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TiVo customer service is ranked #262 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 96 ratings. This score rates TiVo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


88 Negative Comments out of 96 Total Comments is 91.67%.


8 Positive Comments out of 96 Total Comments is 8.33%.

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  • Let me start off by saying I have been a loyal customer of TIVO since 2006 and have gone to battle many times with friends, co-workers and even strangers, making strong justifications that TIVO was worth the extra cost. Not anymore. The box I purchased back in 2010 has been acting up, so I called customer service to see if there was any cheaper options for longtime customers to purchase the Roamio than the big bucks listed on the website. I was told I could get a whopping $20 of the cheapest $199 option but that there were no other discount or upgrade options for the mid-grade or high-grade Roamio boxes. I spoke to the CS agent about cancelling my service and she seemed to think that was ok and didn't care either way. Is this really how TIVO thinks it's going to keep customers now that they have all this competition? I am sorely disappointed in my interaction with this company today... and will be cancelling my service.

    ermrox 2/27/14 9:09AM
  • After many years with TiVo we are no going to cancel our plan. Their customer service sucks. We ordered a new Romio and it was shipped by UPS but never showed up. They started a claim to issue a refund but then refused to honor the original price. When I asked to speak with a manager I was told there was nothing they could do for me. That was after 46 minutes of sitting on hold listening to crap music. So disappointed.

    Jujube16 2/21/14 3:27PM
  • TiVo DVR has a bug in its fast forward playback function. It causes the display to jump 7 minutes of its current display position.
    This bug has existed for many years and an old work around does not work on new TiVo DVR's. Thus, the newer DVRs do not work as well as their older ones. If you want to upgrade to a newer model, you may be getting an inferior model.
    TiVo's programmers need to correct this bug. It may be a wild pointer in their 'C' code, not hard to find and cure. Perhaps they should do it this year.

    Deep Insights 2/14/14 9:31AM
  • Tivo Is a Joke The Customer service Contradict one another and some will lie just to appease you. I am waiting for a Class action law suit. Yea its that bad. Even Netflix which operates through Tivo has been lied to and they did not even know it. Upper management puts it on the customer service agents shoulders and does not do things in a pro active manner. Give it time it will go the way of the DO DO bird.

    Tired of Tivo 12/2/13 12:34AM
  • tivo support is sub-standard.
    I they actually respond, it will just be 'bad' - right now it is heading toward terrible.

    attempted to activate new device - told to call - online chat says call...but call center holds for 20+ then disconnects, obviously they also think it is too long.

    1 hour and counting...

    nothappy 11/17/13 9:56AM
  • Owned tivo series 2 for years. cable company goes digital signal, series 2 cant interpret. buy Roamio. 1) Tivo never tells me need cable card. 2) Tivo reps say I can transfer shows on series 2 to roamio, BUT don't tell me I have to use Ethernet Cable and I am on wireless network. 3) Roamio does not allow to watch cable on demand channels.

    Anonymous 11/7/13 3:33PM
  • TiVo scammed me out of $200 and won't pay it back. I asked them to reverse a transaction the next day and they still have not done so (it's been two months). They are liars and thieves.

    Steve 10/31/13 11:08AM
  • I have a long history from my place of employment when it comes to getting answers. Basically I act a little dumb on the subject then I start asking questions based on the "wrong" or "Misleading" answers I have been given. Regarding taking my old series II in and having it exchanged for a reconditioned one or upgrading to a newer model but having my life time subscription transferred. First I was told you can't have life time transferred. I own three Tivo machines. I had already had this done with a series 3 that was also out of warranty. So I knew that this was a lie, then I was told by the same person that the reason I couldn't get my series ii replaced is because it was out of warranty, I pointed out for this person to look at my series 3 and they would see that it was out of warranty when it was replaced. Then they told me that I would hear from the person they passed my info on to. I waited 5 days before Emailing Customer Support. This goes on through a few different people at customer support but no answers being given. Then on the last letter I was told that it was impossible to transfer life time from one machine to the next then in the same letter they (Tivo) said if I wanted to transfer life time to another machine I would have to call there (sic) Customer support phone number. I have the feeling that I am being kicked to the side of the road.

    MihatMuhcane 10/26/13 12:08PM
  • so after a power outage I called TiVo and he said to send it in and they will fix it for 149
    he didn't even want to know what was wrong
    so I waited for 3 hours hoping to get a different person who would suggest other possibilities but that person said the same thing
    then I looked online and went down and pressed the power button on my DVD which was connected to the TiVo and it is fine

    Anonymous 10/7/13 3:45PM
  • TiVo apparently takes pride in operating a "One Way" payment service system. (My contract goes back to 2008, or earlier.) A consumer may contract for TiVo service on-line, quickly and easily. But don't try to cancel -- not available on line. TiVo requires telephone cancellation -- and then keeps no record of the conversation, after leaving a customer on hold 40 minutes. Now, I have received notice that a credit collection agency will proceed against me on my month-to-month, terminable-at-will contract for failing to pay for what was already terminated.

    I believe these practices to be unlawful in California under our consumer protection laws and I intend to take action. Please contact me if you are disgusted too

    TiVo-ed Off 8/16/13 8:15PM
  • I have been a customer for almost 9 years! As I received my 4th box last week (um - hardware problem?) - I saw that my box from 2007 was still "active" - when I called they told me that I had been paying for 2 boxes for 3 years because I hadn't cancelled my service on the old box. How could that be? I had spoken to them on the phone and activated my new box online. Didn't that take care of it? I guess not according to Tivo.

    I asked for my money back (they agreed - there had been no activity on the box for 3 years) they told me they were technically and legally not required to refund my money because I agreed to the Terms & Conditions online and they only guarantee 90day MBG. Let me be very clear - the ONLY way to inactivate a box is to call the 800 number embedded in the Terms & Conditions. They DO NOT make it easy or obvious to the customer - and then BLAME me for it. They used language with me like "meet halfway" and "mutually responsible" AFTER agreeing that the cancellation process is not clear.

    Tivo - I have loved you for a long time, but this will most likely be my last box with you. You seemed to be the epitome of cool start ups back in 2004, but you treat your customers like airline passengers. Improve your experience or risk losing customers to another company.

    Oakforestsf 6/14/13 9:33AM
  • Will Tivo ever fix their Podcast Problems? I have had problems in the past and they usually fix them on their end within a few weeks. It has been about 1 1/2 months since my first call about their podcasts, it has been up a level 3 engineering for over a month and no one can tell me if engineering is even looking at their problems. I am sick of the company's firewall they call tech support. Fix the Problem Tivo, once and for all.

    Nocantivo 3/27/13 10:08AM
  • Very, very difficult to cancel service. They ignore your cancel order. They send you to a collection agency and then won't report to the agency that you paid. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH TiVO, or at least be prepared to have TiVO for life.

    ColoradoRows 2/8/13 5:12PM
  • I have had TIVO for approximately 2 years. I was under a 2 year contract which ended on October 24, 2012. At which time I cancelled my service and unplugged the TIVO box. Unfortunately TIVO has "no record of my call" and kept billing my credit card for 2 additional months. They then said that I called but I never cancelled. I called TIVO and after waiting 36 minutes and speaking to 1 representative and 1 supervisor they offered to take one month off and I would have to pay for the other month. I informed the supervisor that I was not happy and he said arrogantly that is the "way it is". I will never use this product again and a strongly recommend against this company.

    Anonymous 1/22/13 8:41PM
  • I called or used the Tivo web site 3 (three) years ago to report a broken Tivo box and my purchase of a new box.
    Last week I called them to add a 2nd box to my account.
    They told me I already had 2 boxes!
    That I had been charged for two for 3+ years; one on a year to year plan, one on month to month; hence I didn't spot it on my credit card statement.
    Why would I NOT cancel my other box?
    They claim I did not.
    So they overcharged me at least $450 and will not offer a penny refund.
    They knew damn well the box was not even connected all that time but could care less.
    I am challenging the charges with my credit card company and then will call the California Attorney Generals office.

    unhappyclient 1/2/13 2:02PM
  • Been a Tivo customer for years (3 boxes) 1 HD and 2 Premiere. I went to discontinue the HD service and was offered to get lifetime service for $100) good value. When I went to dicontinue service on the Premiere the price jumped to $400 (each)!!!! This is a complete joke. I was told that this investment would pay for itself in 3 years (providing it lasts that long). Keep in mind that the units are already 2 years old and luckily my HD unit died before I decided to do the $100 lifetime service which does not cover the warranty of the unit itself. I am outraged at this rediculous fee and feel mislead when I wasn't told that the premiere service was so much higher when I talking about the lifetime service for these boxes. I was told the reason for this is for the extra services being provided to me. What service??? I pay for Netflix & other services, I paid for the external hard drives, I pay for internet, I pay for the tv channels, so what amazing services does Tivo supply? NONE! This a joke and I will be ending my relationship with Tivo very soon.

    Not Happy 12/18/12 2:18PM
  • Yes another TIVO customer service complaint. As other people have noted the product when working is great. But customer support is not so great. In particular if you get James or Jennifer on the phone HANG UP and start again.

    Sombrero 12/17/12 10:49PM
  • I have had Tivo service for 7 years, and my last tivo box for 5 of those years. I just bought a new box and paid $399.99 for lifetiem service. The box came and would not work. I spend 5 days callign tech support each evening, and they finally said it was broken, but that I have 30 days to cancel and get a full refund on the box and service. I returned the box, and they now tell me they will only refund the cost of the box, the $399.99 life time service is non refundable, and it's based on the life of the box only. As the box is bad, the life time service is no longer valid and has been used up. I am livid. I said I will dispute the charge on my credit card, and they said they will remotely de-activate my other tivo and send me to collections if I do that.

    Anonymous 12/10/12 3:40PM
  • My new box died after 4.5 months. Offered an opportunity to buy a replacement for 149$. Never, ever Tivo again. Still paying the 1 year sub as it cost more to cancel it then pay it, but refuse to invest another dollar in this company.

    bbb 10/30/12 3:51AM
  • I've been loyal to tivo with 9 tivo boxes over the years (4 that are still active). Can you believe that tivo wouldn't give me more than $100 off of a lifetime service plan on my newest box, even though I've already paid $180 in service charges on it? I expect better!

    markdavidw 10/24/12 5:55PM
  • TIVO hides how to cancel a box from the user. They provide no way online for you to cancel your account. I tried removing the service plan thinking that would cancel it, but it did not. BE CAREFUL!!

    HKIND 10/18/12 3:04PM
  • I purchased a Tivo premiere 4 DVR replace my old Tivo DVR. I went to to transfer my service but after several attempts, it was obvious that Tivo had blocked this transaction. I then called Tivo support to deactivate my old DVR and transfer my new DVR box to the service I paid for a few months ago. In July of 2012 I paid for an annual service of $129.00 on my old Tivo DVR. They informed me that I would not be able to transfer my service and that even though I paid for my service in July, I would have to pay for a new service for my TIvo Premiere 4.

    According to the Tivo website, my Tivo qualified for a transfer. The site states that if the change service number link is available then it should transfer your service. The link is available on my account but I was not allowed to transfer without an additional charge. Their goal was to get me to switch to their $14.99. Annually, it would be ($179.88) and that would be ok if I had not just paid for an annual service in July 2012.

    In other word what the customer service rep. told me contradicts what the says. The Tivo site is misleading and their policies are set up to completely rip off consumers. Consumers should be allowed to upgrade/transfer without additional charges. Please join me in filing a class action suit against there unfair practices.

    Not happy 10/1/12 1:13PM
  • Today I received an email from TiVo threatening "If we don't receive your payment soon, your account will be sent to a collection agency" Interesting... I thought, I called to cancel my service back in June this year when I moved. On that day, I spoke with a TiVo customer service rep who told me he'd put my account on hold for two months to preserve the low monthly rate until I got settled in the new house. I was on a month-to-month service basis so I agreed with his suggestion. Today, I get the email threatening to file a claim against me with collection agency for a past due payment.... no warning, no reminder, just a threat. Apparently, TiVo tried to continue billing my card after the two-month period. That card had expired thankfully, and I didn't want the service reinstated anyways. So how can they threaten a customer if they don't have a contract? I called them and spoke with a service rep and her supervisor. After a half hour on hold, I told them it was illegal to file a claim with a collection agency for (ANY) PAY IN ADVANCE, NON-CONTRACTUAL monthly service. They informed me that TiVo can file a claim for the non-payment because it's written in the service agreement that I accepted. It didn't matter if my account was "temporarily suspended". I asked her if this is how TiVo conducts business? Do they typically send collection notices after someone's account has been put on hold for two months for non-payment? Yes they do! No warning that they couldn't bill me, no email, nothing but a past-due payment collection threat. I told them after being a loyal, happy TiVo customer for the past six years, the relationship has come to a disappointing end. They did me the "favor" of rescinding the collections claim for the $12.99 that I "owed" and thought that would satisfy me. I informed them that their business practice was (un)-American and that I was VERY disappointed with their conduct.

    Just thought this message would help someone who is on a monthly basis and wants to cancel service. Make sure you cancel it completely.

    Rob B 9/26/12 11:57AM
  • Yesterday I called and was on hold for 20 minutes in the morning and had to disconnect as I had a meeting. Later that afternoon I called and was on hold for over 80 minutes before I finally gave up and disconnected. I was able to chat with a rep online but they were not able to assist me because they cannot process account cancellations via chat, which was my reason for calling. Today I have called multiple times but the customer service number goes to straight to a busy signal and then disconnects. I once again was able to get a rep via online chat and he informed me that their phone lines are down. Again he said that I would need to CALL customer service and that they could help. I reminded him that I cannot CALL customer service because their phones are down. Is this how they always treat customers??? I've been with them for 6 years and only want to turn my service off temporarily. I had no ill feelings but now they are going to lose me as a customer forever. Too bad... I really liked their product.

    Waytrix 9/25/12 11:40AM
  • My update is that I've been waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes. What the heck? TIVO--you're the worst.

    dgood 9/24/12 12:48PM
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  • customer service rep (cs) was excellent. i called with a question about why amazon prime wasn't available from a tivo network channel (as is netflix, amazon instant video, hulu plus, etc.). the csr explained that it wasn't currently supported. i would like to see it added as i do not want to pay for videos that i can get for free from another device (like sony blue ray player with wifi or hardwire cat 5 connection). thanks...

    Charles 5/31/14 3:04PM
  • I recently purchased an OTA (over-the-air) TiVo DVR model# TCD746500 and signed up for the $15 per month service. I came to a standstill with the installation process so I called customer service figuring I was overlooking something. The CS rep tells me I now need to buy an 'N'type network adapter so that my wifi router can talk to my TiVo. I was furious and told the rep I will be cancelling the service and returning the product to Best Buy. I rudely hung up and was in the process of already arranging a return to Best Buy when the rep calls me back and explains she will send a free network adaptor model# AN0100, no strings attached. This sells on Amazon for $60 and at BB for $90. Do I think TiVo has amazing customer service? I called them like 3 times during the setup process and each time my wait is under 2 mins and I get to speak to a well educated English speaking American. This company wants your business. Also the DVR and service is awesome! I tried a few other DVRs before purchasing a TiVo and this unit just smokes the competition.

    Sorter 5/9/13 11:33PM
  • I've been a long time TiVo owner, and on the occasion where I had to contact TiVo technical support, I was speaking to a polite US speaking person very quickly and I got the help that I needed.

    UBetcha 4/13/12 5:04PM
  • I got the tivo premiere in July 2011, signed up for the year at 19.99 and didn't have any trouble at all with it. I am a veteran of O.I.F. and had to enter ptsd inpatient treatment for an extended amount of time. I called to try to shut the service off. Normally there is a deactivation fee of around 200 bucks. A friendly representative named Colin was able to talk to a supervisor after I told him of my situation. Colin was able to get my service terminated without any fee. Many thanks to Colin and Tivo for helping me out and making me feel that some companies are willing to go the extra mile for the vets.

    Majikyle 2/22/12 6:59PM
  • I have been Tivo member for 4 years. Now they no long provide a dail service to Canada so that I can up date my Tivo. I have to go wireless, except that I have to purchase a wireless adaptor $60 to $80 but they don't ship to Canada so I can't even buy one. Their recommendation was to purchase one off of E-bay.

    They were very understanding when I told them I no choice but to cancel. Tivo is not meant for Canadians anymore. If you are Canadian be worned.

    Side note Tivo was an excellent product

    Anonymous 1/2/12 2:03PM
  • I had an annual renewing service plan, and forgot to cancel after the first year. Fortunately the credit card they had on file was inactive so they weren't able to charge me. But my Tivo account showed a $129 balance that I couldn't ignore as it would eventually be turned over to a collection agency. I called customer service (within 30 days) and they cancelled the service and told me the balance due would be credited.

    The next day I logged on to my Tivo account and the service was cancelled but the fee remained, so I called them again and was reassured the fee would be credited, and an hour later it was. Both agents I talked to were very friendly and helped in every way they could. I could have been charged early termination fees but it didn't happen. It really was my fault for agreeing to the service and not cancelling before it renewed so it was very good of them to wipe the slate clean.

    jeffb 8/13/11 11:08AM
  • Generally helpful, knowledgeable; quick phone response

    Anonymous 7/29/10 7:45AM
  • Tivo doesn't tell you that when you upgrade to HD that you can't use picture-in-picture and you lose the ability to download to a VCR.

    It's not the fault of the Customer Service people. They are very nice when they tell you (in effect) that by spending more for your service you do get a better picture but lose functionality.

    belnord 2/1/10 8:00AM
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  • We are supposed to be a paperless company, but TiVo does not allow email. from anyone outside the company, just faxes where there is no predefined order or method to file them. Poor customers!!!!!!!!!

    Ann 3/27/12 11:47AM

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