answered that they should send me the code again. They sent a new code, also FOUR numbers. When I logged in, the automated response once again said I needed FIVE numbers. WTF ???? The next thing they did was to block me from my account and their stupid automated response system just goes around and around in circles. I emailed the address I found online for support and there has been no reply since. Shoddy company, shoddy service, shoddy owner. Dr. S.P.

    slam the Gates 3/9/14 3:54AM
  • Well after contacting my 3rd customer service rep he told me to go to this page....

    'We're not ready for you yet

    Your 30 day waiting period ends on 4/3/2014. Please continue to wait and we'll send you an email when you can change your security info.

    If you've regained access to your old security info listed before, click "I found my security info" to get back in to your account and cancel any changes. Or click "Next" to continue what you were doing.'

    I clicked next and got back in to my hotmail account.

    Mummy 3/5/14 9:48PM
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  • I called 800-642-7676 and then dialed option 1 and then I dialed option 3 and I got a customer service rep and they send me a link to my current work email to unlock my account. Whomever posted this advice earlier thank you so much. I first tried calling several numbers that I found online that kept telling me it would be 100 dollars or more to get it unlocked. If anyone is having difficulties just do what I did and they will help you get into your email for no charge. Good luck,

    Anonymous 7/12/12 3:04PM
  • I have been using Hotmail for the past few Years now and i ahve to say i think i honeslty love it. It has fullfilled all of my needs since day one. it is easy to navigate, quick and efficent. I use it for personal, work and job search. Helps tremendously to keep in contact with facebook friends and well as my hotmail contacts. Love the calender its simple to Read and customize. Love the skydrive section i save documents resumes and pictures there! I have used yahoo and gmail personally those are nothing compared to hotmail. the navigation and functions sucks on yahoo and gmail. I Rate Hotmail 10 Stars instead of 5.
    Keep up the good work Hotmail.

    Christina 3/29/12 11:49AM
  • Was able to re-validate myself using the password reset > contact support links. Took them a couple of days (case opened on the 6th and resolved on the 8th)

    I recieved this email :

    Windows Live Support Team Wednesday, June 08, 2011 8:46 AM

    We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.

    Please do not repost your issue as doing so will further delay responses.

    Looks like they are a little busy at the moment but please stick with it!

    Very happy to have my account back.

    b4tm4n 6/8/11 2:21AM
  • I decided to call Microsoft directly and managed to talk to someone about the issue who could actually be somewhat helpful. She said she would escalate my case so that it would be looked at again. Dunno if it's going to help but thought I'd let people know so that way they can try as well.

    Megan 5/11/11 6:57AM
  • Whoa, the weirdest thing just happened... Hotmail just sent me a link to change my password and it worked.

    I can't say what I did (except for repeatedly saying my email was hacked) that made them finally respond.

    I am so switching it out to gmail though! No more hotmail for me thanks!!

    Keep bothering them is all I can tell you.

    Best of luck everyone!

    Anonymous 2/7/11 9:04AM
  • On June 15th my email was hacked and password changed....same story. There is no person you can directly call. I went to [email protected] and requested a password change. On June 17th (am) I recieved the info I needed to re-set my password. All is fine now. Whew!

    Could be anybody 6/17/10 12:41PM
  • Many thanks to Hotmail--within 24 hours, my account was up and running with all my information. I hope everyone the best!

    Anonymous 6/5/10 6:02AM
  • I had a problem with my windows hotmail account. I was locked out, could not remember my password and in no way could get into my email. I contacted this link Windows Hotmail Help([email protected]m) and the folks there were amazingly helpful! With their help my password was reset, I was unblocked from my account and I can now work again as my account is used for my business. Thank you so much Mia and Rhea!

    Tammarishka 4/3/10 4:21PM
  • We were able to get the problem resolved.

    My wife could not access her Hotmail account, and could not reset her password successfully (her secret question answer was not accepted, even though it was correct). She kept on looking for an answer, and found the "Windows Live ID Validation Page"

    You have to answer a slew of questions to validate that you are the owner of the account. You also need to provide an email address of where they can send you a special password reset link (she used my account).

    We got a response within 24 hours and we were soon up and running. What a relief!!

    Good luck to anyone encountering this problem. I hope this helps.

    Anonymous 8/30/09 10:06AM
  • I think Hotmail has been excellent ion responding to my needs. They appear to respond quickly and efficeintly.

    Anonymous 5/26/09 4:13PM

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