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Koodo customer service is ranked #405 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates Koodo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


55 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 93.22%.


4 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 6.78%.

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  • I used to be with Koodo from 2008 to Sept 2010. After I cancelled the service and switched to Wind Mobile, Koodo continued to bill me for another few weeks or a month without notify me properly by mail.
    And recently I found out, they have been sending junk emails to my old email account and the mails stated that I owed them like $23. However the junk mails are usually deleted automatically.
    Until June 2014 I found out and I decided to call Koodo to find out what was going on. They agreed that they were going to credit me back the same amount of money which I DID NOT owe , so my account balance is 0.
    Yesterday, I discovered that they have already sabotaged my personal credit via Credit Bureau. I spent over 3 hours trying to contact them, most of the time I was put on hold and wait. The problem is still unsolved at this stage.

    klee 8/15/14 1:22PM
  • I have experienced a similar problem with cancelling Koodo account and will be sending a report to the CRTC. Lets step through the run around, first stopped at the booth where they took my account information and initial payment. Had all my information with me, only to be told sorry they aren't allowed to do cancellations and would need to phone their 1-800 number.

    So come home phone the number get the automated routing system, after going through every possible combinations 6 options 3 layer deep, nothing said to cancel account press a "#". Finally settled on an option called "Manage account and update options". Wait for over 30 minutes, then get a customer service rep. He asks all the standard questions, phone number, account # number, pin number (who remember a pin #) from an activation from 2 years ago if they have never had to use. So they start asking for id, but their system doesn't record the type of id used. They kept asking for drivers licence which they wouldn't accept at the counter, finally figured out that it was a passport #. So finally get confirmation I had the necessary information to cancel the account. What do they do is hand me off to another account specialist another 10 minute wait to cancel an account. The account specialist then started to ask the same information all over, to verify. After telling her she had the information just look it up, she reluctantly agreed to cancel my account.

    Why she agreed to forward my complaint about having such a poor phone routing system, and then needing to talk with two different people. I doubt I will get any satisfaction.

    Over the last 5 years, we have had students, use Bell, MTS, Rogers, and even one from Sasktel. None of them have ever experienced the run around that Koodo gives you.

    Just for laughs thought I would check out their web site. Check it out try and find a a single page that will provide you straight forward information on what is required and the process to follow to cancel an account. No, there are pages and pages of billing issues dealing with cancelling, cancelling options, but not cancelling phone service.

    mikejth 7/22/14 6:40PM
  • I work in a mall that has a koodo booth in the hallway. the employees of this booth spend all day swearing and playing loud music, causing customers to leave mu store. I cant seem to find a number to contact to ja e this dealt with.

    Anonymous 6/20/14 9:10AM
  • My phone bill is due July 4th, however my phone just keeps asking for a pin when i try to use it. I don't know my pin and cannot even reach a customer service rep. I also have no idea how to log in on my internet and have no other access to a phone. How am I supposed to reconnect if I can't reach anyone?

    Pissed and confused. 6/19/14 9:33AM
  • Terrible customer service I was on the phone for 15 minutes and received NO help!

    Anonymous 6/2/14 8:46AM
  • Hi I decided to disconnect my internet in your company.I've been upset when I recieved my statement of accounts.I applied for my monthly plan fifty four dollars Cad.but it makes me upset when I knew that I am going to pay more than my monthly plan.So, back!

    Anonymous 5/17/14 6:54PM
  • I phoned to-day, because an e-mail was sent saying my bill was ready. I checked your website, and it did not show up. The March 2014 was showing, but the April 2014 was not. This hasn't happened before, so I decided to alert you. The clerk asked for my PIN number, and I gave her the correct one, and she said it was not valid. I thought it odd, but I gave the password for voice mail, which she said was invalid. So to prove my identity, she asked for my birthdate, which was fine. Then she asked for my drivers license number???? Why??? I didn't even know you had it on file, and why would you neeed a number that long. So, instead of looking it up, I gave her the pin number again that I originally gave her. She said it was OK. When I told her I had given it in the first place, she let me know that I gave her a 6 digit number. I told her I didn't, but she wouldn't accept that. I know I gave the right one, because our daughter happened tobe in the room, and she had heard me give the right number. Then she said the bill might not be on file yet, because 10 days total is used when you create the bill. As I said,I have not had this problem before. Why would you send an e-mail saying it was ready, if it is not? I don't feel like wasting my time looking for something that you say is there, but it doesn't exist. She did not see my point of view at all. What happened to Customer Service? She was rude, and more or less told me I was a lier, without an apology from her, of course. This isn't the first time that I have been very unhappy with your staff. If I did not have a tab, it would be goodbye to you, but it would cost me about $100 to do that, and I won't give you that satisfaction, when you are the wrongdoers.

    Anonymous 5/4/14 2:57PM
  • Called Koodo this morning, requested English and was answered in French. When I advised the agent Linda in Montreal's customer service center) that I had requested English she did not answer. When I said 'hello?' she hung up on me. Then I called back, requested English and was again answered in French. I asked to file a complaint regarding the fist agent who had hung up on me for being English and they told me there were no supervisors available, or on site, (Baloney) and told me the system was down so nobody could identify the agent with whom I had spoken. I advised I knew there were supervisors on site and available, so after asking about 5 times, I finally had one take the phone.

    The supervisor, Frederick, advised me that the offensive agent, Linda, could not be identified for a formal complaint. I was also told he would not take any complaint but told me someone could call me later to file a complaint and that no information to identify Linda would be given. Not the office location, a first initial of her last name nor her employee number. I asked them to give me any info that would allow me to identify her in a formal complaint, They refused to give me any, but gave me RIDICULOUS excuses why they could not.

    For instance, I could use the employee number to illicitly perform actions while under the guise of being an employee named 'Linda', although I would not know my own last name while masquerading as Linda. Then the address was withheld in case I barged into their call center and hurt someone. When I pointed out that I was certain they had an electronic pass-card security system to prevent this, he started telling me that people are even able to BREAK INTO PRISONS, bypassing security systems like theirs. WHO BREAKS INTO A PRISON....AND WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ME WANTING TO IDENTIFY A RUDE EMPLOYEE IN A COMPLAINT?

    Really KOODO, if you want to lose your customers, and I am a five year customer with over $115 in monthly billing, ...then keep treating me like a terrorist and an idiot. Given your employees are now becoming quite comfortable being ignorant and offensive, I don't obnoxious treatment was a service for which I am willing to pay.

    I will be happy to leave Koodo.....No skin off my back.

    Anonymous 4/6/14 8:12AM
  • They absolutely stink. I was a good customer. As soon as I wanted to close my account the problems began. Now I fighting to have false charges removed from my credit rating. DO NOT USE KOODO!!!!!

    Anonymous 2/13/14 2:59PM
  • Watch out for bogus offerings. Koodo refuses to honour current promotional offer of $100 gift card on new activation iphone. Customer Service Manager rude, speaks while you are speaking, puts the phone down while you are speaking to talk to her coworkers and willing to let a customer walk away over $50 dispute. Good luck Koodo. There is no shortage of phone providers. Ciao Koodo!

    mlssalnrd 1/23/14 3:43PM
  • i had my phone for a year and a half when i signed my uncontract phone i was told within a year and a half it would be paid off. but thats were they lied to cheated me. i still have to pay more that 3 quarters of my phone plus its broken which the refuse to fix or let me exchange. they lied to me the stole from me and the cheated me do not go with them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    screw koodo 12/14/13 6:09PM
  • On my completed bill I have the following numbers (all in small print):
    GST# Store# Terminal# Receipt# Reference #
    Authorization# Serial# Product SKU Pin#

    Would it be too much trouble to print the required number to access what I've just paid for in readable numbers that I can not only readily see but identify? I've heard that the number to add minutes is supposed to be highlighted - seldom happens. Very annoying.

    MJ 11/7/13 2:43PM
  • We rec'd a call from Koodo re our acct. I spoke to Mia, who said our bill was past due by 7 days and the next bill is due Oct 7. No issue re late Payment. If we're late, that' s our fault & advised her I'll speak to my spouse re payment. Given we have time to remit October payment, that should be a non issue but she reminded me a couple times about the October due date and said she'd hate to see us be suspended from our account. I asked if the customer is not given notification prior to this happening. Her response " you got it". What kind of...response is that? Not only did she sound as if I was speaking to my 5 year old child, she was illegible. Not sure what she had in her mouth. When I asked for her name, she rudely said Mia and that she is not allowed to give her ID number. Haven't heard this before but she probably did not understand the question as she did not sound bright. That's ok, I was rude right back at her. Koodo, if you're going to hire customer service agents, please ensure they listen, understand questions posed by your customers and answer the question! It really is not a difficult job. I have no hesitation whatsoever in obtaining another service provider!!!!!!

    Nas 9/27/13 3:02PM
  • I got a new i phone i was not told it did not have siri on it why can you not ask apple to do this update,why is my phone always crashing why do i hat this phone why did you sell me a phone that is over 4 years old i am so pissed and will be dropping you and will ask others to do the same

    Brittany 9/19/13 10:05AM
  • Koodod charged me twice in July,even though I paid my phone bill on time, so I refused to pay it, then at the end of the month they cut off my phone, so then I owed $200 to them even though my bill is suppose to be $67 a month not double that, so I paid the $200 the other day, then they made me pay another $35 late charge so I paid it then today i looked online and it says i owe another $30, !!! no matter what i pay they say i owe them more and now im going to be broke as ---- these -----rs screwed me over

    Anonymous 9/5/13 4:21AM
  • Have been using Koodo for several months now.I have not had a problem till now .As most people have said cannot contact them . I have been trying for 10 days now . If I can cancel the phone ,I will .Any number that I can find seems to be no good.If #4 is the worst I got the # I wanted.

    Anonymous 8/7/13 2:05PM
  • Inwould like to know why me Koodo phone is not putting through calls my # is

    Anonymous 6/13/13 11:32AM
  • As time goes on I keep losing options. Today, I cannot access my voice mail. Why? They don't respond. Two months ago, I they cut off my phone identification and I'm paying $30.00/month for this service?

    Anonymous 6/12/13 9:52AM
  • I Have Had My Phone Since 2010 And Have Noticed That My Bills Are Not Sent To My E-mail Adress On The Regular Monthly Date But Usually I A Missing A Monthly Payment Which Late Charges Are Added. I Have Tried To Cancell My Account Through Self Serve Which Is A Joke. Now I Will Call Koodo And See What Bs Will I Receive. A Word To The Wise Don't Believe All The Crap Koodo Advertises.

    Anonymous 5/23/13 4:48PM
  • I do not like the fact that you have no way to contact these guys outside of business hours...what if you get stranded and your phone isn't working? How are u supposed to get a hold of anyone?
    A mobile carrier shd always have accessibility during hours the consumer may need them.

    Anonymous 5/3/13 9:39PM
  • It would help if this site listed the names of head office people to contact re complaints about lack of proper service in our area. I had to phone and got someone called Mark out of a meeting two weeks ago but have heard nothing back. I just would like to email him and let him/them know I am only paying $40.00this month until I get his reply. Thank you

    Yvonne Nairn

    Anonymous 4/27/13 10:55AM
  • Buy far the worst people to deal with they a rude and VERY ignorant . I paid cash for the phone and i still had to pay off the tab the tab thing IS A TOTAL SCAM AND A RIP OFF !! I will NEVER go with koodo ever agian . Their plans cost way to much .

    KOODO WHAT A JOKE !! 3/4/13 8:33AM
  • worst company ever. No one can apparently help my problem. gotta pay for a broken phone. Once they acctually allow mt to cancel the account I will never come back screw these guys

    disappointed customer soon to be 2/27/13 10:36PM
  • Koodo does not care about their customers at all, talking to service representatives does not achieve anything! They repeat the same thing over and over and refuse to hear you or help you! Not to mention they all speak with such heavy accent, it's almost impossible to understand them. Virgin mobile, here I come!

    Bobi 2/1/13 2:20PM
  • I will never recommend Koodo - I've never jumped through so many hoops just to cancel a phone. I've just gone through round three!!! Then they ask if there is anyone I would like to pass our tab to - Really???

    @#$%* 12/12/12 11:48AM
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  • Just talked to Koodo customer service about a roaming add on charge. He took it off,and gave me new amount to pay. Spoke perfect english. Whole call took under 10 minutes. Hardest part was finding the phone number. I had to call the store where I bought it and ask them for the number.

    Anonymous 2/15/13 5:38PM
  • I have always been very please with Koodo customer service, but have had a very hard time getting through on the phone lately to activate my husband's phone. I stayed on hold this time for over 35 min. until my cordless phone died.

    justme 1/19/12 1:38PM
  • Customer service always has very long wait times, I could eat my monthly minutes up just trying to contact them.

    That aside, they have some very skilled support people (If you are lucky enough to get someone who knows what they are doing)

    Talking to their support, a lot of problems they have are tied up in red tape with their parent company Telus hindering Koodos efforts.

    The website is not horrible, but definitly needs work done.

    Anonymous 1/12/12 11:51AM
  • Very good refund policy customer service friendly and fast. No prblems here.

    hoserdude 9/17/11 7:10PM

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