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PG&E customer service is ranked #342 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 47 ratings. This score rates PG&E customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


44 Negative Comments out of 47 Total Comments is 93.62%.


3 Positive Comments out of 47 Total Comments is 6.38%.

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  • I had to wait 22 minutes on hold just to get PG&E to answer the phone to set up a new account. Meanwhile, I used my son's phone to call and set up garbage service, gas service, and water/sewer service. Then I continued waiting 10 minutes. What a joke. Wish electric service wasn't so monopolized.

    slolivin 7/30/14 12:26PM
  • In the june 8th outage at Sunrise Almaden Home owners association (my address: about 50 homes were out of service for about 20 hours.I live at 1127 Silver Oak Ct. I think there should only have been about 15 homes out of service for most of that time. What happened? Whey? What plans do you have for improving service?

    Nancy Nagel

    Anonymous 7/8/14 7:59PM
  • Bill due march 3rd... bill paid in full march 3rd... power shut off march 4th. I did not get any help in avoiding shutoff charges for it either and had to pay an additional $75. Customer service reps just wanted me off the phone and wouldnt offer any help. It's ok to them because THEIR THE ONLY COMPANY

    Anonymous 3/4/14 4:25PM
  • They sent me the bill of the property which I don't know where it is. I called for closing the bill for a couple of times, they said that they would take care of it.But I received a letter from a collection agency. Very bad service!

    Anonymous 2/25/14 10:57PM
  • my wife called to approve a renter on our rental house and the customer service rep tried to sneak in my wifes name on the account attempting to make us responsible for another persons account. sneaky sneaky and just plain poor business. At this point I am disappointed in PGE and their ability to be fair in business ethics.

    bill 1/20/14 1:41PM
  • So I also received a $559.70 billing including $344.70 overdue. Someone must have erred as I live in an igloo in the great northern territory of Canada and have never been near the pacific ocean. Should I pay them the $559 first then try to get the billing straightened out or should I keep going as I have for 46 years now without gas or electricity and see if they can find my igloo in order to serve me? p.s. we only go to the trading post twice a year to check for mail and to buy spices. I do use my Z-fone and solar panel off of a satellite for emergency contact.

    eskimoe joe 1/19/14 2:15AM
  • Area Code 95116. Pg&e Can't Fix Power Outages. Ashame! Last Year Happened More Than 3 Times On Nice Calm Sunny Days. This Year 2014 So Far 2 Times. What Kind Of Service Is That They Can't Fix The Problem. It Happened For More Than 3 Years Make Us Sick Of.

    EFHZ 1/16/14 12:12PM
  • A few days ago, a poewr spike destroyed my computer. Now, eventhough PG&E has documented knowledge thatthe spike did in fact occur, they are not following through on the claim process and refuse to return phone calls. Looks like I will be going to court over thgis one. Keep in mind that for the last 3 years we have had numerous spikes and time without power. PG&E stated that the problems would be solved because of an update to the lines etc. This has not occurred. Actually, I was told that the spike was a rare occurence only to have another on the very next night. PG&E is by far the worst company I haev ever dealt with in all areas!

    DavidRN 1/16/14 11:22AM

    why am I receiving a bill from your company

    Your Account Summary

    Amount Due on Previous Statement

    Payment(s) Recieved Since Last Statement

    Previous Unpaid Balance

    Current Electric Charges

    Current Gas Charges

    49.20 To view your most recent statement, please click here You must log-in to your account or register for an online account to view your statement.

    Anonymous 1/11/14 5:40PM
  • received a bill for PG&E and I don't even live in an area where they are an option for service. Questioning their billing department.

    Anonymous 1/9/14 6:28PM
  • Please check your billing for:563948902-8. I have no clue as to why I would receive a bill from PG&E using MY email when I don't even know anything about this company. I do not know to whom this account belongs to but this bill was sent to the wrong email. This is a business account email - in which I received this bill. What is up with this?

    Thanks, Mike

    Anonymous 1/7/14 4:43PM
  • Had a roommate who was to make sure that pge was paid come to find out she wasn't paying it at all. I get a call from pge about this i told them i thought that it was getting paid. ...told them i needed time to get the money customer service said we can't help you.

    madatpge 12/18/13 7:36PM
  • I live in a sub metered mobile home park.& qualified for the care program. the program offers a 20% discount. my rent receipts show that only 10% is being credited to my account. Is customary to keep part of the discount without notifying the tenant. after all the tenant is responsible to pay the 20% back, if pge/care finds discrepencies.

    dshots 12/7/13 12:27PM
  • Changed my gas service without consent and surprised us for a bill this winter that was $150 more than the months prior when we were under the Ambit program!!!! Absolutely held us over a barrel last winter too. No humanity from these montsers

    hardcastle 11/21/13 9:03PM
  • PG & E employees it is impossible to reason with them. I have a building with 2 stores in it with 2 meters in it. We had a gas leak and I have had both gas lines replaced. I got permits, got a licensed plumber, Paid $3,100 had the city inspect and ok the job in writing and the PG & E won't relight the heaters because the meter numbers don't match the addresses they have in their computer billings, Regardless of what the city has been faxing them over and over. I can't even get someone to go to the stores to look at the meters to correct their mistake. There have been only 2 meters in 2 stores for over 40 years! It's been 10 days!

    Sailman 11/14/13 1:05AM
  • Homeowner (Terry Willard). I am still waiting to have service stopped at this unit. Keep getting told its in the works for the past two weeks. Please turn off the meter now?

    terry 10/30/13 8:15AM
  • Been trying to have service stopped at 7 due to illegal hook-up for last 8 months. Have called service daily with no help. Its a hazard now and PG&E might be libel for any damage or injury. Was told high priority for shut off last week and nothing has been done. Is this a standard practice?

    Terry 10/24/13 9:26AM
  • It's 9.45 pm - PGE was supposed to be here between 5 & 8 PM to turn on the gas - and they are still not here - I'd like to go to bed - have to be up by 5 am for work. Where are they?

    A few years ago, they were scheduled to come between 8 am and noon to turn on gas - they arrived a little before 6pm

    Then another time when they were schedule between 8 & noon, I called when no one came and was told the guy came and no one was home and he left a PGE paper on the door. I was home the whole time and there was no PGE paper or note on my door. The guy finally admitted he went to the wrong address. After a couple more hours someone came.

    If this outfit had any competition, maybe there'd be something resembling customer service.

    What a nightmare. And there's nothing you can do because they're the only company in town with the product you have to have - utilities.

    anonymous 9/26/13 9:42PM
  • I have worked for a company that deal with weather etc. and towers etc that provide service. Your rep tried to tell me everything was perfect with the new panels. I stated it wrong in the beginning you are not solar but you do feed off a tower therefore there is room for heat, wind etc, interence and mr know it all says no. Just like the company I worked for there was little chose but people can leave us but you inthis rural area no.but just wait bad reps like him because he thinks we are stuck will wake up some day...just a matter of time and the manager position I was in he wouel be suspended. But probabaly a young kid so that way the world is going..

    Anonymous 8/8/13 4:08PM
  • Their "CARE" program does not work and is not genuinely committed to helping low-income households have energy. Every year they make you reapply and then there are many excuses provided by PGE for why they can't actually provide the discount. If you're disabled, as I am, the reapplication process alone is really hard. And then to be told you don't qualify for some "BS" reason or another is upsetting to say the least. My roommate and I are both self-employed. His taxable income last year was about $500. My taxable income last year was about $16,000. This wasn't enough to live on so I ran down my small amount of savings and left it even smaller. Because I had some money which I took out of savings) PGE disqualified us. That makes no sense. It's arbitrary and simply means we have no money and no easy way to pay the bill. Care? I don't think so. When I called twice I reached people with scripts who could only say what was on their script.

    Litchick 6/14/13 10:15AM
  • Two outages in 2 days. Hardly anyone was using air conditioning so something indigenous to PG&E company practice is happening. Hope this is not another Enron action. This outages are happening at an increased rate this year. Customer service is a fricken answering machine. We hope to contact our elected officials to ask for changes to PG&E.

    Anonymous 6/2/13 9:00PM
  • these guys have the worst customer service! never have I been so excited to have a different option...

    time to pick a different power company?

    by going solar you can save up to 30% what you payed PG&E. with there is no upfront costs so you will start saving your first month!for more information visit us @ and for questions or a free consultation email me @

    The whole process is literally free, you just get to buy power @ a cheaper rate.

    "if you dont like something, change it. if you cant change it, change your attitude."

    Maya Angelou

    customer 5/30/13 10:37AM
  • Recently someone used my bank account to pay their PG&E bill using PG&E's EZ-Pay option. Not only was my bank account used to make the payment, the person making the payment hit the submit button twice causing two payments each in the amount of $391 to be deducted from my checking account. I was out of approximately $800 either by someone's mistake or malicious intent. I called PG&E and their "Research Expert" told me that there is nothing PG&E can do about it and that i should either call my bank or file a police report.

    Customer 4/5/13 11:51AM
  • PG&E customer service is HORRIBLE!!! My family and I have gone without gas from PG&E for almost 9 months! I was orginally shut off because we were not able to pay a $1200 bill. Mind you that we only have gas for water and heat not electricity. SO, needless to say it was a very LARGE overcharge on their part. Since then they have gone over the charges reduced them and we have paid them. They said it was because the Smart Meter was faulty. Now we have to wait for them to replace the Smart Meter BEFORE the turn our service again. My husband has called several times to find ut when it will be replaced. He has been told that there is a 48 hour window..THAT WAS LAST WEEK!!! No hot water for showers or bathing, washing dishes. No heat this winter. We have been heating up water on the stove and using portable a heater. Definitely looking into solar.

    Anonymous 3/6/13 1:46PM
  • I recieved a phone call and the first thing I was told was how did I like my rebate check even tho I never recieved one. I was told that it was in the mail and would recieve in a few days basically what came down to was they wanted me to switch my electric over to them as my provider and used a shady tactic to get it switched. now all I do is get phone calls from them trying to switch over.

    Anonymous 1/30/13 9:18AM
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  • I really just wanted to say Thank you to the young man that worked on gas meter... His name is (sp) Pomill. Good worker

    pjw 4/16/14 12:18PM
  • Your service person who responded to home disconnect and reconnect numbers:(Fresno Center)did an outstanding job. He responded to a pulled away conduit on our house in Oakland. He coordinated with the private electric contractor Gill Electric, climbed a steep ladder to get the house wiring reconnected, reconnected pole service, stayed around while Gill Electric did their part including testing the wiring in the conduit and was civil and understanding through the process. He is a model for how customers should be treated. Give him a Thankksgiving bonus!

    tom 11/25/13 11:04PM
  • I want to say that the service I received was excellent tonight. I called at around 9PM and had a technician, Rocky, at my door by 10PM. He was very professional and friendly. Problem solved. Now I can sleep.

    Thank You,
    Connie Pudlak
    Patrick Ct
    Vallejo, ca

    Anonymous 12/30/12 11:24PM

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