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Hotmail customer service is ranked #674 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 16.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 897 ratings. This score rates Hotmail customer service and customer support as Terrible.


887 Negative Comments out of 897 Total Comments is 98.89%.


10 Positive Comments out of 897 Total Comments is 1.11%.

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  • Very frustrating process. Still haven't been able to contact anyone regarding my problems with hotmail. Ridiculous !!! Problem unresolved. Dont bother to email me if a response through email is expected. I obviously have a problem with sending emails

    Anonymous 4/2/14 7:34AM
  • This 4 Digist - 5 Diogit - 7 Digit Scam Is Exactly What Heppened To M This Week. They Just Told Me That I Would Be Charged A Fee To Take Off This Code Request Which I Never Asked For And Doesn't Work Anyway.
    I Wrote To The Consumer Division Of Fraud And Put This Info On Facebook For Everyone To See..

    Anonymous 3/27/14 2:40PM
  • Hotmail told me that to upgrade security they wanted me to receive a code to gain access to my account in three weeks. If I didn't want to go through this, I could just press 'NEXT'. I pressed NEXT and it allowed access, each time, telling me I had fewer days left. Finally I agreed to their request, and they asked if they could send the code to my old phone umber. I answered that they could send it to my new phone number and they sent a four number code. Next time I logged in, when asked, I entered the four number code. The automated response was that I needed a FIVE number code. So I answered that they should send me the code again. They sent a new code, also FOUR numbers. When I logged in, the automated response once again said I needed FIVE numbers. WTF ???? The next thing they did was to block me from my account and their stupid automated response system just goes around and around in circles. I emailed the address I found online for support and there has been no reply since. Shoddy company, shoddy service, shoddy owner. Dr. S.P.

    slam the Gates 3/9/14 3:54AM
  • Well after contacting my 3rd customer service rep he told me to go to this page....

    'We're not ready for you yet

    Your 30 day waiting period ends on 4/3/2014. Please continue to wait and we'll send you an email when you can change your security info.

    If you've regained access to your old security info listed before, click "I found my security info" to get back in to your account and cancel any changes. Or click "Next" to continue what you were doing.'

    I clicked next and got back in to my hotmail account.

    Mummy 3/5/14 9:48PM
  • I am going through the same problem. Hotmail wants to 'upgrade my security info'. After warning me I had 5 attempts to do so, I managed to submit a code. I am now locked out for 30 days..but get this, my 30 days 'end' 04/03/2014. Yet they sent me this info on the 5th! Well DONE Hotmail. I submitted a form to verify my account and received an email to my new gmail account set up specially for this. I was told I had only to reset my password and I was good to go. So I reset my password. Tried to log in but was told I had 'requested' a security info change so I was locked out for 30 days. I tried the option of 'no I didn't request a security info change' (which I hadn't) and was told I needed to log into my hotmail account to retrieve my code to stop the security info upgrade which blocked my account. DUHHH. its some sort of crazy loop. I have contacted customer service twice and the first time it looked as though it was fixed, I was let into my account and tried resigning in...later I tried again and got the same old story. The 2nd time a CSR called DAN did absolutely nothing to even try to understand the situation and was very rude, even though I was polite.

    Mummy 3/5/14 9:27PM
  • Had problems with Hotmail over the last week -they ere demanding that I upgrade my security and asked me if an old email account or mobile number were still valid-the weren't but every time I tried to rectify this problem I couldn't . In the end Hotmail explained that I only had one more day left before they lock me out.They did however explain that I always could terminate my account!!
    In desperation I turned to Google and searched for a Hotmail help line. Up popped a ling called '' who I presumed were affiliated to Hotmail-I shouldn't have.
    After 5minutes of online chatting I was told that almost certainly my security had been compromised and that my computer probably had a virus or malware that couldn't be detected, but.... help was a hand- help in the form of a $59.99 bill!. I was told my computer need URGENT attention but they could sort me out and give me peace of mind.
    After scrolling a bit furthur down the page I came across a genuine Hotmail help link run from Microsoft -

    After clicking on this link I was directed via online chat to remedy my lockout situation with Hotmail.It took a grueling hour but the issue was sorted and the fee was free.

    Exhausted Eric 3/5/14 6:19PM
  • My Hotmail Email address was hacked and I can't get access to it as the person who hacked it changed my security settings and password, what can I do as I'm not getting any help

    Corrie 2/7/14 7:10AM
  • I set up 2 hotmail addresses years ago so I can access my emails anywhere around the world. Now I am in NZ and can't access my email addresses because I am "not in my usual location". My verification address for the code you want is my 2nd hotmail address and you won't let me into that account either. No point sending to my home computer email address as it is in a different country. Why does your questionnaire to verify who I am want my credit card number & expiry date???

    Unhappy traveller 1/30/14 10:16PM
  • I recently bought an additional computer. It wouldn't allow me to sign in with the password I've been using for 5 years. after screwing around trying too many times it locked me out. This customer is about to get back in if only to delete my profile and go elsewhere. Boo !!

    Ken Landsman 1/28/14 2:05AM
  • i have created a google mail email as my hotmail account can not be reset no matter what i do.
    i now need to change my ipad settings which involves a hotmail email - but none are coming through.

    Can someone help with this problem.
    i have to let my bank etc know my new email using my ipad - stuck - very stuck.!!

    DdollyE 1/22/14 3:12AM
  • cant access my email got code sent to friends email and it wouldnt work, talked to there customer "services" and they gave me a verification link i filled it in and got an email instantly to reset the password woo! NO! as soon as i clicked on it it said it had timed out and wouldnt let me change the password, so back to square one, i think my password has been changed by a hack and now i will prob never get access to it ever again

    Twiggs 12/26/13 2:14PM
  • You suck! I need to exit my hotmail page and nothing happens. I called you and you would rather me struggle with a chat to person who cares nothing of my plight. Just represent your company with real human voices and the world will spin much more smoothly. Thanks but no thanks.

    Anonymous 11/22/13 10:34AM
  • Hi im in a different country.

    There is no roaming on my mobile phone.

    my Out look access is blocked due to a different "location".

    I cant receive the passwords on the phone as i have no roaming on my mobile.

    Please help!!

    Im here for business and i really need my email

    Anonymous 11/16/13 9:53AM
  • I got locked out of two Hotmail accounts which I have (had and linked)for over ten years because I went to a wedding in another state and tried to log on at the public library in order to access my FLIGHT INFORMATION which was emailed there. After putting in the captchas answering my security questions,giving email addresses and subscriptions,names of folders ect. I am completely denied access because I neither have a cell phone for them to text a code to nor did I set either account up with a correct birthday because that is not in my opinion secure or anyones business. I am pissed, I now cannot get into any of the websites includeing my student loans, linked in, job hunting sites, ect even locked out of FB. Also, I HATE THE OUTLOOK APPROACH. Apparantly Hotmail, msn, Microsoft, whatever don't give a damn.

    Anonymous 10/28/13 3:44PM
  • terrible customer service.

    MSN has really dropped the ball. this needs attention. you blocked ME from my HOTMAIL after you allowed a hacker in. you pretend to have a way to resolve the problem. then tell me I DON"T know what the name of my 1st pet was. MSN promised a response with in 24hrs. they lied.

    terrible customer service.

    Anonymous 10/27/13 7:33PM
  • this is absolutely screwed. went to my regular hotmail account, said my current password didn't work, so i had to answer all these qts in order to get back into it. Hotmail then emailed me and told me my answers weren't good enough, so i had to do it again. Finally! it let me re-set my password, only for me to find once i reset it, it didn't take me to my inbox or anything. so then i had to RE-SET it again, this time with a different password. tried that to login, again, no luck. Luckily, i have an ipad so i tried to login in there, finally it worked, and i got in to see my acct last nite, however once i tried to login again this morning ( this time on a different computer, it said my password wasn't correct! So now i have had to re-enter all the info again and wait to see if they will accept who i am on that basis, but now hotmails telling me i have exceeded too many times to login and retrieve my acct, so they have suspended it and i have to wait until tomorrow to try again. ! WTF is going on ?? I have a good password, and it keeps kicking me off!!

    lushiss 10/22/13 5:52AM

    I am trying to get in to my account for days and I cannot." What Is Going On"??? I Have Read The Comments Of The Other Account Holders That Have Written You for the past 2 Weeks and Nothing Is Being Done for All The Account Holders

    ( Like Myself) In Weeks . With No Replies From Your Offices At All.

    I am trying to get in to my account for days and I cannot with my Password.

    You Are Ignoring To Fix The Problem For The Account Holders and Letting Others Hack In To Our Accounts and Taking Our Identity. Then We Cannot Get In To Our Accounts.

    No One Has replied Back From Your Offices To Any Of The Account Holders. Hotmail "You Need To" Get This Software Of This Program In Hotmail Fixed Now .!!!! Nothing Has Been Reported By Your Offices To The Media.

    So You Are Just Letting Hackers In To Our Accounts and Using It For What Ever They Want and Taking Our Identities At The Same Time. Because If There Was A Problem Coming From Your Office. It would Have Been Reported By The News/ Media To Inform Us Obviously!!!! You Have Not Read Any Of The Complaints Or Have Looked In to The Website To See The Problems That The Account Holders Are Having Like My Self. No One Wants to be an Identity Theft Victim. You Are Suppose To Keep Our Accounts Safe!!!!! This Is Very Rude On Your Part.

    Where is Your Technical Support / Customer Service Team?????

    We Want It Fixed Now!

    Thank You 10/21/13 8:54PM
  • I have also been locked out of my hotmail acct. I may have considered being hacked but from looking at the comments left on this site that now seems unlikely and seems more likely that your system has malfunctioned. The support questionnaire was not helpful in the slightest and was extremely irritating and even though I entered like four passwords that have been used on that acct and listed folders that had been created it told me I had insufficient information. I really need into this acct 10/17/13 8:03PM
  • Hotmail address book is impossible to recover - have requested assistance at least ten times -still not working-what happened to what used to be a good service

    Anonymous 10/17/13 10:53AM
  • I stopped at MCDONALD'S in ST. GEORGE Utah store number10803 and they would not honor my beverage frequency card. It was not even for a free one. I understand not all your restaurants participates in the McCafe beverage cards, however they should at the very least punch a hole for the purchase. it's no skin off their back. Besides the MGR. was not very pleasant about it to boot. Just thought I would let you know

    chinchin 10/13/13 3:23PM
  • Haven't been able to access my e-mail. Apparently someone else is trying to use my account but Hotmail have given me no information about it. Being that I run my business using this e-mail account, I have lost a lot of business and money. They do take security very seriously, apparently however they don't take customer service very seriously. I would encourage anyone thinking about using Hotmail to try someone else as the chances of speaking to a human being to resolve any issues is zero.

    Sitravolta 10/10/13 2:29AM
  • i have been trying to long in my email for over a week and every time i do its asks for a code when you do send me this you dont accept it? so can you please sort this out as i am losing my temper as i got important stuff on there? so if you dont sort this out asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    leanne 10/3/13 3:22PM
  • Why do I need a security code to get in to my e-mail? I need to access it, now, it will not let me in. I have given two e-mail addresses and two phone numbers to get the code, haven't received anything yet. Am now listening to dreadful, ahhhh, music

    Anonymous 10/2/13 7:06AM
  • I am at my wits end, does anyone know a number I can contact to speak to a real person. My account has been hacked my recovery submission form has come back twice now saying I'm not the real owner because I haven't provided enough information. I'm currently studying and I genuinely need access to me documents. I have searched the internet for just one number and I can't find anything. SOOO FRUSTRATED

    Anonymous 9/19/13 7:41PM
  • Microsoft you people are unbelievable..
    Denying me access to my own account for a year and a half now while i'm getting blatently robbed -_-
    i wish one of you guys gets in the same situation then and only then you will realize the amount of destruction and stalling you're causing with these stupid security protocols of yours..
    you won't get over 5000 accounts hacked if you had any "security" at all..
    well thkx for bunch of hypocrits!

    Microsoft taking my account host 9/19/13 1:41PM
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  • I called 800-642-7676 and then dialed option 1 and then I dialed option 3 and I got a customer service rep and they send me a link to my current work email to unlock my account. Whomever posted this advice earlier thank you so much. I first tried calling several numbers that I found online that kept telling me it would be 100 dollars or more to get it unlocked. If anyone is having difficulties just do what I did and they will help you get into your email for no charge. Good luck,

    Anonymous 7/12/12 3:04PM
  • I have been using Hotmail for the past few Years now and i ahve to say i think i honeslty love it. It has fullfilled all of my needs since day one. it is easy to navigate, quick and efficent. I use it for personal, work and job search. Helps tremendously to keep in contact with facebook friends and well as my hotmail contacts. Love the calender its simple to Read and customize. Love the skydrive section i save documents resumes and pictures there! I have used yahoo and gmail personally those are nothing compared to hotmail. the navigation and functions sucks on yahoo and gmail. I Rate Hotmail 10 Stars instead of 5.
    Keep up the good work Hotmail.

    Christina 3/29/12 11:49AM
  • Was able to re-validate myself using the password reset > contact support links. Took them a couple of days (case opened on the 6th and resolved on the 8th)

    I recieved this email :

    Windows Live Support Team Wednesday, June 08, 2011 8:46 AM

    We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.

    Please do not repost your issue as doing so will further delay responses.

    Looks like they are a little busy at the moment but please stick with it!

    Very happy to have my account back.

    b4tm4n 6/8/11 2:21AM
  • I decided to call Microsoft directly and managed to talk to someone about the issue who could actually be somewhat helpful. She said she would escalate my case so that it would be looked at again. Dunno if it's going to help but thought I'd let people know so that way they can try as well.

    Megan 5/11/11 6:57AM
  • Whoa, the weirdest thing just happened... Hotmail just sent me a link to change my password and it worked.

    I can't say what I did (except for repeatedly saying my email was hacked) that made them finally respond.

    I am so switching it out to gmail though! No more hotmail for me thanks!!

    Keep bothering them is all I can tell you.

    Best of luck everyone!

    Anonymous 2/7/11 9:04AM
  • On June 15th my email was hacked and password changed....same story. There is no person you can directly call. I went to and requested a password change. On June 17th (am) I recieved the info I needed to re-set my password. All is fine now. Whew!

    Could be anybody 6/17/10 12:41PM
  • Many thanks to Hotmail--within 24 hours, my account was up and running with all my information. I hope everyone the best!

    Anonymous 6/5/10 6:02AM
  • I had a problem with my windows hotmail account. I was locked out, could not remember my password and in no way could get into my email. I contacted this link Windows Hotmail Help( and the folks there were amazingly helpful! With their help my password was reset, I was unblocked from my account and I can now work again as my account is used for my business. Thank you so much Mia and Rhea!

    Tammarishka 4/3/10 4:21PM
  • We were able to get the problem resolved.

    My wife could not access her Hotmail account, and could not reset her password successfully (her secret question answer was not accepted, even though it was correct). She kept on looking for an answer, and found the "Windows Live ID Validation Page"

    You have to answer a slew of questions to validate that you are the owner of the account. You also need to provide an email address of where they can send you a special password reset link (she used my account).

    We got a response within 24 hours and we were soon up and running. What a relief!!

    Good luck to anyone encountering this problem. I hope this helps.

    Anonymous 8/30/09 10:06AM
  • I think Hotmail has been excellent ion responding to my needs. They appear to respond quickly and efficeintly.

    Anonymous 5/26/09 4:13PM

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