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LinkedIn customer service is ranked #615 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 605 ratings. This score rates LinkedIn customer service and customer support as Terrible.


582 Negative Comments out of 605 Total Comments is 96.20%.


23 Positive Comments out of 605 Total Comments is 3.80%.

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  • SCREW this company. They are a joke. No phone number listed online, or with directory assistance will get you to a person. They take money out of your account with out authorization. SCAM company that is publicly traded and socially acceptable. Whats going to happen to this world if we allow such companies to run our nation?

    Anonymous 7/22/14 9:24AM
  • I signed up for Linked-In back in 2005, but never bothered updating my data because their photo utility was so inadequate I could never upload a photo, no matter which of my digital cameras I used.
    In July of 2014, after being wholly inactive with this company, I found that they've been deducting 29.95 since February of this year from my account. They are snaky-sneaky. There was NO customer service number and NO identification of who was making the deduction on my credit card statement. I had to file a Fraud Complaint with Wells Fargo to even identify these hackers posing as a social media site. I am contesting this monthly suck right now. I can't call them: nobody can: I guess they don't want all this Karma coming back to them, but I'm going to try to shut down ANY connection I had with this useless "social media" (hacker) site.

    Anonymous 7/21/14 6:55AM
  • I have had some issues with Linkedin, what might be a software error I don't know but I got in touch with the Linkedin"help" team and explained the issue over and over and over again.

    I used to have the upgraded Talent Basic account, I then upgraded further to the recruiter account, which is an extra £30 per month compared to the one I had before. All of the features of it disappeared, including inmails, extended search results etc. and now I;m paying £70 per month for what is basically one of the free accounts!

    The person (Chythra I think her name was) that was dealing with it half read my messages and sent me completely irrelevant replies. Then thought that crediting me with extra inmails would solve the problem, it doesn't!

    After much correspondence, I demanded that she send me the email address of her supervisor. She replied crediting me another 3 inmails. I then replied again demanding a supervisor, a message that was ignored. I have now been sending emails daily demanding to speak to management to get these resolved and I am simply not getting a reply.

    This is an absolute joke, they need to get a phone support center, and need to get back to me when I ask to speak to someone more senior as the first point of contact was useless.

    Beyond unhappy with the "service" that I have received. I love Linkedin and use it daily in my professional life and am extremely disappointed in the lack of customer care.

    nothappywithlinkedin 7/21/14 3:02AM
  • The customer service at LinkedIn is so absolutely horrible that you'd think they were being that awful on purpose. NO phone number to call. If your account gets restricted (usually for stupid reasons) you will be forced to play an idiotic tete a tete with offshored morons in India by email. If you complain loud enough (I did) you get the mentally challenged supervisor in Omaha who doesn't even have the common courtesy to address you by your first name in correspondence.

    LinkedIn runs their company pretty much in the same manner that North Korea runs a country.

    LinkedIn is absolute evil, but, to a large extent, because people allow them to be. No corporation should have that much control over the livelihood and well being of private citizens. The thing I would strongly recommend for people to do would be to delete their LinkedIn account or better yet, don't join altogether.

    Mpsycho 7/16/14 9:44PM
  • I wanted to try LinkedIn premium for a month - and paid for a month trail. It was not what I was looking for. They kept on submitting debit orders for payment. This is blatant theft.

    henk 7/15/14 6:25AM
  • Hi,

    I am Manoj,.My Linkedin Premium Auto detected, i send them a mail to refund.

    I got a reply from Katie like this


    Hi Manoj Kumar,

    Thanks for contacting us. I'm sorry to hear that you were unaware that you would be charged for a monthly renewal. I just processed your request to cancel your Premium subscription and issued you a refund in the amount of INR 1400 to your credit card. It can take up to ten business days to post to the credit card but you can see the credit to your LinkedIn account here:



    Customer Experience Advocate"""

    But till now i didnt get the refund amount.Pls help me to get my refund amount.

    manojnature 7/7/14 6:48PM
  • Can't log in into my account. Customer help won't "help". I can't create a new account since I can't use any of my two emails because they were previously used. They won't give me a phone number to call them in the UK. My review? The worst company ever!

    ANGRY 6/17/14 10:57AM
  • Linked in Premium 'free upgrade' is a cynical and manipulative scam. A company that advocates 'professionalism' simply cannot conduct its business in this way (i.e., billing you automatically after your 'free period' is up) - The extra revenue from 'ripping off' clients is simply not worth it, surely if your management read a few blogs on Linked-in itself they would get it???!!!! STOP THIS POLICY.

    Jeff Kirby 6/14/14 5:58AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for reaching out with your opinion on this policy. We will definitely make sure the feedback gets forwarded to our subscriptions team for further review.

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 12:14PM

  • the voice mail saying there is something at the bottom of each page to contact is not clear. overall and if i had a choice i would probably get out of this linkedin

    Anonymous 6/6/14 5:53AM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry you're having problems reaching our support team. Please send us a message here so we can assist you further:

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 12:13PM

  • Hi Everyone: Im Terence,You would notice that I sent through an enquiry 24 hours ago as Ive been blocked from the services for no apparent reasoning and I was provided with a ticket number. The Linkedin services my GOD is terrible!!!! i cant believe this! I am still blocked and have not received a single response from anyone! How does one get hold of senior management??? This was the email response that I received from LinkedIn.


    Subject: Please treat as urgent [140603-004097]

    Auto-Response (06/03/2014 07:44 CST)

    Thanks for contacting us. Someone from our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you can sign in to your LinkedIn account, you can check the status of your submitted tickets any time in the Support History section of our Help Center.


    Your LinkedIn Customer Experience Team

    Terence Timothy 6/4/14 2:10AM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for this. We're sorry this occurred. However, it looks like based on your most recent communication with us that everything has been resolved to your satisfaction.

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 9:29AM

  • beyond comprehension that one is unable to talk to a live human being !!

    Anonymous 6/3/14 11:27AM
  • We own a South African based Shipping Company with Global Networking companies as contacts. We previously had the same experience and after several attempts at getting Into contact with your company or management,sadly gave up hope as your consultants refused to assist give me feedback. Now this Is the Issue: Your LinkedIn has been attempting to Invite my contacts via my gmail account and I am beginning to think that this Is the reason I've been blocked off my account. My previous linkedin account had almost 3000 contacts and the second linkedin account has about 800. The 800 contacts are our companies business contacts. You also previous requested my Identity copies to unblock my account and resolve the matter. Its been several months now and the consultant refuses to respond to my email queries. Could I kindly request that you help resolve this Issue as I have not violated any of LinkedIn rules.

    Terence Timothy 6/3/14 5:47AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Terence. We're sorry that happened. It looks like you got in touch with our team members here and were able to get everything resolved and your invitations withdrawn. If you have any future questions, don't hesitate to reach out via our Help Center link!

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 9:26AM

  • They should remove the smiley face next to the "press 1 to speak to someone". This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

    Anonymous 5/29/14 10:00AM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this. We think there may be a little confusion. Our support team does not have a phone prompt to "Press 1 to speak to someone" at this time because we do not provide phone support. If you are having problems with your account, we do want to help you but will need you to provide your information here: Thanks for understanding and sorry for the confusion!

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 9:18AM

  • Hi,
    On My profile page some Job openings were placed for my connections as file attachments and they were removed by linkedIn. Was it something illegal? Or there is something else? I am not being allowed to upload files further.
    Can I have an official explanation?

    Bikram Dasgupta 5/29/14 7:32AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Bikram. We're happy to look into this further for you. Can you send us a message here with the files that were uploaded so we can research some more?

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 8:38AM

  • TERRIBLE customer service. You cannot contact them for help. DON'T join them!!!

    Anonymous 5/28/14 5:50AM
    Official company reply

    We're very sorry you have had this experience. If you need assistance in the future, our support team would be happy to assist you. They can be contacted through the Help Center or you can use this direct link:

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 8:28AM

  • It is very strange that we cannot contact Linkedin by phone for a human interface to resolve customer issues quicker.. I have suggested to implement Live Chat or Human interface to better serve its valuable customers..

    Koshy 5/26/14 9:07PM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this. Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth to implement a full-blown chat or phone team for support issues at this time. Our paid members do have access to these services when our representatives are available. Until then, we suggest that you try our Help Center to quickly resolve your issues. Both the FAQs and the Discussion Forums are updated and monitored regularly!

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 8:27AM

  • i had joined free trial. suddenly my bank account gets debited with 2400 Rs. and now i am seen as buisness plus member that too showing for 1900 Rs. only .. i dont need this and what all is this no pre information... u debited my account from past account information... why u had saved it.. u have no rights for it and this too how u work with no preinformation while doing the transaction... transfer my money back..i dont need it

    Anonymous 5/23/14 8:15PM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry for the confusion. In order to activate your free trial, a member has to manually input their credit card information and check a separate box stating that the trial would auto-renew at the price point should they not cancel before the renewal date.

    If you haven't, please contact the support team directly so we can explain more and see if there is anything we can do. You can reach out to us here:

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 8:22AM

  • Though you say you don't access our email accounts, my son received an invitation from me to join Linked in. I don't even use the app or the service. I haven't opened it in many months. Yet he received an invite from me and he joined. I don't trust this platform and intend to remove myself from it.

    Michelle Clark 5/6/14 5:38AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Michelle. It sounds like at some point you may have uploaded your address book contacts without realizing it. We can't determine the reason why your son would have just noticed an invitation now, however. If you'd like us to look into this situation further for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with more details. We'd be happy to figure out what happened. We're sorry for the experience you have had.

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 8:00AM

  • Its not user friendly to update the profile - mine was registered thru a company - I want to update it now.


    Anonymous 5/5/14 10:05PM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, because our Terms & Conditions specify that a company needs to be registered for a company page and not as a personal profile, there is not a way to rectify the situation. We suggest that you create a personal profile and affiliate both a personal and work address to the account in case your employment changes in the future. If you happened to have a personal profile, and your issue is the previous company address is the only email that is affiliated, please send us a message here: as we do have an option to help with this!

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 7:30AM

  • I would like to bring to light the fact that the notifications does not get updated automatically(without page refresh). I had 9 unread messages but after reading all the notifications still showed me the same. Kindly rectify the issue.

    Anonymous 5/5/14 1:58AM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We have passed this feedback along to our team of developers to dig into further!

    LinkedInHelp 7/10/14 7:25AM

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have tried to access your Help Desk because I cannot send any messages to my Connections. As usual your system is malfunctioning so I cannot even send a simple message to someone from my list and now your Help Desk also does not operate !

    I have attempted sending 5 messages to your Customer Service Department but the messages will not send.

    What has actually happened to LinkedIN ? My family knows the Founder/Director from Day 1 and I was instrumental in free Pr & Marketing to all the people I knew in London and England for LinkedIN and therefore converting sales because I was impressed by the concept.

    All I hear and read are complaints. Why do you not have a Telephone Customer Service Department, particularly in light of your poor record of communicating via email ?

    I do not believe that anyone will reply to this but if you do, I need to have my account to work as it once it did. Question: To send messages to my Connections.

    Please reply by the end of 2014, it is now 27th April !!!!!

    M. Bishop

    Anonymous 4/27/14 5:45AM
    Official company reply

    Dear M. Bishop,

    We are very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your sending messages to your connections. Can you send us a message using this link with a screenshot of the error you receive? Unfortunately, we are not able to troubleshoot the issue via for you. In the interim, we'd also suggest testing in an alternate browser as well. We don't want that to be the final solution for you, but we do want to see if the issue is browser specific.

    Thanks for the feedback on needing a support phone line. Your request is not taken lightly and will be forwarded along for additional review.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

    LinkedInHelp 4/30/14 2:31PM

  • I just found out that this company has been charging me for "premium" service for several months. Utterly disgusting.

    Anonymous 4/25/14 6:30AM
    Official company reply

    We're sorry for the bad taste we've left in your mouth. It sounds like you may have registered for a free trial in the past and did not cancel your subscription after the renewal date. Our system is set up for automatic renewal, but we do our best to make this as apparent as possible - by having members enter their credit card info to activate the trial and by agreeing to a separate term/condition that states that they are aware of the auto-renewal process after the free month if they do not cancel the subscription before then. If you haven't yet, please contact our support team here: to discuss this issue further and we will see what we can do to make this a better situation for you. Thank you.

    LinkedInHelp 4/30/14 2:18PM

  • The LinkedIn Premium service is the biggest scam I have come across in my life. It charges credit cards in an unauthorized fashion. Just another crummy, cheating public company.

    Anonymous 4/24/14 10:51AM
    Official company reply

    Thanks for reaching out about this. We apologize for the experience you've had with our premium subscription billing process. We'd like to discuss this matter with you further. Please send us a message here with some more details to what happened and we will see what we can do to make it right. Thank you!

    LinkedInHelp 4/30/14 2:09PM

  • I am appalled at LonkedIn's unprofessional behaviour, up half the night ladt mighf, emptying out my InedIn profile and having requested fir the 2nd time in a yr to have my LinkedIn profile and account closed- neither closed.
    My soon to be ex-husband's picture even appeared as a 'potential' connection on my LinkedIN profile for the first time at 4am this morning- a man from whom I am separating under horrendous abusive corcumstances. How unprofessional of LinkedIn. Under Irish Dsta Protection Law you cannot retain ANY information re me or put it online or give it to ANY 3rd party without my permission. Please close my Accounts immediately and you will be receivg a Data Protection request for ALL info you hold on me, which must be legally answered with hard copy of all info within 40 days, by Iriah Law. i am also engaging with the Data Protection Commissioner's Office to have both my LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts closed as privacy settings abused on both by bith companies, without my consent or permission. Every day my LinkedIn Profile Still remsins on Google Search engine, not removed by you will cost you more, for the contd stress you are causing me. I am printing off a copy each day until gone from Google Sear h Engine after giving you 48 hr wRning yesterday. Each day it remains there- at your cost as is now illegal and was also ilkegal to continue to undo my Privacy Settings, so suing you anyway.

    Anonymous 4/20/14 11:19AM
    Official company reply

    We're very sorry this happened to you. If you haven't located the link in your Settings page to close your profile, we can definitely assist you with that. Please send us a message here with the URL and we can take care of it for you:

    However, if you search for your name and no longer see it on the LinkedIn site directly, you may need to contact the search engine itself and have the information removed. After we delete a profile from our database, the information is cached on the search engine and isn't updated until they crawl for new data. This timeframe is different for each search engine, but usually happens in a timely manner. If you need more clarification, we're happy to discuss this matter with you via the link listed above.

    Again, we're super sorry for the inconvenience and stress this has caused you.

    LinkedInHelp 4/30/14 2:08PM

  • I wish to cancel this service, as I no longer wish to be charged. I am not interested I using this service. You have charged me again. I am not looking for work and I am retired.

    Anonymous 4/5/14 4:38AM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to assist you with the process. If you have not already downgraded using the link available on the Settings page, please contact our support team directly. You can do so by copying/pasting this link and filling out the form. We're happy to process it for you.

    LinkedInHelp 4/30/14 1:04PM

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  • Hi, few minutes ago, I received an invitation for acceptance to my Linkedin Professional network. The subscriber used picture of General Frank Gorenc (US Army /Air Force). The message seems to be generated by some guy who is involved in cybercrime activities. I feel it important to bring this into the notice of Linkedin Administration so they would look into and adopt necessary measures in safeguarding Linkedin social network. Thank you and please acknowledge this e mail

    Najam, Farid 7/22/14 3:54PM
  • Hi, I want to launch a complain against one of the connection, who keep bothering me on every post. When I asked him to stop doing so. He sent me a private message which is a proof of his abusive, harassing, and discriminating language. I want to show his message to linkedin authorities and want to ensure he is banned. First he begged me to find him job and when I told him I m HR Officer at software house (consulting and outsourcing services) it is not job consultancy services. He has attacked on my personal character. Use highly disgusting and unethical sentences I want a serious action against this person.

    N.Z 8/27/13 1:00AM
    Official company reply

    Hi NZ!

    Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry that you're having a bad experience with a member. Could you please contact us directly with some more information such as a screenshot of the message so we could research this further for you? The best way to contact us directly is to reach us via our Help Center at: and we would be more than happy to assist!

    LinkedIn Customer Support

    LinkedInHelp 9/4/13 2:27PM

  • I signed up for the trial period (1 month) on November 28th, and today, when I went to cancel it, they had already charged my credit card.

    This is what I did:

    - Called my credit card company (Discover) and told them to cancel the charge. They told me they would.
    - E-mailed Linkedin telling them that, if they didn't cancel the charge, my credit card company would.
    - Received a reply from them less than 15 minutes after my e-mail was sent. They refunded me.

    Honestly, I was very satisfied with their customer service.

    Anonymous 12/28/12 4:21PM
  • I was really worried after reading all the negative comments about LinkedIn, however, I was fortunate to have this one be a happy ending.

    I canceled my Executive subscription a week before it was supposed to end. However, I was charged for the service (99.95).

    When I found this out, I sent a message to the Help Center this morning. I didn't hear anything so I tried to call but hit a dead end so by the afternoon I was really upset by what I was encountering.

    However, around 3:00, I received an email with a full refund, as well as my account being listed correctly on my LinkedIn page.

    Despite the negative reviews, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

    AtlScooter 12/5/12 1:47PM
  • I have a different experience with them. They are quiet really helpful and friendly and I am satisfied how quick they fixed the issue.

    Kudos to John of Customer Support and also to Jordan of linkedin.

    You can send them an email and once you sent your request, questions or concerns you can update right away the ticket number. I did it and after a few hours they help and solved my problem.

    I guess you have to write a complete info so they can address you and help you easily.

    JohnHelpedKristine 10/24/12 7:11AM
  • I was extremely impressed by the customer service experience I had when the premium membership trial had expired but yet my cancellation I had made to the subscription one week prior still resulted in charges that were reversed. I feel badly as it appears most posts on here reflect great frustration with LinkedIn.

    Betzka 10/9/12 1:34AM
  • Really really good service and very professional. When I was having trouble deleting my account the response was excellent both in quality and turn-around time

    Rahul 5/9/12 7:58AM
  • Stephanie with Linedin Customer Service LIVE ASSISTANCE is great! She is patient and VERY knowledgeable. It is 2:23 EST on May 4, 2012. Our Live Assistance ended a few minutes ago!

    Anonymous 5/4/12 11:26AM
  • I had a very good experience with a customer service representative named Eric. My Ticket #: [120501-003675]

    Ticket# included in case this site is watched by management. Eric helped me revive a deleted account and save it. He was professional, intelligent and trustworthy. It is for this reason I am contemplating an upgrade.

    Anonymous 5/2/12 3:52PM
  • After reading all the negative comments here I was very worried things wouldn't work out so well with my Linkedin problem. I was pleasantly surprised.

    My son had gotten bad advice and had purchased a $480 premium package when all he needed was the free service.

    I wrote to Linkedin and explained the situation. They wrote back in 24 hours and agreed to cancel the charge.

    Very satisfied!

    Anonymous 2/7/12 12:47PM

  • My experience with Linked IN has actually been a positive one.
    I trialled their free service for a month, then emailed their customer service to cancel this, about 7 days prior to the billing date, so I would not get charged, and they have actioned my request within minutes.
    Hopefully my credit card will not get charged.
    So at this stage, I am very happy with linkedin.

    Aussie guy 12/15/11 4:36PM
  • I sent linked in a request to correct my subscription details from annual to monthly, I called their customer service too...and to be honest the reply was so prompt it took them less than an hour to reply and do the refund..linked in customer service is WOW

    Anonymous 11/23/11 11:05AM
  • I thought I purchased a monthly premium account, but was charged a yearly account. I called and emailed LinkedIn, got a response in less that 12 hours. They had refunded the money to my account!

    Perhaps they are getting better!

    I was pleased with my experience!!

    sv567 10/21/11 6:52AM
  • Had a pleasant experience today trying to cancel Business Plus account. Left a message on the phone number but no one has responded yet. Went to the Help Center link, clicked on the Manage Account Settings link, clicked on the Contact us tab and sent a form email asking to cancel Premium Account. Got an email confirmation immediately, and then a mail from customer service in 30 minutes indicating that i will revert back to Basic Account upon expiry of this months subscription date.

    rav 9/2/11 2:02PM
  • While I was not impressed with their online customer support, I was thrilled when their phone support did not keep me waiting and had my answer in seconds.

    Anonymous 3/7/11 3:55PM
  • I just got off the phone with Jennifer in Customer Service who was GREAT! She helped me in two seconds flat and was super cool! I called the Customer service number and then dialed one when the recording started and then zero for an operator and said I needed "emergency customer service"!

    LisaSea 2/9/11 3:34PM
  • I had an upgraded account (paid by employer) that was automatically renewed by charging my personal credit card. ($250) i only noticed after I received my CC statement a month later. I read online that LinkedIn does not allow pro-rated cancellations, but I sent them a mail to ask for a cancellation/refund and received a confirmation of cancellation/refund the next business day.

    In my case, I am quite satisfied with the email-only support, which is fortunate as I am a big fan of LinkedIn. I was worried that they wouldn't refund knowing that their stated policy was no refunds and that I really didn't have a choice since I likely wouldn't stop using the free service.

    madfixr 2/7/11 9:41AM
  • At first, like many others I called customer service and got that dreaded recording but after reviewing one of the positive comments, I called customer service and requested to speak to a live person to help me rectify my issue.

    The original problem was part a coworker of mine and part mistake by LinkedIn customer service.

    The end result was the rep promptly fixing the problem while I was on the phone and now everything is great! Disaster averted!!!

    World Traveler 9/27/10 1:07PM
  • Just dialed 650-687-3600 pressed 1 - got the voicemail. Redialed and pressed 0 asking to be put through to customer service but a real person and not a voicemail. Spoke to Stephanie she was lovely and immediately resolved the issue of my account being restricted.

    RJ 9/24/10 10:27AM
  • though 650-687-3600 is not an a official help line. i called, pressed 0, asked for customer support. was connected to a very helpful person who looked up my account, saw it was restricted, tried to fix it, escalated the issue, and within 24 hrs my problem was resolved. A+ customer service.

    Camper 9/2/10 4:35PM
  • Just called and had great Customer Service. They picked up on the 2nd ring and were very helpful. The issue I had was that that they put me in a Beta test that restricted my view of profiles without notifying me. I could not figure out why this was happening. Emailing the problem was a joke because they don't tell you when they will get back with you. I am a premium member and she said that normally takes 24 hours. I would just call next time.

    Anonymous 7/21/10 9:24AM
  • David Sonne. Los Angeles

    Believe it or not... I just called 650.687.3600 (the customer service number listed for LINKEDIN) and the phone was answered after three rings. I asked for customer service and was immediately connected with a young lady at their office in Nebraska. As I was explaining my problem to her she interrupted me and told me that she had corrected the situation while I was speaking. I then asked her why my inbox indicated a message and when I clicked on the inbox it was empty. Her response was that it is a bug and they are correcting that problem. So give it a try. Good Luck

    Anonymous 7/12/10 1:58PM
  • Positive Feedback

    Having made a previous tirade (born of sheer frustration) against Customer Services, I am delighted to have finally received a solution to my connectivity problems.

    They do get back after all, and what is more the advice worked and I am now a satisfied customer

    Anonymous 4/12/10 8:35AM

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