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Net10 customer service is ranked #453 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 1281 ratings. This score rates Net10 customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,199 Negative Comments out of 1,281 Total Comments is 93.60%.


82 Positive Comments out of 1,281 Total Comments is 6.40%.

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  • I've had terrible experiences with NET 10 after having been a customer for past ten years and attempting to upgrade to Android phone in my area was told that my area is not serviced by NET10. I'm out 60 bucks for a phone and for an activation card. I think the best course of action for all of us is to report this company to our respective state attorneys general offices for engaging in fraudulent business practices (selling phones and services that they knowingly do not support) and to investigate the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against the corporation for damages. I'm composing my letter to my state attorney general's office today.

    markehrman 4/17/14 1:29PM
    Official company reply

    Good day! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the phone. My name is April from NET10 and we would like to help you further. Kindly email us at Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Include your name, contact number and your phone serial or cell phone number or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 4/17/14 5:09PM

  • I have been trying to activate a new phone under Net 10 and transfer my number,info etc..from approximately 6 P.M. on April 16,2014 until the present time on April 17,2014. ( it s now 11 a.m.) All I get is a taped message that says to try again in 15 minutes.
    Really?? Must this go on for this long. When I did this years ago,I had no problem. I must have my phone and right now neither the old one or the new is active. Please correct this ASAP.

    Anonymous 4/17/14 8:06AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I have noticed your post and I would like to help you. To get the issue resolved, please send us an email at or you can chat with us live at

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 4/17/14 12:41PM

  • I need my voicemail set up with a standard greeting for phone number before I lose it and dig up Sam Walton. Ive tried several times and Im done with it. Now do it.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 12:52PM
    Official company reply

    I am April and I work with NET10. Let me help you get this fixed. Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away. Include your name, a contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us or you can chat with us live at

    AprilTS 4/13/14 1:24PM

  • Net10 offers very little customer service. I was looking into getting a different phone. I got the info on the phone from the seller, then went to the Bring Your Own Phone website and was told it would work. Just to verify, I called and spoke with an agent and was told it would work. I went back to the seller (a private seller, btw) and bought the phone and bought a SIM card as instructed by the agent on the phone. I called Net10 customer service and they went through the activation process with me over the phone. I waited the 15-20 minutes as instructed by the agent and tried to use the phone. It didn't work, so I called Net10 customer service and was promptly informed that the phone wouldn't work with their network. They told me just to go buy another SIM card or another phone or to take the phone back to the private seller for a refund. I finally got them to agree to send out a SIM card, since the Net10 phone that I've been using for about 8 months no longer works.

    Today, an agent informs me via email that the phone will work if I have an access code, but they refuse to offer the access code to replace the SIM card that they told me to buy. They tell me that I need to spend more to fix their mistakes. I'm almost certain that tomorrow they will tell me something different.

    Tweets do no good, they delete facebook posts, every agent on the phone will give different answers, through email they provide responses that are short enough to be tweets and that barely address the issue. I was hung up on twice when talking to one of their phone agents.

    Net10 completely refuses to provide adequate customer service. They refuse to do much of anything to fix their mistakes. Now I'm out money for the phone that I would not have purchased had their website and phone agents not told me would work. I rely on this phone to get calls to go to work, so I'm also losing income. I can't afford to buy another phone and I'm certainly not going to buy a network access code when I already have bought the SIM that they told me to buy.

    Net10 is an absolute nightmare. Don't do business with them unless you enjoy dealing with negligent, incompetent people who work for a company that refuses to rectify the mistakes that they have made.

    jh 4/13/14 12:33PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Jh! I work with NET10 Wireless. Iím April. I read your post and thought you could use some help. Send us your account information to this email address Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live at

    AprilTS 4/13/14 1:41PM

  • I was in the hospital for 34 days. During that time, I had NO cellphone serviced. I erroeously deleted my business NET10 number Your recorings sa the numbr is not in use. IS here anyway I can retrieve that number? If so, I will remain a NET10 customer. Otherwise I'm gone on May 7, 2014.

    Anonymous 4/12/14 6:08AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I apologize for what had happened. We will try to get the phone number retrieved. To further help you, please send us an email at or you can chat with us live at


    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 4/12/14 6:35AM

  • I'm curious as to how many net 10 customers problems April has resolved? I sent all information she requested by email and received her reply in which she wanted to know when my problem started. I responded that she shoulf already have that answer if she looked into the issue. I also wrote "no more hoops and that all future questions will be answered on internet blogs." Yesterday I informed net 10 c/s that my daughter's mother-in-law was gravely ill and I needed my phone service restored so I could speak with my daughter. Her mother-in-law passed away this morning and my phone service is still not restored though I have 226 minutes available with service to 09/12/2015. What more can I say about their poor service?

    anonymous 4/11/14 2:47PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I do apologize for the inconvience this has caused you. Please send us another email to get the issue resolved. Please send your account information at or you can chat with us live at


    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 4/12/14 5:39AM

  • Net 10 is the worst c/s I've ever dealt with. They harass, cheat, lie and literally steal your minutes by arguing and putting you on hold. They deactivated my phone when it had 356 minutes available purchased from a prepaid air time card with service to 09/12/2015. Then they sent a msg. stating that I have 10 days of service left on the same phone that states service will not end for another year and a half. I've been a prepaid customer for 6 yrs. No more! Where is the FCC and the US government in all this? Maybe we're to close to privatization for our own good.

    Anonymous 4/11/14 6:26AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I am April from NET10 Wireless. I noticed your complaint on this blog and would like to help you. Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Please email your information to or you can chat with us live at Thank you!

    AprilTS 4/11/14 7:16AM

  • My daughter has been a net10 customer for over 3 years, they were never able to switch the name on the phone to hers, and now she bought a new phone, as they advertise to "bring your own phone" and it is not a net10, customer service told her they could not help her. These people do not understand english and if you have a problem that is not on their script, they have no idea how to help. I am sending a letter to the CEO Frederick Pollak. This company is a joke and I will continue to complain about them until they are out of business

    Anonymous 4/9/14 6:56PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I am April of NET10 Wireless. I noticed your complaint and thought that you could use some help. You may email us at or you can chat with us live @ for further assistance. Thanks!

    AprilTS 4/9/14 7:12PM

  • My phone purchased from net10 broke two months after purchase. I called net10 and a replacement phone was to be sent so that I could put my SIM card in and keep my telephone number which I had had for several years (having transferred it to net10 from AT & T). When the new phone arrived, there was a SIM card with it and I called CS at net10 to inquire as to what procedure I should follow....switch SIM card as prev. instructed before I sent back broken phone or put in new SIM?. Was told my old phone number had been deactivated and I would have to obtain a new telephone number to activate this phone. That meant all the data on the old SIM was lost, including voice mail from my recently deceased sister and text messages from her which I had purposely kept, making certain I cleared off others quickly to leave room for these last contacts with her. I had more than 400 minutes left on that phone and several service days when it was deactivated. I complained bitterly. Those confused folks transferred minutes to my husband's net10 phone and deactivated his phone plan....why? No one at net10 can explain why. I have lost two weeks of phone usage and permanently lost my telephone number of more than 9 years. CS is really a huge misnomer......there is no service or resolution for the customer.

    Ellen 4/8/14 6:25PM
    Official company reply

    Good day! I'm April and I work with NET10 Wireless. I read your post and thought you could use some help. Send us your account information to this email address Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 4/8/14 7:03PM

  • I need tach support I've been trying to get ahold of someone to help me I'm very disappointed in this service i was a straight talk customer but I heard alot of good things about net ten so I switched now I wish I didnt

    Anonymous 4/8/14 6:11PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! This is April from NET10. We would like to help you further. Please email us your contact information to Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Include your name, contact number and your phone serial or cell phone number or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 4/8/14 7:01PM

  • I have been a Net10 customer for several years.
    I switched to the bring your own phone in sept. of 2012. Phone service is good but I do everything I can not to have to call them.

    I made my final attempt today after avoiding it for two months. Out of nowhere they raised my pmt from $46. to $51.

    First I was told it was taxes, no it's not, good try getting rid of me fast. Transferred to a higher up. New reason is that a few months back my visa was rejected by them. MY visa is perfect, I have a 808 credit score. If something was wrong, after several yrs. couldn't they somehow contact me. After all I have been a customer for years. My credit card company may have thought someone was misusing my card online or something. Easily taken care of.
    Nope, I was deemed unworthy of the $5.00 monthly discount ongoing.
    Tried to reason with them, ea. person higher up was worse than the one below.
    The usually unhelpful folks were now unhelpful and really SmartA--.
    So, looking for new service. Not worth the stress this non-service provides.

    Zelda321 4/2/14 4:08PM
    Official company reply

    A pleasant day! This is April of NET10. I read your post and thought you could use some help. Send us your account information to this email address Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 4/2/14 4:57PM

  • help me please!!! this is Lawrence Braman im having trouble with no response from customer service ive been trying to get a refund for 1 bring your own phone sim kit and 1 airtime card from net10 ive been trying to get my phone turned on its been at least 4 to six weeks and still cant get phone turned on still not done so I would like to get a refund so I can go some where else everybody else gives a quick start up yesterday I sent in a complaint still haven't heard back so please help me so I can get my phone turned on I don't want to threaten with anything I just want my phone turned on please help me!!!! L.B.

    tired of not having a phone 4/1/14 7:01AM
    Official company reply

    This is April and I work with NET10 Wireless. I noticed your complaint on this blog and would like to help you. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Please email your information to or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 4/1/14 1:14PM

  • I would love to know about how to talk to a live person about my phone service my number

    Anonymous 3/28/14 2:44PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! My name is April, and I work with NET10 Wireless. We can assist you here. Please send us an email at or you can chat with us live @ Thank you!

    AprilTS 3/28/14 2:55PM

  • I recently added airtime and this new transaction did not update my phone with additional 1000 minutes and the with the amount of days that I am entitled to use the phone. Now, just today on 03/28 it says I have run out of minutes when I clearly have not run out of minutes and have many more business days left. This is very unprofessional on the part of Net10.

    I have now attempted to call and reach a human technical person at customer service in more than six attempts and is not able to reach a person who can assist me to rectify my problem beyond the generic voice automated response which is not helpful at all. I have now tried calling you more than 6 time and given up calling. Your company is a rip off. Your customer satisfaction survey should be having negative points to starting the scale of numbers for customer dissatisfaction from unhappy customers like myself who have been short cashed as a result of your own technical issues.

    Please call me on my land line now to rectify this issue

    Thanks you,

    R Ameen

    A very dissatisfied N10 customer

    Anonymous 3/28/14 1:43PM
    Official company reply


    I noticed your complaint on this blog and would like to help you. Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Please email your info to or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/28/14 2:06PM

  • From what I can read, besides my own complaint about them, Their customer service department is a terrible waste of time and money. Their suposed supervisors should not have their job. They really need to fire everyone in the customer service department and get some people in there who are trained to properly take care of customers because having a supervisor tell you that she doesn't care to help me because today is her last day is just a glimps of what their customer service department is like....

    Nicole 3/28/14 9:42AM
  • I've never been treated so badly in my life. The customer service representatives are hateful and even the corporate office operator has an attitude. What is wrong with these people?

    Nicole 3/28/14 9:17AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! Our apology for what had happened. Let us help you. Please send us an email at or you can chat with us live at


    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/28/14 12:51PM

  • Net 10 use to be pretty good. Now it is a text book case of how bad a company can go down the tubes. Their web site is non functional. I can't even purchase 30 days of use because the renewal process locks up. I would never recomend this company to anyone and I am going to find another phone company.

    phoneless in Florida 3/21/14 1:25PM
    Official company reply

    I am April and I work with NET10 Wireless. I see that you need help with your phone. We can help you. Send us your account info to we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live at

    AprilTS 3/21/14 1:42PM

  • I have been a Net10 customer for six years with the same number. It was good. I didn't have a contract. It was cheap. I had decent coverage. I started out with a phone that did nothing, slowly progressed, and recently decided to upgrade to a smart phone. Of course, I had to "upgrade" plans too to the unlimited but no problem, I knew this as I had researched it thoroughly. I bought a Net10 phone and attempted to activate it and port my number. You'd think that moving your number from one Net10 phone to another Net10 phone would not be a problem. Well, think otherwise. It is if you involve the incompetent Customer Service/Technical Support departments. After 24 hours of no phone service and multiple calls, it happened. I then noticed that I had no data service. I called back multiple times and since I bought the phone(and bought the more expensive plan) so that I would specifically have Internet available when I was away from home, I wanted this to work.

    Now let me just warn you now about Net10 Customer Disservice. If you can avoid them, do so. The time you spend with them is time you can never get back. Every call lasts twenty to forty minutes once you get a person. "I'm still looking up your account, sir. Just give me three more minutes." "I'm still waiting for your account to come up sir. Just four more minutes, please." That goes on for nearly an eternity. Once they have your account, you have to repeat all of your information again; your number, your name, your address, your pet's name, your serial number, your sim number, etc. Apparently, every time they pull up my account, there is absolutely nothing there because they need all the info again. I have to say that they are very polite, almost annoyingly so particularly since they do not seem capable of helping in any way. We go through every machination and permutation of things to do on the phone. Off. On. Off. On. Battery Out. Battery In. Sim card out. Sim card back in. Delete everything. Put everything back. Clearly(?)....the phone was defective. They tell me that they will give me 300 extra FREE minutes for my troubles. I attempt to explain to them that I paid for unlimited service so 300 free minutes is meaningless. They keep insisting that I only have ten minutes on the account. We eventually straighten that out.

    It was decided that they would send me a new phone and give me a month of "free" service. That was just the first week so a month of free service would have meant something. They send me a postage paid FedEx envelope and I packed the phone and schlepped it over to a FedEx store. 5 days later I get a new phone. I'm excited. I should not have been.

    Same problem. We get the number ported and no data, no 3G. Multiple calls back to the Net10 Manager's hotline. The service rep decides that the phone settings are wrong. We attempt to change them to no avail. The settings are locked in and are not Net10 settings so we can't change the APN setting. The only recourse is to send a new phone. I wait again for the envelope. I get it. Pack up the phone. Schlep it back to FedEx six miles uphill.

    Today I get a new phone delivered again. Third phone for those keeping track at home. I call my special Net10 manager hotline(since I am a problem) and get "Tricia." First question she asks is the phone number I am calling about. I tell her and explain the history with a very brief summary and tell her that I need to get my "new" phone activated. I wait while she pulls up my account and then pulls it up some more....and then some more. Finally, she tells me that the deed is done and I should be able to make and receive calls within the hour, and if not within the hour-a few hours, and if not then, sometime in the next 24 hours. I turned the phone on and called the house phone I am talking on and I hear the call waiting ring. Great, I have phone service. Then while I still had her on the phone, I quickly checked to see if I had data service and just like the first two phones. I did not. I explained this to her AGAIN and she asked me to wait again and she emailed a link to the phone. It was a Net10 SETTINGS app. I downloaded it. Presto, it changed the settings in the phone and I had data service. She then extended my billing date so while I am not getting anything free or anything for my time or anything for my loss, but I am still getting to use my phone for the month I had paid for it.

    We ended the call. A few hours later a friend calls me on the house phone and asks why the cell is not working. I call my cell and it doesn't ring. I call my house phone from the cell and an unrecognizable number shows up. TRICIA GAVE ME A NEW PHONE NUMBER. I am livid. I have had the same number for 6 years and through six Net10 phones (three in the last month) and apparently Tricia decided to give me a new number. Wow. Just wow.

    So, I call back spitting bullets and try to maintain some composure so that the woman doesn't hang up on me (because YOU KNOW SHE CAN) and I explain what has transpired. "I don't know why she did that" she said in response to my angry query. She asks for my information. My pets name. She tells me now that she check to see if my old number is still available. "Just a few minutes while I pull up your account." Just three more minutes sir." Just four more minutes sir." My head is about to explode at this point. She tells me my number is still available and warns me several times that when she deletes the new number, I won't be able to get the new number back. I agree and reiterate that all I want is MY OLD NUMBER. Then she asks for my address. WT#? My address? Why would she need my address?!?!? Well, she can't give me back my new number today....she has to mail me a new sim card which will take 3 to 5 days and I will have to call back then. would think she could have said "We can't reuse a sim card so I will mail you a new one and then you can get your old number back. In the mean time, why don't you keep this number so you, at least, have a working cell phone?" I would have said "YES."

    So let's recap:

    In the past month, I have had three NEW Net10 phones. They might have worked if someone at their Manager's call center had heard of a Net10 settings app. If only....

    I have gone nearly two weeks with no phone at all while they have been in the mail.

    I have had to waste hours of time, gas money and I have lost business(several hundred dollars) because I don't have a working cell phone.

    What do I have today? A nonworking phone and the promise of not being billed again for thirty days so I can use the time I paid for. And, I'm SURE they are going to bill me anyway and then I will need to deal with that. They are nothing if not incompetent.

    This afternoon I was ready to drive to Central America, swim across the Panama Canal and walk 700 miles to the Net10 call center in Guyana and b---h slap everyone there into the middle of next week. Now, I think I am going to get the sim card, use my month of airtime (if they let me) and then find another provider. There are several available now with no contracts. It's a great phone but I can get the same phone with someone else. I can't take anymore. I can't afford anymore. They're just killing me. THEY ARE SUCKING AWAY MY WILL TO LIVE.

    And I know....that in 3 to 5 days when the new sim card arrives and I call them, my number will likely be no longer available. Monday, look up in the sky around 2pm(when the mail arrives) and see if you can see a mushroom cloud in Ohio. That would be me.

    Net10 phones should come with a warning: THIS PHONE MAY CAUSE SUICIDAL AND/OR HOMICIDAL IDEATION, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION, SELF IMMOLATION, MAJOR DEPRESSION, PSYCHOSIS AND PROFOUND DESPONDENCY. Whatever you do, don't use Net10. DON'T USE NET10. If you are already using them, never ever EVER call their Customer-No-Service hotline and have an escape plan using another carrier. Do whatever you can online instead. It is a Pandora's Box of pain and regret. And if you use them, when the huge tsunami of gross incompetence washes away your hope of a working phone, don't say you weren't warned.

    Unhappy Net10 User 3/20/14 9:22PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! We apologize for the trouble that you've gone through. Let us help you. Please email your information to or you can chat with us live at


    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/21/14 5:44AM

  • Net 10 has screwed this up, too. The directions fro speaking to a live operator don't work. Nothing seems to work, including the electronic morons you are forced to deal with. Net 10 service SUCKS!!!

    Anonymous 3/17/14 3:57PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I'm April from NET10 Wireless. We can provide you with assistance via email. You may send us one at or chat with us live @ Include your name, contact number and your phone serial or cell phone number.

    AprilTS 3/17/14 5:26PM

  • Do not waste your time with net10 because their customer service is really, really bad .All companies that have started using other countries for their customer service have went to the bottom of the barrel and it shows .

    Madder 3/16/14 5:01PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Madder!

    Our sincerest apology for the trouble that you've gone through. If this sentiments of yours has a root, please send us an email at or you can chat with us live at to help you.

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/17/14 5:54AM

  • I've been with Net10 5 years, 2 years ago I lost my phone and had to make a couple of calls before I got my # switched to my new phone along with my remaining minutes. I was suprised that these tasks proved so difficult for them. My graduate degree in business and these complaints tell me this orgainzation is in big trouble. Hiring, training and supervision seem poor and customer service is suffering. Up to 50% of service customers pull their business due to poor customer service. My cellphone just crashed and I was about to buy another one to use with Net10, but after these c/s horror stories I'm afraid to risk my money and missed calls. Do I have to ask April to handle my account needs, or just jump to the competition now?

    Doesn't need grief 3/15/14 9:15PM
    Official company reply

    Good day! This is April from NET10 Wireless. Let me help you get your phone issues fix. Send me an email at Include your name, a contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 3/16/14 6:34PM

  • This is the worse company ever. Four days wíhout a phone and it's still not on. This is third month they screwed me like this. I will be lookin for better service. AND IM ON AUTO PAY and nothing been done!!!!

    Anonymous angry person 3/11/14 9:57AM
    Official company reply


    I read your post, and we are sorry that you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address We can help you get this resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/11/14 1:30PM

  • On March 10 2014 I purchased a 25 dollar card to put on my daughter phone...I call service to add the money to the phone, he went behind my back and add it for 16 days of unlimited and by the 26 of march 2014 I need to purchased another 25 dollar card....I ask to speak with the manager and he hang up on me...I tried to call back 10 time and customer service block my call.....I am so Darn mad and upset that they are rejecting my calls...I need my money back!!!!! I will never use net 10 service again... you people is a bunch of rip people think I flicking pick up money to buy a phone the hell can u people a have those non speaking english people be a customer service representative and better yet block my number whenever I call!!!!!

    Rachael 3/11/14 4:47AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Rachael,

    I noticed your complaint on this blog, and would like to help you. Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Please email your info to or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/11/14 1:32PM

  • They said they ran my chase card and the bank has no record of this so called transaction as if they wouldnt know if my card was ran. Net 10 says that my card was declined when there is money in my account and now my phone is off and the customer service reps can not tell me what or when and match it up with what my bank says. To top this off they said I was on a family plan come to find out they put both of my phones on different accounts and Ive been paying more then what they had offered to me in the first place. Why are they cheating me and will they right this wrong?

    jdenney097 3/10/14 9:10PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Jdenney097,

    We can help you get this fixed right away. Send us an email at; and please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 3/11/14 1:34PM

  • I bought a phone through this company,worst service ever couldnt even use the phone 90% of the time, I was given another Net10,so I called to get it activated,I was told I need a new sims card,no problem I thought.They disconnected my phone,I was set up on autopay,I called them they said no problem,what they did was give me new number,without telling me,I was unable to receive calls,so I called again, thy told me they would reconnect me again, but what did they do, gave me another number again not telling me,I have paid out alot of money for nothing,I will be reporting them to the BBB,never had to deal with such idiots in my life.

    Kathy 3/8/14 9:38PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! My name is April from NET10 Wireless. Allow us to assist you further with your phone issues. Please send us an email at Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @

    AprilTS 3/9/14 5:21PM

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  • i got ahold of net 10 last night they went thourgh my phone and relized it was there problem not my phone and all of a sudden the phone started working around 8:30 pm last night thanks to the lady i spoke to on the phone aleast someone understood my problem.

    darryl 12/23/13 8:15AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Darryl,

    Good to know that the issue on your phone has been fixed now. If we can be of any assistance to you, you may contact us via email at or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 12/23/13 2:49PM

  • I just moved over to the net 10 family. I was able to port my number. I am saving alot of money and the service is the

    Nathaniel 11/19/13 9:59AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Nathaniel,

    Thank you for choosing NET10 Wireless as your new service provider. We're happy to have you with us. If we can be of any assistance to you, just send us an email at or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 11/19/13 2:43PM

  • I complained about Net10 earlier today, left off at the point where I sent a new email to customer service after having no luck on a phone call. The email people responded, gave me a different phone number to try, and the guy who answered that line was able to fix the problem. It took a long time (30+ minutes) but I'm able to use my phone now. Lesson: contact them by email, the people at the regular customer service number apparently aren't given the tools or the authority to fix problems.

    arkady 11/16/13 6:27PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Arkady,

    We're glad to know that your issues were resolved immediately. IF we can be of any assistance, please send us an email at or you can chat with us live @

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 11/18/13 2:37PM

  • Trying to send a compliment. Its important. A tech in the Phillipines helped me a couple/3 days ago. Spent a long time with me. Others could not help. I shoulve got his name. This guy was-VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. you should find him and promote him.

    Anonymous 9/27/13 10:59PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! We are happy to know that you have been having a good experience with your NET10 service. In case you will need our assistance, please don't hesitate to send us an email at Thank you!

    AprilTS 9/29/13 1:26PM

  • My customer service lady was very nice to me. I had a situation of a lost phone transfer to new phone and she helped with that and transferred my already paid for minutes. I do need to wait for my new phones activation to occur but the service rep was nice and polite to me. I did have a problem even getting to live help though and only got to it through the site that said pick options 1,4,4. It should be easier to get live help,I was just about to quit 2 lines with net 10 but fine now that I got live help.

    pollywog 9/20/13 11:04AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Pollywog,

    We're glad to know that you were assisted properly in a timely manner, and we apologize for the inconvenience that you've experienced with the service. If you will need prompt and immediate assistance in the future, you can send us an email anytime at We will surely help you.

    NET10 Wireless

    AprilTS 9/24/13 3:27PM

  • Hi, I've been a Net10 Customer for about 3 years now. I go to the website as soon as it is time to buy more airtime. 2 days ago i paid $15 for 30 days, 200 minutes. Made sure i had my cell on and could see it went thru. Click ok but have yet to see days added to where i now have 0 days. What's going on?


    Ecostar 8/20/13 2:49AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! This is April from NET10 Wireless. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are willing to help you get your issue situated. For us to better assist you, please send us an email at with your name, phone number and the serial number or the IMEI of your phone. Thank you!

    AprilTS 8/20/13 1:48PM

  • I switched to Net10 just about a year ago from AT&T. Here's why.... AT&T gave me a 20% discount on my first line of service (I had 2), because I work for a national retail chain. Even with that 20% discount, I paid well over $130 every month to share 700 minutes (with roll over) and have unlimited texting and NON-SMARTPHONE mobile web. With Net10, I now get "unlimited" talk, text, and REAL INTERNET, not mobile web on 2 lines for $90/mo. plus taxes before my employee discount. Switching to Net10 from AT&T was simple. I went online, followed activation steps for transferring my number from different carrier and in less than 20 minutes, both lines were up and running. I didn't have to cancel my AT&T services because it was done when my numbers were ported. I even got a refund for unused days from AT&T. I've had some issues with Net10 and I will agree that they should focus on GREATLY improving the customer service they provide over the phone. However, I have found that entering a "live chat" session with a Net10 representative online is QUICK and EASY way to resolve my issues. I've read some of the comments about Net10 capping their data and cutting customers off when they reach 1.5 gigs. This "cap" applies to GSM phones which use an AT&T SIM and is stated on the SIM kit package and it was also on the last airtime card i bought. I even got an email from Net10 that informed me of the change. That email also offered a FREE T-Mobile SIM as an option to keep unlimited (4G even) data with instructions for activation. It even included a link to AT&T where you were able to submit a network unlock request for your eligible phone. I was well aware of this "cap" before it went into affect. Even at a 1.5 gig "cap", Net10 remains an EXCEPTIONAL value. Try to find an AT&T plan with unlimited voice/text and 1.5 gigs of data for $50/mo. Here is some food for thought: 1. ALL cellular companies have horrible customer service regardless of how much you pay for your service. 2. Know, UNDERSTAND, and follow the guidelines and rules that come with every Net10 product you buy. 3. Streaming from (insert site here) uses data. 4. Everytime you sync an account (even google accounts) you use data. If you sync your Dropbox, Google Drive, or ANY cloud storage app, you use a TREMENDOUS amount of data. Syncing just 1 cloud storage app can potentially eat all of your mobile data! 5. Every status update, twitter post, picture upload uses data. (Facebook devours mobile data) 6. Your phone is NOT a torrent client! 7. A "rooted" Android phone with an aftermarket ROM/firmware does NOT replace your ISP. According to Net10 guidelines, TETHERING TO ANOTHER DEVICE IS PROHIBITED. In short, sometimes it's not poor customer service, it's a poor customer. I will continue to recommend Net10 as an alternative to contract service as long as the Net10 phone operates on either the T-Mobile or Verizon networks. Thanks Net10 for making my cell phones affordable and reliable!

    jran0880 8/14/13 11:42PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Jran0880! We thank you for choosing NET10 Wireless as your cellphone service provider. We will make sure that we will continue to provide quality service to all our customers. In case you will need our assistance, feel free to email us at

    AprilTS 8/16/13 4:00PM

  • I have never had a problem with NET 10. I always buy a 50.00 unlimited card everymonth and I can read the pin every time.

    Anonymous 7/13/13 1:04PM
    Official company reply

    Hi! We are happy to know that you have been having a good experience with your NET10 service. In case you will need our assistance, please don't hesitate to send us an email at Thank you!

    AprilTS 7/13/13 2:31PM

  • I have been with NET10 for years. I found that using the auto renewal on the 30 day unlimited plan the best way. No calls to renew, cards to purchase, or online payments. The unlimited plan does have a limit of 50,000 minutes but I have yet to use that amount. I got the unlimited because I had left my browser open several time when on a limited use plan. I have been able to upgrade twice to a new phone on Net10 since there is no contract to renew which makes upgrading affordable. I never upgraded because of the phone not getting a signal or not working properly just wanted to get newer technology since it advances faster then I can wear out a phone. My son who use to text 1000's of messages to his girlfriend never had any issues. He is in the Army now and still uses Net10. It has an international plan that is affordable so we can stay in touch. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in about the company. I've had a good experience which seems that people don't post about those as much.

    silvergirl 7/4/13 7:15AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! Silvergirl, I am April with NET10 Wireless. We thank you for your preference with our service. If assistance is needed, please email us at for us to better assist you.

    AprilTS 7/4/13 7:34AM

  • I've had this for a month now and while I've had a few issues with getting help, I've eventually had my problem solved by a rep who was patient. Despite the problems, I know I get what I'm paying for, as it is still $40 cheaper than verizon's cheapest plan for me and it was so much easier to reach a person with Net10 than it was with Straight Talk.

    caleewa 4/4/13 3:44PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Caleewa! I'm April with NET10. We are glad you are satisfied with your service. We are looking forward to serving you better. If in case you need our assistance again, you may also send your concerns via email at Thanks!

    AprilTS 5/11/13 1:30PM

  • Great service the CSR was very responsive.... i was given the runaround for 3 weeks and corporate solved the problem in less than 10 mins.. ill never leave net10 i love the service T-MOBILE sucks

    Anonymous 3/20/13 8:54AM
    Official company reply

    Hi! I'm April with NET10. We are glad that your issue was already resolved. In case you will need our assistance again, please don't hesitate to email us at Thanks for the love!

    AprilTS 5/11/13 1:33PM

  • When people do the right thing you have to tell people and i posted a complaint under silvermist about loosing my phone number after 14 years and Net 10 retrieved it for me as i have some cancer issues and all my medical is with that number also systemic lupus but to me the best was i have a 1985 Mustang with about $5k in lifetime warranty parts that phone number is warranry information so Thanks Net 10 and April for reading my post and making me a happy and now a loyal customer

    silvermist 3/12/13 11:47AM
  • I previously submitted a comment under the name "Steaming in Iowa." This is an update. I wrote to the e-mail address that April gave me and set up a time to talk with them on my home phone. I'm thrilled to say my remaining 7000 minutes were on my new phone before the call was completed. My representative treated me with 100% courtesy and competence. It couldn't have been a more satisfying interaction. I pray that those you experiencing ongoing problems will have peaceful resolution in the end.

    Steaming in Iowa 2/23/13 9:58AM
  • I have been with Net10 for years and they are great. I think sometimes you get an unknowledgeable person. If that happens just say thanks talk to you later, recall and get another tech. Its like any other place you will get techs that don't know a thing. I always call back and get better service during the day on work days. Also, Net10 is deactivating people if they use to much data, thats what my pals have told me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, excellant phone. Works with Verizon towers only in my area. I imagine if I used to much data they would kick me to the curb. I hardly use data on my phone if I need to download from Google play I will through my wifi at home. So when it comes to choosing a smartphone with sim card that allows u to do anything, I think there is going to be problems with over usage. I bought my phone at Walmart, if it did not work, (u pretty much no right away) just take it back and get another one. The proclaim took a total of 1/2 hour to activate only because I keyed in the wrong progam number. If anything I would of been out of a phone for 1 hour because I kept my old phone from Net10 and could have reactivated it again through the phone. I hope this helps.

    Patunia 2/17/13 6:54PM
  • I want to thank Kalika with Net 10 Wireless for her kindness in helping me today. She was able to resolve the problem with my cell phone in reimbursing minutes lost due to my phone deleting them. I appreciate so much her help. Thank you God for her help.

    Anonymous 2/12/13 9:41AM
  • So, I called last month or so to get some time added on to my phone because it was deactivated for at least two months. I was having issues with the website because it wasn't liking my information. Called them up, spoke with a woman, she seemed a tad bored but she got done exactly what I wanted to do. Helped me get my phone reactivated plus also ensured that I didn't lose my phone number - I was totally expecting to have lost it by the time I finally got my phone turned back on. I was really nervous about calling them, expecting to be sharing a horror story but no, everything turned out fine. Got exactly what I wanted in about ten minutes or so. Or that's how it felt anyway. I've been telling myself I would leave a review because of the negative feedback and that's always what people say. Rarely do they proactively tell good experiences, it's always the bad ones that people want to talk about.

    Chev 2/6/13 9:53AM
  • I have a text plan. Every so often I receive a text message unsolicited. I do not read or answer it. Automatically 5 minutes are deducted from my account. If do not have a plan for text why does Net10 allow delivery especially incoming messages?. I am concerned that Net10 allows this to happen because of the increased useage cost for the customer. So far this has happened about 6 times and I have lost $3 in time.

    sketter 1/3/13 6:20PM
  • I would like to thank Wendy for her assistance in resolving issues with my Net 10 service. I have had several issues over the last couple of months but all is resolved now! I would like to encourage other customers to email Net 10 at the address that they list in their comments on this site and in response to customers' comments.I received a very quick return email and Wendy quickly resolved all my issues within just a couple of days.I am now a satisfied Net 10 customer and you can be too! Email them and you will see! Thanks Wendy and Net 10!!!

    Anonymous 12/10/12 2:33PM
  • i would like to thank net10 for all they have to offer.i as a truck driver have been with you guys and girls and purchasing mostly the 750 card for the last 4 years and have not had any problems any different than contact phones (other than normal area reception problems).just to let you know im still using the same phone.keep up the good work. thank you

    Anonymous 11/4/12 5:32PM
  • I've had Net10 for 6 years. Works great ... everywhere.

    Customer Service and computer system is dated ... so there WILL BE glitches.

    If you want perfect instant customer service get Verizon and pay triple.

    I DON'T WANT ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE. The phone just works.

    Jon 11/2/12 7:55PM
  • My daughter one month of service -- 750 minutes for $25. My bank statement showed a deduction of $680.64. This did not at all make me happy; I'm on Social Security and that's about half my monthly income.

    I was afraid because I had seen negative comments about Net10. Rather than having to wait, they let me wait for them to call me back and they gave me an estimate of 4-9 minutes. They called back in 6 minutes. I had to go through a couple of people, of course, to figure out what was going on.

    It turned out my daughter somehow ordered 24 months of service, not one month. Without questions, Net10 canceled 23 of those months of service. Each service person I talked to was friendly and efficient and spoke English extremely well.

    So thank you,Net10.

    Net10, Please give customer service training to cable people and Internet Service Providers, and utility people and repair people.

    WmF 10/19/12 6:04PM
  • I have had my Net10 service for two years and have had to contact customer service only twice. They were polite and quickly answered my questions. I am using the LG620g phone which is not problematic as some of the others might be. I am very pleased.

    TH'er 10/2/12 12:40PM
  • I think due to your feedback NET10 has improved his customer service. I got the guy on the line within 15 mins. Tried to help me diligently but still I wasn't able to connect to internet which my $50 plan provides - it could be a network congestion or something else but couldn't connect. However, the guys was cordial and helping.

    Farbman 8/31/12 1:30PM
  • "NET10" & "Straight Talk" do NOT offer hands-free Bluetooth, which is used while driving, etc. Even though it naturally comes with this version of Android, they've intentionally removed it from their version of the Android OS (aka "Gingerbread.") I found an app on "Google Play" (the site where you have to download android apps) that would have actually installed a hands-free app to use with Bluetooth. The app was blocked from installing on this brand new NET10 phone and I was kicked off of Goggle Play, by NET10. Goggle Play is now gone from my phone for just trying to download an app that would given me hands-free calling. I've done a complete factory reset. NO MORE GOOGLE PLAY. You see, with the "unlimited" plans they offer, the last thing they want you to do is talk on the phone while stuck in traffic. It would eat up too many minuets.

    The app I tried to install is called "Voice Control."
    Beware: Trying to install this commonly used app may disable some of the most important features of your "Tracfone" family of phones. They say that their 'refill' cards aren't refundable. Well, it's off to the bank in the morning to file a fraudulent charge to my checking account do to this serious violation of false advertising.

    None of the Tracfone family of has a BBB Accreditation. I wonder why?

    I found gold with this, their premium customer support number: 800-323-2366. Them foreigner's answered on the first ring, every time... and were very nice!

    JE56789 8/8/12 10:47PM
  • I purchased 3 Net10 phones on HSN. They cost $99 and included the first months service ($50).
    I read all the negative feedback and decided "How bad can it be?".
    I had a few questions while setting everything up. I tried e-mail and they answered within an hour. Good english and correct solutions.
    I ported all 3 numbers over from Sprint one morning. While filling out the form to port I encountered a screen that did not apply to me and I could not get past it. I paused and e-mailed tech support. Ten minutes later they called me and a yound woman from the Phillipines, whose english was impecable, solved me problem in about 15 minutes.
    There were issues with the other 2 phone ports (because I gave an incorrect ZIP code). Once again I was called by support and the problem solved.
    All 3 of us love the phones and at $136.00/month for all 3 with unlimited everything and no contract, it is about $100 per month cheaper than Verizon.
    Perhaps I am the exception, but I don't think so. In my experience unhappy customer jump right on negative feedback. Happy customers just go right along with their phones. I recommend them highly.

    ifixtvs 7/30/12 8:00AM
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  • I am a business owner with 6 cell phone stores in the NY metro area and after being a NET10 Authorized Retailer for the past 2+ months, and despite doing an average of 30-35 Sim card activations daily (between all my locations) today I have ordered that all Net10 sim cards & posters be removed from my stores. The reasons I will no longer sell Net10 are because they prematurely cancel customerís services, and also because the customer service representatives are very poorly trained and seem to be reading from a script instead of using their own brains and common sense.
    Here is the root of the problem: Net10 launched 2 unlimited prepaid monthly plans; $50./mth for unlimited nationwide talk, text & web, and $65./mth for unlimited talk, text, web & ILD (International Long distance + Text) Now, in order for a customer to call internationally, they must first dial one of Net10ís Access #ís (1-404-698-4700, 1-800-706-3839) and after a brief greeting the customer is prompted to enter their destination number, but upon doing this they are getting an error message which says ďThis service is not included in your planĒ So by using the access #ís the call is not going through, HOWEVER, if the customer dials the number directly, then the call will connect perfectly.
    Now, as a cellular retailer, we have taken the steps to verify that the customer is calling landlines, and Net10 even has a link on their website where you can enter a tel# and it will let you know if that # is included in their ILD plan, and ALL the numbers that my customers are calling are being VALIDATED in this link. So it is NOT a question of a customer dialing an unauthorized (cellular) number. They are 100% dialing landlines, to approved countries, and the #ís are actually validated on Net10ís own website. So the customers continue dialing internationally directly from their cell phones knowing that they PAID for 1 month of service w/ILD.
    Once Net10ís system picks up that a customer is dialing directly instead of using one of their access #ís (which do NOT work), which is usually about 5-10 days after the customer has been using the service, they CANCEL the customerís account. They do not even extend the customer the courtesy of a warning text or call, they just cancel the number.
    Now I have irate customers returning to my stores, and my employees spending countless hours on the phone with Net10ís very unprofessional customer dis-service representatives. Speaking to a customer serv rep @ Net10 is like banging your head against a brick wall. These reps just keep repeating themselves and saying that the customer has misused the service by not using the Access #, so they have cancelled the account and now the customer needs to get a new sim card and a new $50. Or $65. Replenishment Refill Card to have their service turned back on.
    As a retailer of ALL major prepaid carriers, I am very clear as to how I explain this issue with Net10. They are providing access #ís that do not allow calls to verified international telephones; their system ALLOWS the customers to dial the same ILD #ís directly, but then thecustomer is being penalized by having their service cancelled within just a few days of paying for a full month of service. And, even customers on the $50./mtly rate plan, which just works for US dialing are also ALLOWED to dial directly to ILD #ís, and they too are being cancelled.
    With any other carrier, if a customer must use an access # to dial internationally (eg Simple Mobile, H20, Red Pocket) the access #ís provided actually DO work. Additionally if a customer on one of these competitive carriers tries to dial an international # directly the call simply will not be allowed to go through. This is not the case with Net10ís system. Net10 allows the call to connect, (even customers on a $50./mtly plan) and then once they realize the customer is dialing directly, they cancel the customerís account.
    Now imagine us advertising and selling the product, which is supposed to be one set price for 30 days of service, and then having customers return to our stores yelling and arguing because they are being told that their service was cancelled after only 10, 12 or 15 days of service, because they called ILD directly instead of using an access # which does not work. How can we possibly continue selling this product? The very small profit we make does not justify the numerous hours spent calling in to customer service, or gaining a bad reputation from angry customers who view this company as a rip off.
    Net10 needs to significantly revise their system. If they do not want customers to be able to dial ILD #ís directly, then their system should be set up where access #ís actually do work, and where direct dial to ILD #ís would automatically be restricted. Upon explaining this to many MANY service reps, and even writing to Net10 customer service on their website, their only response is that we (the store owners) should ďtell your customers not to dial directly and they would not have this problem and read the terms and conditionsĒ What an uneducated and unprofessional response, for us who are pushing their product and raising their numbers. First of all, even for a person with 20/20 vision, its impossible to sit and read their ďterms & conditionsĒ which are printed so tiny on a piece of paper inserted with a sim card, and secondly, how can I tell a customer, GROWN ADULTS, ďHey do NOT dial the ILD # directly. Be sure to use the access # which will NOT permit your call, (even though weíve just validated your ILD # on Net10ís website) or else, youíll have your service cut off and have to pay again, within a few days, for yet another month of service, because thatís just how Net10 works.Ē
    Well, its not worth it to me to sell or stand behind this product. I agree with my customers that Net10 is a rip off company. And from today, we shall sell H20 or Red Pocket or Simple Mobile, and hopefully the execs @ Net10 will eventually realize how much business they are losing and fix their system. Prepaid monthly unlimited plans are now dominating the telecom industry, and although some execs seem to think that these plans are geared towards a certain demographic of people, they should realize that consumers these days are very smart, and there are too many choices out there for them to have to deal with an awful service like this.
    And I know for a fact that I am not the only business owner pulling Net10 Sim cards off my shelves. Many of my partners and associates are also doing the same thing. It is simply not worth the hassle, the aggravation, and definitely not worth having customers give my stores a bad reputation on the street.
    Net10 needs to get their system corrected, and properly train their customer service representatives.

    NYCELLULAR 11/12/12 3:40PM

  • i have worked with net10 for over half a year as a customer service,i admit there are those reps which i secretly call "FEELERS", who will just answer the call without any heart and the only intention is to follow those very STUPID guidelines and finish the call. But in fairness to other Net10 reps, there are really those reps who really devotes there heart to each call, who are really sincere in helping customers as much as they could, however there are STUPID guidelines which they have to follow which limits there capabilities (imagine, an agent would be deducted with points, by adding "GOOD MORNING" to there greetings because its not the correct opening spiel,very STUPID ryt?), not to mention those SYSTEM ERROR..Who would like to be yelled out by the customers because there phone numbers weren't transferred over to there new phone? who would like to be yelled out because they cant use there phone for about 3-5 business days because they have to wait for a new SIM card when trying to reactivate there phone? Who would like to be yelled out because the customers minutes got erased without using it? Who would like to be yelled out because there phone got deactivated in the morning when it was just working fine that evening. NO ONE. NET10 are actually trying there best to give better service, but guidelines just SUCK, they want you to answer like a robot.

    CONCERNED REP 2/2/12 7:50AM

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