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Webkinz customer service is ranked #336 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 204 ratings. This score rates Webkinz customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


184 Negative Comments out of 204 Total Comments is 90.20%.


20 Positive Comments out of 204 Total Comments is 9.80%.

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  • I have to agree with everyone else on this one. I had an account when I was 8, with many webkinz and items. It was a very fun website and extremely safe as well as friendly. I loved it, whenever I could buy a new webkinz I did. I even had a deluxe membership for a few months when it was only $2 a month. I decided to start playing a month ago and I absolutely hated it. You had to be deluxe for everything and it's so laggy. I went into the Trading room to find players cursing and scamming others. My account was recently hacked and they took all my items, I sent two requests to Ganz a month and a half ago with no response! So disappointing, they are getting so greedy. Never playing again!!

    BrookieCookie 8/15/14 1:32AM
  • I did not renew membership for Webkinz site as I quickly learned it was not worth the money and they automatically renewed it and will not respond. FRAUD... Am absolutely done with them!!!!

    chloe91205 8/14/14 10:55AM
  • First off, Webkinz is all about money now. Gone is the exclusivity. You bought a pet to get an account, and that was that. You weren't restricted because there was no such thing as a Deluxe account. Deluxe accounts? An E-Store? Why is this necessary? In case you haven't noticed, everyone was much happier when it was the old version. I can't trust Ganz anymore because all they want to do is take your money. Most things in the W-shop require a Deluxe account or E-store points, A.K.A. fifty dollars a year and cold, hard cash. Ridiculous!

    On to the meat. Their customer service is horrendous. Several of my Pet Special Items (PSIs) have disappeared in the past week. I called the 800 number and I got an automated message that sent me to the FAQs on the Ganz website. Really? This isn't friendly or helpful service. I e-mailed them four days ago and they still haven't gotten back to me. They promise a one to two day reply wait. Is that what I got? No. I will not buy another Webkinz if I don't get a reply soon.

    Anonymous 8/10/14 2:37PM
  • If you're a basic member don't bother to try to earn any cash. YOU CAN DO NOTHING without becoming a member with a charge card.

    Webkinz use to be fun, now it's one big rip off.

    I worked for weeks to build up enough cash to buy a swing and now they are telling me that I don't have enough "kinzcash".

    They are a hugh ripoff.

    Also, I'm giving fake personal info because I have NO trust in this website any longer.

    imnotsaying 8/4/14 3:06AM
  • I am very upset I have been extremely loyal to webkinz since 2008 spending every drop of my money on them! Half the codes didn't work! And now your getting rid of signatures! And the adds really! One last thing the preices are outrageous I was looking for a webkinz timber wolf for months the only one I could find was 400! Dollars! What a ripoff

    upset 7/20/14 9:57AM
  • I forgot both my username and password so i clicked the button that says "forget log in?" which is supposed to bring you to the thing were it asks you if you want to redeem the info with your code or email, but all it brings me too is the customer service. On costumer service it tells me to click on the forget log in button. which brings me right back -_-

    help please i have like 100 webkinz that i used to play on as a kid but have no access to the user and pass only the email

    alltimemckenna 5/19/14 5:19PM
  • Hello webkinz. I USED to love webkinz now I hate it. Because your mazin hamster codes are a peice of crap. I spent MY money that I earn buying your faulty devices. I am 13 years. You know what happens when you make a 13 year old mad. Let's just say I go to school. AND WORD TRAVELS FAST. And when I try to email you it's been two months and you haven't responded. You also don't have a number I can call. DON'T BUY WEBKINZ THEY'RE A RIPOFF!

    problems1245 5/19/14 1:05PM
  • They made EVERYTHING deluxe and regular members don't get to do the fun stuff. If it's a free game, give the users something fun without being charged and forced to pay for it.

    pinkstripeprincess 5/13/14 11:22AM
  • my daughter just got a new webkinz. when she tried to put the wekinz on it said it has already been used.if there is anything we can do please call me at

    Anonymous 5/10/14 11:21AM
  • To spok 12: It is very frustrating not to be able to reach a real person or get a response. Try this: Google "Webkinz: Come In and Play". You will get options, and click on "Play Webkinz/Ganz World" On my screen, it's the 4th option down, but yours might be different. When you get there, click on the purple "Log In" sign. It will take you to another screen that has a smaller, green "Log In" sign. Click that. It should bring up a UserName and Password screen, just like the one you are used to using. Log in as usual. Hopefully it will get you in. If it's like mine it gets you to a bedroom, not the map, but at least you're in. I'm hoping this works for you and your nephew.

    HopeYouGetIn 3/18/14 5:27PM
  • My nephew and I have been trying to get into Webkins for the past week. We get as far as the home screen, and nothing else works. We have a pet who is very sick because we can't feed him, which is making my nephew very upset. We are deluxe members, why pay that money if we can't use the site. What is going on? You are ripping people off! Please fix your site. Not only that, why isn't there a place on the website that we can leave comments if something is wrong, or a phone number that we can call? Come on people get your act together, or refund our money!

    spok 12 3/17/14 7:23PM
  • Do any of the rest of you routinely get your comments rejected in Webkinz Newz? It seems to me that others can express their opinions and their comments are posted. I'm sure at least half the time mine are rejected. It is almost guaranteed they won't post my comments if there is any negativity, however mild, expressed against Deluxe memberships, EStore, the push to buy, buy, buy...Talk about censorship! Freedom to express one's opinion, civilly and courteously, doesn't seem to be something Ganz is willing to tolerate.

    Anonymous 3/16/14 12:00PM
  • I have also been frustrated that I can't log on, but you might be able to get in another way. I did. Google "Webkinz Come in and Play". You'll get options, and click on the one that reads "Play Webkinz/Ganz World". When that comes up, click on "Member", then "Log on". I think these are the right steps. It's kind of a headache, but it might get you in. I am very disappointed in the direction Ganz has gone with this site. Deluxe membership, the EStore... It's not "Come in and Play" any longer. It's "Come in and Buy".

    HopeThisHelps 3/15/14 7:02AM
  • I believe the reason everyone, including me, is having a difficult time logging into Webkinz is because they have so many advertisements with scripts that are too long and will not allow the site to come up. You have taken what was a nice site to something that is very frustrating. Shame on you for being so greedy. We all know these advertisements are putting money in your pocket. You have forgotten the customer. Looks like by reading all of these comments you may soon have no one for these advertisements.

    Anonymous 3/13/14 12:57AM
  • what is the use of having deluxe membership if you can't get in to webkinz and also we cannot do log out or spree or crafty canaries or goobers lab and we cannot get into w-shop and we cant open mistletoe mouse gift box it freezes up if you cannot fix it please give us our money back I have children with 4 accounts and none are working

    Anonymous 3/12/14 10:42AM
  • What is with your Webkinz website ???? Who is in charge??? I think it is awful that you cannot talk to a person!!!!! My child has been trying to log in & every time she tries it does NOTHING!!! Your company seems very irresponsible. Plus almost every time she plays Smoothie Moves it pauses for a second multiple times during play & it's very irritating because it screws up the game.Hopefully someone can do something. Thanks

    maddy27 3/12/14 10:02AM
  • Ganz is so obsessed with deluxe memberships and epoints and whatever else that might add another dollar to their coffers that maintenance of the site is at a low. You can't load the WShop or some of the games without logging in and out who knows how many times. The same goes for watering the garden, if you have one. You have to go back and forth between rooms to complete the task. I waited over three weeks for something to get fixed before I gave up. Oh, for the good old days when someone might have actually cared.

    It's about the money 3/4/14 6:42AM
  • I signed up for an account for my child a year ago and this month was billed for a renewal. It was on a weekend and they are only open on weekdays. When I called in, I was able to cancel but they would not refund my money. Very disappointing. I asked to speak to a mananger and after about 10 minutes, the phone went dead. My recommendation is not to work with this company.

    Doug R 2/27/14 9:48AM
  • ok so i always used to play webkinz and i LOVED IT. YOU COULD DO ANYTHING and nothing was restricted. I'm 13 now and i decided to go on today because i hadn't been on in a year or two and can i say IT IS SO STUPID. first they have a whole new look. i liked the original look better. my webkinz was wearing a swimsuit so i went to take it off and they said i had to be a member to put things in my dock. really? i couldn't do anything because you had to be a member. and i got 2000 estore points BUT I COULDN'T GET ANYTHING BECAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MORE THAN 2000. webkinz has turned into a money seeking place and it really ruined the whole experience. don't go on webkinz. just don't.

    disapointed 2/23/14 11:59AM
  • Ganz/Webkinz has redesigned the "W Shop" to incorporate the eStore now. Kids who go to the W Shop to buy something with their kinzcash (not real money) are now tempted at every click to buy something with epoints - translate that "hard cash". These aren't real items - they are "virtual" items that cost Ganz nothing but design time. I am so disgusted. First it was (still is) the deluxe squeeze and now this. My opinion is this site has just about crossed over the line into exploitation, and it's shameful.

    AreWeFedUpYet? 2/22/14 9:00AM
  • Once again Ganz/Webkinz has lived down to my expectations. They have now come out with a "grumpy cat" which will be available through the EStore. I submitted a comment on Webkinz News in the "Announcement" section under the Grumpy Cat advertisement. I explained that the grumpy expression is really caused by dwarfism that causes bone deformities, including deformity of the jaw bone. I urged Ganz to reconsider the marketing of this condition, which is a disabling condition for an actual animal who suffers with it. Other comments saying how much the writer "loved" and wanted a grumpy cat were posted. Mine was apparently rejected, as it has not been printed and doesn't show that it is waiting "moderation". How hypocritical that a company providing a website where kids can attach to and care for a virtual pet now tries to cash in on a disabling and very likely uncomfortable or painful condition - and make it sound humorous. I guess if dollar signs are all you see, anything goes.

    zeph317 2/16/14 2:25PM
  • My current issue is trying to accumulate enough Wish Tokens to purchase more expensive items. When I get to 12 or 13, it resets to 3 or 4. I've lost over 30 tokens now.

    I received great customer service by phone several years ago, but now can't seem to connect with anyone. I too have over 30 webkinz and have purchased a number of them for Kids with Cancer. Better service would be much appreciated. b

    jim72bev 2/6/14 11:04AM
  • I need help. I forgot my password to my account and I don't have a secret code, also when I try parents email it says I have the wrong email. I honestly don't know what to do and I love webkinz. I need help. my username is spikeypoodle. can you please try to find out my password or give me some advice on what to do. I am desperate. please please please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    spikeypoodle 2/5/14 9:46AM
  • Has anyone figured out how to contact this company? I am notifying the attorney general and BBB, as they have been charging my account, after repeatedly asking them to stop via email and months ago when the 800 number worked. I have no other choice I guess at this point.

    Anonymous 2/3/14 6:39AM
  • Hi Webkinz, It is hard to believe that you have made it so we can not talk to someone in the support group, it is not easy to get answers to problems by e-mail, why are you making things so hard, we have several webkinz but not sure I will buy more, you use to be more user friendly, what happened??

    RockinBlake 1/30/14 1:27PM
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  • My issue with the gift box was partially resolved. I received the rocking horse I had requested as a gift. I haven't received the other gift items that were reportedly given as gifts on Christmas day, but at least I got a response. I appreciate that.

    zeph317 1/3/14 3:02PM
  • Webkinz took away arcade games from members by making them "Deluxe." In other words: YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY! Didn't we already pay, when we bought a Webkinz plush? And isn't that taking away something from an already existing account? How are they getting away with this? I have bought A LOT of Webkinz in the past, and that is where this is ending, I guess-- in the past. Very greedy, insensitive decision on the part of Ganz. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    Ripped Off 1/8/13 6:07AM
  • I am posting to apologize for my last comm-ent. I finally found the tech support phone number. I called them and they answered on the first ring, immediately reset my Spree account for me. I am sorry for not calling them first to give them a chance to repair the problem. They were courteous and polite and very concerned about fixing my problem. So sorry teckies at Webkinzland.

    judeski 10/25/12 2:09PM
  • haha i called and i said i wanted to suggest a pet called a chinese crested :) she was so nice about it and i was just being funny. i hope they make it though LOL so i called and she wanted my username... but last time i called they didn't ask 4 it...maybe they will give me a prize! rofl it was supposed 2 be a prank call but it turned out to be a pet suggestion lol! she said have a nice day and said you 2 and we both hung up LOL.

    meow 8/19/11 9:17AM
  • Cannot get the to come up all the way so I cannot log in. What's up with that????? 8-9-11 8pm AND HOURS BEFORE!

    urwacko 8/9/11 4:53PM
  • I love the fact that when you call they are very understanding and patient. They helped me out as much as they could and it was great!

    lady 101 8/4/11 3:06PM
  • To the staff of Webkinz:

    This is about the Webkinz pet of my younger sister. In December 2008, the pet of the month was the polar bear. That's exactly what my sister had and SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET ANY OF HER PRIZES!!!! That's NOT right! She was really expecting all of those prizes and got really upset when December came and she didn't get it.

    Another thing, your site is SOOOO slow! It always says, Please wait.

    Hope you read this and fix it.

    lela 4/22/11 4:11AM
  • My daughter's account would not let us log in, saying that the user name or password was incorrect. We were certain that it was correct. After speaking with a Webkinz tech I was able to get it working again with all of the things that were previously in her account. Thank you so much!

    Anonymous 2/14/11 1:49PM
  • After I read these reviews I was almost afraid to call Ganz. Fortunately it turned out fine. She canceled my automatic deluxe renewal, since I could not log into the store. She also reset my password.
    As long as the auto payment is truly taken off (I won't know for a month till billing time) then all is well.
    I guess I should be grateful that my experience with Ganz was not bad at all.

    Bellaratta 2/11/11 12:46PM
  • I just called and my problem was resolved in under 5 minutes. I think they were a great help. Nothing negative to say here.

    Anonymous 1/13/11 3:09PM
  • Webkinz is an awesome website. My best friend and I share an account.But the customer service is excellent. The technical guy was polite and had my problem fixed in three minutes. The problem was that the room and pets would not load. They had our account reset and got the problem fixed. My friend and I are very happy.

    webkinz gal 12/27/10 12:40PM
  • Just called and got right thru to a rep. She was very helpful and friendly. We missed the birthday party my daughter paid 1000 kinz cash for because the time on the site was an hour ahead of our time zone and we didn't realize it. I am very satisfied with their customer service.

    Anonymous 12/22/10 10:47AM
  • support email bounced. But phone svc was great!

    lecta 11/15/10 10:13AM
  • I just called webkinz with a technical glitch and I had absolutely excellent customer service. The technician was polite and had my problem fixed within 3 minutes. I did not have to wait and they even were concerned about my webkinz experience. I don't understand all the negative press here. I have no complaints so far.

    judeski 8/4/10 10:18AM
  • EXCELLENT!!! They got my problem resolved quickly. I give them 8 stars out of 10, only 8 because that operator voice in the beginning is annoying!!!

    whydoyouneed2know 6/21/10 1:14PM
  • I just used this customer support number and got my problem resolved within minutes. I wasn't even put on hold at the beginning.

    Anonymous 3/4/10 7:24AM
  • Just called aboout 5 mins ago answered right and was glad to help me out! Fixed the problem and we are good to go. Great customer service...Thanks

    amis22 1/8/10 9:20AM
  • I called the number listed above today. No problems at all! They were great! Spoke with a man in Toronto and he solved the problem quickly for us. Great service!!

    Momof5 12/30/09 9:08AM
  • I just called to get a password reset and they did it in less than 3 mins. I was really impressed and surprised b/c they said they won't do that unless you have the secret code which we did not have. So excellent job webkinz - very impressed and my daughter is very happy.

    matt z 6/29/09 1:05PM
  • My daughter lost her password and secret code. We got very quick help with this number. They asked for user name, name of pet owner and birth date. The Customer Support rep was very understanding and helpful. Tnanks!

    daddy_kinz 4/16/09 7:11AM

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