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Pioneer customer service is ranked #318 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 37 ratings. This score rates Pioneer customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


33 Negative Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 89.19%.


4 Positive Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 10.81%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • I had the most miserable experience dealing with Pioneer customer service over the last 2 days. I started calling the 1-800 number on Monday morning. After numerous attempts with only a busy signal, I finally got thru. But...I was hung up on after being on hold for 20 minutes. That happened twice. I finally got thru again on the 3rd time after 2 hours of waiting and calling and was able to speak to a rep. The rep was not the most helpful and basically said read the directions in your manual. I then stupidly decided to call back the later that day. They are closed for lunch and when I tried to call that afternoon they said they were in a 2hr training program...REALLY! Well stupidly i decided to call again on Tuesday. Guess what...another 2 hrs of attempting to call with no luck and the daily lunch break I again git thru. But you guessed it. They had a 2 hr training session again. CLassic! I finally reached someone late yday. Not much help there either. Needless to say I will never buy another Pioneer product again.

    Mike 7/2/14 12:01PM
  • The worst customer support i know of... my reciever had problems since day one and they did not even act like they could help.. i sell receivers daily and i promise my whole store will not sell their products. Hundreds of customers will not buy now, that i promise!!

    mv82 5/12/14 9:50AM
  • I purchased a tablet from pioneer and it quit working after 20 days and call cutomer service and they told me they could not help me so they gave me a number to call and it rings and give me a message that some one will v=call me before the end of the day still waiting walmart refuse to help me also and they are the only company thar sell the tablet

    jjay 5/1/14 3:18PM
  • I can't believe that i was talked into purchasing a pioneer stereo unit for my truck . I had the unit for 1 year and 5 weeks and its not working . I called customer service and after 2 hours was told that there is nothing they could do.I spent over 7 hundred and can't afford to purchase a new one. Very very very disappointed.

    Sony 4/8/14 3:30PM
  • Terrible customer service. Emailed 5 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago on a product issue with my radio in my car to 0 responses. Between working and travel to from work I have no time to call them during their work hours. Finally take a day off and call them, however I get the response, because I waited to call I am out of my warranty and there is nothing can be done without me paying for it and "if you didn't get a response you could have called. It's not on us that you chose not to."

    CBUFF33 4/1/14 1:04PM
  • Horrible customer Service, will never buy a pioneer product again !
    Customer service number never works and even if you get someone on the phone , they can't resolve your issue. Had to wait for 3 months to get replacement part for a receiver.

    Not sure how this company is still in business!

    annoyed_customer 2/6/14 12:50PM
  • Bought a car from a dealer with a pioneer stereo in , worked great then we get an email from pioneer saying we need to do an update so we follow the instuctions in the email and during the update the system crashes. Got through 1 time to pioneer and they said it happens sometimes w an update to send it in to them to do re boot. Now they have had my stereo for over 2 mths and they just keep sending me an email to pay $220 for the basic repair fee. I have emailed back atleast 25 times and no one responds. Cant get anyone on the phone it is just a constant busy signal so I am not paying for a repair that they caused and they have my stereo and wont respond.. BAD customer service and they are just ripping people off. Dont know what to do but it wont end here thats for sure

    ds031871 1/17/14 7:02AM
  • Does A Company This Large Answer Their Phone. I Just Bought A 1k Reciever (sc-71) And I Cant Get Them To Answer The Phone For Questions. I Am Returning This And Going Back To Denon. They Have Great Customer Service!!!!!

    Anonymous 12/30/13 9:30AM
  • I bought a New Chevy Cruz with the premium stereo system in June 2012, since then I have taken it back to the dealer four time for blown speakers I call the support and they said it was the amp in the car, the speakers are not the problem. Yea right! I found a Chevy cruse form with people with the same issues. Are you aware of your defective product, or do you chose to ignore it. Disappointed in pioneer speakers!

    Mr. Disappointed 10/17/13 9:58AM
  • I had bought a music system for my car:
    model no: DEH- 1590UB/XNID
    serial no: MDTM132964ID
    date of purchase: 23/04/2013
    The system had stopped working and i had given it for repair at Club electronics (Your service center), I was told that i will get back my system on 28/07/2013 (UNDER WARRANTY)..
    But whenever i call and ask for my system i get only one reply that pioneer has not given any response by now.

    I didnt buy any other brand music system but only opted for pioneer because of its brand value and service,
    But i am really disappointed.
    New system breaks down and then no service is provided to replace/repair my new broken down system.

    Akshay 9/7/13 11:27PM
  • The pioneer Appradio3 has to be the most frustating item you can purchase they promise connectivity to Samsung S3 Galaxy but do not tell you that there are 3 different adapters needed Tech support is non existing waited 49 minutes on hold tech picked up phone and hung up

    HarleyriderNY 8/29/13 3:15PM
  • I bought a DEH-5500HD. The DIMMER does not work. I had to go several from dealer, online help to phoning help, to get a answer The problem is, it is not wired. You do not tell customers that this option is not available. This shows how much YOU CARE about consumers. Their should be in the owners manual or somewhere else, that this option is not available at this time. The engineers seem to not care about all the functions working before releasing new products

    Doug 8/15/13 9:37PM
  • been trying to reach them but the phone is continuously engaged... are they still in business?

    san 7/16/13 3:12PM
  • Missing parts from the factory sealed unit that I bought from a Pioneer retailer. Been trying for a week to get some help from Pioneer Parts department and Cust service in getting the replacements part but to no avail. Absolutely horrible customer service. The gal that I have been dealing with via email from the parts department is absolutely unhelpful and passes the buck to a Pioneer's sub-supplier who has absolutely nothing to do with the issue. Can't find a human being to talk to live. Tried many times. Guess, glory days of Pioneer are long gone. Horrible experience with Pioneer.

    golfergill 6/25/13 3:10PM
  • Thier products are junk, tech support is non-existant, I fell asleep waiting for a responce, and finaly they can't find a service center within 200 miles. TRASH ELECTRONICS should never be brought into this country.

    Buyamerican 6/10/13 4:30PM
  • I couldn't agree more with the above comment. Not only does your Customer Support absolutely suck (from my dealings with them) but your DJay support system absolutely blows!

    After searching Google and seeing all the frustrated users outside of your DJ line of products, I will make an oath to myself and my friends/family to never recommend or purchase anything from your company until your company files for bankruptcy and all the senior executives are fired and you are forced to rethink and restructure your absent minded business model. You might have gotten my money over the years but no more!

    PioneerCanBlowMe 6/7/13 8:23AM
  • At least I now know that I was not discriminated against with poor customer service! Pioneer used to be one f the industry leaders back in the day. Not anymore. We are done buying their products. Although, craploads of components are made " overseas " these days and Pioneer, or whoever, just sticks their name on them. Sears hasn't made Kenmore appliances in years!

    Insanestacy 4/23/13 1:13AM
  • To put it in a couple of words, your support team's attitude really sucks. They are condescending and rude.They are not very helpful. One gets the feeling they are being kept from doing something more important. I am bringing the products back to Bestbuy and buying a competitive brand. One that is not just interested in making a onetime sale, but is interested in return business. To reiterate, your support team's atitude sucks.

    lc65tr4 3/15/13 12:36PM
  • pioneer car stereo has a common problem
    locking up if you disconnect car batt.
    they force you to remove unit and send to
    them in cali for a fee for them to unlock it. I believe they have ripped alot
    customers off including myself. I will NEVER buy another pioneer product. nor would they overnight my unit back to me after i agreed to pay for it

    Anonymous 2/5/13 7:20PM
  • The Pioneer model Avic-X931oBT/uc
    installed in our new Subaru Forester has many problems and inadequacies. For example the GPS function can't set a way point with out the car being stopped. The signal strength is so weak it can't pick up the signals (G.R.I's) for accurate positioning of my car, The soft ware for routing is so poor it has completely eroded my confidence to rely on it. It is geared for the U.S.A. for points of interest and very limited. Seriously let down and feeling ripped off. Robbin Hudson RET.CAPT. Navigators Club

    R. Hudson 11/19/12 2:00PM
  • your service is a joke. i was on the phone waiting for over 5 mins. to get a lady that told me to buy a new remote and all i wanted was the codes to my sx 315 receiver. she told me that i had to contact some one else for that info. i will never buy a pioneer product again and i have bought them over all other brands. they have just lost a customer. thank you for nothing.

    T 10/22/12 11:24AM
  • Most worst network i have ever seen in my life. service is not good. they will not respond properly. if you call again and again they will switch off. go for beam or other network. dont take pioneer.

    jfdshgjfds 10/8/12 5:07AM
  • the hours of operation here are ridiculous. 10-430p pacific?? i need to get a job here bc apparently they dont work but 6 1/2hrs a day!! and its when everyone is at work btw. as if this wasnt enough, the day i called was the fri BEFORE memorial day wknd and they were "closed for the holiday" are you friggin kidding??? yea not thanx.

    thisguyainthappy 5/25/12 11:40AM
  • Worst customer service ever, all i asked was to speak to a supervisor and the employeee said no, you can not for 10 mins diened me to be transfered and thenput me to some voice mail... Henery Ortega dumber than rocks!!!

    CESguy 4/18/12 1:16PM
  • Purchased a BDP-320 a couple years ago. I stepped up to this unit because Pioneer makes great products and I wanted the ease of updating the unit via internet. In two years i've needed to update the unit twice. Each time I tried I've received an error message that I can't connect to their update server. I then have to request a CD w/the update via snail mail thus negating the whole purpose of the BDP's ability to download updates. So why did I shell out the extra $$$ for this unit???

    Customer support on this issue has been horrendous. Their response has been insufficient and slow. I finally requested the update CD on their web sight because their representatives couldn't figure out I wanted one even though I told them in writing . . . TWICE! When I finally ordered the CD on their sight it took them 4 days JUST TO PROCESS THE ORDER! If you expect even a fair degree up customer support DO NOT BUY PIONEER.

    Anonymous 2/15/12 8:59AM
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  • I bought a 5+1 home theatre sound system almost 9 years ago, and I found their Service Centre address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, brought it there, and in less than 2 weeks (their standard response time), I got a callback, they found spare parts, and my old system and business is back on track - excellent technicians, competent front desk of service centre, I am very happy with Pioneer service centre. (rare situation with customer service in Malaysia)...

    Sam Sopiee 5/29/14 9:09AM
  • I have the pioneer receiver hooked up to a boss surround sound. And I had a problem with the bass. It was working awsome for awhile, then I lost part of my bass. Called pioneer and talked to customer support. And the lady talked me through all the settings that I had no idea I had. We finally got to the sub setting and got it turned up. And now I have some awesome sweet bass again. The lady was very helpful and patient with me. And would like to thank her for all her help!

    Countryboy 12/4/12 10:21AM
  • Had a problem with my Pioneer receiver. Couldn't find a setting that I needed on my own. I was routed to the home audio department and the guy there knew exactly what I needed as soon as I described the problem. The hold time before reaching a person was about 20 min. After that, the problem identified and was corrected in a couple minutes.

    Anonymous 8/16/11 4:14PM
  • You guys are nuts..... some of these guys that works in CS handle a lot of calls and maybe you might get a bad apple, that's life people. You have to understand that they do Operation and minor installation support. They don't service the products there, so they don't know how much to service it or what exactly the problem would be. The only way to know is to bring the product to a service center. I called them with a receiver that I'm having problem with. Talked to a person that knows the unit and walked me through the process to fix the problem. I loved the products of Pioneer, so as the CS.

    Anonymous 3/28/11 11:09AM

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