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Skype customer service is ranked #665 out of the 709 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 682 ratings. This score rates Skype customer service and customer support as Terrible.


668 Negative Comments out of 682 Total Comments is 97.95%.


14 Positive Comments out of 682 Total Comments is 2.05%.

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  • SKYPE just fraudulently debited my bank account for $50.00 in five consecutive instances of $10.00 apiece. I am not, nor have I ever been a customer of SKYPE. I have brought this to the attention of my financial institution's Fraud department. My name is Kevin R. Thomas and my phone number is . Please call me...

    Kevin 4/21/14 9:42AM
  • Cannot sign into skype, on kindle ,rejecting the password and address I aready have. disgusted with skype, there must be another program out there.They could use competition. No way to talk to someone.

    siobahn46 4/20/14 11:06AM
  • Just a big run around. Had service for years now cant get on keep sending me hear and there cant get a hold of a live person to talk to . I thought I did what they said to do retreaved the 36 character code to put in then it said it wasn't correct Then I ran out of tries . Told me I couldn't try until tomorrow. It says to go to next page for help but cant get there. Exasperating!

    Anonymous 4/19/14 8:17AM
  • This service has to have the worst customer service I've seen. After going through all the forums that your forced to go through you finally can find a contact for email or live chat. Was on this for 2 hours last night with no resolve. This has been typical for this site.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 6:48AM
  • when call landlines number no automatic disconnected.

    zestechno 4/12/14 1:02AM
  • Skype has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. You buy credit, don't use a portion of it, then try to refund the amount and they make it impossible to get your money back. It's a money grab scheme. Also, try to disable your auto-recharge feature. You can't.

    SKYPE SUCKS 4/5/14 7:44AM
  • Skype has non-existent customer service. They make it impossible to get a refund on the credit you have in your account if you want to redeem it. They are thieves because of how they set up their refund policy. You get it back only if it's unused within 15 days. Otherwise, they take it and it's impossible to get back. Then, when you don't use it, they tell you it's expiring. When asked for a refund, they tell you they encourage you to use it.

    Anonymous 4/5/14 7:27AM
  • My daughter got Skype on her ipod an they took almost 10.00 off my credit card an she can't even use it. All she can do is call an she wanted to do video chat with her friend. I wanna know how to get my money back because it said it was free.

    Anonymous 4/2/14 7:55PM
  • My service was changed after good service for several years and we have had no luck in 3 weeks of daily trying to contact Skype. NO LUCK. 'chat not initialized'

    Anonymous 3/31/14 11:08AM
  • When I make a skype call to some one the little screen on the right corner so I can see the other person the screen is gone how do I get it back. What do I hit.

    Marina.mercurio41 3/27/14 10:41AM
  • this is my skype account iam using india i month plan ,i recharge 22nd february.from 9thmarch my account is blocked what is reason how to resolve this issue plz help me

    Anonymous 3/11/14 6:26PM
  • I am so disgusted. Impossible to get assistance from Skpe. I can't connect my web cam to my skype app. and because of this I cannot do a video job interview. I even subscribed and still can't get help. This is wrong.


    DianeG3927 3/3/14 3:09PM
  • Skype announced new prizes for several fone connections via assets starting next month.
    I've been using skype telefony asset offerings for calls to Serbia. Since they're increasing their rates for apxm.
    50% (fifty per cent)from €.11 to .16/min for calls to Serbia I'll no longer use skype for such calls. Instead I'll change to the FONIC offerings here in Germany which are €.09/min within Europe including all former Yugoslawian countries.
    With skype I've been very satisfied for years however, with the new charges I feel ripped off. And this is what I do not support.
    Why should calls to Serbia be charged 8 times higher then calls to the rest of Europe? No explanation for this.

    callserb 3/2/14 6:07AM
  • I can't log into my Skype account and of course there is no customer service how does this company function? I understand it is owned by Microsoft so no customer service that figures

    Bizzbuilder 2/20/14 11:27AM
  • Worst customer service model in the world. I've dealt with poor service before, but it's never been so excruciatingly difficult to get help. There are a lot of bugs with Skype, so when you can't get assistance or communicate directly with anyone at the company through any source, it's beyond frustrating. When you do finally get to speak with someone, they ignore your questions. The only time I've ever been able to get in contact with someone there (through chat), the person took 15 minutes just to welcome me to the chat and ask me my question I'd already posted into the chat. Then, they responded to someone else's question. It was unbelievable. I was on that chat for a hour and received about three responses from the "support" person, 1 of which was for someone else and another was to tell me that the previous response wasn't for me (which I'd already pointed out to them).

    HATE HATE HATE Skype! If it wasn't for the fact that my current company uses it for communication between remote employees, I would trash it immediately. In fact, I'm researching other applications so we can stop giving money to Skype since they don't seem to care about their customers whatsoever.

    Anonymous 2/17/14 8:37AM
  • Skype has minimal customer service if you can find it. Terrible company!

    dickwpb 2/12/14 1:17AM
  • i'm sick of skype taking money out of my bank!! i stopped the direct debit last year and for some reason they've started taking money out of my bank in my eye's skype is stealing money from me!! my bank had to block my card because skype try'd 28 times to steal money from me!! you cannot get in touch with them their crafty low life!! pissed off not the word??

    melanie rowley 2/11/14 12:55PM

    OKAY MY REAL REASON FOR THIS RANT IS , I'm a new customer never used the service and won't!! You can have my first and only payment as mentioned above(small amount), you'll never get another one . I haven't been able to log into my account since you got my money as mentioned ! I tried to reset the password with the emailed token ###s that never worked 10 different times. If you can't login how can you make any contact with the nonexistent customer service? When you search the skype site for help its a never ending circle of questions and answers not relevant to the reason we need to speak to a live representative of a reparable Co.

    dog 2/5/14 5:16PM
  • I have never experienced such shabby, non-
    functional, nonresponsive, consealed
    customer service or help. My service was
    blocked almost a month ago and I still cannot
    locate a live, functional human who works
    for skype and willing to unblock it. I would
    prefer to deal with a hacker than this company make hidden, believe customer support.

    jcmitchell63 2/5/14 3:41PM
  • I have been working all day to find out about a charge from skype on my credit luck...they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered...I have disputed my charge now to wait and see if they email me

    lgavan 1/22/14 3:46PM
  • This is a worthless company. I am going to turn you in to the Atty General's office because you do not list a bonafide phone number to call. The number you list is either to Microsoft or to Budget Car Rental. Other links take you all over the place. on the web site there is NO place to contact anyone. Yet you continue to take out money from accounts. You should be banned from doing business in USA.

    teamnickels 1/22/14 9:43AM
  • I paid for a 3 month subscription to Skype in Dec. 2013 using skype credit. Yet in Jan 2014 I was charged again directly thru Paypal. I couldn't get ahold of Skype except thru chat. During that process I cancelled my Jan 2014 payment thru Paypal. When I finally got ahold of Skype and the found out I had cancelled my Jan 2014 payment they said the only way to continue the process was via email (which they sent me a link) On that link they want to know stuff that I don't even rememeber (fishing for info?) and until I manditarily provide ALL the info the form is not submitted and I have no resolution. They have now blocked my Skype service and my previous subscription is still good till March (which now I cannot use). They are a worthless company!

    G 1/16/14 12:00PM
  • Cancel My Account! It Was Obtained Fraudulently In The First Place! I Didn't Want It In The Beginning But Was Forced To Complete A Call To Hawaii. I Will Not Pay For Any Further Charges!

    Lynne L. Fowlkes 1/16/14 9:37AM
  • There is no customer service, if there is it's never obvious. They've taken a call number fee of $60. But when I cancelled the subscription, I did not receive my money back and also I cannot use the remaining call credit I have with them.
    I will just uninstall it from the computer.

    Anonymous 1/11/14 1:33AM
  • I have been trying to reach your office for the last three days this time. I can't get to you from my email. Skype seems to work on my computer, but not on my ipad. they don't let me get in with my password. this has been an on word problem. I am seriously thinking of leaving this service.

    thecat790 12/31/13 10:26AM
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  • I would like to remove old, out-dated, and cancelled credit card details from my account, but the "Billing and Payments" link on their web page fails. 09/17/12
    Difficult to even find links to account details. Poorly designed (on purpose?)!

    I use the Skype service daily and even have an inbound number, but sometimes their website just doesn't work. And it's always difficult to use.

    BobNes 9/17/12 12:42PM
  • Hello!
    I just wanted to let someone at Skype know that Skype's video calling has given me an incredible gift and opportunity.
    I'm currently living in Victoria, Australia, and my whole family lives Washington State, USA.
    My fiance, my parents, my very young nieces, and everyone still lives at home. My fiance's father passed away several weeks ago. I have been sorely missing my family and friends, and dealing with something like this made it so much more difficult. Fortunately, Skype not only let me stay in close contact with those people, but it did even more.
    On the day of the memorial service with the help of wireless internet at the church, I was able to Skype in and watch the memorial service live, being as close as I could to my family even while being 8,000 miles away.
    As if this wasn't enough, I even was able to Skype throughout the reception, visiting with and seeing all the family and friends who were there to support my family.

    So, thank you so much for everything, I wanted someone at Skype to know how much you have helped me this year.

    MeganMichl 8/30/12 3:35AM
  • Personally I have always found Skype service very good. Questions answered withn specified time quotes. I think it's wonderful. I would assume for disabled or the housebound, tremendous. Had an issue with icoming video signal from Cyprus recently, but in 5 years, that's all.

    Cheers Skype. It's gr8.
    TB. Doncaster

    bailey210 12/14/11 1:05AM
  • Every time my computer starts I see the following message on the screen^
    'Skype extras manager
    Ïîäòâåðæäåíèå (confirmation)
    Unexpected response from server received
    Do you want to send a problem report to customer service?'
    I don't know what it means because I have no problems with Skype f don't want to send any reports. Please help me to get rid of these messages.
    Thank you. Nina

    anina707 5/30/11 6:39AM
  • I just want to say thank you to your company. Because of you, I can talk to my son who is in the military, and see him. God Bless you all! So many families are separated right now and you have made it possible to stay connected with loved ones. I can never thank you enough for your service.

    lsuej1954 3/27/11 4:33PM
  • Thank you skype. Our son and family live in Japan,Due to the earthquake we were very concerned w/their safety. We were able to skype with them just after the event and were sucessfull w/great connection both verbal and video. Our fears were forgotten. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. Bob&Debbie Oliver

    Anonymous 3/11/11 7:17AM
  • I've had Skype for a year. I do use the service and like it. I also have the "Skype To Go Number" and a few other options, but as mentioned by others, can't find any help that pertains to particular technical questions. That is Skype's main downfall, lack of support. I will most likely continue my subscription with them when it comes time to renew. I have friends that use Skype with little complaints from them.

    Anonymous 2/6/11 11:02AM
  • For the past week I have been trying to make a video call where the called person is able to view our video. It does not wrok with Skype. I have tried downloading software from Logitech and Skype as well as reloading the Logitech CD software, to NO AVAIL.


    Anonymous 1/18/11 8:53AM
  • My bank acct. just got whacked with two charges for close to $160.00 with "WWW.SKYPE.COM INTERNET LU" as the reference name. Skype looked it up on their end (had to Email and the got back to me in five minutes) and they confirmed that it was someone else using my card to make international calls. They were actually very helpful; explaining how to dispute the charges at my bank and get the money back. It's going to take a week or two, but they've already flagged my card info to try and catch the person and expedite the return when the bank contacts them.

    spamlad 11/5/10 12:05PM
  • My experience with Skype has been very positive for the last several years. They have always answered my inquiries in a timely fashion and provided the assistance I have needed.

    A phone number would be nice but suppose they have chosen to put their resources into providing a better product.

    dvbeav 11/2/10 8:48AM
  • I find that Skype is everything it says it is and more. Connections are fantastic. Prices are great and billing is always accurate. Out of hundreds and hundreds of calls I have had only one or two bad connections.

    Dave 4/9/10 6:47PM
  • I use skype for all my calls from home and have been doing so for years with out any problems. I had signed up for a free trail and then cancled it with in the 30 days so I wouldnt be charged. a few months later signed up again and about 2 years later this UK based company has kept me happy with service all around.

    JEEJ 1/26/10 9:28PM
  • After seeing the amount of disatisfaction with Skype Customer Service I was happy to receive what at this time looks kike good service. Having asked for refund after being overcharged, if it arrives as stated By Skype,I will be happy with service.

    gerrya4 9/1/09 8:10AM
  • Gave an immediate refund when I asked for one on service that was already charged. Seemed like the service was fine to me

    jaredt112 8/5/09 6:38PM

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