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LinkedIn customer service is ranked #599 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 580 ratings. This score rates LinkedIn customer service and customer support as Terrible.


558 Negative Comments out of 580 Total Comments is 96.21%.


22 Positive Comments out of 580 Total Comments is 3.79%.

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  • I wish to cancel this service, as I no longer wish to be charged. I am not interested I using this service. You have charged me again. I am not looking for work and I am retired.

    Anonymous 4/5/14 4:38AM
  • I have had an unbelievable email exchange with LinkedIn over the fact that LinkedIn has been, without my permission, adding my LinkedIn connections to my smartphone's contacts list.

    Here is the email chain. I've been corresponding with a joker who called himself Santosh (who knows if this is a real person or not?). His emails are so outrageous that I even wonder whether someone in Customer Service is doing this on purpose just to have a little fun. You will see from his emails that he seems to have no idea what he is talking about. He repeatedly ignores my polite requests for him to put me in contact with a supervisor.

    SENT TO LINKEDIN on 4/4/2014


    I hope that this reaches you. You sent me an email on 3/13 (see attached PDF with email chain) saying that you have been assigned to my case. I therefore am hoping to correspond with you directly on this.

    I sent you an email last week inquiring about the status of this case.

    Unfortunately, I received in response yet another wildly off-base email from Santosh (please see attached PDF for email chain). This time, he went on about how "those invitations might have been sent from the People You May Know feature," and "Laurie, if it would help, I can withdraw all invitations to anyone who hasn't already responded. Later when you're ready, you can invite the people you really want." -- This is not and never was about invitations! It is about connections' contact info showing up on my smartphone contacts list without my permission. (Santosh, if you are reading this, please do NOT touch anything on my account.)

    Apparently Santosh either intercepted my email or perhaps was asked to respond to it; i don't know which. But I can't make any sense out of what he says, because he always seems to be responding to some problem completely different from the one I reported. I would prefer not to be contacted by Santosh any more.

    :Lisa, my request to you is, would you please respond to me yourself (and let me know how I may reach you without hearing back from Santosh instead)? I promise not to hound you with emails -- I will send only an occasional inquiry about status if I don't hear from you for awhile.


    Laurie *****


    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your email! I look forward to hearing what you find out.




    Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:38:48 -0500

    Subject: Unauthorized contacts appearing in my phone's contact list

    LinkedIn Customer Support Message

    Subject: Unauthorized contacts appearing in my phone's contact list


    Response Via Email (Lisa)

    03/13/2014 22:38

    Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for your email and I apologize for the delay in my response. Please note I've been assigned to your case. Please allow me some time to review and further investigate the issue you are describing. If I need further information from you in the meantime, I will let you know.



    LinkedIn Trust & Safety

    I sent an email to customer service a couple weeks ago about my concern that my LinkedIn contacts were showing up in my smartphone contacts list without my permission.

    I had a very strange exchange with one of the customer service reps (Santosh) -- his emails didn't make sense (I couldn't tell if he was having trouble with English, or if he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing, or if he was having some other problem) and weren't responsive to my emails -- and he repeatedly

    ignored my polite requests to have a supervisor get in touch with me.

    Please read the email chain below. In my second email, I described the complaint that I filed with the FCC.


    Laurie *****

    Member By Email (Laurie *****)

    03/07/2014 07:06


    You know, it isn't going to make you look very good when I email this chain back without the ticket number attached so that someone else can get a good look at how you have repeatedly ignored this simple polite request:



    Thank you for patient and understand your concern. I'm forwarding this issue to our internal team and if needed the internal team supervisor would further answer with relevant information.



    Customer Experience Advocate


    Member By Email (Laurie *****)

    03/05/2014 22:20

    I'm not expecting an immediate resolution. But I am requesting, for the third time now, that you put me in contact with a supervisor.


    If my simple requests to you for contact with a supervisor continue to be ignored, I will resend this email chain back to customer service (not just back to you), in the expectation that someone else will be able to respond appropriately.


    Response Via Email (Santosh)

    03/05/2014 21:40

    Hi Laurie,

    I wish I had an immediate resolution for you. This particular issue will need to be escalated to our internal research team. I understand this may be frustrating but as soon as I get an update, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your patience in this matter, Laurie.



    Customer Experience Advocate

    Member By Email (Laurie *****)

    03/04/2014 11:42


    Your email baffles me.

    I have no idea what you mean by "provide me with the member's names who connected to your network."

    The issue is that LinkedIn has been adding my LinkedIn connections to my smartphone's contacts without my permission.

    Are you seriously asking me to go through all1500+ of my phone contacts and make out a list of all the names that were added by LinkedIn rather than by me?? I can't even see what use that would be. Exactly what would you have your team do with

    that information? This is not an issue about actions taken by LinkedIn members.

    No offense intended, but for whatever reason, you seem not to understand the nature of the problem and therefore are unable to troubleshoot it effectively.


    Laurie *****


    On March 3, 2014 9:46:58 PM CST, LinkedIn Customer Support wrote:

    Response Via Email (Santosh)

    03/03/2014 21:46

    Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for your reply and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I would surely forward this issue to my internal team for further assistance, however I would request you to provide me with the member's names who connected to your network, so that I can check the status and assist you further.



    Customer Experience Advocate


    Member By Email (Laurie *****)

    02/28/2014 13:40

    As I explained in my last email, sync *IS* completely off AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. You seem to have some trouble understanding my emails. Please put me in touch with a supervisor.


    On February 27, 2014 11:15:07 PM CST, LinkedIn Customer Support wrote:

    Response Via Email (Santosh)

    02/27/2014 23:15

    Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for your reply and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Let me provide with the steps.

    Go to your Andriod phone settings, scroll down to personal -> accounts &sync.

    Turn off the Sync completely.

    Laurie, hope the provided steps would serve your needs and if you have further questions, please feel free to reply to this message.


    Customer Experience Advocate


    Member By Email (Laurie *****)

    02/27/2014 08:50

    Santosh / Rajesh / Whoever gets this email next . . .

    First, I think that Santosh meant "LinkedIn" not "DroidIn" in his email below -- I assume you are referring to the LinkedIn app that is installed on my phone.

    So I went into my LinkedIn account under ACCOUNTS. It shows me that for both Contacts and LinkedIn data, Sync is OFF.

    LinkedIn has obtained unauthorized access to my Contacts, and I want to know how this happened and how to stop it.

    Please escalate this case to someone with

    substantial knowledge on the subject. I am disturbed that despite my having taken explicit measures NOT to give LinkedIn access to my smartphone contacts, it has apparently happened anyhow. I wish to file a formal complaint about this with LinkedIn -- please advise on how to do so.

    Independently of my formal complaint to LinkedIn, I have filed the following complaint with the FCC

    "I have an account on Like all LinkedIn users, I regularly connect to other users; they become my connections. I recently discovered that my LinkedIn connections have become contacts on my smartphone. I have always had my LinkedIn sync options set to OFF and have explicitly refused several requests from LinkedIn to access my smartphone contacts. Nonetheless, it appears that LinkedIn has disregarded my wishes and settings and has not only read my contacts (read access) but has also WRITTEN TO my contacts (write access) -- all in violation of my

    clearly expressed wishes and properly configured settings."

    Laurie *****

    Response Via Email (Santosh)

    02/27/2014 03:06

    Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    You can always remove Droidin account from phone->settings->Accounts & sync. When you install Droidin it gives you 3 options: full sync, partial (existing contacts only) and none. If you turn off this sync feature, it would not import your contacts and add them.

    Laurie, if there's anything else I can do to make your experience the best possible please let me know.


    Customer Experience Advocate


    Response Via Email (Rajesh)

    02/27/2014 02:44

    Hi Laurie,

    I'm sorry for not having a quick answer. I have forwarded your message for additional review and advice. We�ll be in contact with you as quickly as possible but your issue may require additional research which may extend your wait time.

    You can always check the status of your ticket by moving your cursor over "More" at the top of the LinkedIn homepage and then selecting "Help Center". From there, click "Support History" in the top left to see the status of any tickets you've submitted.

    Thanks for your patience, Laurie.



    Customer Experience Advocate


    02/26/2014 19:58

    Thanks for contacting us. Someone from our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you can sign in to your LinkedIn account, you can check the status of your submitted tickets any time in the Support History section of our Help Center.


    Your LinkedIn Customer Experience Team

    Member By Web Form (Laurie *****)

    02/26/2014 19:58

    I just discovered that every time I connect with someone, that person gets added to the contacts list on my phone. I never authorized this and do not want it to happen - - and no, I never gave LinkedIn permission to access my contacts. Unless I unknowingly gave that permission by installing the Android app. If so, I will uninstall it immediately. Please explain why this happens and how to make it stop - - and it would be nice if there was a quick way to get rid of all the unwanted entries, but I guess I'll have to delete all my contacts and re-export them. Unless the rogue contacts have infiltrated my other device's contact lists as well - and if that is the case, I will take down my profile and leave a message directing people to come view my new profile at The Ladders. LinkedIn is not so essential to my life that I'm willing to let it add contacts to my phone without asking me.

    lwfax 4/4/14 11:10AM
  • I joined Linkedin to support a friend who later unscribed because of the emails and she didnt want it.

    I then unsubscribed. BUT i am getting emaila and when I try to unscribe from that email I cant get in as they dont recognize my email address and or/password.

    GET ME OFF LINKEDIN. I have better things to do then spend all day trying to unscribe.

    If this is ansd example of how you operate I will never recommend Linkedin to anyone.



    This is the second time I have gone thru this as I had joined months ago. Same problem in unsubscfribing.

    Anonymous 4/3/14 5:55AM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry you are having this issue. It sounds like you had an account, closed it, but are still receiving emails in the form of invitations from other people. They are able to do that when they upload their address books if they know your email address. Because you mentioned that you don't want any sort of email, we've gone ahead and added your email to our Do Not Contact list so they stop.

    We're super sorry for the frustration this has caused you however you should be good to go now!

    LinkedInHelp 4/4/14 2:23PM

  • Unable to reach. My credit card has been deducted every month without authorization.

    ddd 3/14/14 6:22AM
    Official company reply

    If you haven't had a chance yet, please reach out to our support team directly so we can look up your account information and get that subscription cancelled for you. You can reach them by copying/pasting the following link and filling out your information.


    LinkedInHelp 4/4/14 2:20PM

  • I was locked out of my profile this morning. I suspect it was because one of my laptops has a UK IP address. I pay Linkedin thousands of dollars a year. It is my database. I have just lost a day of work. Call me. Email me. I don't care. Just please allow me to log in. My other online databases have never shut me out for a day. Ticket number is

    GM 3/4/14 2:27PM
    Official company reply

    Hi GM. It appears your original comment was cut off. If you had contacted our support team, which it sounds like you did, they should have reached out within 24 hours to get you resolved. Should you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're very sorry for the inconvenience this outage caused you.

    LinkedInHelp 4/4/14 2:19PM

  • Just found our they've charged me over £160 for something...I have no idea what, just appeared on a bank statement. What's worse is no obvious way of speaking to someone - or emailing them to find out whst's going on and get my money back. Criminal.

    Anonymous 2/22/14 2:39PM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for reaching out about this. If you have yet to contact the support team through our Help Center, we suggest you start there so we can discuss the charge with you. The fastest way to do so would be to fill out the form at this link: so we can get back in touch with you. Thanks!

    LinkedInHelp 4/4/14 2:16PM

  • 5 hrs ago: I got locked out of LinkedIn "Account High Restricted" "Go req a ticket for help." (15 hours ago, no reply.) You can't even login to GET to online help.

    Just req a ticket, which I've done twice, the 2nd 3 hrs in. & I put THIS FB comment up & FB PM'd for help @ the 3 hr marker & keep updating it.

    NO Customer Service. Period. This is a publicly traded co.? We've had the account for 2 days, for an educational nonprofit we're setting up.

    I had just gave my CC# for trial premium about 5 minutes beforehand.

    No info, no warning, BS. Not even an online assistant. No Phone #. No Corp #:

    My only posts so far: going to Hard Money Lender groups, to see about a loan for a project we're buying.

    I'm seeing people in the below link waiting days, & no reply.

    Thanks kindly,

    Brian 2/21/14 5:48AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Brian. Thanks for reaching out about this. We did see your post via FB and have replied there requesting more information from you - such as your ticket number. We can definitely look into this and want to make sure you get up and running as quickly as possible. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

    LinkedInHelp 2/21/14 10:06AM

  • No customer service. Cannot get an answer to email and the number that is supposed to go to a real person doesn't.

    Anonymous 2/18/14 4:48PM
    Official company reply

    If you haven't sent our support team a message via our Help Center yet, that will be the best route to go. After you fill out the form, you'll be provided with a tracking number so you can monitor the activity on your issue. To do so, please copy/paste the following link into another window:

    Thank you!

    LinkedInHelp 2/21/14 10:08AM

  • This has been the worst customer service ever. They take forever solving simple issues. I am a veteran supposed to have 1 year free membership and customer service cannot solve the issue. I cannot post comment to any of the groups I am a member.

    Anonymous 2/15/14 11:14AM
    Official company reply

    We apologize the frustration you've been experiencing. We definitely want to make sure you get access to the free subscription because of your veteran status. If you are still having issues with that, please contact us here:

    As far as the group moderation is concerned, that action is implemented by the Group Owner/Moderator. If you would like to be taken off the restriction, you can message those individuals directly and they can make the change for you. Thanks for being a LinkedIn member.

    LinkedInHelp 2/21/14 10:10AM

  • Horrible customer service. You receive no answers just the run around. The service people no very little. They send rhetorical, pre-packaged, prepared statements to users asking for help.

    acrossthebridge 2/9/14 9:17AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Acrossthebridge,

    Do you have a ticket number we can reference in regards to this complaint? We want to apologize for the experience you had and would definitely like to look into it further so we can see what we can improve on in future correspondences.

    Would you please send us a message with this information if you have the opportunity? You can send it here:

    Thank you for your time and we apologize for the frustration this has caused!

    LinkedInHelp 2/11/14 1:04PM

  • Nothing on the LinkedIn page works: I cannot edit or add to my profile, and when I tried to use the phone number and instructions provided on this website for help, those did not work either. I am becoming very frustrated.

    Anonymous 2/5/14 3:54PM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry that you are having issues. At this time, we do not provide phone support but can still definitely assist you via our Help Center. Please use the attached link to send a screenshot of what you see when you edit or add to your profile.

    After we receive it, we will follow up with you shortly! Thanks!

    LinkedInHelp 2/11/14 1:02PM

  • I can not login into my Linkedin account using my yahoo email account. Today it suddenly stopped working. Anyone who can help please contact me
    Thank you

    George Henry Eric Meyer III

    Anonymous 1/29/14 3:04PM
    Official company reply

    Hi George! We are more than happy to help you. Can you contact us directly if you're still having issues with your profile? At this time we don't see any open tickets for you. You can create a ticket here: Thank you!

    LinkedInHelp 2/4/14 9:31AM

  • Linkedin does not have the capacity or competence to deal with abuse on the discussion forums. The flagging of inappropriate mail is just ignored. When one uses the abuse email all one receives is acknowledgement of receipt and the promise that they will get in touch shortly. What bollocks. I personally am the target of slanderous mail by a person displaying psychotic behaviors and despite my numerous updates to Linkedin, there has been absolutely no reply. In the meanwhile the devious minded individual is allowed to continue posting defamatory and unfounded allegations freely, while doing this under as a pseudonym. I cannot believe that Linkedin is prepared to support this nasty and vindictive slander but looking at the poor ranking they have on this site I am starting to get a better idea of their level of dubious moral values.

    Ed 1/29/14 3:07AM
    Official company reply

    We certainly appreciate the frustration you have experienced. LinkedIn provides the platform for group creation however we do not vet or moderate content. You will need to communicate to the group owner regarding their choice of actions.

    LinkedIn does not monitor, filter, or remove content from our site that is user generated unless it concerns threats of physical harm, pornographic material, and/or abusive profanity. If the content meets this criteria, please send us a screenshot of the content on our site. You can send it here: Thank you!!

    LinkedInHelp 2/4/14 9:24AM

  • I would never use Linkedln as I know you lie. Four times I have received an email from saying a person had sent me an invitation to respond to THEIR email to join Linkedlin, and that person had NOT sent the email.
    Take me off your list. NOW.

    Anonymous 1/27/14 7:15AM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry this has happened to you. If you'd like to be added to our Do Not Contact list, we can definitely add your email so you are no longer bothered by those invitations. Please contact us here: so we can get that taken care of for you. Thanks.

    LinkedInHelp 1/31/14 4:31PM

  • Hi I Am Jasmine Clark, I am not able to access my linkedin account, and I would like to upgrade my login, I will give my boss credit card information,I called your number but not able to reach, email me -

    Jasmine Clark 1/25/14 10:21AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Jasmine. After searching for your name in our system, it looks like you were able to get in touch with our team. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the link below.

    LinkedInHelp 1/31/14 4:29PM

  • Received email offer for free 30-day trial of Premium service. Was required to enter Credit Card info and then could not see where to place discount code. Used live-chat and was told initial period would not be charged and that live-chat operator would stop automatic charges.
    Three months of a $49.95 have appeared on my credit card. Phone number at LinkedIN does not have an option for a live operator.
    No relief through email exchange with LinkedIn. VERY poor customer service and a system designed to steal customer money by not returning confiscated funds.

    tenderness 1/22/14 4:42PM
    Official company reply


    We are so sorry to hear that this happened to you. That is definitely not the experience we want to provide for our free trials. We typically do not offer the ability to stop automatic charges internally before a subscription starts. However, if you had a chat with us you should be able to pull up the support history in the Help Center and locate the conversation. If you could forward that to us, we would be happy to make it right. Please send it here:

    Thank you and again, we're very sorry for the experience you had with us.

    LinkedInHelp 1/31/14 4:10PM

  • To Whom It May Concern At Linkdin.
    Please Help Me Correct Your Error Concerning Your Posting On My Notifications On Which You Have Erroneously Stated That I Am The Managing Director Of Sonarwa Life Assurance Company Ltd.

    I Was Managing Director Of Sonarwa Insurance Company Ltd Between October 15th 2011 And October 18th 2012. Please Treat As Urgent As This Is Erroneous, Misleading And Embarrassing To Say The Least.

    Please Treat As Urgent

    Macdonald James Obi

    Anonymous 1/20/14 6:48AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Macdonald.

    We'd love to help you get this information updated so it reads correctly. Can you please send us a message here so we can locate your profile and help you get this edited?

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out.

    LinkedInHelp 1/31/14 4:04PM

  • This sucks. No person to talk with. I cannot use my yahoo e-mail address and do not have access to my account. How do you want me to contact customer service?

    Anonymous 1/13/14 11:46AM
    Official company reply

    Hello! We're sorry you're having problems getting access to your account. Can you contact us using the link below so we can see if there's something more we can do to assist you?

    Thank you!!

    LinkedInHelp 1/31/14 4:02PM

  • This is a farse! I have been trying to contact Linkedin for days. You are causing me a great deal of stress. Call me at 62 I want to talk to a representitive in person. Ray

    Anonymous 12/9/13 7:13PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Ray. We are happy to help you with whatever situation you are having.

    Can you please contact us through the Help Center so we can look up your account and troubleshoot you with whatever issue you are having?

    Thanks! We look forward to helping you soon!

    LinkedInHelp 12/17/13 12:31PM

  • I cant seem to speak to a live person!! linkedin took $191 dollars from my checking unauthorized! andNow!!!! I cant talk to stinkin soul...just a stupid recording telling me they are in cali.....ticked off!!!Bad form guys!! Especially since I am in Maryland or I would walk in...

    Anonymous 12/5/13 4:43PM
    Official company reply

    Hello. We're sorry this happened to you.

    We don't provide phone support at this time, but if you haven't found our Help Center yet, please contact us so we can assist you further!


    LinkedInHelp 12/17/13 12:18PM

  • I've been restricted from using LinkedIn twice now - both times for sharing informative articles with no business connection and no advertising.

    Unfortunately people seems to feel inclined to report messages as spam when they see links to webpages... My advise, never include a hyperlink in a comment on an article, or on the comment of another person.

    It shouldn't be this way really, but their support seems slow for a non-paying member, so I guess their resource is low..................I've written to them several times pleading with them to be more understanding that people aren't always in the right when they hit the spam a matter of fact, Forbes Magazine have called out my articles as 'intereting', 'informative' and 'well thought out' and I've had personal thank you's... and almost 600 likes.

    Linkedin's conduct is wrong but I doubt it'll change - look around the web and there's reams of people complaining of the same happening to them!

    Simon 12/4/13 4:42PM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for reaching out here with the feedback on this. We're sorry that members have deemed this information as spam because it had a link to your webpage.

    We will make sure and forward this along as feedback for ways we can improve the functionality and interaction between members on our site.

    LinkedInHelp 12/16/13 12:13PM

  • I'm registered but I don't use Linkedln at all because I can't wait 15 or more minutes to log in. Even the website takes *forever*. Can you explain to me why this is so?

    Anonymous 11/20/13 7:20PM
    Official company reply


    Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry that you are having issues accessing the site. It would be helpful for us to know if you have this same problem if you try to access the site from another location (work vs home) or if you have the same issues when using an alternate browser.

    If you are still having problems, can you reach out to our support team so we can troubleshoot this for you? You can reach us here:

    We're happy to help! Thanks!

    LinkedInHelp 12/4/13 11:29AM

  • I need help with moving my prior LinkedIn page to connect with me since I changed employers (aka work email accounts). Can someone please callme to help me fix this situation. 11/20/13 3:56PM
    Official company reply

    Hello! Thanks for reaching out about this. Unfortunately, we don't have the information we need to reach you. Can you please create a ticket with our Support team so we can assist you? You can do so by sending us a message here:

    Thank you!

    LinkedInHelp 12/4/13 10:55AM

  • My ticket is about a known issue that has not been fixed for over a year. When I contact customer support, they tell me it's only affecting a small number of accounts, so it won't be fixed soon. The problem really affects my business usage. LinkedIn's handling of this matter has been SUPER unprofessional and unbecoming of a large entity.

    racingcircular 11/15/13 5:48AM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for taking the time to comment about this. We definitely understand your frustration and don't want you to feel like we are downplaying the issue. With only a certain number of resources, we are forced to prioritize our fixes and hope to get ones such as yours resolved as soon as possible.

    We're sorry there isn't more we can do at this time, but please know that as long as you've been in touch with Customer Support in the past, as soon as a fix is put into place, you will be notified via your ticket. Thanks for your continued patience with this.

    LinkedInHelp 12/4/13 10:22AM

  • Does anyone know what number to call to speak to a represenative?..The number on the website just asks for an extension, which I dont have, and does not allow you to talk to an operator.

    Anonymous 11/13/13 10:56AM
    Official company reply

    Hello! At this time, we do not provide phone support for Customer Service issues. However, you can access helpful links immediately via the Help Center and Community Forums. If you'd like to reach out to a member of the Support team, you can fill out the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


    LinkedInHelp 12/4/13 10:17AM

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  • Hi, I want to launch a complain against one of the connection, who keep bothering me on every post. When I asked him to stop doing so. He sent me a private message which is a proof of his abusive, harassing, and discriminating language. I want to show his message to linkedin authorities and want to ensure he is banned. First he begged me to find him job and when I told him I m HR Officer at software house (consulting and outsourcing services) it is not job consultancy services. He has attacked on my personal character. Use highly disgusting and unethical sentences I want a serious action against this person.

    N.Z 8/27/13 1:00AM
    Official company reply

    Hi NZ!

    Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry that you're having a bad experience with a member. Could you please contact us directly with some more information such as a screenshot of the message so we could research this further for you? The best way to contact us directly is to reach us via our Help Center at: and we would be more than happy to assist!

    LinkedIn Customer Support

    LinkedInHelp 9/4/13 2:27PM

  • I signed up for the trial period (1 month) on November 28th, and today, when I went to cancel it, they had already charged my credit card.

    This is what I did:

    - Called my credit card company (Discover) and told them to cancel the charge. They told me they would.
    - E-mailed Linkedin telling them that, if they didn't cancel the charge, my credit card company would.
    - Received a reply from them less than 15 minutes after my e-mail was sent. They refunded me.

    Honestly, I was very satisfied with their customer service.

    Anonymous 12/28/12 4:21PM
  • I was really worried after reading all the negative comments about LinkedIn, however, I was fortunate to have this one be a happy ending.

    I canceled my Executive subscription a week before it was supposed to end. However, I was charged for the service (99.95).

    When I found this out, I sent a message to the Help Center this morning. I didn't hear anything so I tried to call but hit a dead end so by the afternoon I was really upset by what I was encountering.

    However, around 3:00, I received an email with a full refund, as well as my account being listed correctly on my LinkedIn page.

    Despite the negative reviews, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

    AtlScooter 12/5/12 1:47PM
  • I have a different experience with them. They are quiet really helpful and friendly and I am satisfied how quick they fixed the issue.

    Kudos to John of Customer Support and also to Jordan of linkedin.

    You can send them an email and once you sent your request, questions or concerns you can update right away the ticket number. I did it and after a few hours they help and solved my problem.

    I guess you have to write a complete info so they can address you and help you easily.

    JohnHelpedKristine 10/24/12 7:11AM
  • I was extremely impressed by the customer service experience I had when the premium membership trial had expired but yet my cancellation I had made to the subscription one week prior still resulted in charges that were reversed. I feel badly as it appears most posts on here reflect great frustration with LinkedIn.

    Betzka 10/9/12 1:34AM
  • Really really good service and very professional. When I was having trouble deleting my account the response was excellent both in quality and turn-around time

    Rahul 5/9/12 7:58AM
  • Stephanie with Linedin Customer Service LIVE ASSISTANCE is great! She is patient and VERY knowledgeable. It is 2:23 EST on May 4, 2012. Our Live Assistance ended a few minutes ago!

    Anonymous 5/4/12 11:26AM
  • I had a very good experience with a customer service representative named Eric. My Ticket #: [120501-003675]

    Ticket# included in case this site is watched by management. Eric helped me revive a deleted account and save it. He was professional, intelligent and trustworthy. It is for this reason I am contemplating an upgrade.

    Anonymous 5/2/12 3:52PM
  • After reading all the negative comments here I was very worried things wouldn't work out so well with my Linkedin problem. I was pleasantly surprised.

    My son had gotten bad advice and had purchased a $480 premium package when all he needed was the free service.

    I wrote to Linkedin and explained the situation. They wrote back in 24 hours and agreed to cancel the charge.

    Very satisfied!

    Anonymous 2/7/12 12:47PM

  • My experience with Linked IN has actually been a positive one.
    I trialled their free service for a month, then emailed their customer service to cancel this, about 7 days prior to the billing date, so I would not get charged, and they have actioned my request within minutes.
    Hopefully my credit card will not get charged.
    So at this stage, I am very happy with linkedin.

    Aussie guy 12/15/11 4:36PM
  • I sent linked in a request to correct my subscription details from annual to monthly, I called their customer service too...and to be honest the reply was so prompt it took them less than an hour to reply and do the refund..linked in customer service is WOW

    Anonymous 11/23/11 11:05AM
  • I thought I purchased a monthly premium account, but was charged a yearly account. I called and emailed LinkedIn, got a response in less that 12 hours. They had refunded the money to my account!

    Perhaps they are getting better!

    I was pleased with my experience!!

    sv567 10/21/11 6:52AM
  • Had a pleasant experience today trying to cancel Business Plus account. Left a message on the phone number but no one has responded yet. Went to the Help Center link, clicked on the Manage Account Settings link, clicked on the Contact us tab and sent a form email asking to cancel Premium Account. Got an email confirmation immediately, and then a mail from customer service in 30 minutes indicating that i will revert back to Basic Account upon expiry of this months subscription date.

    rav 9/2/11 2:02PM
  • While I was not impressed with their online customer support, I was thrilled when their phone support did not keep me waiting and had my answer in seconds.

    Anonymous 3/7/11 3:55PM
  • I just got off the phone with Jennifer in Customer Service who was GREAT! She helped me in two seconds flat and was super cool! I called the Customer service number and then dialed one when the recording started and then zero for an operator and said I needed "emergency customer service"!

    LisaSea 2/9/11 3:34PM
  • I had an upgraded account (paid by employer) that was automatically renewed by charging my personal credit card. ($250) i only noticed after I received my CC statement a month later. I read online that LinkedIn does not allow pro-rated cancellations, but I sent them a mail to ask for a cancellation/refund and received a confirmation of cancellation/refund the next business day.

    In my case, I am quite satisfied with the email-only support, which is fortunate as I am a big fan of LinkedIn. I was worried that they wouldn't refund knowing that their stated policy was no refunds and that I really didn't have a choice since I likely wouldn't stop using the free service.

    madfixr 2/7/11 9:41AM
  • At first, like many others I called customer service and got that dreaded recording but after reviewing one of the positive comments, I called customer service and requested to speak to a live person to help me rectify my issue.

    The original problem was part a coworker of mine and part mistake by LinkedIn customer service.

    The end result was the rep promptly fixing the problem while I was on the phone and now everything is great! Disaster averted!!!

    World Traveler 9/27/10 1:07PM
  • Just dialed 650-687-3600 pressed 1 - got the voicemail. Redialed and pressed 0 asking to be put through to customer service but a real person and not a voicemail. Spoke to Stephanie she was lovely and immediately resolved the issue of my account being restricted.

    RJ 9/24/10 10:27AM
  • though 650-687-3600 is not an a official help line. i called, pressed 0, asked for customer support. was connected to a very helpful person who looked up my account, saw it was restricted, tried to fix it, escalated the issue, and within 24 hrs my problem was resolved. A+ customer service.

    Camper 9/2/10 4:35PM
  • Just called and had great Customer Service. They picked up on the 2nd ring and were very helpful. The issue I had was that that they put me in a Beta test that restricted my view of profiles without notifying me. I could not figure out why this was happening. Emailing the problem was a joke because they don't tell you when they will get back with you. I am a premium member and she said that normally takes 24 hours. I would just call next time.

    Anonymous 7/21/10 9:24AM
  • David Sonne. Los Angeles

    Believe it or not... I just called 650.687.3600 (the customer service number listed for LINKEDIN) and the phone was answered after three rings. I asked for customer service and was immediately connected with a young lady at their office in Nebraska. As I was explaining my problem to her she interrupted me and told me that she had corrected the situation while I was speaking. I then asked her why my inbox indicated a message and when I clicked on the inbox it was empty. Her response was that it is a bug and they are correcting that problem. So give it a try. Good Luck

    Anonymous 7/12/10 1:58PM
  • Positive Feedback

    Having made a previous tirade (born of sheer frustration) against Customer Services, I am delighted to have finally received a solution to my connectivity problems.

    They do get back after all, and what is more the advice worked and I am now a satisfied customer

    Anonymous 4/12/10 8:35AM

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